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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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psee you in a minute. pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is the fox 13 news pat noon. p>> anchor: tampa help as east pcoast braces for a powerful pwinter storm. pand that same system will be pmean changes for our forecast. pgood afternoon everyone thank phurtado. pcrew at that electric or knot pahead of that system teco sent pabout 250 people to north pcarolina to help duke energy to prestore power of storm. pthey've a 12-hour drive ahead of pthem they are prepared to stayed pfor two weeks.
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pthe ice and snow in the pwashington d.c. area caused pslick roads, even the resident's motorcade got stuck pin traffic. pstorm that begins tomorrow could pbring snowfall amounts that arts of the country have not pseen in years. pthat system is going to affect pus. pso let's check in now with pmeteorologist jim weber. pjim, what are we going to see? pthings are quiet right now we're pjust ahead of that next storm psystem. pwe've got a lot of cloudy skies poverhead. pa much more mild temperatures in padvance of that a next cold pfront. premember, we see this each time pthese fronts head our way. pwe get that big warm up ahead of pthe front. pwe bring them moisture back. pright now we're a 67 degrees. pbrandon's at 70. pdown in sarasota, and bradenton pdown towards venice all at 68 pdegrees. pbut you as you look at that pwider view you're already pstarting to see the next storm psystem gathering. pyou've got some showers across pthe panhandle, the northern pgulf. pthen, some stronger pthunderstorms with that area of plow pressure which is situated pback across the eastern texas. pthat's going swing on towards pthe east.
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plike that low is going to go a pbit further twashd the north pover weekend low that basically ptracked over northern gulf we phad bay very active pthunderstorms in tornadoes pacross central florida. pthis low here, it's go to swing pa bit further on towards the pnorth. pso we get the rain, and then, pthe big snow storm gets rank pcranked up across the country. pby tomorrow you can see we'll phave some showers and some pthunderstorms rolling through phere. pthrough the mid morning hours. pand then already, you're seeing pa lot of sleet, freezing rain pand a snow across the tennessee pvalley. pworking its way across the mid patlantic states. pand eventually moving up into pnortheast. psnowfall totals, in this system pthrough the weekend, between say p18 to 24 inches of snow. pthe swath right through here, pheading up towards d.c., and peven up towards new york city. pthey can plan on 8 to 12 inches pof snow very windy weather as pwell. pcertainly, if you have any plans ptraveling back and forth across pmid atlantic up into northeast, pit is a not good weekend for
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plocal forecast coming up in just pa little bit, linda p>> check the airports indeed, pthanks, jim. pright now several people are a pstarting over of a condo fire in ptampa left them displaced. pfox 13's shayla reeves is pfollowing the investigation for pus this afternoon. p>> reporter: right now clean up pis under convey after an early pmorning fire left 14 people pwithout their homes. pright now you're looking at pthose crews working to remove pall of the debris left behind. pi want to take you to this video pthough of the scene that pfirefighters arrived to. pright now you are looking an at pthe scene right around 2 o'clock pin the morning when tampa fire prescue tells us they received pthat call to westchester manor pcondo complex when firefighters parrived we're told flames were pso intense they could not enter pthe unit where they believed the pfire began. pthey worked from the outside peveryone inside had already pevacuated on their own we're ptold. pone of those folks was jose pvaquez.
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p>> when i see it first time i plook when you doing something, pand in the park you want to be pwarm. por like ten minutes later, you psay oh my gosh, like too much. pit's like huge fire. p>> and again here's another look pat the building. paccording to a property manager, pthis fire is believed to have pstarted with at washing machine. pthat's the information that pwe're getting here on the scene. pin meantime though just to give pyou an idea about the numbers, pwe're told in all there are peight units inside this pbuilding. pfirefighters were able to keep pfire from spreading to any other pbuildings. p>> one of those units was pvacant. pthe 7 others were occupied. p14 people were able to a safely pget out and a firefighters tell pus that no one was hurt. pwe will continue to follow this pand keep you posted as we learn panything further. preporting at the westchester pmanor condo complex, shayla preeves, fox 13 news. p>> anchor: thank you, shayla.
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paround dozier school for boys presearcher are ready to present ptheir finding to florida pcabinet. pchildren were allegedly abused pwhile living at that reform pschool. presearchers say nearly 100 boys, p100 boys, died in the first 55 pyears the school was open. pit was permanently closed if you premember, back in 2011. presearcher have uncovered 51 psets of remains but only be able pto identify 7 boys using dna. pthey believe they know who 14 of pthe other boys are. pbut haven't been able to pidentify them with dna. ptoday the team will speak pflorida cabinet meeting they phope to locate some surviving pfamily members and they will palso ask lawmakers to create a lan to bury those unidentified pchildren. p new at noon st. pete police parrest a woman they say skipped pout bo stocks bills. pnicole brown is charged with pgran they feel for have botox pand leave doctors offices pwithout paying. precently police say she had $870
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pchecking out she had to go to pher car to get her credit card pshe never came back she did same pthing last year a different poffice and left without paying a p$900 bill. p if i 275 was bad before, you robably know, it's a nightmare pnow. pthe new traffic pattern has done pnothing but make things worse. pas fox 13's alcides segui preports, nothing can be done pabout it for at least a few pweeks. p>> reporter: four to six weeks pthat's how long before we pfinally see some relief along i p275. pat 7:30 this morning from the pbeginning of howard franklin all pthe way to downtown tampa it ptook us about 30 minutes. pand the 8:30 hour we did the psame exact drive it took us 20 pminutes. pthe main problem is one area. pif you drive down i 275, you'll psee as you approach as you pass pdale mabrey, there are two on pramps on the right-hand side. pthe first on ramp is drivers
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pthe second on ramp is drivers pfrom himes. pthose drivers need to merge on i p275 which can be very, very pdifficult, especially during prush hour traffic. pthat means the drivers along the pinterstate have to slow down to plet those other drivers come pthrough and get on the pinterstate. pso again you can expect these pdelays between four to six pweeks. pdot says the interstate is no pthe wide enough at that spot to preconfigure the pattern so it pwill remain in place until this hase of the project is pcompleted. pthey are hoping to have it done pby mid next month. pthe construction is part of a p$222 million highway improvement roject stretching 4.2 miles palong 275. pbetween downtown tampa, and just pwest of west shore boulevard. pwhen the project is complete, pthere will be a four lanes in
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pflatter road it had will improve psite distance decrease the pnumber of crashes. pinterstate. pbut until then, if you can for pnext four to six weeks avoid phoward franklin. pinstead take the gandy bridge. pfor more information go to our pwebsite, pon i 275, in hillsborough pcounty, alcides segui, fox 13 pnews. p>> anchor: thanks, alcides. pwe're all feeling it. pnew a noon a thief steals around p12 grand worth of tools. phe broke into several trucks ponions road in tampa. pusing a grinder to cut the locks poff the rear doors. pthe trucks were owned by tampa pbay plumbing and unlimited prestoration. pthe man got away in a white van pwith a dark horizontal lines pdown the sides. panyone with information could peligible for a cash reward. p investor ares crossing their pstreet. phigher. pas prices of crude oil and pnatural gas recover from those psteep drops yesterday.
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pwe're watching it. pmeanwhile china stock market pcontinues its downward spiral. phang shy shares dropped below p2900 mark again. pbusiness expert in besing is pgovernment emergency measures pcaused a panic affect that preally should not been phappening. p>> we are just two days away pfrom at first parade of pgasparilla. pthe children's parade. pand besides budgeting up your pkids it going to be cold there psafety tips that parents will
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pwe're talking with tampa psow tampa bay shore boulevard is pgetting ready for first pirate pinvasion the family friendly pgasparilla children's parade and pfireworks extravaganza is this pones preparing. ptampa police will be out in pforce making sure all of your pfamilies are safe. pjoining us now is major mark ham plynn from the tampa police pdepartment. pthanks for being with us. pthank you. pthanks for having me. pwhat should those heading to arade know about parking?
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arking is always a challenge. pit gets crowded there quickly. pso my suggestion is if you can ark downtown at the garage pwhich on whiting between florida pand franklin, and take the pschultz buses down to bay shore pand bay to bay, that would help pout quite a bit. p>> so is there anything major, pthat you really shoornt bring to pthe parade? p>> yeah, it's an alcohol free pevent for the children's parade. pdon't bring any alcohol. pno fireworks. pno drones. pno kinds of weapons or anything plike that. pno glass bottles. pno glass bottles allowed in the pcity of tampa. pi'm sure after all years you've pbeen a gasparilla you've seen peverything. pwhat are most typical problems pthat tpd says on parade today eople not parking properly and phaving to get ticketed or towed. pand also, parents losing their pchildren. pso we want the parents keep a pgood hnl on their children. pmake sure they know where they pare at all times. pthat leads to my next week or psafety tips. pso you bringing your kids down pfor the festivities. pwhat do you if your child gets
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ptpd officer you see or have a lan in place ahead of time? pwhat would you suggest? pthat would be my advice our pofficers will be out there in pforce. pwe will quite a few all wearing pgreen fluorescent vests we will pbe able to be seen grab first olice officer you see they will ptake care of it and direct you phave how to take care pofhopefully major this does not phappen we don't want to see panyone get hurt a lot of pactivity down at that parade. pwhat happens if a child gets phurt do they have first aid pstations set up yes tampa fire phas an ample amount of first psaid stations fixed also mobile. pand golf carts and this year on pbicycles as well. pso plenty of para medic help. pnot sure you have answer for pthis last question i'm going ask pif t. anyway is there best place pfor kids to see, because the pline is like two, three, four eople deep. p>> yes. pwhat would you suggest? p>> good question. arade goes from bay to bay all pthe way with to edison on bay pshore. ptypically northern part is one pthat least populated. pso if you want to get closer
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pnorthern part of the parade proute. pokay this my first kids parade pthis year. plooking forward to having you pthere. pthank you. pone first graus of gasparilla pthose coveted beads. pfox 13's walter allen checks out psome of the popular ones for pthis year. p>> that's right everybody. pthe children's gasparilla pextravaganza just a couple of pdays away. pand we're at the south tampa ptrading company. pand joining us this afternoon, phello. pyou have giant minions and you phave little minions. plook at these little girls. plook how cute they are. phey hi. phi ladies. p>> uh-oh. pthey found microphone. pfound microphone. psofia and oh live ya these are ptarget audience for parade pcoming up in a couple days. p>> absolutely you're targeting ptowards them obviously. pwhat's game plan. pgame plan for saturday will be pdress warm. pit's going to really cold on psaturday be sure and layer those plittle pirates. pso if parents are wanting it plike these little cutis what do pyou have to offer? pyou need to do layers.
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pyou can put off. ptake off. pwee got t-shirts, hats, scarves pall kinds of fun things. pokay. pand is there anything different pbefore this year as opposed to plast year in minions are peverywhere this year. pminions are fun. pmini i don't knows are hot pticket item. pnancy, you are miss o'malley. pwith the loyal krewe of grace po'malley. pand we will be sponsoring a make pa wish kid on our float. pshe's going to speak for me. phe's making a wish he had severe pgastrointestinal disorders and pnumerous surgeries. pwe're looking forward to psponsoring him he wanted to be irate and got a make a wish rogram and now he'hs pto see that he said aaarrgh and phe we cannot wait he ready to ooh u rate and pillage with us. p>> so the children gasparilla pextravaganza this saturday from
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pif you're not going to parade it pstarts 3:30 on bay shore. pfur anot going you can watch it pon air at fox 13 at 4 o'clock. pmark and laura moody will be pbringing that bode cast to you pif you can't watch there you can pwatch on pwalter allen, fox 13 news. p>> anchor: thank you, walter. pthat bears repeating so we will. pyou can catch the live coverage pof the gasparilla children's arade and fireworks starting pthis saturday at 4. pas water said right here on fox p13. pnow you can also tweet us your ictures on parade day using the p#, remember this, good day tb. pwe love to see all of your ictures. pso jim, you know i got to know pwhat weather is going to be plike. pthis is my first children's arade i'm bringing my children. pdo we bring hats, gloves? pwhat do we all need to know p>> bring it all. pwe've talking about this off and pon throughout week, that ptypically we see the really kind pof cools down during the parade. pthis time around, it looks like pwe're going to basically start
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peven colder as the parade goes pon. palso, a bit on the windy side. ptake look at the forecast, pgasparilla, we start out in the pmorning in mid 50s. pif that wasn't bad enough the pwind, if you've been out to this arade before, that wind coming poff the bay, certainly makes it pfeel that much colder and then pthe temperature will just kind pof be either holding steady or pfalling slowly as we go through pthe afternoon. pand by evening, by time we get pinto fireworks, we're sitting in pthe 40s so certainly it's a good ptime just prepare. pbundle up. pnasty what i'm saying. p67 degrees outside right now dew oint is 51. phumidity is 57 percent. pand the winds, they are out of pthe south, southeast at 8 miles pan hour. pso ahead of cold front ptemperatures are mild. pthat 67 here in tampa brandon is p72 degrees. pwinter haven, haines city at 70. pdown to our south, upper 60s. pand we will continue to slowly pwarm these temperatures up as we pgo through afternoon. pmid 70s down to our south.
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pand still showing some 50s up pacross the panhandle. pbut as you compare this, from 24 phours ago, we're certainly pwarming things up. peight, nine, close to ten pdegrees warmer compared to this ptime yesterday. pso we've got a lot of cloud pcover streaming over us we've pseen this time and time again pover the past several weeks phere. pwe get these high clouds pstarting to move right back over pus. pthat active sub tropical jet pstream. pand the next frontal system pstarting to take shape. pyou can see scattered showers pand some thunderstorms across pthe northern gulf coast. pthere's the area of low pressure pacross the texas. psome strong thunderstorms across peastern texas. pand this is going to sweep on ptowards the east. pbut just like we saw the last pfront it was moving a bit pfurther to our south. pthis one is going to actually pmove a bit further towards the pnorth. pso the possibility of seeing pstrong thunderstorms for us is plower for tomorrow. pwe'll still see some showers, pand the possibility of some pstrong storms but we're not
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pwe was we saw just a few days pago. plots of cold air on that pnorthern end of the front. ps as this sweeps on toward the pnorth, it moves into a very cold pair and that's going to a roduce a lot of snow with this psystem. pso there you see it on future pcast by tomorrow, here's the prain swinging through here. pthen moving up into the pnortheast. pand many locations from the pcarolinas up into the virginias, pthey are going to see that psleet, freezing rain, and then a pswath right through here across pthe mountains up into virginia. phead up towards d d v a lot of pcomputer molds coming into pexcellent agreement between 18 pto 24 inches. pabout two feet of snow. pand then this will move up into pthe northeast. laces like new york cityould ick up about a foot of snow, pvery windy conditions with this pnor'easter developing. pwinds coming out of the north pand northeast about say about 50 pmiles an hour by time we get pinto the weekend. pso our forecast for today, pvariable cloudy skies.
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pdaytime high of 71 degrees. pthen for tonight, we'll see see pmainly cloudy skies, overnight plow down to 59. pthen for tomorrow, showers and pthunderstorms. pdaytime high of 70 degrees. pon the water, winds are out of pthe southeast 5 to 10 knots. pseas two feet with light chop on pthe bay. phigh tide comes up 2:07 this pafternoon. phere's that seven-day forecast, pyou can see warm temperatures pfor today, or i should say mild ptemperatures. pbut then notice by saturday, pwe're back down into the 50s. pwindy weather, and the cool ptemperatures last until at least pabout the middle of next week. plinda. pthank you, jim. precently president obama pannounced a new effort to find a pcure for cancer.
12:20 pm
pfor the loved ones we've all plost, for the families that we pcan still say let's make america pthe country that cures cancer ponce and for all. pwhat do you say? p>> almost every one of us knows psomeone affected by cancer. pi'm a survivor myself. plast week president obama pannounced renewed effort to find pcure for disease. pask he called it a moon shot. pthe president and vice-president psay all the resources used in pthe 1960s to get a man on the pmoon should be used to fight pcancer. resident nixon said the same pthing in the 1970s. pthe problem, with hundreds of ptypes of cancer, there can't a pone size fits all approach to pcuring it. pbut as fox 13's russell rhodes preports researchers right here pin tampa want to do what they pcan to help put a stop to number pof people that die from that pdisease. pone of the best in country. pin fact national cancer pinstitute calls it a pcomprehensive cancer center. pstrong endorsement.
12:21 pm
lace great dr. thomas sellers pcancer center director. phe watched as president said plet's make america the country pthat cures cancer once and for pall. p>> what due aink this when you pheard? pthat when i stood up and pclapped. ploved it. pit's nice to hear that kind of pcommitment to beat cancer. pso this idea of a curing cancer, plike withdrew went to the moon, pdoable? pyes. p>> but maybe not as simple. pcancer is complicated. pbeating cancer is going to be a plittle bit more complex than pthat. pgoing to be lot more complex pbras a cancer isn't a single pdisease it is multiple diseases pwhat we now know even when you plook under microscope and athologist says this a lung pcancer it's no the just a single pdisease. pit's multiple diseases and the pmolecular changes that those pcells have acquired over time pdictate how it will respond to ptherapy. pand what therapy is going to pwork for that particular pmalignancy. pmoffit is already in this game. palready talked to vice-president
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p>> so we spend about an hour on hone and talked about some of pthings that wee doing in the ersonalized medicine space. psome of what we've learned. psome things that work well. psome things we try that didn't pwork well. pcuring cancer once and for all. pthat's what the president wants. pthat's what tom sellers wants pand he's glad move moffit is big layer. pwe've which learn bras community psupport the state support pcommitment of people who work phere we've not only an popportunity, but we really have pa responsibilities. pso that's what this is all pabout. pthe step into the plate and pdoing what we can to push an pnational agenda. psomething. prussell rhodes, fox 13 news. p nice job russell. pcoming up a missed hoa payment pturns into a nightmare. pfor a long time i was upside pdown on my house. pand sold most of my possessions pthat i had to pay bills.
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phow it happened and p34i8 i don't understand of a pfloridians liu in communities pwith homeowners association with pdues ranging from a few hundred pto thousands of dollars a year. pone man failed to make his pquarterly payment of $75. pand nearly lost his home. pfox 13 investigative reporter ptina jen son looked into how pthis could happen p>> reporter: the brandon phomeowner says it wasn't due pthat is did him in by time hoa pcharge attorneys fees the bill preached nearly $2,000. p>> for a long time i was upside pdown in my house. pand sold most of my possessions pthat i had to pay bills. pthe past few years hasn't easy pfor 61-year-old joe.
12:24 pm
pthen lost his job of nearly two pdecades. p>> when a quarterly payment for pheather lakes hoa was due in poctober 2014 it was $75 bill he pcouldn't afford. p>> it wasn't malicious on my art i just didn't have the pmoney to pay him. phis mistake and big one was pknots contacting his hoa. ptwo months later the hoa's plawyer sent him a letter saying phe now owed $75 plus interest lus $160 in attorney's fees. pfor a bill topping $250. pit also said the hoa planned to pfile a lien on home. phis nightmare didn't end until a pyear later when original $75 pbill ballooned to more than p$1,700. pagain, mostly for unspecified pattorneys fees. p>> there are laws, you know for pdebt collection. pamerican express the phone pcompany, the water company. pthese guys play by different set pof rules altogether. pto some degree, the person who phas not paid attention to the
12:25 pm
pcontributing to their own roblems. preal estate attorney and former pstate legislature peter done bar psays homeowners should do peverything they can to a pay ptheir bill before it becomes ast due. pin florida, there's no minimum pamount or lengths of time an hoa pbill has to be overdue before phoa's can send a notice of pintent to file a lien and ptacking oh reasonable attorney pfees on top of interest. pstate law doesn't say what's preasonable. pdone bar questions the kinds of pattorneys fees he faced from hoa pafter one missed payment taking padvantage by adding extra costs, pi think is concern. pwhere i come from we would call pthat loan sharking here how his p75 gars owed in hoa dues turned pinto a mountain of debt. pafter hoa added attorneys fees pin december, he had another $75 pin hoa dues he couldn't pay in pjanuary. pin february the hoa filed a lien psaying he now owed more than p$500.
12:26 pm
ptwo weeks later hoa sent him a p$700. phe says he fired back a letter pexplaining his health situation, pand an included $150 for his hoa pdues. phe says he didn't hear back. puntil days after he got an offer pon his house in october. p>> that's when the hoa made panother move. psoon after a sales contract was psigned, the hoa served him with pforeclosure papers. phe still owed hundreds in fees pso lien was still in effect and phoa couldn't have gotten them pback from proceeds of sale now phoa wanted the home altogether. pvanguard property management pwhich oversees heather lakes hoa pdid not respond to our repeated pquestion for an interview. pneither did vanguard's lawyers pat meridian partners law. phe says and title company made prepeated calls to meridian artner's law when their calls pwere finally returned he says pmore. ptopping out at more than $1,700.
12:27 pm
pit just runs constantly. pfrom my perspective no rhyme or preason. pfox 13 was there as he went to pmake final payment to the plawyer. phis friends loaned him the money pso he wouldn't lose the sale of pthe home. pthis one day only deal. p$1,768.51 and certified funds or pthey foreclose in two days. pfinally last month he was able pto close on the sale of his phouse. pthis stuff wouldn't allowed to pgo on if people knew about it. pi truly believe that. pthe homeowner still doesn't know pwhat final bill was for. phe plans to file a complaint pwith the a florida bar. ptina jen son, fox 13 news. p if you have something you pwant to investigative our team pto look into email us an pa misunderstanding led to pgunshot a tampa officer was ptrying to pull over a driver on
12:28 pm
pofficer heard gunshot and saw ptwo people run from a car, that pcar into a house. pwell they eventually gave them pselves up nicklaus caldwell pthought officer was someone he phad just argued with that was pfollowing him. pso he fired a round into the pground to scare that person off. phe said he never intended to pfire at an officer. phe was charged with discharging pa firearm in a residential area. pin world news, hundreds pay phomage to victims killed in akistani university attack. pthe pakistani taliban claimed presponsibility for attack. pit left 21 dead and 22 injured. p4 the gunman were killed after pan hours long gun battle with olice in army troops. olice are now questioning 50 eople in connection with the pkilling, but no arrest have yet pbeen made. p putin is accused of pinvolvement in death of a former prussian spy. pbritish judge says the russian resident most likely approved a lan for intelligence officials pto murder former kgb 8 palexander.
12:29 pm
popened an inquiry into the pkilling. pevoke will critic of putin had pfled russia in 2000. phe died in london six years plater after being poisoned with pa radioactive. p unable to a shape the other pdonald trump and ted cruz have pbeen unrelently all important pcaucus less than two weeks a ptrump appears to have more pbreathe room in inspect wes a psome other key early voting pstates joel waldman has very plate is for us from washington. p>> florida, trump, 48. p48. p [ cheering ] p>> cruz 16. prubio 11. pbush down in the toilet. pdonald trump. pand feeling the florida warmth, pbillionaire also opened 20 point plead in new hampshire over his pclosest competitor ted cruz less pthan three weeks before the pfirst in nation primary. pbut it's iowa that's capture pattention of political world
12:30 pm
pcruz is too close to call, ptriggering some name calling. p>> i was waiting i said when is phe to attack i've attacked him pvery strongly. pcruz kicked up attacks during an pespecially difficult week. plosing sarah palin's endorsement pto trump, while iowa governor purged caucus goers to vote pagainst cruz because of his pcontroversial stance on ethanol psubsidies. pnow iowa senator chuck and one ptime gop nominee bob dole have pjoined anti cruz chorus saying phe's a too difficult to work all pnegative attention proof ositive he's true anti pestablishment candidate and not ptrump. pignore what i say ig no are what pdonald says look to our records. pmarco rubio firmly in third lace in most polls made it a phabit of hammering hillary pclinton. p>> hillary clinton god forbid pwere elected president, one the pfirst things she'll probably phave to do pardon herself.
12:31 pm
pbeating bernie sanders in both piowa and new hampshire is pdeploying aun time team psurrogates lena dunham and psinger katy perry. pin washington, joel waldman, fox pnews. p this sunday night at 11:30 pon money, power and politics our olitical editor craig patrick plooks at the battle for the soul pof the gop and he'll plain how piowa and new hampshire turned pinto such nail biters. p>> the friendship and separate partistic geniuses of salvador pdali and walt disney next big pshow here in st. pete. pit opens this weekend at the pdali museum. psort of a recreational of a precent exhibit in san francisco. pboth artist became world prenowned in 1930s dali is pflamboyant spanish surrealist pand disney entrepreneurial pamerican animation artist. pand that really explains the pexhibit which include a mix of poriginal painting sketches and pfilm. pthey were just so equally
12:32 pm
pthey each kind of built our pimaginative environments. ptheir images govern our emotions por they describe our emotions. pthey may even book end them. pboth artist incorporated modern pscience and mathematicsic into psome of their work. pin spirit there's virtual preality experience that takes a pviewer deep inside one of dali's aintings. pthat would be interesting. pc o. pof her own company at just ten pyears old. pbut what she's doing with the rofits that makes this young
12:33 pm
i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara helps me be in season. stelara may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you
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have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara if you are allergic to stelara or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara . p refreshing idea, selling pcool drinks along pinellas trail pto runner and biker and skaters. pmastermind behind this psuccessful venture she's only pten years old. plittle girl is big success but pshoe plans to pay it forward. pfox 13 jennifer epstein shows us
12:35 pm
p>> $0.50 ice tea and orange pjuice ten-year-old brook. pdoing what she does best. pmanaging awesome orange drink pstand along the pinellas trail. pthis time we have orange juice, ptea, cookies, hot chocolate pbecause it's really cold and pthen like fruit. pbrook attracts customers with pher variety of goodies. pbut usually seals the deal when pshe tells them her cause. p>> every cent she makes she pdonates to charity. p>> it feels really good to help pthe community for me. p>> she runs a pretty tight poperation. pwhich is probably why her drink pstand is such a success. pshe's already raised $2,500. p>> and once she reaches $3,000, lans on giving it all away to pall children's. pi'm not surprised. pbecause she's always coming up pwith really great ideas like pthis. plike her idea to supply her 2 punpaid employees with pwalkie-talkies that was pretty pgreat. pshe has them crew up and down ptrail looking for customers and pradio back with updates. p>> i see a person coming i think
12:36 pm
pa tough job. prunning your own business and pbeing in fifth grade. pbut it's no problem for brooke, robably why her parents pnicknamed her the ceo. pvery good at managing she's retty wise beyond her years. pand she's always coming up with pideas to improve her business. pwe were g. going to do like a pcredit card machine but we pdidn't think we should do that. pbrook's excited about all the pattention her awesome orange pstand is getting. pand hopes her new title of home ptown hero helps bring more pbusiness her way. p>> your stand is pretty famous? pyeah for a little stand, yeah. p>> brooke says she's taking pbreak from awesome orange stand puntil weather warms up. pgood idea. ponce she reaches $3,000 goal she lans on today nating the money pto all children's hospital. pand as for brooke's future she pwants to be an architect when pshe grows pick up i'm sure she pwill be successful at anything. plive look outside right now jim pweber will have look at our
12:37 pm
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p hey everybody i'm charley pbelcher coming to you from a lant city today. pon james l. redmond parkway pright next to walmart. pthat's the best way to tell you pexactly where we are. pbecause you might want to come pcheck out this spot. pyou come here for pdessertrestaurant that only pserves dessert. phow due aguys come up with idea pof just having a dessert only prestaurant? p>> we love desserts. p>> and we p>> good answer. pand we, when we go out we always pget done and say boy so nice to phave place to have dessert and pcup of coffee without have a ptruant sitting sitting around pwith nice ambiance and relax. pold family recipes or did you pdevelop these? p>> these are ones that i've paccumulated over the years. psome have been developed like pthe crepes they've developed a
12:39 pm
pand, you know, but they they are pmostly ones i've developed povercome across over the years. pthis is just a small sampling of pthe menu. pmenu has tons of desserts. pi'm surprised you can have that pmuch in the menu. pyou can just cook it up fast penough. pdesserts are usually pretty pquick i guess to put together? p>> i guess depends. preally depends. pbecauseths kind of a different pthing you can't just go back pthere and whip up a pie. pthat's true. pyou have to have pretty well pready to go. plet's go through what's on the ptable here. pbecause all named after it what pwe have here all named after pfamily? pyes, sir. pwhat's this right here? pthat he stee beastie boy. pthat's grandson eastonhe loves pmarch msh mellow and peanut pbutter and chocolate. pso that was his. p>> that's the daryl chalk lick ie macaroons. pwe named off our granddaughter a plittle over a year old her name
12:40 pm
pwe call those our french michlt pimi our grandson asher we took phum to melting pot he loved pfondue we're going to put fondue pon menu for him. pthat's crepe donna my sister ploves pray lean that's pray lean pcrepe. pand cookies are pretty special. pthat is our daughter amber. pand they call a little light pbutter cookie. pit's almost addictive. p>> yes. p>> this looks incredible. pthat is the chocolate named pafter our son-in-law marlin. pit has a chocolate mouse whipped pcream and very special like a pkind of like a truffle cake at pthe bottom. phow big old chocolate cake p>> me. pthat's the lloyd. pi like your style. pand then pie. ie is key lime pie we call a pkyle lime pie after our
12:41 pm
pwe will calm creme belcher but pwe'll call a creme brulee. pyou've got stop having grandkids pand kids. pwhen are you hope on tuesday and pwednesday from 10 to 6 on pthursday from i and saturday pfrom 10 to 10. pso after a movie after a dinner, pwe're here. pwell, what doe this u life is pshort eat dessert before you go pto the movie. pand we're closed on sunday and pmonday because we have to make pour trips to church and take pcare of that end of it god is presponsible for are what we're pdoing here. pgood for you. lant city. pjames l. redmond. pjames l. red montana right next pto walmart in plant city. pcome have a little dessert. pyou want to the go here for pdessert. pcharley belcher, fox 13 news. p wow. pthat just made me hungry. pwell i think charley and all of pyou watching frankly will be pable to relate to this next pvideo. pnot desserts you'll like it. pi love it when viewers and pfriends share video this one
12:42 pm
ptake look at this, jim struggle pto stay awake is for real. pwith who cannot relate this pfeeling your eyes close your phead starts doing the bob the pyou drift off this little boy palmost fell over. pthis still reminds me 7:30 a.m. pclasses at the university of pgeorgia which i only did the pfirst year. pand i never took early classes plike that again. p>> let's the fun going and pcontinue to share send me your pvideo by minding me on facebook. por tweet me@linda hurtadofox. pbecause there are a lot of pchanges that are viewers a home pneed to know about. pyes, there are. pwe're warming up today. pbut yeah we're heading right pback to cool temperatures. pbut before that, we've got a yet panother cold front which is pgoing swing through here. pwe've got the storms further on ptowards theed north all talk pabout intig snow storm moving pacross mid atlantic. pso really a very active pattern. pthat's away we see during el pninos you look at the calendar,
12:43 pm
plong ago now that we were ptalking about all of those warm ptemperatures. pyou look at the month of pjanuary, we've just kind of been pall over the place. pand really, when you kind of add pit all up and divide it all out, pthat's typically what ends up pbeing your average month so you pcan see we're a currently prunning 0.4 above normal. pso actually, fairly close to pnormal for these temperatures pthroughout the entire month. pas a whole. poutside right now, temperatures, retty mild. p67 degrees. pnew tampa is 69. pback in westchase 67. inellas park, you're at 69. pclearwater 67. palong with palm harbor to our pnorth temperatures pretty much pthe same story in mid to upper p60s. p70 up in crystal river right pnow. pdown to our south, 70 for pbradenton. psarasota, venice both at 68 pdegrees. plakewood ranch, myakka city pcurrently both sitting at 70 pdegrees. pand primarily 60s throughout pinterior, few locations popping pinto the 70s. psebring and lake placid. pboth at 70 degrees. phead over to haines city, and
12:44 pm
pbut over the past 24 hours. pwe continue that warming trend. pyou can see we're running pbetween 8, 9, ten, 11 degrees pwarmer compared to this time pyesterday. pbut we've got that cold front pwhich will be heading in our pdirection. pright now we've got a lot of mid pand high level clouds moving pacross the state. pyou can see scattered showers pacross the northern gulf coast. pand then there you see that red pbox, that's a tornado watch for ortions of louisiana back into ptexas. pso some very active weather palong this boundary that area of plow pressure starting to get pcranked up. pbut, last week, through weekend pwe had that one area of low ressure that developed and pmoved a bit further to the psouth. pthis one is going to move pfurther on towards the north. pso yes, wee going to see some prain with this tomorrow. pthe chance of severe weather is plower, no the completely out of pthe question, but it looks like pthe most of the severe weather pwill be further on towards the pnorth up towards the panhandle pas we go through tomorrow.
12:45 pm
pthat chance of seeing some pstronger thunderstorms as we go pthrough the morning and midday pfor tomorrow. pa lot of cool air on the pnorthern side of this front. pso as this works it is way on ptowards the east, it gets pcranked up. pand then we see that pressure pdropping in the system. pwe're expecting to see lot of psnowfall across the mountains, pappalachians and then moving up pinto the northeast. pso was which it here on future pcast. phigh pressure that continues to waywo pmore southerly winds. pmild weather for today into ptomorrow. pthere's that band of showers and psome thunderstorms. pnotice this is moving a butt pfurther on towards the north and palready starting to see that psnow across kentucky, tennessee, pand then sleet and freezing rain pmoving across the carolinas. pa lot of snowfall expected to pmake its way across the pcarolinas into virginia heading pinto baltimore near d.c. pthey could see between 18 and 24 pinches of snow. pso it could be a very bad psituation across the portions of
12:46 pm
pthen working its way up into pnortheast. pbig question is exact track that pthis system takes. pif it moves a little bit further pto the south, really not going psee as much of that snow on that pnorthern end. pbut you can see a pretty good pbet right through here we're pgoing to see pretty hefty psnowfall amounts over the next psay, 48 to 72 hours. pacross the mid atlantic states pand then some of it getting up pinto the northeast. pnow our forecast for today we're plook thing skraishl cloudy skies pa mild afternoon high 71. pa for tonight mainly cloudy pskies overnight low of 59. pfor tomorrow, showers and the pthunderstorms, they head our pway. pdaytime high of 70 degrees. pon the water today winds out psoutheast at 5 to 10 knots. pseas two feet. plight chop on bay. phigh tide comes up 2:017 this pafternoon. phere's your 17 day forecast. pyou see these daytime highs. pnext couple of days then that pcold front swings through here pthe storms for tomorrow, notice pby gasparilla, much cooler.
12:47 pm
plikely be falling as we go pthrough the day with those pblustery conditions with pchildren's gasparilla parade. pwe're back with more news after pthe break. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. twe talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . r xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce
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12:50 pm
pa week running until june 12th. p>> so some changes in our far pcast we need to keep an eye on pwatch storms for tomorrow. pthey will come through in the pmorning hours. pthen after that, some much pcooler temperatures for the pweekend. pso we kind of have that roller pcoaster temperatures over next pcouple days. pby gasparilla, we're looking a p55 degrees. pthat's probably going to come pearly in morning those ptemperatures will be steadily pfalling as we go through at noov popinion. pyou're on a float bundle up for psure. pnews doesn't end here we will
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