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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  January 26, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 diamonds **were a girl's best p diamonds they want to look a ptiffany blue. pindictments were a girl's beps pfriend why millenials are saying pno luxury or high cost items. pwhat do they want instead? p>> times are changing. pand pledge to get rid of the psnow sleet and ice. phow to get end winner. pthat's the petition that's preally out there right now. pend winter. pend winter.
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premember how hot it was in pdecember. pgood morning. pgood morning. pwe just, is that to me? pwe dispensed with opening and pthat's true. phappen. precord heat in november. precord heat in december and had pto get colter. pand only one big snow storm pgranted a monster but only one psnow storm up north. phere we go show you the other psnowy day that we have all pfederal offices in d.c. closed pagain today. pthe big dig out continues. pwashington not alone. hiladelphia baltimore also shut pdown as well. peconomic impacts looks like it pwill climb two economists say pforget 850 million like we said pyesterday. pthey are looking more two and a pwow. phow did that change so quickly? pi guess, i guess the aftermath pyou looked lost production. pi think lost production of all pof those people not working for pa second day in a row. pyeah.
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pstorm had hit in the middle of pweek it would have made bigger pdifference. phigher loss. pthe one picture that sticks with pme we don't have when we had it pearlier all of those people pdriving into la guardia in new pyork yesterday trying to get out pof new york. pand just a total traffic jam. pjust trying to get to the pairport. p>> i heard there were still six p00 nights cancelled today. pstorm. p>> amazing. pyesterday. pno need for jacket at all. p59 degrees in brandon. p60 in brooksville. p61 already in sarasota. pand how about this, 22 degrees pwarmer in wesley chapel than it pwas at this time cloud cover pthickens up for today. pin. psome models want to bring in pvery, yeah could a lot of rain pwith this one. plate tonight, and then right pthrough the day tomorrow, this pmay not end until thursday. pi'll have more on that coming up pin just a little bit.
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pcrash with road blocks slowing pdown drivers along tampa road at pthe intersection of mcmullen pbooth road affect eastbound planes we're seeing lot of stop pand go conditions. pstop and go traffic palm harbor pslow along u.s. 19. pslowest spot we're seeing papproach curlew road on psouthbound side. pcrews still working on disabled pvehicle along the northbound planes of 275 at 54th avenue pnorth. pand that exit ramble remains pblocked off. pso drivers will not be able to pexit off of under state, and on pto 54 avenue north. pyou can always use 38th avenue pnorth instead. p>> all right. pjen, thank you. pit's been just a few weeks since pthe florida state legislature pbegan this year's session. pand it didn't take long at all pfor it to heat up. pon monday, a criminal justice pcommittee pass ad bill that pwould basically get rid of pabortions in the state. p>> house bill 865 would make erforming an abortion or poperating an abortion clinic a pfirst degree felony. pwith a punishment to 30 years in rison.
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olitical editor craig patrick pto talk about this they are not ptrying to slowly chip away at pthis will you. pthis law if it passes would one pstrictest in country. pi think of north dakota a united pstates supreme court struck down pnew testament law before it even pkicked in this contentious pissues, abortion always has and palways will be. pwhat we're seeing this year pfollowing the controversy over lanned parenthood that worked pits way into federal government pthat states all across the pnation particularly in the wake pand midst of an election season, pyou're seeing this type of plegislation move along. pand bet that as this advances, pif it advances, this enit will ptrigger quite a few sparks on pthe house floor. p>> you know if you ever think pabout law i think roe v. wade pand 30 year battle. pand, the it's change that they pare trying to debate. pi don't know. pi mean this seems pretty severe. pseems like a step back in time. p>> well you have a lot of
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pthat would agree and say that pthis would be in conflict with rior court rulings. pin particular roe v. wade. pand were this legislation to ass, bet there would be a court pchallenges. pand based on what we've seen in pnorth dakota and other places, pthis may well be struck down. pthat's if this passes. pbut keep in mind, this is coming pup merely because you have one plegislative leader who runs a psubcommittee who agreed to bring pto forefront. pit is another matter entirely pfor legislative leadership to pbring this up the chain all the pway to a full vote in the house pend in senate. pby way we're talking good house pwe're not talking about senate phere. pthis legislation is no the move pthrowing thank you chamber at pthis time. pthe same way that is the house. pit cleared that committee by a pvote of 8 to 3. pmaking a long story short this phas many steps yet to go. pand may in fact stall out sooner prather than later. pthere are fef other efforts in plegislature along these lines ptoo right? p>> yes. pyes. pi mean you have a bill that
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prequire stricter licensing. pthere would be a plans to cut poff funding for abortion pservices throughout state. pthose two bills you see on the pscreen, on your screen there pwill have a better chance of pmoving forward then an out right pban. pand again, it's coming out of pthe movement that started in the pwake of the planned parent hoot pdebate in congress. pwith a republican controlled phouse and senate. pi think both of these bills, articularly in an election year pwould have a better chance. pwe've heard from some of our pviewers on this, only the base prepublican party seems to think pthis is necessary. plot of people are saying general pelectric is worried more about pmoney not social issues like pthis. pwell we have a republican race pfor example in has state of iowa pwhere abortion is front and pcenter. pif you look at the acts that are laying in iowa air waves why pjeb bush and marco rubio pcertainly in middle of itlargely pabout social issues like pabortion.
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pconservatives in this nation who pfeel alienated. pthis is one of several issues pthat are coming to the pforefront. pbut, we're talking about a pgeneral election in november, a pgeneral electric yes. pthat's when the dynamics change. pbut again, we're talking about a plegislature that is dominated by pthe republican party and that's pwhy you're seeing this movement pin that direction. pyou know i think of about a few pother sources of contingent pthink about all lawsuits that pcould result. pthink about about all lawsuits pwe have just ovary districting pand millions of dollars that pwere spent, that again, you pwould be talking about costly plitigation, but in florida, as pwell as other states, that's pnothing new. p>> all right. pcraig patrick, thank you. palways good to have you. prussell. p>> to indiana now. pa law that allows businesses not pto serve gay couples based on ptheir religious objections will pit may have cost the state p$60 million. ptourism group surveyed out of pstate organizations and asked
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pto hold their conventions most pof them said it was because of pthe kweeting here religious pobjection law what is called. pvisit indy department says they plost out on hotels profits, ptaxes and other places where ptourists visit. p>> if you have not signed up for phealth insurance you are running pout of time. pdeadline to get a policy through pan affordable care is sunday pjanuary 31st. pafter that you could be enalized. pso far 1.6 million their uns phave signed up almost 90 percent phave been eligible for federal psubsidies to pay for premium. premember if you don't have phealth insurance it can cause pyou cause you cost you $700 when pyou file your taxes. p>> with more than 7 thousand pflavors and 500 brands, market pfor e-cigarettes is massive. pbut does use e-cigs lead to psomeone trying the real thing? pone new study suggests that is pthe case with one particular
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pdr. jo joins us now to talk pabout this. pjo, we've talked about this from pthe beginning of these e-cigs. phow much does it cause a person pto move on to the real thing? p>> and now we're getting some pevidence. pwe are. pthis study was done in hawaii pwith teens ninth and tenth pgraders. ptripled the risk of them trying pa cigarette. pthis is what they did. pthey started year one they asked phim slew tried n e sigg. pturned out about 31 percent ptried e-cigs only about 15 ercent tried cigarette. pby end of that year of those who pthen had tried that e sigg, it ptripled risk went up to 38 ercent. phad had e-cigs. p21 percent then of regular pcigarettes by year 2. pso, what they believe is that pthat was kind of an entry into psmoking cigarettes. pand one of the scariest things pabout this, russell is that 98 ercent of them knew what an e psigg was, 68 percent of them
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pso that may have led them into pgetting that e sigg. pstarting with that e sill sigg pand moving on to breg cigarettes pi want to move on to other side pin second. pi you said something i want to pask you about. pis there any evidence to believe pthey are safer or that they are pnot safer? p>> my belief is this, if you are pa smoker and you are trying to pquit, i would think that in that pcircumstance they would be safer pif you were eliminating that pnicotine if you were obviously pusing them to quit smoking. pbut to just start, an e sigg and pthink it's completely safe pversus not smoking at all it pmakes no sense. pbecause we know that there are pcertain things in the flavoring. pwe've heard about some of the padditives. psome of the things in the pflavorings are generally precognized as safe by f d d a pfor injection. pwe did know full effects what's pgo happen when you inhale them. pso you know that's my belief. pmy belief is if you don't smoke, pdon't start. pdon't think that an e sigg
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pcan and should do. pif you already smoke maybe puseful for you and i've heard plot of viewers tell me to help pyou quit smoking. pwe have to go i do want to ask pyou that, there a belief then pthat switching from regular pcigarettes to e-cigs will help pyou quit altogether? p>> the jury is still out. pthere are studies that are being pdone. pbut anecdotally i've gotten some pviewers tell me it is absolutely pmade the difference for them. pand you know, it makes a little pbit of sense when you think pabout it. p>> all right. pthanks, joette. pgood to see you. p>> in a surprise move fsu pdecided to settle lawsuit erica pkings man woman accused then pstar quarterback jameis winston pof rape in 2012. pin this lawsuit kings man palleged that university failed pto respond to her allegations in pa timely and efficient manner or pindifferent about it. rosecutor chose not to the ress criminal charges against pwinston in the end. pand student code of conduct phearing never found him presponsible for sexual
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phe later led his football team pto national championship. pf s u settled for $950,000. pbut attorneys will get $700,000 pof that he still has lawsuit ending against within symptom phimself and counter sued. p>> that's some high attorneys pfees, isn't it we've thinking pabout talking about that news proom all morning long big chunk pof change. pcoming up next an historic panniversary that we should all pbe thankful for. pand google has made a doodle. pand then hundreds of names in a pday, one starbuck's barista pwriting cause a viral sensation. pwait until you see the name. pand 2929, 30, 30 can i get a 31, p31, 31, charley belcher live pnice. pthank you. retty good. pbrewing? pall of those charity auctions ay off, right? p>> next time they can you pauctioneer i will say russell pwill do it. pyeah and auction is getting
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pthere's homey the clown. pgoing to be the first pig pauctioned off and they are pgetting ready to start it polk
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pwe will show you that auc p that is a google doodle for ptoday. pthis time we are celebrating p90th anniversary of the first
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pever. pjanuary 26th, 1926, john signs phad an audience in one room, and pa broadcast the image of someone pin another room. pmarking the first live ptelevision broadcast. pnothing like it is today. pin fact it was just two incheses pby three inches. pbut in just three years from pthat event, televisions were pbeing mass produced. pand that led new ton former pchair of the federal pcommunications commission some ptime in the 50s to call ptelevision a vast waste land. pi heard the first it was going pto be a fad. pit wasn't going to take off. pthen all of sudden. pall of sudden this. p>> it will never. pit will never work. pwe have to thank them though. pi think we do. pbecause helping to pay our pbills. pi guess he is. pdo you remember, of course you pdo, we're of an age, just black pand white television. p>> yeah we had black and wide.
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pgot a color tv we all went over pto their house to watch tv. pyou still had to walk up and pturn the channel. pchange the channel. p>> didn't have these things pcalled row moat control. pscombh adjust the color. pkids a home, they don't. pthis bunch knows. p>> wow. p>> okay. pour temperatures this morning pare 15, 18, 19 degrees warmer. p>> for some reason is it wetter. p58 in tampa. p59 in brandon. pwe're 60 already in brooksville. pbradenton 61 degrees in psarasota. pstate wide you've got 60s in ensacola. pmid 70s for west palm. pand miami. phere's your visible satellite. pwhile sun is poking through a plittle bit again my term i call eekaboo sunshine. pin general we will go for pincreasing cloud cover today. pout in advance of our next weary
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pnorth and the west. pand as that front combined with pmoisture, combined with an area pof low pressure develop, they pall conversion on our state and pwatch the future cast, again, pthis just one computer model. pbut some of them are bringing prain in a little bit earlier. pmaybe tomorrow during the pmorning commute versus the lunch ptime hours. pso we will on guard for that. pthere is poernl for heavy raun pthroughout day tomorrow. ptomorrow evening you can see it pthere, and maybe extending even pinto thursday morning as well. pwith many computer model redicting an inch or two of prain. ptoday looks fine. pnice, mild, 72 degrees for a phigh temperature. preally cloudy. pthickening clouds clouds tonight prain late early tomorrow pextending into thursday as well. plet's just say forsake of pargument we do get all of that prain. pit's all going to out of here plater in day on thursday this
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pokay. p>> remember this dress, of pcourse you do. pit went viral when some people psaw the dress as either white pand gold or black and blue. p>> i was worried about what i pwhat is going to see it in what pcolor. pi see it black and blue i only pever saw it black and blue. pthis was never white and gold pfor me. pthat's not story. pyou're right another one for you pkind of like that along the same plines. pright. pthis time it's from a starbuck's pand name on cup. ptake a look at this first glance pthere it is. pi see corey. pa lot of people are seeing pcorey. pi see corey. pcorey. pbut wait a minute that is c o preally a g and is the name greg? pis that the case you would think pit's greg because comedian asked pwhether it says corey or greg. pso it says greg.
9:19 am
pbut of course the people on the pweb had some fun. psaying no it's actually a six pwhich kind of what i thought ptoo. pokay. pa six and one other person said pi thought you were 50 shades fan pand it said gray like as in pchristian grey. pwe do know whoever wrote that pneeds to slow down their enmanship. pexactly. pthey are always in a hurry, you pknow baristas they are give them pcredit. pcorey, greg, gray could be panything no one said you to have pgood hand writing to barista. pnot on job description but in porder and they call a name. pthey call it out loud. pso. pthat helps too. pbut article that we happened did psay that end of the day it is pgreg, so we can put that whole pthing to bed. pit is greg not corey even though pit looks like core. pand what matters the most is the porder is right. pso inside the cup i actually
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prying. pwe will investigate. pwe've seen petitions for peverything. pthis one takes the cake. pit's a pledge, a vow to end pwinter. pthe very funny video coming up pin ten minutes. pyes. pbut coming up next, charley is pselling a pig.
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stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou live from bartow this pmorning. pwe're ae polk county youth fair.
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pgood day to you aguys. phow doing? peverybody all right? p>> look at that. pand we have slowed up the pig pauction. pwe have brought it to halt for pour purposes marty auction ear pis used to talking fast. pbut he nice enough to do this pfor us every year. pexplain to the folks at home pwhat's happening during this pauction p>> we've we will selling 30 peight pigs here on today on pbehalf polk county youth fair. pand a they've been here all pweek, showing pigs that we're pgetting ready to turn in the pmoney. pthey get to go home with cash. eople who are buying pigs are pthey going resell meat or do pmatter? pif you buy pig you can do couple pthings. pnumber one sell it back to the acker or number 2 you can keep pthe meat get it packed and take pit home. pand invite me over for dinner. psounds good to me. phow nice is this polk county
9:24 am
p69 years strong. pgreat kids learning agriculture pand states of florida not only pthat when you see kids leave phere, that's got an agriculture pbackground they turn into pleaders, community leaders and pstate leaders and federal pleaders. pit's amazing. pand it's just fabulous what phappens from this youth fair. phow nice to see them outside pwith animals not just in fronts pof a tv or video game? phow nice is that? pnot that we don't enjoy you pwatching television. pespecially during morning hours. pshall we auction off this pig? plet's go hanna, she says. pweighs 240 pounds. plet's turn around the money. p$3 dollars a pound. p2.75. p250 p>> money you should remind
9:25 am
p>> as seen on television. pthat should raise the price a pbunch. p250, 275. phere we go. p275. pnow $3. pthree and quarter. pthree quarter. pone more time three and a pquarter. p$3. pselling. p$3.03 and a quarter $3.25 a ound and i have sold him $3 peven money. pall right. pnow you sold that pig for are pthee dollars a pound, right $3 a ound? phow much that pig wie? p240 pounds. p>> who got a calculator? p720 bucks p>> $720. pthat's kelly bought that pig. pyou get plug for buying it on plive tv. pgood. pkelly buick. pkelly buick. pthrough go got free plug on tv pfor paying that money p>> not necessarily free i'm pgoing to charge you later. pthank you very much. pthere you go. pthat is how it works.
9:26 am
plaura, it is great place to come pout and celebrate. pis one of my favorite stops pevery year. pi'm so glad you explained that i pcouldn't understand what he was psaying. p>> that's way he orders when he pgoes through drive through give pme chicken give me hammed burger pmake it a double. pnice. pnice. pyou and russell. pthis is impressive. pall right charley we'll leave it pthere. ptell him we said hi. p9:27 today's pretty nice pweather. pcompared to what we've been phaving. peven some of us want winter to pend.
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pso does one man petit here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh
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sir, could you step aside? you know who i am. progressive insurance? uh, i save people an average of over $500 when they switch? your own bags? oh! right -- the name your price tool. it shows people policy options [ scanner warbling ] crazy that a big shot like me would pack his own bags, right? [ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait.
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p this is good day tampa bay. p welcome back the time right pnow just good 9:30 a manhunt penters third day after three pinmates escaped from california rison. pwhile search is still under pweather new information shows an pofficials may have given the pconvicts a big advantage. pinmates disappeared friday after pthey saw sawed through metal pkayed crawled that you tunnels pshimmied down a rope escape just ptook just minutes to do. pbut it took jailer 16 hours to peven realize the inmates have pbroken out. ptime delay gave them a head pstart. pofficials believe inmates may phave had help from the prison. p>> the coast guard rescue 13 eople from a sinking yacht last pnight. phappened off coast lauderdale by pthe sea. pthis 106 foot yacht was headed pto bauments when it started ptaking on water. prescue reached about 30 minutes plater pulling last person to psafety just minutes before the
9:30 am
pnot immediately clear why water pwas getting into the boat. psalvage company will now tow the pyacht to shore. p>> to former disney employees phave sued the park after losing ptheir jobs. pthe lawsuit was filed in tampa pfederal court yesterday. pformer technology workers say pguys disney worked with out psourcing companies to break the plaw, and replace fork workers pwith cheap immigrant labor they psay they are monday 250 workers plaid off by disney last year plawsuit claims disney i say pfwusing visa meant to fill pspecialty jobs and replacing pamericans with immigrants. pdisney says lawsuit is pmisrepresentation of the facts. resident obama wants to help eople save for retirement. pright now one out of three pworker do no the have access to paccounts. pwhite house wants to change pthat. pwalter is here now with more on pwhat all of this means. phey walter. p>> russell, good morningyou pmentioned one in three workers pdon't have access to retirement lans. pthey are more than liking not psaving for are later life that uts a huge burden on federal pgovernment.
9:31 am
pbudget he will unveil next month phe's going go to propose several pinitiative to get people saving. psome ideas are some are new pfirst offering tax credits to psmall businesses that pautomatically enroll employees pin 401k stale retirement plan psecondly requiring plans to a plong-term but part-time workers. pthose would work 500 hours a pyear for at least three years. pand finally, to make it easier pfor small companies to pool ptheir retirement plans to bring pdown expenses. resident obama ages these pinitiatives would require pcongress to get involved and pwhether or not that happens, in phis last remains to be seen. pbut the conservative heritage pfoundation and the liberal pbrookings institute both endorse psimilar man's throughout year. panother issue is that company is pgetting better, 75 percent of pamericans still living paycheck pto paycheck. pand so much concerned with 30
9:32 am
pthree days i should from now. p>> it is an issue. psure is. pyou know. pas you don't think about it. pthen all of sudden i'm thinking pabout it. pyeah. pyeah. pyou got to think about it. pall right. phow does it feel out there? pfor some reason i guess i pmention it had feels damper out pthere. pfeels a little colder today. pa little bit more moisture. pand, in the past 15 minutes, prussell the sun has really come pout now. pyou can definitely feel a pdifference. pa little on the breezy side. pi've also got temperatures prunning a lot warmer than they pdid yesterday. pin fact most of us in the 50s to pnear 60 degrees. phere's a great picture. pvisible satellite which really pshows us all clouds kind sitting palong the coast. pand lot of those clouds on the pincrease throughout day today. pwe had gorgeous sunshine, pbeautiful high pressure day ptoday yesterday. pnow we've got to developing area pof low pressure out in the gulf. pand that's going to be sliding pour way to bring the rain and pthe thunderstorms for tomorrow. pso the future cast show fronts
9:33 am
pand watch this, as it moves pthrough an area of low pressure pwill also move along through the pstate as well. pthat's going to think before us psome locally heavy rainfall, and pmaybe a few strong pthunderstorms. pwhile i think for the most part ptampa area going to be tomorrow, pthere is slight chance around pfort meyers down to naples there pcould be a strong thunderstorm plater today. pbut the majority of us, pespecially from say pasco sumter pcounty over to orlando and psouth, the strong thunderstorms pwill happen tomorrow. pand of course, we'll have some pheavy rain accompanying those as pwell. pcouple of different computer pmodels some more reliable ones. pthis is g f s pointing anywhere pfrom an inch to an inch and a phalf of rain if in our area. pright through thursday pafternoon. pthen european, just a little bit pmore in the way of rainfall. pso don't look an at those pnumbers an exactly what but what pi'm trying toy is a potential pfor heavy rain beginning ptomorrow morning right through pthursday morning with few strong pthunderstorms as well.
9:34 am
pof here by late in date pthursday. pthat's why i think the weekend pdoes look nice. pboy how fast things do change. pincreasing clouds today. pgoing to nice afternoon. phigh of 72 degrees. pcloudy and mild tonight. pwith low temperature of 63. pand tomorrow rain and storms pdeveloping a few storms strong, paccompanied with a heavy rain, pand high temperature of around p70. pget your boating in today. pbecause you might not be able to pdo it tomorrow or thursday. pthen by friday, a little bit pcooler that 48 to start. pbut high of 65 in afternoon. pgasparilla should a nice day. plow 46 with high of 68. pi do have a few first birthday pthat is i want to show off to pyou. pwe will start with julie. pshe loves watching mixing mouse pclub house and dancing and laying with her big sister pelly. peverett is turning one today. pthis happy guy loves to eat pcheerios also loves to watch
9:35 am
pshares his birthday with his big psister. p>> wow. phow ironic is that happy first pbirthday joseph brating his pbirthday he loves to play with phis older brother and always up pfor an adventure. pand finally, adam. padam loves anything with wheels pand wrestling with his big pbrothers. phappy first birthday to you, padam and all of our birthdays a pwell. p>> you know they are still pdigging out of that record pbreaking blizzard up north. peven here it got cold. plots of people just do not like pwinter at all. pi'm choked up about it winter is pthe reason people escaping snow, pcold, gray sky. pand so, one man decided it's ptime to end the madness. phe started a petition to end pwinter. ptake a look. pso, hello. pi'm happy summers. pi'm on the coast of california pwhere literally millions of eople are moving to escape the
9:36 am
pyou might think that winter has pits perks. pbut underneath this fluffy snowy pfront lies countless misery and pdarkness. pgood news is, it doesn't have to pbe this way. p>> blue chair bay starting first pof official petition to end the pseason of winter. pthat's right. ptoo legit. ptoo legit to quit. p>>. pas you can tell it's really two pand a half minute ad for blue pchair. pit goes on to say he can serve pyou a round enjoy a beverage poutside in january. phe says he can actually enjoy pthe drink because if you were psomewhere up north he would have pscalded his mouth on hot cocoa. phappy summers. pit's true. pit's true. peven though happy summers was pbased in california, floridians pcan appreciate the lack of snow pwinter as well. p>> you think he's talking about pflorida. pyou we're in shorts. pwear's shorts. pit was great. pyeah. pall right.
9:37 am
pthis time one the board members
9:38 am
phow he compares oscars look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
9:39 am
3 3 ((jen)) well, it's j p well, it's just not going paway. peven after the academy's resident announce drastic pchanges. pnow one the current board mens pis speaking out and he said the pbacklash is uncalled for. pand unfair against him. psteven wrote a column for phollywood reporter he won an poscar in 1969 for best live paction short. phe's in the director's branch pand serves on foreign language pcommittee. phe admits he's one of those old pwhite guys and was pflabbergasted. pthen outraged at the reaction of pslerl boon isaac and board of pgovernors he went on to say and pi'm quoting here. pi produced a well a co-wrote and pdirector lords of flat bush i palso gave gladys knight her pfirst dra got ma acting roles. pnever hire anything baun of
9:40 am
olitical beliefs to lumped in pby race is by like of spike lee pis totally out of line. pi believe talent is what's pshould be honored gifted pgreat. p>> try telling the nba to hire pmore white latino chinese or is psko mo basketball players and psee backlash. pby the way, why doesn't spike plee return honorary oscar if phe's so incensed. pif people make better movies pthey will rewarded. pthat's as simple as it can be. pand wow. p>> one movie that probably won't pup for best film this sequel to pindependence day. pand we're taking a look at at pthe new movie. pwe found something out here. psomething only you might punderstand. pi spent 20 years trying to get pus ready for this.
9:41 am
pour planet. pbut it won't be enough. pi see them, as you can see jeff pgold bloom is bag he was a resident during original as pwell as judd and vif can fox. pnewcomer and william and bat paliens are back and bigger than pever coming to take over. pand it coming to theater pjune 24th. pyou will have to stand by for pthat one. pbig news fox news hit show 24. pwe now know who will lead the pcore hawkins. pthis guy take over for kiefer psuddener land. pa former army ranger pulled back pinto action after his past pcatches up with him. p>> coming up next, diamonds used pto be girl's best friend. pnot any more. pnot with ung i don'ter pgenerations at least. pwhy they are saying no to luxury pitems. pthat's coming up next. pfirst look a celebrity
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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p oh, how i love this movie. popening scene to breakfast at ptiffanies star audrey hepburn pclassic for so many reasons pactor the location and of course ptiffany's. pit was at dream. pyou know. pit was a great movie. psorry. pgreat song, everything. pand he said he never knew what pit meant. pdoesn't matter. pdoesn't matter. pall right. pthe iconic box, you know the pblue color. pmakes women's heart flutter in panticipation. ptiffany teal. pbut all that is coming to an end pso it would seem these
9:44 am
preflective in latest numbers. ptiffany's sales dropped 5 ercent last month. pin december. pthe height of the gift giving pseason. ptime when a little extravagance pis acceptable. pbut the younger generation say pthey don't want luxury for pluxury sake. pnew study they say they want pexperiences and or technology. pgone the days when diamonds were pa girl's best friend. pnow unless a diamond encrusted piphone case with latest edition pof phone inside of it they will ass. p>> yeah. pnow that's not to say they don't plike luxury brands at all. pthey just want this em to have puse. pthey will take vera bradley pluggage or vest. pthis i again, these teenager now pa days. pthey see luxury a way into debt. p>> and they don't like the idea. pof being older millennial pgeneration that in debt forever. pthose teens antibalking just
9:45 am
pexpensive things like cars and pcolleges. popting for the less expensive pversions of. pmore practical. pmore pragmatic. pkids live that you recession pthey saw what it did to their pfamilies. pyou can understand a little bit. psmart.
9:46 am
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3 ((laura /2sh/dbx) from the fox business network studios, lauren pit time to talk business news pfrom fox business network pstudio. plauren simonetti. phey lauren. phello, good morning. pshall we talk about markets and poil prices? p>> yeah. pand of course, moving in the psame direction. pthat's been true every day this pyear. pyou have the dow surging right pnow to tune of 132 points. pabove 16 thousand because price pbarrel. palso, some stocks like free ort, and major copper producer, utting in huge performance ptoday. pleaving s&p 500. pso this is some profits stocks pthat really stand out performers ptoday. pinteresting busy story in pheadlines today. pu f. you live near a trader joes por whole foods your home value pis higher. p>> right. pnot, just a little bit higher pbut double value si low online
9:49 am
pvalues through '97 through 2014. pwhen home was within a mile of peither of those grocery stores ptheir value was like double what pthe national median price of a phome was. pso the closer you are to a whole pfoods or trader joes more money pyour house is worth. pall right. phere's my question. pcertainly clientele, certain pvalue system. puppity grocery stores. phere's my question. pit doesn't matter, but, did pwhole foods come into pneighborhood because it was an pup scale neighborhood. por did homes come around after? pi don't get it. pi don't think it matters. p>> yeah. pi looked into this report pactually, they break it down by, pyou know when an it whole foods pwas about to be constructed and pwhen it was constructed. pand different inial a scenarios. pbut up shot was when it was rices of houses around it do go pup for the most part. p>> okay. pi believe that trader joe's is pnot bad.
9:50 am
pfeel like you're bad with money. pbad. p>> trader joe's i find price is preally nice. pi agree. pcheaper grocery bill. pto be sure. pthey are all about organ, pnatural healthy sustainable pfarming those are the buzz words pthat could make for a nicer pneighborhood. pwe're painting with broad pstrokes here typically someone pwho goes into a trader joe's i pthe not going to go commit a pcrime. pvery good point. pright? eace, love and people. p>> yeah. pthere you go. pthey are tie dyed peace signs. pthen i about impulse there are pcouple cheese cakes there p>> how much of those? p>> i don't pay attention when i pbuy cheese cake a trader joe's. pgood job. pexactly you got to go for are pit.
9:51 am
pimpulse purchases 84 percent pmake impulse purchaseses all ptime says credit half pof spending at least 100 bucks pto do so. pthis is my favorite stott. pbecause who are these people? p20s percent spends at least p$1,000 on a whim when we want psomething. purge to splurge. p$1,000 needs permission, come pon. p>> yeah. pwhen you get permission it's not pan impulse. pthat's in a year? p>> no. pjust looks at just in general. pjust in general you spend p$1,000. pin general. pthat's a big impulse. pyou spend more than that amazon rime in a month p>> everything. pbut it's not in one sitting. pyou know. pif i buy, if i spend $1,000 on psomething all at once i that pdoes give me pause. pyou know yes. pyes. pthen you feel guilty about it. pa little bit. pi do. pyeah. pi spend like $300, $200 there. pand $400 there i fell like i
9:52 am
pbuy that one good thing that i pneed and spend the big money. pinstead spending more because pi'm breaking it up. pi do it all the time. p>> all right. pi don't feel as guilty. pwe've got to go lauren. pyou've got to pay for college pfund. pi do. p>> don't miss lauren on our psister network you know where to pfinds fors bics net york in your parea go to finder. p>> oh my gosh has russell going pto talk about fascination with pcheese cake today? pi don't know. pi don't know. p9 o'clock hour, somebody bring pokay. pskytower radar. pbecause i want to show you pwhat's coming our way appear pclouding things up mild lower p70s, you can see rain look paround houston, new orleans, all pheaded our way in 7 day outhook. pwe've got good shot at heavy prain tomorrow. pmaybe a few strong storms that pwill linger into thursday pmorning but it all clears out. pjust in time for the weekend. p>> just come back around to
9:53 am
poriginal, plain old cheese cake. pcheese cake. pcheese cake. pall right. pcool. pthat will do it for us today ptuesday yearn 26th live with pkelly and michael coming up pnext. pthen wendy williams and fox 13 pnews at noon. psell off that real fast get platest on our website, pfollow us on twitter instagram plike us on facebook. pwe were great until 9:55. psee you. p"realtime closed captioning
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