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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  January 23, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 a blast of @ @ a blast of old man winter, @ cold and wet start to your @saturday morning. @we will keep you up to date as @high winds blow across the bay @area. @>> alcides: not much better @for folks up north. @a deadly snowstorm is looming @over washington d.c., @philadelphia and new york. @a live look right now. @airport travel by the way is @at a standstill as it could @become a record snow fall. @season. @we will have everything you @need to know before this @afternoon's children's parade. @ from tampa bay's number @money in news station, there @is "good day tampa bay." @>> anjuli: good morning to @you and welcome to "good day @tampa bay." @it is chilly at 9 a.m. @i am aings aings. @>> alcides: i am alcides @segui.
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@as it is now. @these are close to our highs @through the afternoon, and if @the wind is a problem, we do @have rain around this morning @but that is winding down. @it is 52 brookdale bay. @ shore. @looking toward bayshore we are @today. @looks cold. @look at the winds over the @bay. @showers are broken. @they are light. @they are a nuisance. @very cold in hernando county @where it is raining near @brooksville. @we have spotty sprinkles along @i-4 into hillsborough and @portions of polk county. @one small sprinkle near st. @pete. @and a few more scattered about @and a few more scattered @about, but the idea is that as @the morning goes on, we will @see fewer of these and it will @be dry during the parade. @it won't be warm. @we are at 50 now. @1 degree warmer than last hour @here in tampa. @still 41 at crystal river, @brr, 48 in bartow. @58 in st. pete and 57 in @venice. @the winds gusting and gusting @all morning. @those gusts out of the @northwest in venice at 39 @miles per hour. @that is tropical storm-force @wind gust. @and the gusts today.
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@at times we will see those @strong gusts. @we may see a little sun later @today, but it is not going to @do much to warm us up. @look at that 3:30 at the @parade, 52 degrees. @at 7:00 for the fireworks. @we are already in the 40s and @much colder overnight. @our winter storm continues. @we will talk about the @greatest snow accumulations in @about 15. @ at this hour, winter @weather that is wicked affects @millions, and has a bulls eye @on parts of the mid-atlantic @and the northeast. @nine deaths already being @blamed on the weather which @could rank as the worst in @nearly a century. @here is the scary part, it is @not over yet. @a look -- take a look at this. @this sinable.this was a @picture tweeted out by @astronaut scott @astronaut scott kelley early @this morning and you can see @that snow blanketing a huge @portion of the east coast. @and the picture you are about @to look at here is over @chicago. @kind of on the other side it @looks like.
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@his one year in space. @beautiful. @ and another live picture @from times square in new york @city. @the national weather service @says over a foot of snow is @likely to follow there in the @days end. @a blizzard warning is in @effect until 7:00 tomorrow @morning. @ and a beautiful picture @right now from times square as @well. @you can see -- should we say @foot of snow out there? @>> lindsay: a lot for sure. @>> alcides: a lot for sure, @no doubt. @ in philadelphia, here is a @look at i-95 there. @the roads just empty. @snow covering all of the roads @as well as ice. @snow began following in the @city around 6:30 last night. @it is now widespread all @across the region this morning @and will intensify into the @afternoon with high winds @picking up. @a state of emergency is @already been declared in @pennsylvania and snow @emergencies are now in effect. @ and these are live @pictures from washington d.c.
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@the nation's capitol, you can @barely see it out in the @distance. @the white house barely @visibility underneath all that @snow. @d.c. and baltimore are where @d.c. and baltimore are where @brunt of the storm was @supposed to set in. @likely. @add to that the high winds and @the national weather service @said it was too soon to tell @break records. @ time in florida, and it is @snowing. @>> anjuli: believe it people. @the tail end of the massive @storm system even made its way @into florida. @snow in florida. @the video cams to us from a @viewer named michael mccod in @jasper florida about ten miles @away from the georgia state @line, but we will still count @it as snow in florida. @i love it. @>> alcides: wow. @ some passengers on board a @royal caribbean cruise. @the snow doesn't seem all this @bad. @instead of come @instead of coming into port in @baltimore, the maryland @department of transportation @has forced them to stay out @there a couple more days at
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@>> anjuli: not bad. @extend that vacation. @ while many will be @bunkered up inside, the guards @at the tomb of the unknown @soldier in arlington, virginia @will be solemnly standing @while performing their duties. @the powerful image was at dusk @just as the snow began to fall @just as the snow began to @fall. @ and this snow -- this @snowstorm does not leave us @untouched right here in the @bay area here this morning. @as of right now flight @as of right now show at least @99 flights have been cancelled @out of tampa international @airport. @this is a problem we have been @seeing since friday morning. @the airports in washington, @baltimore and philadelphia are @closed and will stay closed @today. @more than 4,000 flights have @been cancelled nationwide. @ you definitely want to @bundle up if you were headed @out to the gasparilla @children's parade. @we are hours away from that @parade that kicks off along @bayshore boulevard.
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@has been around the parade @route and the photographer @sent a picture where she was @being blown away with her poor @bless your heart. @>> reporter: well, anjuli, the @funny thing is last weekend we @were covering the tornado and @i broke one umbrella that @weekend. @this weekend i was determined @not to let it happen again so @i went ahead and put it away, @but i can tell you right now @the rain has stopped and the @cold weather does not seem to @be going anywhere, i have the @coats and govenor gloves along @with my beads and anyone who @comes out here will want to @bundle up as well. @the road closed signs you see @behind me on bayshore was @already up and believe it or @not, a few people arriving for @the parade even though it @doesn't start until 3:30. @year's parade. @of course the floats are the @main reason people love to @come out here. @seeing all the variations of @floats, the marching bands and @catching beads. @we are expecting more than 100 @units to be involved in the @float this year.
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@can expect as well, several @new floats. @we know that ye mystic krewe @has one. @smoke and fog will be coming @out of a stove. @something excite for kids to @see that along the parade @route. @arriving early will be very, @very important today. @the parade may start at 3:30, @but as i said people are @already heading out here and @going to fill up fast. @an event that brings thousands @of people to downtown. @so going to find parking and @get a good spot next to the @roadway. @it is important to come @several hours in advance. @in terms of parking, you can't @park in the neighborhood @streets along bayshore @boulevard. @most of them are blocked off @already; however, downtown, @several parking garages will @be open and the city is @offering a shuttle service for @new order to get over to @bayshore. @which are told that the @shuttle service will be @running this afternoon and @will cost $5 for adults. @kids are completely free. @fox 13 will be streaming this @parade for you live on our @channel.
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@the parade starting at 4:00, @you can watch it from your @couch. @remember one of the most @exciting parts as well, the @fireworks, that will kick off @at 7:00 tonight. @i want to also mention to you @light of people like to sit @during this parade. @it is fairly long, but there @are bleacher seats available. @if you want to get them in @advance. @it will cost but $35 bucks @online. @here if you wait until you @arrive it will be $45. @head to the official @gasparilla web site for @details on that. @i am hearing you have details @on road closures today as well @on road closures today as @well? @>> anjuli: crystal, go get @warm. @>> reporter: i'll try. @ those of you heading out @to the parade will have to @deal with a lot of traffic @through downtown and closures. @fox 13's vanessa rufus has the @details. @>> reporter: nay, why good @morning. @road closures folks will be @seeing for the gasparilla @children's parade and some of @them have started in a minor @fashion. @here is basically the timeline @when everything will start to
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@of course 2 a.m. already @northbound bayshore closed @from bay to bay to rome. @6:30 bayshore from and go tow @platt. @bay to bay from isabella to @bayshore and the davis island @off-ramp. @keep in mind minor lane @closures in the eastbound @direction throughout the rest @of the morn, but by 4:30 in @the afternoon, eastbound bay @to bay will be completely @closed at macdill. @of course we want to talk @about parking, where to go, @the shuttle service that the @city will be covering. @continuous subtle from 10:00 @in the morning to 8:00 in the @evening. @pickup at the intersection of @franklin and whiting. @for adults $10 to ride. @kids can actually ride for @free as long as they are @accompanied by an adult. @expect a lot of congestion in @the area of bayshore and keep @an eye for pedestrians that @are going to be walking around @in that area. @as always, have fun, be safe.
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@proud sponsor of the parade. @we want to see your pictures, @tweet us. @use the hash tag good day tv. @we may put them on tv as well. @and will be streaming this @live at @ the time right is now 9:09 @. @in about an hour, st. pete @mayor rick krisman and his @staff will hold the state of @the city event. @it is open to the public and @will take place at the pa yaid @yum theatre on 5th avenue. @he plans to summarize his @second year in office during @his speech and his plans for @2016. @if you wish to attend, be @there by 10:00 this morning. @ sarasota county dealing @with cleanup efforts following @a tornado that ripped through @the county this past sunday. @some residents still haven't @had their yard waste picked up @but county officials say those @items will be picked up today. @any waste placed inside a bag @should not exceed 40 pounds. @ well, still ahead, the @water crisis in flint michigan
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@the city's mayor ait could @cost a billion dollars to fix @and could be a way to make @things more affordable. @we will tell you about it. @>> a big football game going @on tomorrow in charlotte. @how crews are working hard to @make sure they clean up the @bless and does not interfere @with the game. @>> lindsay: for us it is @windy and cool for florida @standards. @a lot of clouds. @west-northwest wind at 16 in @brookdale, bayshore. @only 52 and at the beach, huge @waves. @low tide sp high tide at 3:00 @this afternoon. @if you were anticipating on @braving the beach, you are @going to do about by the sand. @winds gusting over 25 miles @per hour and highs only in the @mid-50s. @the good news is our rain from @this morning is winding down.
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@forecast as well as3 3 @ @ as we get closer to @sunday, many football fans @will be getting ready to watch @the two big championship games @tomorrow. @fans in denver. @leaving ten-second messages @pledging their allegiance to @the broncos. @the most clever recording wins @a pair of kicks of the afc @game against the new england @patriots. @some have chimed in with an @ode to peyton manning @nationwide is on your side @jingle. @>> next message. @>> beat tom brady. @anjuli the station says that @fans are pulling out all the
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@them. @i am sure that is interesting. @the competition is until game @>> alcides: a good idea. @ the game between the @patriots and broncos will kick @off shortly after 3:00 @tomorrow. @the two teams met once before @this season. @the bronco s beat new england @at home 30-24 in overtime. @great game. @and the nfc championship game @kicks off 6:40 right here on @fox 13. @the carolina panthers host the @arizona cardinals. @the two best teams in the nfl @season and the panthers are @almost perfect losing only one @game. @ and the panthers say all @that bad weather send going to @stop them from getting ready. @stadium crews putting overtime @shoveling away all that snow @from the stands so folks can @have a place to sit down. @meanwhile, the panthers went @through their normal day of @practice routine just as @planned. @we saw video earlier this @morning wearing shorts, short
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@areas having a good time. @i think a anjuli crazy. @below 50 degrees i can't run @outside and i am wheezing and @it hurts. @>> alcides: i am the same @way. @raised in company. @lindsay, i think you are the @same way too. @>> lindsay: all relative what @you are used to and your blood @really does thin. @for our standards today on @bayshore. @it will be very cold. @make sure the kids have the @gloves on. @the adults as well. @the scarves with the wind @ripping around. @and we have a whole lot of @snow to talk about in the @northeast. @family there. @they are saying quick whine @being low 50s. @it is snowing like crazy and @we have strong winds there. @start off our saturday morning @our gasparilla with a look not @toward the causeway and the @beaches. @probably places you are not @headed today because of the @wind. @winds sustained, north @north-northwest at 20 miles @per hour here in tampa. @it is cold. @and you know what, @temperatures aren't going to @budge much as we head through @the day today.
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@take you to the beach and @bradenton beach. @look at these waves. @low tide right now, folks. @low tide. @we have very rough surf as our @winds are so strong they are @on shore. @they are literally pulling @even larger waves near the @coast and show you the wave @heights in a second. @no one is in bradenton beach @because cold and very choppy. @temperatures this morning are @chilly. @41 in crystal river. @47 in wesley chapel. @57 in st. pete. @50 in tampa. @and 57 in venice. @coldest north. @warmest south. @even that warmest isn't that @warm. @now the winds have been up all @morning. @they will not drop throughout @the day. @at times we will see very @strong gusts. @these are not sustained winds, @not even gust. @18 in winter haven. @20 in tampa. @18 in st. pete. @that is 28 in sarasota. @so you combine that with the @gusts which are extremely high @gusts which are extremely @high. @we have these gusts @approaching tropical storm @strength from downtown tampa @to clearwater to sarasota. @all of these above 35 miles @per hour. @so as long as we are dressed
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@will be a great time on @bayshore. @if it is too cold for you, @watch the game at home here on @fox 13. @this morning sprinkles are @fading away. @a few still north of @brooksville and spotty light @rain east of sarasota. @east of i-75 in manatee and @sarasota counties and a few @more near with a clewell. @the service is tremendous. @it is building offshore and @low tide. @13-foot waves, 15-foot waves, @17 @17-foot waves. @as these get closer, the @values that are high, eight @feet from clearwater beach. @ten feet near sarasota county. @those waves combined with the @high tide if you live along @the coast can deal with minor @coastal flooding at 3:00 our @high tide this afternoon. @plenty of cloud cover. @a few breaks, but as this cold @air rushes over the water, i @don't anticipate many breaks @in the clouds until possibly @later today. @sure. @spelling out your afternoon @forecast. @check out the temperatures. @only repounding into the low @50s for afternoon skies.
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@blustery wind on bayshore. @freezing hernando county @northward. @inland in the mid-30s and wake @up to 39 tomorrow morning in @tampa. @the coldest of the season. @our snowfall rates are @starting to pick up portions @of jersey, new york city. @a huge blue shape to show you @this morning and this storm is @lifting north. @the totals are coming in. @people are waking up. @outside of d.c. not including @what is accumulating @throughout the morning hours, @some areas already at a foot @and a half of snow. @it is all relative and we put @in our perspective of 54 @degrees. @cold, windy with those morning @showers winding down. @clearing tonight. @39 for our overnight low and @hernando county north, you are @under that freeze watch. @if you have plans on sunday, @looks like a warmer day and @less wind. @tons of sun and average high @70 and here is that gale @warning. @boating is highly discouraged. @offshore. @my seven-day forecast, we go @from 54 today which is very
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@some thunderstorms move in @late wednesday and thursday @and the timing is questionable @storm. @we will watch our next round @of rain midweek. @>> alcides: we have a news @alert to tell you about. @here is a live look is closed @as of right now. @if you plan on travelling that @area, you will need to use an @alternate route as both lanes @are closed due to strong @winds. @so, again, the sunshine sky @bridge is closed. @when it opens during this @newscast, we will let you know @newscast, we will let you @know. @ in las vegas, an @officer-involved shooting shut @down the strip overnight. @that shooting took place 7 @p.m. local time in front of @the belagio hotel. @officers were responded to a @call of a gunman near the @fountains. @neither the officer nor the @suspect was hurt. @ the mayor of flint, @michigan say $1.5 billion to @replace the city's damaged @water pipes.
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@governor rick snyder's $700 @million estimates. @officials, however, are hope @officials, however, are hoping @a chemical recoating of the @pipes will help contain the @lead and keep costs down. @if the coating works, it could @make the water safe now drink @until the damage to the system @can be fully assessed again. @ the philadelphia police @officer who was shot multiple @times while on the job is back @home this morning. @officer jessie hart net was @released from the hospital @yesterday and driven home by a @full police escort. @officer hartnet was shot three @times in the arm by @30-year-old ex-con edward @archer. @hart net managed to get out of @the car, chase archer and fire @back. @investigators say archer @confessed and carried out the @shooting, quote, in the name @of islam. @ when we come back, you @could call them guests at
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@they aren't terror suspects yes. two million, four fifty-three grains of sand. steak 'n shake's half-price happier hour. we'll never miss half-price, hand-dipped milkshakes again. but master, happier hour is from two to five now. pardon me? they added an hour. ...two mill - great, i've lost count. p happy hour just got happier. p get half-priced winter shakes,r now from two to five.
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3 it's a fascinating story -- and one you've @ @ well, it is a fascinating @story and one you probably @have never heard before that @involves an ever dwindling @group of cubans who are not
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@of the u.s. at guantanamo bay @for decades. @>> alcides: fox's steve @harrigan has more that why @after all these years, their @fates are in doubt. @>> reporter: the 32 cubans @that live on the naval base at @guantanamo cuba thought they @were comig for a visit a few @months until tensions of the @u.s. and revolutionary @government of fidel castro @simmered down. @this"wall street @journal"showed a few months @turned into 50 years. @sore some, crossing the gate @meant leaving their old world @forever. @for phillip gale, that @included his son. @>> when i left he was three @years, one month and five days @old, now he is 52 years of age @old, now he is 52 years of @age. @and i haven't seen him again. @>> reporter: the cubans were @day laborers who worked on the @u.s. base and faced increasing @pressure from the castro @government as relations @between the two nations soured @between the two nations @soured. @the u.s. naval commander @offered temporary asylum on @the base. @over the years, barracks
9:23 am
@now for those in their 80s and @90s. @an assisted living facility. @in addition to free housing, @the cubans receive free @medical care and subsidized @meals on base. @many became u.s. citizens and @left to live in america. @but others decided to stay on @the 45-square-mile base. @>> they take care of us real @good here. @they don't charge rent, and a @lot of things that they -- @that they gave you -- that @they give you here if you live @somewhere else, you will have @to pay for it. @>> reporter: with the current @thawed relations between the @u.s. and cuba, renewed @concerns over the fate of the @32 cubans who are officially @known as special category @residents or special cats for @short. @the u.s. some say has an @obligation to those who chose @america 50 years ago. @>> if you serve the people of @the u.s., you must be @protected. @i can't imagine that any @administration would be so @insane as to simply say, oh, @we are leaving. @we are packing up and leaving. @>> reporter: the state
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@the 32 cubans, the special @cats, is not a part of any @current negotiations between @the u.s. and cuba. @in miami, steve harrigan, fox @news. @ still to come on "good day @tampa bay." @amid a backlash from a handful @of prominent actors in @hollywood, the academy of @motion pictures is getting @ready to make big changes. @ plus, tampa mayor bob @buckhorn joins us live in the @studio to talk about the @gasparilla children's parade. @and lindsay will have a check @on your forecast. @>> lindsay: a chilly forecast @and a chilly start of the day. @we will not move much if at @all. @the temperatures right now get @used to them. @ha in brooksville. @48 in winter haven. @only 50 in tampa and brandon. @and these winds mean business. @we have gusts upwards of 35 in @tampa, 44 in venice. @the skyway is close because of @the strong winds. @we only rebounded 54 today. @the good news is the rain @should be gone. @the sun is back tomorrow. @a couple of showers around @this morning. @we will show you where they
9:25 am
@ with pressing unfinished @business in tallahassee, state @lawmakers have turned their @sights to unmarried couples @living in sin. @>> oh, gosh. @>> reporter: a debate you may @not believe in tallahassee and @big surprises on the campaign @trail. @>> jay-z said it best. @you will nee wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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@ @ from tampa bay's number @one news station, this is @"good day tampa bay." @linkedin good chilly saturday @morning to you. @it is about 9:30 and cold and @extremely windy. @i have got winds gusting near @tropical storm force for parts
9:28 am
@a lot of us gathering our @plans to head out there today @fort parade, and make sure @those plans include plenty of @layers and just enough to keep @you warm as it will be very @cold. @not much sun until perhaps @later this afternoon. @it is 52 degrees right now. @temperatures are even colder @north. @41, crystal river. @only 48 in bartow. @barely out of the 50s st. @pete. @the warm spot is not even @warm, 59 in venice. @out of the northwest gusting @35 to 40 miles per hour. @and it is a big deal. @we have very rough waves as @well. @surf building right now @anywhere from 8 to 10 feet @pinellas county south. @we have a 44-mile-per-hour @wind gust in venice. @that is over tropical storm @force, at 35 in tampa won't @drop a whole lot today. @winds say gusty throughout the @afternoon. @sunshine, will we see it? @maybe some. @tons of cold air riding over @the cooler waters, with that @set-up, that favors more
9:29 am
@the good news is the rain. @winding down. @one sprinkle in brooksville @and a few more into portions @ofmand and sarasota county. @your official gasparilla @forecast features 54 if we are @lucky. @that cold, invite @that cold, inviting wind @continues. @please don't attempt boating @as we have very rough surf. @warm and we will talk more @about that winter storm as it @is bringing up a whole bunch @of snow to new york city right @now. @snowfall rates 2 inches per @hour. @>> alcides: all right, @thanks, lindsay. @may be cold through up north, @but it is nice. @it is not too cold. @not here in tampa at all. @tampa mayor bob buckhorn here. @good to see you again. @>> alcides: you traveled from @washington. @you got out in time. @>> i got the last flight out @of d.c. yesterday at about @12:00. @d.c. is shut down right now. @it is bad up there. @>> alcides: lucky you. @big day today. @and a chance -- we were just @talking about this a little @while ago, a chance may have @to cancel the fireworks show. @hopefully not.
9:30 am
@a big day for the little ones. @they love this day. @i love this day. @obviously the weather is the @factor. @you heard prior to this @segment there are pretty @strong winds and the para @commandos who are going to @jump take the winds into @consideration. @if it continues at -- at the @pace we are going right now, i @can't imagine that the jump @will take place, and the @organizer also monitor the @weather to see if with the @fireworks will make sense. @>> alcides: i hate to put you @on the spot, how will the @folks know if it will continue @-- @>>. @>> i think social media. @the press will be a part of @that, but i think they want to @put it on, we want to put it @on, the kids want to @experience it, but obviously @with the fireworks snow @with the fireworks show, you @got to be careful with the @wind. @>> alcides: you have to be @very careful. @talk about safety measures. @>> we are monitoring the @weather. @we have our eoc open and in @event of anything. @>> alcides: tampa police a @big part of this. @>> in this day and time, big @events are always security @concerns. @we train for this on a regular @basis. @we have all of our folks out @there.
9:31 am
@the bomb units are deployed. @everybody that we can have @deployed, we are absolutely @deploying and hoping for the @best. @i think we will be fine. @we would rather be safe and @overprepare than not at all. @>> alcides: after the @exactly what to do during big @events and they have been @keeping us safe for a number @years now. @what can peep expect? @i mean, we have been -- what @can people expect? @i mean, we have been doing @this for years. @so much fun. @>> alchohol-free. @it is -- the little ones, they @really have a great time. @because they are the focus. @you see the little ones @walking around with their @pirate outfits having a great @time. @catching beads. @a family-oriented event. @it gets bigger and bigger @every year automatic rivaling @the day parade. @and let the adults go to the @invasion and the night parade. @today is for the kids so let @them have a great time. @>> alcides: i was going to @talk but to the day parade. @this is the beginning.
9:32 am
@weeks of celebration. @>> it is. @grown bigger and bigger and @become a tourist destination. @one of the largest parades in @the country. @>> alcides: no kidding. @>> absolutely. @it drives hotel rooms and @restaurant receipts. @so this is a huge deal for us. @and it has gotten bigger. @it has gotten more diverse. @whatever your flavor, there is @a crew for you, and so, you @know, we really love doing @this. @the crew of gasparilla has @been a great partner to the @city. @we love the smack talking. @[laughter] @thinking that we will have to @give up that key to the city. @>> alcides: not happening. @>> it is not happening until @my citizens tell me they would @rather from a party. @>> alcides: be careful what @you wish for. @are you going to be on the @float. @>> i walk it. @every parade i am in i walk @because i like to be out there @touching folks and seeing them @and seeing the smiles their @eyes and i don't want to sit @in the back of a car. @>> alcides: just kind of @wave. @>> i want to be in the crowd @and have a good time throwing @beads. @>> alcides: the city of tampa
9:33 am
@the governor released @something talking about the @number of jobs here in the @city of tampa, more than any @other city in florida. @it is incredible. @>> the last five years we have @created more jobs in the tampa @bay area than any other place @in the state of florida. @this city is the on the verge @of something really, really @special and i can't wait to @see what the next four years @is going to bring. @see. @what we have done and what we @continue to do. @>> an amazing story to tell. @the renaissance of an american @city kicked to its knees and @came back stronger and more @powerful. @and it is a place of destiny @right now. @>> alcides: mayor, good to @see you. @>> all right. @happy gasparilla. @>> alcides: have fun. @>> always do. @>> alcides: anjuli. @ thank you, al. @hear headlines. @facing fraud charges in polk @county already deputies broke @up a major ebt fraud ring. @deputies started their @investigation this past march @when a woman used fake credit @and ebt cards at winter haven @wal-mart, and look at other
9:34 am
@one those identity theft @victims was davenport police @chief larry holden. @he was shocked to find out @someone got all of his @information, you including his @social security number. @>> shocked how they found my @social security number. @like i said, i am very curious @to learn for myself. @and definitely will be @something we will pass on to @our citizens on protect @yourself against this. @if it can happen to me, it can @happen to anybody. @anjuli deputies say the theft. @some are facing fraud and @identity theft charges. @ a special exhibit was on @display last night in safety @harbor feature @harbor featuring iconic @american artist peter max. @max's career has spanned four @decades. @he has been the official @artist for the super bowl, the @kentucky derby and the indy @500. @at the galleries. @fans had a chance to meet max @and buy some of his work.
9:35 am
@himself and check out his @work, not too late. @another reception scheduled @this afternoon from 2 to 5:00. @ miami gardens police @officer is recovering this @morning after being shot in @the lower part of his body @while sitting in his cruiser. @on friday morning, detectives @say 24-year-old david mejia @pulled up a alongtide officer @david starling's patrol car @and fired eight shots at him. @the suspect is in custody, and @officer starling is expected @to be okay. @ and mourning the loss of @four children this morning @after a school shooting. @two others were hurt. @they are expected to survive. @that school has about 900 @students in classes from @junior kindergarten all the @way to grade 12. @the gunman is in custody, now @word yet on a motive. @ the academy of motion @pictures hopes to make some @big changes soon. @the board of directors @announced a plan to double the @number of minority and female @members by the year 2020. @the academy also immediately @adding three new seats to its @board of governors.
9:36 am
@prominent member of the film @community announced they are @boycotting this year's awards @because of a lack of diversity @among nominees. @ all right, coming up, do @you ever just get a craving @for a good old-fashioned @grilled cheese sandwich? @>> anjuli: all the time. @>> alcides: i know do you. @>> anjuli: on a cool day @perfect. @exactly what i want to have @for lunch. @als @ @>> alcides: here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face.
9:37 am
ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
9:38 am
3 your savory saturday.. @ @. @ all right, guys, sensory @overload for this savory @saturday. @one of my favorite foods of @all time, grilled cheese. @we have matt and holly from @tom and cheese coming in. @thank you for having coming in @thank you for having coming @in. @>> thank you for having us. @>> anjuli: you are grilled @cheese specialists. @it is incredible.
9:39 am
@>> first we are making the @flying pig. @one of our popular fan @favorites. @it has got turkey, bacon, @pickles, gouda cheese on heart @pickles, gouda cheese on @hearty white bread, but all of @our sandwiches are fully @customizeer. @we are friendly to people's @allergies. @ a gluten-free bread. @a exclusive gluten-free @station. @those with celiac, no cross @contamination. @people who like, oh, cheese -- @a vis began cheese for people @who can't do cheeses and stuff @who can't do cheeses and @stuff. @>> anjuli: that is really @nice. @>> everything is built to @order. @if you were not a pickle @person. @we can leave those off. @switch out the cheese and make @your sandwich on a doughnut. @>> anjuli: i was going to ask @you. @seen this on the florida state @fair and a little hesitant but @you said this is delicious. @>> yes, we will be making the @king. @peanut butter mascarpone and @customize with bananas, a
9:40 am
@you can have a sandwich @continue to. @if you would like ham and @gouda on your doughnut. @>> anjuli: visiors can make @their own. @>> we have a build your own @option. @25 named sandwiches if you @want tried or true, or start @from top to bottom with your @bread, cheese, meats, all of @our sauces, our pesto, our @hummus, all of our dressings @are made inhouse. @everything is made fresh. @our soups are made daily. @three tomato soups. @a seasonal soup. @and we have a soup of the day. @we try to bring in a nontomato @we try to bring in a @nontomato-based. @cheeseburg er soup, pepperoni @pizza. @>> anjuli: my gosh. @>> we do all kind of things in @totally different forms. @>> anjuli: i have to ask you @since you are an expert. @what is your favorite of all @the things. @>> a crunch garlic you @chicken. @we put potato inside the @sandwich. @>> anjuli: get out. @>> a whole new level.
9:41 am
@freezers, fryers or micro @waves. @our meat comes in inhouse, @slicing up it and cheeses, a @little bit offing over on it. @i like that sandwich. @>> anjuli: oh, my gosh. @i know where i have to go @immediately. @thank you guys both so much @for come toing in and i know @lindsay is very jealous of @this segment. @>> lindsay: maybe the one i @am most jealous of all time. @looks so good! @busy in the weather @department. @it is cold, it is windy and a @big day. @out on the parade for bayshore @out on the parade for @bayshore. @i have seen comes sprinkles @and those are ending, 52 brook @dale bayshore and areas of win @gusting upwards of 30 miles @per hour. @the skyway closed for good @reasons, 55-mile-per-hour @gusts in tampa. @37 in sarasota. @perhaps a few peeks of sun @late, but tons of wind and @more clouds than sun, a big @snowstorm continuing to pile @up in the northeast.
9:42 am
@our rains are winding down. @we will talk all about it @after the break. @ plus it may be snowy and @cold in d.c. this morning, but @the first family dogs made @sure to get their paws nice @and wet. @we will show you cute pictures @coming up next. @ ever wonder who @ ever wond er who builds @all the models in lego having lots of devices in your home can really slow your internet
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so keep things moving with 100% fiber optic fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. it's no wonder we're ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power. now, for $79.99 a month online, get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. or with a 2 year agreement, get $300 back. go to or call
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@ rise and shine, this is @"good day tampa bay." @>> alcides: as snow began to @blanket our nation's capitol, @the first family's dog, bo and @sunny, they went for a walk @outside the white house @grounds. @both dogs were captured @wagging their tails and @barking through the blizzard. @plenty more pictures on their @facebook page. @you may want to stay inside @today. @nearly two feet of snow is @expected to fall there in @washington. @we have been taking live @pictures from washington all @morning long and it is very, @very snow out there. @could you barely see the white @house. @>> i know it is beautiful, but @i think it is beautiful to @watch from from a distance. @at least from inside. @i can't imagine being out @there. @and lindsay, you know a lot of @strong winds here. @obviously chilly is a relative @linkedin the snow has been add @linkedin the snow has been @adding up in new england and @the mid-atlantic has been @impressive. @by the time we get through @tomorrow morning, some areas @outside of d.c. easily over 2
9:46 am
@and i have got this one band @to show you this morning that @is really starting to pack a @punch. @we are watching those snowfall @rates increase. @switch over to sky tower @before we talk about our very @chilly local forecat and @where we have these kind of @darker white shades, north of @d.c., outside of philly even @into new york city. @those are impressive snowfall @rates and those will add up @into areas that are already @waking up to two feet of snow @outside of baltimore this @morning. @adding that up to what will @occur throughout the day. @this is north and east and @brings just a ton of snow to @the region. @not to mention coastal impacts @not to mention coastal @impacts. @we have the rough surf. @we have the slushy mess riding @newspaper coastal portions of @delaware this morning. @we are monitoring just a huge @mess up there. @we have a few sprinkles here @locally. @take to you brookdale, @bayshore where it is 52. @lingering sprinkles and @extremely windy. @sustained winds at 16. @and we have seen gusts even @higher than that. @a lot of clouds. @our clouds are not breaking up @a bit today. @the winds combining that with @the rough surf that makes it
9:47 am
@don't even attempt it today. @promise me you won't do that @as our surf is tremendous near @shore. @51 in clearwater beach. @tons of clouds. @winds in excess of 30 miles @per hour with our gusts but @the waves, kind of to our @forecast. @height tide of 3:10. @these waves are impressive. @eight near clearwater. @ten feet near sarasota county. @offshore the 12, 13, 14-feet @waves continue to rush our @direction. @combine that with high tide @around 3:00 could be dealing @with coastal flooding. @for good morning a gale @warning in effect. @very rough surf. @seas building 18 feet off @shore and winds gusting over @25 knots. @our current temperatures arele @cold down from 49. @45 in brooksville. @50 in frostproof. @55 in sarasota. @you factor in the wind biting @out of the northwest. @we have a chill. @in tampa. @38 degrees in brooksville. @planning ahead for bayshore
9:48 am
@it make sure the hands and @feet are warm. @make sure you are layered up. @i know i will be layered up @this afternoon. @the sustained winds, not even @the gusts 15 to 20 miles per @hour. @look at that, 28 in sarasota. @we factor in the gusts, and @these numbers are higher, @hence remember close egg the @sunshine skyway for the time @being because of those gusts. @in seat. @down to 29 in tampa. @tropical storm-force winds, @folks at 39 miles per hour. @so we are close to it. @what about the sun? @where is that at? @when you break the clouds and @at times, it may take all @afternoon before we really see @a couple more peek of sun. @as our skies clear, @temperatures and our winds @drop. @a very chilly night ahead. @interior portions of hernando @county northward. @a freeze watch late tonight @through tomorrow morning where @you will wake up near freezing @you will wake up near @freezing. @39 in tampa for a low. @the coldest of the season and @low 40s in sarasota and venice @low 40s in sarasota and @venice. @spelling out the day, there is @a 30% rain chance this
9:49 am
@the winds are not going @anywhere, and this 54 may be @optimistic and may be more @like 52 for the high. @our average high is 70 @our average high is 70. @clear and cold. @that freeze watch in effect @tonight down 39 degrees and @then on sunday. @nice to see that sun, but not @the warmth. @less windy still on the cool @side throughout the afternoon. @watching our next tide. @a high tide at 3:08. @even at about 2:00, we could @be dealing with coastal @flooding issues and our @seven-day forecast show we are @already tracking our next @storm system. @wednesday night or thursday, @possibility of some stronger @storms. @we will keep a close eye and @models not handling it great @at this time, but the weekend @is cold.
9:50 am
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@ @ fox 13 "good day" local @for you all morning long. @anjuli the legoland expansion @continues in polk county. @the theme park is in winter @haven, but the newest facility @just opened up in lake wales. @the merlin magic making center @where model builders and @designers create those life @designers create those @life-like models in the lego @life-like models in the @legoland parks all around the @world and the facility not @open to the public, but fox 13 @photojournalist lucas baugh @got inside and was able to @give you a sneak peek. @>> most days are not anything
9:53 am
@and go, yeah, i know what i am @going to do today. @this is the merlin in florida. @a brand-new production @facility and we make lego @models for merlin attractions @around the world. @for mini land attraction @within the legoland and @discovery parks. @we make park-wide models write @the large sculpted model like @the knights, the pigs, the @dogs, the globes, all that you @see within the lego land @parks. @this was recently completed @and will be going to an @upcoming new feature in one of @the legoland discovery @centers. @people come in and say i @played with legos as a kid. @i would love to do that for a @living. @>> when our kid you are @playing with legos, and to @actually have -- make a living @actually working with legos is @just really incredible. @my name is max petroski. @i am a model builder for lego @land. @if you told me a couple of @years ago i would have a job
9:54 am
@i wouldn't believe it. @i would be like, no, no way. @>> building something from @nothing is a fun progression @to watch. @this is very much a dream job. @>> anjuli: tibl. @legoland merlin entertainment @is looking to hire 20 more for @their facility. @it if you want the job you @will have to go through @multiple interviews and you @guessed it, build a model out @of legos to make sure you have @the right stuff. @>> alcides: i don't think i @have the right stuff. @ i don't have the imagination @for that. @>> anjuli: my little brother @loved legos and i did dabble a @little bit linkedin i was @never good at legos. @for me, guys. @>> anjuli: you are good at @the weather. @>> lindsay: thank you. @so busy because we have so @much to discuss this morning. @a big parade. @winds gusting near 35 miles @per hour here in tampa, folks, @and those gusts stay high @throughout afternoon so we @will get rid of the rain. @we won't get rid of all the @clouds and highs only in the @low 50s for the afternoon. @layers. @make sure you have the gloves. @make sure the kids are bundled
9:55 am
@tomorrow, the sun is back and @we have a freeze watch @hernando county north and @thunderstorms ready and or @thursday. @lindsay. @we hope that we see you guys @out at the children's parade @but you can watch it on fox @13. @>> alcides: weaponing @streaming it on @as we just mentioned. @we will be out there. @>> anjuli: can't wait. @>> alcides: go ahead -- i was @going to say the fireworks @start at 7:00 you. @>> anjuli: yes. @. @>> alcides: follow us on
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