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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  January 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. a man is dead and two others are on the run after a deadly shooting in manatee county. this morning the search for the suspects continues. >> digging out. the snow has slowed down for much of the northeast and now people start the process of clearing out all of that snow. >> good sunday morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm alcides. first of all, we're waking up to one of the coldest mornings of the season. >> it's still a bit breezy as well and will be at all the blues.
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31 in brooksville, 30 in crystal river, so some of us below freezing. we have mid 30s inland. 41 in tampa. even bradenton feels colder because of a little bit of a wind. it feels down right bitter cold, feeling like below freezing in winter haven, although you're in the mid 30 and is it feels like 37 degrees here in tampa this morning. bundle up, pack the layers. if you have any early morning travel plans, crank that heat up in the car. the good news is the breezy wind, that's still running a few spots near the coast. we'll relax throughout the day and winds still much lighter. in the meantime we have a wind chill advisory, that's until 9:00 a.m. interior north you're officially under a freeze warning until that time. we'll actually drop a couple more degrees as we do have some scattered clouds that have made their way across the area and as those break we'll drop a few more. chilly throughout the afternoon
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because the wind won't be as much as -- as such of a factor. look at the bright sunshine on deck. finally some good news in the northeast. the snow has ended, but the snowfall totals unbelievablely impressive. i'll have them for you in about 15 minutes. >> digging they're way out, lots of shoveling and clearing of sidewalks and driveways, new york mayor is still asking people to avoid driving so that the snow plows can clear the roads. that powerful winter storm spanned from cape cod to massachusetts and dropped 2 feet of snow in areas. >> the storm crippled cities in the east. >> overnight new yorkers said the storm looked even bigger than expected upping their snow total predictions even more. >> there's a lot of snow. >> by the time of behemoth passes
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at least 18" to 24" of snow will be dumped on washington, baltimore and philadelphia with some pockets in those areas getting up wards of 30", making it one of the worst snowstorms on record for the region. >> this is an it's stain amount of snow. i've been here for several years and i haven't seen this much. >> southern states including georgia, south carolina and tennessee were not spared either. getting at least a half foot of snow, causing the number of car accidents to spike as traffic snarled to a halt leaving drivers stranded. >> i've been out on the roads for a couple hours and saw a lot of people off the record, not being able to move off exit ramps, et cetera. >> in new jersey 40,000 people were without power saturday, most of them along the coast line. more snow than expected fell in new york city with up wards of 2 feet now predicted and a travel ban in place. the snow on the ground reeking havoc until the air with more than 7600 flights canceled.
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remains shut down through sunday. president obama was one of many who remained hunkered down at home. he stayed inside the white house. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. >> check out one of the pandas at d.c.'s national zoo. he woke up to plenty of the snow. he was obviously pretty pumped about it. the smithsonian tweeted out this video of implying in all the white stuff. the d.c. area saw about 2 feet of snow yesterday. >> and despite the slow down in snow, airport still dealing with delays and cancellations. yet more than 8,000 flights were canceled because of the weather. at tampa international airport we saw about 100 flight canceled. as of this morning, 28 flights have been founded. >> in our local headlines, manatee county sheriff's office is looking for the people responsible for a deadly shooting. it happened just before 7:00 last night on 15th street east.
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walking through a paramedic when he got into a fight with someone and then was shot and killed. deputies believe there are two suspects involved. they got away in a red suv with chrome triple along the bottom. anyone with information is asked to call the manatee county sheriff's office or you can leave an anonymous trip with crime stoppers. >> in sports this morning, the lightning face off against the panthers in sunrise in ufs, fsu and uf take to the hard wood. here's fox 13's kevin o'donnell. >> good morning, for once they match shot for shot. this had the makings of another great game between the florida rivals, but then the panthers just unloaded on ben bishop in the second period. this is all it all started, 11 minutes left in the second period and he rips it past bishop for a 1-0 lead. a couple seconds later, bishop
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but they beat them for a 2-0 lead and you can see bishop warn out after facing so many shots on that power play. panthers aren't done. brandon coburn banks it and bishop really had no chance. really this is the goal that kind of defines what kind of night it was for bishop. chips it over his head. he didn't even see it. four goals in a span of less than minutes and john cooper knows it's just not their night. he actually played without a goalie halfway through the third period. it cost him another goal and then victor edmond and jt brown picked up winning goals, but the winding streak ends. >> for head coach orlando. the bulls had lost nine straight and they suspended one of their top players on saturday, chris perry for teams rule violations. it's an indefinite suspension. so you think they're going to have a tough time in houston.
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points. more bad breaks here, minutes later, cousins steps awkwardly and rolls his ankle. he's in a lot of pain. he does return and the bulls go on a run from there. an 18-8 run. they lead up to a 22-23 lead. jamal mcmurray. that streak comes to an end. they beat houston 71-62. florida gators take it right to auburn at the o'connell center. smith had a hot hand from a three-point land and the gators built a 21-point lead a watch puts florida up by 28, early in the second -- second half, but it's smith's night. he led florida 24 points and the gators win at 95-63.
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should say well enough. that 3 right there gives them a 22-15 lead. they worked the clock to perfection. making some payment right there at the buzzer. it gives them a 10-point lead at halftime. pittsburgh would claw their way back in the second half and it comes down to this. tied at 60 temp and pitt gets another shot, nails the 3 and pitt rallies to beat fsu74-72. >> clear skies are forecasted for charlotte. the snow has moved out, but it's going to be cold. temperatures expected to drop near freezing. catch that game right here on fox 13. this is what the panthers had to death with over the last two days. snow and freezing rain made practicing a challenge for carolina, but it could give them an advantage today. the cardinals have been basking in
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he says he's not worried about his team. still the panthers are pretty good they got a taste of the cold temperatures before today's game. >> i think we went out and had a great -- a great day of work. the focus was awesome today, and guys enjoyed just being out there, you know, so this is how this group been all year long, so i think we handled today very very well. >> we didn't let the elements of the weather get into the way of what we wanted to accomplish today at practice. everybody was focused. i think some guys had some fun playing in the snow since they're not used to it. there's a couple guys, no sleeves. but i thought for the most part it was another day of practice obviously. the win, a little bit of icy rain, has he ever you want to call it. it was there, but i thought we got better today and that was the most important thing about being outside. >> and here's the prediction. super bowl 50, carolina panthers and the new england patriots. we'll see.
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have a great day. >> the countdown to iowa caucuses is a week away. we're taking a look back at the week in washington coming up. >> i don't want to be known that i was a part of anything like this. >> a job offer turns into a trap. how one man unknowingly is caught up in a massive identity theft ring. >> and at 6:10 on this chilly start to our sunday morning. still a little bit of a breeze. the strong gusty winds are gone, but the cold temperatures are here to stay through the day. 41 in tampa, one of the coolest so far this season. below freezing in brooksville. mid 30s inland. we factor in a slight breeze and it
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rise and shine. this is good day tampa bay. >> an overwhelming amount of americans have been victims of identity theft. but do you ever wonder what's done with all of that stolen information? >> the answer may surprise you. fox 13's chief investigator craig patrick takes a look. >> we've shown you how hackers steal millions of credit card numbers from a store's database and by tricking smartphones into connecting with their networks. >> so this thing could get all of my government information in here? >> if you put it in and i connected to it, absolutely. >> but if you've ever wondered how
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you might want to check out jim coffee's pacific oh county home. >> i received two minimum knees, i received a snowboard. >> last week he accepted a work at home job you may not be believe. >> we've got a mixer, i believe this is a set of speakers. >> he was retired and looking for something extra. >> a wearing convection oven. a pro team vacuum cleaner. >> he wound up with a house full of extras he never imagined. >> this is one of those electronic fish find year after posting his resume on some job sites he got hired autos the corporate purchasing manager or so he thought. i was the middleman and unknowing that i was part of this operation that was cheating people. >> he showed us e-mails claiming that an hr manager with mckenzie and company hired him to accept deliveries and reship them to others and even played her phone messages. >> hi, this is cherry i see that you haven't shipped the packaged yesterday.
6:14 am
real mckenzie and company in new this. a spokeswoman told us it's a scam that crooks are using mckenzie name to trick people like jim. >> this is all shipped to different people, but coming to your address? >> exactly. >> crime rings order this stuff with stolen credit card numbers, then ship it to people who have no goods. >> i'll bet you if somebody called guy. >> we did and he assured us he never ordered a gps fish finder. >> but as part of his fake job duties, jim was told to strip down the packages, take out the invoices and unwit go destroy evidence of fraud who the fbi says may have been tricked by the same global crime ring into selling or shipping it again. >> today very prolific. it is all over. >> special agent dave says the profits and packages in this scam eventually go overseas. the packages are being forwarded to
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russia for example, romania. >> they actually ship drugs and tell you not to open the box because it will the warranty. >> other victims paid for the rest because they did not check or challenge bogus charges on their credit card statements. >> if the purchase is small enough, most people kind of just starting doubting themselves and go, okay, i must have made that purchase or maybe my wife or somebody in my family that uses that credit card >> i don't want to be known that i was a part of anything like this. >> but the fbi says jim coffee did the right thing by sharing his experience and reporting it to latavius. and like anyone who has been caught up in this, he could get burned again, because the crooks have his personal information from the fake job application. >> and grab new credit cards under that name as well and continue the cycle of the criminal activity. well, chris kept asking for his bank account information and he never gave it and never got paid.
6:16 am
from his home and referred the case to u.s. postal inspectors in cynthia, the fbi is also still looking into this. >> about 31.8 million americans had their credit cards breached in 2014 losing information to skimming devices and computer software. >> all right. sweeping gears a little bit. the time right now is 6:17 this morning. i think most of us are tired. >> we had so much fun at the gasparilla children's parade. >> my arm is a little sore from throwing those beads. >> it's always such a great time. the kids get so excited. it was still a good turn out regardless of the weather out there. >> we saw lots of hats and gloves and it was okay, right? >> yeah, and i think -- is it even colder this morning than it was yesterday? >> oh, it is big time. we don't have as much wind but we still have enough that we have a wind chill to talk about and even with sun today it is going to be a cool day. despite more sun on deck this afternoon, we do have some clouds
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our coastal counties. and these may be our saving grace, bought we're still above that 40-degree mark at least for the time being in tampa. it is 41 with a light northeast wind at 6 miles an hour and around the region, it's cold. jackets necessary. the heat cranking it up in the car if you have any early morning church plans. it's 38 in new tampa, 46 in st. pete and one of the coldest mornings by far area wide. 38 in plant city. further north we have sub freezing temperatures. and that's where we still have that freeze warning. brooksville, you're included in that, even land o' lakes and wesley chapel, while you're currently above freezing you're under that freeze warning as well. i'll show you wind chills in a second, but first the current temperatures in venice show 45. 40 and lakeland you're at 36. it's also 36. so when we factor in a slight northerly breeze, it is colder. we have wind chills near freezing
6:18 am
here in tampa and even st. pete still several degrees cooler, so layers from yesterday, they're on this morning. that wind chill advisory continues until 9:00 a.m. for most of the area. elsewhere where that freeze warning is in play. interior pasco north until 9:00 a.m. as well. that's a cool breeze, but notice how much the values are meaning if you have boating plans if you have lavers and go this afternoon you're fine. small craft advisory this morning. here's a batch of shallow cloud cover that's moved in, kind of driven by these cooler winds off the water. but the high pressure over to the north we're going to bring in the northerly wind and see abundant sunshine today. even with it, look at the temperatures, only rebounding to about 55 this afternoon, but that 55 feels much warmer than yesterday's 54 during the afternoon hours. overnight, though, we're back to near 40, so a chilly start to the workweek and then we start to kind of rebound early week. 40 for the low tonight in tampa, 34
6:19 am
about 42 in venice, so plan accordingly. jackets necessary back to work. >> i take you to new england and the mid-atlantic where the snow is finally gone but the winds are still strong on the back side of this low. it brought so much snow to portions of the mid-atlantic and the northeast. i'm going to show you some snowfall totals now which are unbelievable and these asterisk, those are daily records in allentown. 31.7". harrisburg 30". baltimore at 29.2" and philly, this unofficial total is the second snowiest on record as well, so many areas two to two and a half feet of snow. and more many coastal flooding and erosion. kind of a slushy mess on the streets coming in that strong on shore flow. today less wind, 55 degrees, lots of sunshine after some morning clouds lift. tonight moon lit, it will be cold. no freeze warnings in play, but elsewhere we're just cold, in the 30s. how about that, though, 67 on monday, starting to rebound nice
6:20 am
looking day. it's wednesday and thursday our next round of possibly stronger storms do move in. on the water a small craft advisory continues until 10:00 a.m. look at those seas. down so much. still choppy, though. after waves up wards of 12 feet yesterday. we're on low tide at 8:38 on st. pete's here. computer models are still all over the place. there is a possibility that late wednesday or early thursday we could see a round of strong to severe storms, but looking ahead to gasparilla on saturday it looks warmer for the adults, 67. thank you, lindsay. >> well, a massive snowstorm of course shut down the nation's capital. we're looking back at the week in washington coming up next. >> before we go to break, having a birthday today, you are in good company. here's a look at some of the famous people born on this day.
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. >> a massive snowstorm hits the nation's capital and the final countdown to the iowa caucuses is on.
6:23 am
in politics in this week's washington report. >> washington, d.c. is in the throes of one of the biggest snowstorms to hit in decades and the fast moving squall wednesday night was a test to the capitol city it, failed on this edition of the washington report. >> we are very sorry for inadequate response. >> seeking to reassure nervous washington ians. the mayor promised a more robust response to this weekend blizzard. normally short commutes turned into hours long oregon deals for many as highways became more like parking lots. even president obama was affected as his motorcade dealt with something very rare for a sitting president. traffic. leading the white house press secretary to joke about the president's plans this weekend. >> my guess is the president will stay warm and toasty inside the
6:24 am
>> today the inevitable candidate does not look quite so inevitable as she did eight and a half months ago. >> as bernie sanders' poll numbers to continue to rise in iowa with just over a week until the caucuses now. he now leads hillary clinton 41% to 31% in the most recent polls. s lead in new hampshire which holds its primary a week after the iowa caucuses. >> as for the republicans national frontrunner donald trump got a big boost with a high profile endorsement this week. >> are you ready to make america again? >> key party darling and former vice president candidate sarah palin who supported ted cruz's run is now throwing her support behind trump. that could make a big difference in iowa where trump and cruz are neck and neck in polls. trump's campaign even stepped up his number of personal appearance ahead of the february 1st caucuses. >> i've come a lot and i'm going to be here all next week. you're going to be so sick of me.
6:25 am
you're going to say get the heck out of here, trump. >> pahlin's endorsement of trump came on the first day that terry brand sted told everyone to vote for anyone but him in the caucuses. a day later, iowa senator chuck grassily and form presidential nominee bob dole piled on, calling it cat chris mic for the republican party. >> for the very latest on the presidential race turn into fox news sunday with chris wallace where this week his guest is florida senator and gop presidential hopeful marco rubio. >> in washington, fox news. >> we have a broken immigration system and both parties admit it. we'll show you who is really paying for it. >> the represents throw me out, the
6:26 am
>> we'll show you what went wrong and how it could swing the race to the white house. watch money, power and politics sunday night at 11:30. >> about 6:28, it is a cold start to our sunday morning. those winds from yesterday, they continue to relax. it's still cold enough that it's below freezing in brooksville. bundle up. winter haven, 35. we're officially 41 in tampa, it is 47 in sarasota. there is a wind chill involved. slight breeze still so you combine that with the current temperature and it feels like 37 in tampa. make sure you're warm as that wind 9:00 a.m. rain chances and storm chances only 55 today. stay check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all,
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. >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. >> as advertised, at 6:31, it is one of the coldest mornings of the season, and we feel it out the door as we are waking up in the 30s in many locations and before all is said and done we may drop another degree or two. it is 30 in crystal river. that is below freezing. brooksville, 31. 34 in parts hill, 45 in st. pete. so you combine that with a slight northerly breeze, especially right along the coast and we do have some wind chills involved, that is the case for winterhaven, it feels like 29. so layers this morning if you have any small pets make sure they have their little light sweater on as well.
6:30 am
in interior pasco north. i'm not concerned with the big widespread frost because our air mass is so dry. it's more about that bitter cold. why we're milder than it could have been is a quick area of clouds that passed from portions of polk and even portions of highland. if those clear, we'll get a little colder, but the bottom line is more wind and less sun. with that rebounding 55 degrees that's 15 degrees below average. we do rebound above average tuesday and wednesday and by late wednesday our thunderstorms champs chances creep back in. >> the time right now is 6:32. a quick check at today's top stories. a blizzard with hurricane force winds cripples the east coast. at least 18 deaths are blamed on weather. 3 feet of snow stranded people in washington, d.c. and some places it was up to 40". a travel ban is in effect for new york city. there was so much snow the city had
6:31 am
we felt the impact right here in the bay area. windy conditions delayed a carnival cruise ship. it could not dock at the port of tampa saturday morning because of that weather. several hours went by before it could finally make it to land. >> st. pete police have arrested this man for a stabbing that sent a person to the hospital. 55-year-old terry turnbull has been charged with aggravated battery. after an argument they say he stabbed 36-year-old david butler. he was taken to the hospital. his injuries are serious but not life-threatening. >> we have an investigation on a triple murder in polk county. investigators say they know a identity of the third suspect in the case and they've issued a warrant for his arrest. this is 24-year-old jamal john smith. deputies believe he is in the miami area. two others have been arrested in this case. those suspects were taken into custody last week in miami and both
6:32 am
>> deputies believe those men's are responsible for a shooting in east lakeland earlier on this month. investigators say it happened at a place they consider a one-stop shop for drugs. four people were gunned down execution style. three of them died. the fourth survived. anyone with information on jamal smith's whereabouts is asked to office. >> new this morning, tampa has the highest number of new jobs among all florida metro areas. listen to this. governor rick scott announced in a year the tampa area added more than 41,000 new private sector jobs. the unemployment rate has declined just under a percentage point and is now to 4.4%. the governor says florida has added more than a million jobs since 2010 and we spoke with the mayor about the announcement. >> well, this is the championship last five years, so the tampa bay area creating more jobs than any place else in the state of florida.
6:33 am
this is a city that got knocked to its knees but is now stronger and better. that's 41,000 of our friends and neighbors that have jobs. it's not dead end jobs. they're real jobs that are allowing us to compete for the best and brightest young people. >> the industries with the largest gains were education and health services with more than 11,000 new jobs. >> st. pete mayor lace out his vision for 2016 during his state of the city address. he describes st. pete as strong and sunny but he didn't hesitate to point out its flaws. kriseman says the number one-ish facing st. petersburg is gun violence involving young people. seven were killed in late 2015. the city hopes an $800,000 investment toward a youth employment program will help. kriseman also addressed the future of tropicana fields. he wants to convince the team to stay in st. pete even if they
6:34 am
>> i still believe the team's current's site reimagined and the stadium. the bottom line is this is a win-win, and i can assure you that top. >> if the team chooses to leave, the mayor says they will make use currently sits. st. pete would also receive raise. 5million of that would help fund youth programs. >> there's just two weeks left until super bowl 50 take place in san francisco. >> and as fox's smith reports, bay businesses are preparing for what they expect to be a big weekend. >> in san pedro square, the bowl 50. businesses staffing up for what could arguably be the city's biggest money making weekend. >> we've been planning since the last week in december, gearing up with new menu items, getting some new equipment ordered.
6:35 am
distance of the fap center, san pedro square one of the main attractions for visitors. >> we're doing a super san pedro here. we'll be closing the street. we're going to have turf laid out in the middle of the street with basket it has and nurf football. our outstanding door festivities. >> i'm excited. it's going to be really crazy here. >> we'll know by the end of this weekend if it will be the carolina panthers or the arizona cardinals staying at the marriott. the marriott and fairmont downtown are sold out for super bowl weekend. >> i have a listing for my room for rent. >> hoping to get into the game, airbnb host is offering his master bedroom and his car for the super bowl for $3,000 a night. >> better chance than the lottery, i think, to cash in on something like this. >> so far no tailers, but he's
6:36 am
wanting to be part of a super bowl experience. >> i know we need the rain, but we need a few days of maybe not -- not so much. >> two of the most influential artists of all time team up for a new multi media exhibit. >> we'll tell you where you can see it without spending a fortune. >> going to church on sunday isn't so formal for everyone. we'll take you inside a church where the dress code is dress and boots. >> first here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. no winners in either big jackpots. that means the powerball up to $70 million. the florida lotto going for 36 million bucks. here are the rest of last night's winning numbers if you want a smaller prize.
6:37 am
good luck to >> spending sunday in a sanctuary isn't for everyone. for those that would rather worship in their blue jeans there's a place in hills burg county that fits the bill. cowboy upchurch is this week's faith in action. >> that's skipper culver and his companion for the day, red. skipper will be the first to tell you he is not a pastor. he classifies himself as a cowboy. but for the past nine years he's
6:38 am
to explain his beliefs at cowboy upchurch. it's held east sunday at the fairgrounds and hundreds of worshipers pack into see his interactive sermon. the dress code is mostly blue jeans and boots and expect country music to greet you at the start of the service. >> we're designed to reach people who will not go to a typical church. that's who we're after. in the process we found that we attract a lot of people that at some time they have gone to a typical church and gotten their feelings hurt or whatever. >> cowboy up chucch. it's located at sydney washer road in doverplum. >> layers, jackets, if your car is parked outside, you need to crank up that heat as well. let's take you to brook dale bayshore.
6:39 am
it was cold and windy. it's colder now but less wind involved. 38 degrees with some scattered clouds a light wind out of the east, northeast. it's cold, it may get even colder in brooksville and crystal river and we are under a freeze warning for a couple more hours. with the wind chill it feels colder so make sure you dress accordingly. colder this afternoon, but warmer this week and storms are creeping in as well. i'll talk all about it and our latest snowfall totals on signing up for health insurance was very easy... my premium is 22 dollars a month. it only took a few minutes, and i got exactly the kind of coverage i wanted at the price i wanted... it was a comforting feeling to know that our family is secure and that we have health insurance... most people who sign up on
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we have a news latter to report right now. a 7.1 magnitude earthquake has hit southern alaska. the quake hit about 1:30 alaska time waking up residents and shaking buildings. it hit in pedro bay which is about 160 miles west of anchorage. there are scattered power outages, but so far no reports of any injuries or significant damage. of course we'll keep a very close eye on this story and we'll keep you up to date. as soon as we know more information we'll let you know during this news cast. >> back home in pasco county a man is dread after he was hit by a treat sweeper saturday morning on u.s. 54 and u.s. highway 41. florida highway patrol says 49-year-old todd perrone was in the crosswalk when he was struck. the street sweeper had a green
6:42 am
whether the driver will be charged. >> a brandon man faces double digits charges after deputies say they caught him driving the wrong way. they spotted him driving northbound in the southbound lane of providence road near brandon parkway friday night. when the deputy pulled him over he showed signs of impairment and had a blood alcohol level of .195. >> were you out there? were you out there celebrating with us? i hope so. enough successful pirate invasion. the cold didn't keep the kids from watching the gasparilla children's parade. children of all ages, including adults had a great time. they enjoyed the floats riding down bayshore and all the performances in between. next weekend it's at adults' time. it's the day parade. the gasparilla invasion will kick off at 11:30 in the morning in hillsborough followed by the parade of pie pirates and that starts at
6:43 am
>> it was so cold. >> it was hilariously cold. >> the onesies we saw. it reminded me of the kid in christmas story. they were so bundled up. >> i kind of felt like that too with the layers. >> lindsay told me before i left work yesterday, she said completely reevaluate your outfit. throw that out the window. it's all about the warmth. >> i love it see the kids just loaded in beads. >> kids with beads up to their ears. >> they can barely move their neck. >> i will be out of beads, because they were so cute i kept throwing them. >> good news is looking ahead to next weekend for the a adults. it looks brighter, it looks warmer and thank goodness we did not have the invasion yesterday because those waves were a mess. they continue to improve, though, especially this afternoon and our temperatures are cold. it is one of the coldest if not the coldest of the season in your neighborhood. in brook dale bay shows a couple clouds, 38 degrees.
6:44 am
lighter winds, the winds are shifting. they'll mainly be out of the bayshore. clear skies inland and you're at 36 in lakeland, one of the coldest for the season for you. with light wind, sunshine, some scattered clouds i'll show you in a second. it is bitter cold. we have a 39 in tampa, so that's a new change as about five minutes ago. 47 in sarasota. 38 degrees in -- first time we're in the 30s since last february. crazy. >> here are the clouds, though. we have a few of them that are shrinking and as we do so it may drop another degree or to. then it's the sunshine to be had through the afternoon. slit a wonderful so a slight freeze. it feels like 36 in tampa and it feels as cold as it it isly is in brooksville. winds today much lighter. here they are this morning coming
6:45 am
if you do have boating plans second half of the day is better for you. we have a freeze warning for interior pasco county until 9:00 a.m. beyond that the sunshine goes to work and we start into the mid 50s. if you're curious what's happening on the water today, our waves continue to relax. we had them up to 12 feet in some spots yesterday. small craft advisory until 10:00 a.m. the boey is 56 degrees now. how much will we that you out today? not much. but it will feel warmer thanks to less sun and more wind. by lunchtime we rebound into the mid to upper 40s. as the afternoon progresses we're only in the mid 50s for highs and the further north you live you may be only in the low 50s this afternoon. once the sun sets it gets cold in a hurry, it just won't be cold overnight. low 40s south of the bay. monday we're back in the upper 60s and that's a sign of the warmth.
6:46 am
the good news is our big nor'easter, our blizzard is on the way out. the snow that's on the ground that the clean-up continues. places like new york city saw their second snowyest day on record. 26". outside of d.c., some areas saw up wards of 3 feet. even philly over 20" of snow. this is one for the record books. today will be much quieter. 55 for us, still chilly, but i think this 55 feels a whole lot different than yesterday's 54. >> a cold one today. make sure the kids are bundled up at the boss stop as we will have 30s north tomorrow. our average high is 70. shy of it, but much warmer on monday. nice and crisp with lots of sun. it's wednesday night or thursday the potential for some stronger storms move in and the timing is still a little tricky. we're watching the models for you. low tide is 8:38. we have a high tide at 3:30 and
6:47 am
we're on the down swing today, warming midweek and please watch wednesday or thursday closely, there's a possibility there could be at some point a round of strong to severe storms. the hyatt night gets cold, but we moderate at time for the invasion in gasparilla next saturday and we'll keep a close eye all week for you. thank you, lindsay. >> still ahead disney meets having lots of devices in your home can really slow your internet down. so keep things moving with 100% fiber optic fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs.
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>> fox 13's good day. local for you all morning long. >> they were friends, but there was that one time walt disney had to fire salvador dolly. that's one of the stories embodied in harli's museum. it's titled architects of the imagination. they were both influential in different ways. >> fox 13 steve nichols shows us how this. >> most people find the realistic view of the world a wit mind blowing. now put on some virtual reality goggles and take a trip inside one of those pieces just by moving your head. whoa. >> these were artists that reached for the future, so we thought it was appropriate that we reach as well into the future. >> the virtual reality stations
6:51 am
museum's next exhibition, featuring dali and his friend of the 20th century, walt disney. both were self promoters, forward thinkers who admired science and math who pushed different art forms to new levels. >> disney created no ways of making animation. dali experimented with art. >> the disney studio even had a school for its artists, many of them european. >> he wanted their an maters to be bar none the highest and the most significant in changing and transforming animation and makes them very receptive to ideas that dali brings to the table. >> disney hired dali to make a short film called destino. a year and a half into the project, we're talking a seven minute film here a baseball patcher walked into the script and walt disney shut the project down. dali loved baseball and i think disney loved baseball. it was the wrong time for anything that wasn't just completing the project.
6:52 am
continued work that still influences the arts. we're told the idea for this show dates back 25 years, including several recent years figuring out how to tell such a story. disney and dali, architects of the imagination runs through mid june. in st. petersburg, steve nichols, fox 13 news. >> by the way, the short film was finally finished in 2003, 58 years after the first drawings were created. >> we put the link where you can watch it on our website. head over to fox 13, click on the as seen section.
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