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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  January 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> curt: what a fun night we had in newark. three finishes in the four fights on the card on ufc fight night, as we welcome you back to the desk, curt menafee with brian stann and light heavyweight champion daniel cormier, we heard at the end rumble johnson can't wait to fight whoever wins, in your next fight. >> daniel: great performance by anthony johnson. this is what that man can do to anyone in this division. if you're not prepared, if you have a bad game plan, anything is not perfect, anthony johnson will finish you. anthony johnson wrestled in junior college. this was not the shot. you don't shoot from halfway across the octagon. he understands the game good enough to know how to sprawl.
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get there. bader wasn't willing to. >> brian: the what ryan bader tried to do was shoot, make anthony johnson work, force him to wrestle early to wear him out. he went for the kimura and even when he lost his leverage and anthony johnson had both legs wrapped around him he stuck with it, he was caught in the mound, head pressed up against the fence, the tactical error where any other guy he's mounted by he's probably going to escape from but he's so strong. one mistake. >> joe: so terrified of the punches that by the time he was mounted he didn't want to let go of the arm. >> daniel: you have to realize "i've lost this position. i have to get back to a safe space, maybey take one or two to get back to my feet. he was so afraid of the power he didn't do that. >> curt: you're not assuming you win -- >> daniel: john and i will fight.
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fight these other guys. >> curt: everybody takes him deep. he can't get him deep. for a complete wrapup of tonight's action we hope you you will tube in to ufc fight night the post fight show right now on f. s. 2. coming up next on fox it's your late local news except for those of you on the west coast. for brian stann, daniel customerier and the rest of us,
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saying so long from newark. >> it's traysy it's like i haven't seen this many people before. >> right now at 10:00, we have aour eye on iowa. craig patrick, clears up some misconceptions about the caucuses. >> notification ultimately led to the apprehension of two armed and dangerous suspects escaped from jail. >> two escaped prisoners back behind bars tonight because of an alert citizen. >> i'm ready to go on a ship and @go invade somewhere. >> and the pirates take over tampa in the annual gasparilla invasion. >> good evening i'm lloyd sowers,.
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>> evan lambert is at east lake avenue and central avenue. evan. >> lloyd, haley, a tampa police officer is injured after a car crash after a chase here. we are at east lake avenue and central avenue in tampa tampa. crashed into electric pole, serious front end damage to the car. according to the police this just happened after 9:00 when officers chaseafter suspects in a carjacking and armed robbery. you can see video we shot just moments ago and during that chase the officer crashed into the electric pole. we understand that the suspects are still on the loose and we do know that there was a carjacking not too far away from this area around the had time last night.
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tonight's chase are the same suspects from last night's carjacking. we are trying to get that confirmed with tampa police right now. back out here live, some serious damage to that tampa police parole car. we understand one superwas taken to the hospital with minor injuries and that there are suspects on the loose in an apparent carjacking and armed robbery. we're going to be out here with the latest information. evan lambert, fox 13 news. >> thank you evan. inspired by the legendary pirate, jose gaspar, it's here for the gasparilla pirate fest. the party going on now started very early this morning. invion sailing of jose gasparilla pirate ship into the
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extended into downtown tampa. as spectators took to the street, the parade of dozens of floats down bayshore boulevard. cannons, bands and screams formed a crowd of locals. >> nice family outing, party time, you know? >> and tourists who came from a bit too far away from a pirate ship to be a popular mode of transportation. >> these came from germany. >> we went to where the ship came in and now the parade. it's nice to see it. >> gasparilla is where children and revelers who have too much pirate hooch come together. >> everything is legit, i'm ready to invade somewhere, you coming with me? i'm after it.
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>> the beads the beads the beads, we love coming for beads. >> the more beads you walk away with, the more successful your gasparilla! >> and so far tampa police have reported two felony arrests 21 miscomeern misdemeanor arrests, two underage drinking arrests. >> we have an update on a story, pasco county deputies have another arrest in a home invasion where a 16-year-old girl was shot. akim hayes barged in to the home on holiday. four people were arrested including the woman who rented it on drug charges. the person who fired the shot that hit the girl, anthony
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the races in iowa have tightened. a blitz to tomorrow night. craig patrick has been crisscrossing the state since wednesday and found some surprises along the way. >> iowa is different. this state has a history of bucking the polls and breaking late so tonight we want to show you a side to iowa politics that most people in florida don't often see. >> thank you. >> from the sprawling crowds at the campaign rallies to the protests open the street, iowa is caught up in a spectacle. >> do you think we should have a more serious political dialogue >> i do. i think. >> then why wear the chicken suit? >> it appears that the candidates meet the voters up close and personal. >> i'm digging in. >> but the cameras don't often see the electronics of people
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locked out. >> well i mean a little bit -- >> by a little bit you can't get in at all. >> at all. >> these folks into the ted cruz rally couldn't watch it on the video monitor but they still kept a sense of humor. >> i want to see a good president on the position for a change. >> who brings you on clinton? >> clinton? i'm on the wrong track. >> just kidding. this is the cruz event. >> good, good. >> just down the road at this hillary clinton event, crowds wrapped in circles and up three flights of stairs. this is the view we saw from the media riser and this is how it looks for voters who waited for hours. >> it's crazy. i've never seen it like this. >> tell us about your view? >> right above the space shuttle. >> filled with people who
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but we found it's not like that on the stage at iowa. >> are you supporting hillary clinton? >> i don't think so. >> that's why ted cruz, marco rubio and hillary clinton were college towns, throngs of young voters are still on the fence. >> are you going to caucus? >> i'm going to caucus. >> are you going to caucus? >> i am. >> who are you for? >> i'm not sure, i'm finishing doing my reading this weekend. another? >> not quite sure yet. >> a lot of votes for grabs, projections of record turnout and the possibility of blizzard that could throw those projections right out the window. we have updated numbers, we will break them down for you along with an election forecast at 11:00. then tomorrow at 11:30, money, power and politics from iowa, we
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lined up, and a special look at how the iowa caucus works and how it could play out. from ankiny, iowa, craig miller, fox 13 news. >> police arrested two escapees in san francisco a day after one of the escapees turned himself in. >> authorities say the state of california can breathe a sigh of relief this weekend after three dangerous jail escapees have all been taken into custody. for the past week they asked for the public's help. turns out it was helpful. a woman said it looked like the van on the news. officers realized that was the stolen van that was linked to hossein nayeri and jonathan tieu.
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the van, nobody was hurt during the capture. both men were believed to have been armed and dangerous. 380 ammunition rounds were found in the van but no gun to go with them. there's really been a lot of momentum leading up to the capture on saturday, police arrested a woman who taught english in the orange county jail. she admit she provided nayeri with google maps. is said to appear in court on monday. bac duong was cooperating with authorities when the other two were spoatd by that citizen in san francisco. spotted by that citizen in san francisco. when asked if she would get part
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authorities said she certainly deserved some of it. >> a huge st. bernard was rescued, it wasn't easy either. pall is in for mike. >> decent day coming up tomorrow, look how it ended today, nice sunset on the hilton clearwater beach cam.
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3 ((haley vo )) new at ten: a dangerous winter rescue.. firefighters in >> new at 10 ments of: a: a dangerous rescue, authorities managed to save a st. bernard from a lake. fox's andrew lemone has the story. >> he is our baby, we know we came close to losing him. thank you guys. >> an extremely grateful family and happy go lucky milo were reunited. he went crashing into an ice-covered lake. >> we got out there. the ice was a little fragile. we first tried to catch him with a dog collar. but even though i got a tight wrap around him, he squeezed his head out.
10:16 pm
had to get in the water to help him. >> these two city of fairfax firefighters took the plunge, wearing suits like this to stay insulated. at the time of the rescue friday night the blizzard had already started and thanks to the blowing winds and snow it was 21 out but felt more like 8. this this video you can see milo hanging on to the frozen edge of the lake. amazingly, the firefighters hoisted the water logged dog to safety. >> if one of them had gone in and tried make a rescue on milo, they would have succumbed to the temperature much sooner than they he had. >> fairfax county and city firefighters want to remind everyone that although it be tempting to jump in yourself whether to a lake fire or other
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friend it is not a good idea to do so and you should always call 911 instead and hopefully that will guarantee a happy ending. reporting in fairfax, laivmentd alexandria lemoine, fox 13. >> which one is mike? that's my question exactly. >> looking good! >> he pulls it off pretty well. >> mike and stuy. there's his pants! >> when he interviewed for the job the first thing he said is, i need my gasparillas off, and i want to bring my dog with me. that's a good idea. giving him the night off, i'm a team player.
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pictures just like that. my night is complete. i hope your night at home is complete as well. good looking dog by the way. halo around the sun. good looking stuff. we've seen that off and on the last couple of weeks, objects around the sun. if you wanted to escape the shenanigans around bayshore, sunset off clearwater beach, how about this in tar tarpin springs earlier on today, this is how you survive a brutal florida winter, you got a little fire pit going a sun in the background, that's from chuck in sfety harbor. the numbers came in in january, still have a day to go, i don't know if we're getting more rain. this is really incredible. fort meyers, 12.98 inches for month.
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six inches and the records in fort meyers go back to 1902. they smashed a record by 5.98 inches of rain. that's all el neen el neen el nino. 5/100ths an inch of rain, el nino continues very strong in the pacific, today we topped off at 68. another blue day averaging a half degree below average for the month. satellite view, same old song and dance, high pressure is moving to the east of us, temperatures are gradually modifying on the peninsula. on the water vapor imagery, when you see all of this, this is all high level moisture, taking a free ride on the subtropical jet.
10:20 pm
cloudy day, could be a couple of sprinkles on monday as moisture tries to come back on the back side of the high. generally on the 50s under mostly cloudy skies, still pretty low patchy ground fog late night possibly. here is the deal, high pressure is going to turn toot east, our winds will turn to the southeast tomorrow, varying amounts of fog, and with the wind it makes high, tomorrow will be a warm he day, going in the mid 70s in most spots, couple of showers on the coast will not impact us. fine now dew point 48 winds are calm high pressure is over us. rain and snow in the plain states, eventually all of this mess out west is going to head to the east. we'll see a cold front heading our way. that one will impact us,
10:21 pm
until then, down to 52, lots of clouds tomorrow, could be occasional sun mostly cloudy and 72. on monday it stays variably cloudy, small chance of a sprinkle, mid 70s, very mild, could be sea fog developing at night, warm air over cold water and maybe a good chance of rain thursday and friday, in advance of our next cold front. then we talk about the state fair that's opening up later on next week which is pretty big stuff. back to you. >> that is coming up. paul thanks. the hillary clinton e-mail scandal deepens tonight just days away from the iowa causes of caucuses. >> too damaging to be released. next. >> i'm kevin o'donnell.
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3 3 ((lloyd 2sh)) with the iowa caucuses just days away.. an announcement from the
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>> with the iowa caucuses just days away, an announcement from the state department could turn the heat up on hillary clinton's campaign. >> the latest on the clinton e-mail scandal. >> the state department session they are withholding 22 e-mails from clinton's e-mail server. the conservative group that sued the government for these e-mails, the state department says this marks a keyization just days from the iowa caucuses. >> e-mails are held, which ordinarily circumstances would lead on letting the cat out of the bag on these top secret programs and such shows you the government thinks there's already been disclosures of secret information which is a remarkable development. >> clinton's campaign says they want the e-mails to be released,
10:26 pm
this appears to be overclassification run amok. we will pursue all appropriate avenues to insist her e-mails be released. clinton says she's not concerned and here's why. >> the facts remain the same. there was never any information sent or received that was marked classified to me. i sent my work related e-mails to the government accounts. i just don't see it as anything that will in any way cause any voter to -- a voter with an open mind to have any concerns. >> but polls routinely show that honesty and trustworthiness are the biggest concern among voters. right before such a crucial time when the first votes are finally cast. in washington, kristen fisher foxes fox news.
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motorcycle convention. >> we'll show our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months?
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developing tonight: shots ring out at a motorcycle expo in denver.. ((haley 2sh)) one person was killed.. and six others injured.. o. >> developing tonight, shots rang out at a motorcycle expo in denver. >> hatching during colorado motorcycle expo, police say there was a shooting and a stabbing after the fight broke out. three in critical condition, three in stable, one was killed. police will not confirm whether the incident was gang related. no arrests have been made. >> all eyes are on iowa, for the 2016 presidential race. candidates are crisscrossing the state trying to drum up support. ross palumbo is live on how the
10:30 pm
>> we say iowa caucuses are not first because they're important, they're important because they're first. >> some write down their selection on paper. >> we're a purple state with low cost media markets that any person regardless of they're name or the size of their pac can actually make a run for the presidency. >> the process for democrats is more complex. voters first indicate who they would like to support by standing in specific areas for their candidates. if a candidate doesn't have at least 15%, their supporters have to choose a different area or step out. >> it's a responsibility for iowans and be part of it and educated about it as well. we are political creatures. it's fun. >> winning here isn't always enough though to propel someone to their party's nomination. president obama did win here when he rafn
10:31 pm
ran for his term. rick santorum won, and mike huckabee won but neither had their party's nomination. >> voters must be at least 18 and eligible to vote in iowa in the november election to participate in the caucuses. they must also be a registered democrat or registered republican. >> party registration is available at each caucus site. in des moines i'm ross palumbo fox news. >> a boat capsizes on its way to greece. 33 people including five children drown. turkish patrol boats have rescued 75 survivors and continue to search for others. the group was on the way to the greek island of leswos one of the most popular get aways in the european union. there was another rescue
10:32 pm
mediterranean sea. 53 syrians became stranded. members of the coast guard jumped in the water to rescue, all 15 five of them children made it safely to land. a stolen painting believed to be an original by pablo picasso is recovered. police officers in turkey posed as buyers for $7 million work of art after the two suspects tried to seal the deal, police arrested them. the piece, titled nude brushing her hair was stolen from a woman in new york. it's been sent to istanbul's university to be examined for its authenticityity. authenticity. >> the first day fans get to
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(haley vo ) the rolex 24 is in full swing at daytona international speedway.. 24 full hours of racing. >> the role ex 24 x 24, is underway, first time a race since a the new renovation.
10:36 pm
1959, these are the new seats and they've changed substantially. i'm 6'7" and look at this leg room. i can sit confidentably comfortably and watch the race. these seats are now 20 to 21 inches wide. that's a big deal. if you are a bigger type person you want to be able to have room to not be squishing the person next to you. the other thing is line of sight. they calculated the height of each one of these rows so you can clearly look over the person in front of you and see the race track at head level. >> we're in the medium section so it's pretty good. >> another addition, escalators. there were none in the previous grandstand now there are 40. no more steps no more climbing a
10:37 pm
>> one of the things, the stairs, oh no! now it's an escalator so it's great. >> especially if you are here all day, i think it would make it a lot easier. >> and there's plenty of eye candy throughout the stadium. check out kyle busch's car on display, like a nose of a space shuttle hanging out. my personal favorite, the nascar sports bar. i'm here in the bed of a pickup truck where there are numerous places, 11 gigantic social neighborhoods that are the size of a football field. and what is one of the more underrated favorites? that brand-new shiny thing right over there. >> the bathrooms are awesome. so -- >> you like the bathrooms? >> i like the bathrooms. they're bigger. >> there is an app for your
10:38 pm
you exactly where you are. the daytona international app. at the daytona international speedway, for fox. >> 24 hours of daytona, talking about that, night for the star in nashville, you got to see this.
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3 it's all-star weekend... the nhl showcasing their top players in the skills competition.... the >> well, it's all-star weekend, nh
10:41 pm
paver bolts up in tennessee. ben bishop and stephen stamcoast, nowist bishop's turn, he fets his gets his chance to score. how many actually went in, now this hard fought event at this point. stamcoast is rock the radar at 103.9. but shay weber wins in the second straight year in the row. tomorrow at 5:00. pro bowl, bucs have five players in hawaii. it's clear to see that the
10:42 pm
fun. avoid injuries at all cost. jameis winston, mixing around in the big game as you get to hear in the nfl's micked up. >> every vertical, you know how you get inside under. what's up aggie? the got oget that verbiage right. even though it's simple. >> nfl, social media, rat pack do their thing, whenever there is one. >> you know we out haif just doing our thing, just got -- just out in hawaii. >> winston just got to hawaii on tuesday to get down those plays. winston was talking to de andre hop inns condition.
10:43 pm
they had a pretty good running back on the south team. tcu's aaron green gets the handoff, watch him break loose. rushes for 34 yards five carries, mississippi state's zack weston, helps the south beat the north 24-16. how about that, today mike white gets the biggest web in his florida career. the gators did get a break, jonathan holton suspended for this game. you know, the gators not liking this one bit. two teams would have to be separated, and that fired up florida. first half gators up by 9, chris chiozzo misses, and john biunu
10:44 pm
second half, gators up by 16. dorian finny-smith, 24 points for the day, florida knocks out west virginia, 88-71. a win will go a long way to help florida get into the dance in march. on their court, duane bacon, ends with a team high 20 points. clemson comes within one and halfway through the second half, f smptu, wins 76-65. upsetting duke onami t down by 6 here.
10:45 pm
miami back against wolfpack and maverick there, are wolf pack win it 85-69. 24 hours at daytona, hour into the race, katherine legg, look at that delta wing car. really stands out. legg kept the lead for most of the three hours she was in the car here. under caution, andy merrick, slams right into the prototype challenge car right into the back of them. sustains major damage, but neither will race the rest of
10:46 pm
major upseth down under, upset down under. serena williams, gerber, and serena really too many unforced errors, gerber now goes up 5-2.
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>> a nice lil scene from our brookedale cam. bayshore on your left-hand side of your tv set, there we go, move right along, as the parade gets cranked up late in the day, clouds did dominate the sky but i tell you, it's pretty about good. any time you can get a dry day on a gasparilla day, cloudy and
10:49 pm
average 68, morning low 50. year-to-date rainfall 6.anne, triple the average we would get towards the end of january. high pressure giving us a chilly morning is now shifting to the east. that means a couple of things. it means low level moisture is going to increase and also, winds will turn to the southeast. the combination of those two factors means the mercury's going up. we're heading low to mid 70s tomorrow, and in advance of cold front we might be dealing with humidity and also sea fog as moist air overcomes gulf waters. sunshine, the prospects are not great when you look at a satellite loop like this. the water vapor imagery, shows the continuation of high level moisture, tomorrow mostly
10:50 pm
in the low to mid 70s. right now it's a cool night. 50s around the bay area, 50 in brooksville, land o' lakes, you are 50, bartow, frost proof, proof, fry . 40s and 50s, pretty typical this time of year. highs today getting into the low 70s. changes on the way but not until the second half of the upcoming week. high pressure slides away. we get into the southeast wind tomorrow under mostly cloudy skies and then dew points start creeping up. so by tuesday and wednesday flights we could be looking at some low clouds and some sea fog right there coming in off the gulf. then eventually bilate wednesday
10:51 pm
heads our way, slow moving front, day or two of rain to wrap up next week. it will be cooler for the upcoming weekend. so high clouds unseasonal tonight down to 52. coming up tonight mostly cloudy and mild, stop off at 72, on monday, variably cloudy, small chance of sprinkle, high in the mid 70s. rain chance he go up not until late wednesday, thursday, topping off in the mid 70s. back to you. >> paul, thanks. in florida we may complain once the temperature drops below 50 but how about a dip in water that's just over one degree fahrenheit. more than 200 buddhist pilgrims made their way.
10:52 pm
>> chase and accident involving tampa police. >> we have a crew at the scene and have the latest coming up in just a minute. >> also night, a break in the case involving two escaped prisoners in california. how what one person saw today landed both of them back behind bars. >> and ostory behind this aplaysing wipeout, it's all ahead on the fox 1311 there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! and now the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500 i mean about you inventing it. i invented the story, what really matters?
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