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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  January 24, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> this is good day tampa bay. >> a man is dead and two others are on the run after a deadly shooting in manatee county. this morning the search for the suspects continue. >> and digging outs. the snow has slowed down for much of the northeast and now people start the process of clearing out
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>> good sunday morning, everyone, it is sunday. unfortunately back to work tomorrow. thanks for joining us. i'mal leads. >> linsey is here with a chilly start to your sunday. >> temperatures have even dropped. we have a new update this hour. shy of 40 on brook dale shore since late february of last year so it's objects cold. skies are clear and with that and lighter winds we've taken a tumble temperature wise now down to 34 degrees in lakeland, but over lake meer bright sunshine that wind much lower and high alert than yesterday. 38 as of 8:00 a.m. here in tampa. you go to wesley chapel, we're near freezely. still below freezing in st. petersburg. you're down to 43. 42 in bradenton. 46 in wauchula. even with the wind, 5 to 10 miles an hour. it feels like literally you're
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it feels like 29 in frostproof and winter haven. even venice feeling like 35 degrees. morning church plans. morning plans to take a dog on a wake, make sure everyone is bundled up and layered appropriately. interior pasco north you officially have the freeze warning for a good day. throughout the day it's nothing but sunshine, but even with it we only rebound into the mid 50s. the key word is less wind and less cold temperatures on our 7-day forecast. we'll talk all about it and have our winter storm snowfall totals. unbelievable amounts. coming up. >> and we start with a news alert out of lakeland. lakeland fire is working a structure fire at an independent living facility on east bella vista street. it is bella manor villas, that is actually an assisted living and retirement facility. lakeland fire tell us us one person is dead. two other people have been rush to the hospital. the fire was contained to one room. there is no damage to the outside of that building.
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been evacuated and lakeland fire is still trying to figure out exactly how this start. of course we'll bring you updates just as soon as we get them. >> digging their way out. lots of shoveling and clearing of sidewalks and driveways. new york mayor is still asking people to avoid driving so that the snow plows can clear the roadways and that powerful winter storm expand from georgia to cape cod, massachusetts, brought more than 2 feet of snow to some areas. as joel waldman tells u the storm crippled cities in the northeast. >> the blizzard is living up to its hype in washington but new york city was caught off guard where snow totals are already triple what new yorkers predicted. >> the potential for 20", 25" or maybe even 30" of snow. >> until we finally see this storm end and we see just how much snow it's dumped on us, then we'll be able to estimate how long it will
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>> between the ban and the suspension of public transportation, many of the city's top tourist attractions mike museums and theaters were forced to closed. >> i had a front row ticket and i was so excited to seeal pacino and got myself here and it's closed. >> in new jersey thousands of power outages reported, and in maryland, high winds and surf caused widespread flooding. over in pennsylvania hundreds of drivers abandoned their cars as plows could not keep up with the snowfall. and in washington, d.c. even this fire truck got stuck and needed to be rescued. >> there are too many people on the streets both driving and walking. we need you to stay home. >> at times the snow fell at a rate of 2" an hour with the storm already claiming the lives of at least a dozen people as official continue to warn the public to stay indoors. news.
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one fan of all of that snow. check out tan tan one of the pandas over at d.c.'s national zoo. i love this video. he woke up to of course plenty of snow and he was pretty pumped about it. the smithsonian tweeted out this video of him frolicking, rolling around in all of that fresh powder. he's in heaven. the d.c. area saw about 2 feet of snow yesterday. >> and despite the slow down in snow, airport still dealing with delays and cancellations. yesterday there were more than 8,000 flights canceled because of the weather. at tampa international airport yesterday, we saw about 100 flights canceled. as of this morning, 28 flights have been canceled and you can expect more tomorrow as well. >> and new this morning, manatee county sheriff's office is looking for the people responsible for a deadly shooting. it happened just before 7:00 last night on 15th street east. deputies say charles leonard was walking through a parking lot when he got into a fight with someone and was shot and killed. deputies believe these are two of
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they got away in a red suv with chrome triple along the bottom. anyone with any kind of information is asked to call the manatee county sheriff's office or leave an anonymous tip with crime stoppers. >> he's the face of the lightning franchise and we could be seeing a lot more of him. steven stamkos is a free agent at the end of this season, but the lightning have made the first steps in contract negotiations with him. and crystal clark is live at at arena this morning. >> good morning, anjuli, alcides, a report coming in from sports net out of canada says the lightning has now offered steven salmonella reportedly $8.5 million to stay in the tampa bay area. it seems clear they're trying to send him a message they want him to remain in the tampa bay area, because as you mentioned he's a major player for the team and the face of the lightning.
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quickly in all of this to make sure their offer stands out above the rest. the lightning does have one major selling point in all this. they're the only team that can offer him a extra year of term if he chooses to reseen. the lightning, you'll remember selected stamkos overall in 2008 during the nhl draft. this season he's earned the team 20 goals and 37 points so far. and as we know with a lot of fans, he is definitely a favorite. he's jerseys are the ones that seem to sell out the most right here at the arena. speaking of amily, both stamkos and other lightning players are going to be here today as the lightning host their second annual family carnival, they show it's a chance for fans to come out, meet the players, get autographs signed, interact with them in person in a more up close and personal way than just going to the games. that event is going to be from 1:00 to four. we don't expect him to speak on his
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him in person, this is your chance. i'll send it back to you. >> for one period the lightning and panthers shot for shot, but both goalies turned everyone of them away in the first period. this had the makings of another great game between the florida rivals. the panthers unloaded on bishop in the second period. jonathan just rips it past bishop for a 1-0 lead. then a couple minutes later, only seconds left on the power play, but he beats him for a 2-0 lead and you can see bishop looking pretty warn out after facing so many shots on the power play. they aren't done. brandon, turn over, bank it off edmonds' skate. bishop really had no chance. really this is the goal that defines what kind of night it was for bishop. vincent prochek chips it over his head. he didn't see it. four goals in less than nine minutes and john cooper knows it's just not their night.
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halfway through the 30 period. it cost them another goal and edmonds -- 5-2 in south florida. things getting tough for the orlando head hopefully. the bulls have lotion nine straight and they suspended one of their top players on saturday, chris perry for teams rule violations. it's an indefinite suspension. so i think they're going to have a tough time in houston. they get off to a great start. cousin starts the first four points including this one right off the miss. more bad breaks here. watch, minutes later cousins steps walk wardly on a player. own. how about this, he does return. the bulls go from there. 18-8 run. a 32-22 lead at intermission. jamal mcmurray leads with 30
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they beat houston 71-62. florida gators take it right to auburn at the o'connell center. dorian smith had a -- and they built a 21 lead at halftime. watch. high off the glass puts them up by 28 early in the second half. but it's smith's night. he led florida 24 points and the gators win it 95-63. fsu coach leonard hamilton and mays enough. mays back in the line up. nols worked the clock to perfection. making some payment right there at the buzzer. gives them a 10-point lead at halftime. pittsburgh would claw their way half. comes down to this. tied at 67. names the 3 and pitt rallies to
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>> clear skies are forecasted for today's nfc championship game in charlotte. the snow has moved out, but it's going to be cold. temperatures expected to drop near freezing when the game kicks off right here on fox 13. this is what the panthers had to death with over the last two days. snow and freezing rain made practicing a challenge for carolina, but it could give them an advantage today. the cardinals have been basking in 70-degree weather out in arizona. he says he's not worried about his team. the panthers are pretty glad they got a taste of the cold temperatures before the game. >> i think we we want out and had a great -- a great day of work, you know. the focus was awesome today and guys enjoyed just being out there, you know. so this is how this group been all year long, so i think we handled today very very well. >> you know, we didn't let the elements of the weather get into the way of what we wanted to accomplish today at practice.
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i think some guys had some fun not used to it. you know, there's a couple guys, no sleeves. but i thought for the most part it obviously. the wind, a little bit of icy rain, whatever you want to call it, but i thought we got -- we got better outside. >> and here's the prediction, super bowl 50, carolina panthers and the new england patriots. we'll see. >> that's a look at sports. have yourself a great day. caucuses is on. we are just over one week away. >> we're talking the race to the house with fox news sunday's chris wallace coming up at 8:30. >> i don't want to be known that i was a part of anything like this. >> yeah, a job offer turns into a trap how one man unknowingly is caught up in a massive identity theft ring. >> at 8:12, it is a very chilly start to the day. cold and windy yesterday.
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the door we have 30s in many spots and it's below freezing in brooksville. we're below 40 for the first time in tampa since late february of last year. could be worse. gainesville, 29. the wind chill being factor that in, even a slight breeze and feels like near fiancee visa in tampa and upper parts of polk county. today we climb to 55. the warmth, though, monday and tuesday, it will be a welcome change for some. how about your thunderstorms?
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they're on the as the temperature dips many of
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those heaters and may be bringing out those space heaters as well. those space heaters will be dangerous. in fact a considered to the consumer u.s. safety product commission, it estimates that 25,000 residential fires are associated with those space heaters and about 300 deaths. incredible. hillsborough fire rescue joining us this morning. thanks so much for being with us. >> good morning. thank you. >> when you hear about so many deaths 300 in a year alone, why are these space heaters so dangerous? >> typically they're dangerous because we fail to prepare safety in our own home. we think about a space hereto and leaving it on all night. if you have little ones or pets in the home, we want to make sure that we have the space hereto placed in a proper place in the home that allows for it to not catch other things in the home on fire. this can be curtains. if you have a space hereto that is placed on a floor, you want to make shower that the surface is flat. as you can see on the screen, those coils can be very hot. it's a -- potential for burns.
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have pets that you have a space hereto that as an automatic shut off. you want to make sure that if you leave the room or leave the home, that you remember to unplug the space heaters. >> and it's kind of funny, because tampa fire, he was holding the cord there, and i think a lot of times people don't realize if the cord is making contact with the coil, it could spiesly spark a fire as well. >> correct. it is covered in a rubber coating and that coating does not last if the hereto is plugged in for a long amount of time. >> nicole, how many of these fires does the department typically respond to? and you may not know the exact number, but just to give folks at home an idea that this is an issue. >> we do. nfp reported for 2014 that 80 -- every 86 seconds that a residential structure fire was called in, and if you think about the time of good day tampa bay, an one hour segment we have over 41 structure fires that would have been called in.
8:17 am
account for one-third of those fires. that's 13 residential structure fires that by 13 people watching your segment, fox 13 could be saving 13 residential homes and out of one of those -- one of those structure fires, we have at least one reported death. so just by watching your show and learning these tips following these special tips, there's no better way to fight a fire than to actually educate and prepare and actually prevent the fire before it even starts. >> okay. nicole, just give those tips one more time. flat surface, keep the cord away from the coil and maybe turn it off before you go to sleep. >> absolutely. you want to make sure it's not around any curtains, that if you have pets or little ones in the show, you make sure it's guarded at least 3 feet away from everything that could cause a potential fire and absolutely before you go to sleep and before you leave the room, please turn those space heaters off. >> hillsborough fire joining us this morning, it's great to see you. have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> now your sky tower radar
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lindsay milbourne. >> 8:19. hopefully you are staying warm safely this morning. so far this morning it looks leak officially the low in tampa at the airport, 38 degrees that's clearly below average and it's clearly the coldest morning of the season. in fact if we go back to february 20th of last year, 338 days ago that's the last time it's been this cold we've been in the 30s in tampa. i'll show you some wind chills, but bright sunshine to be had today and much lighter winds. winds will be extremely light compared to those gusts yesterday up wards of 30 miles an hour even to start out the day. officially as of 8:00 a.m. it's 38, light north wind, a very drier air mass and even with that as we warm into the afternoon, it's only in the mid 50s. at the beach we go. look at the waves, still really turned up, but this is an improvement in clearwater beach. it's 40 degrees. north-northeast winds at eight north carolina.
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good reason, because it is cold. waves dropping below 3-5', so boating will be improved second half of the day. 48, we go. 34 in -- freeze warning still in effect for interior pasco north. 34 in wesley chapel. 30 in brooksville. hovering at freezing from bushnell to crystal river. mid 30s for bartow to lake placid. it is cold and it feels colder when we combine even winds 5-10 miles an hour. it feels like below 30 in frostproof and 33 degrees in tampa. with that being said there's that wind chill advisory, tampa south another hour or so and the freeze warning continues in cass poe north. north-northeast what, that will do through the day is make our air mass feel warmer than it is. strong high pressure, though, kind of pushing all these clouds away,
8:20 am
and tonight. with that at 3:00 p.m. we're only up to 55 and if you live in our northern counties you'll only be in the low 50s for highs today. tonight we're cold, not as cold. slightly above freezing. 36 in brandon, 40 in tampa and 42 down in venice. winter storm is gone, the winds are up a bit and the snow on the ground is obviously there. look at these numbers. unbelievable. we started out good day yesterday talking about a foot to a foot and a half. baltimore maryland had more than 30" of snow. these asterisks are daily record snowfall totals set in allentown, central park as well. new york's second snowiest event in 24 hours. a frontal system building and moving in midweek. with it depending on the positioning of the lull we could be dealing with some stronger storms, that's late wednesday or thursday, a couple days to watch. please stay tuned this week as we are in active pattern.
8:21 am
less wind and it will give way to 40 for the overnight lull. the winds are shifting. 67, fantastic if you like the warmth. how about the 70s? they're back starting tuesday. >> on the water today. small craft advisories until 10:00 a.m. and we'll drop them beyond that time. wednesday and thursday are not boating. late week for the invasion. much better on saturday with fairly light winds and lots of sun. >> a massive snowstorm shuts down
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$300 back. and, starz and showtime for 6 months. go to or call 888.get.fios. get out of the past. get fios. . >> right rise and shine, this is good day tampa bay. >> an overwhelming amount of americans have been the victims of identity theft. but do you ever wonder what's done
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>> the answer may surprise you. fox 13 chief investigator craig patrick takes a look. >> we've shown you how hackers steal millions of credit card numbers from a store's database and swipe data by tricking smartphones into connecting to their networks. >> so this thing could get all of my government information in here? >> if you put it in and i connected to it, absolutely. >> but if you have ever wondered how crime rings use that stolen data you might want to check out jim coffee's pasco county home. >> i received two ipad minis. i received a snowboard. >> last year he accepted a work at home job you may not believe. >> well, we've got a cuisanart mixer. i believe this is a set of speakers. >> he was retired and looking for something extra. >> a wearing convection oven. a pro team vacuum cleaner. >> he wound up with a house full of extras he never imagined. >> this is one of those electronic
8:25 am
>> after posting his resume on some job sites he got hired as the corporate purchasing manager, or so he thought. >> i was this middleman and unknowing that he was part of this operation that was cheating people. >> he showed us e-mails claiming that an hr manager with mckenzie and company hired him to accept deliveries and reship them to others. >> he played us a phone message. >> but we confirmed through the real mckenzie and company in new york that it has nothing to do with this. a spokeswoman told us it's a scam, that cooks are just using the mckenzie name to trick people like jim. >> this is all shipped to different people, but coming to your address? exactly. crime rings order this stuff with stolen credit card numbers, then ship it to no idea who have idea they're laundering stolen goods. >> i bet if somebody called this number they might reach this guy.
8:26 am
never ordered a gps fish finder. but as part of his job duties he was told to strip down the packages, take out the invoices and unwitting destroy evidence. into selling or shipping it again. >> today very prolific. it is all over. >> special agent dave says the profits and packaged in this scam eventually go overseas. >> the packages being forwarded to eastern european countries. russia, for example, romania. >> well, the fbi says it may be cash or drugs, especially if they told him not to open it. >> they actually ship drugs to you and tell you not to open the box because it will the warranty. >> other victims paid for the rest, because they did not check or challenge bogus charges on their credit card statements. >> and if the person is small enough, people doubt themselves and think, look, i most of made that prepare or maybe my wife or somebody who uses that credit card may have made as well. >> i don't want ton known that i
8:27 am
>> but the fbi says jim coffee did the right thing by sharing his experience and reporting it to law enforcement. and like anyone who has been caught up in this, he could get burned again, because the crooks have his personal information from the fake jobable gas station and credit card numbers under that person's name as well and continue the cycle of the criminal activity. >> the crooks kept asking for his bank account information and thankfully he never gave it and never got paid. a pasco county deputy took packages
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>> our weekend winter chill continues. at 8:30 we're still in the 30s in many spots as bright as the blue sky is, even with all that sunshine, a very cool day. highs in the mid 50s. brook dale, bayshore. our winds are so much lighter and even as i take you to the beach where it's still a little bumpy, 43 degrees, so those are big improvements as well. a much quieter day on the water. we still have that freeze warning interior pasco north. 30 in brooksville. 38 in tampa the coldest of the season. sarasota you're at 40 that's your coldest as well. 36 in wauchula, 34 in lakeland and not to mention a slight wind chill even with 5 to 10 miles per hour winds. it feels like 33 in attach, 29 in frostproof. make sure you were just layered up and make sure the pets stay swarm as well. speaking of the warmth we go from
8:31 am
those do come along with the showers and thunderstorms chance midweek so we'll talk about and it time it out coming up. >> and we start with the news alert out of lakeland. lakeland firefighters are responding to a fire at a retirement facility. it is under control, but they tell us the fire at bella vista manor started at 4:30 this morning. one person is dead. three were rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation. when firefighters arrived they said heavy flames were visible from the five story building. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> and a busy week in washington comes to an abrupt end when that snowstorm slammed into the northeast shutting down our nation's capitol. chris wallace is host to fox news sunday. he joined us live from washington, and i imagine -- there i am. chris. how is it going? work. i needed a snow plow. >> i believe it.
8:32 am
get me out of my neighborhood, so i'm very grateful for that, but i'm here and we have a great show. at the top of the how are we'll have new to come polls. there's a new frontrunner in iowa. you'll be interested if seeing that. we're going to talk to florida senator marco rubio who is the leading establishment candidate, if you will, in other words the leading candidate not named trump or cruz. we'll obviously have the latest on the storm which really battered the eastern part of the country and there's also been some interesting developments on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. it turns out some of the material on her private server had a classification level above top secret. i didn't even know that existed. but we'll be talking to two to be members of congressional intelligence committees about just how serious a security lapse this was. >> chris, we're hearing a familiar new name pop up thinking about an independent run in 2016. tell us about that. >> yeah, michael bloomberg, the
8:33 am
a billionaire to run for president now between him and trump and the former two term or three term new york city mayor. i think his path is he's looking at this race and he's thinking, look, you could end with sanders on the left as the democratic nominee and either trump or cruz on the right as the republican nominee and then there's a big wide avenue right in the center for kind of moderate establishment mainstream people. if that were to happen, he's actively exploring whether or not he would run. on the other hand, i think if you saw somewhat more moderate candidates like rubio for the republicans, hillary clinton for the democrats, my guess is he won't go. >> it will be so interesting to see how this all shakes out. talk about your power player this week. >> well, we have started in the last couple of weeks and we do this every cycle doing behind the scenes profiles of some of the men and women behind the men and women who are running for president. we're going to be talking today to
8:34 am
he is known as the bad boy of missouri politics. that's where he built his reputation, a hard ball political consultant, but what really fascinated us is how data driven his campaign. they -- through a publicly available information, not only know what issues you care about, but why you care about it. the script that he reads sow to you, so they are appealing to you on the issues you care about in exactly the way that you care about them. >> it's pretty fascinating. thank you, chris. you stay warm in d.c. >> okay. well, most of it is i have to get back through the notice to get home. >> good luck with that. >> okay. >> you can see fox news sunday right here on fox 13 starting at 9:00 a.m. >> all right. the time right now is 8:35. here's a quick check of today's stop stories. a bedford with hurricane force winds cripples the east coast. at least 18 deaths are blamed on the bad weather.
8:35 am
in some places it was up to 40". incredible. and we felt the impact right here in the bay area as well. windy conditions delayed a carnival cruise ship. it could not dock at the tampa port saturday morning because of that bad weather. it took several hours for it to finally dock. st. pete police have arrested this man for a stabbing that sent a person to a hospital. 55-year-old terry turnbull has been charged with aggravated battery. he stabbed david butler. he was taken to the hospital and his injuries are not life-threatening. >> detectives now say they know the identity of a third suspect in the case and they've issued a warrant for his arrest. this is 25-year-old jamal john smith. deputies believe he is the miami area. two others have already been arrested in this case. those suspects are andrew joseph and jonathan alsager. both were taken into custody in miami. both have long criminal records and
8:36 am
responsible for shooting an east lakeland earlier on this month. investigators say it happened at place she consider a one stop stop for drugs. four were shot down execution style. three of them died and a fourth survived. any information about jamal smith's whereabouts is asked to contact the polk county sheriff's office. >> tampa has the highest number of new jobs among all florida metro areas. governor rick scott announced in a year this tampa has added more than 41,000 private sector jobs. the unemployment rate has declined just under a percentage point and is now 4.4%. the governor says florida has added more than a million jobs since 2010 and we spoke with tampa mayor bob buckhorn about the announcement. >> well, this is the championship last five years of the tampa bay area creating more jobs than any place else in the state of florida. we have come out of this recession. this is a city that got knocked to its knees but now has emerged
8:37 am
41,000 of our friends and neighbors that now have a job and it's not dead end kinds of jobs. those are real jobs that are allowing us to compete for the best and brightest young people. >> the largest gains were education and health services with more than 11,000 new jobs. >> tampa is growing and you can see it every day. >> two of the most influential artists of all time up in a new multi media exhibit. >> we'll tell you where you can see it without spending a four tune. >> plus going to church on sundays isn't so farm for everyone.
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. >> spending sunday in a sanctuary isn't for everyone. for those that would rather worship in their blue jeans there's a place in hillsborough county that fits the bill. cowboy up church is this week's faith in action. >> now, that's skipper culver and his companion for the day, red. skipper will be the first to tell you he is not a pastor. he classifies himself as a cowboy. but for the past nine years he's used his skills as a horse trainer to explain his beliefs at cowboy up church. it's held at the hillsborough county fairgrounds and hundreds of worshipers pack the reason a to see his interactive sermon. the dress code is blue jeans and boots and expect country music to service.
8:41 am
who will not go to a typical church that's who we're after. in the process we found that we attract a lot of people that at storm in their life have gone to a typical church and gotten their feelings hurt or whatever. >> and cowboy up church is every sunday at 11:00 a.m. the hillsborough county fairgrounds are located on sydney washer road in dover. >> if you're headed to church this morning, it is chilly, it is cold enough that some of you are waking up to a bit of patchy frost it's land. we're below in tampa for the first time this season. 30 in brooksville, starting to warm a bit in sebring. 43 in st. pete. it feels like in 33 in brook dale bay scores with bright blue clear skies. the wind is down. the temperatures just aren't quite up today. only in the mid 50s so keep those
8:42 am
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all right. our last hour couponing experts showed us some great ways to save money this year. right now she's back with a great deal this morning. we've katie with us.
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>> it says iced tea blend but you can drink it warm. this deal is at win dixie, and it is buy one, get one this week. you have buy one, get one, $2.50. but then what makes it better there is a one dollar printable from smart source that takes a dollar off each box. off the buy one and the get one. >> how much are we talking about? >> it helps 25 cents a box. >> and there's 24 bags. about a penny a bag. >> that's cheap that's really good. a good deal. if your computer won't print then there's also a 75 cents off coupon inside the smart source from january 10th. so that would make them 50 cents a box. not as good a deal, but if your printer is not working then that gives you bum. >> do you have something else too? >> i want to know that everybody knows that you have to do this deal -- it ends on tuesday, the 26th. >> it ends on tuesday. >> uh-huh. >> is there anything else?
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are the coupons that are in this week's paper. there's good ones too. don't miss your paper. and then this is from the tenth. all right some. >> kati, you're awesome, love having you. >> thanks, i love being here. >> see you next weekend. >> now, your sky tower radar forecast with fox13 meteorologist lindsay milbourne. no warm up just yet. a big chill out the door this morning. in fact, below 40 in tampa for the first time of february of last year. really cold this morning, especially north where we had a hard freeze in brooksville, down to 29. mid 30s inland. it felt colder with the wind. 43 or four official low in st. pete. so as i take you towards the beaches, it's only 38 degrees in tampa. we should do see a small warm up as of the 9:00 a.m. hour, but look at the winds. they have dropped. yesterday at this time we had gusts near 40 miles an hour. light winds in lakeland, lots of sunshine, and with it today, that will help us in the comfort
8:46 am
it's only 34 degrees in lakeland right now so it is on the chilly side. it's 36 in sebring. also 36 in wauchula. we go to sarasota where you're 40 degrees and north of i-4 is where we have the real chill. barstow down to 32 as well. even though our winds are lighter we still have a wind chill. we factor in a 5-10 mile-per-hour wind feels like 33 degrees in tampa. 38 in st. pete. feels like 29 in frostproof. our wind chill advisory another 10 minutes, tampa bay south. they're under that freeze warning another 10 minutes. look at the winds so much lighter. 9 miles per hour in st. pete. hard to believe considering those gusts yesterday. what a difference 24 hours makes. by lunch time today or approaching lunchtime we're still in the low to mid 40s. it is going to be a struggle today in the temperature department. in fact by 2:00 we're at 53 in tampa, even cooler north of the bay
8:47 am
my high today is 55 degrees in tampa which is chilly. at 11:00, once the sun goes down it's going to be cold in a hurry. low 40s north easily early and then tomorrow morning we wake up in the mid 30s north of the bay, forecast low in tampa tomorrow is 40 degrees. should be approaching the upper 40s by 9:00 a.m. into the afternoon on the ride home, 60s making a come back, upper 60s your average during the day on monday. look at the clouds. to the west and east of the state, northerly wind means mainly clear skies to us today. then i take you to the northeast where they are recovering from the biggest snow event ever in some locations. it's still breezy and cold. i've got wind chills in the teens this morning. but the snow, the accumulating extra snow for the time being is done. look at these amounts. this is snow depth on the ground right now and this purple shade doesn't even do it justice. this is over 2 feet. areas outside of d.c., baltimore saw nearly 30" of snow.
8:48 am
harrisburg, pennsylvania, over 30" of snow. there. for us today it's quiet. here's high pressure. the sunshine. tomorrow morning, mid 30s north. monday look at high pressure slipping offshore so we move into the upper 60s, but then we're kind of gathering a messy frontal system that's still developing and our models are split. so storm late wednesday or thursday there is a possibility of some pehota thunderstorms. it may not -- potent thunderstorms. the possibility is there, so we're going to keep a close eye for you. 55 today, it will be a cool day but less wind. 40 for the overnight low. cold north. it doesn't stop tomorrow. 67 during day. on monday nice and crisp. milder and improving on the water. next tide is a low tide right now. we actually have 3-5'waves if you're boating and small craft advisories expire at 10:00. storm chances midweek and then
8:49 am
and gasparilla over the weekend. looks to be much brighter than what we saw yesterday and warmer. a couple ladies on first birthdays this morning. we saw with aubry. she loves to have fun, be silly, she also loves chocolate and posing for pictures. super sweet and cam newton. happy first birthday to i happened i -- india, she loves to give hugs and lots of kisses. final first birthday goes to ella, she loves to be outside and play. she also loves having all the attention on her.
8:50 am
and happy birthday to all >> fox 13's good day, local for you all morning long. >> they were friends, but there was that one time walt disney had to fire salavador dali. that didn't end their spend then, though. that's one of the stories embedded in the dali's museum latest exhibit. because disney and dali were both influential in their different ways. >> we show you how this takes people into the world of virtual reality. >> most people find salavador dali's realistic view of the worlds
8:51 am
now put on some virtual reality goggles and take a look inside one of these pieces and then moving your head. whoa. >> these are artists that reach for the future, so we thought it was appropriate that we reach as well into the future. >> the virtual reality stations come at the end of the dali museum's next exhibition, featuring dali and his friend of the mid 20th certainty, walt disney. both were forward thinkers who admired science and math and pushed new art forms to different levels. >> disney created new ways of making animation. dali experimented with art. >> the disney studio even had a school for its artists, many of them european. >> he wanted their animaters to be the most significant in transforming it,. >> disney hired dali to make a short film called desnino.
8:52 am
here, a baseball pitcher warned into the script and walt disney shut the project down. dali loved baseball, and i think disney loved baseball, but it was the wrong time for anything that wasn't just completing the project. >> but they remained friends and continued work that still influences the arts. we're told the idea for this show dates back 25 years, including several recent years figuring out how to tell such a story. disney and dali, architects of the imagination runs through mid june. >> in st. petersburg, steve nichols, fox 13 news. >> by the way, that short film was finally finished in 2003, 58 years after the first drawings were created. >> pretty neat. we put the link where you can watch it on our website. head over to fox 13 still chilly out there. we've made it to 40 years. look at the 30s still on the map.
8:53 am
mid 50s today with less wind. warmer, possibly stormy midweek and weekend. >> all right. we're keeping an eye on the deadly fir at a retirement facility in one person is dead. three people taken to a hospital, be sure to check in with us at 5:00 to the latest information. >> remember you can keep an update on your latest news by logging on twitter and facebook.
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