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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  January 31, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 a carjackin p a carjacking duo still on pthe run leafs a police cruiser pcrumbled and now the search pcontinues before they strike pagain. p it's one day away from the piowa caucuses and words are pgetting heated between the pdemocratic candidates. pwe'll discuss as it all comes pdown to the wire. p>> alcides: there were plenty pof boats out there for pgasparilla.
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psafety is on the minds of those phaving fun at sea. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is "good day ptampa bay." p>> anjuli: good morning. pit's 7:00 a.m. on this sunday pmorning. pi'm anjuli davis. p>> alcides: i'm alcides segui. plindsay plindsay, i expect it to be pgorgeous today. p>> lindsay: i have it handled ptoday, and it's cloudier, but i psound like a dweeb in the pmorning because our sunrises are pso beautiful. pthe clouds are more opaque. pthat pink shade is just pstunning. p57 degrees in tampa, and it's a plittle warmer out the door. pit's 59 in st. pete, boating pcheck the sunrise in the morning ptiement on the water. pwhat a way to kick off the day. lenty of strat troe cumulus poverhead. pit's 48 degrees in crystal pliver, 54 in lakeland, 57 in ptampa and 54 in sarasota.
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pyesterday anywhere from a few pdegrees warmer to nearly 10 pdegrees warmer in spots. plook at the clouds. pwith them i wouldn't be pconcerned about rain. pi do anticipate a dry day ptomorrow. psome light returning offshore pand our air is dry. pthe winds bring us enough pmoisture that by tomorrow a pquick shower, definitely some pwarmer weather on the horizon, pthough. pit starts today through the pafternoon. pwe rebound into the low to mid pmid-70s dlims to the high pyesterday at lunchtime of 68. pwe have even warmer temperatures pearly this week to discuss. prain, though, too. pit could impact the start of the pstate fair. pwe'll talk about it on the pseven-day forecast coming up, pguys. p>> alcides: we're foming a pdevelops story this morning. ptwo armed robbery suspects premain at large, and tampa olice say they caused an pofficer to crash into a policy. pthankfully the officer is pexpected to be okay, but the pcrash was pretty bad. pthe incident took place around p9:00 last night in the area of peast lake and central avenues.
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pthe suspect when he crashed into pthat pole. pit's believed those suspects pwere involved in a carjacking on pfriday night that took place pnear north central avenue and peast kirby street. pa woman was sitting in her arked car when a man opened her pdoor and pointed a gun at her pand told her to get out. ptwo other men got in and drove poff. pthe car is described as a 2014 pblack four-door ford focus. pthe woman is okay. pagain, if you have any pinformation at all contact tampa olice. p>> anjuli: in pinellas county a pwrong-way driver is facing dui pmanslaughter charges this pmorning. pthe crash took place around 9:30 plast night near the intersection pof county road 1 and burnham plane. phe was driving the wrong way pdown county road 1 and hit john psorenson head-on. phe was airlifted to a local
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pinjuries. pcabrell is now in the pinellas pcounty jail. p>> alcides: all eyes in iowa pwhere voting for the 2016 residential race officially pstarting tomorrow. pthey're crisscrossing the state pto drum up support. pcraig patrick joins us by phone pthis morning from des moines. pgood morning, craig. pthe democratic side is getting pvery, very interesting and pheated no doubt. pannoys bernie sanders says that phillary clinton is pmisrepresenting his record. pwhat deuce about that? p>> bernie sanders is upset pbecause clinton is making the pcase that sanders is opposed to pthis and going after his gun pcontrol record. phe says clinton is taking what phe said out of context and pdistorting or misrepresenting pwhat he has said. pthis is to be expected. pyou find this in every race in pthe closing hours before iowa. pwhat's interesting is that pbernie sanders is making the
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pthat he received more than 3 pmillion individual contributions pwith an average donation of paround $30. phe makes the case he's trying to pbring forth a revolution to the pa pit sort of to a certain extent preflects the game plan of resident barack obama in this pstate in 2007 and 2008. phe's going to try to catch plightning in a bottle, but it's pnot clear if he can do it. pin the final polling out of iowa pshows this race is going to be pvery, very close. p>> alcides: which is my next pquestion. phillary clinton still holds a pslight lead. pif sanders does pull off an pupset, how does this propel him pinto south carolina? p>> if you look at south carolina pright now, hillary clinton is up p29 points in an average of olling. pyou think, good grief. pthat's right around the corner. phow does sanders not pull this poff? pwell, you have to remember that
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pin iowa just a couple of months pago. pthose polls in other states, pincluding south carolina beyond piowa and new hampshire, they're pnot static. pthey will move based on the presults in iowa and new phampshire. pwhen you look at past history, pno candidate in early party has plost the nomination after pwinning the states of iowa and pnew hampshire because they give pyou a big shot of momentum as pyou go forward. pwhat may be a little different pwith sanders is that the support phe's getting in iowa and new phampshire more specifically lays to his base of white rogressives. pas we approach a more diverse pelectorate as we head south of platinos and african-americans, pthis seems to bode well for phillary clinton. pagain, the polls can concern pmove and turn on a dime. p>> alcides: it has before. p"new york times" endorsed phillary clinton. phow does this play a factor in pall of that?
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pto endorse now instead of pwaiting until november comes paround because at the present ptimes to have some influence on pwhat's happening in iowa. pthe tampa bay times did the same pthing. pin an anti-establishment here, i pdon't think that voters are pgoing to pay as much attention pto a newspaper editorial from pseveral states away. pnow, you can make the case this pis in her home state or at least pthe state she represented in the punited states senate and knows pher best. pi think that bernie sanders and phillary clinton are both very pwell-known at this point in the pstate of iowa. pi think that the voters will pmake a decision based on their precords and the presentations pthey have made firsthand. pthe caucus process is very pdifferent from what we do in pflorida, and it will depend plargely on turnout. pa higher turnout would seem to pfavor bernie sanders because phe's doing much better with pfirst-time caucus-goers. palcides, this is very pinteresting. pmy phone was chirping just a
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pthis county is under a blizzard pwatch. p>> alcides: that will play a pfactor in all of this? p>> it will be snowing. pwe pretty well know this on pmonday night. pwell, iowa is no stranger to psnow. pthat will not stop people from pcoming out. pif there is a blizzard, that pcould certainly depress turnout. pwe don't know when it's rolling pin. pit's forecast between monday pnight through wednesday morning, pand the caucus take place at p7:00 p.m. iowa time on monday pnight. p>> alcides: i tell you what, pcraig. pi don't know how you're doing it pout there in iowa. pi hope you're inside and you're pstaying warm, my friend. pwe can't wait to see you back phere. pyou're doing a great job out pthere. p>> thank you so much. ptake care. p>> alcides: see you soon. pas craig just said, tomorrow all pthe voters around the hawkeye pstate will caucus. p>> anjuli: but the way those arty winners are chosen differs pbetween republicans and pdemocrats. pgop voters first listen to pspeeches by candidate prepresentatives. pthe caucuses usually take place pin community centers like school pgyms, sometimes even people's phome.
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pto see in the oval office. pmost just simply write it down pon a piece of paper. pthe votes are counted out and peach pry precinct sends them pvia an app. p>> the democrats still meet in psame community centers, but pvoters first indicate who they'd plike by support by standing in pthe specific areas of the room pfor the candidate. pif a candidate doesn't have at pleast 15% of that room, their psupporters have to either step pout or be convinced by other pgroups to join their side. pnow, voters must be at least 18 pyears old and eligible to vote pin iowa in the november election pto participate in the caucuses. pthey must be a registered pdemocrat or republican. p>> anjuli: today is the last pday to sign up for health pinsurance on the federal pmarketplace. resident obama's health care plaw has added covered this year pthey have subsidized private lans for people without
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pit added medicaid for low income padults with no children living palthough home, but florida pturned down that expansion. pthe minimum penalty for being puninsured is going up to $695. p>> alcides: pasco detectives phave arrested a man that left a pteenage girl in a coma following pa home invasion. phayes was taken into custody on pone count of attempted home pinvasion. pauthorities are still looking pfor anthony stephens and one pother unnamed suspect. pthe trio is accused of breaking pmorning. pdrughouse. pfour other people inside the phome were arrested on gun and pdrug charges. p>> anjuli: they came and they pconquered. irates inspired by the plegendary jose gaspar invaded pthe bay for the gasparilla irate fest yesterday. pit started early on saturday as pthey sailed into hillsborough pbay and landed at the tampa pconvention center. pthe parade down bayshore
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pof people, plenty of beads for pall, of course. pthe weather was perfect and the irates were plentiful tossing ptreasures into the cloud. pconsidering the hundreds of pthousands of people there, peveryone was fairly pwell-behaved. arty time. p>> it's really cool. pwe came to the place where the pship came in, and it was great. pnow to the parades. p>> anjuli: they made two felony parrests and 21 misdemeanor parrests from everything to ossession of marijuana to punderage drinking and one pcitation for an open container. p>> alcides: here's a good day pgood deed. pthis picture was posted to the phillsborough county sheriffing's poffice facebook page. pit shows the deputy taking some ptime off on his day to play a plittle basketball with a kid on p22nd street in tampa. pthat's pretty neat. pit looks like the deputy had
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papparently this kid responded by psaying, i beat him and still pwon. pisn't that cool? p>> anjuli: that's fun. p>> alcides: that is very fun. pi love it when they do stuff plike that. p johnny manziel is back under pthe spotlight, but this time pit's more serious than partying ptoo hard. p>> anjuli: how many drinks is ptoo many to drive? pwe'll tell you why federal pofficials want the answer to pthat to be just one. p>> lindsay: the countdown is on pto sunrise, seven minutes from pnow. pif you're awake and haven't got pout of bed yet, do yourself a pfavor and check out the window. pa lovely sunrise this morning. pit's 59 in st. pete and lots of phigh clouds. pthey're more opaque in lakeland pbut it's still beautiful. p54 degrees. pmilder turns to warmer this pafternoon with low to mid-70s, pbut can we get even warmer? pwe can the next few days and ptalk about how warm in your
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3 in sports this morning.. cleveland browns first round pick "johnny manzel".. just can't seem to p>> anjuli: johnny manziel can't pseem to stay out of trouble off pthe field. pthey were called to an apartment pbuilding in fort worth, texas to pinvestigate a possible assault pinvolving manziel and a p23-year-old woman. pthe woman wasn't fully pcooperating, and there was no pevidence of a crime at the pscene. pmanziel has had his fair share pof issues since entering the pleague in 2014 including pdomestic incidents and alcohol pissues. pmany believe his days in
7:14 am
prumors he could be heading to pdallas. p>> alcides: tonight at 7:00 pit's team irving against team price in the 2016 pro bowl. pthe book ulls have five players in phawaii. pit's clear to see they're not pdoing a whole lot trying to pavoid injury. pjameis winston is there and he's pone of the five buccaneers pthere. pdid you see the weather there? p>> lindsay: it's gorgeous. pthey're preparing, and they want pto enjoy paradise. p>> alcides: i'm sure they're pdoing plenty of that. p>> lindsay: absolutely. pwe have nice weather of our own. pfive minutes ago it was amazing, pand now outside it's not quite pas amazing. pmaybe looks a little better in pyour neighborhood, but we do phave a shield of, again, more in pthe way of opaque clouds. pthey're still high but not quite pas thin and sparse across the parea. plive look over downtown sure plooks quiet after a fun day pyesterday on bayshore. phopefully you enjoyed yourself.
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pit's 57 degrees out the door pthis morning, which is a milder pstart and still pleasant. pwe watch the dew points climb pthe next for you days, and the pwinds are shifting out of the peast, which is a miler breeze. pthat will bring back the 70s for pthe afternoon highs. pit's 59 in st. petersburg and pthere's more brightness to show pyou there. psunrise officially is at 7:19 pthis morning, and east winds are pat 6:00. pacross the bay area, we have p40s, 50s, a few 60s. pit looks like we dropped one pdegree in st. petersburg and pit's 51 in dade city, 46 in pinverness. pa little chillier y er ier north. pwe have 54 in sarasota and 50 in pbartow and 53 in frostproof. pmore clouds from the west. pat the same time high pressure pthat was about here yesterday, pit's on the move and shifted peast. pso that's opening the door for pmore of that return flow, that psoutherly wind that will bring pback the warmth today. pit will be a dry day.
7:16 am
preturning off shore by tomorrow. pcan't rule out a shower late in pthe day. pthey're low today in the 40s and p50s. pwe climb to 68 by noon and up to p71 for the afternoon high. psouth of i-4 you may make it pinto the 70s if you live away pfrom area beaches. pwhat do we track the next few pdays? p71 today and 76 tomorrow with a pslim rain chance, and that's no pmistake. p80 on tuesday. pso the warmth ahead of our next pcold front. pthat's part of the system that pwill bring the blizzard to iowa pstarting tomorrow night. ptoday, warmer temperatures pthroughout the evening hours pwith all the clouds, most of us pin the 60s. pincreasing moisture on monday, pso during the afternoon a few pquick showers, but as this front pgathers thursday is the day we pbring in the best rain chance pand in the wake of it some sea pfog to dodge starting tuesday pnight. p71 for today, a little warmer pskies. pwe're down to 62 overnight. pthat's considerably milder and pthat's well above average about
7:17 am
pstray shower chance tomorrow and p7 p76. pthe boating has been great and pit's a good idea to do so before ptuesday. pstate fair, the first day is prain and late in the day. pbehind the front, friday pafternoon looks breezy and pcooler and next weekend looked pgood, guys. p>> thank you, lindsay. pthis could make you think twice pbefore ordering a casual wine or pbeer at dinner if you plan to pdrive home after. pthe ntsb is reporting a lower of pthe legal limit for tringing and pdriving. pa lot of people don't like the pidea as we found out. p>> reporter: the weekend is phere, and maybe you want to pcelebrate or unwind going out pwith friends and having a drink. pif you have more than one drink pan hour, you may put yourself at prisk of being over the current plegal limit. p.08 to drive a car. pyou could be charged with drunk pdriving if you're stopped. pthe ntsb would like to see a erson's blood alcohol content
7:18 am
pbehind the wheel. pthe agency would like to see it plowered from .08 to .05. p>> that's like one drink, and pthe police are going to take you pand give you a test and you're pthrown in jail? pi don't think that's fair. p>> reporter: it's an idea that pdidn't go down well with some pcustomers at a bar on long pisland. p>> if you have one glass of wine por beer when you're eating and pthen the cops stop you and parrest you when you only had one pdrink. pit's kind of ridiculous. p>> reporter: the bartender pthinks a change like that would phurt his business. p>> it makes it harder for the paverage person to have a drink. p>> reporter: you think it might paffect your business? p>> it definitely would. p>> reporter: the ntsb says plowering the legal limits would phelp to make the roads even psafer. pright now it's just a proposal pon the wish list. pmothers against drunk driving phas no position yet on whether pto lower the legal limit. pthey just want to remind you of psomething if you go out to dripg
7:19 am
p>> we encourage people that go pout and consume alcohol that pthey decide on a different way pto get home as opposed to pdriving the car. p>> anjuli: want ntsb proposed pa .05 alcohol content every year pfor the past three years as part pof a wish list for ptransportation changes. p still to come, of course, a plot of people out on the water pyesterday for gasparilla. peverything went off without too pmany hiccups but that doesn't pmeet boating safety should now ptake a back seat. p>> alcides: we talk to a coast pguard commander who gives us psafety. pwe discuss the new movie that pshowcases how the men and women
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800.974.6006 tty/v 3 3 as we make a slow crawl out of p>> alcides: as we make a slow
7:22 am
pmore days seem like a good day pto go boating. pwe saw that yesterday during gas a lil ra. pgregory case is a commander from pcoast guard sector pst. petersburg. pthank you for being with us. p>> good morning. pit's a pleasure to be here. p>> we talked about boating psafety in a second, but fifrs plet's talk about gasparilla. peverything go all right last pnight? p>> everything went great. pwe had 19 law enforcement pagencies helping us out. pwe had over 50 law enforcement pvessels on the water. eople behaved themselves and phad fun. pwe only had a handful of boating punder the influence. pno major incidents, so it went pgreat for as many boats pyesterday. p>> alcides: basic boating tips pfor everyone out there? p>> always wear a life jacket. pdon't drink and drive a boat. pif you're on a long boating proute, you want to file a boat lan with a loved one or family pmember so they know where you're pgoing and where you took off
7:23 am
p>> alcides: you guys always pstay busy out there in the pclearwater sector. pthis new movie "the finest hour" preally describes a daring rescue pmission. pthe movie really highlights what pthe men and women in the coast pguard do every single day. phow busy are you out there in pthe clearwater sector? p>> well, we do more search and prescue cases than any other psector in the country, any other parea. pso we're very busy out there. pof course, most of them don't prise to the height of the rescue pdepicted in "the finest hours" pbut there's a lot of boating phere and we're out all the time pmissions. pmovie yet? p>> i haven't. pwe had a busy week. pi haven't seen it yet. p>> alcides: is this a good pthing or bad thing? p>> the movie? p>> alcides: yeah, the movie pitself. p>> alcides: i think it's always
7:24 am
pit out there. pso, you know, it's good for eople to realize what we do. pthat's a very positive thing. p>> alcides: in speaking of how pbusy your sector is, there's a prash of boat thefts in not only inellas but down south as well. ptalk more about that. p>> we noticed a trend, and so pagain, we partnered with a bunch pof our law enforcement partners pup and down the coast and we've pkind of tried to concentrate on pthat as best we can. pwe had a great case break for us pa couple of weeks ago that got pnational news, and so we're ptrying to stay on top of that. p>> alcides: we're going to talk pabout that 20-hour chase that, pas you mentioned, got national pattention coming up in the 9:00 phour. pit's pretty incredible what you pdid in the past couple of pmonths, and again, we'll be ptalking about ha and the rash of
7:25 am
pcaptain, thank you for being pwith us. psee you in the next couple of pminutes. p>> thank you so much. p>> alcides: still to come on p"good day," it was a big night pfor hollywood at the annual sag pawards, many call it the not so pwhite oscars. p>> anjuli: crystal clark is plive for us with details on the psearch for two carjackers. pcrystal. p>> reporter: tampa police are plooking for the suspects that pheld someone at gunpoint while pstealing their car overnight. pa tampa police car actually pended up crashing trying to pcatch them.
7:26 am
pcould be linked@"h"h most people who sign up for health insurance on qualify for financial help to make coverage more affordable, lowering their monthly premiums. many find low premium plans for less than $75 dollars a month. if you don't sign up, you have to pay a penalty of $695 or more. your last chance to enroll is
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3 good morning. thank you for joining us this sunday for good day tampa bay. i'm alcides segui.. p>> alcides: good morning. pi'm alcides segui. p>> anjuli: i'm anjuli davis. pfirst up, a quick check on the pheadlines this half hour. p developing this morning a ptampa police officer is precovering after crashing his pcruiser into a pole in pursuit pof two carjacking suspects and pnow the search for that duo pintensifies. pcrystal clark joins us live from ptampa with the very latest. pwhat can you tell us? pwe're told that police officer pwas taken to the hospital for psome minor injuries, but he's pdoing okay this morning. pthey've been searching overnight pfor the suspects involved in a pshooting and carjacking around pnorth central avenue. pof yet. pwe're told this stems from, phappened overnight. pthe only details police can give pus is it was in the area of pnorth central and east kirby pstreet. pa female victim was involved in
7:28 am
phowever, we don't know exactly pif that person was hurt, but we pknow those suspects got away pwith the car. pit's described as a sedan. pthis is something police are psaying could be linked to panother carjacking on friday pnight and the circumstances are pvery similar in it as well. pfriday night a 2014 black pfour-door ford focus was taken paround 9:40 p.m. that night in pthe north central avenue area as pwell, and we're told a woman was pbehind the wheel, a black male pwith a gun approached her, popened the vehicle's door and pthen pointed that handgun at her pordering her to get out of the pcar. pthat suspect got into the pvehicle. ptwo other males appeared as well pand got in with him, and from pthere they drove off with her pvehicle. pthat victim was not injured. phowever, once again those psuspects still on the loose as pwell. olice, again, have not pconfirmed if these two pcarjackings are related. phowever, in both cases the psuspects haven't been arrested pyet. pso it's certainly a concern for pdrivers out there and you want
7:29 am
pyour vehicles that you keep the pdoors locked. pwe stay on top this for you. pfor now we're live at the tampa pdistrict 3 office. pback to you. p>> thank you, crystal. p>> alcides: in other news pasco pdetectives made an arrest in a phome invasion that left a pteenage girl in a coma. phayes was arrested on one count pof attempted home invasion. pthey're still looking for panthony stephens and one other punnamed suspect. pthe trio is accused of breaking pinto a home early thursday pmorning. p>> anjuli: pea rates stormed ptampa bay yesterday. pthey made their annual ilgrimage into the bay o pwell-behaved. ptpd made two felony arrests and p2 p21 misdemeanor arrests and there pwas one citation for an open pcontainer. p>> lindsay: it was an ideal day pto be outside. pboating was perfect for the pinvasion and the weather pcooperated on bayshore.
7:30 am
pit's still a really, really pbeautiful day. pi have some sunrise pictureses pto show you in 15 minutes, but pthe clouds shield the brightness pin brookdale bayshore. pit looks sleepy out there. p52 degrees is a little milder pthan yesterday, and cloud cover pwill usher in from the west. pif you head to the beach, that p55 in clearwater turns to 70 pthis afternoon, which is normal pfor the last day of january. pit's 55 in sebring and near 50 pin st. pete. pthe clouds are on the increase pthis afternoon. pit's going to stay dry. pby tonight we'll introduce a few pshowers and still less than a p20% rain chance and yes 76 is pwell above average. phow about some rain? pwe time-out the next cold front pcoming up. p>> alcides: a flock of whooping pcranes following an ultra light
7:31 am
pthere are six cranes this year pthat have been following the pultra light from wisconsin to pst. mark's national refuge in pthe panhandle. pthis maybe the last time the mee pintegration happens. pthey're going to stop supporting pthe program because the birds paren't successful in producing pchicking and raising them in the pwild. p>> anjuli: in jacksonville a p$20,000 reward is being given pfor someone to shot and killed a p22--month-old boy. pthe car he was in was hit by pnight. pthey say the shooting was pgang-related, but no one in the pcar were the intended targets. p>> alcides: china is strongly pcondemning actions taken by the pusz pu.s. government this morning. pa u.s. navy warship sailed near
7:32 am
pin the south china sea. pchina and taiwan have poverlapping claims to the roperty. pu.s. officials don't agree and psay these types of ship pmovements will be more regular pin the future. p>> anjuli: japan is on high palert this morning as they. pfor a possible rocket or missile plaunch from north korea. pthey installed missile pinterceptors this weekend in ptokyo. pthis is after activity at a pnorth korea ballistic missile ptest site. pnorth korea drew worldwide pcriticism three weeks after the pfourth nuclear test explosion. p the oscars may be in the pmidst of a diversity problem. p>> but last night's s.a.g. pawards was anything but them. pqueen latifah was honored for pthe tv movie "bessie," i pbelieve.
7:33 am
pdoubled down. puzo aduba repeated as best pfemale actor in comedy and the pshow won the best comedy series. pidria alba pulled off a double pof his own as well winning a tv paward for "luther" and a film paward of "beasts of no nation." pother winners were "downton pabbey" and viola davis second pfor female actress in a drama. pkevin spacey's second win. pi know nothing about television. pi'm sorry. "orange is the p>> no. pthe kids just consume -- p>> anjuli: and we keep weird p>> alcides: it's february ptomorrow. pa start of a new month and new pdeals. pour couponing expert will tell pus what you need to know coming pup. p>> anjuli: this little guy pneeds to get his mojo back.
7:34 am
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p>> lindsay: it is a sunday pfavorite. pwe have our pet of the week. phey, mojo, this is mojo. p>> this is mojo. pmojo, believe it or not, was pfound as a stray, a french pbulldog as a stray. phe had a bad cherry eye and ptumor. pwe took care of that and cleaned pup the eye and the tumor was pnegative. phe has full dental and he's been pmicrochiped and neutered and has pall his shots. p>> he's good to go. pall of this was done, i assume, pat your animal health center, pcorrect? p>> yeah. pwe want to remind people we're popen seven days a week from 8:00 pto 3:30. pwe can get your vaccinations ptaken care. pif your dog is sick, you can pbring him in. psome special sefrjs like porthopedic if needed and psomething like that and fult pdental. pwe do dental, too. p>> that's important.
7:37 am
pyour clinic as well. pnow. pwe can thank you for that. pmojo here is good to go and pfull-grown, energetic. p>> he's ready. pwhen we open at 10:00 today, i pexpect a long line for this dog. p>> i expect a huge line for him. pi'm so glad you helped him heal, pand he seems to be doing great pand ready to go now. p>> he's ready. p>> if you're interested in the et of the week last week, sadly pnot adopted. pdolly is still there. p>> she's so loving and what a pgreat dog. pi can't belief she's still pthere. p>> i'm shocked. pshe needed someone with a lot of penergy probably because she had pa lot of energy. pmaybe a runner or you like to pget out and about, she was pfamily friendly and very sweet. pcome meet her. pwe know this little man is going pto be gone in a hurry today. pif you're interested in this padorable french bulldog that is pquite talkative and ready to ptake a nap and maybe do a little psnoring, come meet mojo today.
7:38 am
pif you're interested, you can psee the face when he's not psmiling. pserious mojo there. p10:00 to 5:00 are the hours. pif you wait until 10:00, he's pgoing to be gone today, maybe pget in line at 9:00 or earlier. p>> i expect a long line. p>> i expect that as well. pthe hours are 10:00 to 5:00 and pthe draes is 3607 north armenia pavenue.
7:39 am
pnext week, mojo's and dollies.3 here's a quick check on some top stories.. a deadly p p>> alcides: here's a quick pcheck of top stories. pa deadly plane crash is under pinvestigation in southern gojz pthis morning. olice in albany say three were pkilled yesterday afternoon the psmall plane crashed and caught pfire after take-off. pthree people were on board. p>> alcides: virginia tech pfreshman david eisenhower is in rison this morning. pthey say he abducted and pmurdered 13-year-old nicole lav pvery well. pshe was last seen at her home. pher remains were located 100 pmiles away from her home. p president barack obama pannounced he'll meet with muslim pcommunity members in baltimore pon wednesday. pthe visit will be his first to
7:40 am
pamount to a public embrace of pmuslims by the president at a ptime when public sentiment pagainst them seems to be pgrowing. p four holdouts remain phunkered down in oregon this pmorning as a standoff between pranchers and the government now preaches its 350 -- 30th day. pinitial the four men told the pfbi they would not move from the pnational wildlife refuge without pa guarantee they wouldn't be pcharged with any crimes. pthey have since changed they're pdemands. pnow they insist on pardons for peveryone involved in that poccupation. p>> anjuli: time for the sunday psavings. pone month of 2016 already in the pbooks, and this morning we have pthe five things that you should pbuy in the month of february. phere to tell us all about them pwe have pfounder kati kiefer.
7:41 am
pthere's great deals right now? p>> yes. ptaxes. pi don't like them either. pright now during the month of pfebruary you can get tax psoftware for free or super pcheap. pturbo tax you pay nothing to pfrom the app. pas it gets closer to that april p15th deadline, you pay full rice, so try to get them done pearly this year. p>> anjuli: out of your mind too pis good. residents day is comes up. pgood sales you think? p>> definitely. pthis is a sale that actually preally is good, and not only is pthe sale good, but you also see pthat they'll be extra coupons pthe entire purchase. pthat's a good time to look for pmattresses, furniture, apparel, pthose kind of sales that will phappen the week before and after residents day. pbeing in the know, it will save pyou money. p>> i like it. pi didn't realize how expensive pthe video games and all those ptoys were until i had to buy pthem for nephews this year. pso if you didn't get all of pthem, you say february is the
7:42 am
p>> right. pthey can get up to 50 bucks for pa video game. pthe funny thing, they beat it in pa month, you know? p>> anjuli: then they're over pit. p>> that's old news. phere's the strategy there. pnot only if you got it for pchristmas, then you're lucky pbecause you have a great aunt pthat bought the game for you. ptrade it in right now because pthey're still hot so you get the pmost money for your trade during pthe month of february. pif you didn't get it, hopefully psomebody did and they trade it pin and you get it super cheap. p>> good to know. pif you're working on your new pyear's resolution, you say bikes pare a good thing to buy in pfebruary? p>> both the pedalled kind as pwell as motorcycles because the pweather is chilly. pi mean, i don't want to go poutside and ride my bike right pnow. pit's too cold. pbut that means that the sales pare stagnant at the bike store pand at the motorcycle store, pwherever you buy the motorcycle. pso they're trying to buy for pyour business, so go in and get pa great deal.
7:43 am
pbikes and motorcycles right now. p>> it's hard to do in florida pwhen we expect warm temperatures pthis coming week. pbuy those winter clothes now and pstockpile them and put them away pfor next year. p>> people think i'm crazy pthinking ahead for next year. pwinter apparel is on clearance pright now. pnow is the time to think, i pmight not use it right now, but pif i save 90% on it, get it now. pstyle. pit's a jacket. pget a great, thick, nice down pjacket for next year. p>> anjuli: of course. pyou will appreciate it when it pcomes december. p>> you'll be prepared and you'll phave spent very little on it. p>> anjuli: i love it. pgreat tips, kati. pof the week. p>> yes, free toothpaste. p>> lindsay: beautiful sunrise pthis morning. pif you slept in and waited until pabout 7:20, this was gone.
7:44 am
pand capture these shots. plook at all the high clouds. plenny sent in this a-plus psunrise this morning from palm pharbor this morning. pjohn deal sent this in of the psky on fire. plook at the purples opaque high pclouds. pwe started with that, and now we phave this. pit isn't bad. pit's fairly cloudy, and we will phang onto decent cloud cover ptoday. pi don't see too many cars on the proads proads driving towards downtown ptampa. pmaybe people are sleeping in pafter gasparilla yesterday. pwe have the opaque high clouds pthat i mentioned that would pstream in, and they're here in pbradenton beach. pin the distance you see moisture pstarting to bbld. pwe're in a classic setup for sea pfog tuesday and wednesday pmorning. pthis morning it's 54 degrees in pfrostproof, 54 in lakeland and p57 in tampa, which is a milder preading and even brooksville at
7:45 am
pkick off the monday morning. plooking back 24 hours ago, it's p7 degrees warmer in sebring in pfrostproof and brooksville. pit's still comfortable. pthe dew points are low but those pare on the rise. pwhat's on the rise today? pthe cloud deck that will thicken pa bit at times. pwe show light returns on the pradar offshore, but i anticipate pa dry day today. phigh pressure is on the move pslipping to the east. pwe're on the backside and we get pthat return moist, southerly pflow. pwe go from low 70s today to near p80 and humid on tuesday. pwhat are we talking in terms of phumidity this morning? pour dew points are manageable. pit's comfy in the mid-40s. psoutheast florida has some 60s, pand that's a muggier reading and pthose values creep in our pdirection. ptoday is bringing back the 70s, pmost of us upper 60s yesterday. ptoday is warm in the my phighlands county near prof roof, 71 in sarasota today and
7:46 am
pthat's our typical high this ptype of year a. pacross the gulf we have high pclouds. pwe have a messy storm system, pthe first part of it right now pbringing a wintery mix to ortions of central wisconsin pthere. pchicago, though, some showers as pthat warm front lifts. pthere is some snow on the pbackside, but the big snowstorm pbrewing is developing right phere. pthis slides to the east, so pthat's why we have blizzard pwatches in effect including iowa pwhere craig patrick is. pa questionable timing of that pstorm could maybe play a role in pthe polls. ptomorrow a slim 10% rain chance pand thursday that cold front pmoves in so late in the day a p50% chance of showers. pthat's the best rain chance this pweek. pit's been a wet month. pfebruary starts tomorrow, but pwrapping up january as the sixth pwettest january on record thanks pto el nino and the active areas pof low pressure. pan average january has two pinches of rain.
7:47 am
p6.18 inches. pst. petersburg had the third pwettest on record. pwaking up in the 60s tomorrow pmorning, about 10 degrees above paverage thanks to all the high pclouds. pthey break a bit tomorrow, but pduring the day i'm going to pthrow in a stray shower chance pespecially south of i-4. p76 for the afternoon high and p80s by tuesday. pon the water today, southeast pwinds at 10 knots and a light pchop. pwe're still on high tide. pseven-day forecast features 80s pand 60s. pthe state fair starts on pthursday. pthe weekend for the state fair plooks good, but if you head out pthursday, get out there earlier pin the day before we bring in pthe cold front. p>> alcides: after the break pit's cuteness overload. plook at that picture. pwe'll show you how two rescued
7:48 am
peach signing up for health insurance was very easy... my premium is 22 dollars a month. it only took a few minutes, and i got exactly the kind of coverage i wanted at the price i wanted... it was a comforting feeling to know that our family is secure and that we have health insurance... most people who sign up on qualify for financial help to make coverage more affordable, lowering their monthly premiums. financial help with makes it possible... you could find a low premium plan and avoid paying a fee for not having health coverage. final 2016 enrollment deadline
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finally this hour.. p>> alcides: finally this hour, pthis will melt your heart. ptake a second and watch your tv pscreen and take it in. pso, so cute. plaura the piglet and marina the pkitten are inseparable. pthe two babies were introduced pafter both lost their mothers pand the kitten was found pabandoned on the street. papparently it was so sick it had peyes filled with pus and all. pnow.
7:50 am
plook different, when there's a pconnection, that's all that preally matters. pthere is one picture there right pthere. psee that pig laying on it's pside. ptoo cute. p>> anjuli: more to come in the p8:00 hour of "good day tampa pbay." pthe final push on it and craig atrick is there and we're ptalking to him live coming up at p8:00. p>> alcides: inspiring others pwith a sing act -- single act of rayer. paction."
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