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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. p>>russell: two murders, one pcounty, less than an hour apart. pnow deputies trying to figure pout if the two are connected. p>>laura: stolen and sold for pdrugs. pthe man responsible for stealing pa yorkie is behind bars but
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p>>russell: no sugar coating it pthis morning. pit's cold outside. pdave will tell us about the pfreeze warnings. p>>dave: we get the counties to pthe north, citrus county, phernando county, pasco under a pfreeze warning for three more phours. pas you look at temperatures here pat 6:00, we haven't cooled much pin tampa. pthat's because i think with high pclouds coming in the past couple pof hours, it's been cold but pnotice 30 in brooksville, 30 in pcrystal river. p46 -- 36 wesley chapel. ptemperatures seven to 11 degrees pcolder than yesterday. pthere's your freeze warning puntil 9:00 this morning. p>>jennifer: that's a wrap, dave. pdave did they just cut me off? pmid 60s for highs. p>>jennifer: okay.
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penjoy the in psun city center where a cat may phave saved a woman's life. pfire started just after
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pthere's a lot of damage to the phome. psafely. pthe cat is still missing. p>>russell: near fire at a home pin valrico. pwe're told smoke alarms went off pwaking up six people inside. pthey all got out safely. pred cross helping them out. ptwo homicides to tell you about pin manatee county. pa 38-year-old man, a 23-year-old pwoman and they were found just a pfew miles apart. p>>laura: and now law enforcement pis trying to figure out if the ptwo deaths may be connected psomehow. pwhat did you find? p>>reporter: this morning we plearned that both the man and pwoman found dead on facebook, we psearched and discovered they are pfacebook friends. pwe were able to locate that pinformation this morning with a pquick facebook search, but at pthis point, investigators are
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pif in any way, their deaths are prelated. pyou're looking at video of both pof those scenes yesterday. pauthorities telling us they had ptwo scenes miles apart, both preported within an hour. pfirst report before 1:00 tuesday pafternoon off eighth street and pbradenton. pneighbors described hearing pgunshots and seeing an out of pcontrol s.u.v. crash. pauthorities identified the man pinside that s.u.v. as p38-year-old carl tuxford. phe didn't survive. p40 minutes later a driver pspotted a body in palmetto. pinvestigators said that body pbelonged to 23-year-old doris pfinland and foul play is psuspected in her death. phere is what the manatee county psheriff had to say about these pcases. p>> whenever you have two crimes pthat are committed so close ptogether, certainly you do look pto make sure they're not pconnected and so we are looking pat that and right now, you know, pwe can't see definitively one
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p>>reporter: we are told that pwitnesses described seeing a pdark colored s.u.v. drive away pshortly after tuxford was found. pand authorities have not said pjust yet how they died and they pare also looking for anyone who pmay have any information on the pmoments leading up to or after pfinland's death. pthey're looking for any pwitnesses who may have seen panything and didn't report it. pif you have any information, pyou're urged to give the manatee pcounty sheriff's office, the pbradenton police or crime pstoppers a call. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. p>>russell: for nearly four pyears, researchers have been pdigging up unmarked graves at an pold reform school and now we're pseeing a final report from all pthat work that's been done at pthe dozier school for boys. pchildren were allegedly abused pand some died this morning. pnearly 100 deaths in the first p55 years that it was open. presearchers say they've
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pfrom those they were able to pidentify 21 boys. pthat's including two new matches pmade through d.n.a. pfirst is lloyd from lee county. phe died when he was 14 years pold. phow he died is still unknown. pthen grady huff. phe was in dozier 1934 when he pwas 17. phe died seven months later due pto complications from a kidney pdisorder. pthese two facial rescrubbings pwere made from the unidentified premains. plittle information except one is pbetween eight and 13 1/4 and the pother is between 14 and 15. pthe digging is done now. pthe project is not. presearchers will continue to pwork with law enforcement to pidentify the remains and locate psurviving family members and pthey will go to the state pcapitol later this week to resent their findings. p>>laura: bay area has the first pconfirmed case of the zinka
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pit's carried by infected pmosquitos. pthe person got the virus while ptravelling in venezuela in pdecember. pthe third confirmed case of the pstate, the other two are in pmiami dade county. pthey're also linked to travel to psouth america. pthe virus is spread when a pmosquito bites an infected pelse. pit is not transmitted from erson to person. pmost people only get a mild pfever, joint pain but it can pcause a birth defect when the pwomen are pregnant. revention. p>> the key to all mosquito borne pdiseases and viruses and reventing them. pwe need to drain and cover pwater, the opportunity for pmosquitos to grow in our pcommunity and around our home
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pbitten. p>>laura: the cdc issued an alert pasking women to postpone their ptravel to 14 places in latin pamerica and the caribbean. p>>russell: board held a workshop pon tuesday and according to the ptampa bay times, they'll meet on pfebruary 9 to vote on a presolution to encourage schools pto offer daily recess or pactivity for pinellas county pstudents. arents are asking to bring the precess back. p>>laura: travellers using off pcampus parking service near the pairport are in for a shock when pthey go to pick up their cars. pdozens of customers of premier arking say that the 24-hour arking service closed thursday pnight and hasn't reopened. pthe company advertises it as a psecure place to park your car pand then they shuttle you to and pfrom the airport. pone woman says she called monday
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pand when she took a cab to look, pshe said no one was there to get pher keys. p>> you didn't know what to do. pthat's the most frustrating art. pyou don't know what to do. pand we still don't know what to pdo. p>>laura: deputies are now pinvestigating. pthe property landlord has psecured all the clients' keys pand will hand them over as soon pas they locate the car owners. p>>russell: u.s. representative pdavid jolly want to curb pcongressional fundraising. phe's fighting for a bill to make pit illegal for the members of pthe u.s. house and senate to ersonally solicit campaign pdonations. phe introduced the stop act. pjolly says it's need because too pmany people in congress are pspending more time fundraising pthan doing what they are elected pto do. p>> freshmen members of congress
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riority is to raise money. pand the expectation of how to do pyour job is 10 hours a day. p>>russell: many members of pcongress spend at least 30 hours pa week raising money by phone. pthat. phe admits getting the passed pwill be a challenge. p>>laura: it's another kind of pcounty deputies. pthe department added six more pdogs to the canine unit. pfive german shepherds and one pblood hound. pcanine and their handlers pofficially started their 16 pweeks of state mandated ptraining. p>> that 16 weeks, they're going pto learn patrolling so if pthere's a missing adult and a pbad guy runs from the sheriff's pdepartment or local police pdepartments, they'll call the pcanines out and they'll track pand help locate the bad guy. p>>laura: there is a total of 17
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p>>russell: it started with jaida ink inkett smith and now more are pcalling out. pnot everybody agrees that a pboycott is the answer. pon monday director spike lee and pjaida pinkett smith announced pthey will not attend the oscars. psome people say changing pnominations isn't the solution. pthe shift needs to be made pbefore movies even hit the pstore. p>> the problem is the people who pcan be helping to make movies pthat have latinos and women and pall of that, that money doesn't pcome to you because the idea is pthere's no place for black pvotes. plook. pthis happens every year until pthere are more movies made with eople of color.
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p>> you have the people, the roduction companies to hire. pyou make a stink all year, not pjust once a year but all year. p>>russell: whoopi goldberg on p"the view." pthe group had a pretty heated pdebate on this topic. pshe said that the power lies pwith movie goers and their pticket purchasing power. pmeanwhile, african-american pcivil rights activists are ptalking to major oscar padvertisers. pthey plan to launch a national pcampaign to try to convince eople not to watch the oscars. pthe goal is to hit hollywood's pbottom line. pthey call it institutional pneglect of minorities. pfebruary 28 oscars said to be phosted by chris rock who is also pbeing pressured now to bow out. pstill to come, we may be pexperiencing cool temperatures pnow, but the beginning of winter pis a very different story. p>>laura: we'll talk about why pthe warmer temperatures mean a
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p>>russell: getting paid to play pwith legos. pdream job. pwhy it could be a reality for psome more people in lake whales. p>>dave: it's 6:13. pgrab your jackets and your pgloves and your hats and yes, 30 pdegrees in crystal river, pbrooksville. plook at 30s all over the map. p38 new port richey. p36 wesley chapel. pupper 30s in polk county where ptampa to st. petersburg we're in pthe upper 40s. pit's not real breezy outside. pwinds are running about 10 miles er hour. pthan yesterday. pwe don't get back to normal puntil
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p>>laura: chilly start to the day pand then look at the ptemperatures. pfreeze warnings were in effect pin the northern counties povernight as you can see. ptemperatures are way down. pit's 42 degrees in the city of ptampa to start the day. pdave will have an update on when pwe'll see a warmup in a few pminutes. p>>russell: it may be cold now pbut you know our winter was panything but cold. p>>laura: and that means a delay pin the flu season. pgood morning, walter. p>>walter: annual flu season, pthat wonderful time of year that pleaves millions sniffling and psneezing and feeling crummy is paround the corner. pthis year's flu season is off to
6:17 am
pweather we got cold temperatures keep eople indoors where you're more plikely exposed to the virus. pshot. pmost are available through march pand this year's flu shot is plikely to be better than last pyear's. pif you remember last year, it pwas only 23% effective. pthe cdc says this year's shot is pmuch better matched to the pstrains going around. pthat's good news there. p>>russell: thanks, walter. pall right. pit's cold. pit is cold out there this pmorning. pright, dave? p>>dave: it is. pit's january, middle of january. pit happens. pwe have the temperature down pbelow freezing and the freeze pwarning, which goes eastern asco, hernando, citrus county pgoes until 9:00 this morning. pthose temperatures have gotten pdown below 40 degrees. panother round of showers and pthunderstorms on friday morning
6:18 am
pthis is going to be late morning pto around noon time. pwith that said, it also doesn't plook like it's going to be as pbad as it was sunday morning. pwe're going to have to deal with psome rain. pthere will be rumbles of thunder pand gusty winds and it's looking plike it will be late morning on pfriday to around very early into pthe afternoon as everything then pstarts to squeeze inland. pit will open the gates for much pcolder air to settle in so pbreezy and cool for saturday. pwe have the gasparilla pchildren's extravaganza at pbayshore with the parade and peverything. pit will be in the 50s and it's pgoing to be windy and it's going pto be like last year. pit wasn't that bad. pit wasn't that bad. pit was kind of chilly out, but pwe bundled up and we were good. psame thing for this year. phour. pfreezing this morning. pthey're sitting at 34 degrees.
6:19 am
pnew tampa and tampa pinternational. ptampa international is right pnext to the water. pit does make a difference. pso the further away you are from pthe water, the colder it is. pzephyrhills is now down pfreezing. pinverness, crystal river, pbrooksville, all at 30 degrees. pcity. pi've got low to mid 40s from pbradenton southward to englewood pand there's a couple of spots in pthe upper 30s, lakeland, bartow pwith 41 or so in the frost proof parea. ptoday we will have some decent, phigh cloudiness shifting through pthe area. pi think those high clouds coming pthrough right now are actually plittle bit. pi say helping. pwe probably would still be in pthe 40s or maybe upper 30s. plooks to be a decent day at five pdegrees warmer than it was pyesterday.
6:20 am
retty sunrise at 7:22. panother cold one tonight. plows will mainly be in the 40s pversus the 30s which is a little pbit better. artly cloudy tomorrow with a phigh temperature of 70 degrees. pwe'll all get back to the lower p70s on friday. pthe rain moves through, we'll pcool it off friday night and pagain, a very breezy day for psaturday with a high temperature pof only 56 degrees. pjen? p>>jennifer: 6:20. pnot quite into the heart of the prush hour drive. pvolume is beginning to build. pfirst there's a wreck reported pwestbound on the collier arkway. pnorthwest corner of the collier arkway and parkway boulevard. pinjuries reported with the crash pbut so far, no lanes are blocked pand the rest of pasco county pchecks in problem-free including pthe suncoast parkway. pi-75 as traffic approaches pfowler avenue, you'll see ockets along the way from pfowler avenue down to the selmon pexpressway and that trip
6:21 am
p>>russell: and the legoland pexpansion continues. p but the newest facility just popened in lake wales. pmerlin magic making center. pbuilders create life-like models paround the world. pit has nearly 50 model designers pand builders on a growing staff pand they're looking to hire. plegoland's parent company is plooking to hire additional 20 pmodel builders. p>> if you told me a couple of pyears ago i have a job building plegos, i wouldn't believe it. pno way. pwhen you're a kid, you're laying with lego and then to pactually have -- make a living pactually working with legos, pjust really incredible. p>>russell: 20 new hires will pwork in the lake wales facility. pyou'll have to go through
6:22 am
pbuild a model out of legos to pstuff. pa man stole an expensive puppy pand then traded it for crack pcocaine. p>>laura: and alcides segui has pthe latest on the search for the pexpensive yorkie and this is a ptiny coat and it can only mean pone thing.
6:23 am
p>>laura: time see what's pclicking on the web this pmorning. pare you cold?
6:24 am
pfreezing. pit is so cold today. pand we actually have a really pcool hot clicks to maybe help pwarm us up. pfirst we're starting things off pwith a story of a rescued cat pborn with a disability who has psince become an internet psensation. pthis is rue. pshe was born with just two legs pbecause of a congenital pabnormality. pher owner says that has not pstopped her from adopting rue pand giving her the life she pdeserved. pnow she lives in new orleans pwhere she's adapting well to her pdisadvantage and welcoming life. pshe leaps onto tables, pounces pon mouse and lays around psometimes, too, just like any pother cat. pand she's not the only one who ploves the way she lives. pshe has, you guys, more than
6:25 am
pthey are so happy to see she's pso happy. pvery sweet story. pvery cute. pshe doesn't know any other way. p>>russell: you're right. p>>taylor: and here is one to phelp us warm up just ailing bit, plike you guys said, we have a pgoat in a coat. pjust jumping around. p>>laura: how cute. plooks like a puppy. p>>taylor: it really does. pi would absolutely put on a few pextra layers to head outside and lay with those little guys ptoday. pyay. pokay. ptime to play. p>>laura: frolicking around. p>>taylor: yes. pand lastly, you know, we just phave this. pthat's a baby donkey and that pbaby donkey is just laying in -- hammock, happy pas can be. plook at that little face. pas soon as i'm
6:26 am
pto cuddle with the little pdonkey. p>>russell: that's all it takes pto entertain us. p>>taylor: welcome to another panimal edition of hot clicks. pi went there. phappy wednesday, you guys. p>>russell: you, too. psee you later. pcould retired general david etraeus be facing a demotion? pwe'll have the details. p>>laura: and a dog stolen from a et store and traded for drugs. pculprit is behind bars the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. p>>russell: welcome to "good
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pit's 6:30. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pdave osterberg and cold ptemperatures out there. p>>dave: it is cold, 42 degrees poutside at tampa international. pmany areas have gotten back to pthe 30s but as you look downtown pand you can see the cloud cover pthat we have, if we didn't have pthat cloud cover like we did a pcouple of hours ago, i think we pwould have been back to the pupper 30s in tampa. pwe are below freezing in pbrooksville, some freeze warning pup there. pwe'll continue through the 9:00 pthis morning. pother areas in the upper 30s and plower 40s and after we look at pthe sun filtering a little bit, pwe should get back in the mid p60s for today. pstill below normal but about pfive degrees warmer than pyesterday afternoon. phow are things on the roads this pmorning, jen? p>>jennifer: looking good so far. pwe're not dealing with any major pslowdowns even though there's pone crash in pasco county along pthe collier parkway westbound papproaching parkway boulevard. pofficials are at the scene, not
6:30 am
pjust take a quick slowdown as pyou pass through that pintersection to get by that pwreck. prest of pasco county in the pclear. pthat includes 54 in the suncoast arkway and crews are out doing prailroad repairs. pthey have the roadway shut down puntil next friday so take all pthe detours to get around that ptrouble spot. p60 is your average speed. pit's slower as you approach the pairport interchange. pspeeds there 53 miles an hour. p>>laura: it is 6:31 now. pa woman is lucky to be alive pafter a fire broke out in her phome. pit happened in sun city center. paccording to the woman's pneighbors, her cat woke her up pand got out safely. pthat cat is now missing. pthere is damage to the woman's phome. pno word yet what started the pfire. psarasota county woman is accused pof stealing from elderly people pin a nursing home. pthe woman admitted to stealing
6:31 am
pvenice where she worked. psince october she has stolen pmore than $12,000 worth of cash pand jewelry from residents. pshe told police she did it to ay for utility bills and pclearwater police are looking pfor a man who robbed a church. psurveillance video shows the man pwalking into the church. olice say he broke open the pdonation box and took $50 from pinside. pchurch leaders say the man is pused to help the poor. pchurch says that if the man had preached out to the church and pasked, they would have gladly phelped him. p>>russell: 6:32 right now. pthis is one of those stories. olice say he stole a puppy and pthen traded it for crack pcocaine. pthe pet store wants it back. palcides segui is live and it's pall about puppies in pinellas pcounty this morning. p>>reporter: so apparently the
6:32 am
phalf this size here, and this is pa very, very little dog. pthe one that was stolen was p$1600. pthat's why it was taken. pit was sold for crack cocaine. proich ard royal from all about uppies in largo, you have so pmany puppies, a room full of pthem, a building full of them. pyou want it back. pwhat happened? p>> well, it was tuesday to all pof our puppies had just came pinto the store. pwe do have quite a few people pthat come on tuesday when we phave all new puppies. pthe gentleman came in. phe did come up and ask about pfinancing options because we do phave financing here. pi was talking to a lady that was urchasing the puppy on the hone and what happened is as i pwas on the phone with her, my passistant manager that does, you pknow, sales, she came to me and psaid the puppy is gone. pshe was walking around, you pknow, checking all the puppies
6:33 am
pokay. pi'll help you look. pwe searched the whole entire pstore. pthe guy was already gone but we pstill had other customers in the pstore. p>>reporter: there's surveillance pvideo of him doing what? p>> he picked up the puppy from pthe crate. phe sat it on the ground, looked pat it, walked back to the store pwith it and went to one of the lay areas. pdidn't really shut the door. pyou can see him get up, talk to pa kid but he didn't come with a pkid. pwe're wondering if somebody came pin after him, before him. pwent back to the play area and pthe first surveillance, you preally can't see him put the uppy in sweater but you see him padjust the sweater and take it pout of the store. p>>reporter: apparently it was psold in st. petersburg for pcocaine and cash. pthat's according to pinvestigators.
6:34 am
p>> disgusted, livid. pyou know, the guy came into the pstore, obviously knowing what he pwas probably going to try to do, pyou know, for -- to get his next pfix. pbut it's just upsetting. pnow we don't know where the uppy is. pwe don't know who has the dog. p>>reporter: it's so little. pi'm holding a very small yorkie phere and the one that was taken pis about -- p>> smaller than this. pjust a little bit smaller than pthis. p>>reporter: you're willing to pgive them a reward. p>> yes. pthere's a $1,000 reward for pwhoever brings the puppy to us. pwe don't care who you are, your pname. pwe want the puppy back. p>>reporter: steve, i don't know pif you can show the puppy one pmore time. pso this is the same breed? pnot the same breed. pthe same litter? pi'm sorry. psame litter? pit's not the same litter.
6:35 am
pchipped which is great because pif a vet runs the micro chip, pthey'll be able to see the dog pwas taken and they'll be able to pmatch it with the stofr re here in plargo. pthat dog was $1600. p$1600, very expensive. pthere he is. pfinally got him. psorry. pback to you guys. p>>russell: i just hope they're ptaking care of that dog, whoever phas that dog. pall right. psee you later. p>>laura: 6:36 now. pcoast guard is suspending the psearch for 12 marines missing poff the coast of hawaii. pit's believed their helicopters pcollided and it went down last pthursday during a nighttime ptraining exercise. pcoast guard has been involved in pa massive search for the past pfive days.
6:36 am
pfour life rafts but they were pempty. pno sign of survivors has been pfound. p>> the decision to suspend this pcase, the search is very pdifficult. pwe have not found the survivors pand this has a big impact, pstopping our search efforts. p>>laura: one of the missing pmarines is from fort myers. p>>russell: there are reports pthat defense secretary ash pcarter is deciding whether to pretroactively demote retired pgeneral david petraeus. pmilitary has been cracking down pmisconduct. phe's admitted to clif giving pclassified information to his pbiographer who was also his pmistress. p>>laura: some surprising results
6:37 am
paccording to the poll, older eople are far more likely to pbelieve in gender equality than eople in their 20s. pthe survey found 70% of people pbelieve that more action is pnecessary to ensure gender pequality. pnearly 55% of those between 35 pand 54 agree. p>>russell: they both rattled the prepublican establishment and pnow, former vice presidential pnominee sarah palin has pannounced her endorsement of pdonald trump. pher announcement came at a pcampaign stop in ames, iowa. pthey're also expected to appear pat a rally in tulsa. phe's proud to receive the former palaska governor's endorsement. p>>laura: tragedy struck the ptrail for dr. ben carson. pone of his student volunteers pwas killed after a car accident pin iowa. p25-year-old joplin was in a van pthat lost control on icy roads. pthe van travelled across the pmedian and was hit by a truck.
6:38 am
pcampaign events today and is in pnebraska to be with the family. p>>russell: it looks like bernie psanders is putting up big pnumbers. psanders is beating hillary pclinton by a whopping 27 points. pvermont senator expanding his plead in the state by nearly 20 oints since late november. pit's not exactly the time of pyear to be craving a milkshake. eople in new york are waiting pin lines for hours for this ice pcream. p>>laura: we'll find out what is pso special about the milkshakes pright after dave's forecast. p>>russell: what do the judges phave in common? pthe answer will surprise many. p>>laura: look at the ptemperatures. pfreeze warning in effect in our pnorthern counties. pas you can see, the temps are
6:39 am
pdave will have an update on when in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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p>>dave: every bit as advertised, pgrab the jackets. pit's cold outside. pthe clouds helped us out. pit's 42 in tampa. pwithout these clouds, i think we pwould have gotten back to the pupper 30s out at the airport, pwhich we did. randon and plant city, both 37 pdegrees. psun city center at 36. pwest chase at 38.
6:41 am
pcrystal river, inverness, pbushnell, zephyrhills, pbrooksville, all these spots are pat or below freezing and have pbeen for the past couple of phours. pi hope you were able to take recautions with the tropical lants. potherwise, you may have an pissue. pthere's been some freezing for a pfew hours now. pfourth south, 44 degrees in pbradenton. p41 in venice. pi do have upper 30s in lakeland. poverall, probably the coldest pit's been in quite some time. pfreeze warning to 9:00, all the pareas shaded in blue. pit does not include coastal asco county. peverybody in hernando and pcitrus, by 9:00, we should all pbe above freezing and good to pgo. pi don't think we'll see a repeat pof that tomorrow morning. pit will be cold tomorrow pmorning. phere are the high clouds. pthey keep streaming across the pstate and literally came in a
6:42 am
pthat stopped the cooling for the pmost part. pit really kind of kept us where pwe are, which is still well pabove normal. pnext couple of days, i don't pthink we'll see a huge change. pwe'll see a bit of a warmup as ptemperatures get back in the 70s pand we'll watch this area of low ressure dive down, come through pfriday and bring us another preally good chance of rain and pthe time frame will be friday, plate morning into the early pafternoon. p64 degrees for a high today. ptonight, guess what? pback in the 40s again. pyou'll need your jackets ptomorrow morning but it will not pbe quite as cold. pa few degrees warmer. ptomorrow partly cloudy and pseasonal with a high around 70 pdegrees. pmoderate chop, seas running two pfeet. p57 degrees the water temperature pout there.
6:43 am
pchance of some rain and storms paround on friday. pwe are going to bring the wind pand colder weather in for psaturday. pi know it's going to feel down pat the parade, jen, a lot like pit did last year. pit was breezy but when you're in pthe full sun -- p>>jennifer: dress in layers. pwe're heading into the rush hour pdrive with trouble spots. pdisabled vehicle southbound at pstate road 52. pwe're not hearing any lanes are pblocked as of this moment. pi'll let you know if that pchanges and i'll be tweeting pabout it as well. prest of pasco county, delay-free pand southbound. panother disabled vehicle, phillsborough county on himes pavenue at the intersection of pcolumbus drive. retty busy intersection so give pyourself a minute or two extra pto get through that intersection psafely. pi'll let you know as soon as
6:44 am
pcheck on the bay area bridges. psunshine skyway bridge, povernight construction work. pyou can see we're delay-free. p>>laura: nearly 10% of college pgraduates in the u.s. say judge pjudy sits on the supreme pkourment. pshe does not. pthis according to a recent study pon the american council of ptrustees and alumni. p10% think that's -- and when pexpanded to the general american ublic, that number went up to p13%. pthe study found college grads plack basic knowledge of all pbranches of government. pand despite the freezing ptemperatures, people in new york pcity are lining up for these pinsane milkshakes. pboy, do they look good. pthey're from black tap craft pburgers and beers and they got p$15 a pop. eople are braving the winters pwaiting in line for two hours. ptwo hours.
6:45 am
pfor that, yes. p>>jennifer: they were launched pin november and have been a hit pever since. p$15. pthe restaurant also offers a $7 pregular milkshake for those who paren't quite as adventurous. pcomic movie fans know who this pis. pwithout him the comic world puniverse wouldn't even exist. pnow he's brought up something pcrazy. pa star wars avengers crossover pmovie. plet it sink in. pin a recent interview, he pbelieves a crossover would be psuccessful and he thinks that pdisney will find a way to do it. pdon't hold your breath. pdoesn't look like an idea like pthat will come to light any time psoon. pi wonder what charley belcher pthinks about that. pavengers, star wars crossover pmovie? p>>charley: i love lasagna and i plove chocolate cake, but i don't
6:46 am
p>>jennifer: i see what you're psaying. pand i agree. p>>charley: that would be jumping pthe shark, as they say. p>>jennifer: don't mess with a go pahead thing. p>>charley: too much of a good pthing. plike sitting next to jennifer pepstein in the news room. pit's almost too much of a good pthing. p>>jennifer: almost it is. p>>charley: but i'm fine. phey, i wore the wrong jacket pthis morning. p>>jennifer: yeah. pyou need sleeves on that jacket. p>>charley: i know. pfolks, just getting up and pyou're going to wear something pbased on what you see on me, pdon't do that. pi thought i'm inside today. pit's cold. pi get dressed in the dark and pdon't want to wake up my wife pand everything and i had the pvest sitting this that i did not ut away like i should have. pit was over a chair. pi'll just grab the vest. pthis is black checks. pthis might be too much for tv so pi'll cut it down.
6:47 am
pkeep the trunk warm. pi'm freezing. ptrunk. pwhat a trunk it is. pthe branches are freezing. p>>jennifer: what are you doing poutside? p>>charley: well, i don't want to pthrow anybody under the bus but pmaybe the restaurant owners pdidn't show up in time and we're pstill waiting for -- they're phere now. pwe're going to tell you about pthe restaurant right in here. pwe're in the 600 block of st. etersburg. pthis is a really cool closhg. pall kinds of funky shops in this articular part of central pavenue and the new restaurant pwe're going to tell you about is pcalled the lure and they hope to plure you over here to the 600 pblock of this so i will peventually be inside. p>>jennifer: go get warm. p>>charley: i will. palso, i do have to say, i have pto congratulate myself since pnobody else will do it. pit's my 18th anniversary at fox p13.
6:48 am
pcongratulations. p>>charley: i missed it. pit was monday. p>>jennifer: 18 years. pwow,ou're old. pjust kidding. p>>charley: it's accurate. pi was in tennessee five years pbefore this so yeah, 18 years. pcongratulations to me. pi love it. pit's flown by so fast. phere is no another 18. p>>jennifer: don't go anywhere. pstay with us. p>>charley: hopefully i'll be pinside the place called the plure. pthe greatest thing, it's a sense pof -- look at their tag line. ptikis, tapas, billiards and pcold, dead fish. pit's all about the sushi and the pbilliards and the eclectic menu. p>>jennifer: cold, dead fish. pyou and jason get inside and pstay warm. pand congratulations again. p18. pwow. p>>charley: thank you. p>>russell: they served our pcountry but now some military
6:49 am
pkind of hero. inellas county sheriff is doing phero training designed for pwounded veterans to look for ponline children predators. pa few weeks ago, fish and pwildlife say they go for ptortoises that will be removed pby a biologist and then taken to pa designated area where they can plive and burrow safely. pcity of clearwater approved a pbig expansion plan for at kwar pyum. pthey plan to more than double pthe size for people and triple pthe size of the tanks where pinjured sea creatures are
6:50 am
p>>laura: all right. pthank you. pnetflix bill could be going up. plauren simonetti will explain pthat to us. pshe has a look at the markets, ptoo. pit used to be a rite of passage pbut sometimes are changing.
6:51 am
psaying no p>>russell: stocks closed higher pyesterday. ptoday is looking like a very pdifferent story. p>>laura: joining us from the fox pbusiness network studio to talk pbusiness news with us, lauren psimonetti. pgood morning. plet's talk about the markets. p>>reporter: hello. pi know. pthe dow is down 300 points. pthe price of oil is at $27.
6:52 am
pstocks down, oil down and vice pversa. pgas cheap, rates, economy, not pso good. pdoesn't matter if gas is free, pyou're not going to see people preally benefitting from cheap pgas as much as you would like pthem to. pthat's the story this morning. pasian markets selling off. peurope down 3%. p401k is down probably $8,000 pthe s&p 500. pi will tell you one thing. pthis is something we're talking pabout earlier. pit seems like to me that this pstock selloff is getting boring. pit's the same thing every day pthis year. pstocks down in a big way because poil keeps sinking and it's had pripple effects across the peconomy. pjob cuts, mortgage pdelinquencies, right? pit's a big story but we've heard pit before. pchina is slowing down. poil, china, every single day pthis year. pso i wonder if there's panic
6:53 am
ptoday and that's something we'll plearn throughout the session. p>>russell: when you started, you psaid dow futures are down 300. pyou said it really fast and i'm pwondering if that was calculated plike i'm going to say this preally fast so it's not quite so pbad. p>>reporter: it wasn't calculated pbut i'll think about that for pnext time. p>>laura: significant amount. pwe know you're going to watch it pand we'll check in with you on pyour next hit to see what it plooks like after the market popens. plet's talk about this for a pminute. pyoung adults ditching their pdriver's licenses. pthis is a trend and i know it in pour own home. pkids not in a hurry. p>>reporter: do you remember when pyou got your driver's license? pyou were like, mom, i'll get the pmilk. pdad, do you need me to run the perrand? pyou just wanted to drive. pit was so cool. pa new report from the university pof michigan transportation presearch institute says three pout of four adults are getting ptheir driver's licenses. pthey don't care. pthey're on social media and ptexting. pthey don't need to see their
6:54 am
pthey have uber, lyft to get them paround. pand you know, for a lot of young eople, cars aren't cool panymore. p>>russell: quickly before we go, plet's talk about netflix. ay up or lose some service? p>>laura: a couple of things pgoing on at netflix. pfirst of all, they're doing pgreat. pthey're growing their subscriber pbase and every one of them pwatches one hour and 33 minutes pa day of netflix. phour and a half. pso this is a good thing at pnetflix. p600 hours of original rogramming coming this year. pwe like it. phowever, because we like it so pmuch, they can raise prices a plittle bit. pif you're an existing psubscriber, it's going to go up pto $9.99 if you want to stream pin high def. p>>russell: all right. pwe have to run. ptalk to you later.
6:55 am
psimonetti on our sister network pstation. pif you're not sure where to find pthe fox business network, log on pto fox and look for pchannel finder. p>>russell: really, you're being pcareless. p>>laura: and at 7:00, the most pcommonly stolen passwords and pthe single most important thing pyou can do t our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap.
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