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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  February 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 ((jen developing this morning: new concerns about the zika virus... there are more cases in the bay area... and reports that it's not just spread by mosqitoes anymore. 3 ((vanessa a box full of puppies... found on the side of a road. the good samaritan that came to their rescue... and this morning, the fight to nurse them back to health. 3 "you go back to a primitive life, it really is, it's a moment where you kind of go back to where people didn't have power and you have to learn how to adapt." 3 --jen yeah you do! they're digging out after piles of big, old heavy wet snow fell in the midwest. the kind of stuff that snaps power lines and leaves you cold and shivering... *inside! but they're not the only
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3 3 ((vanessa)) 3 its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm vanessa ruffes, in for walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. and we start with the tumultuous weather this morning. 3 (jen/ tornadoes have been swirling through the south. look at this video from central alabama. a strong tornado was spotted sweeping across the western part of the state, damaging homes and businesses... and overnight, strong storms school buildings in crockett county, tennessee. (vanessa 3 (vanessa/ and in the midwest, people from colorado to minnesota are digging out from a huge winter wallop. up to a foot fell in the denver area... and in nebraska, heavy, wet snow snapped power lines, causing all sorts of outages. the snow also came down hard and fast in minnesota... in the biggest storm they've had yet this winter. and now, dave, we hear this stuff is headed for the northeast?
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with some clouds and breezy conditions. high temps will be in the upper 70s. tonight will be mostly cloudy; lows in the mid 60s. breezy, with showers and storms likely for thursday. high temps in the lower 70s. 3 (dave
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3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 3 (jen developing this morning: fresh concerns about the *zika virus... especially here in florida. in the past week, there have been *six new cases reported in our state... two, in hillsborough county. 3 (jen) now, these are all *travel-related.. people who were in a country known to have the virus. (vanessa) that brings the total number of cases in florida up to nine 3 (vanessa the good news is: none of those cases involve pregnant women. the mosquito-borne virus is known to cause birth defects. also today.. the first case of
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u-s was discovered in texas.. but this person was *not bitten by a mosquito.. they had sex with someone who had traveled to south america and had contracted the virus there. 3 "we knew this could happen. surprised so quickly.. that someone had been in an infected area.. and brought it back.. texas health dept. " 3 (jen 3 well, florida health officials say: they're ready. the state surgeon general released a statement, tuesday, saying: "florida has many years of success in containing other mosquito-borne diseases and emerging health threats. through these experiences, the department remains ready to protect residents and visitors from the zika virus." 3 (jen) pregnant women are being advised not to travel to latin american countries where there is an outbreak of the zika virus. and the red cross is asking blood donors
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(vanessa) there is no vaccine.. although researchers are scrambling to make one. however, it's probably still years away. 3 3 (jen/ new this morning: the pasco county sheriff's office is investigating a shooting in dade city. three men arrived at an area hospital with gunshot wounds. this was around 10-30 last night. deputies say: two of them appeared to be in critical condition, while the third man's injuries weren't as serious. investigators think the shooting happened at a mobile home on "withlacoochee avenue." it's still not clear *who pulled the trigger... or what led-up to the shooting, but authorities think the shooting may be related to gang or drug activity. 3 (jen) also new this morning: a tampa woman has filed a lawsuit... *against the city of tampa and a tampa police officer. u-t student caroline tedeschi claims the officer unlawfully arrested her last year and used excessive force. the lawsuit claims the arrest happened on january 25th of 20- 15 when tadeschi and a female friend started walking from
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avenue. the women saw an unmarked car slowly following them. fearing for their safety, the women say they hid behind some bushes. they say the officer got out of his car... *not wearing a uniform... he did identify himself as an officer, but did not show his badge. when they tried to run, tadeschi says the officer grabbed her, pulled her hair, and *slammed her to the ground. she was charged with resisting arrest, but the charges were later dropped. 3 3 (vanessa) happening today: the florida house is expected to vote on a series of bills, that would give gun owners more freedom ... including one that would allow people with concealed weapons licenses to carry guns on college campuses. 3 (vanessa the controversial bill has been opposed by faculty members, university and college presidents ... while the house is prepared for a final vote ... the senate version of the campus-carry bill has stalled .. last month, the senate president said the legislation would likely *not come up for a vote this session. the house is also set to vote on a separate measure ... which would allow people with concealed weapons licenses to carry their sidearms *openly. 3
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agenda ... a house bill that would let florida lawmakers carry guns on the chamber floors. under the proposed legislation, lawmakers would have to conceal their weapons .. if passed, the bill would still need senate approval. 3 3 (jen/ this morning, a local shelter is doing everything it can to nurse a litter of puppies back to health. someone found the eight dogs abandoned... in horrible condition on the side of an area road. 3 ((jen fox-13's shayla reaves is live this morning at the humane society of tampa bay. shayla, the shelter says it could take weeks of intense care to save these dogs. 3 3
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3 ((jen thanks, shayla. 3 3 3 thanks, shayla.((jen 3 3 ((jen 3 thanks, shayla. 3 3 (jen an update now, on a dog stolen from a family in lakeland. we are happy to report that "toby" the yorkie,
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family home last week. deputies say: three men stole the dog, along with food and electronics. the owner says: someone returned "toby," yesterday. his fur was a bit matted down and trimmed, but the vet says: he is healthy and fine. the men who stole the dog are still on the run. 3 ((jen)) there's a big payout coming, for the people of flint, michigan.((vanessa)) up next: the governor puts a price tag, on all of those water worries. 3 ((vanessa and... no, you're not seeing things. that's a guy... in a zebra suit... running around a zoo. but this silly scene, is actually part of a serious drill. we'll explain... 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 ((jen welcome back the time is 5:xx. new this morning... the state of georgia has executed their oldest death row inmate. "brandon astor jones" was put to death early this morning. he was convicted in the deadly shooting of a suburban atlanta convenience store manager during a robbery in 19-79. the 72-year-old's execution was delayed for several hours while officials considered late appeals... but the court denied his requests. 3 (vanessa) a judge in philadelphia today could decide to dismiss a sexual assault case against comedian bill cosby. it's all over a promise of immunity a former prosecutor says he gave cosby's now-deceased lawyer. and it comes after an interesting day in court. fox's steve rappoport fills us in.
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3 3 3 fox news. steve rappoport, out. should be thrown against cosby should be thrown out. steve
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3 3 ((jen officials say they've uncovered trace elements of d-n-a belonging to a group of marines killed in a helicopter crash off hawaii. 12 marines were killed when 2 helicopters collided during a nightime training drill last month. rescue crews searched for 5 days... but no remains have been found. however, the u-s marine corps did say tuesday that they found d-n-a during their search. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. 3 (jen there's a new plan to
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michigan. the governor there is about to propose a huge payment, for all affected homeowners and businesses. later today, governor rick snyder will propose that the state pay people of flint about 30 *million dollars. it would help cover their water bills. flint residents have been forced to pay their water bills for the past year... even though the water has been contaminated with lead. it happened after the state switched water sources to save money. 3 bernie sanders supporters have been known to "feel the bern." but now they can feel it literally! a vermont tattoo shop is offering free bernie sanders tattoos! a-artistic inc. says they got the idea after hearing about a new hampshire parlor offering donald trump tattoos. they say they hope to raise awareness about the presidential race. the shop is also offering free cover-ups for anyone with a trump tattoo. 3
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3 it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave. 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening
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3 (jen 3 we're used to alligators in out state... but crocodiles, not so much... so you can see why people were so excited to see *this. a 12-foot crocodile showed-up at a housing complex in cape coral, tuesday afternoon. people who live there say: he was just lounging, catching some rays. luckily, no *humans decided to go swimming that day. instead, wildlife officials came out. they didn't take the croc away... it was reportedly tagged *before it was found on the beach, which means: authorities had contact with it in the past, and didn't deem it a nuisance. 3 (vanessa 3 now to the video of the day... yes, you're seeing this right. someone got dressed up in a zebra suit in japan... and started running
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wasn't a *prank. this was actually a *drill... so workers can train on what to do if a wild animal got loose! 3 the fake zebra tore-down fences, and ran amok... before staffers caught him with nets. hundreds of people participated in this, including police and fire- department officials. they actually do this twice a year... but the training is a good idea. this zoo in tokyo has had animals escape before... including: a panther, elephants and
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3 ((vanessa)) an odd move for amazon... the online retail giant is taking their business... in a totally new direction.((jen)) they're going "old school." and they're betting: you'll like shopping like your grandparents did! 3 (jen and... even if you don't "like" them anymore... the five people you should *never un-friend on facebook. it could affect you... in *real life. 3
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ba da ba ba ba 3 3 (jen first travel... then internet... now the *wine market could be loosening up in cuba. and wine-makers
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about the business opportunities. dozens of them attended a symposium in havana, hoping to capitalize for decades, california communist island. but cubans are opening up to wines made in europe and latin that should appeal to the throngs of tourists that have been taking advantage of relaxed travel restrictions. 3 (vanessa looks like amazon... is going *old *school. the online retail giant is planning to open hundreds of bookstores... yeah, the brick-and-mortar kind. the company's not saying where *all the stores are going up... or when... but we know the first one should open in *seattle. makes sense: with all the rain there, it's a great place to curl up with a book! 3 (jen) a big win for a proposal that would *cut the number of scratch-off games offered by the florida lottery. 3 (jen right now, there are nearly *60 scratch-off games. but this new proposal would scale that number back to *20. and none of the games would cost more than 10- dollars. right now, they run-up to 25-bucks.
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accounted for nearly four- billion dollars in sales, last year. 3 (jen) so, we get it... it's easy to get fed-up with your facebook friends and all their political rants... and vague posts that sort of beg for attention. (vanessa) but before you hit the "un-friend" button, pause for a second... turns out... there are five types of people you should never dump. 3 (vanessa we start with the food picture girl. yeah... it gets annoying... seeing all those pictures of meals... not to mention, it makes your stomach growl... but don't get rid of her, she could give you some good restaurant recommendations. (jen next: people in your industry... i know, you don't want to "talk shop" all the time... and maybe, after a week with your co-workers, you'd rather avoid them all weekend... but you should never cut ties with your work buds... they could one day, give you a job, or a good lead on one. (vanessa a lot of us never see our actual neighbors anymore...
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facebook. they may be up- to-date on things you need to know, like crime alerts and new association rules. (jen and no matter how mad they make you, don't dump people who disagree with you... their differing opinions help you keep an open mind. you don't want to get sucked into believing that everyone thinks like you. variety 3 (jen) and this goes without saying: don't unfriend don't need the extra tension that would come with that. (vanessa) you can always adjust your settings so she doesn't see everything you post. 3 3 ((jen)) kids have pretty strict dress-codes at school.
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*parents!((vanessa)) the school that's watching moms and dads very closely... for wardrobe malfunctions! 3 ((vanessa and... something *scary in the air. a different *kind or turbulence on one flight to florida. the three frightening things one passenger reportedly did... and the excuse he gave. 3
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((vanessa)) it's 5:--, on wednesday, february third. i'm vanessa ruffes, in for walter allen.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's get right to dave and the weather. it's wild elsewhere in the country, but what about us, dave? 3 3 3 3 (dave) so, tornadoes in the south, and in the midwest: the opposite end of the severe weather spectrum. the *wintry kind... people in colorado, nebraska and minnesota got *pounded with snow... and fox's jackie
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the only ones who are gonna get walloped.
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3 3 3 3 ((jen the time now is 5:__.
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minute on today's top stories: day four, and still, two teenagers are on the run, after escaping from a juvenile detention facility in hillsborough county. deputies say: 18-year-old anthony bays and 17-year-old anthony cook got out through a hole in a chain-link fence, at the falkenburg academy on sunday. three youth care workers and a supervisor are now facing disciplinary action. the department of juvenile justice is investigating why it took the workers about an *hour to call the sheriff's office. 3 ((jen firefighters in clearwater... are being watched. the city is installing new surveillance cameras, at their eight fire stations. it comes after misconduct. the cameras were first recommended in 20- 12, after a fire lieutenant videotaped himself and a woman, in a firehouse bathroom. since then, there have been two more indiscretions... the most recent involved a lieutenant, and a female subordinate. so now, the fire chief is trying to figure-out how to install and some areas, like those where firefighters shower and sleep, will *not be monitored. 3
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accused of crashing his maserati... into the gates at macdill air force base. witnesses say: they also saw the sports car swerving all over macdill avenue tuesday. when the driver pulled into a parking lot at macdill and marcum, an off-duty police officer tipped-off authorities. when they got there, they say: the 44-year-old driver, "andres alvarez," was passed out behind the wheel, and the car was still running. he was arrested. officers think: he might have been involved in a hit-and-run near bayshore boulevard, and "alline avenue west." now he faces several charges, including d-u-i. 3 (jen) would you know what to do in an "active shooter" situation? sadly, it happens all too often in our society... and today in tampa, people are going to learn a lot more about it. tampa police and port tampa bay are co-hosting a special forum at the port... and they're not just going to talk about it in the abstract... it's gonna "get real." 3 ((jen fox-13's alcides segui is at the port right now... alcides: they're gonna get hands-on training today... 3 3 (take vo) 3
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3 3 ((vanessa in south florida: two men have quite the story to tell after crashing a small plane off the miami coast. amazingly, they weren't seriously hurt. one injured his hand... the other has a broken nose. the plane went down just before noon tuesday. the two men onboard were flying from fort lauderdale, and were reportedly student pilots. they tried to land on the sand, but ended-up in the ocean. the plane started sinking soon after the rescue. the f-a-a is investigating. . 3 (vanessa) and speaking of flight frights, f-b-i agents had to arrest an unruly passenger on a flight to jacksonville... after he put another passenger in a chokehold. 3 --vanessa "joseph sharkey" was hauled-off the jet blue flight. the plane was
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washington. authorities say: sharkey was *drunk and put another passenger in a *headlock. then, he reportedly *kneed a flight attendant in the groin, while trying to open an exit door, mid-flight! he allegedly told everyone on board: he was a federal air marshal and the flight crew was under investigation. other crew members and passengers were able to restrain him with zip ties. and the plane landed safely in jacksonville. now sharkey faces up-to 20- years in prison, if convicted. 3 a not-so-special delivery for a st. cloud family. they opened up their mailbox to find a *catfish inside! the family says it started when the mailman walked up to their door and handed them their mail and said the fish was inside the mailbox. the family says the fish was still wet when they threw it in the garbage. they're hoping this prank doesn't escalate. 3 3 (jen) well, we've all heard of dress codes for *kids
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one for parents... at a school in england. (vanessa) they're banning parents from wearing *pajamas, when they drop their kids off. it's supposedly, in the name of *safety, but some parents aren't having it. 3 (vanessa here's the letter sent home by school officials at the "skerne park academy" in darlington. it reads: "i've noticed there's been an increased tendency for parents to drop off their children in their pajamas, and on occasion, even *slippers. could i please ask that you take the time to dress in actual clothes, that are suitable for the weather conditions..." and then it urges parents to set a good example of what's appropriate for adult life.(jen/ 3 (jen well, most parents complied... but not this mom. she said: she was running late, and wasn't feeling well. this was the best she could do. and others are sympathizing with her. if you've ever delt with the morning chaos of getting kids out the door, then you know: your *outfit is *not your top priority. 3 (jen) this isn't the *first time p-j's have caused controversy. in 20-12, a
5:35 am
louisiana tried to pass an ordinance banning people from wearing pajama pants in public. (vanessa) and just two- years ago, a florida school- board member pushed for a parent dress code, claiming: "it's hard for me to tell a child not to show-up for school in hair curlers, pj's or short-shorts, if they see their parents wearing them." 3 3 ((jen)) there's something slippery going on in south florida.((vanessa)) and it's breaking records. coming up: the snake situation that's getting a whole lot of attention. 3 ((vanessa and... a big crash for a legendary driver... but it didn't happen on the race track! what could knock tony stewart... out of his last daytona.
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3 3 "snakes... why 3 did it have to be snakes." --jen/ indiana jones wasn't afraid of much... and lots of people understand. they give many the creeps! 3 (jen) but some people actually *like getting close to the big slithery guys... (vanessa) so much so, they're breaking records in south florida right now. russell... tell us more. 3 (russell) well, you're either gonna love this or hate everglades is turning out record numbers... 82 snakes bagged, as of monday. 3 (russell that surpasses the 2013 hunt by 14... organizers say: this time, more training and cool weather probably helped hunters. and that's a good thing, since snakes have infested the everglades, and are a threat to the other wildlife. these guys are ferocious. they've become the top predator there.
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(russell) and here's sobering news. on friday: they caught a 15-footer. the hunt continues through valentine's day. 3 3 it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave. 3 3 ((dave say it with me now... snow day!!! man... when life gives you snow... you go sledding! and that's what these kids in colorado did... and how! look at 'em go! yeah, it was slippery... but so fun. they're in denver... and that city got nearly a foot of snow overnight monday. so schools were closed yesterday... some of the parents admit: they decided to
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3 3 3
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3 3 3 (jen tonight in st. petersburg, you can boldy go where no "one man show" has gone before. there's a performance called "shatner's world"... starring the original star trek captain, "william shatner." it takes the audience on a voyage through his colorful life and career... and he has plenty to talk about. shatner has already written *four autobiographies. the
5:41 am
the mahaffey theater. tickets start at 60-dollars. 3 (vanessa and look who's in tampa, y'all. it's celebrity chef, paula deen. she's headed to a barnes and noble in carrollwood, to sign copies of her new cookbook, "paula deen cuts the fat." unlike her previous recipes, these use less sugar, salt and deen's favorite, butter. the signing is from six till eight tonight... but get there early, to get a good spot in line. 3
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(jen the n-f-l gave fans one last look inside levi's stadium before sunday's big showdown between the panthers and the broncos. the stadium just got a fresh coat of paint and new signs. fans at the stadium will also get to use some new technology during the game... they'll be able to order food directly from their seats... wouldn't want to miss a second of the big game. there's also 13- thousand wifi access points... more than enough to handle all those tweets, snapchats and facebook posts. the n-f-l's director of events described the stadium's readiness "in football terms, we're in the red zone." 3
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3 she's a t-v star, and a hollywood heiress... so what's she doing working for a psychic hotline?((jen))we'll clue you in, after the break. 3 ((jen and... they're taught to "be prepared"... but they didn't expect something like *this. how some quick- thinking by bay area boy scouts, helped save someone's life. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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what her dad, the late producer aaron spelling would have *predicted for her... but it pays the bills. and that's a good thing, since last month she was sued by american express for missing payments. rumor is: she has a balance of nearly 38-thousand dollars. 3 "miley cyrus" is making her way down the aisle... eventually. we told you last week she recently got re- engaged to "liam hemsworth". friends of the "wrecking ball" singer say she is already fantasizing about their wedding. but it won't be soon. they *not have a date yet. the couple are taking things surprisingly slow. miley reportedly has matured a lot in the past year and is acting much more calm and happy. the pair is reportedly living together at her new l-a home. 3 it looks like "brooklyn beckham" is trying to step out of his famous parents' shadow. the 16-year-old is now a professional photographer. he recently shot the models at burberry's live instagram shoot. his father told e! news earlier this month, that
5:47 am
passionate about photography. by the way, the beckham's are no stranger to the burberry brand. brooklyn's little brother "romeo" has been the face of multiple campaigns for the company in the past. 3 3 ((jen)) a group of boy scouts heard cries for help coming from the upper manatee river, they were on a retreat and rushed to help a father and son who had flipped their boat. ((vanessa)) now, scouts go through training for situations just like this. but as fox-13's kimberly kuizon reports, they didn't expect their skills would be put to the test in a situation like this. 3 as a boy scout caleb savage and others earn their merit badges based on hard work and success. the fact that they could use those skills to help save lives.. makes them proud. -"i kind of always had it in the back of my head that one day some day something drastic is going to happen,saturday just before dusk-voices could be heard on the upper manatee river yelling for help. that caught the attention of 500 plus scouts who were on a retreat at camp flying eagle. -"from where we were standing we could only hear the people, but had no idea where they were." caleb was eating when a friend ran up telling him what was gonig on. -"it really struck me as this is not good. we've got to go." the two scounts along with a nurse and manatee county deputy got into a canoe and went about a mile up river. the first thing we saw was the flipped boat and the father." 9-1-1 calls had been coming into the manatee county call center. ((take nats call-i see the lifejackets, thought it was an alligator))florida fish and wildlife says christopher baker and his 7 year old son
5:48 am
when it flipped. they were going down the river when they hit something in the water. ((take nats 911 call)) the scouts pulled baker's son into their canoe and helped get him to land. very very pale, he was hyprothermic because the water was cold. he was making slight groaning noises." baker and his son were bayflighted to the hospital.. and the scouts realized the importance of their skills. you do it right, but you don't ever know if they are going to reuse those skills and when." in manatee county, kimberly
5:49 am
3 (vanessa) the f-w-c is still investigating the crash. (jen) as for the boy that was injured, he's still at all children's hospital in critical condition. 3 ((jen)) there's much more to come on good day. ((vanessa)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 ((laura/2-shot)) social issues.. and gender equality are colliding - in the military..((russell)) some important questions are being raised - as top army officials say - all women should have to register for the draft. 3 ((russell/take vo)) and: there's a lot of concern over this box of puppies - left to die on the side of the road. we're live at the humane society - as they undergo an intense month and a half of medical treatment.. 3 ((laura/take vo)) and: this dad is the *man! the creative way he keeps his wife entertained.. while he stays home with the baby.. it's
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