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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  January 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. p probably not going to be at pthe beach today. pit is cold. pso keep the sweaters, jackets pand hats handy. pdave has none of that on. pyou're going to need it today. p>> and another battle between ro-life and pro-choice. pand another bill moving through plegislature to restrict pabortions. pand good wednesday morning. pit's coldest morning of season pso far. pi'm laura moody. psort of. pit's cold in the studio but i'm pare. plet's get camera straight on you pright now. pi'm russell rhodes. pbeautiful out.
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p>> i feel a little stupid. pare you cold in no. p45 degrees northeast wind at peight miles an hour. pat 41. pother spots did get down below pfreezing. pand how good crystal river, pstill in the 30s right now. pbrooksville jumped up to about pbrandon at 43. pgoing to be a quick warm up ptoday with sunshine back to mid p60s. ptomorrow near 70, more rains pcoming back on friday. pdetails in a few minutes. pjen. p>> dave we're dealing with platest along i-75, this is pnorthbound live look outside pthanks to our f dot cameras knot pbound 75 in area of dr. mlk. pyou can see we have a two poutside lanes blocked. pthat means only one lane is pass pfortunately it is end of rush phour drive this shouldn't have pbig an impact as seven or p8 o'clock already causing slow pdowns this morning. pnorthbound along i-75. pat mlk.
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pi-4 interchange definitely want pto give yourself extra time. plet you know soon as crash pcleared i will start working on pdelay 301 and u.s. 41. preport. pso there's that crash, you can psee it's all way slow back to pselman expressway slow pconditions we're dealing with palong howard franklin bridge pcounty. ptoward kennedy boulevard. pthat's going to take about 17 to p20 minutes. p all right. pjen, thank you. p>> a new bill moving loo in pflorida statehouse proponents psay it helps keep women safe. pbut critics say it's just panother way to make harer for pare floridians to get an afworgs phouse bill 233 pass in committee palong party lines it requires pclinic that offers second ptrimester abortions to meet same prules and standards as hospitals por surgery clinics. pif it passes it could force 65 ptheir doors. pthe bill still has way to go. pit doesn't look like it will pbecome a law.
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pis no corresponding bill in the psenate right now. pit does not have a sponsor. pwithout a sponsor that fwil pcould go nowhere. pwith anniversary of roe v. wade pon friday. ro choice advocates are seeing pmore and more states making it pmore difficult to get an pabortion. pthey say conservatives aren't pgoing after the law itself. pthey are just putting tighter prestrictions in place. pand will make it nearly pimpossible to get the procedure. pbut that's what pro-life groups pwant. p>> the nathaniel wilcox pchristian family could i gos pwill told miami herald abortion pneeds to restricted as possible ponly in life and death psituation. p>> all abortion clinics should pclosed as far as we're pconcerned. p>> that's what's happening in ptexas. p>> they pass ad similar law pthree years ago. psimilar to one move throwing u pflorida's house. p>> after it went into effect pthey saw more than 20 clinics pclose throughout the state state pleaving only about ten open. plaw has been challenged though pand supreme court is hearing the pcase this session.
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pstate law to restrict abortions. paccording to a center for roductive rights, 47 new laws pwere passed last year. pall of them aimed at restricting pabortions. p>> laws go after either clinics plike in texas, forcing higher pmedical standards on them. por they go after women wanting por needing an abortion by pinstituting waiting periods or pmandatory so no grams. plast year florida legislature ass ad law require a woman to psee a doctor 24 hours before phaving the procedure. pand governor rick scott signed pit. pbut acl u filed a lawsuit and pjudge has put a stop to penforcing the law until case pmakes it is way through the pcourts. pnational news more information pcoming out about a hillary pclinton email scandal. reporting that not ponly were classified emails pfound on then secretary clinton phome serve are but also files plabeled special access programs. pnow, those files are so pimportant that they go beyond pthe level of top secret.
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pthrough the thousands of emails pthat went through ms. clinton ersonal server state department precognized that at least 1300 pemails were either considered to pbe confidential or higher. pclinton has denied doing panything wrong. pu critic says she put the pcountry and military at risk. p to this now immigration resident issued an executive porder to stop some 5 million pdeportations. pcritics took him to court. pnow the supreme court will hear pthis case and decide whether or pnot the president had the pauthority to do that. pthis is more than just a battle pover presidential overreach pexecutive action. psupreme court decision will come pdown this summer and you know pwhat this summer is just before pthe fall election. pand could this, could what the psupreme court does here have an pinfluence on the presidential pelection? plet's get to craig patrick to
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phey there it certainly will have psome influence. pthis something that president pobama wanted. phe wanted the supreme court to ptake this up. potherwise it just would have pbeen left unresolved. pand with this it could have pdragged far beyond his residency. pthey may not get result they are pseeking but nonetheless, after ushing for this for some length pof time, not getting the answers pthey had hoped for in lower pcourts, now the supreme court pwill once and for all answer pthis. pbut you're absolutely right. pit will come. parguments in april, a decision prelease an opinion released in pjune in all probability. pthis tells us that in heat of pelection just before conventions pthat immigration will certainly pbe front and center which ever pway the supreme court rules on pthis. pand that is something that both arties should be watching. pthat's say, let's speculate psupreme court rules in favor of pthe states that are trying to pshoot down the president's pexecutive order.
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p>> think good the latino vote pmoving forward. pwhat might that do in this residential election? pthe conventional wisdom that is platino voters would unify around pthe issue of immigration and pwith this perhaps move toward pthe democrats. pbut be careful with this. pbecause latino voters do not pvote a block. pnot necessarily specifically on pissue of immigration. pflorida is a very good example pof that. pthink about our hispanic opulation many come from cuba. pwe have very different pimmigration policy with cue fwa. pmany others come from puerto pcentral florida. pwe don't have immigration issues pwith puerto rico. pthat is the united states. pi think that there's no singular pissue that unites latino voters pinclude immigration if there is peconomy. peconomic empowerment marco rub pand other candidates know that pwhy they are pressing those pissues. pbut immigration already is front pand center. pand bet after this decision pcomes down in june it will
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pwe just saw video there of pdonald trump who is the one i pwould say, who has brought the pimmigration issue to the pforefront m inn this election. pyes. pnow if you ask voters in poland pwhat issues they care about most pimmigration near bottom of the plist. pand low single digits. pit's the economy that ranks at pthe top followed by national psecurity. pbut donald trump has been psuccessful in tying matters of pthe economy and national psecurity to the problem of pimmigration. pthat's where he's united in peffect fused those three issues pit has done a him great deal of pgood. palso remember republican base phas been very frustrated with prepublican leadership. pgoing all way back to ronald preagan in 1986. pamnesty to bring some form pamnesty more recently than the pgang of eight along comes donald ptrump, pushing back against pthis. pand for so many years, prepublican base conservative phave felt betrayed have ptherefore rallied behind him. pand what do you hear now from pall the candidates shying away
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pa focus on how we seal our pborder. pokay craig, thank you. p>> thank you. p>> we have a developing story pout of manatee county this pmorning. pa mystery, two deaths, two pdifferent crime scenes miles papart. pbut are they related? p>> fox 13 shayla reeves has been pfollowing this and is at the pbradenton police department with pmore on the case. pgood morning, shayla. p>> hi, good morning to you plaura. pjust a few moments ago i did phave a chance to speak with a plieutenant inside the bradenton olice department. pat this point there is no padditional information to prelease in this case as they pcontinue to try to piece all the pdetails together. pthe same is true also for pmanatee county sheriff's office. pwell. pand here's what we've be able to plearn so far. pwe did check this morning on psocial media on facebook, and we pdid find learned did urging that psearch that there was a pconnection. pthe two people who are found
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pnow authorities are trying to pdetermine exactly how they might pbe related or how they might phave known each other beyond pthat. pand if there is any connection pto their deaths. pso here's what we know so far. pauthorities responded to those ptwo different scenes, miles papart. pboth report within an hour first preport came in before 1 o'clock ptuesday afternoon off 8 the pstreet and bradenton. olice say neighbors described phearing gunshots and seeing an pout of control suv crash. pauthorities identified man pinside that suv as 38-year-old pkarl tuxford. pnow he did not survive. p40 minutes later a driver pspotted a body off bishop harper proad in palmetto. pinvestigators say that body pbelonged to 23-year-old jordan pfinland and foul play is pexpected in her death. pthey working to determine if panyone may have seen her pbeforehand or afterwards or pmaybe has some information that pthey have not yet reported. pwe've learned that witnesses pthat were in the area where
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pdescribed seeing some type of pdark suv leave that location. pinvestigators have not yet said pdied. pbut again they want anyone with pdetails in these cases to please pcome forward and contact the pbradenton police department, the pmanatee county sheriff's office por crime stoppers. pback to you. p>> all right shayla, thank you. p>> on to other news now, five pweeks into academy awards pceremony battle over whether pboycott continue today's. poscar win whoop goldberg got pinto the fray as well. pthe problem is people who can be phelping to make movies that have pblacks and latino and women and pall of that that money doesn't pcome to you idea is there no lace for blacks. pthis happens every year until pthere are more movies made with eople of color p>> but how do you do that p>> you get people who have the
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pyou make a think all year not pjust once year all year. p>> well as you can see debate pwas heated and passionate and plikely doesn't end here. pwhoopi went on to say power lies pwith movie goers and a their pticket purchasing power. pgoldberg also admitted she's not psure a boycott is the exactly pthe right course of action. pbecause that would affect chris prock who is the host this year. p>> and remember, whoopi goldberg pwon an oscar it a used to p16-year-old couldn't wait to get pdriver's license often the day pof birthday. pnow fewer young people are doing pthat. pand they are not getting them peven as they get older. pa new report shows only 77 ercent of young adults between pages of 20 and 24 have a plicense. pcompare that to 30 years ago, it pwas 92 percent. pand while the study says it's pbecause of the increase in ride papps there are other studies pthat say it's also about pfinances.
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pinsurance never mind having an pactual car. p>> interesting. p>> all right. pone woman's critique of a prestaurant had owner's fighting pback. pwe have to say this one of the pbest responses we have ever pseen. pand there's an old saying when pthe stars align. pwell, for next few weeks, five lanets are going to be aligned. pwhere you can see them and is pthis the dawning of the age of pacquire us? pthe age of acquire us. pall right. phey charley. pkeep singing russell. pno, i'm done. pi couldn't remember the rest of pthe words. pidol auditions aren't quite pfinished. pbreak out in a feeling. pwhere's gold ticket? pi'm at the lure 661 central pavenue in st. petersburg. phot new restaurant. pkevin by way cooked up all food pfor us this more than we showed
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pcanback look at that a package pthey come in grasshopper pstraight from thailand. ptalk about lure, this is more plike bait to me than it does psomething that we're going to peat. pthose are grasshoppers in there.
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pmake and i promise to eat a phave you heard before this? pnew branding los angeles rams pwill have world most expensive
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p>> and expect cost of stadium phave you heard about this? p$2.6 billion. p>> that about a billion more pthan metlife stadium where jets pand giants call home. pthe rams stadium will multi urpose venue. pstadium expected to be completed pby 2019 season. p>> wow. p>> there's word this morning, pthat the san diego chargerses pare laying some legal ground pwork for that possible move palthough los angeles as well. pl.a. times reports team has papplied to trademark two names, plos angeles chargers and l.a. pchargers. pthe team move to l.a. and a pshare that stadium in inglewood pwith rams if chargers decide to pmove it would close the doors on pthe raiders last ditch hope to prelocate los angeles. p>> isn't that something i read pthis early this morning and when panne marie it reminded me talks pabout l.a. becoming place for prams.
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pseat stadium complex. pand, something called nfl pdisneyworld. p>> i don't knowwhat that means. pand expected to become world pmost expensive sports arena. pwe talked about this, 300 acre pdevelopment a few miles from pdowntown l.a. phave hotel and rides and pattractions. pdoesn't l. already have them. pdevelopment footprint is about ptwice the size of original pdisneyland resort in anaheim. ost six thousand seat erformance venue more than p1.5 million square feet. p2500 homes, 300 room hotel and p25 acres of parks. p>> wow. p>> so between that and you have lay. pthey are over 1.6 billion. pstadium. pnfl. pyet.
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plet's get them winning and then pwe'll start. pjust unbelievable. pi know. pi know. pif you're an early riser sky pwatchers able to see 5 planes ptogether just before dawn. pmercury, planet mars and jupiter pall visible for about 45 minutes pbefore sunrise. pexperts say first time in more pthan ten years all five of them pappeared together in the predawn psky. pfew amissed it by the way, the pshow show will last through pfebruary. pthat's pretty cool. pthat is pretty cool. pwho sing that is song? p>> fifth dimension the 5 pdimension billy davis, jr. pman, they were good. p>> i haven't heard that nim a plong time. pshe's so beautiful. pstill so beautiful. pstunning. p>> already. pgot lost there. pokay. pbeautiful. pa little breezy out here at ptimes. pi'm going in. pyou've out for a while. p41 degrees. pthese are your morning lows.
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pwho got below freezing pbrooksville 28. pcrystal river 28. pi know inverness got down to at pleast 30. p36n brandon. pit was 39 in bartow. pnow let's fast forward to right pnow, we're still in the 30s in pcouple of spots. pnew tampa sun city center. lant city is at 40. p45 in westchase. palready 45 in inverness. ptemperatures to the south are in pthe mid to upper 40s. pand inland we've got that pchilly, chilly crispy start to pthe day. p41 to 45 degrees along highway p17. pso, northeast winds today, psunshine few high clouds mixed pin honestly going to pretty day. pfurther south you go you're pgoing to have more cloud cover. pthat may limit your high ptemperatures just a smidge. pbut i think for most of us we're pgoing to go back into the 60s. pyesterday were in 50s. p59 today crank it up to 64. pand maybe a couple degrees of pnormal. pall right. p70, 70, 71 thursday, friday. pround of showers and
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pfriday, we'll give way to some pcolder weather. pbreezy weather for the weekend. pand yeah, for the parade we're plook at 56 degrees and low of p52. p>> 9:21. pwe've go a big back up right now palong northbound i-75 in the parea of dr. mlk boulevard one plane is now blocked just preopened another lane. ptwo right lanes passing 1 left plane blocked. pa lot of emergency vehicles are pon scene. pyou've got flashing lights plus plane blockage. pso it is significantly slowing pdown morning drive northbound pdelays along 75 begin at selman pexpressway. pso you definitely want to give pyourself an extra 10 or 15 pminutes in this area avoid it pnorth south alternate is 41 or pu.s. 30 one. p>> thanks, jen. phi. p>> hi. p>> so we're talking about yelp previews today. pin this day and age with smart hones and apps a yelp review pcan make or break business at
9:21 am
pcheck out yelp so you know what pyou're walking intoone bar pmanhattan got horrible review pthey responded we have to say it pis great. pso great. pthe place that refers to itself pas a dive bar in lower pmanhattan. pso they got a one star review. pjust one star from a customer. pmegan b wrote, wouldn't precommend to eat or quiet drink. pi had friends here a 3 p and the pmusic was so loud we couldn't peven hear each other. pthe service was terrible. pjust to get a drink at the bar pthe food was also terrible. p>> yes. pwell owner responded the pfollowing day. pthank megan for her review. pbut then went on to slam her." pi read other review posted on pyelpliams like quiet koof foe pshops and fancy foods none of pwhich we have ever advertised to rovide please note or yelp
9:22 am
pso it's not like you were hiding pit. p>> so he goes on to describe the piron horse as a great loud party lace for people have fun. pwith ridley cheap beer and great pfwurger and other bar food. phe also says they've got four pstars on yelp because people go pthere who just want to get away pfrom the mundane every day life. pand you wraps up his scathing pcome back by saying he gives her pone star. pas you are terrible at finding pbars and restaurants that suit pyour tastes. pbut, he says he'll consider pgiving her more stars if she pgoes back and has a beer with phim. pvery smart. pvery witty, classy. pkept it classy. pi couldn't say anything poffensive. piron horse in lower manhattan preally a normally really pexpensive part of the town. pbut, there at this bar you can pget a beer for two bucks. pand that burger amentioned for p$10. pand that include as draft with pthat. palso come on did she not know it
9:23 am
pwe talked about how sop, but peven more so if you often leave pyelp reviews you typically check pbefore before going. pso if you look we were gooing pwilling like any pictures and pwalking into. pinto. pcheck that yelp review before pyou head out next time. pright. pand speaking of restaurant preview charley is at new one pwith a different flair. pdid i hear grasshoppers were on pthe menu?
9:24 am
pi guess we'll fin p for all of you out there i phad best job in the world. pi do. pthis next segment is dedicated
9:25 am
pbecause i'm going to eating pgrasshoppers. pgood day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming fru p661 central avenue in st. etersburg. pcool place to kick around and pvisit. pone more place to visit now is pcalled the lure. pit is new restaurant only been popen about nine days. psushi, their specialty but pthey've got menu full taco flat pbreads and salads really a pgreat, and we didn't talk about pspecialty drinks, a full bar. ptom golden partnered with pmichael stewart and couple other pguys to bring us the lure. pall right. pwhat's up with the grasshopper? pwhy do we need a grasshopper ptaco, tom? p>> because it's different. pone day somebody said let's get psome cold dead raw fish. plet's put it on rice and we're pgoing to dry it. pguess what they liked it. pwhat did they eat before pescargot came around that's not pso good but this isn't so bad. pgrasshoppers we can make them ptaste delicious in the rest
9:26 am
pgroos hopper one only countries pthat doesn't eat it us and pcanada i believe. pthere might be a reason. p>> yeah they don't grow in pcanada. pus and canada. pwe're the smart ones. pso what do you call the taco? pwe call, we name a lot things pfrom lot of things early ptelevision to friends of ours. pwe name things on menu. pbut we have a lot of references pto grasshopper. pin show kung fu back in the 70s. pokay. pi get. plet's see you make it make it pup. pwhat are we doing? pwe have grasshopper and toss pthem in flour. pyou take legs you do not didn't pi digest legs. pkevin keeps telling me the okay. pall right. pi get it. p>> this is just a jerk tempura. pjust a straight up tempura with pa little bit of salt. pand a little jerk seasoning we pthrow them in try to get them phere they want to wiggle around pand hide from me.
9:27 am
pmove it back to our deep saute pstation. pthat's it? pi didn't know they were cooked. pi thought they were raw. p>> much different. pwhy would you want to do that? pnow we just drop them in our plittle fryer here or deeply psaute station. pyou know what i have budged penough time in there how long pare there there anne marie do we phave time left? p>> i didn't realize they had to pbe deep fried. pthat's my bad. pwe have to pay off on these pdone. pno, they are not alive. pthey weren't alie they went pready to be fried. pthey were just a dead pgrasshopper just laying there. plike they do when they are dead. pcan you rush this process just pfor tv purposes p>> absolutely. ptempura. pthey will crunchy.
9:28 am
p>> so they are not quite. pthat's all right. pall right. pthere we go. pmichael stewart you get in here pyou've go to try one too. pthey are ready. pwe're out tv time now. pi see his eyes, thank you for pcovering his eyes for me. pall right. pladies and gentlemen, the place pis called the lure, 661 central pavenue in st. pete. pcheers, michael. pcheers to grasshoppers. pwow. pcrunchy. pgood. pdid you get a grasshopper p>> i did. pi did get one. pi did get one. pall right. pvery good. stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you
9:29 am
when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is stre-e-eam. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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p welcome everybody 9:33 an pupdate, an exciting update for pstory we've following all pmorning long. pthat purp that's been stolen, pand traded for drugs, puppy has pbeen found. pbig development in the case. palcides segui is at all about uppies in largo. palcides, tell us what happened. p>> a vet called a hospital vet phospital called the store and psaid they have their puppy. plocated the puppy. pbut it was sick. pcare. pand we're trying to get an idea pof how sick the puppy is.
9:31 am
pthey are trying for figure out pfolks in store can get their phands on puppy they have their phis health. pso at this point, we know the uppy is alive. pwe know the puppy is at a vet phospital. pand we do know it is sick. phow sick we really don't know plargo police telling us a man on ptuesday or earlier last week, pbasically walked through these pcrate. pgrabbed them and just started laying with them for a couple pof minutes of at that point he pwalked to corner of this story a rivate room all wait in back layed with it a little bit plonger and put that yorkie, that psmall dog inside of his shirt. pand then walked out the front pdoor. phe then met someone at a pshopping plaza and detectives psay he sold that yorkie that plittle small dog, so cute, for pcash and crack cocaine. pthe man who was arrested is pwayne junior barfield he's now
9:32 am
pbond. pagain, the dog has been located. premember we were talking about pthis all morning long. pthat yorkie has a micro chip. pso as soon as the a veteran that pmicro chip they knew right away pit was stolen from this shop phere in largo. pso good news is they are working ptogether right now with other pvet. pwe don't know where it's plocated. pwe know it's a location in st. etersburg. pwe're trying to find out where pso we can get a hold of them as pwell. pyou can bet that largo police pare going to be very, very close pinto investigating this. pvery interesting to find out who phas that dog and who dropped it poff at that hospital. pbut again, good news, bottom pline, the dog was found, it's pjust a matter of you know, if pthis dog is healthy or not. pwe will continue to following pthis story and have a lot more pcoming up at noon. pback to you. pokay. pwill it temper our kitement puntil we know. p>> thank you, alcides.
9:33 am
p>> yeah. psure. p>> my bald head even on the hat pon was cold. p>> you know for me it's always plike tips of fingers or ears. pthat's about it. p>> but again i grew up in p>> 45 degrees. ptruthfully up in new england eople are still wearing shorts pat 45 degrees. psome people. poutside this morning we are, pagain on cold side. pseveral days during winter we phave to deal with temperatures plike this. pwe did get down below freezing. pin our northern counties. pnow above. pyou have crystal river pbrooksville new port richey all p43 degrees. pand mid 40s, wesley chapel. ptampa even upper 40s sneaking pback in pretty quickly. paround the state, barely above pfreezing but it there is 35 in p38 jacksonville. pall i'm telling you they are in pwinter coats in the keys. pin upper 50s. pfirst thing this morning. pand it was a we were actually pheaded back to the upper 30s in ptampa i believe. pthen the clouds came in last pnight. psome of the mid to upper level
9:34 am
pnot sneaking back to the south pagain. pso areas south of tampa have pcloud cover. pareas to the north just crystal pclear skies. phonestly beautiful day. pas we get our temperatures to pslowly head back into the 60s. pyesterday's high was 59. ptoday we're going to jump up to pabout 64 degrees. pstormy skies tonight. pcold back to the 40s. pi don't think it will quite as pcold tomorrow morning but pdefinitely jacket weather. pand then partly cloudy and pseasonable tomorrow with high ptemperature of 70. plooks like a round of showers pmaybe a few storms coming pthrough. phigh everybody. p>> how adoing? pis that, hey, stevie. pseven-day forecast is gone. pwe will show in a little bit prain coming in on friday cooler pweather on time. ayton is turning one. ayton likes to dance, swing and lay with her big brother. pshe also loves cheerios and psweet peas.
9:35 am
pbut its okay if it too. phappy first birthday payton. p>> where did that shot come pfrom? p>> the web camera guys. pgot to be careful in studio. p9:37 got to be careful on roads pthis morning too. pespecially if you're traveling palong northbound 75. pyou're going to run into this pbig slow down. pthere's a wreck northbound 75, pblocking the inside the outside plane, two lanes are passing but pwe're still seeing a back up pnear selman definitely give pyourself an extra ten minutes pnorthbound lanes of 75 one lane pblocked in the area of dr. mlk. p>> all right. pthank you, jen. pan oscar winner debate over the pboycotting. ptwitter exploded when whoopi pgoldberg allegedly yelled a
9:36 am
pbut is thi welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors,
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excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even
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pfox 13's good day, local for you pall morning long. p okay, so all the headlines pcandace.
9:39 am
pthe story from article pcandace. p>> but here's the thing. pwhen you watch whole 7 and a phalf minute segment you come paway with a different view. pfirst you can tell be some is pwrong with candace she's pnormally outspoken and earning pshe sat there not saying much. pwhoopi's alleged aattack isn't a pbad if you even consider an pattack at all. ptake a listen. pactresses. pdoesn't studio have a green plight don't they really african pamerican stakeholder in room p>> no you need people you need roduction companies that will pmake the movies. eople that
9:40 am
pgod because i don't talk about pmovies we've got talk about the pmovies. pthe issue is look, now hard to phear over back and forth you can phear joy behar ask candace how pshe's feeling a few seconds plater whoopi asks her if she pneeds an orange juice after ptwitter erupted wloops comments phad nothing to her leaving the pshow. pshe saw a doctor and low blood psugar and was diagnosed with the pflu. pi guess we settled all that. pwe know entire helmsworth clan i psay makingsly good looking. art of reason we love them pbecause they don't take pthemselves too seriously. pso luke the oldest, and at least pknown here in the u.s. posted pthis picture on instagram. pand yeah, see who's in the top pleft. pthat's brother chris. pand yes, those are his very well ptoned biceps. pare you guys looking a that icture right now? pyou're not.
9:41 am
pcaption reads hey, chris do you peven lift. pelicits. p>> the youngest helmsworth by pthe way, is busy making pagain. prumors are he and miley cyrus pare not only back together and ptogether. pnow chris denied he knew any psuch thing. phe told a radio talkshow he pwould last to know and would pfind out through the press. pbut miley and chris's wife elsa pwere seen together so we think phe's just being cow. pand a hands on approach to
9:42 am
pwalter allen is up next pwe found an elementary school if pwesley chapel that has a hands pon approach. pthat's allowed them to prut retty high goal in their psights. pnow within their grasp. p today's last day of the pquarter. pthis a positive way to make pvideos. pstudents are learning that this pis also a good way to make pvideos is snding outs a message pthat positive or teaching psomeone something with the use pof a video. pmartin luther king, jr., jr. pday. p>> when they create their own pindividuals and edit them and pknow what they want to put out pthere it makes for better pmessage. pseeing kids learn something
9:43 am
pwhen they are successful and pthey see they learn through ptheir failures it's, you can't peven measure that. pat veterans elementary school in pwesley chapel. pwow, that's pretty cool they ptake public speaking to whole pnew level. pwhen i was being filmed it was phard, you know you have to get pused to the feeling that there's eople watching you. p>> a bunch of pencils paper. pi don't think any of us were pafraid. pi just think that you just have pto get the sense that just you pand camera, just you and camera. pthey have two clubs, and you pguessed it cameras are big part pof the game. ptv news, doing what we do here pat fox 13 broadcast headlines pbirthdays news of the day. pthe other is the media club that pmeets after school and focus pmore on film making. pthey recently entered into a pcontest scotty's rock winner of pthat contest takes home $10,000 pfor an outdoor learning space at pthe elementary school. pi am definitely shocked because pwhen you think about it not just pflorida.
9:44 am
pso it's, we're one of ten in the pentire nation. pand i just think it's pincredible. pi was so excited. pit's, it we worked so hard on pthis video. pand to to be in top 10 is just a phuge thing. pthis film about trees was pcompletely produced by the pextraordinary ordinary students. pthat concept writing editing all pof it not yet known whether or pnots money will be coming in for pa new learning center. plearning labor and love for film pand television is already a pwrap. pi i think now that we've gotten pused to it i think that we're pnow not as nervous and we kind pof ainvolved in the fact that pwe've gotten better at this. pi see a transfer to classroom. pthese kids are writing scripts pthey get here early before pschool and writing scripts every psingle day also transfers to way pthey are speaking in class when pwe do have them present this pthey have more confidence and pthey know what to do. pyou're having fun and you're
9:45 am
pand i, i just like to i received pword late yesterday that they pare currently in fourth place pbut still time to vote. pi put ling on my facebook page pyou vote for veteran's el and on pour website, pnow fuf aan idea someone or pshould a discussion on my pfacebook page. p45 degrees at 9:50. pwe're in the low 40s earlier. pso we're going the right pdirection. our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo:
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p all right. pfrom fox business network studio pwe bring in lauren simonetti to ptalk a little bit about the pbusiness world markets. plet's take a look at that first. p>> yes. pwell, it's ugly as we expected. pdow is down 260. pdown again. plowest level since august. pbroader market lowest level psince october of 2014. pi'm looking a all 30 dow stocks pon board. pand all negative. pmcdonald's apple ibm, 3 m you pname it down today. retty ugly. p>> bad, bad day for markets pacross the world, wasn't it pearlier p>> uh-huh. pnikkei and japan world number pthree economy in bear market pterritory down 20 percent
9:49 am
peuropean stocks are down. pyeah. p>> all right. p>> let's talk about something pelse change the subject a little pbit and talk good these san pfrancisco restaurants that peliminated tipping. pthat a big story. pi guess end of the year last pyear. pnow i guess it's not working a pwell they expected? p>> they have the same owner. pand what he said earlier last pyear was no more tipping we're pgoing to raise menu prices by 20 ercent, but all going to be psame you don't have to tip. pjust pay more. p>> he figured waiters would make pmore money. pserver would happy they made pless money 70 percent of them pquit. pnow tipping go back at those two prestaurants, but the prices paren't going back down. pyou're kidding. rices you're kidding prices pstay high you have to tip. p>> nope. pdead serious. p>> wow. pi know. pgood in theory. pwow. pi want to know how he's going to pdo when you have tip on top of
9:50 am
pyou somebody has to need to talk pto them about that. pi think. p>> loort. plet's talk good netflix. pwe talked about it before pexisting netflix user have to ay a little bit more for pservices. p>> yeah. pyou pay $8 a month usually pyou're grandfathered in at your rice. pnot any more. pif you pay eight bucks a month pand want high-def streaming, you phave to pay $10 a month. pyear. pthis is happening because pnetflix is doing really well. pthey have tons of original rogramming, they put out decent pquarterly report card. pgrowing their international psubscriber base by leap and pbounds. pand average netflix user is pwatching one hour 33 minutes of pnetflix each and every day. pi believe it. pi do too. pi mean we need to get off the pcouch. pwell and remember when they ptalked about an original rogramming. pwe thought really, netflix. pis going to do original rogramming. pwhat bad idea look it was just, pgenius. p>> 600 hours of original rogramming coming in 2016. ptoo much to watch.
9:51 am
p>> yeah. phey. pokay? pbye-bye. p>> starting to warm things up pwe were in 40s. p40s this morning. pbut now we're going to start to pwork things back up let's go 64 pdegrees for high temperature pthis afternoon. p70 for high temperature ptomorrow. p71 on friday. pwe got 70 percent rain chances pcoming through on friday. pgoing to late morning deal. pbut then, here comes the colder pair in time for the parade. p56 degrees for high on saturday. pall right. pgood. pchilly fwrifk for saturday. pwrap up. p>> yeah. phat.
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