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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  January 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 3 3 new this morning: a rough wakeup for several renters in tampa. an apartment complex caught fire a few hours ago. it happened in the 46 hundred block of hubert street. four units were affected with heavy smoke damage... but everyone got out safely. 3 it was also a busy night for firefighters in plant city. they had to battle a house fire along howell road. this was about as close as we could get to the flames... without blocking the road that leads to the home. the fire started around ten p-m. *no one was hurt... and no word yet on what caused the fire. 3 3 ((vanessa/2shot )) florida voters will have a lot
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fall. and not *just for president. medical marijuana is now *officially back on the ballot. fox 13's crystal clark joins us now with the latest.. 3 in a letter released overnight, united for care praised the decision..they say this will give voters, "a second chance to provide relief to hundreds of thousands of suffering patients." 3 a group organizing a petition drive to put the issue on the ballot, reaching its goal yesterday. attorney john morgan is leading the group. they've collected more than 692-thousand signatures ... that's nearly 10-thousand more than they needed to put the question before voters. the deadline was monday. you'll recall, the group fell just shy of having medical marijuana approved by voters in 20-14. the state requires 60 percent approval for constitutional amendments .. it got 57-point six percent. 3 on the united for care website, supports say the fight starts today..they plan to launch their new official campaign slogan: "yes on two." the issue will be amendment 2
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voters vote in favor of it...florida will join 23 other states and the district of columbia in allowinlg doctors to recommend marijuana to individuals with debilitating conditions..we'll be watching this issue closely..back to you.. 3 3 a central florida woman once linked to the casey anthony case... is trying to clear her name again. but this time, "zenaida gonzales" is facing some serious charges. 3 gonzalez has been arrested for stealing a cancer patient's credit card. osceola county deputies say gonzalez and her boyfriend stole a credit card from a woman staying at the motel where they worked... and racked up hundreds of doallrs on it. the two are charged with grand theft. gonzalez made headlines when she sued casey anthony for defamation several years ago. she claimed the young mom ruined her name when she said a nanny by the same name kidnapped her baby caylee. 3 3 today in tampa: a special presention at liberty middle school. students will present a check for five
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parker schnecker. they raised the money through a cookie dough fundraiser... to help the schenecker scholarship fund. that fund was started... as a tribute to schenecker's son and daughter. 3 calyx and beau schenecker were both *murdered by their mother... julie schenecker... back in 20-11. and she's now serving life in prison for the crimes. the father set up the scholarship to help promising young leaders, athletes, and artists in bay area schools. calyx was a cross country runner at king high. and beau was an active member of the future business leaders of america. beau was also a student at liberty middle... making today's donation, a very personal one. 3 happening tonight in st. petersburg... you can get an inside perspective on the race for the white house. especially with the first big primary vote, less than a week away. "michael steele" will kick off the st. petersburg college distinguished speaker series. he's the former chairman of the republican national committee, and now gives regular political commentary on all the cable networks. the forum-style event runs from 7 to 8-30 tonight at the
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the title of the forum... "battle for the white house: a primary primer." 3 ?want your *free tickets... to see barry manilow? well the promotion begins today. all you have to do, is turn in a new or gently used musical instrument..lie arena in downtown tampa. one instrument gets you *two tickets to manilow's tampa show. that's a week from today. and manilow is doing his part: he's donating a yamaha piano to
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3 3 3
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3 still ahead: ever hear the saying "lucky to be alive?" it couldn't be more true, for one professional skier. 3 she survived one of the *scariest accidents... the sport has ever seen. with *minor injuries! up next: she's speaking for the the first time... about the final moments *before that fall. 3 but first, a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. no winner in the powerball... so that jackpot
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saturday night. the lotto jackpot rolls over as well... its up to 38 million. good luck... and good day is back in less than two minutes. 3 3 3 3 3 here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it
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look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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3 in the headlines: police in california have now made *five arrests... stemming from a daring prison escape. but those arrests do *not include the three escapees. 3 the orange county sheriff says they arrested five people that have some connection to the inmates, but it's not clear yet if they actually helped them escape. and the arrested also don't include any prison employees. police think there's no way the inmates could have pulled this off without help. including getting powerful cutting tools into their cell. the search is now focused on a vietnamese gang. 3 a woman who lost her *leg during the boston marathon bombings ... isn't slowing down. in fact, she's training to run again... in *this year's race. "adrianne haslet-davis" was a professional ballroom dancer before the bombings two years
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and danced a fox-trot. but *this year... she's determined to finish the race. all 26-point-2 miles! says she will run to raise money for a non-profit group that gives prosthetics to amputees. the 120-th boston marathon is april 18th. 3 america's wounded warriors will soon be profiled... in a comic book. an upcoming issue of the marvel comic book "venom: space knight" will feature a storyline, tied to the wounded warrior project. the hero of the comic lost the ability to walk, after fighting in iraq. and in this issue... he will actually get prosthetic legs and learn to use them. it will show the everyday struggles of a wounded veteran. 3 and speaking of survivors... have you seen *this video yet? a pro skier falls a *thousand feet down an alaskan mountain. it's been going viral this week... to promote ski safety. but it actually *happened
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about that experience. she says she hit a patch of ice, lost her balance and just wiped out. 3 amazingly, collinson walked away with only two sprained fingers and
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3 the time is now 4 xxx. here's a quick check of the top trending stories this hour. and we begin... with video from a *gender party from new york that's been going viral. that's when an expecting couple learns their baby's gender... along with everyone else at the party! 3 and like most parties... this couple had the baby's identity *hidden in their cake. 3 pink filling means it's a girl... 3 and *blue ... means a boy. and once dad cuts it open, he has reason to celebrate... he's having a boy! as you *fainted after seeing it. why was he so excited? because he already has *four daughters. and now... a video that
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question: is it cute.... or creepy? 3 a 99-year-old woman in south florida woke up to find an exotic animal lying on her chest. 3 but you've probably never seen it before. it's called... a kink-ah-jew. a wild animal typically found in the rainforests of central and south america. earlier this week... a woman woke up to find it on top of her... *petting her face. the woman screamed, and the animal ran away. it's actually someone's *pet... and a neighbor was *suppose to be watching it. experts say these cute little guys can be dangerous if they feel threatened... or cornered. fortunately... the woman was not hurt. she took the critter to an animal hospital where its original owners
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3 and finally... we introduce you, to one of the most *popular veterinarians in the country. and once we show you his *picture, i think you'll know why. 3 his name is doctor "evan antin". and the title he just got from the internet, "the hottest animal doctor ever." he works at (con-ey-ho)conejo valley veterinary hospital in media has been going crazy over this guy the past 24 hours. he constantly posts photos with animals on his instagram page... which now has more than 50 *thousand followers. and if you think he has *model good looks... there's a reason for it. he actually used to *be a professional model, before
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early on... back in december 2014, they named him "sexiest beast charmer." 3 still ahead: from men at work... to *fun at work. it's all happening today, in tampa bay. plus: another check on the
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day continues.3 he comes from the land down under. and tonight... he's coming to clearwater. singer "colin hay" is performing at the capitol theater in clearwater. he used to be the frontman for the 80's band..."men at work." but he's had a solo career for the past 15 years. tickets start at 30 dollars. the show starts at eight p-m. 3 and finally... 3 this is national "have fun at work" day. most of us spend a good portion of our lives at the workplace... so why not have fun with it ? and of course we *never have fun here at good day.... just kidding. well if *you plan to have fun with *your coworkers... share those images on social media with the hashtag: "have fun at work day." we just may share
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good day. 3 3 3
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