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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  January 28, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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olice officer did to help3 remembering the p remembering the crew of pspace shuttle challenger. pwe're live a kennedy space pcenter. pwe will hear from voice nasa pthat called sha shuttle launch p30 years ago today. pa debate without donald. prepublican candidates take the pstage for the final face off pbefore the iowa caucuses. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day pgood morning. pit's 8 o'clock now. pi'm laura moody i'm walter allen pin for russell rhodes on this pthursday morning january 28th. ptypically bee start with a dave posterberg. pwe will start with vanessa it phas tie in as well.
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pskyway bridge where pretty much pfogged out. pyou can see traffic is moving pbridge is open but of course pcaution. pin this area, other areas which pof course dave will talk about pwe're seeing visibility pconcerns. peven getting some information pfrom viewers susan marie posted pon my president bush page the pfog in this area holding up pcruise ships and so of course pthe this weather is causing a pconcern. pand all sorts of realms of ptravel. pmeantime we want to talk about pcrash a pair of crashes that preally slowing down i-4 pwestbound. pthis is at speed marker set near pmacintosh road first crash is preported. pno lane blockage here. pnor by homosassa road. pwe do have heavy looks like just pon looker delays. pbetween that stretch, mcintosh pback towards park road where pwe're starting to see delays pthin out. pdrivers will either if you have phad to head that way give pyourself plenty of extra time pseeing bad delays. pif you can avoid the area save a pcouple minutes, take sam allen proad. pdave. p>> vanessa sea fog and a
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pdealing with this morning. pand of course we just showed pyou, just saw the fog there pright along the coastline. pbut also, we're dealing with a plight rain. olk county, hardee county, phighlands county, sarasota pcounty, then you see more kind pof sitting back out there over pthe gulf. pso that's why it is just as wet, pit's damp the visibilities, pwhich, inland don't seem to be pall that bad. pbut notice along the coast they pare down below a mile in st. etersburg. pespecially as you get up towards psunshine skyway and that pelevation. pi think just overall today a lot pof clouds and occasional shower. plater tonight we will begin to pclear things out. pand then we're smooth sailing pfor weekend. pliterally we'll talk more about pthat in a few minutes. p>> anchor: there strange story ptaking shape in pasco county pthis morning a home invasion pends with teenage girl being pshot. pbut she wasn't shot by any of pthe intruders. pdeputies say three then tried to penter her home on the 3300 block
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pfox 13 crystal clark is live in asco county. pdo we know what all of those pteenagers were doing there pcrystal? p>> reporter: well at this point pwalter and laura it is really punclear. pwhat iic see so far i've noticed pabout six teens being escorted pout another one just walked out pas well. pit seems like deputies are ptaking them out one by one in pfrom there, attempting to pcontact their parental guardian pand get them one woman was plooking for grandson clearly pvery upset was not interested in ptalking to any of us here op the pscene. pnow unclear exactly whats phappening in this home. pbut we're told around 1 someone pliving inside called the psheriff's office saying that pthere were three men breaking pinto that house. pnow before deputies arrived they psay somehow the resident of this phome ended up shooting a p16-year-old girl who also lives pat this house. punclear if they are related pexactly what their relationship pwas. pbut again they are both being pidentified as residents of the phouse.
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pthat sean-year-old girl's pcondition as of yet. phowever, we are not getting any preports that this was a fatal pshooting. pso that's one good thing. pbut, deputies are definitely pthis. paway don't know why all teens pwere at the house if sort of arty going on, i did speak to a pneighbor who didn't want to go pon camera. pshe tells me this problem house pon block how how she phrase ad pxant alli know of teenager going pin and out of this house. pshe doesn't actually ever see pany adults here with the pexception of possibly young padults in their 20s. pso again it's unclear who lives pin this house, why all of these eople were here, and also how pthat 16-year-old is doing today. pwe're working to learn all of pthose details for you but you pcan see, the sheriff's office pwill probably be on scene here pfor quite some time. pback to you. p>> all right crystal, thank you. p>> it is 8::04. olice a registered sex offender pfrom pinellas county tried to pgrab 3-year-old girl miami pinternational airport. paccording to a police report, he psaid he grabbed little girl
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phe said. pand planned on kissing her. phe grabbed her around the waist pas she walked to the water pfountain she was able to get paway away and ran to mother and pcalled police he was arrested pand charged with attempt kid in pa napping and false pimprisonment. pin 1996 he was a convicted for plewd and lascivious behavior pbehavior in pinellas county. p>> after nearly a week searching pfor a missing florida child now pcrossed state lines. pauthorities or looking for the pthree-year-old. pright there on the left. pthey believe the boy's mother pnatasha and her boyfriend gary pbullock, jr. took him out of pflorida. pbullock jr. is escaped convict phe cut off his ankle monitor plast friday on work release job phe was serving eight year psentence for robbery and grand ptheft. pauthorities believe that three pare traveling in 2010 white pchevrolet cobalt. pflorida tag number eujl 31. p>> anyone who spots this car or
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p>> 8:05 time utahs more than pmonth sis flat bed truck slammed pinto six vehicles causing this pmassive pile up. pnow man accused of a causing pfacing serious charges. pkenneth cooper the third was parrested tuesday in tampa. pnow facing charges of dui. pcooper was behind the wheel of pan in the bed truck when pinvestigators say he blew pthrough a red light and dragged pdeputy tim bird 150 feet. pthe blood test revealed chemical psubstance in his system at the ptime of the crash. pdeputy was hospitalized but none pof his injuries were life pthreatening. pcooper is being held a phillsborough county jail without pbond. p>> a fire destroyed a building pin plants city. plocated down a long dirt road. pjust after 10 o'clock last pnight, plant city firefighters pwere called to a structure along phall road. pofficials aren't shu what type pof building it was. pbut they say it was fully pengulfed when firefighters got pthere. pnothing is left of it. pthankfully no one was injured. p>> and in tampa fire swept pthrough a 4 unit apartment
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pforcing an evacuation. pman sleeping on couch says he pfelt part of roof collapse in pthe middle of the night. phe began banging on the walls to palert his neighbors. peveryone made it out safely. pan update this morning a manatee pcounty firefightering son seeps pto be improve following a bad paccident in sarasota. plast week river ross was riding pin a car with his mother and ptwin brother in sarasota. phis mother lost control of the pmedian. priver fractured his skull and a psuffered a broken jaw and pcollarbone his twin brother pwasn't hurt he was in coma ever psince that accident. pyesterday he had surgery to fix psurgeons say they are pleased pwith the outcome and are hopeful priver can wake up soon. p>> our good day good deed is pfrom sarasota from st. etersburg this morning. pyesterday a good samaritan, pnamed lisa stopped a gas station pand saw an elderly couple in hi psterices. pthey had just had their credit pcard stolen they couldn't pay pfor gas to pay in their car.
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pto put $10 when st. petersburg olice officer arrived he wanted pto make sure that they could get paround for a while. pso agave lisa her money back and pfilled up the couple's tank with phis own money. p>> wow. pgood things happen all the time. pi know it. pyes they do. pdaves back in just a few minutes pwith gorgeous gasparilla weekend pforecast. lus out of line. pwhat one mother says a dillard's pemployee said to her daughter pand letter to company that is pnow going viral. pbut first, let's check in with pcharley belcher who is taking pout a very cool business this pmorning charley. p>> yeah. paffordable health food store, if pyou will richard's food pore um. p18 locations they are all over pthe place we're in sarasota when pit all started. pwhen we come back you know what pthat is? pall the rage these days. pyou got one for christmas and i
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pwe're going to talk about the pdiffusers that you put oil in.
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((laura on cam)) it's important to make sure kids have good self esteem.. and a pit's important to to make sure pkids have good self esteem and ositive body image. pthat's what make this next story pso infuriating it a happeneded pthis a difficult laddering pdepartment store in kansas. pa jen epstein a very mad pmother's furious letter. pa mom and teenage daughter were pa searching for around perfect pformal gown. pmegan harris and her daughter pthought they found a gorgeous pbody hugging floor length red pgown. pshe felt beautiful until the psalesperson weighed in according pto megan the salesperson saw plexi and said if she wanted to pwear that gown she needed to pwear spanks underneath it. pwhen they got home he took to pfacebook wither has anger. pshe wrote an open lever to a
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pand athletic she's beautiful. pand she doesn't need some psalesperson telling her she's pnot perfect. pshe signed it sincerely mother pof a beautiful girl. pthat facebook post has shared p88,000 times and liked 493,000 ptimes. pthe dillard's released a pstatement our mission to help eople feel good about pthemselves by enhancing the pnatural beauty found in all of pus. pit continues by saying it never ptheir intent to offend customers pand by the way lexi apparently pthere would by all attention her pmom's post not embarrassed by ost instead she feels pempowered. pgood. pi am so glad to hear that. pyou know sometimes you shouldn't pgive your opinion. pnobody asks for it. pjust keep it quiet. p>> poor salesperson ship. pyou're trying to sell something, pyou tell something they don't plook good in it. pone way or the other, no the a pgood idea. pyeah. psure she's regretting it today. pall right jen, thank you. p>> we've got, overcast
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pjust at stubborn clouds from psouthwest to northeast. pspin you around, second ago in priverview you could actually see pthe low cloud deck. pbut yeah. pinto the some showers. pyou go out to the beach this pkind what it looks like with pcloudy conditions this morning. pone more stop too in tampa cam pas we're looking west you can ptell by sheen on road there it's pwet. pshowers kind of on and off all pnight. pinto the morning. pnow the steadiest of the rain is pin polk county. pheading down into highlands pcounty. pin fact most highlands county pright now it's raining. pit's raining in hardee county. pand then as you go back to the pwest we do have a showers in psarasota. pright in the middle of the city. pthat's moving northeast ward. pand then a few more off shore. pso i mean, we're not going to pget a ton of rain today, but pwe're just not getting out of pit. pright now. pwe still have to deal with pshowers. pexcuse me. pand this yellow indicates rights
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pgoing into southeast polk pcounty, an um could have tiny plittle moderate downpours. pbut this is really more of a pnuisance rain than anything. pheavy, heavy stuff is down over psouth florida. pand again your sprinkle here and pthis as go further north. pmiami is about to get hit with pserious rain. pthis where i think there's going pto some flooding south alligator palley down into fort lauderdale pand miami. pthey will get heaviest of the prain. pthey are closer to at dynamics pof everything for today. pbut, highlands county de soto pcounty officially in flood watch puntil later this evening. palthough i don't think they will pbe a tremendous amount of pflooding there as i showed you, pit's going to be a much further pto the south. pwe still have a couple of spots pthat are feeling with fog even pfog will lift up off the ground plow clouds are going to hang paround for the most part today. pkeeping number ptemperatures down. pso we will at skuks degrees now. pwe're the no going to get much
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pwe've got a way to clear it out ptonight. pthen and only then will this phappen. pcolder air begins to settle in. pnow, it's not going to be as pcold as it was at the beginning pof the week. pbut it is going to be a pnoticeable difference come ptomorrow morning. pwe have showers in today's pforecast. pthen we'll sweep everything out ptonight. erfect timing though. pbig weekend, a lot of outdoor pthings going on. pand i think the weather does plook very nice for that. p68 degrees a cloudy, damp, pcouple of showers around pconditions for today further psouth you are the better rain pchance you have. pdecreasing clouds tonight. pdefinitely turning cooler. pi think they will be some 40s in pcitrus county. pbut most of us will average paround that 50-degree mark. pmostly sunny for your friday. pcoolish with high temperature of p65 degrees. pand going to be 40s some psaturday morning bundle up as pgetting out there bright and pearly check check out invasion pby parade time beautiful, pbeautiful weather. pthis is what late january is all pabout around here. plower 70s for sunday, and then
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pvanessa on monday. p>> all right looks good. pthank you. p>> and last report we mentioned psome travel concerns the fog was pcausing. pwe actually have awe viewer that psent me this picture. ort of tampa. pshe was talking about how fog is pactually really holding up some pcruise ships. pthis is a picture of, this is pdocked where the carnival aradise is usually docked. papparent will they can't move. pcarnival is stuck on other side. pyou can see weather is causing a pconcern all around. pand, right now we've got live plook speaking gray and gloomy, pand foggy, this is pretty much pwhat we're seeing here over phoward franklin bridge. pin north side of the tampa side pwhere you can see things are pkind of slowing down as you get pon that side of the bridge. pso we'll get to travel times in pjust a second. pbut in the meantime if you're plakeland area we have a crash pthat we're following along 92 pwestbound left lane is going to pblocked near, so you can see the pthere could be some delay as you phead that way. phere's a look at your travel ptimes. pstill looks really slow along p275 southbound. ptravel times are probably up 5,
8:17 am
pmorning. pyou will want to leave early if pyou have to head that way. pbearss avenue to i-4. pnorthbound 75 is starting to plighten up a little bit. p12 minutes from selman. pactually seeing a little bit prelief seeing on looker delays pi-4. pgreen. p75 to buck man. premember there's those crashes pthat are working at mcintosh in phomosassa and westbound pdirection still causing things pto jam up heading that way. p>> 8:18. pimagine this you wake up from pdeep sleep to find someone or psomething gently caressing your pface. phorrifying. pexactly what topped a miami pwoman. pand it just happened to be a pvery strange looking exotic panimal. pthere it is right there. pyikes. pit's cute. p>> not in the middle of the pnight but cute. p>> this a wild animal that ptypically found in rain forest pof central and south america. pearlier this week this
8:18 am
pfind it right on top of her. pthe woman screamed the animal pran away in end someone's pet. pthey found out. pand a neighbor was supposed to pbe watching it. pexperts is cute little guys can pdangerous if they feel pthreatened or cornered. pwoman googled it found the noise pexactly how she coax it out of pher attic caught it took critter pto animal hospital original powners picked it up right away. pso the 99-year-old woman googled pand found the sound got it to pcome out attic. pimpressed you get that out of my phouse. p>> and it's true, alyssa, it is plike a combination of a cat and pa monkey. pa little rat in there somewhere. pwhat makes it look evilish is pthe eyes are just like a shark, pblack. pi don't know. pwe're learning more about a ossible data breach at wendy's pwe will tell you what to do if pyou've eat 37 recently a former p"american idol" star is planning
8:19 am
pwho carrie underwood plans on psinging with at 9. pwe will check back in with pcharley who checking out some
8:20 am
psarasota. p good day tampa bay.
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pyou from at sarasota this pmorning. pwe are at richard's foodporium. pit started here but there are 18 pdifferent locations. pthere you go. pjust scroll up screen. pfour in pinellas, which is poldsmar dunedin, i shouldn't i'm pgoing to mess it up. pjust, four in pinellas three pbradenton 4 in sarasota, one posprey two venice one in north poneport charlotte and palm cost. pkirsten happens to be a manager pof one here in sarasota. pif you go to pwe'll link you to their website pand you can find them all. pbasically kind of a health food pstore affordable health food pstore and specialty items. pis that correct. pwhat's most popular thing you've pgot going on these days. pdefinitely diffusers we've seen pa 60 percent increase everybody pwants in on it. plet's talk about them.em. pi think this is interesting to ptell people about a maybe you're pnot into healthy eating you
8:22 am
pi got one of these from my psister and brother-in-law for pchristmas. pand i love it. pwe use it every night. p>> i have thee of them i love it ptoop they are awesome. p>> basically it you put water pinside, right and then diffuses pit a few drops of oh ill a cold pvapor so you don't have to worry pabout burning yourself. pand it's releez aroma therapy pvibration which is why that's phow it does vapor without pactually heating. p>> i see i'm glad you explain pthat i had no idea. pevery night i no idea how that pworking. pinside of here there is a little pmetal disc. pit actually vibrates. pthere's a line you do not fill pit past that line with water. p>> there we go. pwe put water now i usually put i ut oil in first and then water pto diffuse it a little bit i pdon't know if you're supposed to pdo it that way. pi throw in the water first. p>> up to the line. pthis we go.
8:23 am
pvaporize you buy these oils i plike my wife and like the lavn pdar. pthen we started mixing a little pbit three drops lavn dar and pcouple drops of vanilla. pi haven't smelled that. pi bet that's great. pone two, three, 4, 5. pit doesn't take much. pyou got to be careful some of pthese i used peppermint let's preally make it smell and my pwife's eyes were watering and pnose was burning i've do the pexact same thing with eppermint. pmore pungent oils you want to puse less. pthere you go. psteam but the p>> light there you go. pdid i do it? pi think so. p>> props. pdid i turn it on. pthere we go. phard to tell. pthere you go. pin way it makes room smell nice pall of these oils some are for pcalming some are for to see if pyou have a headache. pit's, it's, it's fun. pgood stuff.
8:24 am
pthat is so cool. pi want one now. p>> yeah. pthey are really neat. pthey range, they start 20 bucks pup to 30 bucks. p40, 50 bucks maybe. pthat lavn dar sounds good. pall right. pi feel healthier already. pthanks, charley. p>> mmm. pall right. plet's check the roads right now. p8:26. pwe do have those delays pnorthbound on 275. pyou can see it's backed up all pthe way across howard franklin pbridge you really don't get too pmuch relief in travel times he pdid after you get off the pbridge. pso, plan for about 22 minutes if pyou're coming from the tampa pside of the howard franklin pheading up to interchange. pyou can see, all of those slow pspeeds starting around the area pof dale mabrey. pwe do also have a look travel ptimes very heavy southbound palong the vets. ptop to bottom 32 minutes as palways though northbound travel ptimes look pretty good. phere 8:26 fox 13 craig patrick pwill be in iowa this week for ptonighths debate.
8:25 am
pwe're going it hear from him in pabout 7 minutes. pfirst an important day in our phistory. pour ken suarez is live kennedy pspace center to experience it. pgood morning, ken. p>> good morning we're going oh pto have an amazing fist person paccount coming up a man who was
8:26 am
30 years ago today.. millions of americans p a 30 years ago today a pmillions of an americans pgathered around the television pto watch challenger make history pwhat they saw instead was phorror. p>> controller looking very pcarefully at the situation. pobviously a major malfunction. p>> just 73 seconds after lift poff challenger exploded. pall 7 crew members on board pdied. pjust a few hours nasa holding a pceremony kennedy space center to phonor those that lost their plives. pthat's where we find fox 13's pken suarez. pken, good morning. p>> good morning guys i think we pall have memories at least eople my age have a memory res pof very emotional. pbut like most people i was not phere. pi want to introduce you to
8:27 am
phugh harris known as the voice pof nasa. phe was in the control room when pthis happened. phis voice, that led us up to the oint of the launch. pwhen you saw the two plumes of pwhite smoke separating what ran pthrough your mind? p>> well i, i was you know, you pcan't really say anything at pthat sort of thing. pyou're just sort of frozen. pand very hard to believe that pits was happening. pbut the next thing you think pabout is the crew. pbecause it's really all about eople in the space program. pand this was obviously a great ptragedy. phow long was it before people in pthe control room realized that ptheir crew was not going to psurvive? p>> well i think almost all of us pknew instantly that wasn't going pto happen. pwe had all seen unmanned rockets pblow up in the past and what the presults of those were.
8:28 am
pbut it was a number of hours pbefore the top managers were pwilling to say, there's no ossibility of rescue. p>> a report came out and it was, pvery negative towards nasa psaying it was a problem with the po ring and a lot of red flags pleading up to this launch. palmost implying it could have pbeen avoided. pwhat was the atmosphere given pthat fact that 7 people were plost, craft was lost, and the pred flags that were allegedly pignored? p>> well actually i think peverybody who worked for nasa pand/or covered us as media, felt pvery guilty at the same time peven though they had nothing to pdo with the accident. pit was because everybody felt if pi had done my job a little bit pletter than this wouldn't have phappened. pso it was not a lot of finger
8:29 am
pi don't think that anybody in pthe program actually you know, pconsciously, made a decision pwhich would have resulted in pthat. pbut it was the process they pworked through, you know led to pthat moment. phow do you reflect on this ptoday? p>> well, i think that 3 3 ((laura bw)) p>> very sad. p>> it is eight:33 now. pwe're just 13 hours from some of pthe republican candidates taking pthe main stage tonight in iowa. pas we've telling you donald ptrump is refusing to be a part pof it. pand he is standing firm on that pdecision. pone of his rivals i happy about pit. p>> to me sort of a two for. pi've got double win. pi'm in main debate, and i don't phave to put up with donald ptrump. p>> ted cruz says refusal to
8:30 am
pmegyn kelly like he claims su psays he just doesn't want to the phave to answer questions from eople of iowa. pwhile trump isn't showing fox 13 olitical editor craig patrick pwill be there he has details on pwhat's going into making this pdebate different. pand how you can get involved ptoo. p>> right now we're joining you pfor fox election headquarters in pdowntown des moines. pwe will coming here over the pnext couple of days from time to ptime. pwe're also going to travel pthrough the state tracking the pcandidates and also, finding eople caucus goers that will pultimately be making decision phere meantime we have very big pdebate why we're here they are pspeak. pthis is going to be very unusual pdebate for a couple of reasons. pand not just because the front prunner donald trump says he will pnot be there. pamong other things, there will pbe a partnership this time with pgoogle so you will be able to psee google trends in live time pas you watch the debate. pon top of that, there's a artnership with youtube, so
8:31 am
phave an opportunity to ask some pquestions. pand depending on which way pthings are trending that may pimpact the decisions by the pmoderators of which questions pthat they will ask. pof course, there's also another pbig elephant in the room absence pof apparent absence of donald ptrump. phe'll staging a competing event, pitself. pthis is something that we will pcover on all fronts, of course pwe'll back at noon, then 5 and p6 o'clock, we've already secured pan interview with rick santorum pbecause he was winner in 2012. pwe will ask him what changed pover past four years and his pexperience and what it takes to pwin iowa. pof course we will back later ptonight. pthe debate starts a 9:00 p.m. pfollow us on twitter on fox 13 olitics. pof course full coverage, no the pjust later tonight after the pdebate, but all through the pweek. pincluding 30 minute specials pwe're putting together saturday peven at 5:30 and sunday night at p11:30. pthen live results here in the
8:32 am
pin on monday night. pwe're reporting from des moines, pcraig patrick. pyou just heard krak say a donald ptrump promises to not be at the pdebated but that's doesn't mean, pand that doesn't mean there bah plittle brewing two super pacs psupporting ted cruzes campaign pchallenged him to be a different p101 debate if he does an agree pto all money will go oh veterans pcharities. pnot likely that will happen at pall. pted cruz presented a similar prequest yerl they are week and ptrump turned it down. pdon't forget fox news channel pgooing will debate airs tonight pon fox news channel anally pdebate that starts at 7, and pmain event starts at 9. p>> 8:36. plet's tune to democratic race phillary clinton is no longer pleading in a majority of the olls. pin fact bernie sanders numbers pare surge thing especially with pyoung voters and those who are pundecided. pso clinton decided to hit trail phard in iowa ahead of the pcaucus. pyesterday he made a campaign pstop iowa bowling alley if polls pare any indication she needs to
8:33 am
pway ahead in new hampshire. pand because of that clinton is pasking the democratic national pcommittee to add another residential debate before next pmonth's new hampshire primary. p>> you know florida really pdoesn't need its dump trucks pright now apparently governor prick scott sent them and 31 pstate workers to help d.c. dig pout 20 plus inches of snows. palong with the trucks, a message pto come visit the sunny state of pflorida washington d.c. is still pdigging out from all that snow. pgovernor scott said he wanted to phelp. phe sent 15 trucks that way on pback of each truck, very cler pillinois picture of hitchhiking psnow man florida bound. pbecause let's been honest after pall that snow who wouldn't want pabsolutely. pjust come after today, right pdave osterberg. ponce rain and fog goes away. pfor those people still dig out pthey will take 65 and foggy and prainy. p>> you're right. pyou're right. pgood point.
8:34 am
pmorning in overcast skies that pwe have, the fog has been very ptricky. pbecause it was foggy earlier, pthen it rained, we got rid of pit. pnow in some spots, it's settling pback in again i will blanket the pwhole thing watch out for some pfog. pand a few showers. pnotice the clearwater hilton pbeach camera. pyou have that a low cloud, kind pof look. pand when you get this a sea fog pto roll in, even only a few pmiles, it looks quite different pinland versus along the pcoastline. pwhat we need frontal boundary pjust draped on top of us to move pfurther south. pthat will happen tonight. pthen all of sudden, we're going pto start to drag the drier air pin clear skies out. pthis. pwe are one round of showers move pthrough. pin fact looks like we've got psome moderate rain right there pcounty. parea. pdown through frostproof going to
8:35 am
psome lighter rain back into peastern manatee county. pthat's headed towards wauchula. pas we go up a little bit to the pnorth, just not much. pnot much going on. pit's really been primarily psouth. pand what i'm talking about is pthis, big, big rains headed for pmiami, some heavy rain, some pflooding likely. pin this spot. phonestly like a whole different pworld as you go just a few hours pto the south. pflood watch out for south pflorida. ptechnically it does include phighlands county de soto county pi don't think flooding will be a phuge issue in these two counties pthat we serve. pit's going to be much further to pthe south. pyou can see where that, that pjust that hefty line of showers pis moving through. pnow, in terms of fog at the half pmile visibility around pclearwater. pvery, very foggy near the psunshine skyway as well. pvisibilities are getting better. pand they will overall we're not pgoing to clear skies out until ponce again we get into the pevening time frame.
8:36 am
pthrough the area. pand because south florida is on pthe southern side of that front, pthere is some moisture, pinstability. pyou do run marginal risk for pstrong thunderstorms. psouthern sarasota county de soto pand highlands. pi don't think there will be many pbig storms here. pbut it pass it along storm rediction center puts you in pmarginal risk for strong storms. pi think it will be down closer pto miami where that line is that pwe just showed you. pso a lot of clouds kind of damp, pkind of dreary today. pmaybe a shower, especially psouth, 68 degrees for high ptemperature. ptonight once we clear it out, phere comes that cooler air. pknock temperatures back to pnormal or close to normal ptomorrow. p50 for an overnight low. pthen mostly sunny and school for pyour friday with high ptemperature of 65 degrees. pyou still have camera between pfog and showers, obviously the plight chop not going to make pmuch of a difference you can't psee anything out there. pbut for boaters i promise you it pimproves greatly tomorrow. pand i think for everybody, even pthe novice boater that is don't pget out there very often.
8:37 am
pyou follow big invasion in, the pweather's going great seas will pbe fine. plook a sunday. plook at sunday. pback to the lower 70s vanessa. p>> looks good. pall right. pthank you. p>> time right now 8:40. phere's a couple new incidents pthat we're following right now. pgot some minor delays along psouthbound dale mabrey. pnear cypress meadows road south pvan dyke a crash with partial psouthbound lane blockage watch pout for that you say make your pway through the area. pmeantime we do have building pwestbound delays along brandon pboulevard you can see all that pleading up to area of lithia inecrest where we have a crash pjust before you get to pintersection at oak wood avenue. plane blockage reporting heading pthat way definitely give pyourself a few extra minutes pgoing outdoor if that's along pyour route. plook some travel times. pstill looks really slow along pi-4 westbound we had earlier pcrashes. pno lane blockage but really pfolks are slowing down to take eek what is on shoulder. p23 minute ride from buck man to p75 which is an improvement but pnot too much of an improvement.
8:38 am
pbayway to fletcher just under pone hour and 12 minutes along pnorthbound 75 between selman and pfowler. p>> are you tired? prun down? pdo you poop out at parties? pthe answer to all your problems pin this little bottle, its pmicros plus. pour friend david i was looking pforward do doing that. pwe're good. pall right what are we talking pabout today? p>> we're talking about our new lantings our new garden doing psupplemental feeding with liquid pfertilizer and liquid mineral. pyou were telling me earlier you pmay not need both products. pbut in the case of this garden, pyou're going to go ahead and do pboth. pthat's right. pwe haven't added minerals i'm pfairly certain garden bed will pneed r here plick rid nutrients we will call
8:39 am
pgarden as far as solids and good pcompost, we'll call that pfertilizer and then minerals psomeg pdi pwhen you do this, and you, pyou've got a, this a big rofessional looking bottle pspray bottle here. pyou recommend doing a smaller pversion of that. pyou can pick up one gallon pversion of this for about ten pbucks. pdon't go grab the one at home pthat you've putting bleach in pand bleaching deck with. pbecause, that's not so good for pyour plants and for the liquid pnutrients. pyou say also you brought a pwatering can along. pthat's not good idea either. pwell i don't like to waste roduct. pif you kind of watch when i pspray i can get my product right pon etch plant that needs it. pwhere as if we use watering can pit would just be pouring all pwasteful. p>> why did you know it was time pto do something in this garden? p>> we put these plants in about ptwo weeks ago they are kind of phesitating. pwe have some peppers over here pfrom last season that are
8:40 am
pwe're going to give them some padditional nutrients and pminerals i'm fairly confident we phave an enough food in bed or pfertilizer. pbut, the fertilizers tend to be, plet's go with an analogy of pconstruction site. pyour fertilizers are like dry pwall and your two by 4s and your pcinder blocks your building pmaterial. pthat's actually the stuff that pthe mant uses to become a plant. plike what you can physically ptouch. pthat's why you need a lot of it. pbecause as the plant grows more pand more, it's gone. pit's in the plant. pnow your minerals p>> right here. poccasionally. pusually at the beginning of a lanting. pwith that analogy i would equate pminerals to your workers, pelectricity at the job site, and pyour power tools. pso without the minerals the lant can't build with the pfertilizers you've put in there. p>> this has your name on it. pobviously you trust this, what
8:41 am
puse it in your gardens? pit's got ten micro nutrients pthat plants use the most in ptheir building process. pour minerals are also key lated pwhat that means is they've added pwith another mineral that makes pabsorption a lot faster. plet's recap the reason you are pdoing this some plants didn't plook so good after two weeks in pthey weren't growing fast enough pfor my specifications. pwe could have just left them palone and eventually kind of pwill grab hold and they will pstart eating but i like to push pthem along because i think all pof our seasons here for each lant type are relatively short. pso if we're going to have plant pstalled out for two, three, four pweeks until they really catch phold that's two, three four pweeks of harvest we're missing pout on speaking catching hold pfrom our other garden wee today, psome purple choice, and couple
8:42 am
pthere's some strawberries over pthere almost ready that we will pgo over and grab when we're done phere. pvery nice. pthanks. pgood to see you as always. pyou too. p>> nice. pnice. pall right. pit's a story only dave osterberg pcan sell. pyou know dinosaurs with horns. pwe're a lot more popular with pladies.
8:43 am
pspecial 3 ((walter)) this weekend.. dave was sitting around.. just wondering about dinosaurs..
8:44 am
pif you know our dave osterberg, psitting a around wondering a pdinosaur some have horns others pdo not. p>> so many jokes. pso many jokes. pas it turns out there's a little pscience behind all of this you pdid a little research. pwhat's up with different did i pno and which ones have horns? pyou'll have you know when i was pa kid, i had all the dinosaurs. pi maid with them all day long. p>> i love dinosaurs. plittle creatures. pthat explains a lot about me, i pknow. pscientists, analyzing dinosaur pfossils trying to figure out why psome had horns, and frills, pothers didn't. pnow they think they know the panswer. pyou know why? pyou know why? pno, why, dave. pto attract other dinosaurs. pmates. pthey found the dinosaurs we will pcall them frills. pgrew disproportionately larger pto their bodies and wider as pthey got older basically psuggesting hey, i'm strong, i'm pdominant p>> yeah.
8:45 am
pmen. pand that's, you know. pthat's why they did that. pbecause obviously these pdinosaurs lived for millions and pmillions of years. pthey needed to displace social pdominance. pbut it was very hard to show pwhen they all looked the same. pthey kind oof daptd and started pto grow horns and frills. pnow we thought initially it was pjust for combat. pi'm sure they could use them for pcombat. pbut at the same time, they were palso showing maybe age, maybe pi'm older oh are wiser. pthat's why you need to mate with pme or whatever. pthere you go. pthis was, it makes sense. pi'm telling you whole newsroom pwas talking about this pyesterday. p>> so for a lot of reasons. pnew discovery on dinosaurs. pit seems like, triceratops had pthose longhorns. pyou know what i mean citying psarasota russ, those had horns. pthat might have been one for rotection, but two torques pattract a mate. p>> and that triceratops just
8:46 am
phow do you like me now? p>> all right. pit does make sense like at lot pof other an medicals. pincluding us. p>> we spend hours at the gym ptrying to get big. pit is true. pit's true. pif you think about it some eople do it to stay healthy pother do it to look better to pattract mate. pto be a protecter. pin our little way we're doing pthe same thing. pmillions of years later just in pa different way. pi don't know if it's sad or pimpressive that we progressed so pmuch and yet, we haven't rogressed at all. pyou know. pi i still can't grow a horn. pall right dave. pwe'll leave it there. p>> done. p>> we will get over to charley pbelcher right now find out what pnow? p>> i know it's hard to tell by plooking at me, you i'm not
8:47 am
pi don't get in very often. pbut i'm in one now.
8:48 am
pwe will tell you what's hot
8:49 am
pborn in 1979. pone store is now 18 stores. pscattered throughout florida. pand we're here, basically an paffordable health food natural pstore and specialty items. pjennifer am i explaining it pcorrectly? pjennifer retail operations pmanager. pso when i ask what are hot ptrends in health store food you pknow answer to that question. p>> right. p>> and what is it? pcoconut p>> let's start with coconut oil. pthis is a great product. pso many people are label label pconscious they are looking for pcleaner, clean erin ingredients pyou casey anthony get any pcleaner than coconut oil. pinteresting you will talk about plabel. pthat is richard's foodporium plabel. pyour own p>> right p>> brand. p>> right. pyou ventured into many, many roducts that you have your pbrand. pthat i mean you guys are gone pthrough vetting process. pand absolutely. pfrom food items to health and pbeauty items to supplements.
8:50 am
plabels that you out store. pcoconut oil is latest and pgreatest in cooking. pwhat is this stuff? pwe have a plant protein. pso whether you're looking at to plose weight or meal replacement. pthis is a great option for you. lant protein is good rage pfrom dairy. p21 grams of protein for a pserving going to keep you full pthroughout day. pthis what you make smoothie with por protein shake. pthrow, just a little water or puse coconut milk or almond milk pbanana there. pgreat stuff. psupplements. pwhat latest and greatest. platest and greatest must have peverybody needs to take its a robiotic for immune defense. p>> for that's good? p>> it's good but you have lot psugars for yogurt. pbut, that's right. pnow this is if hemp i didn't pknow you could eat hemp or it pwas a thing. p>> but it is. p>> right?
8:51 am
pnot hemp that we would think of. pno thc. pcalm down, folks. pyou're not going to get a buzz pfrom it. pit is what it is. pgreat department here a richards pyou could try a little bit or as pmust have as you want. pwhat do do with it put it on psalad on top of yogurt you're peating every day. pyou can have it for your cereal. pjust as a smack. pthat's pretty good. pa nutty flavor. pfar out, no just kidding. pjust for three table spoons, ten pgrams of protein. p>> ten grams. pwow. pten grams omega three.
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