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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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right now at six - detectives are pright in our at 6 police around psearching for these two young pmen, they escaped from a pjuvenile detention facility. phow an authorities say they got paway. pi really loved ever since i was plittle. pbernie sanders i see compassion. pon this nith before iowa caulk pawe democratic race a nail biter pand we could have big surprises pin both paertsz. p>> to do this job you definitely phave to wear your hart on your psleeve. phelping people get healthcare pbefore deadline passes. phow you can find out if you pstill qualify for coverage under
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p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is the fox 13 pnews at at 6 o'clock. p good evening everyone i'm plinda hurtado in for haley pheinz. pi'm lloyd sowers thanks for pjoining us tonight we're going pto begin now with new at 6 phillsborough county detectives pare asking for your help to find ptwo young men who escaped from a pjooufr nile facility. ptake a look at these photo this pis anthony cook and anthony bays pthe pair apparently cut a hole pin a fence in falkenberg academy pin morning and and ran off. pthey were wearing green t-shirts pboth fwher custody grand theft pauto charges. pcrime stoppers is offer a thee pthousand dollars reward for pinformation that leads to their pcapture a clearwater man is in pjail in connection a wrong way pdui crash saturday night kenneth pcabral was driving northbound in psouthbound lanes in county road pwhen he hit mored cyclist phead-on. pthat motorcyclist john sorenson
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pcabral suffered only minor pinjuries he's a being held on pbetweened thousand dollars bond pcharged with d i manslaughter pkottcamps gaufrd decree and an pare missing searching for are a pmissing boat area dive team is pout there as well. pfox 13 everyone lambert 89s pjoins lose uf from scene. pwhat can you tell us? p>> well lloyd from where we're pstanding a little bit hard to psee those police boats, at least pto see them up close. pbut they are there? pdance behind me. paiding in this search. pwe are told there are divers in pthe water. pwe also know helicopter has just pbeen by. palso assisted in this search. paccording to at coast guard and pclearwater police, as we take plook at video we just shot pmoments ago. pthere was a woman who with pcontacted the coast guard pconcerned that her husband had pbeen missing since last night. pand she was worried that her phusband may have wanted to harm phimself. pthey did find his boat right phere in near the coast guard pstation at sand key off gulf pboulevard in area.
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pthat boat. pso they are doing a search right pnow in the water. pand according to coast guard pthey are not even sure if man is pin water. pthey are doing that search pbecause they found his boat, pthey did not find him inside. pso that search is continuing pright now of course we will out phere if we get any updates we pwill pass them along to you. pfor now latest, lloyd. p>> all right evan lambert, live ptonight in clearwater. pevan, thanks. p>> voters across iowa could pshape up race to white house pnumbers have shifted and some ptop candidates are breaking all pthe rules. pour political editor craig atrick has been following pcampaigns through iowa and ptonight he's back in des moines pto track data from our election pcenter. phi craig. p>> hi there linda. plet's start with republican race pwhere donald trump holds a pslight lead heading into the pcaucus with ted cruz in second. pat that race marco rubio this pmuch we knows making a move. pwe will see where that puts him. pit could make for very pinteresting night tomorrow pnight.
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pcertainly tightened as well. pthe clinton camp is trying this psweek out a win and trying to do pit with a significant ground pgame. pit has more than a thousand pvolunteer that is have fanned pout across the state. pwe followed some of them earlier pthis afternoon. pand when you talk to these pvolunteers you discovered among pother things they are coming in pfrom all across the nation. pmany of them from new york where psenator clinton served. pbut, listen to what they say pwhen you ask why they support phillary clinton. p>> i really loved clintons ever psince i was little actually. pbecause now when awas born pclinton was in presidency. pso, i really fell like i've just pbeen following them and when i psaw she was running again i need pto help i also feel she's best repared and most qualified pcandidate she know what is she's pdoing with foreign policy and pdomestic policy she really cares pabout people. p>> so they are running on plegacy. pshe's running on her record.
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pand that combineded with a pcampaign machine she has built phere clinton camp not going to pas many rallies. pwe're not seeing hillary clinton pspeak at much in final stretch erson to person as bernie psanders is. pand her crowds are not as large. pbut that is in part by design pbecause she's trying to spend a plittle more time to connect with pvoters linda, one-on-one. phow is bernie sanders kornting pthat big clinton machine. pwhere is he and what is he pdoing? phe's fanning out across state pbut spending more time in snell pand eastern iowa in college ptowns. pholding more rallies trying to pspeak as many people as he ossibly can to energize them. pbernie sanders is doing far pbetter among college students. pand for that reason, he is ptargeting younger voters. pnot just college students, even phigh schoolers 17-year-olds who pcan't even vote yet. pbut under the law in iowa they pcan still go to caucus if they pturn 18 by election day. pso that is the focus of the psanders campaign.
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pdistinction, a contrast when we pask why his supporters and pvolunteers drawn to him. ptake a look. p>> honesty, consistency, and a pwillingness to speak truth to ower. p>> i was more of a grassroots pmovement. pnot supported by big pcorporations. pin my gut it's bernie and always pbeen bern. p>> susie an emotional reaction pand bernie sanders is running in phis own words to create a prevolution in this country. pand he's appealing in particular pto a millenials that want prevolution deeply concerned pabout an income inequality. pthat's his appeal. pbig question, will all of these pyoung voters who or so excited pabout bernie sanders turn out to pcaucus or will they stay home pand time and time again young pvoters have shown in florida and pelsewhere that they often leave ptheir candidates at the altar. pthey did not with barack obama. pwe will see whether or not they pdo with bernie sanders. plooking forward to your reports ptomorrow, thank you, craig.
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pday to enroll for 2016 coverage punder the affordable care act. pteam at the tampa enrollment passistance? pspend the day helping people get pcovered and insurance questions panswered. pwe talked to site supervisor pthat says process can daunting pfor some who have never had pinsurance before. pbut see says it's worth it to psee people getting healthcare pcoverage. pi tell everyone that to do this pjob you definitely have to wear pyour heart on your sleeve pbecause you see a lot of pdifferent situations that pconsumers that have not never phad insurance or haven't had pinsurance because they couldn't pafford it, because due to paffordable care a lot of people pget insurance that were not able pto get it before. passistance is free, and pavailable in spanish and in penglish. pafter today, you are only peligible to enroll for insurance pif you qualify for a special penrollment period. pyou can find those details on pthe web at p much more to come on the fox p13 news at 6 o'clock.
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pinvasion. pwe stay in the trees where it's pall clean. pfrom palm trees to the psidewalks. pmountains of trash left behind pafter saturday's gasparilla arade. pbut you won't see it on your pdrive to work tomorrow. pyou will see why it was great pweather for gassy and for a pclean up but will it continue, pmike? p>> yeah ideal conditions out pthis once again today. pit looks like warmer ptemperatures even to come. p80, not out of the question yet.
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pyeah a lot of beads yesterday a arty stops, clean up begins. pabout 100 volunteers on bay pshore this morning. ick up what was left behind pfrom the gasparilla festivities. pbefore it was all over they pcollected dozens of bags full pgarbage from saturday's huge arty. pas fox 13's crystal clark shows pus it's not easy work but well pworth the extra sefrt to pvolunteers. p it's little like fishing, pone by one volunteers lick prichard bush pulled beads from pbranchscouple thousand. pleft standed after saturday's pgasparilla parade. pthere are so many forsaken pnecklaces he even head a hobby pof handing them out to kids. penough to last us all through pthe year and we give them out a phalloween even. pbush calls it post parade ptradition at crowd of 200,000 irates that pass through leave pa very messy mark. p>> piles of beads may be filling pup in at trees, but volunteers
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pthat's causing them the biggest roblem p>> the worst thing is it's pnothing but cigarette buts you pwill see garbage but the redominant garbage is just pcigarettes. pit's a dirty job that nearly 100 pvolunteers are willing to do. pthey came with gloves and a ptrash bags sunday morning ready pto work. pboth by land and by water. p>> as you can imagine 200 pthousand people generate a lot pof crash. pand whatever doesn't get picked pup unfortunately can wind up in pthe mouths of animals, and all pdifferent kinds of wildlife that pwe have here in tampa bay. p>> in 2015, over the course of pat weekend, volunteers collected pmore than a ton and a half of ptrash. p>> that's about the size of a pfour door sedan. pnearly 1500 pounds of debris pgathered sunday will be recycle ped. pservice. pnews. p and today's clean up was phosted by florida aquarium and pkeep tampa bay beautiful.
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peveryone manage to stay out of ptrouble a gassy? pwe shall see coming up tonight. phow local authorities say they pkept bay shore safe and fun for pthat big pirate invasion. lus walmart set out on a mission to find you the best oranges. to do that, we first had to find the best orange growers. we logged the miles, put in the hours, tasted a lot of fruit, and shook a lot of hands. but we did it for a reason.
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best oranges we've ever had. they're even backed by our 100 percent freshness guarantee. try them for yourself today at
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it was a pirate party for the books. the 2016 gasparilla invasion took over irate party pore books pgasparilla invasion took over pbay shore boulevard in colorful arade and floats. pit started early saturday as pjose gasparilla packeded with
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pbay and landed at the tampa bay pconvention center. pwhat beautiful picture parade pfollowed down bay shore pboulevard, a sea of thousands of eople. plots of beads, of course the pweather, picture perfect. pand the pirates are were lentiful tossing treasure into pthe crowd. pand the police tell us pconsidering the hundreds of pthousands of people who were pthere, everyone was fairly well pbehaved. p>> tradition going, nice family pouting. arty time. pso we have be like to place pwhere ship came in and it was pgreat. pnow to parade. preally nice to see it. p>> tampa police say they made ptwo felony arrest yesterday. pthey also made 21 misdemeanor parrests for everything from ossession of marijuana to under page drinking. pand boating under the influence. pthere was only one open pcontainer citation. pout on atwater crew coast guard psector st. pete were busy pkeeping everyone safe during pthat pirate invasion. pcrews prepared ahead of time
6:17 pm
pidentifying boaters under pinfluence of alcohol certainly pno small task given the number pmassive numbers of boats on pwater. pduring invasion parade coast pguard captain led multi agency pteam to safely guide jose pgasparilla into the port of ptampa. p>> everything went great. pyou know we had 19 law penforcement agencies helping us pout. pover 50 law enforce the vessels pon water. eople behaved themselves only a phandful boating under influence pno major incidents it really pwent great for as many boats out pthere yesterday. pwe like to hear that. pin addition to providing vessel psafety and security for the pgasparilla flotilla coast guard pauxiliary crews assisted in pmanatee watch program in safety pof wildlife we're happen to preport mike was in attendance p>> i was able to make it in. pyou look cheery. pi'm completely refreshed a great pnight sleep.
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pyou're not wearing eye patch ptonight. pno, i put it i bet paul pdellegatto has a copy of it. pi heard good things with a last pnight broadcast with paul. pi'm back ready to go at it you pknow nice thing about the pweather was it wasn't too hot. pit wasn't too cold just that erfect zone. pit was really nice. ptoday too. ptoday was pretty nice we had pcloud cover but really nice. pnow we start to see that ptemperature head north. p>> you knew there was a but in pthis but, the temperature heads pup. pbut check this out. psome camera views around area psun, went down a few minutes ago pyou can see cloudy skies povercast 67 from our brook dale pbay shore camera. p65 out at sirata beach. pand beaches weren't too bad this pweekend. pagain a little chilly. pbut all in all, hard to complain pfor late january weather. palmanac for today. pwe bumped up to 73 for our high ptoday. p53 the low. pso right around where we should pbe. pagain now over the next week, pwe're going to see temperatures pstart to the come up near 80 in
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pso big, big warm up at least pthrough mid week. pthen we start to see a front pdevelop and push through. pwith that warm up we see phumidity pop up as well. pdew points at north. psea fog developing tuesday ossible coastal impacts. pwe get that on shore flow going, pyou how it works with sea fog. pfolks right along the coast pmaybe even inland just a bit. pyou may see that sea fog around ptuesday, wednesday, even on into pthursday if you're planning on pboating it will definitely be paround. pstorms that potential for some pheavy rain. pas we head late wednesday pthrough at least early friday. pwith that next front. phere's why we're talking sea fog pdevelopment. pyou can see temperatures along pthe coast here generally upper p50s, into the low 60s or so. pwhen you start to see dew points pin the upper 60s, like we're pgoing to have tuesday and pwednesday, and you get that on pshore flow going, well dew oints higher than sea surface ptemperatures that means sea fog. phere's look at our fog model. pno real problems tonight into
6:20 pm
ptomorrow evening you can kind of psee that sea fog developing off pshore here. pthen the potential to get a plittle bit more on shore know pgoing later on tuesday. pyou see the winds starting to pturn more on shore. pand with that you have sea fog poff shore. pget that on shore flow going. pi wouldn't surprised to see pcoastal areas seeing that sea pfog especially later on tuesday pand on into wednesday and pthursday. pcurrent temperature now still p70s. pstill mild evening. pdew point of 54. pwinds south, southeast a six pmiles an hour other temperatures paround area 68 brandon. p65 in st. pete. p66 in clearwater. p67 in new port richey. p63 in crystal river. pupper 60s as you head off to the psouth and inland. pwind wise not too bad wasn't too pbad overall today. pwinds fairly light and calm. pthat will remain case overnight ptonight. phere's the satellite and radar. pcontinue to see that flow around pthis area of high pressure pturning more out of the psoutheast. pthat helps to warm things up. pincreases moisture in atmosphere
6:21 pm
pso as we head into monday pafternoon, highs more like mid pto upper 70s. pby tuesday, we really start to pcrank that up to near 80. pcould be a fellow 80s out there, pagain there's that sea fog. pnext front, you start to see it pshow up later on tuesday and pwednesday. pwith this, they portions of the psoutheast satisfactory some psevere weather. plater on tuesday, maybe into pwednesday. pstill a little too early to inpoint or severe weather otential. pbut it is there. pas we head into later on pwednesday. pand on into thursday. pvery least there's heavy rain otential thursday as well. phere's a look recap for tonight. p62 degrees. pmostly cloudy and mild out pthere. pthen for the day tomorrow, look pat this 76 degrees and partly psunny isolated afternoon shower opping up. pseven-day forecast shows ptemperatures really going up pfrom there 80 on tuesday. p79 by wednesday. pabout 30 percent rain chance pwednesday. p60 percent rain chance on pthursday. pwe cool off heading into next pweekend. pmarissa.
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pto extend their first streak pwill they may it three in row? pup genz the zone gerald mccoy pwill be eyeing james winston
6:23 pm
pbowl game what he says about p when nfl went away from old pnfc versus afc format in pro pbowl and turned it into a draft layers from seam team could pgoing up against one another. pthat is exactly between pbuccaneers pro bowl kicks off a p7 o'clock tonight. p5 buccaneers are in hawaii pjameis winston doug martin pgerald mccoy logan. pone match up we're all looking pforward to seeing is mccoy pagainst winston. ptwo were drafted to different pteams, and now there is real
6:24 pm
pmccoy take down the bucs pquarterback. pfear not fans while mccoy says phe's looking forward to otential match up he's not lanning on causing any harm to pjameis winston. p>> buccaneers fans you know i plove you. pand know that you don't love my pteam more than me. pso i'm not going to do anything pto jeopardize the future of this porganization. pi can't say that i won't put him pdown, but i my try to hurt him. phow about that? plooking forward to seeing that pone usf had one three games pthrough january 20th. pthey went on road to bees phouston and tulane could they pmake three straight wins ask get pfirst victory at home since pdecember 16th or would that pshort lived. pbulls host temple late in first phalf we're toad a 23 apiece. pjamal mcmurry from wing he pdrains the three gets the foul. pusf ahead 27-23. psecond half, bulls trail by 5 pnow.
6:25 pm
pwould fall in owls are up by 8. phe led all scorers with 30 oints. pbulls staying close behind down pby seven. pangel in at paint now 5 poit pdeficit. pbut that's as close as the bulls pwould get down the stretch. pstreak is over as temp beats usf pstnt to 63. p20th rank usf women team on road ptaking on sm utwo 12 right here. pshe gets the powell. pusf leads 32-26 late in second pquarter. pcourtney williams quiet during pfirst two quarters and as came pout with bang gets lay up to pfall there a game high 19 oints. p15 came in the final two pquarters of the game as usf pdefeats smu 66-48. phigh school quarterback all over pthe sunshine state were at the puniversity of tampa today for a pquarterback competition. pquarterback an 8th grade to rise psenior were competing in unique pskills challenge.
6:26 pm
pin the event. pformer storm quarterback john pand sports put ton actually the pfourth time the two have put pthis thing on. pit's a good opportunity for pquarterback to compete under ressure right up against their pown peers. pformer buccaneer casey well pdone's son kayed one today's pchallenge after tie breaker. pit is a fun skills competition pas you can see for all high pschool quarterbacks. pnot just big names but any pathlete wanting to see where pthey match up against their eers. p>> you know i just came up with pthe idea and you know, what are psome specific drills that we pcould do to really challenge a pquarterback. pand how do we score and then, phow do we make it to where it pcan be won by anybody not the pbig name not guy that that has p20 offer by a rising freshman phas just equal chance as the prising senior. p>> and a beautiful sunrise from pother coast as 24 hours of pracing came to an end for rolex
6:27 pm
pa honda that was the overall pwinner. pthe tequila pew electron team pwon by 26 seconds. pit was at first win for honda at pthe rolex 24 hours at daytona. pcan you even imagine i know pyou're not car all 24 hours but pdriveing through the night at pspeeds like that it's insane. pbut lot of fun. psure is. pfans love it too and new pspeedway over this. poh my gosh it's fabulous so pexcited about seeing that. pcoming up quickly for sure. pall right thanks. pwhen we come back a closer look pat the final push by the residential candidates in iowa. pwhat they are doing to drum up
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. 3 the day before the first primary in the nation.. has the candidates pthe day before first primary in pnation has candidates pcrisscrossing across area trying
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pthan 24 hours to before caucus pbegin. pjoel waldman is in des moines pwith the candidates. p>> as campaign volunteer go door pto door the candidates went pnetwork to network trying to pconvince everyone it's their popponent who should be biting ptheir nails. p>> no, i don't have to win it, pright now you and i are sitting pin new hampshire as you know i phave very substantial lead in pnew hampshire but i think it pwould be really good to win piowa. pi'd like to win iowa. pi think we will do best we can. pi think ted is still frond prunner ten thousand every pendorsement he want he got. phuge army of people who says phistoric ground game predicting pvictory for weeks a statistical pdead heat for first place you ptold me ten months ago we had pbeen where we are now we would phave thrilled with it p>> right now all about turn out. p>> oh democratic side clinton phas a slight lead over sanders pin latest poll that lead is pwithin the margin of error.
6:31 pm
pincome people and young people pcome out and vote significant pnumbers we will win this thing pand pull off great political pupsets in recentlies history. phillary clinton says the ruling pthat some emails are now famous rivate server may have been a ptop secret coming right before piowa assault and batterying us pseems to be politically charged. pi'm going leave that to other pwho is quite experienced in ways pof washington to comment on. pi just have to point out timing pand some of the leaks that led pup to are concerning. pcaucusing starts here in iowa on ptime. pin iowa, joel waldman, fox news. p one person is dead tonight pseveral others injured after a pshooting in denver saturday. phappened at the colorado pmotorcycle expo. psent six people to the hospital. pcondition. olice say they are talking to a parrests. pit is still unclear what rompted that shooting.
6:32 pm
pexchange of gunfire again. pthat's not an absolute as part pof investigation. pjust seemed prey chaotic peverybody started taking off a pcouple of actual motorcycle pclubs took off already. p>> authorities say no denver olice officers was in pmotorcycle clubs or directly pinvolved in the shooting. pthe investigation remains under pway tonight. pbritish airways night bound for pchicago had to return to london pafter mccall issue on saturday. pthe issue occurring two hours pinto flight. presulted in pilot's successful planding plane to despite issues pwith landing gear. assengers on flight were quick pto point out british airways pcalm handling of the situation. p>> absolutely calm to be honest pwith you. pairline crew were awesome. pyou know, there was a clearly pthere was a problem. pthey decided to take us back to pthe airport. pminimal information, i think pmore to keep us calm to be phonest. pbut obviously you know, ones we planded on ground the landed on
6:33 pm
pinteresting to say the least. p after making the return trip pto london the passengers were a ptransferred to another plane ask pcontinued on to chicago. ptonight a massachusetts man says phe group of nuns to thank for psaving his life. phe was cutting tree down when he pbecame trapped beneath it. p75-year-old yelled for help and phis prayers were answered. pa nun who lives nearby at mount pst. mary's abbey was walking and raying in the woods when she pheard his calls. pand then she called 911. pnow the nuns are cloiserred and pwouldn't talk on camera they say pthey are glad they could help. pman remains in the hospital ptonight being treated for his pleg injuries and for phypothermia. p>> closer to home tonight the pdetectives in central florida pare hard at work investigating a pseries of car burglaries paffecting tourist jackie has at platest from hotel near pinternational drive where nearly p50 cars were ransacked. p>> this hotel right in heart of pthe tourist district as you can
6:34 pm
porlando i was hit hard by pcrooks. porlando police say about 50 cars pwere burglarized. p>> well i have an old ford plimited edition that the rear pwindow was broke unout. phe he was one of dozens of pvictims waking up to broken pglass and missing valuables. pfrom his car parked at the pcountry inn and suites on puniversal boulevard. p>> stuff was moved around, glove pcompartment busted. pa few minor things, 10 or $15 in pchange was taken. poesh that, i don't know what pthey were looking for. pnow most the cars were hit here palong the bushes now some hotel pguests were telling me none of ptheir valuables were stolen just pleaving behind broken glass. pa couple from tampa told me photel parking lights weren't on pthe at night. erhaps making it easy for the pcrooks to smash so many car pwindows in the back parking lot. ptalked to the clerk at the desk, pand they are willing to do
6:35 pm
photel property manager couldn't pcomment on camera say they are pworking closely with orlando olice. ptwo other hotel had several car pbreak-ins overnight. pmonumental hotel along i drive pand a canada drive hotel. pthese thee hotels are within 15 pminutes from each other. pi think this is great area. pjust, misfortune for individuals pthat are out here doing these ptype things. pin past month this is ab rash of pcar burglaries across the pcentral florida. pa dozen car break-ins happened pin hotels along i 95 and pmelbourne. p60 cars were busted into at photels near oai just to name a pfew. pinvestigators have not said if pthey are all connected, while photel guests like lewis are left icking up the pieces. pjackie, fox 13 news. p we are less than 30 minutes pfrom at start of a star studded plive performance of grease one
6:36 pm
pvanessa announce her father died pfrom stage 4 cancer the news pcoming hours before a she stakes pstage an rizzo. pshe thanked fans and everyone pfollowed up with tweet saying pshe will do the show in her pfather's honor tonight. p that show coming up just pafter this newscast right here pon fox 13. pcoming up next a little girl pinjured in bizarre accident is pback home tonight. pher incredible spirit is
6:37 pm
pco3 girl is ptonight a young utah girl is pback home after frighten anged pweeks.
6:38 pm
proller skating and fractured her pskull. pthe first grader spent several pdays medically induce coma. probert boyd reports she's now pout of the hospital and defying pall odds. p>> sit. ptate and the timothy said huggy pder time in hospital she missed pher dog luke more than anything pelse. p>> her little brother hayden was pa close second. phow much do you love your pbrother? p>> so much. pshe's also playing with pchristmas presents for the first ptime since the accident. p>> what do you do with this? p>> oh make rings like that. pshe was in medically induce coma pfor about a week. pshe and fractured skull, broken pvertebra injured eye. pthey didn't know she would make pit they don't didn't know how pwell she would be her parents pdidn't know when or if their pdaughter would have the popportunity to enjoy these pchristmas presents. pthey told us the walking she
6:39 pm
pyears or so. roved her wrong. pher hand eye coordination is not pgoing to great. roved them wrong. pevery little thing she's they psaid that would not be great for pher she's proved them wrong. pthe brave little girl is still ptrying to regain strength in her pleft eye she doesn't mind pwearing a patch she goats retend she's someone else. p>> a pirate. pshe doesn't remember the paccident. pas for her parents, they hold no pgrudges against the man who fell pon their daughter. p>> accidents happen. pand the way that he jumped down pand helped her instantly is more pthan i can ask. pthe timothy family is poverwhelmed by the support and pfund raising individuals and rovided. pit shows this world for peverything that's negative, pthere's still those positives pout there that are proving those pnegative wrong most visited pfirst grader she wants to premember and thank every single
6:40 pm
psign your name if you come to psee tate. p>> that was robert boyd preporting she plans to return to pschool on monday so she can preunited with all of her friends phowever she won't officially go pback to class until march pdoctors want her to home pschooled until she completely precovers frommal of a her pinjuries. pwhat a great spirit. pneat story. pmarissa joins us now of some pgals headed for the state ptourntment. palmost, almost hopefully they pwill they have been to two pstraight championship games but pcrusaders still looking for
6:41 pm
pthis could be the3 just click. take a look at psometimes teams teams just click ptake look carolina panther as pkeeps it fun in super bowl.
6:42 pm
pchristian girls basketball team pknows part of playing well ptogether is having fun together. pthat means head coach joe pcooper's job a lot easy. pthey have at although of fun. pfirst year head coach joe cooper pinherited a lively bunch. pin his 17 years of coaching pcooper has never seen a team phave as much fun as these girls pdo. pone thing that we learned quick pabout this group they really lay for each other. pthey really buy into at team pconcepts. pand they've been working hard pall season. pand it's really paying off for pthem here down the stretch. pthe crusaders play unselfish pbasketball but they are also pload with tall nt. pthey haven't lost a district pgame since 2010. pcoach cooper says at handful of layers should go on to play at pthe college level. pone of those isser from man priley who already set school's pseason record for three pointer
6:43 pm
pbeyond the arc. p>> she was on pace possibly to pbreak school record by early pnext year appear sophomore she pecuador rewrite school history pbooks. p>> then there's chelsea hall pwhos averaging more than 20 oints a game. psee says she know a big role on pteam it's just not a big as the pentire team's role. phow we work together, and then pour team chemistry, that's what psets us apart from other teams. pand i feel like we don't argue pas much we don't pick at 50e67 pother as much. pwe just like to be positive and pbring each other up. peven for f. we're down in game pwe have fun. pand i ink that's why we win is pbecause we enjoy ourselves we're pnot just oh there to play we're pout there to have fun and play ptogether. pnow play off crusaders hope fun pcontinues as they look to bring pchampionship. p>> if we were to like make that, pgreat. pwe're hope it's our year. pwe're going out there and pcompete and see if we can get it
6:44 pm
pwhether they win it or or not is punclear. pone thing is for sure, they will penjoy the quest for a state ptitle. p>> and girls won district pchampionship against bishop pmcloughlin last week team has to pfour of the last final 4 and pstate runner up the last two pyears. pso best of luck to those girls, pguys. pfor sure. plet's hope they do it. pexciting. pa remember a few weeks ago eople were complaining about pthe heat. pyes, i do. pget ready again. pand then the last week people, pbeing complaining about at cold. pyeah. pcan i just say today was erfect. pyeah. plast two days yesterday. ptoday cloud cover but ptemperature wise it was perfect. pnow as we head into rest week we pstart to see warmth piling up pback to florida winter 81 one pday and mid 60s the next. pthat's what a little variety. pa little bit. ptake look at this riverview time plapse from today talk overcast pskies all day long high clouds pfiltered sun.
6:45 pm
pthat temperatures from rising pstill saw highs across the most pof area topping out low 70s ptaking you through the afternoon pagain not a whole lot in way of pblue skies or peaks of sun. pbut, still got pretty warm out pthere. phearings a look at the highs for ptoday. p72. phigh in tampa estate 74 down in pbradenton. phow about 75 in sebring. p73 in arcadia. pto north 71 new port richey. pheading into day tomorrow, phere's what we're expecting pright along the water here pobviously temperatures down just pa bit. pmore like mid 70s. pbut as you head inland that's pwhere you will see temperatures otentially even tomorrow ptopping out low 80s. pby tuesday and wednesday, could ptalking a couple middings for pyou sebring lake placid arcadia pout towards wauchula as well pwe'll watch that certainly at pwarm m wament is on way 70 for pcurrent temperature 54, that
6:46 pm
ercent. pwinds out south, southeast 6 pmiles per hour other ptemperatures around area 66 palm pharbor. p66 in westchase. pnorth ask 64 in weeki wachee. p61 in inverness 65 down in pzephyrhills on to south 68 psarasota. p68 for you in venice. p68 inglewood as well 66 in waugh pchao la. p66 lake placid 66 frostproof. pmost area mid to upper 60s. pwide view shows we continue to pget high clouds just funneling pin off that sub tropical jet. pwe talk about this active sub ptropical jet. ploads of moisture coming in from afk that continues but you can psee this clearing line now into pthe western gulf. pthat starts to make it is way phere as we get day tomorrow. pi think we do flip the switch pback toward a little bit more psun for afternoon on monday. pthe wider view satellite and pradar shows that cloud cover. phigh pressure still in control pkeeping us dry. pmeanwhile to the north seeing prain and sfe snow showers across pmidwest. prain showers making this way
6:47 pm
pnew england. pback to the west, this is a next pbig system we'll talking about. pthis area of low pressure pcurrently in california, the otential even for some severe pweather for them. pthat's starts to move eastward pover next couple of days. pmeets that cold air in place. pwe could talking about potential pfor quite a bit of snow across pthe plains. psome higher elevation from pdenver, back to east toward pomaha as well you head into pmidwest, min miss action twin pcities there on into green bay, pmilwaukee and upper peninsula psnowball total could pretty pextreme cause higher terrain and prockies. pthen still picking up a good pamount of snow, maybe more than pa foot in masz as you head up to pthe midwest and an upper midwest pas well. pso, big time snow storm for them pon the south side of it. pthat's where we see that otential for severe weather. pby time it gets to us, still premains to be seen how much the pway of severe weather potential pthere is heavy rain threat at
6:48 pm
pon into friday morning. pso for tonight 62 degrees. pmostly cloudy and mild. p76 for tomorrow. artly sunny and isolated pafternoon shower. pseven day forecast looks like pthis. p76 for tomorrow. p80 on tuesday. pstill upper 70s to low 80s on pwednesday. pheads up for some sea fog pdevelopment late tomorrow night pthrough the day tuesday, pwednesday and thursday. pfront moves that you thursday pwith those storms. pcools us off low to mid 60s for pnext weekend. pguys. p>> thank you, mike. pit's been a few weeks since the pholidays, if you're still plooking to get rid of your pholiday fruit cake you may want pto take page from those folks. pthis is a quirky community ptradition in the colorado town. ptheir annual fruit cake toss is pthis weekend. pvolunteers for the event rovided 70 fruit cakes people pcould then rent for a dollar and puse in competition of their pchoice. pso distance, accuracy, speed, pand even a costume portion. pnot sure how that one goes.
6:49 pm
pcostume was first timer hanna pbecktell. pi had a blast. pi think it's a great thing i phope they continue do it in the pfuture. eople are dressed up in fruit pcake outfits they bring fruit pcakes for bake off. pit's just fun. pokay so you dress like a fruit pcake. pchances are this tradition isn't pgoing anywhere they've doing it pfor more than 20 years appear pbig feast afterwards. pstill ahead a one man's wish to pimprove lives com bass pveteransfight affects of ptsd, pbut buying one can cost a pfortune.
6:50 pm
ptrying to chan introducing longhorn' s steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse.
6:51 pm
3 could dogs be the best medicine for veterans with post traumatic stress disorder? if you look at pcould dogs be best medicine in pyou look at this video it pinsures appearance that way psometimes it can take while for pvet to service dog like three to p5 years. olk county veteran is making pwait much shorter. pthey train dogs to pick pcertified ptsd service dogs. pjust 30 days. pfox 13 for vo to journal lucas pmet up with him to see how he pdoes it. pand i just want to have psomething that allows veteran to plive a normal life and not have pto wait a long period of time
6:52 pm
pi was in air force for 24 years pmy first assignment vietnam did ptwo five and a half tours. pand two year tour in iran. pand then i had 14 years in pjapan. ponce you get her to calm down ponce you get control of her i phave ptsd myself, so i knew what pchallenge it was to try to get a pdog. pi just want to make easier for pveterans to get service dogs. pwith ptsd if i get the start pgetting flash backs, you know at pnight while i sleep you will pjump on my chest or do something pthat wake me up or break me out pof sleep if i happen to wig out pin crowd start getting really panxious he start pulling and get pme out building. phe will jump up on my lap i just pstart calming right down. pno, leave it. pleave it oop id love to wanting pto train him i knew i had pworking with dogs all my life. pnow i had all pieces put ptogether. pstay. pstay.
6:53 pm
phe was a rescue. ptruman is just a such a laid pback boy he turned out a really pgood service dog. precon unit in vietnam and real pworld you don't have a that pteam. pthese dogs are like combat buddy pwatching your back. pit givers back some freedom that pyou know, that they deserve to phave just a blessing. pit really is. p>> well he has training sessions pevery thursday a one:30 an pamerican legion post in lake pwales. pclasses are free to veterans and ptheir dogs. pmake such a difference in eople's. pyou can tell for more news pfollow us on twitter and news is palways on our pa special presentation of grease plive is coming up next. pwe will see you back here ptonight at 10 and 11. pin the meantime have a pevening.
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