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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the driver was not seriously hurt. let's go to mike bennett who is in for paul, you said the storms would move through fast this morning and they did. >> and the threat would be straight line winds, that's what we had, gusts of 40 to 50 miles per hour. we got the storms rolling through with 60 plus miles per hour winds, that's what knocked the gate over and tree over as well. here is the radar around 5 a.m. most of the shower and storm activity. as we headed to sunrise, you started to get more in the nature coast but it was the line here that would produce the weather as it rolled on through by 10:00 kind of knocking on the door there. and around 11:00 or so that's when we had the warnings for pinellas and for south tampa as well. that rolled through, making its way into hillsborough and polk county and by 1:00, pretty much
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back off to the west the way of clouds, showers now starting to pop up across the area. we're done with the main batch of rain, we're not done with the clouds and the shower activity. overnight tonight into the day on saturday. and there is the front that drags through and cold air pouring in behind it, now this is all part of the larger system that blizzard and mid-atlantic, there is the pressure just over atlanta. you look on the northern edge of this, ton of cold air in place, lot of moisture and the result and heavy snow and essentially from the delmarva peninsula to as well. that's going to continue to fall as we head through the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. temperature-wise, again, plenty cold on the north side of this to produce snowy conditions for a good portion of the mid-atlantic.
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historic snow fall totals with this. roanoke. charleston 10 to 18. 7 to 15 in richmond the biggest totals will be as you head north and east into the capitol, philadelphia, potentially just south and west of new york city. new york city may end up with a foot but that's going to pale to philadelphia and 24 to 30 inches plus in dc. some of the hills west of dc may end up with closer to 3 feet of snow. as far as our condition goes right now. look outside. you notice the waves are building. we mentioned the air, cold over the gulf. that's creating gusty conditions. they are gusting occasionally that will create huge, huge waves. gale warning. i'll detail that and a chilly looking gays day forecast coming
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if you're heading to the mid-atlantic area, think again. more than 50 flights from tampa are canceled this evening. snow and strong winds have many airlines taking precautions which left travelers stranded. crystal clark is live at tampa international. where are the cancellations and delays? >> reporter: from what we can see it is washington, dc and baltimore that are seeing the bulk of the cancellations, then there is raleigh and charlotte, north carolina, what we have head all day long more than 2000 flights will be canceled today and that number is only going to grow as we head into the weekend. >> the flight board is lit up with delays and cancellations all day at tia. >> we get a couple of bad winter storms, one year it was so bad that if it snowed again they would not have any place to put the snow. >> shirley kisch is spending another day in florida not
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>> i wanted to get out and miss the storm. >> and avoy being snowed in at her long island home where a foot of snow is expected. >> i didn't mind being snow bound but we have tickets to see lion king on sunday, i didn't want to miss that. >> the blizzard could rank near the top ten to hit the region according to the national weather service. 5000 flights were canceled on friday, my brother is coming from rhode island. he had to stop. >> waiting around the airport for hours does not bother him. his worry is what will happen on saturday when the snow is expected to be at its worst. >> we're supposed to drive back with a vehicle to new york on saturday, i don't think that will happen. >> airports are expecting more cancellations over the weekend. by late on sunday they hope to return to fullselves as business week. until then, airlines are offering waivers this weekend to passengers stranded.
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eye' think of those stuck here. >> now, there is a window of time to reschedule your flight but you have to check with each individual airline in order to book that new flight. i checked online with visit tampa bay, they are offering special rates at many hotels here around the airport, as can you see a lot of people will not be going anywhere tonight. >> crystal clark, fox 13 news. >> the cancellations in washington, dc, look at this the snow started falling there in the capitol around 1 p.m. today. this was the view at the white house there. washington, dc is on track to get hit hardest by the storm. as mike showed us, state of emergency is in effect in the area there, that's where we find joel waldman. what are the conditions like there? >> reporter: chris, good afternoon the conditions are worsening and the forecasters seem to have hit this forecast,
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now the government closed down early today and schools were closed as officials are taking zero canss with this monster storm. more than 85 million people in 20 states are under blizzard winter storm ar freezing rain warnings with a historic snow storm now threatening to shut down cities from arkansas to the carolinas to the nation's capital. >> this is a major storm. it has life and death implications and the residents of washington, dc should treat it that way. >> reporter: the gale force winds started hitting the area on friday. airlines are caning 6000 flights across the u.s. with air and road travel expected to grind to a halt throughout much of the weekend. >> i was hoping to go to raleigh-durham and my flight. it was canceled.
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virginia, pennsylvania are among the states with the district of emergencies. the category of north carolina urging drivers to play it safe on the roads. >> partings of i-95 are dangerous when you come into north carolina, we're asking people to be aware because there is snot know does not mean they're safe. >> everyone should heed that advice, the storms and the bullseye is here in the capitol with the potential to cause more than one million dollars in damage total. washington, dc. senator bill nelson said that a great public service meeting with usf dr. erin kimerly. she spearheaded an investigation into the school for boys. there is work to do. more. >> you know the senator has been at the forefront of pushing for answers from the start,
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he secured the justice department grant last year trying to identify dozens of sets of human remains. let's tell you where we are. he invited the doctor to the office to discuss the report. nearly 200 pages worth. it stopped short of saying anything criminal happened though survivors and family members tell of repeated abuse. the focus was mainly on identifying the bodies. the usf team exhumed 51 boys who died at the school. '60s. they have identified 21 of those sets of remains using dna and hope to identify seven more bringing close tour to families. nelson said the team has done a huge public service. >> whether it is a memorial or some other determination, a statement should be made this should not happen again. >> the senator asked the justice department to open a criminal
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they did not have enough evidence to go on so now he is hoping this will get the ball rolling and make another formal request to open a criminal investigation soon. >> thankthank you. investigators want to know who started a fire at a sulfur springs home. it was on north 9th street. someone broke into the home, set fire to the bedroom and took off. the residents were not at home at the time. the red cross is helping them find temporary housing. canaling is $90,000 f you have office call the officials. a couple felt threatened by a creepy man. this is the man caught on video wearing a baseball hat there and sunglasses. he approached the women working alone in model homes. he pretended to be interested in buying a home.
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their personal space and complimenting them and inappropriately touched one. he was driving this car here a four-door similar to a toyota prius. it had an out of state tag possibly a virginia tag. if you know the guy there call the hillsborough sheriff's office. >> driver is facing a long list of charges of a going the wrong way down the interstate it could have put people in danger. the driver was arrested. she was pulled over after someone spotted her driving southbound in the northbound lanes of i-75. they arrested here for dui. she he is facing charges related to drug possession, driving under the influence and on the wrong side of a divided highway. officers yanked her license because she had a previous dui before this incident. community members came together against a crusader a
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st. pete for linda osmudson of casa, community action stops abuse. she is credited with saving and improving the lives of thousands in the bay area affected by domestic violence. one of her enduring legacies was the creation of a new center which opened its doors last year. a search for answers, a decade later how the family of jennifer kessey is keeping the case alive ten years after her disappearance. getting ready for the gasparilla children's parade. what to expect if you plan on heading out and mike's forecast
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3 it's always a good time at the gas it is a good year it is going to be chilly out evan is getting a preview of that. and other than bundling up what can people expect out there. and it is a little bit chilly i have my jacket on here but this starts at 3:00 tomorrow for the children's parade. we're looking at the set up here. the bleachers are up and down bay shore here and the tents are going up. within the last 20 minutes.
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and it will be set for the fire washings. and a big part of the day tomorrow as well and as you take a look from video from the event as you remember, it go from bay to bay from edison and will be packed with crews and bands and organizations. and a day of hewn. and we are your spores for the gasparilla children's parade. our coverage kicking off at 4 p pbg with mark wilson and laura moody out here live -- at 4 p.m. with mark wilson and laura moody out here. we'll be showing live and streaming. the fire extravaganza and the fireworks at anyone coming out tomorrow, all the resources everything you need to know about the gasparilla children's parade is on our web site at, just check out the home page.
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organization about parking and shuttles. and so back live here at 6:00. we'll tangible you to a bead shop that was preparing for the festivities. next weekend as well for the adult parade. that's coming up at 6:00. chris and linda. >> this is my first gasparilla experience. ky not wait -- >> you will love it. >> this is special guess who is the grand mar shal, linda hurtado. >> i'm honored. my kids have never been to the never been. >> tomorrow is the day. >> she is wearing her beads. >> nice. >> my treasure. a day to bundle up though, the buccaneers will have to bundle up. >> that's a heck of a first gasparilla. there will be the parade route
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if you are headed out there the best ching is bundle up in layers. 65 right now. you can see the water is rough. it will be more rough now as we head throughout the overnight hours and can you see a lot of waves out on the beach. ' not at the beach but off shore building 11 to 14 feet. sky tower, main batch pushing off to the south and east. back to the west you see the showers popping up. these are the quick moving light showers affecting coastal areas. that will be ongoing through tonight ending saturday morning i want to talk about the wind, that's the big thing.
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and 11 to 14 off shore. for the bay rough out there. 59 right now. winds and coming out of the northeast. this is sustained winds it is breezy out there. and here is a look they are now and just off shore here look out here. and 10, 11-foot waves. that is going to make its way to shore. that's why we have that gale
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and freeze this. not letting up a lot in the afternoon. it may light up near the pyrotechnic extravaganza. no way around it a windy 24 to 30 hours. and the 50s. without the wind a cold day. add the wind in the way of cloud cover. 3 p.m. 52. and by 7 p.m. here is the forecast, 47 at the start of fireworks probably dropping off to 45, 46. if you are going to stick around
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maybe another, south and east, you see a bit more in the cloud cover working back on shore. some of the showers start to work back on shore as well. and there is that batch of snow with the blizzard starting to get going now across the capital and back to the west to the valley. cold front pushes through. there is the showers activity. clouds later it will be windy but sun feeling warmer. coldest night of the season. clear skies. sunday morning temperatures in the 30s. i would not be surprised if we see the 20s for the sheltered locations to the north.
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sunday night we're talking about another frost or freeze out there. and showers tomorrow, 54. that's all we get up to. and cold and windy. here is the 7-day forecast. cool looking couple of days and then we warm up near 70 by the middle of the week. next chance of showers. friday back into the 60s. >> thank you, mike.
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the conserative magazine 'national review' just ripped and the national review just ripped donald trump so the committee just dropped the review as a debate sponsor. let's bring in craig patrick. what does all of this mean? >> well it means that the republican party has come to realize that donald trump may win this. the party cannot have a sponsor.
5:24 pm
>> you may not be surprised by how trump responded. take a look. >> it is a dying paper the circulation is way down, not very many people and it any more. people don't think about it. they want publicity. >> it is pretty much. i have to tell you it is a dead paper. >> there you go. that's a very familiar come back for donald trump. we heard that in many ways. that's how he goes after them and keep in mind, when you have a headline against trump this is the sort of thing that can ultimately feed him because he is running against the republican establishment and with this the more that key players in it conservatives they take him down the more he gains. >> he seems to keep coming out on top. >> in the democratic race bernie sanders opened up a lead in iowa. how is hillary clinton
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>> by moving more resources into the state of iowa. the clinton camp said that may be a outlier because others have shown that she is on top but we know that bernie sanders has the momentum. the clinton camp knows that. that's why it is pulling the team out of new hampshire, making sure it can hold bernie sanders off in iowa. you are seeing more and you are seeing more embracing the legacy. she isic maaing the argument she is more a realist more in a position to lead and continue the legacy of president obama. >> what a year it will be. >> we have a big show this sunday night, we're going to look at why the democratic race is a nail biter. we have new projection models we'll unveil on sunday night in iowa and beyond and the numbers.
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>> thank you, craig. still ahead tonight, a teacher under scrutiny now because of a lesson on racism that has her under investigation. gone but not forgotten how the parents of jennifer kessesy
5:27 pm
case a young, young, beautiful. vanished. it has been ten years since jennifer kesse disappeared in orlando. police found her car but no sign of jennifer. and holly bristow talked with them and how ten years later they are holding on to hope. >> we need your help so bad. she needs your help so bad. >> and they say it is hard to believe that january 24th will mark ten years since their daughter jennifer disappeared. >> someone saw something and it is just -- it is so past time to have closure. >> the 24-year-old was living at the mosaic condos and got ready for work but never made it and has not been seen or heard from since.
5:28 pm
at huntington on the green apartments not far from where she lived. the detective said the video is one of the few clues they have. >> identifying a person of interest caught on video walking away from her car on the day we believe she disappeared is paramount in solving the case. >> over the past decade they have more than 1000 stipulates n december park services scoured sands key based on a tip. and now detectives are having evidence looked at. vehicle. we think the answers are there. some of the things they have tested and we want to resubmit to them. based on evolving technology, she would now be 34. last year police released this age progression picture. there is a slim chance she is >> if someone knows what happened and not for the good,
5:29 pm
>> just tell us, we need to know. >> her family and police believe that more than one person knows what happened to jennifer and what they know could put an end to what is now a decade old mystery. this mom and dad are holding on to the hope. >> it could turn on a dime. that's what our greatest hope is. that's what we live for every day and strive for every day to be the best we can for jennifer, holly bristow, fox 13 news. it is lousy weather time in new york and chicago and london and frankfurt, germany. it is put on by our travel bureau to share our sunshine. pinellas is going national in the uk but steve nichols says this is not a competition >> reporter: there is money to be paid from the frightful
5:30 pm
>> tampa, was i right? >> reporter: which explains the cable tv ads in boston and detroit. >> and the german travel show. >> st. pete, clearwater, florida. solar powered and radiating possibilities. >> reporter: the ad you have seen here but with a british accent and hillsborough is hitting london with taxis wrapped in tampa ads. next week? >> we're telecasting live the gasparilla invasion on january 30th in london in the cabs. tvs in taxis. what have you got, pinellas? >> we buses and trains and we have elevator screens, they are using non-traditional advising the budget is nearly three times bigger than hillsborough and hillsborough is partnered with the states tourism bureau visit florida. >> there are a lot of different destinations under the guise of visit florida in january.
5:31 pm
february we're taking over the country. >> the outside world views tampa bay as one big city with assets. it is not a competition, we're friends, colleagues. there is no competitiveness between us. we know what is good for one is good for both. >> and good for 150,000 people with tourism supported jobs. in st. pete, steve nichols, fox 13 news. >> it's not just jobs they use hotel bed taxes to pay for stadiums. pinellas raised that tax last year and hillsborough may next year that will help either of them subsidize a new baseball stadium. advocates for early education in florida say the state needs to invest more in school readiness programs. a report says that florida has the nation's sixth lowest payment rates for providedders for infants and toddlers t is the sixth lowest in boying the
5:32 pm
and the president of united way wants to the state to invest more in early learning. >> they are primarily provided, are all provided for children who are at risk and low income. and it's the children that need the quality child care and school readiness more than anyone else. >> the executive director of the florida association for child care management said it is more cost effective to keep them from falling behind than to later pay for remediation. florida has a waiting list for the school readiness programs of 60,000 children. >> lake county teacher is facing question after conducting a discrimination experiment in her first grade classroom. the teacher at the charter school was teaching the students about civil rights leader dr. king. in one the students were divided up by eye color, brown eyeed were treated differently from
5:33 pm
the blue eyed students go the hugs and candy and toys. the brown eyed students got nothing. >> she talked she said about the experiment that it was going teach them about discrimination. she said the students wanted to do it. she divided them up by blue eyes and brown eyes and over a couple of hours she did various activities and brought them back together to talk about how did the activity make them feel. the importance of equality. it was not appropriate. it was not an appropriate activity to do with the first grade, the teacher will be disciplined. instead of sitting in class will your child be standing more.
5:34 pm
layout (chris) one person is dead and a dozen a person is dead a dozen are sick after eating packed salad that's contaminated with listeria. it has been linked to salads made at a dole processing facility in ohio. florida is not along the states where people are sick. dole stopped all production at that facility in ohio yesterday. the cdc is reporting physicians are seeing a sharp increase in a rare birth detect that affects an unborne baby's intestines. >> reporter: they are born with them outside of the body.
5:35 pm
in utero the amniotic fluid can cause a reaction. they don't do well. when they are born, however, they are treated and they undergo surgery and they do well. only ten percent now do die. but there can be a long term problem with digestion and with the babies now what the cdc is concerned about. they are tracking this since 1995, they have seen this sharp increase in the children born with the defect. >> why we see more of this now? >> no, they don't know why. it happens more in younger moms under the age of 20. it is across the board but they have seen the biggest sharpest increase in black females under the age of 20. a 263% increase since 1995. there have been some studies that have looked at other things, perhaps with the blood vessels constructing not
5:36 pm
properly and looked at meth, stim lants, cold medications, they have found a correlation and there is more study that needs to be done to figure out why this is happening. >> let's hope they do. >> changing gears here, more and more standing desks. we have one in the newsroom but in classrooms a study looks into how effective they are. what are researchers saying. >> in the study they looked at multiple studies from across the world. they were different some had a few standing desks in the room. some had the stand-sit desk. and children were able to access it, they found the step counts decreased. they stood longer and sat 10% less time. now again i think that we have so many different studies with so many different arrangements that the numbers are not as be. but we have local people here
5:37 pm
they think the students are more engaged and i have to think we know, they say sit something the new smoking. it increases the risk for things. you would think they would make a difference, whatever works. >> we'll start standing up here on the set here. this weekend a tournament in tampa is giving injured and stkaeurpled athletes a chance to shine. the wheelchair rugby tournament at the all people's facility. and it gives player as chance to be physical and challenge each other's skill and strength and the competition is fierce but the others are a great encouragement to others. those are tough guys there. >> i tell what you. that's a rough sport to play. and john lynch knows how to play tough. he will not know if he makes the hall of fame he knows his place in buccaneer history. talking about the rare
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all right. welcome back. we have seen the rain move through but we're starting to see a couple of light showers moving up near the coast. a picture you see more clouds off shore. we go around the area, overall it's not bad. and the beach camera. getting ready to set in 15 minutes or so.
5:40 pm
spectacular sun set. back to the west hilton camera and brook dale bay shore. a few clouds. we start to see a little bit more in the way of clouds as we head through the overnight hours. a bit of shower activity making its way to sarasota all this, though. moving quickly. that's going to be the key into the morning hours. any shower that pops up will be light and quick moving. more in the way of cloud cover until early afternoon. wind gusts that's the big story over the next 24 hours. can you see there are some areas gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. winds gusty until saturday evening. temperatures not bad right now in the 60s. those start to drop off as well overnight. here is why. we're in the low 70s.
5:41 pm
and the wider view the cold air nashville 32 in birmingham. that has to spill through here now so as we end the hours. starting off 51. it's not bad start of the day. that's close to average, we don't see the temperature rising at all. getting into the mid-50s. with the windy conditions feeling colderrer than that -- colder than that, we'll see the temperatures in the 30s. would we be surprised to see freeze warnings to the north sunday morning, and sunday itself, we're only recovering back into the mid-50s. we're going to stay in the cooler pattern for the next 48 to 72 hours. satellite and radar. the front there. here is the system back up near
5:42 pm
and in between south and west. and maybe upwards. 30-inches. windy with a few showers. very windy out there. >> and here is the marine forecast, should not be on the water. and winds out of the northwest at 25 knots. and rough out on the bay. here is the 7-day forecast. temperatures in the 50s. 60s by monday. near 70 by tuesday. next chance of rain that arrives wednesday and thursday and starts to cool us off we'll be in the low 60s by next friday. chip? >> buddy, and patroling the secondary and the receives were looking up to find out where number 47 was. well now his name will be above
5:43 pm
i talked with him today in a conversation. what hit lynch the best memory of those days how the team grew up and galvanized the community with a big impact on and off the field. >> they were special times because literally, you know, our team went young. and they got a lot of guys that taught us you need to be involved. i'll never forget the first meeting if all we have done is win a lot of games we will not have done enough. he went on to speak of the work we needed to do. we had guys that did that and played good football. we turned something around which is hard to do. we took pride in that. i think the community took a lot of pride in that. that was a really special environment that we had. >> can you tell it was more than winning on sunday that galvanized the community. more than a push for the playoffs. >> yes. that's sincere.
5:44 pm
world, there what was -- you were there, it was different. those are the things i reflect on when i'm back here. >> when you played obviously and you have to look at the ring of honor to see the name and the talent you played with. and nickerson, tkpwraouber, you think about the collection of coaches s that special to get that grouping , to get that all in place s that rare? >> you roar at that the coaching word i do games there is someone from that staff everywhere. and the head coaches in the league, there are broadcasters all over. big personalities in that room, lot of good people though and, you know, it was unique. we have one, you feel like we should have had 3 or 4. it was a special group. >> i'll tell you the defense to
5:45 pm
most games the lightning won is 8. they are one win away from tieing that record after they play the best of the season. i thank against chicago. the lightning were down 1-0. less than a minute in. john copper had it -- jon cooper had it circled. some are bigger than others and this is one of them. >> i would trade what happened tonight for what they took from us last year n saying that, that was last year, this is this year. we wanted the 2 points where we were at in the game against a team that won 12 straight and i think we showed well. that's what we wanted. this is a -- i enjoyed this one but the team saturday we're looking up in the standings at. that's the team we want to chase down. >> the team he is talking about the panthers.
5:46 pm
division. >> cross state rival, perhaps. >> interesting. chip, you know the truth is out there. it is a big weekend for fans of
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3 another day of gains on wall street as the price of crude soared. the dow
5:49 pm
the dow jumped the nasdaq climbed 1 -- climbed 119. s&p up 37 points. a lot of green there. wedding bells for mariah carey. she is engaged to james packer. this very been dating for a year. she split from nick cannon and finalized that last year. and the hunt for alien life continues as the x files makes a much anticipated return to fox on sunday. the insider joins us from los angeles with more. >> that's right, chris, the show ran for nine out of the world seasons and old school and new school are gearing up to reopen the x files. >> listen i have been, we have been mislead. >> they're coming. >> there is rustiness the first couple of days but after that i feel mulder like showing up on the set.
5:50 pm
>> you have to trust me on this. >> it is fun to be in the middle of it. >> sunday night starts a six episode event bringing back the x files. the stars reason the hunt for more answers to the unknown. >> this is dangerous. >> when has that stopped us before. >> introducing new faces to the series actor rob amel and lauren ambrose. >> it is a privilege to be a part of this and work with all of the original people and they were very welcoming to outsiders. >> and the x files fan boy joel mc hail. >> i asked two many questions. i asked them to sign my skin with a tattoo needle. >> it will be interesting to see how they do ratings wise.
5:51 pm
it got 20 million viewers every sunday night. >> it will do well. can you watch it sunday night at 10 here on fox 13. that will be followed by the news at 11 and they will be coming on after that championship game. keep it tuned here. the fox 13 6:00 news is next. here are mark and linda. >> we'll whistle that. and a boyfriend and girlfriend found dead miles apart. two two. and what the president of mexico said about el chapo's extradition. one of the oldest gasparilla crews. they have a new float we'll show you tonight on the fox 13 6:00
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vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team. 3 waiting game..... as a monster winter storm rolls up the east coast, waiting game a storm rolls up the east coast. travelers are stuck. we have two people in jail. investigators closer to solving a double homicide what we're learning at 6:00 about the case of the people who were killed. >> and are you ready. gasparilla season gets started tomorrow.
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