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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  January 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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p>>russell: two bodies were found pin different locations on the psame day. phow the victims may have known peach other. lus -- p>>reporter: a big figure backing pdonald trump and bernie sanders pwith amazing new poll numbers. pi'm doug in washington. pwe'll have more from the pcampaign trail coming up.
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pthe dangers of using a password redictable and the numbers and pletters you definitely don't pwant to use. pi'm laura moody. prhodes. pa lot ahead. pfirst talk about the weather. pit is cold out there. p>>dave: it is cold outside but pit's been holding steady for a pcouple of hours. ptwo or three hours ago, we had pclouds move in and that's at pleast stopped a little bit but pbelow freezing in brooksville, pdegrees. pwesley chapel at 36. pon the way to bartow, and plakeland, there's a freeze pwarning out for two more hours. phernando and citrus and inland ortions of pasco county. pi think by 9:00 that we should pbe below freezing easily with psunshine mixed in with clouds ptoday. phighs look like they'll make ptheir way back probably to the pmid 60s so at least we get back pin the 60s, which we didn't even pdo yesterday.
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pmore about the rain on friday in pjust a little bit. pjen, how are roads this morning? p>>jennifer: things are heating pup right now. pwe're heading into the rush hour pso we're dealing with a couple pof trouble spots, including a pwreck in bradenton along plockwood bridge boulevard at pdrake boulevard. pit's affecting north and psouthbound lanes and reportedly pthe two left lanes are blocked pon both sides of the roadway so pdefinitely going to give pyourself extra time to get pthrough that area. pit's north and southbound plockwood ridge road in the pbradenton section of manatee pcounty. pthe rest of the roads checking pin problem-free. psky fox on the move in pinellas pcounty, checking on a wreck ushed off the side of the proadway and this is along 116th pavenue north and crews are on pscene right now. pfourth street at 116th avenue pnorth, you can see the two pvehicles involved are off to the pside of the roadway so we're pwaiting for tow trucks to arrive pon scene again. pnot affecting your morning pdrive. palso look out for disabled pvehicle that belongs southbound
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p>>laura: two murders happened pwithin 40 minutes just 10 miles papart. pit is definitely suspicious. p>>russell: investigators are ptrying to find out if there's a pconnection. pshayla reaves is outside of the pbradenton police department with pthe latest on this. p>>reporter: good morning to you, prussell and laura. pwe searched facebook earlier pthis morning and saw that both pof those individuals who were pfound dead are actually facebook pfriends. pnow investigators want to find pout if their deaths are related pas well. pand here is the reason why. pright now you're looking at some pvideo of both of those scenes punfolding within the same hour. pthe first of those two, the preport came in off eighth street pand just before 1:00 tuesday pafternoon here in bradenton. olice say neighbors described phearing gunshots and seeing an pout of control s.u.v. crash. pauthorities identified the man pinside as 38-year-old carl ptuxford. phe did not survive.
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pspotted a body in palmetto. pinvestigators said that body pbelonged to 23-year-old jordan pfinland and foul play is psuspected in her death. pthey're looking to find anyone pwho may have seen anything pbefore or after her death and pmaybe just did not come forward pand report it. pwe're told some witnesses did pdescribe seeing an s.u.v. drive pfrom the scene in tuxford's case pand authorities have not said phow tuxford or finland actually pdied. pthey're asking again, if you phave any information in either pof these cases to please give pthe manatee county sheriff's pdepartment or crime stoppers a pcall. pback to you. p>>russell: talk later. pthank you. palso new this morning, a woman pescapes from a house fire thanks pto her cat. pthe animal woke her up. pthe carport outside of the house phas some serious damage. pthe rest of the house isn't so pbad. pcause of the fire is under pinvestigation. pbut unfortunately, the cat is pmissing.
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psmoke alarm woke up six people pliving in valrico. peverybody got out. pred cross is helping them out pthis morning. pthe home has a lot of smoke pdamage. p>>laura: let's face it. psmoking is one of those paddictions that is hard to quit. pbut here are a few numbers that pmight give you a little extra pmotivation. pnew study by the personal pfinance website wallet hub shows pjust how much money smokers pspend on their habit over a plifetime and the amount is pstaggering. phere in florida, the average psmoker will spend nearly $1.5 pmillion on smoking. pthat puts us at 31st on the plist. pthat number takes into account pthe cost of buying the pcigarettes and other things like phealth care. pnew york is the most expensive pbut overall, united states pspends $326 billion on smoking pevery single year. pdonald trump is trying to win pthe conservative vote. pfirst a trip to liberty puniversity and now an pendorsement from sarah palin. p>>russell: and it is no longer psafe to assume that hillary
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pthe democratic nomination. pdoug reports from washington. p>>reporter: for both democrats pand republicans, the non ptraditional, non establishment pcandidates continue to not just psurvive but thrive in new phampshire. pbernie sanders got some very pgood news yesterday and donald ptrump in iowa got a big assist. p>> are you ready to stump for ptrump? pi'm here to support the next resident of the yat, donald ptrump. p>>reporter: sarah palin in ptrump's corner. pformer republican v.p. candidate pmay not generate many national pheadlines these days but trump pis counting on her embrace to phelp him beat ted cruz once pendorsed for his senate run. peven trump detractors packnowledge this is a big deal. p>> the one thing standing pbetween trump and success in piowa is cruz. phe attributes his success as psenator.
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pi think this is a major blow to pdecisive. p>>reporter: if trump is giving pthe establishment heartburn, pbernie sanders is doing the same pthing to many democrats. pnew poll in new hampshire shows phis lead there over hillary pbounds. phe's now 27 points up. pmore troubling news for clinton, pan independent inspector general phas now told congress there were phighly classified emails pdiscovered on clinton's server, playing the ground work for a ossible indictment. p>> she conceivably could still pget the nomination even with pthis information out there, even pwith an indictment. pbut she would be a very, very pwounded, almost, i think, pmortally wounded general pelection candidate if that phappens. p>>reporter: the clinton campaign psays this is an effort to derail phillary clinton's bid for the pwhite house. p>>russell: and we have this as pwell.
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pcampaign events in iowa pyesterday after some tragic pnews. pa van carrying three of his pstaff volunteers slid on the ice pbefore hitting another vehicle pand it killed 25-year-old pjoplin. ptwo others were not seriously phurt. p>>laura: sarah palin's p26-year-old son is facing pdomestic violence charges in palaska. phe's accused of punching his pgirlfriend in the face and pholding an assault rifle near phis head while threatening to pkill himself. phe lives at home with his arents. pthat's where the alleged pincident took place on monday. p>>russell: clearwater police are plooking for a crook who broke up pa donation box and stole the pmoney inside. psurveillance video caught him pdoing it last week. phe got away with about $50. pthat helps church parishoners pwho need it. pcall crime stoppers if you know pwhere to find the person. p>>laura: 7:08 now.
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pdaily recess or physical pactivity for elementary school pstudents. pschool board will vote on a presolution february 9. pmost board members like the pidea. inellas is one of several pcounties in the state where arents are asking to bring back precess. pand also out of pinellas county, papproval to expand the pclearwater marine aquarium. pthey plan to double the size of pthe area open to the public pwhile tripling the size of the ptanks. pthe city will also build a new arking garage. pattendance has shot up since the ptwo dolphin tale movies. pextra traffic is one of the main preasons why some neighbors poppose the expansion. pi lost my earring right now. p>>russell: is that what phappened? pbut you're okay. p>>laura: i'm good. pto use. pcoming up, why you may want to pstuff. p>>laura: plus -- p>> i'm very excited. pthe house of the devil is
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p>>laura: house demolition in pmiami, one of the previous powners had a bad reputation. pwe'll find out what this is all pabout. pand dave osterberg? p>>dave: 30s and 40s, including a pfew spots that are below pfreezing this morning. preally all of hernando and pcitrus county below freezing. arts of pasco inland are as pwell. ptampa at 42. ptemperatures today should warm pup a bit. pwe're running three to 10 pdegrees colder than yesterday at pthis time. pbut i think we'll head back to
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p>>dave: oh, our temperatures are pin the 30s and 40s this morning. pand i am looking at cloud cover pand this came in just a few phours ago. pif we didn't have this cloud pcover, i'll bet tampa would have pdropped back to the upper 30s pbut there's definitely -- it phelped a little bit. pit's still cold outside. pit didn't keep us from, you pknow, two or three degrees, pmaybe four degrees colder.
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poff to the east, it's going to pbe a pretty day outside. peven though we have mid to upper plevel clouds, you see lakeland plooking great to start things poff on this wednesday morning. pthen temperatures, 36 in wesley pchapel. pbartow, lakeland, leesburg all pin the upper 30s. pthen you get to that critical ptemperature of below 32 and here pwe are. pcitrus county, hernando county pand i know that zephyrhills for pa brief period was down below pfreezing as well. pwhen you get down to 32 degrees pin florida, that presents a roblem. pa lot of tropical plants around pthe area so 37 degrees in new ort richey and then you've got p49 degrees in st. petersburg. pupper 40s from tallahassee to pgainesville, ocala was in the pupper 20s as well with the pnortheasterly wind this morning. pwe don't have any huge wind pchill issue.
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ptemperatures are in the 40s, pyou're getting eight to 12 pmile-per-hour winds. pyou probably get a little bit of pthat wind chill feel, if you pwill, as you get one of those plittle wind gusts just over 10 pmiles an hour. pi think today overall is going pto be warmer than yesterday. pwe'll have the high clouds just phanging around with the pnortheast winds at the surface. pyesterday hit 59 degrees. ptoday will make a run back up pinto the mid 60s. pnow, we are still a target for panother round of rain and looks plike it's coming from late pfriday morning and there could pbe some thunderstorms involved pwith that as well. pand of course, i know parade is pon saturday. pwe are going to have ptemperatures back in the 60s. ptonight cold again, not quite as pbad as this morning. pnotice mid to upper 40s versus plower 40s and then for tomorrow, artly cloudy and seasonable pwith a high temperature around p70 degrees. prain comes through after sunrise
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pthat time frame, then we'll pstart to clear it out on psaturday morning but the winds ptake over. pthat northwest wind is dragging pin colder air so heading to the pchildren's parade on saturday, pyou will need your winter gear. ptemperatures only in the mid p50s. pjen? p>>jennifer: break out the pthermals. pthermal underwear. p>>dave: for the mid 50s? p>>jennifer: yes. pwindy, it's going to be cold. p7:16 on this wednesday morning. ptraffic is starting to slow down pin pinellas county, in part due pto this crash. pfire rescue is on scene. pthis is southbound u.s. 19 in pthe area of ulmerton road. pit's actually after ulmerton proad. pyou can see the outside lane is pblocked. ptwo lanes are getting by. pand traffic, again, is slowing pdown significantly. pyou're going to want to give pyourself three to five minutes puntil this wreck is clear. pgood news, it's the only wreck
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pdown in manatee, lockwood ridge, pyou have a left lane blocked on pthe knot and southbound side. pit's just south of state road p70. pdrivers, you can head west and puse 301 as an alternate. prest of the bay area looking pgood. phillsborough side of the bay, pthere's one wreck in the area of psims road and river view. pcrews are also responding to a pcrash along northbound 75 and pbrandon boulevard off to the pside of the roadway not blocking pany lanes and it's slowing down pthis morning on the veterans pexpressway. paverage speeds between 13 and 15 pmiles per hour between the pstretch of wilske boulevard all pthe way down past gunn highway. p>> so the combination is one, ptwo, three, four, five. pthat's the stupidest combination pi ever heard in my life. pthat's the kind of thing an pidiot would have on his luggage.
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p>>laura: stupid as it may be -- plike that? pas stupid as it may be, there's pstill plenty of people that use pthose numbers to protect their pdata. p>>russell: an annual list of the pworst ones, things that haven't pchanged much since last year. pthe thing most common stolen assword, 123456 which edged out assword for the top spot. p2011. pother top picks in the password phall of shame, 12345678 and pwelcome. pand although jedi knights may puse the force to protect them, pthey don't fare well against phackers. rincess and star wars are all pnew additions to the list. pthe report is compiled from more pthan two million leaked asswords last year. phackers can use the passwords to
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p>> our personal information can pbe stolen and property can be pstolen as we've seen the last pfew years and once the personal pinformation is stolen, the pcitizens have to go to trouble pand steps to correct the psituation. p>>russell: we have a few tips phere. pit's a good idea to use asswords that are eight, 10, peven 12 or more letters, pincluding some special pcharacters like numbers and psymbols. palso never use the same password pover and over again for all of pyour different accounts. p>>laura: that requires hotographic memory. pi get in trouble with that. p>>russell: sure does. p>>laura: i have to write them pdown. pand that defeats the purpose. p>>russell: it's right there. p>>laura: a lot of little boys pdream about playing in the nfl pwhen they grow up. pthe super bowl champion who pregrets playing football. pfind out why. p>>russell: walter allen has an pextraordinary ordinary. pgood morning. p>>walter: this week's segment
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pschool in wesley chapel. p>> having fun and you're doing psomething that can inspire eople. p>>walter: they found the love pfor a skill that came from a psimple contest but first, we'll psend it to charley belcher who pis fishing for a good meal this pmorning. p>>charley: i am. pwell done there, walter. pi like that. pwe're in the 600 block of pcentral avenue in st. etersburg, inside of a prestaurant called the lure. pand i like how the lure's tag pline, tikis, the powerful pspecialty drinks at the bar, ptikis, tapas, billiards and cold pdead fish. pstick around. pwe'll show you around and show
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pat the lure in central avenue's it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master
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p>>laura: welcome back. p7:23 now.
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pthe death toll in pakistan has pnow risen to 22 this morning. p>>russell: taliban is claiming presponsibility for today's passault on the university. pclasses were beginning for the pday. pofficials say militants scaled pthe wall to the school in pnorthwest pakistan. pmilitants held the school under psiege as they exchanged gun fire pwith police. ptaliban leader claimed presponsibility in a phone call pto the associated press. psame leader was a mastermind in akistan that killed more than p150 people in december. p144 were children. p>>laura: the coast guard is psuspending the search for 12 pmarines missing off the coast of phawaii, including a marine from pfort myers. psearch and rescue teams spent pfive days looking for them. pcoast guard didn't find any phuman remains after searching an parea about a third the size of pflorida. pthey did find some debris, pthough, and four life rafts. pthere were six marines on each
7:23 am
pthey never sent a distress call. p>>russell: the death of jihadi pjohn, he became infamous for the pvideo that shows him executing phostages of the militant group pisis. phe was the public face of the porganization. phe was a british citizen of parabic origin. pa missile from a u.s. drone hit phis vehicle. pit happened in november. p>>laura: it is not safe to walk psome parts of the streets in ort-au-prince in haiti. pthe cops had to use tear gas to pstop them from getting closer to pthe parliament building. pdemonstrators are demanding new pelections before presidential pand legislative runoff on psunday. plawmakers could postpone that prunoff. p>>russell: neighbors in miami pbeach glad to see the house pgoing down. pit was once the home of pcolombian drug lord escobar presponsible for a lot of pviolence in miami before his pdeath in 1993.
7:24 am
pstate that the government found. pnew owners of the property want pa new start. pthey plan to build a new house. p>>dave: we're in the 30s and 40s pthis morning. pi know. pit's just one of those grab your pjackets and your gloves kind of pthing and looking here west on pkennedy, we had a little cloud pcover the past couple of hours. pand i think that actually helped pus out a little bit because we pwere going, going, going, going pto get to the upper 30s and the pclouds stopped that in the tampa parea. pthere's clearwater beach looking pgreat. phere we go. p28 in crystal river. pthere we go. p36 in wesley chapel. p30 in brooksville. p37 in new port richey. ptemperatures should rebound ptoday into the mid 60s. pyou look at the next couple of pdays, back to 70 tomorrow. pa good chance of rain on friday. plate morning. phighs on friday around 74. p>>jennifer: we're in the rush phour drive and seeing that in phillsborough county.
7:25 am
pthis is the northbound lanes pmuch u.s. 301 approaching sims proad. pall the vehicles, multi car paccident off the roadway. pit's not blocking any lanes but pyou see flashing lights and pyou're probably going to slow pdown your speed. pwe're not seeing any big delays pbut until this crash clears, i pwould give yourself a couple of pextra minutes. pand sky fox was over an earlier pcrash that's still active along psouthbound u.s. 19 in pinellas pcounty approaching 126th avenue. pit's in between ulmerton and p126. pthe right lane is still blocked poff. pscene. ptwo left lanes are open and pwe're looking for a significant pslowdown in that area. padd five minutes to the morning pcommute. psky fox heading into tampa. pyou can see from this live look poutside, we're not seeing any p>>laura: thank you. pcoming up, risking his life for r stranger. pa father is thankful after jamie pfoxx came to the rescue.
7:26 am
uppy for crack cocaine. palcides segui is on that. punbelievable. p>>reporter: it really is. pgood morning to you, laura and prussell. phe walked into a puppy store plike this one, took a yorkie psimilar to this one. pand then sold it for cocaine and psome cash as well. pwe'll have the details of this pcase and hopefully find the pyorkie coming up next on "good pday." the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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p>>laura: look closely. olice are searching for this pmissing puppy and the person paccused of stealing the dog may pcocaine. pand alcides segui is at the pet pstore in largo where this dog pwas taken. pthere are some serious concerns pabout the dog's safety and its phealth, too, right? p>>reporter: yeah, because he's pso little. pthat's exactly right. pgood morning to you. phopefully the person who has the pdog is taking good care of it. pit's a very small yorkie. pjoining us is richard to talk pabout the yorkie. pthe biggest concern is keeping pthe dog healthy because it's so plittle and only a puppy.
7:29 am
p>> the puppy that comes in so plittle, it has to be fed three por four times a day. pit can potentially die if not ptaken care of the right way. p>>reporter: so tuesday, a man pwalked into this store and asked pfor financing and picked up a pyorkie, went to the back of your pstore and i guess for a couple pof minutes after that, police psaw him put the puppy inside his pshirt and he walked out of here pand sold that dog at a shopping laza for cash, cocaine. pwhen you heard about that, that pwas obviously devastating. pyou were telling me earlier, pyou're disgusted. p>> that's a little puppy he sold pso he could get high. pnot even thinking about the uppy and the puppy's needs. p>>reporter: the person that was parrested, wayne junior barfield. phe's in jail on a $5,000 bond, pwe believe.
7:30 am
pwho has this yorkie or even just precently purchased a yorkie from psomeone else, taking it to a pvet, maybe to check the micro pchip, is that the plan? p>> hopefully they take it to the pvet. p>>reporter: we're holding this pdog to get a better idea what pthe yorkie looks like. pthis is not the right one. p>> this is not the right one. pthis is a different letter but pthis is what it looks like. pif they got this puppy, take it pto the vet. pthe micro chip -- the owner may phave told the micro chip company pthat it's stolen. pway. p>>reporter: you have a reward as pwell. p>> yes. pthere's a $1,000 reward for panyone who returns the puppy. pwe don't care your name. pyou can stay anonymous. pbring the puppy to us. pwe'll give you the reward. p>>reporter: thanks so much. pso hopefully the person who has por even just purchased a yorkie pnot knowing it was stolen, take
7:31 am
psame one that was taken and pagain, contact largo police if pit happens to be the same yorkie pthat was taken from the puppies. pall about puppies store is plocated in largo. pyou know, it is disgusting, the pfact that something like this phappened. pand it goes to show you how low psome people can go facing an paddiction like that but that's paccording to largo police. phe's been arrested and of pcourse, we'll continue to follow pthis story. pi don't know, russell and laura, pif you saw the surveillance pvideo. phe comes midway, goes walking pout. pthey were able to catch him as pquickly as they could. phe's not communicating, paccording to police, not telling phim who purchased the dog or not ptelling them what happened to pthe dog. phopefully someone is willing to pcome forward. p>>laura: maybe it's just a pmatter of time before the dog is pfound.
7:32 am
p>>russell: a lot of travellers plike to use long term parking poff site at tampa international pairports because it's cheaper. psome people who did that got an punpleasant surprise. pthey came back to find premier arking on west hillsborough pavenue, they found it shut down pand we're told it's been that pway since thursday night. psue warner found out the hard pway. pshe gave premier a call monday pnight to come pick her up at the pairport and she didn't get an panswer. pshe took a cab to the lot but pnobody was there to give her her pkeys. p>> that's the most frustrating art is you don't know what to pdo. pand you still don't know what to pdo. p>>russell: hillsborough pdetectives are investigating pthis. pthe property landlord has all pthe keys and will give them to pthe owners once they show up. p>>laura: getting a driver's plicense used to be a rite of assage. pteenage years where you finally pget one of your first real
7:33 am
popen road. pas it turns out, millennials are pnow ditching the driver's plicense. pjennifer epstein is here now pwith more. plaura? paccording to a new report just pover 75% of 20 to 24-year-olds phave driver's licenses. pthat's way down from 1930 when p92% had them. pthis has auto makers worried. pmany other adults say cars paren't accessible or even paffordable. p$33,000. pa stretch for many coming out of pcollege from debt. pmany may also call it the uber peffect. pride sharing is much easier, pcheaper and less than a hassle. pwith cell phones being the form pof communication, popping in the pcar and seeing your friends, pthat doesn't happen as much. pto try to catch up with the ptrend, again ralg general motors has pinvested in lyft is ford is pexperimenting with a car prepresenting program in a phandful of cities.
7:34 am
p>>walter: in this week's pextraordinary ordinary, we found pan elementary school in we tells sley pchapel that has allowed them to ut a high goal in their sights pand now it's within their grasp. p>> today is the last day of the pquarter. p>> this is a positive way to pmake videos and students are plearning this is also a good way pto make videos, sending out a pmessage that's positive or pteaching someone something with pthese videos. p>> fun fact. p>> when they create videos and pedit them and know what they pwant to put out there, it makes pfor a better message. p>> learning hands-on and to see pwhat happens when they're psuccessful and they learn pthrough their failures, you pcan't even measure that. p>>walter: at veterans elementary pschool in wesley chapel, they ptake public speaking to a whole pnew level. p>> when i was being filmed, it pwas hard. pyou have to get used to the
7:35 am
p>> pencils and paper. pafraid. pi think you have to get a sense pthat it's just you and the pcamera, you and the camera. p>>walter: they have two clubs pand cameras are a big part of pthe game. p>> we're out of here. pbye. p>>walter: tv news, doing what we pdo at fox 13, broadcast the pthe day. pthe other is the media club that pmeets after school and focuses pmore on film making. pthey recently entered a contest. pthe winner of the contest takes phome $10,000 for an outdoor plearning space at the elementary pschool. p>> i am definitely shocked. pwhen you think about it, it's pnot just florida. pit's the entire nation. pwe're one of 10 in the entire pincredible. p>> i was so excited. pwe worked so hard on the video pand to be in the top 10 is just pa huge thing. p>>walter: this film about trees pwas completely produced by the pextraordinary ordinary students,
7:36 am
pall of it. pit's not yet known whether the pmoney will be coming in for a pnew learning center but plearning, labor and love for ptelevision is already a wrap. p>> i think now that we've kind pof gotten used to it, i think pthat we're now not as nervous pand we've kind of evolved to the pfact that we've gotten better at pthis. p>> i see a transfer to the pclassroom. pthese kids are writing scripts pand they get here early before pschool and they're writing pscripts every single day and it ptransfers to the way they're pspeaking in class when we have pthem present in front. pthey have more confidence and pthey know what to do. p>> you're having fun and you're pdoing something that can inspire eople and i just like that. p>> vote for veteran elementary pschool. p>>walter: i received word pyesterday they're in fourth lace but there's still plenty pof time to vote. pi put a link on my facebook page pwhere you can vote for them and palso a link on our website, pif you have an idea, someone or psomething that you think is an
7:37 am
pa suggestion on my facebook age. p>>russell: thank you. pactor jamie foxx pulled a man pfrom a burning vehicle right poutside of his house after pcalling 911. pfoxx ran to the truck to rescue pa 32-year-old brett kyle and pfoxx met with his mother. pyou can imagine, she's extremely pthankful. p>> i just kept watching and pgoing like oh, my god. phe didn't have to do a thing. plike i said earlier, i think we pall hope we could do something pwhen the time is there but the pquestion is, do we? pdo we act or do we fear our own plives? phe did not. p>> i don't look at it as heroic. pi look at it as just had to do psomething. pit all just worked out. pit all worked out.
7:38 am
pkyle may have been drunk when he plost control on a wet road, pcausing the truck to flip over pand then into a ditch. pthen it caught fire. p>>dave: lightning get a day off. pthey'll play the stanley cup pchampion chicago blackhawks ptomorrow night. pbolts won last night in new porleans. p6-4. pit was a slug fest. pbroi -- they were shorthanded. pboyle broke free and shot past pthe goalie who left the net pempty. plightning have won six straight pgames. pon to baseball, pete rose will pbecome a hall of famer. pnow, listen to this. pthe cincinnati reds will induct phim into the team's hall of fame pover the summer while retiring phis 14. pthey even plan to install a pstatue of rose outside the
7:39 am
pof course, we know he's just an punbelievable legend in that city pwith a record number of hits pwhile playing for the reds and pthe team won two world series pwhile he was playing there. preds president said that, quote, pinducting pete into the heads phall of fame will be a defining pmoment in the 147-year history pof the storied franchise. phe's one of the greatest players pto ever wear a reds uniform and pit will be aun unforgettable pexperience watching him be phonored as such. prose is still waiting for pinduction into the national pmajor league hall of fame. phe had more than 4200 hits and phe was the 17 time all star but pthe league won't allow him into pthe hall because of gambling he pdid while he was a manager. pa wide receiver regrets playing pin the nfl. phe said he wouldn't do it again. phe wishes he had chosen a pdifferent career instead of pfootball.
7:40 am
lus memory loss. phe spent nine seasons in the pnfl, most of them with the ittsburgh steelers. plaura and russell? p>>laura: thank you. pmiley cyrus back together with pan old boyfriend. pwhy her ring finger may be the roof. p>>russell: and a celebrity mom paccused of being a bad role
7:41 am
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p>>dave: it's a cold start to the pday. pfreeze warnings up until 9:00. pwe're talking about inland ortions of pasco county, phernando county, citrus county pso got down to the freezing pmark. pcrystal river, weeki wachee down pto upper 20s for a brief period pof time this morning. pshowers and thunderstorms around
7:43 am
pit looks like it's going to be pmid to late morning, not very pearly which is what we had for pthe past couple of rounds of prain so it will be a little plater in the morning and then it pturns windy and cooler late in pthe afternoon. pfor the parade on saturday, it's pgoing to be a lot like last pyear. palmost certain we had the ptemperatures in the 50s and that pcold wind, same thing is going pto happen this time around as pwell. pthese clouds actually helped us pout. pwe were plummeting, dropping and pdropping and dropping. pwe probably would have made the pupper 30s in tampa. pclouds came in a few hours ago pand just stopped the cooling poff. pnow you've got river view plooking at beautiful blue skies pand a great start to the day. panother shot of high clouds out pto the beach. plook at the temps. p30 at crystal river. p30 brooksville. p35 wesley chapel, 39 in the plakeland area so quite cold poverall to start. robably the coldest morning pthat we've had. pi know record-breaking ptemperatures but just january pcold for us.
7:44 am
pthrough from time to time today. pwe should still get enough psunshine with those winds pbeginning a little bit of a pshift and we'll make our way in pthe 60s for high temps today. ptoday we go mostly sunny with a phigh of 64. ptonight we will be back in the p40s again but i think everybody pstays above freezing tonight, peven in the northern counties so pthat's good and then partly pcloudy and seasonable tomorrow pwith a high temperature of 70. pwaking up to showers and pthunderstorms on friday, late in pthe morning for the gasparilla pchildren's extravaganza. pyou're looking at 56 for a high pand yeah, we'll be greeted with plower 40s come sunday morning as pwell. pjen? p>>jennifer: 7:48, dave. pand we are near the tico power lant where our sky fox phelicopter spotted manatees pearlier. pit was a cool picture that we pcould show you. pthey're camera shy this morning.
7:45 am
pthere they are. phi, little manatees. pthey're getting warm this pmorning with the cold weather. pi'm sure the water is really pcold, too. pshould we pet them? phey, little manatees. phi. pokay. pthat's all. pwe're not supposed to touch pthem. pdon't do that. ponly from the green screen are pyou allowed to touch the pmanatees. pwe're doing traffic right now. pwe're watching traffic flow palong the i-4 corridor. pthis is the westbound traffic, pthe busier side of the road. ptravelling through the downtown pinterchange and toward downtown ptampa, deciding whether they're pgoing to continue on to psouthbound 275 or more pnorthbound or not. pwestbound traffic is slowing pdown from 50th street on to the pinterchange so give yourself pabout eight minutes to make that pdrive. pclearing a crash along bradenton pat drake boulevard. pone lane was blocked on either pside of the roadway north and psouthbound. pthat's no longer the case. pwe're in the red on the travel ptime map. p26 minutes southbound 275 from
7:46 am
pslow drive from mlk to 275 along pwestbound i-4. pthat will take at least 13 pminutes. p>>laura: more rumors are making pthe rounds when it comes to pmiley cyrus and liam hemsworth. p>>russell: it looks like the two phave had a change of heart. pthey met on the set of the last psong back in 2010. pliam proposed to her in 2012 but pthe engagement only lasted about pa year. pever since the start of 2016, prumor has it that the two are pback together and we may finally phave some proof of it. pfirst off, she is wearing a ring pon her finger. pthe jeweller who helped liam ick it out is miley's original pengagement ring and it appears pto be the same one. pshortly after the ring preappeared, miley was spotted poutside of his house with a u phaul. pmiley has a u haul? p>>laura: i know. pyou think it would be swankier
7:47 am
pmove. p>>russell: she also brought four pdogs with her. pyou bring the to goes in. pit's real. pthat makes six pooches between pthe two. pand it looks like they're ptogether. pin a u haul? p>>laura: i like that, though. pit's real. pformer star of the real phousewives of atlanta is taking psome heat on instagram. icture. pkim has been criticized for pgetting plastic surgery along pwith other face altering ptransformations and now her pdaughter is being critiqued as pwell. pthey slashed out at the mother pfor setting a bad example for pher daughter. p>>russell: charley belcher we pgo. pdid you ever get inside? p>>laura: you look so much more
7:48 am
p>>charley: what's wrong with me? pcome in from the outside. pyes. pthe lure is the new restaurant pon the 600 -- in the 600 block pof central avenue in st. etersburg. pwe'll check it out. pwhat an eclectic menu. psalads, tacos, tapas, flat pbreads, $1 each for the flat pbread goes to a different pcharity and sushi. pthey like to call it here, cold, pdead fish. pi'll tell you about some ideas pbehind the lure and it might
7:49 am
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(burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because
7:51 am
p>>charley: i'm charley belcher. pi'm in st. petersburg this pmorning, 661 central avenue to pbe exact. pthe 600 block of central avenue, preally a cool, artsy place to pbe. pand it's the home of a brand new prestaurant called the lure. pand michael stewart is a partner pin this venture. pyou might remember him from such prestaurants as 1717 south and pava where he's partnered with pjoe maddon, both doing booming pbusiness. p>> tampa is a great market but pover the years i keep hearing pabout st. pete downtown. pi came over here and we artnered up in this spot, and pit's exploding over here.
7:52 am
p>> the vibe here, the new prestaurants, breweries, it's preally exploding. p>>charley: what a cool place. pyou have the billiards. pthe murals on the wall are pincredible. phuge bar. pthat's where the tikis comes pinto it. pthe murals over there are pgorgeous as well and a big menu. psushi is dominant but you have ptacos and tapas and flat breads. p>> we have over 40 specialty prolls here. pwe have tapas, we have salads, ptacos and you mentioned earlier pflat bread. pit's real important to tom and i pthat we give back. peach flat breads are designed by plocal chefs and they pick the pcharity where a dollar each of pthe flat bread goes to a local pcharity. p>>russell: juvenile diabetes presearch, tampa bay history rogram, ronald donald house and
7:53 am
p>> we've got like marty blitz pdoing one, robert from 717 south pso i think it's good to give pback to the community. p>>charley: i want to see food pnext. pwe'll see what the food looks plike. pi might taste a thing or two. p>>laura: don't spill. p>>charley: everything is good. p>>russell: almost a little spill pthere. pyou're fine. pwe're fine. pwe're fine. pwe're always fine. pall right. pnever feel guilty about sleeping pin on the weekends ever again. pwe're going to explain why pcoming up at 8:00. p>>laura: and french fries are pgood. pso what happens when you combine pthem? pmcdonald $ the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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