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st. pete mayor rick kriseman is laying out his vision for 20-16... during today's state-of-the-city >> ing st. pete player rick kriseman is laying out his plan for 2016. he describes st. pete as strong and sunny but didn't hesitate to point out its flaws. the number one issue involving st. pete is gun violence, city hopes an $800,000 investment towards youth involvement will help. he plans to launch a baseball forever campaign, his goal is to
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pete even if they build a new ballpark. >> the current site reimagined and redeveloped is the best place for a new stared yum. the bottom line is this is a win win and i can assure you, st. petersburg will come out on top. >> if the team decides to move, they will make use of the land. they plan to raise money for youth programs. >> a journey under the sea, shipwreck treasures of the deep at the st. petersburg museum of history comes use sw in time for gasparilla. you'll travel thousands of feet below the surface, and the iconic bell willing be on display, never seen by the public before, spending 12 years in conservation. the exhibit runs for the rest of
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>> coming up can a new presidential candidate really
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>> former we've seen candidates walk away from the presidential race... but it's been months since we've seen someone join it... now -- sources say there's a judge >> we've seen candidates walk away the from the election, but not one joining lately. michael bloomberg may enter the race. the former new york mayor is considering to run as an independent. if it is between democrat bernie sanders or ted cruz, he also
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endorsement of cruise cruz. >> this guy is a serious loser. >> cruz appeared on stage with beck for the first time on are the trail. >> this last president thought with the stroke of his pen he could make the seas recede. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are chasing each other. >> this election first and foremost is going to be who has both the best ideas and the experience to actually create more good paying jobs, and raise incomes for hardworking americans. and do more to rebuild the american middle class. >> the two are deadlocked in that state with just over a week to go until the iowa caucuses.
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presidential hopefuls reacting. kentucky senator rand paul believes bloomberg could split the democratic vote. donald trump is back in the headlines after another headline make quote. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose voters. commenting after the event, texas senator ted cruz responded by saying, quote, let donald speak for himself. caucus is just days away. northeast. video from the pennsylvania turnpike in breezewood. left hundreds of drivers stranded about 500 to be exact. the national guard had to be called out to help. the national guard members aren't the only ones helping out.
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governor andrew quomo, assisting a stranded driver in long island. shortly after the governor announced the roads would be day. some parts of the mid atlantic have already seen up to three feet of snow. because of that there are travel bans not just new york but other baltimore. the storm is to blame for 18 cancelled. in fact secretary of defense ash carter and his high tech aircraft were unable to land at andrews air force in maryland, he had to be rerouted to right here in tampa. they asked for change that's exactly what they're going to get. >> the academy of motion picture
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respond, all white acting nominations, this year's nominations secluded will smith and straight out of compton. it also plans to review the status of current members every ten years. jada pinkett smith at the forefront of this movement is boycotting this year's oscars. her husband will smith and spike lee will join her. to name a few.
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zimmerman is making headlines again... *yes... lawyers are involved... but *no police, this time. turns out... zimmerman is >> george zimmerman is making headlines again. turns out zimmerman is officially divorced.
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for divorce two months after he was acquitted in the death of trayvon martin. we are told zimmerman will keep his pickup and the family dog. both he and shelley are responsible for their own debts. even a blizzard was not going to stop this virginia couple from saying i do. >> kate kaitlin and todd said they always wanted a white wedding but this got them more than they bargained for. when you have a blizzard coming as well as guests a cake a dj you can't exactly cancel. >> i was hoping for a little bit
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my friended, next time you want snow, tone it down a little bit. >> even after a month we kept looking at predictions for what it was going to be and we were, come on snow. >> even the only couple in history to say that, their family and friends did make it to the wedding, and friends who had never seen snow, but they headed to antigua for their honeymoon. maybe they're hoping it snows in antigua, i don't know. >> rain is supposed to be good luck right? >> really good luck. >> lightning needed some good luck tonight. they had a chance to move in one point back of the florida panthers but a flurry of bad bounces and poor defense right
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3 for a one period... the lightning and >> well, or the a period the lightning and the panthers matched shot for shot bit both goal tenders turned away every one of them. the panthers just unloaded on ben bishop in the second period. jonathan just ripped a path right past ibish bishop 1-onothing. you could see bishop looking worn out with so many shots on that power play right there.
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colbert, panthers banked a shot, bishop had no chance, this goal is really defining what kind of a night it was for vincent. chips it over bishop's head he didn't even see it. four goals in the span of nine minutes. just knew it wasn't their night. cost them one more goal and victor headman and j.t, comes to an end 5-2 in south florida. head coach orlando antigua, one of their top players was suspended for rules violation. indefinitely length. jaleel cousins, more bad news right here. just minutes later, cousins
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player and rolls his ankle. he does return and the bulls go on a run from there. an 18-8 run. bo ziegler, then jamal mcmurray, the bulls avoid a double digit losing streak. florida gators take it right to auburn, dorian finny smith. gators built a large lead, but smith's night, the gators win 95-63. raython maize back in
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knowles worked the clos clock to perfection. fsu had a ten point lead at half time. pith got another pitt rallies to beat fsu 74-72. there are plenty of local ties in this year's east-west shrine game. plenty of college stars from around the state of florida. there are a couple of gators that make their namings known. picked names known. coaching him in this game, still in the first quarter, dowdy another interception, this time another gator brian pool going poole taking it untouched. the west then completely takes
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they strike for two wick touchdowns. here is the second one. oregon's vernon adams junior. goes 93 yards for the touchdown, the longest play in shrine bowl history. three touchdowns in the first half, he picks up mvp honors. nfc championship game in charlotte, temperatures are pretty chilly. freezing temperatures at game time, you can catch that game rite here on fox 13. this is what the panthers have had to deal with over the last two days. snow and freezing rain. they've made practicing quite a challenge for carolina. the cardinals have been basking in 70 weather in arizona. still the panthers are glad they got a taste of the cold temperatures before sunday's
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>> i think we went out and had a great day of work, you know? the focus was awesome today and guys enjoy just being out there, you know? so this is how this group been all year long you know? so i think we handled today very, very well. >> we didn't let the elements of the weather get in the way of what we wanted to accomplish today in practice. everybody was focused. guys had some fun playing in the snow since they're not used to it. a couple of guys no sleeves. but i thought for the most part it was another day of practice. obviously. the wind, icy whatever you want to call it but we got better today and that was the most important thing about being outside. >> here is my call for the super bowl number 50 i'm going to go with carolina over the patriots. . how about patriots and panthers?
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do you have a prediction yet? >> i won't say what my team is. >> allow about against the patriots?
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made every patriots fan >> it's been an eventful day across the eastern half of the country, including us. blizzard in the atlantic and northeast, storm moving offshore, some of these snowfall totals, i posted this on my facebook page, if you want to head there to look at the ton of records that fell today.
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that massive system continuing to wrap up. and on the south side of it we have got that dryer air being pulled in. with that dry air means sunshine for the day on sunday but before we get to it it's going to be pretty chilly. 48 the current temperature in tampa, 50 in new port richey, 46 in wauchula, 45 in arcadia, winds starting to lighten up a little bit. overnight hours with the exception of right along the coast may still be breezy into tomorrow morning. with that you have a wind chill advisory for most areas, nature coast, you have a freeze warning through tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. temperatures dipping into the 20s for several hours.
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river, 43 in bradenton as well. forecast temperatures once we get beyond that, we'll see the temperatures rebound into the mid to upper 50s for sunday afternoon but we drop that breeze a little bit more sun and i think it will feel a whole lot warmer at least than today, than tomorrow night into monday morning. another very chilly morning out there before we rebound back into the mid to upper 60s. then we start a moderating trend. temperatures into the 70s in fact, tuesday to wednesday. coldest night of the season, winds dying down, bitterly cold, colder start for tomorrow but 56 degrees for the high. monday, 67 mostly sunny, more seasonable, gale warning today, and tomorrow, seas 3 to 5 feet moderate chop out on the bay, both of those dramatic
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high tide 1:03, high tide 8:38. temperatures in the mid 50s, mid 70s by tuesday and wednesday. next chance of rain wednesday and thursday. and it might get a little interesting in terms of severe weather potential. behind that friday cooler but saturday. the early call guys at this point looks dry looks seasonable, not too bad for the invasion. >> all right mike thanks. you think patriot fans are going on twitter and angerly unfriending me age angrily unfrengd me? unfriending me?
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