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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  January 26, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 3 ((russell-/ bad crash. a bay area interstate shutdown in both directions. we've got the latest near the p>>russell: bay area interstates pshut down in both directions. pwe have the latest from the pscene. p>>laura: a new warning about pmosquitos, why some women are ptold to delay getting pregnant. p>>russell: and a dog with pendurance. pshe ran a half marathon by paccident. pshe almost won the thing. pdave? pwelcome to the 6:00 hour of pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pthere's your competition for pyour marathon. pit's ahead and a whole lot more. pfirst we have another forecast
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prun time. pnot with me. psomebody else. plike half my friends. p>>laura: that's cute. p>>dave: yeah. ptemperature. pit's not that good for dogs to prun that kind of distance. p57 st. petersburg, bradenton, psarasota, venice, we are in some pspots running 20 degrees warmer pthan yesterday. pcrystal river, sarasota as an pexample, brooksville, tampa, 15 pdegrees warmer. poutside as well. pwe should make it back in the plower 70s but there's a reason pfor that increase in clouds pbecause the rain will be quickly pon its heels come tomorrow pmorning so we're going to talk pmore about that and the rain pchances in just a few minutes. p>>jennifer: sky fox on the move pgiving us a nice shot of i-4 pthis morning. pthey're looking east so the pheadlights, that's your pwestbound traffic travelling ptoward the i-75/i-4 interchange. pwe're starting to see the ockets of heavy traffic along pi-4 mostly on the westbound pside.
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pany delays to report and we're paccident-free on the entire pstretch of i-4. phere is a look at the veterans pexpressway. pit's 17 miles per hour and pthat's going to be your average pspeed from gunn highway south as pyou make your way towards phillsborough avenue and big pdelays i-75 southbound. pthis may be due in part to the pearlier crash along 275 that is pnow clear but we've been telling eople most of the morning if pyou're driving along 275 that pthis would be your alternate. pwe're seeing a backup from bruce pb downs to i-4, about 14 pminutes. pand a crash we're talking about phappened just before midnight palong southbound 275 between pbearss avenue and i-75. pall lanes are open but we'll phead out to fox 13. phe's live with more information pon this deadly accident. pgood morning, ken. p>>reporter: you just told folks pthe lanes are now open but i can pshow you that traffic is moving pfreely. pthis has been closed down since pmidnight.
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pbecause of a really terrible paccident involving two vehicles, pa tractor trailer and a van. pthe van and the tractor trailer pon the south side, the van, for pwhatever reason, stopped or had pstopped in the middle of the proad and the tractor trailer pcomes along, goes right in the pback of the van. pthe van explodes. pthe person, the driver was pkilled. pwe understand only one person in pthe van, only one person in the ptractor trailer. pthe name of the victim not preleased yet. pthe other guy who was driving pthe tractor trailer walked away punscathed. pamazingly in the middle of this pwhole thing, about 6:00 in the pmorning, you have investigators pout here, you have emergency pvehicles out here. pthey're kind of checking things pout. pit's barricaded on the north pside and people, for whatever preason, go around the pbarricades. pwe have a parade of cars that pcome down right in the middle of pthe accident scene and they pdon't even stay on the right pside of the road. pthey go on the left side of the
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pstanding now where all the pinvestigators are. pwe had one person that they're pinvestigating. pthere could have been more eople dead. pthey kind of take off, not penough investigators to follow pthem through to find out what's pgoing through their brain this pmorning but just enough to pfinish up right here. pso it's been barricaded. eople have been diverting all pmorning long. pnow we're waiting to find out pwho this unfortunate person is pwho stopped in the middle of the proad. pwhy did they stop in the middle pof the road? pinvestigators are saying that's psomething only that person pwe're probably never going to pfigure that one out. pback to you. p>>russell: thank you. pwe'll talk later. pit's 7:04 right now. pit took several hours to clear a pcrash on the courtney campbell pyesterday. pwe were talking about it all pmorning long. pit was a fatal crash taking the plife of 20-year-old jonathan pmendoza pena. phe was thrown from the car. panother person seriously hurt. pthe driver ran off.
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pcaught and taken to jail. olice say alcohol could have pbeen a factor. pmanatee county, murder charges pagainst duane cummings. p>>laura: he's accused of fatally pshotting a man and his girl pfriend. pone body was found in bradenton pand the other in palmetto. pcummings was allegedly upset pbecause finland stole money from phim. phe's been in jail since last pweek on kidnapping charges. pthe murder charges are new. p>>russell: jamal john smith preward keeps going. phe's wanted for three victims pwho were fatally shot this pmonth. psmith is from miami and goes by pthe nickname of jj or wolf. pif you know where he is, call pcrime stoppers. p>>laura: a group of burglars in plakeland were content stealing pelectronics from a home on ebble brook boulevard. pthey took the family dog, too. ptoby is a 1-year-old yorkie.
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pirreplaceable. p>> it was pretty rough, pespecially rough on the kids. pwe had a dog since basically the pbirth of the dog so they're preally attached to him. p>>laura: and we have some psurveillance video that shows pthree thieves. pa closer look at the psurveillance video shows they're pbetween 16 and 20. pmost of the stolen property was pfound but never the dog. p>>russell: 7:06 right now. p no work today for federal pgovernment in the state capitol. pthere's too much snow there. p>> cleanup is still going on pafter the record breaking psnowstorm slammed the northeast. pmany side streets throughout the pregion still not plowed. p>> i'm not sure i can get out in pthe street, and i'm upset about pit. p>>reporter: some in queens, new pyork are upset because the pstreets are impassible. pa plow truck got stuck and never
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p>> i had to work with the shovel pand take the snow from under the low and what not and it was pthere for four hours stuck. p>>russell: in washington, d.c., pfederal offices remain closed as pthat region struggles to dig out pfrom more than two feet of snow pand one neighborhood residents ptaking matter in their own hands pto clear the white stuff. p>> since the street didn't get lowed, we came together as a pstreet with our hand shovels. p>>reporter: many homes and pbusiness as long the coast were pflooded during the storm, pincluding this business owner pwho is now having to mop up. p>> we did not prepare for this psevere tidal flooding p>>reporter: crist christie is preceiving criticism for leaving pthe state after the storm, pcampaigning in new hampshire. p>> there's been one county pflooded in the state. pone county.
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pwarm up throughout the week, pmelting more of that already pslushy snow and new york, fox pnews. p>>russell: and that blizzard pthat blanketed the northeast is pexpensive. pthe economic estimate is between p$500 million to $3 billion. pit's gone up since we reported pyesterday. pofficials are basing it on a few pdifferent models. pthey say the damage could have pbeen worse if the storm hit pduring the day of the work week pinstead of the friday. pthe blizzard is one of the worst pto hit the mid atlantic in more pthan 100 years. p85 million people feeling the peffects. pthis should help the snow in pd.c. pit's a machine on loan from the pindianapolis airport. pit melts up to 60 tons of snow pan hour. pthat's 120,000 pounds. p>>laura: let's take a look at pthis. pi don't know if you've seen it pyet. pthis is the panda at this again. phe made headlines over the pweekend for having fun in the psnow.
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pyesterday at the national zoo in pwashington. pthis time rolling down a hill. p>>russell: i can look at that pall day. p>>laura: i know. proish the first video i loved pbecause he was playing in the psnow. p>>laura: he was taking a bath in pit is what he looked like. p>>russell: look at that sweet pthing. p>>laura: isn't that great? p>>russell: makes you want to be pthere. pnot necessary until there with phim but just rolling in the psnow. p>>laura: makes you happy. p>>russell: treasure hunt. pheavy safe found underneath the pconcrete at a home here in pflorida. pspeculation about what might be pinside. p>>laura: plus this dog deserves pa medal. pshe ran a half marathon by paccident. pfinishing with an amazing time, pbetter than almost everybody pelse. p>>dave: 7:09. pcloud cover this morning as pwe're streaming in the high pclouds out ahead of our next pstorm system. p54 degrees along bayshore. pnortheast winds at five miles an phour. pyou can see clouds working their pway through. pwe're getting enough sunshine
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pshifting to more of a southerly pdirection, how it will impact. prain is on the way tomorrow pmorning.
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pabout how much rain we're going p>>dave: about 7:13 and there's pyour cloud cover from a pdifferent angle as we're looking pat the tampa cam and heading pinto the downtown area. panother shot of river view plooking back to the coast. pwe do have the mostly cloudy pskies, a lot of that just the phigh clouds filtering in. phere's a picture of the coast pand the bradenton beach where pwe'll be what, seven minutes or pso until the sun comes up and pthe cloudy skies but these pclouds actually helped us out. pthe wind is shifting around also phelped and the two combined to pbring these temperatures up 15, p20 degrees warmer than they were pyesterday in the 7:00 hour. pso while you'll definitely need pa light jacket this morning, we pdon't have extremes as far as pthe 30s or 20s out there. pwe have 50s. p50 in brooksville.
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pfrost proof, sebring, back to pthe coast a couple of degrees pwarmer, tampa at 55. pst. petersburg and sarasota both pat 57. phere's the wide view. phere's the next weather maker, pcold front slowly working ptowards the south and the east. pyou see all of this moisture pstreaming out ahead of the pfront. pout here over the pwest-northwestern gulf we're panticipating a low pressure psystem to develop the next 24 phours and just start to slide peastward. plast time the low was much pfarther north up here, this time pit's going to be closer to us. pthat's going to mean for us the ossibility of some strong pstorms but also a better chance pof actually picking up some pheavier rain so the computer pmodels have been picking up on pthat with the low being closer. pwe're going to get more rain poverall. plook at all of this moisture pdeveloping, just being pulled pfrom the eastern pacific and pit's just all headed our way. pfor instance, here's the future pcast.
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pit's quiet now and tuesday at p7:00 a.m. and then you'll start pto see how the clouds begin to pfilter in. phere comes all of that moisture pand then by wednesday, 11:00, pjust a line of showers and pthunderstorms moving through the parea. pbut because this front is not pjust going to come ripping pthrough here, you may get more pthan one round of storms pbetween, say, tomorrow morning pand thursday midday so that's pwhy i think we're going to get psome decent rainfall amounts paround central florida. pthere's also a marginal risk for psome severe weather, strong psouthward. pthat's where a lot or most of pthe energy is going to be and ponce again, the computer models. phere is one bringing us about p1.2 inches through, say, late in pthe day on thursday and then panother one which actually pbrings us a lot more rainfall, pbrings us over two inches. pi think the point is, look at
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p2.45 inches of rain. pjust in general, we're going to pget heavier rain around here, an pinch or two beginning tomorrow pbut ending on thursday. pand i think that's a good note. pwe have the weekend coming, pright? pwe're looking at the weekend peven though it's just tuesday. pincreasing clouds, nice and pmild. pat least mild air around. p72 for a high. ptonight cloudy, mild, 63 for the povernight low and then for ptomorrow, we'll go rain and pstorms developing. prain chances tomorrow sky high, paround 90%. phigh temperature of 70 degrees. pget your boating in today, ptomorrow and thursday. prain and storms around. pby friday, though, you might be pa little cooler but it should be pnice to finish off the week and pthen you have the gasparilla arade on saturday and that's pgoing to go up without a hitch pweatherwise. pi think sunday we're back in the plower 70s. pjen? p>>jennifer: dave, 7:16. pwe're in the heart of the rush phour drive.
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pwe'r not dealing with any pbeings on the pinellas side of pthe bay. ptake a look at travel times. pu.s. 19, stop and go through alm harbor, both north and psouthbound. paverage speed around 27 miles er hour approaching tampa road. peastbound ulmerton road getting pbusy in both directions. pmostly as traffic heads peastbound along ulmerton road. pwe're seeing an average speed pabout 24 miles an hour east of por after u.s. 19. pvery busy this morning on the phillsborough side of the bay. pmostly the tampa majors. phere is i-75 and all four of pyour travel lanes are stop and pgo from bruce b downs boulevard pall the way to i-4. pwe're seeing the slowest crunch pat fowler avenue so just about a p20 minutes drive minimum from pbruce b downs to i-4. panother slow spot, veterans pexpressway. p11 miles per hour is going to be pyour average speed southbound pand those delays now begin all pthe way up to ehrlich road and pextend down past gunn highway so pthat trip is going to take about p30 to 35 minutes. pyou heard about a crash i-275.
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pbefore midnight at mile marker p56. pthat's between bearss avenue and pi-75. pall lanes are open but we're pseeing a big slowdown in the parea. ptypical rush hour traffic from pbearss avenue to i-4. pthat trip will take between 20 pand 25 minutes. p>>jennifer: jen, when is vanessa pcoming back? p>>jennifer: tomorrow. p>>russell: you're doing a great pjob but we mitt her. pit's not uncommon to see all psorts of people at a half pmarathon. pthose hard core runners like pdave are there to win. pothers slow, steady and just pwant the experience. pothers are there just to sniff pout the competition. plook at this. pthis dog decided to participate pduring the half marathon. pit happened in alabama. pshe is a 2-year-old blood hound. pthe owner had to let her out for pa stroll in the yard. pshe wandered right into the path
7:17 am
pnot to give up, the blood hound ptrotted along side the other prunners and despite veering off ptrack to sniff out a bit, she pfinished in an impressive pseventh place. pjust over an hour and 30 pminutes. p>>laura: is that good, taif? p>>dave: very good. p>>russell: the best part, the powner had no idea that the dog phad done this until the pictures pstarted popping up on facebook. p>>laura: what's your best time? p>>dave: 1:37. p>>laura: she's right there with pyou. p>>dave: i'm telling you, i was pdying. pi mean, that was just hard to pdo. pfor a blood hound to do that, pthat's impressive. p>>dave: that's not a running pdog. pyou want runners, like labs and pstuff i can see it but that's pimpressive. p>>russell: did she just go back phome after she was done? p>>dave: i don't know.
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p>>laura: 13 miles is nothing. p>>russell: i'll bet you she pcould. p>>dave: i don't want to dare pher. p>>laura: can you imagine? pshe tried to keep up. rice for a super bowl ticket, pyou might need a second pmortgage. pwhy prices are so high, punusually high this year. p>>russell: road rage. pcaught on camera. ptake a look at that. pone person had a baseball bat pand the other went to the bed of pthe pickup truck to get psomething much bigger. pgood morning, charley belcher. p>>charley: half marathon you psay, russell? p>>russell: i did. p>>charley: ask me what my best ptime was? p>>russell: what's your best ptime? p>>charley: 1:12. pone month and 12 days. pby the time i got to the finish pline, everybody was gone. p>>russell: that's what it is on pyour fit bit, right? p>>charley: 1:12. pwe are at the polk county youth pfair in bartow and there's often
7:19 am
phad smell-a-vision. pi wish i did today so you could pexperience what i'm pexperiencing. pthe aroma of pigs in the morning pand i'm not talking about bacon. pdifferent sort of smell right pnow but that's all right. pthat means we're celebrating pagriculture in the state of pflorida. pthat is what these fairs are all pabout. pstick around, everybody. pwe'll get you ready for the polk
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p"good day" continues. welcome back the time is 7:xx... more p>>laura: welcome back. ptime is 7:24. pmore developments in an -- a plead contamination crisis in pflint, michigan. p>>russell: they're finding out pwhether laws were broken. pcity's water became tainted pafter officials decided to make pchanges to the water system. pthey had been connected to pdetroit's water system but pswitched to the flint river pbecause it was cheaper. punfortunately, that water was pnot treated, allowing toxic plevels of rust, iron and lead to
7:21 am
pfour high ranking officials have presigned in connection with all pof this. pright now it's not clear if the robe will result in any pcriminal charges. p>>laura: police in central ohio pconsider the parents of a pmissing 2-year-old boy suspect. pthey say the couple has been pless than truthful during pquestioning and polly gram ptests. pinvestigators think they know if plittle boy is still alive and pwhere to find him. pthey're not ready to make an parrest yet, though. pthe boy was last seen at the pborder of montana back on july p10. p>>russell: search for three jail pescapees in california enter a pfifth day. olice think family, friends or pgangs may be helping them hide. pnow a $50,000 reward for pinformation leading to the pcapture of the dangerous trio. pthe men broke out of the jail in psouthern california by using a phomemade rope. p>>laura: and family and friends pare mourning the death of a pfamous british explorer. pthese are pictures of him with
7:22 am
phe was attempting to be the pfirst person to cross pantarctica. phe died about 30 miles short of phis goal. phe leaves behind a wife and two pchildren. p>>russell: and take a look at pthis. pthis is road rage caught on pcamera. pa man with a baseball bat pconfronts pconfronts a man. pthey both went back to their pvehicles and drove away before olice had to break up the pfight. pno one got hurt. pthe person who shot the video pdoesn't know the motive for the proad rage. pwow. p>>laura: it seems that drug lord pescobar may have hit a treasure punder his home. pafter demolishing the mansion, pworkers found a safe yesterday
7:23 am
psay it's heavy, too. pabout 600 to 700 pounds. pthey were not able to unlock it. pnot yet, anyway. pnew owner of the property will pkeep the safe in a vault until pthey're able to open it. pit could taken money. phe was responsible for a lot of pthe cocaine that came into miami pfrom south america back in the p1980s. p>>dave: wow. p7:27 and yeah, you're greeted pthis morning with temperatures p10 to 20 degrees warmer than pyesterday. p55 in tampa. p56 in clearwater. p57 in st. petersburg. phow about a 58 already in pbradenton? pthere it is. pcrystal river is 22 degrees pwarmer this morning. pbrooksville 20. psarasota 20. ptampa 15. pyou get the point. plook what is headed our way, not ptoday but for tomorrow. pyou see the rain developing out pover louisiana. palso out to the western gulf, psoutheast texas. pthat's all coming at us for ptomorrow, probably into thursday
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pbut at least for today, 72 pdegrees. ptomorrow 90% of the rain chance. pstill pretty high on thursday pmorning as well. pjen? p>>jennifer: slow traffic along pflorida avenue. psky fox just arrived on scene of pan accident along florida pavenue. pit's just south of bearss avenue pand only one lane is currently assing. pthis is affecting the southbound plane and fire rescue on scene as pwell. pwe're hearing a couple of pvehicles involved in the crash. ptalk to the sky fox helicopter ilot and figure out exactly pwhat's going on here. pcommuters need to know you're prunning into a slowdown. pgive yourself three to five pminutes until the southbound pwreck is clear. inellas county drivers, beware pof this crash. pthis is northbound 275 at the pstart of the exit ramp onto 54th pavenue north. pyou have fire rescue on scene, phighway patrol troopers on scene pand traffic is slowly papproaching this accident. pthis is northbound 275 in the parea of 54th avenue north. panother accident with injuries pat the intersection of ulmerton
7:25 am
pgetting busy on the tampa pmajors. pslow drive across the howard pfrankland into hillsborough pcounty. pi going to take about 13 to 15 pminutes and another slow spot to pbe aware of southbound 275. p30 minutes from bearss avenue to pi-4 and a minimum 17 minute ride psouthbound 75 from bruce b downs pboulevard to i-4. p>>russell: wearing mosquito prepellant is scarier than ever. p>>laura: banning abortions in pflorida. pit may very well happen. panjuli davis is covering that pstory for us this morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pa new bill that would ban
7:26 am
pfirs3 3 (russell- welcome back to good day tampa bay. the time is 7:--. there's a bill making its way p>>russell: welcome. pthere's a bill making its way to pthe florida legislature this pweek that bans nearly all pbotherings. p-- abortions. p>>laura: there is a chance. pthat is making it all the more pcontroversial. panjuli davis is telling us more pabout the bill. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you pguys. pobviously the abortion debate phas always been a polarizing pissue, but a monday vote in the
7:27 am
prenewed buzz all across the pstate. pthe house bill 865 would make erforming an abortion or poperating an abortion clinic a pfirst degree felony in the state pof florida. pthe bill was introduced to the phouse by representative charles pvan zandt of keystone heights in pthe north florida area. phe has backed similar plegislation the past seven years pbut it's never been introduced pto a committee before. ptallahassee insiders suggest pthis was considered this year pout of courtesy to van zandt pwithin his final session. pthe bill defines human life as pbeginning at conception. pit would make it a crime to erform an abortion unless two pdoctors agree it's needed to revent death or serious injury pto the mother. pthe bill passed in the house pcriminal justice panel vote pvote. pthat bill would then have to ass two more committees before pit would be taken to the florida phouse for a vote. pnow, if the proposal were passed pby the legislature, it would
7:28 am
pkourpt's 1973 roe vs. wade pvoting and likely be overturned. panother piece of anti-abortion plegislation is also moving pthrough the florida legislature pright now and proposes to end pmedicaid payments to any clinic erforming abortions. pof course, we'll keep you pupdated with the latest pdevelopments. panjuli davis, fox 13 news. p>>laura: thank you. pand more legislative news now. plegislature also considering a roposal that would allow pconcealed permit holders to pcarry a gun out in the open. pthat is also controversial. pin fact, several law enforcement pagencies across the state oppose pthat idea. pmost of them, in fact, including pleaders here in the tampa bay parea. p>> i can tell you intuitively pi'm walking down franklin street pmall and there's a bunch of pfolks hanging out here like the pokay coral, that's not good for peconomic development efforts. p>> this bill enhances the rights pof citizens and vindicates and prestores rights that have been
7:29 am
p>>laura: a lot of leaders this pthe bay area think this would phurt tourism in the end by pthreatening public safety. pdemocrats in the house expect pthe bill to pass there but they pare not sure yet about the psenate. p>>russell: two former disney pemployees are suing the florida ark after losing their jobs. pthe lawsuits were filed in tampa pin federal court. pthe former technology workers psay disney brought outsourcing pexpecting to replace the workers pwith cheap immigrant labor. pthey were among 250 workers laid poff by disney last year. plawsuit claims disney is abusing pvisas meant to fill specialty pjobs and then replacing pamericans with immigrants. pdisney says the lawsuits are a pmisrepresentation of the facts. p>>laura: we know this. pwe live in florida and mosquitos pcan be a menace here. pthey seem to be everywhere at pdifferent times of the year. pthat's exactly why we need to pwarn you about the virus. pdr. zo is here to talk about it. pgood morning to you.
7:30 am
pthe zinca virus has taken off in psouth central america. pnot here in the united states pyet but it is in puerto rico and pwhat this virus is doing is preally spreading very, very prapidly may of 2015 it truly has ptaken hold of all of these areas pand is expected to spread pfurther. pbody? p>> it's a virus related to pthings you've probably heard of. pin most healthy people, it's pgoing to cause an illness like pfever, muscle pain, joint pain, pmaybe red eyes, maybe a rash. pbut unfortunately, in pregnant pwomen, they believe it's causing pa very, very serious, serious peffect. pand they've looked at the kids pin brazil and they've seen 3800 pcases of something called micro pcepholy. pthat's when the brain and the pskull does not perform properly. pthey do not grow properly so
7:31 am
p30 fold increase. pthey can't say for sure it's pcausing it but they're pretty psure because they have found the pvirus in a couple of babies that pwere miscarried. pa couple of babies died within a pday of being born and in the pamniotic fluid of a couple of pwomen carrying babies. p>>laura: they're taking pretty pextreme measures to try to rotect people, keep people from pgetting the virus, too, aren't pkre? p>> the cdc has travel add pvazryes to the country. pi believe there's 21 now. peven jamaica. pjamaica issued warnings to eople living there, even though pthey don't have any yet. preally warning women not to get regnant f. you're trying to get regnant or are pregnant in any ptrimester, you're to avoid ptravel to the areas. pif you really do have to go to pthese areas, then you need to ptalk to your doctor, protect pyourself from mosquitos. premember, it's not here yet. pwe've seen a couple of imported pcases. pno evidence of those imported
7:32 am
pwe have one here in hillsborough pcounty in december. pbut we also do have west nile pout there so we still have to rotect ourselves anyway. premember, these are the day pbiting mosquitos. pso we're looking at these pmosquitos that are really across pthe united states. pthey track from all the way up pto the coast. peven into new jersey, even in pnew york so a big concern if it pdoes make its way here that it pcould spread rapidly across our pcountry. p>>laura: remind us again where pthis is the primary concern pright now, where the outbreak pis, the heart of the outbreak. p>> neighboring us, mexico. pit's in haiti, it's in puerto prico, it's in barbados, in the pcaribbean islands and so that's pthe closest for us. pand then south america.
7:33 am
puganga in africa. panywhere where you have the pmosquito, you know, it can pspread to. p>>laura: all right. pthank you, dr. jo. p>> thanks. p>>russell: florida named the pbest place to retire. pthat's according to wallet hub. pit's based on affordability, phealth care. pthey beat out wyoming, south pcarolina, south dakota, and prhode island. palso affordability and number ptwo for quality of life. p>>laura: florida state agreed to ay jam us winston's accuser pnearly a million dollars. palso they made a five-year ledge to provide awareness and ptraining programs for sexual passault but the school stopped pshort of admitting wrongdoing in pthe case. perica has accused the school of
7:34 am
pkeep him on the football team. pthe university president said we phave an obligation to our pstudents, their parents and pflorida taxpayers to deal with pthis case as we do all plitigation, in a financially presponsible manner. pgoes on to say with all the peconomic demands we face, at psome point it doesn't make sense pto continue even though we are pconvinced we would have revailed in the end. rosecutors didn't find any pevidence of rape so they never pcharged winston with a crime. phe is counter suing. pthat case is still pending. p>>dave: 7:40. pin sports, jameis winston pheading to the pro bowl. phe's a late add as an alternate pfor tom brady who backed out. phe's the first quarterback in pteam history. phe threw for4,0 pkam newton and andrew luck are pthe only other quarterbacks to pdo that. pwinston the youngest.
7:35 am
laying in the pof course, the week after that pwe got the super bowl and pgetting a ticket is not going to pbe cheap. paverage seat selling for more pthan $5,000. pthat's about $800 more than last pyear's super bowl between the atriots and the seahawks. pone reason for the higher ticket rices this year, maybe the plocation. pthey're playing the game near psan francisco. pa little bit of money out there. eople coming from out of town pwill absolutely be paying a remium. presidents are putting homes up pfor rent. rices are up to 19% in santa pclara, 25% in san francisco and pit's not uncommon to find a two pbedroom house renting for $2,000 pa night during super bowl pweekend. pno thank you. pi'll sit at home and watch the pgame myself, russell. p>>russell: it's san francisco. pall right. pthere are a lot of great story plines for the super bowl.
7:36 am
poffensive tackle for the pcarolina panthers, this is a icture of him after the nfc pchampionship game. pthat is lee anne and shawn on pboth sides of him. pthe couple became famous after padopting him and spearheading phis football career. phollywood made that story into pthe movie "the blind side." psandra bullock won an award. p>>laura: it's such a pcompassionate story. pyou know, we all loved it after pwe saw that. pwhat a hard worker, all that padversity he persevered through. p>>russell: she was great in that pmovie. p>>laura: she was great. phey, dave. phow are you doing? p>>dave: it was a fantastic pmovie. pgreat story. p7:42. pgot a lot of cloud cover outside
7:37 am
pit looks worse than it really is pbut it's mild because of that pcloud cover. pwhile i think today is okay, get pout your umbrellas because we do phave a lot of rain coming at us ptomorrow and thursday.
7:38 am
pforecast which we will have i3 workers will return to sarasota p>>dave: workers will return to psarasota today to clean up ptornado damage. pit's been there more than a pweek. pdebris is actually underwater. pthe longer it stays there, the pharder it will be to remove. pso the county paying for the pcleanup, the federal government pmight reimburse them for some of pthat expense. phaven't thought about that, that pthe debris would be in the water pbecause it was so close to the pcoastline. pcloud cover there in tampa.
7:39 am
pon the left-hand side, and povercast skies in general, the phigh overcast hilton clearwater pbeach, when the clouds came in, pit really did in general just pkind of stop the cooling plus pthe wind shifted a little bit. pit's really a whole different, pseems like, atmosphere this pmorning versus yesterday. pyesterday we were below freezing pin spots. pwe were cold. pnow we're sitting in the mid 50s pin tampa so in most areas we're pat least 10 degrees, if not 20 pyesterday. pcloud cover. pwhile we'll get a little bit of pwhat we call peek-a-boo sunshine ptoday, in general it will be a plot different than yesterday pbecause the clouds are moving pin, in advance of our next cold pfront. pevery time we get a front to pcome through, it's always a plittle bit different.
7:40 am
pmore rain than the last one. pi think it's going to come pcloser. pi think the low pressure system pis going to form in the gulf, pgoing to come closer so watch pwhat the future cast on winds pbeginning to shift and pouring pthe moisture. pwe'll start this morning at 7:00 pand we're going to pause it pduring the day tomorrow. pwe start to see all of this pactivity work its way in from pthe gulf out ahead of the cold pfront. pby tomorrow morning, you're plooking at showers, possibly psome thunderstorms on the map. pwe'll keep going forward where pit's just going to be like a pwave after wave of rain shower pactivity so this is wednesday at p3:00 and i think probably going pinto thursday we're going to be pdealing with this. poverall, most of the computer pmodels are developing at least pan inch of rain around the area, pif not more than that with a few pstronger storms that work their pway through the area. pso while today stays dry, then pwarmer, get that chance to get pback up into the 70s. pthat increase in moisture
7:41 am
pthe low developing along that pfront and moving across the pstate, like everything will come ptogether for the potential for pthat locally heavy rain and pmaybe a few strong storms as pwell. pthe best chances for strong pstorms are going to be from asco county south. pstorm prediction center puts pthis map together and it will pupdate this one throughout the pday today so maybe they will pignore it a little further psouth. pwe'll see. pright now just a marginal risk. pi'd be more concerned about pnow. pincreasing clouds, 72 degrees pfor today. pi don't think we'll see rain in ptoday's forecast. pcloudy, mild tonight. plow temperatures are only back pto 63 degrees. phow about that? pyesterday morning around pfreezing or below in many spots pand tomorrow morning the lower p60s. ptomorrow. pheavy rain, a few strong storms ossible, 70 degrees for a high ptemperature. pdo your boating today. plight chop. pbut tomorrow and thursday, we'll
7:42 am
pthere but you're more concerned pabout saturday, aren't you? pfor the invasion. pi think they look nice. pso after we get rid of the rain pwednesday and thursday, friday pwe're going into the weekend, pwe'll get the sunshine back. pthe weekend at this point looks pvery, very nice. p>>jennifer: it's 7:50 on this ptuesday morning. pit's tuesday, right? pit's tuesday. phappy tuesday, everyone. pwe've got a couple of issues pgoing on this morning. pwe're going to start with a look pat pinellas county where this pwas an earlier vehicle fire and pcrews are still on scene trying pto get the cars out of the proadway, waiting for tow trucks pto arrive. pthis is northbound 275. pyou can see it's the start of pthe exit ramp off of the pinterstate and onto 54th avenue pnorth. pnot seeing any cars get onto the pramp so it may be closed pcompletely. pso northbound 275 and 54th pavenue north, this accident is pbacking up traffic toward pdowntown st. petersburg near ptropicana field so definitely pgive yourself plenty of extra ptime, maybe an extra 10 or 15
7:43 am
pdisabled vehicle northbound 275 pin the area of 22nd avenue pnorth. pthose vehicles are off to the pshoulder and not blocking any planes. pulmerton road at lake avenue, pthat accident has part of the pintersection blocked and then on pthe hillsborough side of the pbay, we have the usual pslowdowns. pnine miles an hour, barely pmoving along veterans pexpressway. psave a couple of bucks and the pheadache of the backup and you pcan always head east and use pdale mabry highway instead. pwe're seeing a slowdown from pehrlich to hillsborough avenue. pthere's this crash along florida pavenue, southbound florida in pbetween bearss avenue and pfletcher avenue. poutside lane is squeezing by pthis morning. pwe want to give yourself an pextra three to five minutes puntil that crash is cleared and pthen we have big slowdowns pelsewhere including the howard pfrankland bridge. pabout a 13 to 15 minute travel ptime to hillsborough county and pa whopping 31 minutes southbound p275 from bearss avenue to i-4. plet's lit lighten the mood a plittle bit and talk to charley pbelcher. p>>charley: we're going to be
7:44 am
pthis is chelsea, the oldest of pnine waldman kids which tells me pthat mrs. waldman deserves a pwhole room full of these. pher brothers and sister won pthese trophies last night at the olk county youth fair for whip opping and when we come back, pwe're going to let them do what pthey do best. pstick around, everybody. pmake it a whipping good day, ptampa bay.
7:45 am
only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
7:46 am
p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher in bartow olk county youth fair. phanging out with the whipping pwaldmans. pthese kids have been whipping ptheir entire lives. pmariah is the only female pwaldman who competes. pwhy do you look whipping? pyou want to show me your skills pright there? pgo ahead. pstand back, steve. pnice! pwell done. ptell me your first name again. p>> josiah. p>>charley: how old are you? p12. pyou won a trophy last night? p>> yes, sir. p>>charley: congratulations.
7:47 am
p>> i can make some money. p>>charley: well, you're an phonest kid. plet me see it. plove it. pthat's so impressive. p>> 14. p>>charley: tell me your first pname again. p>> brayson. pright? p>> yes, sir. pi love it. p>>charley: you're going to take pover the mantle of the oldest pcompeting? p>> i am. p>>charley: you're aging out. pryan. pthis is it. pyou can't compete next year. pyou'll be too old. p>> this is my last year. p>>charley: let's go out with a pbang. pthey talked me into this. pi'm going to stand in the middle pand they're going to whip. pwait. pall right. pall right. p20 seconds so go, boys.
7:48 am
pmouth. pall right. pand here's a big finish. pit's the polk county youth fair phere in bartow. igs and cows next. pthank you, boys. pthere you go, guys. phuh? p>>russell: very nice. pstay clear, though. pstay clear, man. pall right. phere's a question. pwhen does human life actually pbegin? pone representative thinks he pknows and he's taking this to pthe open legislature. phow a proposed bill could set pback women's reproductive prights. p>>laura: and a new push to keep
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