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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  February 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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for a month! [laughter] [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] 3 3 ((jen developing this morning: the democrats... in a dead heat! why the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is *still too close to call. 3 ((vanessa and there's *another race from last night that we *can call. we'll hear from the republican candidate... who just *cruzed to a victory. 3 ((jen plus... the hard rock... rolls the dice, on a huge new plan for florida's gambling future. the question now: will state lawmakers take the bet? 3 3 ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm jennifer epstein. ((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa ruffes... in for walter allen. those stories in a minute, but now,
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forecast... with dave. 3 3 3 3 3 new this morning:
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first real *vote of the 20-16 elections. the iowa caucuses... had some pretty interesting results. especially on the democratic side. 3 that's because the race there is *still close to call. with 99 percent of precincts reporting... both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are tied with about 50 percent of the vote. clinton leading sanders by just a few votes. the third candidate... martin o'malley... got less than one percent of the vote. both clinton and sanders sounded confident last night... speaking after the results came in:
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3 3 on the republican side... another surprising result. and we *definitely have a winner. but it's *not the person who's been *leading in most of those polls in iowa. 3 it was ted cruz! and it was pretty convincing. with 99 percent of precincts reporting.... cruz took 28 percent of the vote, compared to 24 percent for donald trump. and look who's in third place... marco rubio. he actually finished just one percent behind trump. some are now calling the g-o-p side.. a three person race between these guys. no other g-o-p candidate even got close. ben carson was in fourth place... with just nine percent. and former florida governor jeb bush... in *sixth place with just three percent of the vote. here's what cruz and trump had
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3 3 and following last night's results... the competition has narrowed, just a little bit. at least one candidate has now ended their campaign, from each side. republican "mike huckabee" announced his run was over... and democrat "martin o'malley" also ended his campaign last night. neither candidate made much of an impact in the polls. 3 so what's *next for the candidates? well it's back to the debates for now. the next democratic showdown is scheduled for tomorrow
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scheduled for the republicans is this saturday, february sixth... in manchester, new hampshire. 3 and hillary clinton is getting some help in new hampshire... from right here in tampa. mayor bob buckhorn is heading to new hampshire this week, on his own dime, to campaign for her. it will come just a few days before the new hampshire primary. mayor buckhorn says he'll do whatever it takes... from knocking on doors to making phone calls to help clinton win. he says she's a great role model for his daughters. clinton is in a tough fight with bernie sanders in new hampshire. polls show the 3 the primary elections here in florida are still more than a *month away... but state officials are *already getting ready. ballots for march's primary are now in the mail for florida voters who live overseas, including members of the military. state law requires election supervisors to send out overseas ballots 45 days
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sent to the rest of the voters who requested them. or.. you can go stand in line and vote. florida's presidential preference primary *day is march 15th. 3 3 new this morning: tampa police are investigating a deadly accident, involving two vehicles and a motorcycle. it happened around 11 last night, on doctor martin luther king boulevard west near albany avenue. the motorcylist died, and both lanes of traffic were shut down for several hours. no names have been released, and no word yet on what caused it. 3 in pasco county... a major win for the sheriff's office. deputies arrested 20 people from a two-day operation that focused on human trafficking and prostitution. most of the arrests were made in the wesley chapel area. the charges range from prostitution to solicitation of prostitution and drug possession. 3 we're learning more about a fiery crash on i-4 near mcintosh road. it happened sunday night, leaving one man *trapped inside his burning truck. "michael kennedy"
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three brave witnesses jumped into action. "nick derosa: and two other men saw the crash and pulled over. derosa's firefighting training from navy boot camp kicked in. the group smashed the driver side window, unbuckled his seatbelt... and pulled kennedy out through the window. kennedy is now recovering in the hospital. as for what caused the crash... the f-h-p says alcohol was a factor. charges against kennedy are pending. 3 3 developing in tampa: a man is behind bars... after the *explosive discovery, in his apartment. pipe bombs... an assortment of ammunition... and grenades. federal agents found it all, during a raid on monday. 3 it came after a recorded phone call... between "michael ramos" and co-worker, where he talked about gettting *rid of all those bombs. but just one day later, agents raided the home and found the arsenal, still in tact. ramos told agents he didn't mean to hurt anyone and agents say he had no ties to international terrorism or any concrete plans. but he was described by some as quote,
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affidavidt also says ramos added birdshot to the bombs and admitted they could *potentially kill his neighbors. 3 ramos told agents he made the bombs with products from the internet and home depot. ramos worked at a ballistics plating company in largo. workers say he was about to get fired... before they discovered his arsenal. they were too intimidated to let him go... so they called tampa police, who got in touch with a-t-f. 3 in hillsborough county... still no sign of two teenagers who escaped from their juvenile detention
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17-year-old anthony cook cut a hole in the chain link fence and crawled right through it sunday morning. it happened at the facility off columbus drive and falkenberg road. both teens were serving time for stealing a car. the department of juvenile justice has taken the lead in the investigation. 3 the seminole tribe of florida has just placed a new *bet on in-state gambling. and now it's up to state *lawmakers... to call it... or fold. 3 the tribe just unveiled plans for a brand new expansion of their two big florida casinos... in tampa and in hollywood. this is a rendering of the tampa casino.... which would get a *second hotel tower, which would more than *double the available rooms. it would also include new restaurants... shops and a helipad. the existing hard rock cafe will also be re- modeled with new banquet and meeting facilities. 3 and the seminole tribe has an even *bigger expansion for the hollywood casino 3 in south florida. they want to build a 34 story tower... shaped like a guitar.
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florida. but here's the catch: the tribe is only willing to do this... if florida signs off on the new gambling deal with the tribe... that would allow them to add *new table games like roulette and craps. but state lawmakers are still debating that.. some believe the expansion will cause florida to lose its "family friendly" status. 3 still ahead: the latest on the "zika" virus. and the new list of countries... you should probably *avoid this spring break. 3 plus: it's the forecast *everyone is waiting for today. but it's hundreds of miles from florida. and *this weatherman... doesn't even need a computer, dave! 3 3 3
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3 3 3 brookside chocolate, people talk about it online.
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and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
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3 3 making headlines around the world: a new warning about the "zika virus." world health officials have now declared it... an "international health emergency". 3 the c-d-c has also added *four countries to its zika virus travel alert list. costa rica, curacao, nicaragua and american samoa have been added to the list of countries where the virus is *active. that means those who travel there are at high risk of
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has *already affected thousands of people in brazil... and 24 other countries and territories.. brazil's health ministry has now rolled out a plan to document and monitor everyone who has the virus. zika has been linked to a rare birth defect there. there have been about 22 cases of zika in the u-s .. but all of those people were infected in *other countries. there is still no vaccine or treatment.. but u-s lawmakers say that needs to change: 3 sometimes the zika virus causes flu-like aches and pains .. but many people who are infected don't have any symptoms at all. experts say the best way to protect yourself is to avoid being bitten by mosquitos in other countries. 3 and... sorry dave, but the most *famous weather person in the country is ready
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groundhog day! that means "punxsutawney phil" will make his annual appearance in gobbler's knob. it happens sometime after seven this morning. and by now you probably know the drill... if he *sees his shadow, that mean six more *weeks of winter. if he doesn't... spring comes early. the legend is based on an old english custom of prediting the length of winter by weather conditions. so just how *accurate is phil? he's right... 39 percent of the time. 3 and lets be honest... it's not like phil's prediction will have a *huge affect on us down here in florida. but that doesn't mean us floridians can't celebrate the occasion. and the people over in hollywood beach may have the *best groundhog day tradition. for the past 12 years, they've been going for a *swim in the atlantic ocean.. right after they watch a live *feed of punxtawney phil. the waters this time of year... *barely 80 degrees. not
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3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 ((dave)) time to talk some sports this morning. and with walter off... i'm solo again. the big story... the big game! superbowl *week is now officially
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on monday. and a big change this year... it's now media *night, turning the event into a prime time party. 3 big name players were introduced on a replica of the golden gate the san jose sharks home arena. peyton manning didn't even know it was a bridge until he got far enough away to see it. manning got the loudest cheers in a mix of thousands of media and fans. the tv crews in front of manning's mic... were there at least two *hours before he showed up, just to stake out a spot. and of course you had plenty of goofy questions and costumed characters. but peyton had fun with it. including one question... asking if he planned to run like carolina's cam newton: 3 3
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3 to *watch superbowl 50? well we may have a sneak peak. e-a games just released their video game prediction for the showdown. the matchup was simulated on "madden 16" . and it predicted a pretty close battle. but the panthers pull away in the fourth quarter... winning 24 to 20. cam newton... wins the m-v-p. this simulation has been done for the past 12 years... and 9 out of those 12 times... the game predicted the *real superbowl winner.
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when we come back, i'll have another check on your tuesday forecast. 3 plus: here's a warm way for all those people up north to *ride out the winter storms. how pinellas county and "uber" are teaming up.. to get more tourists to bay area beaches. (coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night...
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janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours.
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3 3 3 3 3 how do you get more people from chicago to visit tampa bay this time of year? well... you give them a ride. a very *warm one! that's the plan by the official tourism agency of pinellas county... "visit st. pete/clearwater". they've partnered with "uber" for a new marketing campaign. every wednesday in february... uber will give free rides to people in chicago. and *inside those
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story. 3 when you look at this video of people in chicago... you probably see the same thing i do: miserably cold creatures trying to perform basic human functions without the basic ability to feel their own faces. but david downing sees something else: easy targets. "this is a natural progression for us." downing is the executive director of "visit st. pete/clearwater". he wants to bring more people from chicago here. he plans on doing that... using the ride-sharing service uber. *not to drive them here.. but to lure them. "it was something we came to them with -- they didn't come to us -- and said, 'hey, how can we work with you in this key market this winter'?" starting this week... when a shivering chicagoan taps his or her "uber" app to request a ride... they're greeted by this: "warm up wednesdays"... put in a special code.. and they get a free ride... one that will look something like this. and when they hop inside the warm interior, their driver will hit them with swag. "we have some winter hats, we have long sleeve shirts, we have hand warmers. you get in the car, they have these hand warmers with st. pete/clearwater on them." and a few cars will be equipped with virtual reality goggles... so riders can take a tour of pinellas county's sunny, warm beaches.. while en route to their bitter destinations in chicago. how many of them will actually come to our area as a result of the free, warm, swag-filled uber ride? we won't know for awhile. but when downing looks at video of the windy city in winter... he sees winds of fortune. "i believe this is a first in a long term relationship of doing things with uber and visit st. pete
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3 that was chris cato reporting. and we know for a fact at least *four people from chicago will come here as a result of this marketing campaign. that's because each person who uses the app on wednesdays will be automatically entered in a drawing to win a four-night getaway to st. pete or cleawater, airfare included. 3 3 ted cruz beats donald trump.. marco rubio has a
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democrats - are a toss-up.. just ahead.. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is *live - impact florida's economy.. 3 3 3 3 3
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