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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  January 25, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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another child makes an un- p well, another child manges pan unwilling appearance in a ress conference. pwhich celebrity son doesn't pappear to like the spotlight. phow cute is he though. pone person's mistake can another pgain our job expert doug arms is phere to take advantage of pcompany's faux pas. pcan i answer a question? pwe were joking it might be paction it was probably be colder poutside than it is in our pstudio. pand it's not. pit's actually a little bit pwarmer. pis it really? p>> i can believe it. pit's warmer out here. pi brought coat out i don't need pit. pi don't need it. pi need gloves in studio. pearly hypothermia setting in. pi'm out here with dave right pnow.
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p>> it is nice outside. p>> it's cold. pyeah. pit's not that bad. pand it's warming up quickly. pi think that's the big key. plike, oh, see now i'm getting a pcough. pwe were in 50s all weekend long ptoday i think we will squeeze it pback up into the 60s. pwe're starting a 47 degrees poutside of tampa international. pwe have 49 in clearwater. p51 in st. petersburg. p45 in lakeland. peven crystal river is still at p37 degrees at this hour. pdrier air full sunshine i do pexpect to fast warm up today. pabout 67 degrees tomorrow 73. pbut then, the clouds and the prain are moving back in we will ptalk about that in just a little pbit. p>> seven people are hurt this pmorning after an american pairlines plane hit extreme pturbulence near the storm. pthey made an emergency land pnewfoundland.
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pitaly three flight attendants 4 assengers taken to the phospital. p>> meanwhile the rest of east pcoast beginning dig out. pbut in new york the mayor says phe wants people to a still stay poff the roads and honestly pwashington d.c. is still pretty pmuch shut down right now. pso, after two feet of snow. panne marie i didn't know if we pgot, doug luzader is in pwashington this morning. phe's, he's out in it. phow does st looking right now? p>> well, sorry. pi'm sorry. pi'm not laughing. pright around here not too bad. pi mean susie, it's, i know, plisten, there's, there's florida pstandards and then their d.c. pstpdz today. pit's not too bad. pwe're down to pavement here in plot of places. pother roads are impassable. psome sidewalks are impassable. pfederal government is kind of ptaking they are taking a snow pday today. pand tomorrow we may see the same pthing happen.
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pa lot of schools are going to be pclosed today. pand tomorrow as well. pjust as preventative measure. pso going to take long time to pkind of you know dig everything pout. pand federal government has the pflexibility to just go, we're pclosing today. pso what they decided to do. pdoug if it makes you feel any pbetter, we had some frost this pmorning on our windshields if it pmakes you feel any better. poh. pthat just sounds, sounds awful. pi feel so bad, frankly i don't pknow how you were able to come pto work today. p>> hey, you, i don't know how pyou got to work quite honestlywe psaw facebook some pictures of pyour car, then in your earlier pstory we saw the we saw the pwalk. pwe see the way we're seeing it pright now the walk to work. p>> that's right. pand my, yeah i put a picture of pmy car up on twitter which they, pthe thing to do try to guess pwhat kind of a car it is. pbecause you only see about this
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poh there it is. pit is covered and i will tell pyou this, it's going to stay pthat way. pi have no reason to move that pcar. pjust going to walk back and pforth to work i'm going to wait pfor that snow to melt. pi'm not going to dig that thing pout i think i'm in pretty good pcompany in that war all cars you psee here are just kind of snowed pin. pthe thing is that you know, in pthe city, if you clear your pspace, you leave somebody's pgoing to take at that space you phave no other place to park your pcar. pyou just ended up leaving it and pwaiting for the snow to melt. pknow that late last week as we pwere getting ready for this big pstorm there had been an a little pbit of snow in d.c. a couple of pdays before. pa lot criticism of about how the pdistrict handled it. pdo you think district did a pbetter job? pi mean was there anything to phandle besides just telling eople to be safe? p>> yeah. pthat's big difference. prussell last week when this
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psnowfall just an inch snafl or pso people were still working preally screwed up the commute. pthis time there was no commute. pi mean they, called off the pfederal government early on pfriday. pno work today. pmaybe no work tomorrow. pmuch easier i will say this ower outages surprisingly, psurprisingly light as a result pof this. peven though we're talking about pthis much snow, most people kept ptheir power. pthat was really most important pthing for this storm. pall right. plisten, i know it's rough. pi mean we're really not laughing ptoo much because listen, you pguys, do what you have to do to pstay warm down there, i know pit's a big concern. pwe're trying. pwe're trying. pwe also wore jackets outside we pdecided not to in honor of you. ptake care. pwe'll talk soon, okay. phere take, take my gloves. pthanks. pall right. pwe're still dealing with serious pconditions along our bay bridges pthis morning if you're making pyour way out door and wondering phow courtney campbell causeway phassing coming along
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pstill shut down just before the pboat ramp. pauthorities are on scene pinvestigating an earlier povernight accident blocking pthose westbound lanes. pnow traffic is able to get by pusing the service road. pbut that's single file way to pget around this. pand delays back toward rocky oint area. pif you're heading into pinellas pcounty howard franklin bridge is pin good shape heading into inellas county heading into phillsborough county you will pwant to avoid that area. pu.s. 19, if a. bit slow both pdirections main land boulevard pan accident reported there in pclearing stages. pand live look here at your psouthbound i-75 traffic at pfowler, you can see delays are pthinning out. pabout 12 minutes southbound from pbruce b. downs into i-4. p all right courtney thank pyou. pthey are as low as they are pgoing to go. p>> at least that's what the oil pindustry is hoping. pgas prices have plummeted $0.14 pin the last two weeks. pbut now analyst are saying that pmight be the end of the slide. pespecially since crude oil rices went up late last week. plowest price for gallon of gas
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p>> polk county sheriff's office pasking for your help this pmorning. pthey need to catch three pburglary suspects. pthis is a picture from a nearby phome surveillance camera. pand you can see three young men pand a dark colored nissan psheriff office says these men pburglar rise a home in lakeland. pthree separate times on friday. pthey took an electronics, food, pand even the family dog. pthis yorkshire terrier is a preward out this morning anyone pwith information is asked to pcall crime stoppers. panother strange happening a man pfound dead inside his home from pa gunshot wound. pken suarez is at the plant city olice department. pken, definitely saying this is a phomicide now? p>> definitely homicide. pwe know answer to that question pa lot of other questions that pare still unanswered. pno suspect yet. pbut let me recap story we've ptelling you about all morning. pthey get a call here plant city olice department a little after p5 yesterday afternoon. pthey say a guy is in a house on
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robably from a gunshot wound. pguy radio really knows about pthis is standing next to psergeant al a spokesperson for pthe department. pso where are you going with pinvestigation? pwhat can you tell thaws's new? p>> this time ken we don't really phave anything that's new. pyou've done an excellent job psummarizing what we're at sure pfar. psince we put information out plast night are the detectives pare working extensively to try pto make sense of the interview pthat is were conducted at the pscene. pthey were interviews with family pmembers, and i believe some of pthe neighborhood residents. pand they are working to try to ut those interviews and put ieces together where we'll phopefully be able to develop a psuspect here in the near future. eople there? p>> what i was able to discern plast night he was in the presidence by himself. phe had some family members had ptried to reach out to him at pvarious points during sunday. pand phone calls and text
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pso with that, family members pwere concerned. pask as you said a little bit pafter 5 that's when family pmembers made a discovery. pdoes it appear there was any pkind of forced entry or let this erson in perhaps? p>> there was not any forced pentry that we could determine at pthis time. pagain, part of the forensic pexamination. pobviously the doors and windows pare were checked again we don't phave anything to say that there pwas. pso does that imply he may have pknown that person? p>> it's entirely possible. pwe can't, you know develop a phypothesis right now as to if he pleaves his door open, if he pdidn't, let the person in, again pthat's something that we don't pknow at this time and we're plooking into. pis this possibly drug related? pbecause we, looked into his pbackground he has pretty long pcriminal history. p>> again, anything is entirely ossible. pwe don't want to speculate and psay that it is. peven you know, if that was a
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pwe're confident that we have to pfind who did this and make them ay for their action. pi think pretty safe to say that pyou know looking for pinformation, they will get some pfrom autopsy that will be coming pup presumably today. pother thing is if anybody saw panything the plant city police pdepartment would certainly like pto get a call to kind of help pout and move this investigation pforward. pback to you. pi'm sure they would still early pin investigation. pall right ken, thank you. p well by now you know that psuper bowl is set. pgoing to be veteran payton pmanning and broncos against pyoung mvp candidate cam new ton pand his carolina panthers. p>> now, after the game, the phoopla starts dying down. pand the players then they come pout, and they go to the podium pfor their post game news pconferences. pand we're used to seeing them plike this, payton manning being pasked the usual question. oised answering the questions. phe's done this a lot.
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pthat's payton's 4-year-old son pmarshal being very timid hiding pbehind podium. pbut he's got afc championship phat on. phe's wearing it backwards. pthen apparently even that gets pto be a little too much for him. pso he goes behind dad hiding pfrom everybody except the people pon the side. pthough don't you. pwe're just wondering if he will phave one more chance to have one pof those media press pconferences. pone that we would imagine is pwhole lot bigger out in san pfrancisco. por santa clara. pgoing to good game. pa real good game. phope so. phe's doer rabl. pspeaking of kids. pkids all around bay area psurvived another attack from irates on sadder they braved pcold and the wind. pand battled pirates. pstealing beads and frisbee and pswords. pthousands of kids and their arents flocked to bay shore. pa lot of families there. pit was such a good time. pa lot of hot chocolate was sold pand fox 13 is sponsor.
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pwe had fun out there too. p>> yeah. pwe did d. have a good time. pwe did. pwe did. palways fun. p>> yeah. psure is stay with us nobody's erfect. peven hiring managers make pmistakes. pcoming up next how you can take padvantage of them. pand most of time political pbattles don't result in physical pfights. pexcept when there are several pfeet of snow on the ground. pthe fight at the famous dupont pcircle. p>> and then charley belcher pstarting this year's cool school pcitrus park elementary. phey charley. phey, you know in 1911, nothing pin this area but some si si ptuesday groves. pso a little red school house was pbuilt in 1911 and we're standing pinside of it today. pcitrus park elementary school. phow did they get the kids to pcome to class?
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pand rang the bell. pschool is in session. pcool schools are in session. pstick around everybody. pand have a good day. [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance? uh, i save people an average of over $500 when they switch? did you pack your own bags? oh! right -- the name your price tool. it shows people policy options to help fit their budget. [ scanner warbling ] crazy that a big shot like me would pack his own bags, right? [ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait.
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p welcome back. plast week we were talking about pa mistakes that hiring managers pdo and how you can take padvantage of them. pwe got through the first three pif you'd like to see them i've pgot them up on my facebook page pinterview we did with doug on my pfacebook page. pwe'll sort of explain those.
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pon ten hiring mistakes to avoid. pit was geared toward hiring pmanagers. pbut he's turned for us he's pturned it around to explain how pyou as a perspective employee pcan take advantage of those pmistakes. pdoug and vice-president kelly pservices with us to talk about pit all this morning. pfew more, we can get we will try pto get 4, 5, 6 and seven. pyou think so? pi think so. pso good to see you. pall right. pyou too. pforget, for getting to sell the osition. p>> so interviewsers are psometimes great at conducting pthe interview figuring out what pthis want to know about pindividual. pwhat they sometimes forget to psell the benefit the position pwith benefit company. pcandidate leaves a with impress pi did okay in interview i'm not psure i learned enough about the pjob or this person wasn't that pexcited about job. pso, the mistake is when pcandidate comes back and isn't pall that thrilled or doesn't pfollow up gee i really like that pcandidate, you have to go pthrough the process of selling a pjob. pif the interviewer from pcandidates perspective interview
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pwith any ambiguity of position pthe company or what's great pabout it start asking questions pabout what brought you here pfirst. pwhat keeps you here, what are pexciting things about the pcompany. pwhat did people say that's good, pbad or indifferent. por do our research orn internet. pareas glass gives you plot of information on them. pdon't be scared. pyeah. pabsolutely. pall right. pmoving too slowly. pinterviewers may delay a rocess. pthey want to make the hire but pfor some reason they are plenty pinterviewers like they want to ptake their time get all their pwork done in the process. pso they will say okay, let's pmeet this week and then we'll phave our follow-up meeting in ptwo weeks. pi'll set you up with other eople we vacation another three pweeks you find out this going on pfor two months. pyou have to be efficient moving pthrough a process. pso, from a job seeker's erspective if you find length ptime getting too long. pstart prompting him by saying, pyou know, i have some roactively i have some pavailability can we move to next pstep then i have other things in
9:17 am
pfirst consideration can we be paing set rail the process they pmay or may not but at least pyou're doing everything you can pto move it along. pnot committing to the search. p>> plenty of hiring managers go pthrough search they want to put ptheir toe in water want to see pwhat's available what candidates pthey can maybe drum up. pand just not fully committed to pit. pyou will uneasy we will meet pwith you but very much feels psecondary to them. pthat's an indicator that they pmay not be serious about search. psecond part of that is as you go pthrough that kind of search you phave to be prepared to kind of pyou know recalibrate hiring pmanager in sense push when you pdo want to hire buy. pthat's a really important pinterview he you can get clarity pon when what's going to make psense to them. pand finally, there was, skipping pthe reference checks. p>> more and more companies are pnot technically authorized to pgive a full reference check. pthey may confirm dates of
9:18 am
psome slander libel laws. pbut candidates provide preferences very customary to rovide references you should go pthrough process of finding eople that liked you first of pall and past company but repared them for job you're pinterviewing for going for this pjob. pfirst offal russell would assay pnice things here's job going pforward. preally prepare that to give you pgood reference. pinterviewers call those preference and shouldn't be about phow can i find things gotcha and pfind ways to disqualify you. pways of going into it saying i'm lanning on hiring this person. pwhat should i know about them. phow do they learn best? phow do they like to be managed? pwhat challenges any kind of help pi can give them from the pbeginning on before they show psigns of weakness or inadequacy pthat could give them a ert about pchance of success. pyou take it from learning about ptheir behaviors and who they pare. pi think skipping reference pchecks puts you disadvantage pfrom management perspective once pokay.
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pwe did good. pignoring pipeline, asking too pmany leading questions and not ptaking the pressure off. pgoing to be going to barn pburner. pit's you think we can get it pdone next week? pthey might not be able to might pbe netflix put it all out once pand binge watch. p>> beautiful outside this pmorning as we're starting to a pquickly warm things up. pwe still have chill in the air. pfor all of us in a 40s right pnow. phang in there. pbecause we're going to make our pway back into the 60s. pwestchase 45, pinellas park also pin the mid 40s. pmrnt city how 41 degrees this pmorning also in the 40s, pinverness, crystal river, pbradenton, in fact everybody preally in the 40s. pi do see that sebring has made pits way back up to 50 degrees. pbut shift winds a little bit ptoday. pand look at this, about 5 to 11 pdegrees warmer than it was pyesterday at this time. pi think it will be a noticeable pdifference when you get east to psoutheast wind later this
9:20 am
pwe're going to pump our ptemperatures up into 60s versus p50s. ptomorrow, back to normal. pand then next half hour we'll ptalk about rain coming in on pwednesday and thursday. pso mostly sunny today, with fast pwarm up and high of 67 degrees. ptomorrow back to the lower 70s pgood chance of a heavy soaking prain on wednesday thursday. pthen we clear it out in time for pweekend. poh, yeah big parade on saturday, pright? phigh temperatures there around p67 degrees. p all right. pdave. pwe're still dealing with delays palong courtney campbell causeway pauthorities investigating an pearlier overnight accident. pthat still currently has pwestbound lanes shut down just pbefore boat ramp traffic able to pget by just off to side there pcausing a mile of backed up ptraffic. peastbound also bit heavy with on plooker slow down and still very pslow you see northbound 275 on peast end of the howard franklin pbridge. plaura. p all right, courtney, thank pyou.
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pmost weekend hundreds in nation pcapital got to let off massive psteam look massive snowball pfight. pone several fights that was porganized on facebook. ptheme. pit was snow wars. pthe snowball strikes back. pand then this, so cute you have pto see this a white house, the pfirst family dogs spend weekend penjoying the snow. pthey are playing together. pand all of that snowfall. pstorm dumped nearly two feet on pwashington. pblizzard also brought several pnortheastern cities to a stand pstill. pyou know airports are going to pquiet today at least a lot pquieter than they've been except pfor tia. pit's going to bustling with job pseekers. pwalter allen is a huge job fair ptoday. pwe're going to very latest from phim coming up in just about ten pminutes. pcharley belcher at citrus park pelementary. phe's wrapping up our first cool
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pwe're back aft pgood day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher it's cool pschool season for us, you know pin the fall, every friday we're paround a different high school. phigh school football and all pthings fun going on in our high pschools. pwinter months and spring we like pto do cool schools over next few pmondays we will visiting pdifferent public and private and pcharter all kinds of different pschools in the tampa bay area. pshining a spotlight on ositivity good things teachers pand admin sdrarts are doing. pmr. fontaine happens to be rincipal citrus park. pwe're standing inside the poriginal school house. pbuilt in 1911. pyeah this actual school house
9:23 am
pit was built to help the school. pit epicenter of society. pi want show you video of poutside. pit truly is a little red school phouse. robably red paint left over to aint the barn. p>> yeah. pwhite on the inside, red on the poutside. pit's surprising that this is pstood the test of time it hasn't pbeen just demolished and pushed paway for something new. pwell it's it was scheduled to be pretired. pback in the 20s, but then they psaid no they really needed to pspace. pthey needed more classroom pspace. pduring world war ii it became pfor the woman's club they would pactually teach people to take ptheir vegetables from canning pgarden and learn how to can them phere? p>> it became a storage room in proom. pschool. ponce again it went in, they used pit for storage.
9:24 am
pthat florida is constantly prunning into. pthey had to repurpose it back pagain to be used as a school proom. pit's been used like that ever psince. p>> and you see walls and pceilings could talk this space pand air. pwhat it seen over the years. pand, black boards, original? pthat's original slate. p1911. preal slate. pyou know lost in time on that, pbut at last actually slate. pnot that paint you buy at home pdepot. pnot a white board that smart pboard we're used to in this day pand age. pso what, how do you use it now? pwhat is it used for mainly? pmainly now we use it for our ele pstudents learning english as ptheir second lang epicenter up ptalk about the slate board but pwe also have a smart board. pthere is a smart board here. pmake no mistake. pstate of the art technology pinside school house from 1911. pthank you sir. pkeep up good work here.
9:25 am
pschool great way to kick it off. pgot something here. p18 this is real. p1872. prules for teachers. p>> i will tell you number 6 prule, yes. pwomen teacher who is marry or pengage in unseemly conduct will pbe dismissed. pif you got married you were pfired as teacher. p>> isn't that something? pjust standing in this one room pschool house, it's pretty cool. p>> yeah. pyeah. pawful rules aside, pretty cool. p>> yeah. pwe have evolved as society. plet's hope we have. pall right. psee you later. p>> all right. art-time to full time.
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pneeds to find aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares.
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3 3 ((laura//2shot)) welcome back to good day tampa bay. p and welcome back to good day ptampa bay. ptime right now is 9:31. pa judge can force teachers back pto work in detroit today. pteacher have been holding a sick pout not showing up for the last ptwo weeks. pbut the sick out has caused pentirely. pthey have been protesting pay pclass size building conditions, poverhaul the district. pthe teachers plan to hold panother rally outside capital pbuilding. pif judge rules for district ptomorrow. p>> also happening today, pmichigan attorney general will rovide an update into the water pinvestigation there. pwe should know more later this pmorning what, if any laws were
9:28 am
psupply being contaminated. p>> the ag also said regarding pinvestigation, we will do our pjobs thoroughly and let chips pfall where they may. palso announce ad former rosecutor and former f.b.i. pdirector will lead the pinvestigation. p>> to california now where there pa $50,000 reward for information pabout three inmates who escaped pfrom jail. p>> police say that three cut pthrough a gate then used bed psheets to repel down from the proof. pauthorities not exactly sure pwhen they escaped. pthey first noticed them is piffing friday night. pall three are considered armed pand dangerous. p>> getting more video from palaska where on sunday morning pthey had a 7.1 magnitude quake. pthankfully no reports of pinjuries sunday early morning pwake up call was stronging that pstate has felt in decades felt pby almost everyone as far with paway as anchorage.
9:29 am
peverything back to normal pinclude airlines. peven here there are still a lot pof delay and cancellations. pso if you have a flight or pyou're waiting on someone be psure to check with your airline pbefore you leave. pbut there is something else pgoing on at the airport today phuge job fair and fox 13 walter pallen is there p>> good morning, guys. pthat's right i'm not grilling pdanny about the flight pcancellations. phe's not on hot seat about that. pactually good news. pthere's a job fair today. preally great thing that's going pon. pwalk me through this very pexciting first one for new wave. pfirst public job fair for new pconcessions redevelopment rogram 65 new shops and prestaurants to tampa pinternational airport. pagain this is first job fair for pthis wave. pand we have got 5 concession plooking to fill about 125 jobs. pas you can see right back here, pwe actually have some eye pads
9:30 am
pright here on the spot which is retty cool. pwave of future. plast job fair you had. pfor the new, new jobs and plus pyou have about 200, 250 come? p225 people that was for existing pconcession workers gives first pshot work for new companies that pcoming into airport. p>> very exciting to to have all pof these new companies coming 40 ercent are local which is pexciting. pabsolutely. pwe bolstered number of local pcompanies. pwhether it's a coffee company or pdubbings with an even longoria, pgreats race baseball player of pcourse. pyou've got columbia enlarging pits footprint cigar city is penlarging its footprint here at pthe airport. pthings are starting to roll out. pi think front of burger king and apa john's that looks new and pother places are getting a face plift. pwalk me through from your erspective how exciting is it
9:31 am
pthrough a renaissance. p>> yeah it's very exciting. pwe've never done anything quite plike this. pin history of airport. pthis largest concession predevelopment program we've ever phad. pgoing to be going great for our pcustomers. pthey are going to see all new prestaurants. pof course, they will see some of ptheir favorites, but lot of new pchoices. pvery exciting when they come eat pat the airport. p>> okay so new choices will ep pup in spring tent 16 and almost pshould done in 2017. pyep. pso the job fair is right by air pside a. pyes right by bathrooms one side pyou go bathroom other side you pgo to here to job fair. pshouldn't too long. pyou just pay for an hour parking pand that should be free. pan hour of parking is free you pcome has here and put your name pin and hopefully get a job dress pto impress and put pell copies pof your resume russell laura. pthank you. psee alater. p>> you bet. p>> you know, we're not xooktly pused to the cold weather, right? pwe were talk about doug luzader pjust felt bad about it.
9:32 am
pwhen temperatures drop down into p30s and 40s. pi want show to show this one of pour viewer sent to me on my pfacebook page. pthis is sonya she sent this icture to me with a caption pwant to build a snow man. pwhat is this snoech frost on her pwindshield she took this. pthere you go. pmade it tiny little snow man. pthere you go. p>> snow man p>> i can't believe there was pthat much frost. pi know in bradenton. pwow. pthat's cool. pa little arms. ptwigs sticking out. p>> she has a sense of hurp. pi love it. psan ya thank you for sending pthat. pthat's cool. pthat's cool. plittle twigs for their arms p>> yeah. ponly reason we don't have it on pour windshield when we get up we pget up too early. panother hour or two we would phave had frost too. pthat's sad when we have to get pup before frost even forms. p>> true. pthink about that. pby way snow man is already gone. pit's in 40s. pmaybe she put it in freezer panyway we had a cool start to
9:33 am
pit's going to a nice day though pas winds are beginning shift pmore toward southeast you will pnotice a dramatic warm up. pwhile today we'll have high ptemperatures in 60s. pit looks likes for at least ptomorrow we're going to get ptemperatures to head back into pthe 70s. pso, today, you know, beautiful psunshine. p67 degrees. robably notice late in the day ptomorrow, or tomorrow night, the pclouds are going to start to proll in. pwe've got new very fast moving pstorm system on its way. pnow, the details are not 100 ercent yet. pbut it does look like this next pstorm system would actually pbring some pretty heavy rains pwith us. pthis right here the european pmodel is brings three inches of prain to central florida between pwednesday and thursday night. pbut then, you go over and look pgfs model these two will robably get closer to each pother as we get closer to the pevent. pand 1.67. psue uk you can see either way, pwe're looking at the pobt of psome heavy rain coming through
9:34 am
pbut then it all clears out in ptime for the weekend. pso fast warm up today with high pof 67 degrees. ptonight, overnight lows about p52. pthat's going to be in at that pnow. pmany areas east and north in p40s. artly cloudy, mild days 73 for phigh temperature tomorrow. pand tune back in with jim at pnoon time talk about more about pwednesday thursday event we're plooking decent rain through this pwe've got gasparilla invasion on psaturday morning going to kind pof chilly but then parade looks pto be nice and decently mild pwith high temperature of 67 pdegrees. pgot a couple first birthdays to ass along to you today. pwe're going to start with ptreasure. pa beautiful name. ptreasure loves been center of pattention her favorite food is pchicken. phappy first birthday sweetie. pwe've also case on loves bath ptime and playing with woulder psister. phappy first birthday to the two pof you. psweet. pall right. pshow must go on. peven with all controversy, the pacademy awards ceremony is full
9:35 am
pchris rock says he's not pdropping out as host changing phis
9:36 am
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((jen)) can the ir- redeemable be redeemed? p can the irrelevant predeemable be redeemed in remise new fox show lucifer, pcan devil actually be good? padam housley talked to the stars pof the show. p>> supposed to get away with psmall bible raising hell on fox pnew tv series, lucifer. pit fun and entertaining we're pnot trying to teach people panythinged. por change beliefs or anything plike that. pwe're trying to tell a story pabout somebody perceived pirrelevant redeemable on part predemption. preturn to underworld has prequested. pactor tom ellis plays prince pdarkness that ditches drone for pfun in los angeles. pbut instead instead he finds phimself right side of law help pwilling lapd punish criminals. pwe bored. pbut i think, as the series rogresses you realize it's much pdeeper.
9:38 am
phuman side become more visible pchloe decker played by lauren pgerman. pchloe clocks this stuff with plucifer. pshe sees he's magnetic and men pwant to be him you got get eople to tell truth you can ask psomeone and open up to him. p>> also, in way use, use plucifer, but, asking him to help pme with his skills and with his ower. pat this point in time way we're pshooting our show i have not, i pdon't know he's the devil or i pdon't believe it. phe says all time devil is game pdoesn't stop when cameras do pboth ellis and germans say they ponset. p>> we lie to have fun, we like pto do on site gags and you know, pyeah. p>> yeah. p>> we are we're like little pdemons we're fun good hearted pdemons. p>> pleasure.
9:39 am
p out with old and in with the pnew. pthat's wra what chris rock did pwith skipt he's hosting this pyear's ceremony but after all pcontroversy surrounding pnominations, he said he's pliterally thrown out his pmonologue script and starting pover. p>> the academy awards show roducer says he expects chris pto make comments about #oscar so pwhite. pand new one oscars still so pwhite. pand a producer said academy is pokay. pfront runner remained on top box poffice. pthe sales were down considering pwhole east coast was snowed in pbut it took in 16 million pamazingly star wars remained at pnumber 2. pstill haven't seen that movie. p>> coming up one police pofficer's solution to problem pgot him a whole lot of pattention. pand it's really cool. pthat'sing come up next.
9:40 am
3 last week, a gainesville police officer was praised for p last week gainesville police pofficer was praised for his pkindness to group of kids. pa neighbor called police here's
9:41 am
pin to complain about kids being ptoo loud. pbut instead of shutting down ptheir play time the officer pinstead decided to play some phoops with them. pshooting ball even nailing a few pslam dunks that noise complaint phas turned into a golden ticket pfor those teenagers. pthis morning a sweet update pbobby white also known a pbasketball cop. pthought he was in a meeting to pbrief his fellow officers good a laying a rematch against these pteens. pbut he had no idea what was pgoing to happen next. plook. pyou're much taller than you look pon tv. p>> that's right. pthat's shaq o'neal showed up and phe was also up for playing in pthat rematch game. p>> sure you can dak them in
9:42 am
pthese guys, right? pwow. pshaq said white video caught his pattention. phe was impressed with how white phandled entire situation. pso he decided to travel to pgainesville to meet with white pand to meet all teen agers pinvolved he had lesson for those pkids too. plisten. p>> p$700 million you know how how pyou made that? prespecting my peers listening to pmy mommy and daddy and focus on pschool. pthat's all you got to do, all pright? pgood job today. palso reminding boys he came from pneighborhood just like theirs. pthat's the way the you get out pof it is to be a leader. pshaq also gave kids0 pnow, we find that kind of funny pbecause when shaq was playing he pwas always one of the worst free pthrow shooters only making about
9:43 am
pshaq also has pretty good prespect, great respect in fact pfor law enforcement. phe's even a reserve police pofficer in south florida. papparently he has done that for pa long time. pyeah. pfew years. pyeah. pisn't that great? psure is. pthat's nice story.
9:44 am
3 ((russell /2sh/dbx) pall right from fox business pnetwork studio, warm and toasty. plauren simonetti. pgood morning. p>> i am turtle neck and all pmarket not feeling warm toasty pdow selling off. pbut 90 points to the, 74 points pto down side just refreshed fwov p16 thousand. pmcdonald's actually, this is pbright spot, remember they pbrought in all day breakfast. pstock is at highest level ever. pfirst, dow stopped having new phigh in 2016. pgood for them. p>> you got to say they worked on pit. p>> all right.
9:45 am
p>> yeah. pyeah. pall right lauren let's talk pabout the snowmageddon 2016, the pstorm costs are coming in pestimated $850 million. pwhile that sounds like a lot not pas bad as they thought it was pgoing to be, right? pthat's at the top good it could plow 350 million. pthe expectations were for one pbillion of course all reliminary. pbut that's anticipated cost of pthis weekend's storm. pand the reason it is so low is pbecause it happened on a pweekend. pright? pcan you imagine if this hid pmonday, tuesday, wednesday are pthursday or friday. palso power outage not at that pbig a deal that saved us money pif you will. psometimes many you went out pbought some things like boots pand hats and scarves and new psnow mobile you didn't go to the pmovie that is weekend or you, pyou know you bought stuff on pamazon or something. pkind like reshuffling of money pif you will. p>> nice. pnice day to stay home and shop. p>> right? p>> yeah. pseriously and binge on netflix.
9:46 am
psomething is going on. pyou know, okay. pstock is down in huge way right pnow. pokay their old coo founder we pall know that. phe's making tons of changes to pthe service to get more eyeballs pthere and to make it more rofitable four executive as pcompany head hr head of products pthis person that person they are pleaving put a positive spin oh pthis that might very well be pcase stock is down. pbrokerages are coming out and psay look no change up of this psides awe the once can a good pthing one reasons stock now $16 pin change. pbelow it's ipo price. pwhat does it mean for you ptwitter user? pnot sure. pbut with new people coming in, pthere can even more changes pcoming to the micro blogging psite. pokay. pwe'll leave it there and see you ptomorrow. pokay. p>> okay. pbye-bye. p>> you know getting warmer by pthe minute. poutside. pbig difference from when i
9:47 am
pif you look temperatures. pextremes. pwe have temperatures in the 60s pfor four of next seven days. pbut overall going to be mild. pthe thing that only thing that pwe need to be concerned about pwould be wednesday. pwednesday into thursday, good pchance at some strong storms in pthe potential for some very pheavy rain around here. pso, jim weber will talk more pabout that coming up on fox 13 pnews at noon. pbut enjoy your 67 degrees. pall right. pwe will. p>> we made it. pon a monday morning we made it. pthat will do it for us today pmonday january 25th. plive with kelly and michael pcoming up next. pthen wendy williams and fox 13 pnews at noon. pand as always you can get latest pon our website, pyou can follow us on twitter pinstagram. plike us on facebook. pwe'll see you pbye. p"realtime closed captioning rovided by u.s. captioning pcompany." tomorrow, a trend that could
9:48 am
(russell) we'll share some new findings about "generation z" and their wants and desires..... (laura) also, meet some of the folks who 'll be growing and managing our food in the future. (russell) ...charley belcher is live from the polk county youth fair.... all bright and early.... (laura) on good day tomorrow.********:10 (russell) tomorrow, meet some of the folks who 'll be growing our food in the future. (laura) we're live from the polk county youth fair... plus all your overnight news weather and traffic.. (russell) on good day tomorrow.****** 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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