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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  January 27, 2016 9:00am-9:59am EST

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pdr. jo breaks down the f 3 going back in time.. schools are becoming more segregated. why there are fewer white pgoing back in time schools are pbecoming more serg gayed fewer pwhite students than what that pmeans for education. pkeep your boots and umbrella phand. pthere may be a break right now pbut more is coming. pgood wednesday morning i'm laura pmoody. pi'm russell rhodes. pbecause of what you just saw pwe're staying in the house ptoday. plet's get over to dave for a pquick look. p>> yeah. pwell we do have a lot of prainfall out there. pand interesting thing is that pabout an hour and a half two phours ago back edge of round
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p>> but now we're beginning see pour second round of rain pop up pon the radar. pfirst thing we'll get rid of pthis moving through green psprinkle as if heads through pclaremont area. pbut back out to the south, heavy prain from west palm down to fort plauderdale. pfor us, this is what we will be pdealing with in next couple of phours. pas this rain moves southwest to pnortheast. pwe're not done, even though it pis quiet right now. ptemperatures starting off in mid p60s. pwith more rain expected today. psome of it could heavy this pafternoon. pand high temperature of 72 pdegrees. pand of course it has ab huge pmess on roadways in morning pinclude a fatal act over in st. etersburg. plet's talk more about that with pfox 13 anjuli davis. p>> yeah, good morning to you, pdave. retty horrible scene out here. pyou can see a semitruck and pthere's actually a honda civic pstuck underneath that truck. pit's hard to see from this ng an pel i can tell you this road, p38th avenue north has been shut
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pa st. pete police investigate pthis accident. pa tow truck now on scene as well pthe medical examiner we're in pbeginning stages of clearing up. pfrom what we're told by police pthat truck was turning on to p38th avenue north. pthat car ran right underneath pit. pcompletely crumbled underneath pthe trailer of that semitruck. pof course the real challenge pwill be removing it from that punderneath the truck. pas for the cause of the accident pit is still under investigation. pit was very foggy out here at pthe time of the accident. pad also, it was a raining at pthe time. pno word yet on the identity of pthat driver. pbut there also two people in pthat semitruck they were able to pwalk away from the scene. plive in st. pete anjuli davis, pfox 13 news. p in a turn which events pdonald trump is saying no to prepublican debate. pset for thursday. pfinal one before monday's iowa pcaucuses. ptrump and fox news have been at podds as you know with each other psince the first gop debate when phe moderator meg enkelly got pinto it.
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pthis could mean for trump and prepublican race for the white phouse. p we're going to do something psimultaneously with the debate. pmost likely i'm not going to do pdebate trump spokes wan later pdrive point home he's out at pleast as it stands at the pmovement. pupset over a fox news press prelease that poked fun at him pand the inclusion of fox megyn pkelly as one moderators. psuit tangle early gop debate. ptrump is flirted with skipping pdebates before. pbut this comes just days before pnext week's iowa caucuses. pand he is neck and neck in most olls with senator ted cruz pwould was quick to mock trump. pif she asks him mean questions i pmean his hair might stand on end pcruz says iowa is no the must pwin for his campaign, he did ptell a gathering of religious pleaders that trump could win the pnomination if he takes the first ptwo states. p>> and donald wins he right now phas a substantial lead in new phampshire.
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phampshire as well there's a very pgood chance he could be punstoppable and be our nominee. pbig question now will a debate pabsence should it come to that phurt or help trump? p>> but i think as of now he's psucceeding in doing what he pwants which to make him the pcenter of all attention, all of pthe time. p>> and look this could have an pimpact on the rating for this pdebate as well. pbecause donald trump has a big pdriver behind some of those pratings. pon the other hand, maybe a lot pof people watching to see if ptrump decides to show up at the plast minute. pin washington, doug luzader, fox pnews. p and remember the debate is ptomorrow night at 9 o'clock on pthe fox news channel. pafter that, keep it right here pon fox 13 political editor craig atrick will be bring you live ost debate coverage and preview pof the i was caucus. pthat should be interesting. pwhile all that drama was playing pout trump was talking about peducation. phe's long been a critic of the psystem and common core. phe made that very evident in a pvideo that he posted on his pfacebook page.
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p>> we cannot have the pbureaucrats in washington ptelling you how to manage your pchild's education. pdisaster. pwe can't let it continue. p>> went on to say american peducation system spends more pmoney per student than any other pcountry yet education system is ponly 28 worst in some 93rd world pcountries he would give power pback to local authorities local pstate governments and school pdistricts. pand then there's this schools pare more segregated now than pthey were in the 80s. pand it's for a number of preasons. pjen epstein is here now with pmore on this. pgood morning. pnew study says there are several preasons for this. pthe research was done in honor p50 answers of what's known as pthe coleman report. pthe coleman report stated, a. pyou pill's achievement strongly prelated to educational pbackground and aspirations of pother students in the school. pnow that reinforced 1954 supreme
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pnot equal. pthat was brown versus board of peducation. pafter the report, and 1964 civil prights act governments made pconcerted effort to desegregate pschools to make sure each school pa mix of whites and blacks it pworked in 1980s more than a pthird, 36 percent of black pstudents had white school mates. pbut now in 2016, that number has pdropped to just 27 percent. pit's falling. pnow there are several reasons pfor this. pstudents. pin 1968, 80 percent of public pschool student body was white. pthat number has continued to pslide and now only 51 percent of pcaucasian. pasians and hispanic made up the pdifference. p>> but where did the white pstudents go. pthe suburbs originally known as pwhite flight when families when pwhite families moved for suburbs pto get away from city minorities pstudents also a push to home pschool children or send this em pto private schools. pall of that has led to less pintegration. p>> education experts say without pstudents from all race and
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peducation gap will increase. pand will wind up bigger divide phave and have nots. pnot only that, but with a lack pof exposure comes less punderstanding and less pacceptance. p>> back to you. p>> sticking with education peverybody needs a break pespecially kids working hard in pschool. pand now they are going to get it pin pinellas county starting next pyear, elementary students are pgoing to be given 20 minutes of precess or physical education pevery day. pyou might see the same thing phappening across the state too. pa bill that mandates recess just pgot unanimous support from a pstatehouse subcommittee. pthere are still a lot more steps pto go before the bill become preality legislation would still phave to be approved by full phouse and senate. p>> coming up next he served our pcountry, but became injured. pwe will it will you why this pmarine is not giving up instead phe has new mission. pit is why he's our extraordinary pordinary. poprah at it again she's dropping ounds. pdr. jo tells us why weight
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pof us the battle of the bulging pis just an ongoing fight. p>> plus charley belcher preminding us it's all about at pcircle can of life, right p>> hakuna matata. erfect segue. pyes indeed. pwhen we come back, you're going pto meet the man behind mufasa. pthat is my best james earl jones pwhich is terrible. pgerald doesn't do james earl pjones he does his own voice as pmufasa. phe's not costume. phe's merely honoring his pheritage. pi'll explain his dress and his pincredible way that agot into
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3 ((laura/wipe vo)) look at this: thi p take a look at this, this is pvideo of an ad that oprah posted pon her twitter account late pyesterday. pin it, she says that she has plost 28 pounds on weight pwatchers and even claims to have peaten bread every day. p28 pounds. pso we had to bring dposhth jo in pfor this one. pyou know we saw that commercial pfirst time on the air. pwe found weight watcher stock pwent up huge. pfor all that fan fare weight pwatchers really does work. pwhy? p>> it does. pand you know when he look at pacross the board a lot of times pwhen these diets are rated it palways come up in top levels. pand part of what weight watchers pdoes it really does emphasize phealthy foods and so more of a
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oints, and if you have two pthings equal can lorecally has plot more nutrients or maybe more pfiber just better for you you're pgoing to lot more points than pyou are for more empty calories. palso, really allows you to eat plots of fruits, lots vegetables. pyou know i really think that pwhen you look at it overall it pdoes try to emphasize health. pand as she said probably she's pyou know depending on where she pis in this diet it sounds like pthe bread can be incorporated or pthose types of trigger foods pthat you really, really crave pcan be incorporated to make it pmore personalized diet. pand of course there's always pthat support that they get. p>> yeah. pyeah. pthat's big thing too. paccountability. p>> absolutely. paccountability is huge. pand when you look at that across pthe board, that really does phelp. pand there's online version then pyou can go into a facility, i've ptalked to several people that phave been extremely successful pwith the diet. pyou worry a little bit once they
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paway from that support system, pbut again yeah it can extremely peffective. pright you know you talk about a pwhat happens when you get off of pa diet like that. pyou gain the weight back almost pimmediately. por at least some women do. plike oprah. pi think that's one reasons we pcan identify with her. pshe's sort of like every woman plike lot of us who have a hard ptime keeping weight off. pwe fluctuate we look really pgreat then we gain a little bit. pwhy is it that some of us have a pharder if i am keeping if off? pmetabolic thing? phormonal? p>> i think it is. pi think it is. pi know there was point in time pwhen we said hey look oh genetic pcould not have changed that much p1970s people mostly slim to now pit has to be the food. pit also has to how you process por store that fat. pwhat you're body is doing with pit. pthere have been studies looking pthings call brown fat for pexample. pnow we know that brown fat is pmore metabolic. pwhen you take calories in your pbody burns it and then creates pheat.
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pstoring them and you know, utting it on your hips and all pthe places you don't want them pto be. p>> so, so there there are pcompany out there i brought it ptoo, we did a story on cold pshoulder where you can ice packs pon your body hopefully increase pthat brown fat. pbut buy and large exercise that pdoes it. pbut yes, you're right they plooked a rats and mice. pthey found that some that are pskinny some are more, heavy. pand they found that the skinny pmice they burn things off a lot pfaster when they stopped pexercising guess what happened? pit almost equalized. pso that physical activity is phuge component in this diet and pim. p>> i watch oprahi know what an pincredible role model for lot of pdifferent reasons i hear 28 ounds, if someoneg to pdangerous. p>> i mean significant don't get pme wrong. pare we losing you? pwe will move on now. p>> we'll talk to you later, jo. pthanks, laura.
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p>> can we see you? pare you there i'm here. pi'm here. pi want photo show you overcast pskies. eople walking up and dpoun pbeach get it in before our next pround of rain. pif you look very closely, and pyou look out into the gulf you psee this? pthis is at rain i was talking pabout. pwe had rain overnight. pnow we're drying it out a little pbit. pthere's another round sitting poff to our southwest. pand headed our way. pi want to show you inland icture as well. pwith overcast skies in polk pcounty. pso we're quiet for the most part pwe're quiet on radar. pa few sprinkles here and there. palthough we've actually had big pthunderstorms much further south pfrom west palm beach down to pfort lauderdale. palligator alley just wet and pstormy at this hour rain we're plooking what i just showed you pis out here. pnotice, it's pretty large. pand it's all headed our way. pso, over the next couple of phours, the rain is going to move
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plooks like heaviest of rain just psouth of tampa area. psarasota, into bradenton and phardee county. pand into dpe so to county. pstill, many areas i've already icked up an inch of rain or pmore. pwe're going add to that total pwith this round of rain. pbut front itself still back phere. pso we're going to have to deal pwith this on and off. plikely for the next let's say 24 pto 30 hours. pthen we'll finally clear this pwhole system through the area. pit's mild, mid to upper 60s. pthere's a ton of cloud cover out pthere. pto be hon's when abreak out into psunshine today, all that's going pto do, destabilize the patmosphere overall away every pgot lot ingredients coming ptogether to bring more heavy prain. pagain your second round of rain pright down here, which is moving ptoward west central and psouthwest florida over the next pcouple of hours. pmy best advice, got to do panything outdoor right now get pit done. pbut keep your skytower radar app phandy. pbecause you will see as that pline is approaching coastline
9:16 am
pinto 72 for high temperature ptoday. ptonight, rain storms, 62. pand tomorrow it looks like pupper 60s. pbut we'll keep the clouds prunning even though showers pshould end hopefully early on in pthe day. pwhat i'm thinking is then the pweekend looks great. pnice little stretch of weather, pgoing to droo things out may pcool down to 40s for low psaturday and sunday high ptemperature recover to near pafternoon. plooks good, dave. pthank you. p>> 9:17. pand for folks who are heading pnorth bond along 75, watch out pfor left lane being blocked near psun city center exit away pemergency no dealing with any psevere delays a safety concern pkeep your kws peeled. inellas county u.s. 19 just pbefore you get to curlew road a pcrash reported that's blocking pat least one lane. plooks like the delays we're pseeing that you stretch are retty minor. pof course you'll want to plan pfor a few extra minutes outdoor pif you have to head that way. pearlier crash apparently still pcausing some concerns. priverview area.
9:17 am
pagain u.s. 301 u.s. 41. phick deputies say they are on pscene working this traffic crash pthat resulted in a teco pole pbeing down. pyou can't not only that roadway pclosed take bloomington or pgibsonton delays northbound and psouthbound near that pintersection along 30 one. p>> time now 9:18. phaving a place veterans can have pwhat they call battle buddies pcan sometimes be few and far pbetween especially catered to pdisabled veterans. pworking to solve this problem in phis own backed yar making him pthis week extraordinary pordinary. pyou focus in on oh this happened pto me or i can't do this or i pcan't do that. pyou go down that downward pspiral. pthen you say, hey, bad things phave happened but it's taught me pgreat lessons. pjust gives you better overall ositive outlook on life. pmike is marine he may be retired ptheir motto will never beadapt pand overcome. pyou know figure out a problem, pand you know get around it.
9:18 am
pfor a challenge. pwhen things are going easy i get puncomfortable. phis big is obstacle to overcome pis his method of getting around psince he's back from combat. pon september 1st of 2006 i was pshot by an enemy sniper. pthe round went through my back pleft scapula went straight pacross hit my, shatter my pseventh vertebra hit my right pnerve in right arm. pand then ended up s fragmenting pin my right lobe. pafter this smoke settled, i pnoticed that i couldn't move. pand i fried to yell and but pbecause of the bullet was lodge pin lung nos was coming out loud pthat are n mike is rolling this pinto a positive and working to phelp other. pso me and my dad started pthrowing around an idea, pstarting our own nonprofit and pfocussing on the problems that pwe've seen with other groups. pnot saying their many but a few
9:19 am
paccessibility things that people pif you're in wheelchair you had pnever think about arrived an pidea wounded warrior abilities pranch. pten ache plot in pinellas park pdonated by the city with help of pfunding and sponsors, will allow pfor things like hand cycling pfishing horseback riding and pwheelchair basketball. pthe entire ranch will allow for pveterans to be able when so much pof their day they are skr pdisabled. pyou start to ghaet drive back pmotivation i want to work out i pwant to play basketball or i pwant to go fishing i want to, pyou know just that competitive pnature drives a man more than panything. pyou're john. pyou're steve. pyou're tom. pyou're mike. pyou're not the guy in a pwheelchair. pand i think when you do these pactivities that's when people pstart really realizing that mike pgoal to get veterans from bay parea state of florida even pacross the country a positive lace to adapt and overcome in pall phases of their lives.
9:20 am
peverybody had obstacle and their pown struggles. pbut the trick is don't look at pthe bad things that have phappened to you. plook at the good things. plook at the lesson that is. plook at the ways you overcame. plook at the lives you've touched pafter the fact. pone thing we do want to point pout wounded warrior abilities pranch. pseparate from wounded warrior roject. pthey've raised about $40,000 so pfar. pthat's not countying their first pfund raising gal la. pi'm proud to emcee project pexpected to cost about 5 to p$600,000 earliest be completed pin 2018. pif you know someone or something pyou think extraordinary ordinary pshoot me a suggestion on my pfacebook page. pbon jovi may be living on prayer pone homeless man got a meal with rayer. pamazing act of kindness shown a pchick-fil-a coming up a ten pminutes. pcharley belcher us with pchildren's classic that is loved
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best oranges we've ever had. they're even backed by our 100 percent freshness guarantee. try them for yourself today at
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pgood day tampa bay i'm charley pbelcher coming to you from pstraz? pfor performing arts this pmorning. plion king in town through pvalentine's day. pyou've got until february 14th pto come see in incredible show. pand joining us now is mufasa phimself. plook at that i feel honor reponderance gerald ramsey, pladies and gentlemen. pfrom american samoa. p>> and you are wearing your ptraditional dress? p>> yes. pwhat do you call that? p>> lava lava a safari set. pformal i dressed out just for pyou.
9:24 am
pbut this is what you wear. pyou, you still wear your pauthentic representing your pheritage. pthat just show how welcoming pcast has been for i was kind of pintimidating a pacific i had pislander they open welcomed me pwith open arms. pgerald as an amazing story have pyou act thing since you were kid phow many other plays and answer pis this is the first show ever. pyou were performing in hawaii at olynesian show? p>> yeah. plike doing yeah just dancing pstrictly poll neegs dancing from paround pacific for tourist that pis was itfriend says i will buy pyou free lunch if you will go paudition for open call disney is pdoing. pdancer are poor. pi said free lunch. plet's go. pshe's actually one when i got pjob i pay for her ticket to any pshow she wants to come. pshe's coming here to tampa next pweek. p>> that's fantastic. p>> thank you.
9:25 am
pdo we want to put you in the pshow we want you you to be the plead p>> unbelievable. peven when they said you're going pto mufasa fifth under study just prelax in back and wait maybe go pon once a year. pno it was principle mufasa eight pshows a week. poh, by the way the guy who made pthis famous in movie was james pearl jones. pthere is a bigger voice to try pto somehow continue? p>> no, there isn't. pso do you en think james earl pjones you put gerald ramseys pvoice. psomething i love when we came in prehearsals they don't want you pto imitate anybody they want you pto be yourself when i came my pvote can you sound deeper or pchange your accent. pno, they let me just go. pand be myself. pso is this your mufasa. pthis is me and i might get a plittle more aggressive mufasa
9:26 am
pnot me, i'm relaxed no. pnot me. pmufasas maybe a little bit, just pa little bit, i think you go to psome see the show. pyou're right, man. pcongratulations on, who theater eople everywhere are going oh. psturdied my we will life you get pfirst audition for a huge ptouring broadway show. p>> good for you, man. pluck man. pgood for you. pthere you go lion cringe straz pcenter for performing arts runs pthrough valentine's day. prussell rhodes, this guy, keep premember the name gerald ramsey phis first show i have a feeling pweep seal him on broadway more pand more and more. pyou know what he doesn't have to ptry to imitate james earl jones. pyou can hear mufasa already you pcan in that voice. pths great. pit's great. plook at that smile too, neat. pneat. pall right. pwe'll see you later. phe's a theater star. phe's a star. phe's a star. pit's okay. psee alater, man. pin about 20 minutes a gator
9:27 am
pinto our newsroom really big
9:28 am
proad3 3 welcome back p and welcome back it. p9:30 now one person is dead panother purn is hurt after ptraffic stop turned go a gun pfight. pthis happened while federal pagents were arrest's leaders of parmed protester who have poccupied a national wildlife prefuse for more than three pweeks. pofficials say ammon bundy and pfollowers were on their way to pcommunity meeting when all this phappened.
9:29 am
pabout their views on federal pmanagement of public lands. pofficers say two of the people pinside the carey fused to psurrender during a traffic stop. pthat's when al shooting started. pbunked's brother was wounded and panother man was killed. pand all officers arrested eight eople. pnot clear who fired first right pnow officials have placed pcounty's hospital on lockdown to revent demonstrators from going pinside. p>> two people are dead three pother hurt after shots were pfired at seattle homeless pencampment. olice say they found 5 victims pafter searching searching a wood parea last night investigators pbelieve this encampment which is pknown as jungle was targeted. pno arrest have been made but pofficers say that they are psearching for two people of pinterest. pwinterhaven police searching for pare man who they say not only pstole but also set a very bad pexample appear thief caught on pcamera stealing with a small pchild in toe. pthis happened earlier this month pappear man came into store with pa child. pthe two walked around for a
9:30 am
psome food a child ride-on toy psimilar to power wheels truck. pthen man walked out without aying. pemployees tried to stop him. phe yelled for the little girl to prun to the car. p>> well they all got to car. pthey were driving a newer model psuv. pif you know anything about this pcall winter haven pd. p>> today is international pholocaust remembrance day. pnations around the world will be pholding events to remember the pvictims and the survivors of pholocaust in world war ii. psix million jews were murdered pby germany nazi regime along pwith 5 million non-jews. ptoday incident marks anniversary pof 1945 liberation of our pweathers death camp in poland resident obama will visit pisraeli embassy where he will phonor four people for risking pthere lives to protect jews pduring the holocaust. pthose pictures are still hard to psee. pvery, very haunting. p>> over to dave now to talk pabout the weather. p>> yeah. pcloudy skies now. pand in our area, i mean just plooks like this.
9:31 am
pwe have gone fog development palong the pinellas county pcoastline after that first round pof rain came through. pheads for 66 degrees in the ptampa area. pand while it's quiet now, all pyou got to do look out here to pthe southwest. psee our next round of rain which pis heading our way should likely pbe here in next hour, hour and a phalf. pdried out from 7:00 to about p9:30 or so. palthough we do have a big pthunderstorm. pin fact a tornado warned storm pdown near pompano beach right pnow. pnorth of fort lauderdale area. pa little bit of rotation as that pthunderstorm is moving off pshore. pin terms of strong thunderstorm pactivity right now it is really pfrom west palm everglades for us pwe're watching this band of rain pwhich moving from southwest to pnortheast. pyou can see as overspreading. pthat will work it is way over pnext couple of hours. pthat will be our second round of prain. pwe'll go through this periods pand waves of rain until we can ush this front through ptomorrow.
9:32 am
pin fact this is one of those pdays you got a little poke of psun here and there may work pagainst you. pgetting some instability. pout there. pso visible satellite showing pjust lot of cloud cover. pkeep your skytower radar app phandy. preally going to be most peffective tool throughout day ptoday. pbecause you're going to have plittle waves of rain. pstorm prediction center does phave us under marginal risk for psevere weather you saw that phappening down near the hysicaled area with that ptornado warned storm. pso we're looking a temperatures ptoday to get back into the lower p70s. pwith periods of rain in storms. pno not going to rain every pminute of the day not raining pright now. pbut just to let you know we have panother round coming. pat least one more. pso rain and storms continue ptonight. pwe'll taper everything off ptomorrow. pas we do start to get back a plittle into sunshine and then pfinally by friday, clearing it pout. pi mean perfect timing for the pweekend. pall right. pyou've got invasion early in
9:33 am
pnumber 40s at that point. pthen finish day around 68 pdegrees. pand she loves to dance, play pwith her blocks take baths, and pwatch the mickey mouse club phouse. pnow we have a belated birthday pshe loves music and a dancing pand clapping to beat of any psong. pwe have little sane. pit sounds like powerful name as. phappy first birthday to belated pto birthday to each and every pone. phappy birthday i hope you're a pwonderful day i hope you had pgreat birthday. ptime right now 9:35. pand while we're starting to pclear up as far as congestion on proadway a couple hiccup here and pthere lane blockage reported pwith some accidents, so pasco pcounty we're starting off state proad 52, i-75, westbound lane pheading in that trekkies pdirection also following that pcrash in st. pete along 38 the
9:34 am
pfatal crash sch has east and pwestbound lane blocks. pwe to look 275 not looking 22 pbad near dpal mabrey new merging pma pattern goes on looks pretty pclear. p26 miles per hour the average. pnine minutes if you're coming phoward franklin tampa side pheading up to the interchange. p>> all right vanessa thank you. phere's story that is going to pwarm your heart. p>> warm all of our hearts. phomeless man walked into pchick-fil-a in tennessee and pasked for any leftovers or pscraps. pbut instead of chasing the phomeless man away the manager pthere said he'd give him food on pone condition, as long as phomeless man would pray with the pmanager the manager would give phim meal customer watched whole pthing and post it had on pfacebook. phe said he overheard manager psaying he love to gym him a full pwarm meal not just scraps and ponly thing he asked let him pray pwith him. pjoey went on the to as busy as pthey were this manager stopped
9:35 am
pman and prayed. phe heard the love in that rayer. p>> response has overwhelming. pit's liked more than 250,000 ptimes chicago if i lay known for pcrist kran also have include pclosing all location on sundays psince 1946. pit believes all employees should phave an opportunity to rest pspend time and family and pfriends and would are ship. pthey've controversial in past ptoo. pregarding there issues on gay pmarriage. p>> nice. pit's a nice. ptrue. ptom and jerry are getting back ptogether. pnot cartoon tom cruise and jerry pbruck heimer. platest evidence that top gun 2 pis well on its way to becoming a preality. pyeah. plive picture of the board on pwall street. pwe're not starting out well.
9:36 am
((jen//wipe vo)) some more sad news from p more sad news florida phollywood. pbeloved actor character and
9:37 am
phe you may gnome him from roles pin tv barney miller and pgodfather. phis daughter says he died in his psleep at her home in new jersey. pshe said he died of old age. phe was 94. p>> the actor was declared dead pdozens of times before his real pdeath tuesday for decades it pjoke on late night talkshows sad pthl time is forereal. p>> fans of hollywood's past will pwant to hear this story. pone last people to see natalie pwood alive will go on auction. pwood died in 1981 in mysterious pdrowning accident. pshe and her husband robert pcaptain. pnow captain is auctioning off psome parts of the yacht. pincluding the wood sign with its pname on it. pthey are also six never enter pseen photos from the splendor parchives one natalie robert popening gifts and in the asane pconnery i say board as well pauction will take place
9:38 am
popening bid for any items is p$10,000. pwe know top gun 2 is in work now pwe're get a hint some original pcast will come back. pjerry bruck heimer the producer pof original posted this a icture on twitter. pyes caption just got back from pweekend in new orleans to see my pold friend tom cruise and a pdiscuss a little top gun two. roject is under way now it's pjust a question of casting. pwait and see. p>> coming up some good eats if pyou're feeling a little under pthe weather. pi know lot of people are.
9:39 am
pja phi there well welcome back to my pkitchen. pi figure time of year for some pgood comfort food, maybe a soup, pso i'm digging recipe for are my pfamily ching enginger soup. pit's really simple. pjust a chop and drop recipe. pso now i have chicken broth pboiling away in a big pot. pi prechoped some mushrooms box pchow and some onion. pand those are just going to get pright into the pot. pnow i have some chicken, i've pdied up into a chunks. pone most interesting flavors in
9:40 am
pto get that in there you're pgoing to start peeling some some pginger root. pthen you're going to grate it pinto this soup. pso before i put lid on this let pthis boil away for few minutes i pwant to add salt pepper bump up pthe flavor. pall right. pjust put the lid on it. plet it go for about 15 minutes por so. pall right it's been about 15, 20 pminutes. pi did going to check and make psure the chicken is all cooked. pit likes that's all cooked very pnicely. pso really just kill heat let pthis cool down and serve it. pnow the original recipe calls pfor rice and i actually made psome wild rice in a separate price cooker. pi'm going to add a scoop of that pfor folks who have seen this precipe before when i've made it pfor folks in past i've actually palternated between rice and pnoodles you can do either.
9:41 am
padd them in the last 5 to seven pminutes of the cooking time with pthe traditional way like i said. pall right. plet's take a taste now. pget a piece of chicken in there. pmmm. pit has all the comforts of pchicken soup with that extra pwarmth from the ginger. pyou guys will love it. pwe always do. pwe always love her food. pdon't we? pyou've brought this before. pwhen we were all feeling a plittle under weather your voices palmost gone. pshall i? pare you going to heal me today? pi hope so soul fixing food. plike ahaurd from philippine from pmy mom's dad's side of the pfamily. pand traditionally when they make pit they will boil rice in the psoup as wellwill all kind of pcook together i keep rice
9:42 am
ptendency to like really suck up pall liquid then you have very plittle broth. p>> wow. pisn't that good? pyou don't know how much i need pthis you cook lot with box chow pyou turned me go on to it's pwonderful. pa little cabbage. pand it goes well with this like pi said the theme from hilippines. pso good. pand sometimes actually i've pheard my mom's dad would make he ut splash coconut milk lemon pgrass and take lemon grass out pit kind of changes the flavor pbut you get spicy spiciness. pyou can taste ginger in there. preally great. pyou need to drink that broth. pfor that throat. pyes, ma'am. p>> wow, this is great. pof course we've got this we will pget this on website as wul. pgood i'm glad you like. p>> always do. peasy. psuch a lucky guy does he know pthat? p>> hopefully so. pall right we will give you a
9:43 am
pnow. pwe want you to be careful on proads vanessa has been busy sos pdave he's back in few minutes
9:44 am
3 3 ((laura//live pix)) here's another live picture of the board on wall street. panother live live look down dows pdown about 122 points. pstill above 16 thousand mark. pdown significantly. pthings are just not good in pmarkets these days. plet's get to lauren simonetti pright now fox business network pto talk about what she's seeing ptoday. phey, good morning. pi can explain the big decline. pif you look at shares apple down p5 percent and boeing down about p10 percent, if you put them ptogether their point pcontribution to dow's decline is palmost all of it. p90 negative dow points because papple terrible numbers when you plook how they disappointed wall pstreet by only selling 75 pmillion iphones in holiday pquarter, and you look a fwoeing pearning going forward those two pspecific reasons why stock pmarket is done. pwe're sort of on wait and see pmode we have fed meeting yet and ptoday their statement on pinterest rates and monetary
9:45 am
ptoday. pwhat did i say yesterday in papple's problem. pwhere was the problem? psouth korea. pwell china. pchina was a big problem. pthat's where they do a good, pgood amount of their annual prevenue. pbut the iphone in general, you pknow, we're talking i iphone pseven. pand nen the 8, on and on and on pthese devices don't impress pinvestor or consumers because 6 ps did not, they have a problem pon their hands. psome people are saying apple is pjust transitions to mature pcompany where you can't have pblow out quarterly growth, pquarter after grow after pquarter. pbut apple shares are down 5 ercent today. psince widely held stock peverybody basically owns it in psome sort of fund that you have pin your 401k et cetera, people pare faking a people are faking a phit. pmcdonald's they've done pincredible things made all kinds pof changes for benefit of pcompany. pnow we hear that they are
9:46 am
pthis is the turn around company. pwhat they are doing in paustralia, unfortunately they pare selling secrete sauce. pby the bottle. pthat bottle is 5 bucs. pyou can totally afford it. pit you want to get it in u.s. go pto ebay i've seen them for crazy pa little of money. pobviously a limited run. pand you know, i love big macs i plove secret sauce. pi want to know what's even pthough it taesz like craft pthousand island dressing. pyou remember the song? p>> oh, yeah pickle onion, oh pcome on. ptwo all beef patty special sauce ple fuss cheese, pickles onion pohs n sesame seed baun. pingrained in my head. pford? plet's talk about recall of these pnearly 400 thousand ford ranger ick up trucks. p>> 2004 to 2006 model years. pbecause they are made with at pthis can at that airbags they pcan explode, send metal into the pair killed a man late last year.
9:47 am
pnow company calling back 391,000 pof them just few days federal pregulators said we're adding pmillions of cars to the because pof at the can at that exploding pdeadly airbags adding another 5 pmillion. p>> okay. pwhat a mess. psure is. psad mess too. pit is. pall right lauren. pthank you. pseeley you tomorrow. p>> thank you. psee you tomorrow. p>> don't miss lauren simonetti pon our is it network station too pif you're not sure where to find pit see you later, log on to and look for pchannel finder. p our second round of rain on pits way. pin fact already raining around unta gore today. psoon to be in sarasota. pbraden to as that cluster of pshowers and storms. pmoves southwest to northeast. pright that you the area. pwe're not done there probably pget another one. pimportant is periods of rain, psome of it could heavy. pcheck back in with jim with more pskytower radar on fox 13 news at pnoon. pafter tomorrow, quiets down. p>> okay.
9:48 am
pso we will end this all with a plittle riddle why did the gator pcross the road? pyou know. pand take a look. pfox 13 viewer ryan bailey pemailed us this video earlier pthis morning. pholy tamale. pside. phe was in trinity just pouring pout of his neighborhood when he pawe traffic jam. pall cars stopped waiting and pwatching for the gator to get to pthe other side. pyeah that will stop traffic. pevery time. pwelcome to florida. pis that dave? pthat sounds like dave but i pdon't think so. panyway. pthat will do it for us. pit did sound like dave. pwhy was he saying burger king pcoffee. pmaybe he was doing you want to pget get burger king coffee. pall right. pwe'll leave it there today pwednesday january 27th. plive with kelly and michael
9:49 am
pi've got no voice. pi've got no voice left. pyou finish it he's not feeling pwell wednesday williams fox 13 pnews at noon as always get late pis on our website, pfollow us on twitter instagram, plike us on facebook. p>> we always make it i'm open. p"realtime closed captioning
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