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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  January 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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$500,000, and i believe it's a very good value, because if you want to own a stone like this, there's only one. >> yeah, it's for sale. a private auction site a number of people have already placed already. >> and donations are giving a fighting chance. >> preponderance and and his family couldn't be any more grateful. >> i want to say thank you from my family to everyone who has given. we greatly appreciate it. >> and we were there as this i have officer made a safe return to tampa to get the medical treatment that could save his life. >> and a family's desperate search for find their loved one's remains, his ashes lost in the mail.
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friends turned deadly. >> new at 11:00, a retired tpd detective living in puerto rico medical care. he is battling cancer and friends donated the money to fly him back to the moffet cancer treatment center. he just touched down a few hours josh? >> he landed here around 5:20 and was quickly put into an ambulance but not before spending a few precious moments with his family. it was very touching. there were hugs and kissing and well-wishes and we saw him give out the all-important thumbs up. >> the welcome-homes were brief but were more than enough to
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feliz fs josefeliciano. >> this would no never have never have support. >> he was diagnosed with gastric and colon cancer in october and he needed $30,000 to make it here to the moffet cancer center, and in just four days thanks to an on-line fund raiser, they far surpassed that. >> he is a pillar in the community but to see how the community was willing to give back. >> he spent much of his career wheeling and dealing as an undercover nor narcotics officer,
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so much too, his assignment is simply to get well. >> we want to do whatever it takes, whatever hope we can to get him better. >> he puts everyone first rather than himself, sacrificed a lot of days and time but he did it because he loved to give back to the community. >> a community welcoming him back with open arms. >> and that fundraising effort was surpassed surpassed 40,000 and that is important because his family could have future medical bills to deal with but the important thing is he is back in tampa getting the medical care he needs. >> thank you, josh. >> and new tonight a plant city family is desperate to find something that can't be replaced. the ashes of their loved one.
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this man's father-in-law's remains were accept to puerto rico but they have yet to arrive tomorrow. rodriguez says he tracked it on line and it was shipped to plant city and then new jersey and then philadelphia. >> why ship it from tampa to new pennsylvania. prark puerto rico is 95 miles from here but right now we can't get a ticket or do anything because we don't know when orine if they are going to find him. >> no one knows where the ashes went after they showed up in philadelphia. rozry rodry imez rodriguez says he has called the postal service several times and when we called they said they
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>> two friends were hunting in a wooded area of oak hill when one of them accidentally shot the other. the victim is identified as 65-year-old 5-year-old briews 5-year-old bruce best. >> initial indications are it was an accident but we'll investigate and make sure we find out what happened and how. >> florida fish and wildlife also helping out deputies in the case. and in sanford, a woman is fighting for her life after being mauled by half a dozen dogs. it happened inside this apartment. a neighbor heard her screaming and called 9-1-1 and when officers got there they found the dogs on top of her and were forced to act quickly. >> the officers had to discharge his firearm. four of the dogs died immediately, and a fifth ran away into another part of the
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>> the only dog that sur reporting survivedwas taken to a shelter. we are told that all of the dogs are family pets but it is not clear who owned them, and four other people were injured including two children but they are all going to be okay. >> check this out, mason jars full of moonshine and the liquor in the jars was just about the strongest form of alcohol possible. polk county deputies arrested three people for trying to sell the stuff. the deputies got a tip that the moonshine was being advertised on someone's facebook page. they called the number listed on
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girlfriend, christi scrrks omkowycz. deputies set up a sting and arrested them, later finding a 5-gallon jug in the trailer she had with alton trowell. >> i don't know where they are getting it but they are getting it. >> christi admitted to buying the moonshine from richard lott, an employee of a local legal distillery. he allegedly told deputies he was ripping off the pure grain alcohol off from the distillery before it was produced and reduced and said he had been trading it to meth. deputies arrested richard and christy along with an alleged accomplice and charged them with conspiracy to violate had state liquor law. i talked with trowell and he would not go on camera but said
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concerned with, quote, bigger bigger things. >> and the city council voting unanimous to remove red light cameras, due to first, legal cocerns, following a ruling in a neighboring camera. a parallel argued that the cameras were issuing the tickets doing the job that police officers should be doing. and another study found that crashes at some intersections with red light cameras actually went up and crashes with injuries went up by 30%, and there is nothing showing that the cameras are the cause but studies are showing they are not helping.
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are using them. >> and there is a new bill pending in tallahassee that would allow parents to accept their children to any school they want, and they could even cross county lines. >> i think that takes precedent over everything else. >> officials with the school district say they are bracing for a nightmare if the bill passes because they would have to predict the students that would attend each year to set their funding levels. >> and police are gearing up for the invasion of thousands of parade-goers. following the terrorist attacks in paris and san better than
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san better di no san san bernardino they are planning to double security. >> local, state and federal agencies, today in our last meeting with our federal partners there is no significant threat that would prevent this event from taking place. >> but if you don't mind leaving out the alcohol, the kids parade is this saturday, and it will be broadcast live had starting at 4:00 in the afternoon and that parade was become as big as the main parade. >> and this is my first one! i am so looking forward to doing some bead tossing. >> it's all in the wrist. >> and we have an example of how another popular gadget that kids love can pose a fiery danger.
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it's going to go off but you just never know when. >> why a hoverboard is to blame for this deadly house fire. >> and a new study shows that teens are opting out of getting their driver's license. paul, can you believe that?
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>> there is a growing trend in driving. this according to a brand new study, fewer and fewer young people are opting not to get their driver's license and wait for a while.
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this one has us shaking our heads, haley. >> there was a time when teenagers could count the days before their 16th birthday, and even before the candles were blown out, they were at the dmv, but researchers at the university of michigan found the number of 16 to 24-year-olds getting their low pressures are dropping. 16-year-old, dropped from 46 to 24%, about half as many, and licensed drivers 20-24 have gone from 82 to 77%. so what is driving this trend down? a couple of things. many don't have time to get a license and can't afford the cost of buying and maintaining a car or they just get rides from other people. >> lately we've been seeing a
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20-year-olds -- a lot of kids are waiting longer. the number one thing being finances. today's insurance rates are going higher and higher. >> not every age group is seeing a decline. they have had a consistent clinic climbsince the 80's, and so there has been a visit on both ends of the driving spectrum. >> very interesting, haley. well, a different set of wheels has proven dangerous in a different way. this shows a girl riding her hoverboard which someone steals it right out from underneath her, in the upper right of the screen? there she goes and there went the crooks. so you have that. from theft to this, fires. you may remember this video from
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caught hire in a mall in texas. the batteries caught fire and it caused the mall to be evacuated. >> and that is why some universities are banning them. >> and a hoverboard was charges in this home when a deadly fire broke out. >> this is what is left of david carr ten davidcarr pen davidcarr davidcarpetter's santa rosa home. all because of a hoverboard given at christmas caught fire >> the press democrat captured the aftermath of the fire that caused a quartermillion damage to the home.
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>> we lost our dog, my best friend. >> assistance fire marshals said they pinpointed the fire. >> the burn patterns were right around the hoverboard. >> and this is not the first fire reported. the consumer products safety commission is investigating numerous hires. >> fires.>> the fire marcel says marchelle says there marshall says there is a duff tough lesson here. do not charge them around anything that could catch fire. >> the carpetters say they followed all of the instructions. >> that is that a class-action siewt
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>> concerns enough that before christmas, amazon stopping selling most of his stock, before christmas but not before this family bought their for about $300 on amazon. >> it's not worth the fun. my daughter had a great time, but unplug them. >> in santa rosa, noelle walker. >> we learned that amazon is offering a full refund for any hoverboard sold on its site. >> and the aim of this hunt is to reduce the population of burmese thigh pythons which is an invasive species. 500 people signed up for the challenge, it ends on valentine's day.
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manatees in apollo beach is a busy place this time of year, and they have company this time of year, with sharks spotted in the water as well. and believe it or not they get along quite peaceably. the manatee has no natural predator and since they are vegetarians that leaves all of the fish for the sharks. >> everyone peacefully exists and sing that kum ba yah out there at the tico plant. >> a lot of people will be seeking warmer climates tonight. >> i'm not warm, i want to get into another zip code, we'll just move along -- no, it's all good, and there was a lot of buzz about this photo. a sunset over hillsboro bay, and
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you see the city of tampa in the background. put it on your computer and it makes a very nice wall paper. it's that good. high pressure moving away, we have a lot to talk about tonight, as the high moves away, the air mass begins to modify, but the modification process is well underway, and your thursday looks good. we are in the low 70's and we just watch and wait for a couple of things. you have the fast subtropical jet still going from the pacific across the gulf and then you see this little curve cheer and these two come together to make a block buster storm along the east coast. all kinds of concerns including significant coastal flooding in in this nmg new jersey in this and very heavy snow inland where d.c. would get up to 1 to 2 feet of
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to impact us over the weekend with big winds and wind chill on saturday. right now it's cool, 40's and 50's and the difference now is the warming trend is underway. the dewpoint is up a little bit, and the winds have shifted from the north to the east and now coming in from the southeast where it's not calm. that is a sign of a warming trend that we'll get going tomorrow. winds right now are calm, and around the country we have weak low pressure which has produced some snow up in d.v. c tonight and if you have friends or relatives in arlington, they are literally abandoning cars on the road, only for an inch of snow but it's turned into ice, and it's a mess. you have low pressure moving across the rockies and that cold front is going to impact us early on friday.
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weather event. there will be showers and thundershowers early on friday and a few of them could be legally heavy. tonight, not too bad in the 40's and 50's and tomorrow we'll see highs in the low 70's. as i mentioned it's all about the approach of this cold front. tomorrow, we are okay under partly cloudy skies and then later on tomorrow night and early on friday, the frontal boundary going by and i think by friday evening, the rain is done. cold-air clouds coming in off of the gulf with wind and not a great day, even on sunday it should be fairly chilly. our forecast goes like this. for tonight, a few high clouds and not as cold and we are down to 49. on thursday, partly cloudy and milder with a high up to 71. there is going to be a period of showers and thunderstorms on friday and a few could be heavy. we'll watch for severe weather.
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should stay north of us but kind of close and on saturday, all kinds of winds from the northwest, and high surf and hire temperatures holding in the 40's and 50's during the kay and day and the chill stays around and so never a dull moment. >> we need you to keep an eye on things for us. and coming up a protest in hollywood is starting to pick up steam.
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now on chris rock to b in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. food critic. made bread day with pride
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> it's quite the divide in hollywood, more people coming forward now to protest the oscars for its lack of diversity in the nominations and if they are not boycotting, well, they are pressuring the academy to
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we know that jada pinkett smith started the movement but others are joining and now there is pressure on chris rock not to host it. >> yes, and the waveis getting bigger. now others are joining the party saying there needs be change in the process and the way that the oscars are handled and michael moore and even george clooney is getting down, and this may be leo's big night and it may be overcast by all of the publicity that the oscars is getting. this is a dream gig for anyone to have, especially a comedian of this caliber, and a lot of people want him to step down, but i think if there is any comedian that can turn this
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mix it with humor it's chris rock, and i think he should hold them up to the world and say this is why this is messed up in an entertaining way. >> i think you are right and that he is going to rock the oscars. >> and then tory spelling is in so many debt that american express is siewg suing her? >> she has not made a payment since june and the payment she did rye to try to make in june bounced. she owed $38,000 to american express and they are like hey, when it comes to your american express leave home out it. and it's just unfortunately when your dad is worth so much and you are in debt in the middle of your life, that is just crazy. i hope they gets out of it or
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>> and then. lian and -- they called it quit, but we hear they are getting back together. >> looks like if you release mily and let her go free and she comes back, she is yours. she was spotted moving her stuff from the u-haul into his crib, but she was moving it by herself. usually if a guy wants you to move in, he is helping you and when you're moving things in by yourself, maybe he is cool with it but it's your idea. we'll see how it goes. >> an interesting observation. watch the rest of the dish nation gang after our news cast at 11:35. >> and the buc's offensive coordinator arrives in tampa.
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