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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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only at seaworld. 3 the big story this morning ... millions of p>>russell: big story, millions pacross the eastern united states pare digging out after the pmassive blizzard. pfive states recorded more than p30 inches of snow from the gulf pcoast to new england, at least p29 deaths blamed on the snow pfrom shovelling snow to carbon pmonoxide poisoning. p>>laura: and the travel ban was plifted yesterday in new york pcity, but in many places, those proads are still a mess. pwork week begins and commuters phave been told to expect delays pand caps lagses on rail lines. p>>russell: federal government pshut down in d.c., roughly 22
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pdowntown d.c. pblizzard forced congress to pdelay folks on iran sanctions. psenate scheduled to return to pwork tomorrow morning but pflights to airports surrounding pthe capital are cancelled and pthat means many members of pcongress cannot return until plater this week. p>>laura: cancellations and pdelays are having a big impact. pthere were 70 cancellations at ptampa international yesterday. pthe majority of those flights pwere to and from destinations in pthe northeast. pwe're already seeing more of the psame today. pand good morning. pi'm laura moody. prhodes. pthat snow has ended but this is pgo we'll be talking about robably all week long. pdave osterberg is in the weather pcenter right now. plet's talk about just the amount pof snow over the weekend. p>>dave: central park over two pfeet, over two feet in pbaltimore, parts of washington, pd.c., and i mean, you just pburied the east coast. pnot to mention 80 mile-per-hour
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pocean city, maryland, hurricane pforce winds, that was a big pstorm. pit's gone now but it will take a pfew days to take everything back pto normal, no doubt. pthis is probably the coldest pmorning we've had, too. p30 in crystal river, 31 in pbrooksville. ptampa international is at 40. pwe were at 39 about an hour ago pso grab your winter gear, folks. pwe're running about six to 10 pdegrees colder than yesterday at pthis time but today, more of a psoutheasterly wind. pwhat we're going to do is bring ptemperatures back up at least to pthe 60s. pwe haven't been there for a few pdays and tomorrow will be the pwarmest day of the week before pmore rain comes in by wednesday pminutes. p>>russell: thank you. pauthorities are still paccident. pyou can see a live shot here. pthis is the westbound side of pthe courtney campbell causeway. pdown. pthis is just before the boat
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pcounty. pa service road is being used as palternate here and right now, pminor delays are beginning to pbuild. pauthorities are letting us know pthis is expected to be closed pfor at least a couple more phours. pa 19-year-old and 20-year-old pboth transported to the hospital pwith injuries involved. p20-year-old with life pthreatening injuries. pwe'll keep you up to date. prest of the roadways dealing pwith problems if you're heading pout in pinellas county along psouthbound 275 at gandy pboulevard, an accident preportedly on the exit ramp pthere and authorities heading to pthis one. pyou may have to exit 54th avenue pnorth to get around the slow pspot. pno problems for you as you make pyour way out along u.s. 19. p>>russell: right now plant city olice investigating a homicide. pa man was found dead inside of a phome on ohio street. pdetectives say he was shot. p>>laura: and ken is live for us pin plant city this morning. pken, police have not said
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panyone in this case. pthat's the last we heard. pgood morning. p>>reporter: they're saying it's pa potential homicide. plooks like that's the case. pnot completely sure that that is pthe case. pit could also be suicide. pit could be self inflicted but pit's leaning towards a homicide. pthey're not releasing a whole plot of information at this oint. plet me tell you what we know and pwhat they know. pthe guy who was found dead is preginald brown, 36 years old. phis body was found at 1319 east pohio street here in plant city pyesterday. pdetectives were notified of the pafternoon. pa call came in to 911 a little pafter 5:00 p.m. pwhen investigators got to the phouse, they found brown's body pinside. pthey determined that he died pfrom trauma to his upper body, robably from a gunshot wind. ptoday. pmore information would be pforthcoming as a result of that. pthe other thing is we know pcommunity plant city police pdepartment is saying if anybody
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pa call and that is 813-794-9792. pback to you guys. p>>laura: thank you. pthe polk county sheriff's office pidentified a third suspect in a plakeland triple murder. pdeputies are looking for p25-year-old jamal john smith. plast known address was in miami. phe's wanted in connection with pthree deaths. psmith faces three counts of pfirst degree murder, one count pof attempted murder and one pcount of attempted murder -- panother count of attempted pmurder. ptwo men were arrested in pconnection with the shootings pearlier this month. p>>russell: deadly fire is under pinvestigation in lakeland. pit broke out yesterday morning pat the bella vista manor. pdozens of residents were pevacuated. ptwo were taken to the hospital pfor smoke inhalation. pone body was found inside. p>>laura: online dating turned pdangerous in polk county.
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pfour armed robberies and pcarjackings in bartow and in all pfour of those cases, the victims pcontacted the victims through pthe dating app. pa man started chatting with a pwoman on the dating website lenty of fish. pinvestigators say the date was pan ambush. pdavis and her boyfriend, pchristopher williams, are paccused of beating the man pbefore taking his car. olice are urging caution for panyone using online dating psites. panyone meeting for the first ptime should do so in a highly pvisible area. p>>russell: a fire is being pinvestigated at the site of a pfuture mosque. pformer ymca is owned by the pislamic center of daytona beach. pinvestigators are not pinvestigating it as a hate pcrime. pthe council says they are taking pthe incident seriously. pand waiting for results of an
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p>>laura: it is 6:06 now. pwith just one week until the pfirst vote of the 2016 election, pdonald trump has regained the plead in iowa. p>>russell: and jennifer epstein pwill explain why the frontrunner pmay not be at the next debate. p>>reporter: good morning. paccording to latest fox news oll, trump has 34% support pamong republican caucus goers. p23% for the fox news poll. pted cruz is down with 23%. pmarco rubio is third with 12%. pnow, this could all change pbefore iowa caucus next monday. pa third of republican voters in piowa say they may change their pmind and even a quarter of trump psupporters say they may go with panother candidate. pnew hampshire primaries are up pnext. paccording to fox news, trump pleads the pack at 31% in the pgranite state. pcruz and rubio are tied and once pagain, no other candidate cracks p10%.
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peven more unsure of the pcandidates than the iowa pcounterparts. pmore than half say they could pstill change their mind before pfebruary 9. pnow, there's still one more pg.o.p. debate before the iowa pcaucuses and this time, pcandidates will have to place in pthe top six nationally or the ptop five in iowa or new phampshire to get a spot on the pmain stage. pover the weekend, donald trump rotested megyn kelly's return pto the debate. pkelly was a moderator at the pfirst republican debate. pshe asked trump about comments phe made about women, sparking a pfeud that continued for months pon air and social media. pfox news issued a response pwriting, megyn kelly has no pconflict of interest. ptrump is just trying to build up pthe debate for which we thank phim. pthe frontrunner could walk if pkelly is at the debate. pwe'll wait to see what happens
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pdebate before the first vote. pthat's thursday. pit starts at 9:00 on fox news. p>>laura: we'll see if it is the pway it began. pall right. pthe race for the democratic pnomination, bernie sanders, has pa one point lead over clinton in piowa votes. pthe third candidate is polling pat 10%. pone in seven democrats are still pundecided. p>>russell: and michael bloomberg pis reportedly senioring an pindependent run for the white phouse. phe's expected to make a decision pafter the first week of march. pnow, according to a long time pfriend, if after super tuesday pit looks like bernie sanders pcould win the nomination and the prepublicans seem likely to redict trump or cruz, his pchances are at least 50-50. p>>laura: gasparilla extravaganza pkicked off on saturday. pwe hosted the children's parade.
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pbut a lot of fun. pa lot of beads and smiling pfaces. pwe met so many great people. pwe had russell and jen and a pwhole bunch of the fox 13 people pon the float. pwalter and his wife natalie were pthere. arade wrapped up at sunset time pfollowed by a big fireworks pshow. pi had never seen that. pthat was one of the most pincredible displays i've seen. pthis weekends preinvasion starts pfriday night. pgasparilla parade of pirates pbegins at 2:00 and that starts pon bayshore. p>>russell: british spies foiled pa terror plot just as islamic pstate militants issue a new pthreat. p>>laura: how suspected pterrorists used pop music to pcover their tracks. pwith the force over, hundreds phead back outside to prove the pblizzard did not beat them. phey, doif. p>>dave: we don't have snow but pfrost on the windshields this pmorning. pwe have a lot of temperatures in
6:11 am
pand sub freezing temperatures in pbrooksville, crystal river. psome are scrapers. pand warm things up today, i pthink we get back to the mid to pupper 60s more ties today. ptomorrow the warmest day of the
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plet's talk about wednes p>>laura: authorities pinvestigating an earlier paccident that still currently phas the westbound lanes of the pcourtney campbell causeway shut pdown just before the boat ramp, p19-year-old and 20-year-old both ptransported to the hospital.
6:13 am
pthreatening injuries. ptraffic is able to use the pservice road as you can see here poff to the right side. pminor delay continuing to build pthis morning. pright now the howard frankland pis in good shape if you would prather take that as an palternate. pwe'll keep you up to date as pthis continues throughout the pmorning. pexpect it to be closed at least pa couple more hours. panother problem spot for county pdrivers is gandy boulevard at p275, especially the exit ramp palong southbound 275 at peastbound gandy. pavoid this area if you can. pif you're exiting the interstate pthis morning, think about 54th pavenue north as a better exit pramp for you to take there. plive look here at 275 and gandy plooking to the south. pyou can see no problems along pthe through lanes. pthis accident is reported on pthat southbound 275 exit ramp. plaura? p>>laura: all right, courtney. pthank you. p2016 hasn't been all gloom and pdoom. pafter being snowed in most of
6:14 am
plittle stream yesterday. pmassive snow ball fight broke pout in d.c. as one of several pfacebook. ptheme. pthe snow ball strikes back. p>>russell: and then at the white phouse, the first family's dogs psnow. phere they're playing together in pthe heavy snowfall. pthat storm dumped nearly two pfeet on d.c. and the blizzard pbrought several northeastern pcities to a stand still. pnice. p>>laura: cute. pvideo of the panda. pdid you see that? p>>russell: we have to find that. p>>laura: that was great. p>>russell: cutest thing i've pever seen. p>>dave: this should be a hot pclick. p>>russell: and i don't think it pis. p>>dave: what's that?
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pare cold this morning. pi'm talking about just on peverybody. pin the 30s, frosty start to the pday. pwe're getting reports of frost pall over windshields and this pshould be short lived, and i pthink by the time we get to the p8:00 hour, we'll get everybody pback up into the 40s. pfast warmup overall today as we pshift the winds to more of an peast and then eventually psoutheast direction. pthat will tend to warm ptemperatures back up into the p60s but we never got there over pthe weekend so that's why i pthink today will feel nicer. pi think tomorrow will be the pwarmest day of the week overall pwith partly cloudy skies. pby tomorrow, and even part of pwednesday, we should get in the p70s but from wednesday to pthursday, and we're still pworking on the timing of all of pthis, we may run into another pround of very heavy rain and a pfew strong thunderstorms. pthe computer models are in pagreement that we're going to pget rain and storms but they're
6:16 am
pyou know, some say a lot and psome say okay so we'll fine tune pit but just expect stormy pthursday as well. plook at the temps. p37. pnew tampa, been there for two phours now at the freezing mark. pbelow freezing the further north pyou go. pyou have bushnell, crystal priver, weeki wachee, pbrocksville, zephyrhills. pthere's your cold spot. pzephyrhills. p40 in bradenton. p34 at sarasota. plook at the difference between pbradenton and sarasota and i phave mid to upper 30s going all pthe way down highway 17. pupper 30s to lower 40s along phighway 27. peverybody is cold. pbut again, with more of a psoutheasterly wind today, we're plooking for that fast warmup and pthen by tomorrow, again, making pyour way to the 70s. plet's look at a couple of pdifferent computer models for plater this week. pby the time we get into the pwednesday time frame, and i'm
6:17 am
pin the afternoon, you're going pto start to see, of course, pheavier rain and maybe strong pstorms moving onshore. pthat's just one model. pthen you've got others that pbring it in much earlier in the pday. pthe only question to me is kind pof the timing on this. pnotice gfs brings it in at 11:00 pa.m. pwe're trying to fine tune the ptiming of the rain but we'll phave to deal with rain and pthunderstorms on wednesday pexiting the area on thursday pbefore paving the way for what i pthink this upcoming weekend pshould be pretty nice. pnot as cold, either, so 67 pdegrees for today after this pvery cold start and tomorrow, p40s and 50s if you're right palong the coast, you'll stay in pthe lower 50s. peverybody else is back to the pmid to upper 40s and by tuesday, pthe weather should be great with pa high temperature of 73 pdegrees. pwe could finally get out there pand do some boating. pboy, was it windy this weekend. pat least today we're back to a plight chop.
6:18 am
pis a low tide at 9:08 this pmorning. pas far as boating goes, tomorrow pshould be good, too. pthen there's wednesday, thursday ptime frame. pright now we're putting 70% pchance of rain on wednesday. p60% on thursday morning. pand then clearing it out. pin fact, for the parade this pweekend looks much nicer. p67 degrees for a high ptemperature. p>>russell: a new video shows the pextremists who carried out the pnovember 13 attacks in paris. pit is a group that threatens to pattack great britain. pthe 17 minute video showing the lanning in the paris attacks. pall nine militants died in paris por during raids in belgium and pfrance. pthis week at the royal air pforce, they foiled a terror lot. pcommercial pilots used pop song preferences to send coded
6:19 am
pthe channel was being monitored pand the pilots were arrested. p>>laura: a large chunk of metal pthat washed ashore in southern pthailand could be a piece of the pmissing malaysian airlines pflight. pit disappeared almost two years pago. pit is presumed to have crashed pin the indian ocean. pso far only one piece of debris phas ever been identified. pinvestigators are headed to the psite to take a closer look at pthe wreckage. p>>russell: seven people phospitalized after an american pairlines plane makes a landing pin newfoundland. p192 passengers and 11 crew pmembers were on board the plane. pthree flight attendants and four assengers were hurt. pthe airline is working to get pthe uninjured passengers onto pmilan. p>>laura: it's a big job fair ptoday at tampa international pairport. p>>russell: what's holding back pworkers from finding a new job
6:20 am
pcoming up in hot clicks, a p>> all right. ptime to see what's clicking on pthe web this morning. p>>taylor: good morning. phow is it going? p>>russell: good. p>>taylor: cold, right? p>>laura: yeah. p>>taylor: so cold. pwhen we look at what's going on pup north, we can't really pcomplain. pin honor of their struggle, we phave a couple of snowy videos pfor hot clicks starting with pthis one. pthis guy who decided that he pwould shovel snow in a t rex
6:21 am
pthis was posted on friday and pyou guys, it happens to get over pfive million views over this ast weekend. p>>laura: you just never know pwhat's going to go viral. p>>taylor: you really don't. pand next up, we have someone pelse getting out there and pmaking the most of the snow. pthis is fin, cute little guy pwhose owners say he loves the psnow so they shovelled out a plittle maze for him so he could penjoy and avoid cabin fever. p>>russell: cute. p>>taylor: i'm guessing cabin pfever is what led the guy in the pfirst video to head into the pdinosaur costume and then pshovel. pthen lastly, we're taking things pinside and onto the court. pwatch this amazing trick shot. pthat's pretty impressive, right? pthere it is in slow mo. pyes. pand he's wearing a tank top so
6:22 am
pwe can be jealous of that, pright? pwarm it up in there. pand then earlier, dave mentioned pthat panda video and don't even pthink for one second i didn't pthink of that as a hot click, pbut it was shown in other shows pso we tried to not repeat but i pwill post it on my facebook page pthat. pit was very cute. p>>laura: so cute. pstay warm. p>>russell: blizzard may be over pbut it could be days before pwashington. p>>laura: we're expecting a live preport from the nation's pcapitol. psnow covered. pand then the federal government pis clipping the wings of a group pthat helps endangered birds. pwhy the winter migration may be
6:23 am
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p>> serious accident has the pwestbound lanes of the courtney pcause way shut down. ptwo people were injured, a p19-year-old and 20-year-old both paccident. olice still on scene pinvestigating. pit has the westbound lanes shut pdown. pit could be shut down another phour and a half, two hours. pthey're able to use the service proad off to the right side. pdelays are beginning to build as pthe morning goes on. pwe'll keep you up to date. pright now the howard frankland pbridge is in much better shape pif you would rather take that as pan alternate. panother serious accident we have preported in pinellas county. pthis is along 275 southbound preportedly the exit ramp to pgandy. pmultiple rescue units on scene phere. pwe do have a live shot of that. pyou can see a fire rescue on pscene. pthis is nearly 275 exit ramp pthere. pthrough lanes of southbound 275
6:25 am
pyou'll want to avoid this area palong gandy. pyou can take roosevelt, 118th pavenue or 54th avenue north as pyour alternates. p>>dave: it is cold outside. pareawide, we've got more 40s pthan we have 40s on the map so pbundle up, not to mention that pwe've got frosty conditions in pmany spots. pso that may actually set you pback a few minutes because pyou're going to have to defrost pthe windshield before you take poff. pknow that. ponce we get the sun up, the pwinds will shift to more of a psoutheasterly direction. pit's going to be a nice day as ptemperatures get back in the p60s. pwe do have warming in the pforecast come wednesday. pwe'll talk about that in a plittle bit. p>>laura: thank you. pthe snowflakes have stopped pfalling but across the country, lanes remained grounded and p12,000 weekend flights were pcancelled including dozens in ptampa.
6:26 am
pmillions in the northeast. p>>russell: it has shut down the pnation's capitol. pjoel is live in washington. pwe watched you braving it over pthe weekend and it looked pmiserable. pare you better today? p>>reporter: russell and laura, pmy condolences of the cold ptemperatures in tampa. p>>russell: thank you. p>>reporter: not really. pit's a whole lot colder up here pand the federal government is pshut down along with schools pbecause believe it or not, pthere's still too much snow on pthe ground to move around psafely. ptransportation crews working paround the clock trying to make pd.c. roads passable. pa herculean effort required pafter 17.8 inches of snow pofficially dumped down on pwashington, tying the record for pthe fourth biggest snowfall in pd.c. history. pbut in this strange twist, the psnow measuring device used at
6:27 am
pburied in the blizzard leaving pweather observers no way to precord the true amount of snow pfor hours on end. pstill getting the off the pstreets remains priority number pone. p>> while we've made some rogress, there's still a lot pmore to do. p>>reporter: forecasters never pexpected new york city to miss pthe all-time snowfall tenth by pone tenth of one inch. pall the white stuff did not keep pnew yorkers down. pthe governor lifting a travel pban and broadway shows and pmuseums also opening back up for pbusiness. p>> it was just great to see how pnew yorkers come together in a pbeautiful spirit of community. p>>reporter: this storm dumped psnow from the gulf coast to new pengland. pat least 30 people were killed pfrom a combination of car paccidents, heart attacks from pshovelling and carbon monoxide oisoning. pand ground travel is not the ponly problem because of all of pthis snow on the ground.
6:28 am
pwere cancelled. pguys? p>>russell: and i'll tell you as pi watched it this weekend, and i pwas kind of stuck watching it. pi couldn't look away from it, pthe strangest part of it all was pto see places like d.c. and new pyork city just no traffic, pnothing. pnothing on the streets. pit must have been strange to be pout in all of that. p>>reporter: yeah. pit was really odd. pyou know, here in d.c., i can ptell you firsthand there was retty much no one and there's ptourists usually teeming through pthe various monuments and stuff. pyou just see some plows and pfirst responders, police pofficers, the capitol police out pthere as well but yeah, it is pkind of eery. pa sad note, one of the capital olice officers who was at home pshovelling died of a heart pattack this weekend so obviously palso a very serious storm and psome sad news there, guys. p>>russell: and unless you've plived in that and had to put up pwith it, you don't know how much
6:29 am
pstrain on the body. pi know. pheart attacks are fairly common pin those situations. p>>reporter: absolutely. penjoy tampa. penjoy the warmth. pit will warm up today. plater, at least. p>>russell: thank you. ptake care. p>>laura: thanks, joel. p>>russell: this blizzard's pimpact reaches far beyond pnorthwest. p>>laura: it's impacting hundreds pof flights across the united pstates. pwalter allen is live for us at ptampa international airport this pmorning with a look at how it's pa being affected. pgood morning, walter. p>>walter: good morning. pwe're seeing a little red on the pbig board but not as much as was panticipated over the weekend. pso it looks like things are pslowly but surely getting back pto normal. pwe're in front of the american pcounter and it looks like it's pgetting somewhat busy and it's pdecently busy at 6:30 in the pmorning. eople are pflights. pover the weekend there was p12,000 flights that were either pdelayed or cancelled since
6:30 am
pand right now, there's some 1200 pflights that are delayed or pcancelled today alone. pso we're talking about the pairports being affected from the pdeep south to the new england parea. pnew york city, washington, pbaltimore, now, the two big pairports in the d.c. area, pthey're reporting major issues pstill on this monday morning. pdulles, they said they cancelled p50% of their flights today palone. preagan national, 15% of their pflights are cancelled. pso if you are heading to the pairport, if you have friends or pfamily that are coming back in pfrom that area, definitely a pcouple of things, one, check pwith your airline before you phead to the airport. pthat way you're not wasting your ptime and get to the airport with lenty of time ahead of you. pthere might be more than one pflight going to a particular parea and it might get super, psoup he were crowded. pallow yourself time. pwe'll be here all morning and phopefully it will stay the same pas far as the red on the big pboard right now.
6:31 am
ptampa international holding a pbig job fair today, too. pthey're looking to fill 125 ositions. p65 new shops and restaurants are pcoming to the airport. pabout half will open later this pyear. psome of the new additions pinclude jobs and one in four pworkers will try to find a new pjob in 2016. p74% say that more money is the pmotivator. pthe experts at aarp are saying pthat age shouldn't be a factor. p>> it is a daunting task no pmatter what age but keep in pmind, experience matters. pit really is a valued asset that pemployers look for. p>>laura: and the experts say pthat you can improve your odds pof landing a new job by pdemonstrating modern skills via
6:32 am
paarp found that 42% of people pwho tried to transition to new pcareers in the last two years pwere successful. p>>russell: u.s. fish and pwildlife will no longer support pa group that teaches endangered pwhooping cranes how to migrate. pthey are nearly wiped out in the p1940s. pfor 15 years a group called poperation migration has tried to pestablish a new flock. pwell, the group inspired that pmovie "fly away home." pthey raised chicks in the wild pand then acting as their arents, used ultra lights to pteach the birds how to fly south pfor the winter. pthe group starts in wisconsin pand ends up in northern florida pand this is a map of the pjourney. pthe latest flock is resting just pnorth of their winter nesting proute in the panhandle. plast leg of a flight has been pdelayed because of weather. pthe effort has been more than p$20 million. p92 birds are still alive. ponly 10 chicks are still alive
6:33 am
pthe birds aren't passing on what pthey were taught. pthe leader says he's pdisappointed and sad to see the pend of aircraft-led migrations. p>>laura: we are expecting some pstorms later this week. pdave has your seven-day pforecast. p>>russell: and it's not quite an poffer he can't refuse. pare tampa bay's pockets deep penough to keep stamkos? our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo.
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p>> big problems along the pbridges. pwestbound along the courtney pcampbell causeway, still closed pwith an earlier accident that poccurred just before the boat pramp and that's where sky fox is pthis morning. ptaking a look at the delay pheading westbound, you can see pthe traffic here able to use the pservice road to get around this pclosure. pthis is your westbound side pright here. pcurrently blocked. pyou can see that traffic pstarting to stack up as people proad. phoward frankland bridge right pnow much better shape if you pwould rather take that as an palternate. pthis is expected to be closed pfor another couple of hours and pwe'll keep you up to date when pthis does reopen. panother serious problem that has poccurred along gandy boulevard pat southbound 275. pthis is reportedly near the pentrance ramp. pwe have d.o.t. camera up. pyou see fire rescue on scene pover here. pthese are southbound 275 through planes. pthis isn't causing an issue for pgandy drivers.
6:37 am
por 54th avenue north also as palternates. p>>dave: pretty cold start to the pday. pin fact, we have a freeze pwarning out for sumter county, phernando county, citrus county puntil 9:00 this morning. pall of these spots are below 32 pdegrees. pthen a frost warning. pi know, it's been a time since pwe've had this much widespread pfrost but if you're east of 75, pyou've got up this morning. pif you're north, i know many pspots, even parts of pinellas pcounty away from the water have phad a little frost this morning pso that's going to mean a few pextra minutes in the car this pdefrosting. pi would say break out the old pice scraper but how many of us phave those? phalf a dozen? pi don't know. p30 degrees in crystal river. p31 in brooksville. pbarely above freezing in wesley pchapel and 34. pbrandon has been sitting in the pmid 30s for hours now. p39 in winter haven. pyesterday we made it to the mid p50s. pit was a huge struggle just to
6:38 am
ptoday we're going to start to pshift the wind and that will pmake a big difference in the pafternoon. pyou've got 29 in tallahassee. p29 in gainesville. p44 in nap em les naples. pmiami, this is real cold. p52 degrees this morning. pbut as high pressure moves off pthe coast and you start that pshift of the winds, and get in a psoutherly direction, it's going pto rock it right back up again. pstill below normal for today pbecause we are starting off so pcold. pbut at least for the first time pin a few days, we'll get the ptemperatures back in the 60s and pi think for tomorrow, we'll pbring them back up in the 70s. pthat's when things start to pchange a little bit again as we phave another cold front working pits way south and eastward and pas it gets closer to us, we're pexpecting a wave of low pressure pto form along that front and pthen move over the state again. pi know sound familiar? pi think this time, though, the plow is a little closer to us
6:39 am
pway of heavier rainfall. pin fact, the computer models say pone to three inches of rain come pwednesday into thursday so it's pobviously something that bears pwatching. pwe don't typically get that much prain in the wintertime. pel nino pattern, anything is ossible. pthe potential for strong storms pand heavy rain there wednesday pinto thursday but it's all out pof here in time for the upcoming pweekend. pi think this next weekend will pbe a lot warmer than this past pweekend. pso fast warmup today. pwe'll bring you up to 67 degrees pfor a high temperature. pthen as soon as that sun goes pdown, grab the jackets, 40s and p50s tomorrow morning. ptampa stays 50 to 52. pouter lying areas get back in pthe 40s but everybody is above pfreezing tonight and then partly pcloudy tomorrow with a high ptemperature around 72, 73 pdegrees. pget out there and do some pboating next couple of days. pyou may may have been chopping pat the bit to do that. phigh tide today at 11 minutes to
6:40 am
pwednesday rain moves in. psome of it will be heavy. pthere could be a few strong pstorms out of here on thursday pand then by friday, saturday and psunday, a nice warmup that pincludes 67 on saturday and then pjen? p>>jennifer: time to check in pwith charley belcher. pdid you recover from your psaturday at gasparilla? p>>charley: yeah. pthat was a good day. pi really -- to be completely phonest, saturday morning i pdreaded it. pi didn't want to go. pyou know, i'm like, it's cold. pthen i have a nice cup of coffee pat home. pi don't want to go down there pand it's going to be loud and pit's going to be cold and so, pyou know, just being honest, i pwhine sometimes. pi get down there and it was so pmuch fun. pit was chilly a little bit but pit wasn't as bad as i thought. pthe blue skies were so pfantastic. pi love being on bayshore pboulevard.
6:41 am
pthen to see the kids screaming pand so excited over beads and i pget a kick out of seeing the pfloats go by and the pirates and pwhat's so cool about this articular parade, not only is pit for the kids and the audience pbut most of the crews turn over pthe floats to the kids as well. pso you see all sorts of kids on pthe floats throwing the beads as pwell as all the kids, of course, pon the parade route with the pbeads and it was really fun. plike most things, i tread doing pthem and then i'm like, it was pso much fun. pwhy did i dread doing that? p>>jennifer: it was cool to see pthe kids and their families pdressed up, too. p>>charley: dressed up and pbundled up. pyou saw the video from new york pand d.c., philadelphia, that's preally cold. pthat's what winter is like. pi love here in florida. pit's 55 degrees and the kids are
6:42 am
pscarves and hats and they look plike a kid from "christmas pstory" who can't put their arms pout. pwe get cold, too, when there's pno snow on the ground. yo pyou moved up on the float. p>>jennifer: we were 65. pit was cold. pit was -- sun wasn't out enough. pit was windy. pbut it was a long period of time pbefore we got to bay to bay arade. pthat part of the parade kind of pdragged on but once we hit bay pto bay and were able to throw pthe beads and have fun, that's pwhen things started to kick into pgear. pit was a lot of fun. p>>charley: if you've ever been pin the parade, where the stage parea is, sometimes it takes pawhile to get started and they ptell you, please do not throw pany beads until you're past bay pto bay. pmeantime, there are sometimes pkids who know to sneak down pthere and they're begging for pthem. pbut we had a good time.
6:43 am
pi saw some pictures you posted pon facebook from your family up pin pennsylvania. pthey were safe but full of snow. p>>jennifer: 31 inches in pbethlehem, pennsylvania. p>>charley: check out her pfacebook page. pgreat video of why she doesn't plive in pennsylvania anymore and pi love the floridians going, why pare they mowing the grass? p>>jennifer: was that so funny? pthat was a snow blower. p>>charley: check out the video pon jen's facebook page. pwe are bringing back our cool pschools. pit's a wonderful little segment. pi'm proud to be a part of it. pwith so many negativity on the pnews, a kid is in trouble and pteacher is in trouble and padministrator is in trouble but pwhat we're going to do the next pfew mondays, shining a bright plight on positive things and pcool things happening in our pschools. pwe begin in citrus park pelementary school, home of the
6:44 am
pcan you believe it? p1911 that believe was built. phere. pstill used as a classroom. pa big modern school is built paround it and behind it now. pwe'll talk about the history of pcitrus park elementary school. pi'll tell you about some really pcool programs happening here. pwe'll have a nice, good day. pgo get more coffee. p>>jennifer: i hope there's heat pin the little red schoolhouse. p>>charley: there's the original pwooden stove, how they would plike this. p>>jennifer: looking forward to pit. pthank you. p>>charley: have a "good day." p>>russell: and the lightning phave offered steven stamkos penough money to make him one of pthe highest paid players in the pleague. pis it enough to keep him in ptampa? paccording to sports net, that's pa canadian hockey website, the pbolts first' offer is an peight-year deal. pit's worth $68 million. pand that is a million more than phe's making right now.
6:45 am
peighth highest salary in the pleague. pbut some think he could make peven more in the open market. pbroncos will face off in super pbowl 50. pcarolina advanced to the super pbowl easily. pthe broncos sweep past patriots p20-18. pbroncos are going for the third ptitle. anthers will be going for the pfirst. psuper bowl 50 february 7 at levi pstadium in santa clara, pcalifornia. pbucs made another post season phire. ptodd is leaving southern pmississippi to be offensive pcoordinator and wide receivers pcoach for tampa bay. phe coached southern mississippi pin the past three seasons. pdirk koetter worked with him in pjacksonville. p>>laura: and coming you mean, pthe cost of the historic pblizzard. plauren simonetti adds it all up.
6:46 am
pis3 we've talked about the snow ... the travel delays ... p>>russell: we talked about the psnow, travel delays and now it's ptime to talk about the cost of pall of it. p>>laura: we're talking about phundreds of millions of dollars. pjoining us from the fox business pnetwork studio, lauren simonetti pto talk about t. good morning. pnot as bad as they thought, pthough. p>>reporter: it could have been pworse. pthe price tag for the storm up pand down the east coast this pweekend, you have to remember pthis is an area that if it were pa monday, tuesday, wednesday, p$16 billion in output produced phere per day but it happened on pthe weekend. pwe thought it would be a billion pdollar storm. pthey're pegging it between $350 pto $850 million.
6:47 am
pbut still, the cleanup is pcostly. pi walked outside this morning, pall the cars along my street pwere totally covered in snow and pyou have mountains on every pstreet corner. p>>laura: miserable. p>>russell: you sent me a picture pon saturday. pit was cute. pthat was very, very cute. p>>reporter: i put a similar one pon social media. pbaby's first snow. pshe loved it. p>>russell: good. poscars are coming up and it plooks like a blizzard didn't pkeep people out of theaters, did pit? p>>reporter: 300 theaters were pclosed on the east coast because pof this storm. peven broadway was shut down. panyway, the revanant still made pa lot of money. p$16 million this stormy weekend. pit gave them the number one spot pwhich pushed "star wars: the pforce awakens" to the number two pspot. pif you're talking about like ptotal hall ul, $119 million for the
6:48 am
palmost $2 billion for a pworldwide gross for star wars. p>>russell: if the snow wasn't penough for you, you go to the ptheater and you watch a lot of psnow is pretty much what the prevanant is. p>>reporter: i haven't seen it pyet but i heard that leo doesn't ptalk much. p>>russell: no need to talk when pyou're by yourself. p>>reporter: i have to see this pfilm. p>>laura: me, too. p>>russell: don't miss lauren on pour sister network f. you're not psure where to find fox business, pgo to fox and look pfor channel finder. p>>laura: chris rock is rewriting phis speech. pmany stars have spoken out about pthe lack of diversity in the pofblg -- oscar nominations. pwill smith and spike lee will pnot be attending this year's pshow.
6:49 am
p>>russell: after 13-year break, pthe much anticipated return of pthe x files premiered last night pon fox. pthe next one is tonight. pif you missed it, you can watch pthe first one on demand or at px files is followed by the remier of a new fox show and i pcan't wait for this. pactor tom ellis plays the prince pof darkness who ditches his pthrone down there to have a plittle fun on the side. phe helps the los angeles police pdepartment. pit premiers tonight on fox 13 pand here's a sneak peek of the pnew series. p>> angels raising hell on ploosifer. p>> we're trying to teach people panything or not change beliefs por anything like that. pwe're trying to tell the story pabout someone perceived as pirredeemable. p>> the return to the underworld
6:50 am
p>> tom plays the prince of pdarkness who ditches his throne pfor fun in los angeles but pinstead he finds himself on the pright side of the law helping plapd punish criminals. p>> we say quite literally he's pbored of hell. pi think as the series progresses pyou realize it's much deep he pwere. p>> stop caring. pyou're the devil. p>> he becomes more visible when phe befriends chloe decker. p>> she sees that he is magnetic pand women love him and men want pto be him. phe can get people to tell the ptruth. phe can ask someone something and pthey open up to him. palso they don't use him but ask phim to help with his skills and pwith his powers. pat this point in time within pshooting the show, i have not -- pi don't know if he's the devil por i don't believe that he says pit all the time.
6:51 am
pdoesn't stop when the cameras pdo. pthey say they enjoy raising a plittle hell on set. p>> we like to have fun and we plike to do on-set gags and, you pknow -- yeah. p>> yeah, right? p>> we're little demons but we're pgood hearted demons. p>> come with me. p>> it's a pleasure. p>>laura: does look good. pdon't go away. pwe have more ahead in the next phour. pnew year hasn't been happy for psome of you. padvice when it comes to the p401k. p>>russell: don't look at it. pflying coach. pmost of us do it. pfind out why a celebrity didn't plike being put back there. p>>dave: wait until you see these ptemperatures. p36 degrees the brookdale pbayshore camera. pit's a cold, cold start to the pday. pand for many of us, a frosty one pas well. ptampa international sitting at paround 40. pat least it's beautiful. pwinds are shifting to the psoutheast today. pthat will tend to warm us up. pby the middle of the week, the
6:52 am
prain on wednesday may be our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast.
6:53 am
that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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