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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  February 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> she had her own car. she had no reason for another truck. >> i learned not to get with a controlling woman. >> i won't co-sign for anybody anymore. >> simple as that. >> not my problem now. -- captions by vitac -- 3 3 ((jen developing this morning: the search for two escaped inmates in hillsborough county. how you can help track them down. 3 ((vanessa plus... "decision day" is here... for the first *real vote of the presidential elections. the candidates who could get the biggest wins... at the 3 ((jen and... have you registered for federal healthcare this year? why your time could be up... to avoid one *big late fee. 3 3 ((jen)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm jennifer epstein. ((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa ruffes... in for walter allen. those stories in a minute, but now, lets go to dave with your
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*first forceast of 3 3 3 3 3 developing this morning
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inmates. they broke out of a detention facility on sunday morning. 3 it happened at the tampa residential facility off columbus drive. and there's a twist to this breakout. both of the escapees are only teenagers. but when they get *caught... they could be facing some very *grown-up charges. fox 13's evan lambert has the latest now, on the search. 3 llpkg:on camdeputies say the teens cut a hole in the fence at the facility behind me and slipped the department of juvenile justice has launched an inestigation to see how it happened and prevent any other escapes.vo the state gave us the mug shots of anthony cook and anthony bays.deputies say both teens were being held for grand theft auto.according to investigators they escaped around 9:15 a few minutes later a workers saw other teens looking at the fence. that worker oticed the hole and did a head count--showing that cook and bays were gone. the department of juvenile justice says a private company--g4s--runs the facility for them.they're interviewing workers and trying to figure out what went wrong.fsa djj spokeswoman released a statement saying-- youth in the tampa residential facility are to be supervised 24-hours a day, including when on the recreation field. djj's investigation will determine whether appropriate supervision was in place and whether or not all policies and procedures were followed.
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3 "g-4-s" is the same company that failed to control a major riot at a polk county detention center for youth back in 2013. and it's unclear if the teens in sunday's escape had help. if you've seen them... or know anything about the escape, just call 9-1-1. and fox 13's shayla reaves will give us a live update on the half hour. 3 3 in sarasota: the search is on for a driver that hit and killed a bicyclist. ((take vo)) 3 here's a picture of the mangled bike. the crash happened around 7:15 last night in the northbound lanes of u-s 301 between 6th and 8th streets. police say a driver hit the back of the
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to the hospital where he later died. his name has not been released. police are looking for a toyota with front end damage but they are still not sure what type of model it is. 3 in manatee county: police in palmetto are investigating the death of a man.. found with a gunshot wound. the body was found last night in an abandoned house on 12th street drive west. the victim is 21 year old collin mahoney. officers say they are investigating the case as a homicide. it was the eighth homicide in manatee county in the month of january. 3 in clearwater... the search for a missing boater *could resume this morning. according to clearwater police the man's wife husband had been missing since saturday night. she expressed concern that he may try to harm himself. they found his empty boat near the sand key point coast guard station. many agencies were out sunday searching the water.. by boat and by air.. but no sign of him. the search was called off last night because of low visibility.
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3 happening today: the first *real voting... of the presidential election. the iowa caucuses are now just *hours away. in the past few weeks, the race to the white house has *tightened in both parties. 3 gop frontrunner donald trump has been getting much of the focus the past week... along with his battle with ted cruz. but the democrats have their *own battle on their hands. as fox 13 political editor craig patrick reports,... *the democratic race could deliver the biggest
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3 3 on the republican side: is frontrunner donald trump "rolling in some deep... *trouble?" that song played before his appearance last night in sioux falls, raising a lot of eyebrows. it was adele's "rolling in the deep." a lot of adele fans tweeted to her overnight, asking if she granted *permission to use the song. and many... were hoping she didn't. no reponse from either camp... on any *copyright issues.((more)) 3 trump also used the night to present a 100- thousand dollar donation to a local group that helps veterans. and recent polls show trump leading in
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3 and here's a look at the rest of the presidential primaries coming up this month. next up is new hampshire a week from tuesday, february 9th. and the rest of the month gets a little mixed up... with several states *splitting their party primaries. south carolina has them on february 20th *and february 27th. nevada has them on february 20th and 23rd. and washington state has the *biggest split. their *republican caucuses are on february 20th. but the *democratic caucuses are not until march 26th.((more)) 3 and things really pick up *next month... when *most states hold primaries. including florida... on march 15th. 3 3 new this morning: ?have you signed up for healthcare on the federal marketplace yet? well if not... be prepared to pay up. last night was the deadline to sign up, to be covered in 2016... *without paying a penalty. and this year, that penalty has gone up, to 695 dollars a person. or 2.5 percent of taxable household income. you could still try to avoid the
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*private exchanges or directly with healthcare companies. and if you didn't know about the deadline... you're not alone. a kaiser family foundation survey late last week, found that only 15 percent of uninsured people *knew that last night was the deadline. and only *one percent knew the fine amount. 3 3 ferry plan... from downtown another deadline comes today. st. pete mayor rick negotiating with a ferry operator by the end of today... if he hasn't already. also by today... all four governments involved in this plan need to identify how they're going to cover their share. that includes the cities of st. pete and tampa, along with pinellas and hillsborough counties. they all agreed to pay 350 thousand dollars each, to fund this pilot program. and the deposit on the ferry needs to be paid by april first. 3 still ahead: another teacher caught in a scandal... with students. and she's from right here in florida. 3 plus: the one opponent those presidential
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the weather! why it could play a big *role in today's voter turnout.
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ba da ba ba ba 3 3 making headlines across america: a second college student is now behind bars, in connection with the disappearance and *death, of a 13-year-old girl. it happened just outside of virginia tech... where the students went to school. 3 19 year old "natalie keepers" was arrested sunday. police say she helped *dispose of the body. another student, 18 year old "david eisenhauer, " is charged with abducting and murdering the little girl.
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went missing from her blacksburg home last wednesday. her body was found along the virginia-north carolina border, on saturday. detectives believe eiseinhauer knew the girl *before the abduction, but his motive is still not clear. detectives have also been searching a *pond near the virginia tech campus. 3 in california... two escaped inmates are finally *back behind bars, in the prison they broke out from. (hossein (nare-ee)nayeri" and "jonathan tieu" were led back into the santa ana prison on sunday. they escaped that prison more than eight days ago, along with a third man... bac (do-ong)... who turned himself in last friday. they managed to cut through a metal grate and climb up to the roof... as part of that escape. the massive search got little traction until do- ong turned himself in. and later this morning, a woman who teaches english at the prison heads to court. she's suspected of helping with the escape. 3 a saint john's county gym teacher was suspended from her job... after being accused of sending nude photos to
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social media. officials say they're investigating 'dionne younce' for 'possible sexual misconduct'. several students say the 28- year-old started flirting with them on the phone... but it quickly escalated to what they called "sexual snapping". at least 3 students say 'younce' sent them pictures and other sexual messages. 3 and in iowa today: some wicked weather.. could put a damper on caucus day. the national weather service says a significant amount of winter snow will most likely hit iowa late in the day... and remain until tuesday night. strong winds and possibly four-to-eight inches of snow are being forecast. the storm shouldn't keep voters from getting to the polls, though. the *worst of it should *hopefully arrive... sometime *after the polls
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3 3 3 3
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3 3 time to talk some sports this morning. and we begin... with the nfl. it was the first weekend in *months... that we didn't have a meaningful game to watch.
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last night. a record 47 players declined to participate in this year's pro bowl... either due to injury or for personal reasons, or because their teams are in the super bowl 3 michael irvin and jerry rice were once again the captains for this pro bowl... drafting their own teams. and early on... we saw some buccaneers going up against their own. check out the left side of your screen... there's lavonte david... and he's covering doug martin... ball is deflected and it's intercepted. but skip ahead to the 2nd half... and martin pounds his way into the endzone... the short 3-yard touchdown. quarterback jameis winston was playing for the other team. he came in late in the third quarter... his 2nd pass of the day... a 53 yard touchdown to delanie walker. winston had *two touchdown passes on the night, and also a fumble. the m-v-p was seattle's russell wilson... who had *three
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beats team rice... 49 to 27. 3 also in the nfl... one of the *greatest wide recievers of the past decade... might be ready to reportedly told his friends, teammates and *coaches... that he will soon announce his retirement. he apparently told them *this season would most likely be his last. the team and johnson are still not confirming any of that. johnson would be turning down 15 *million dollars to play seas ... an isn't really an issue. many are comparing this to the retirement of *another famous lion... who was at the top of his 3 and now... to the nhl all-star game. lightning all-stars ben bishop and steven stamkos competing for the one *million dollar prize. thats what players on the winning team gets. the format is three-on-three, with each division playing each other... first two semi-final games, and winners play in the
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stamkos made it through the semifinal... bishop even got an *assist. but in the final... a little over six minutes to go... corey perry nets one past bishop... the *only goal of the game, and the game winner. 3 when we come back, i'll have another check on your monday forecast. 3 plus... sesame street gets serious? the childrens show is tackling *another important topic... after the break, why it will be a big help, for military
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3 3 3 3
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3 3 ((vanessa)) 3 3 remember when sesame street was only about learning your alphabet...and doing your chores? 3 well the topics on the street... have gotten a lot more *serious in recent years. and that includes one important new initiative. they're trying to help
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3 the characters elmo and rosita are playing a key role. organizers say more than a million personnel either *left or will be leaving the military between 2011 and this year. that translates into 148-thousand children under the age of ten who, with their families, must make the transition to civilian life. and the change can be difficult. the sesame characters will help ease the transition. 3 the new initiative will help parents convey a sense of optimism and adventure in the midst of a life changing move.. and this isn't the first time "sesame street" has touched on serious topics. back in 2002, they
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puppet. they've also done a special episode for *military families before... one that helps children cope, when their parents are *stationed overseas. 3 still ahead in our next half hour: tourists... targeted. why visitors to disney world and universal... are getting a new warning, from police. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is *live in hillsborough county, with the latest on a jail break: 3 3 3 3 3 3 your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is
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