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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 8, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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p>> anchor: it's not just the ay in the benefits, getting pthere is half the fun. pyou got to consider the commute pwith that new job. pdoug arms is here to talk about pthat. p>> and a giving up a dream. pthe united states olympic pcommittee is telling some pathletes to do just that. pwhy they are saying no to rio. pgood monday morning everybody pi'm laura moody. pi'm russell rhodes outside with pdave pew told me laura. ptake your coat. pbring your jacket. pit's not bad out here. pit's really not. psunny. pbeautiful. pcouple hours ago we were in the pmid 40s.
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phow fast it is warming up on pthis monday morning. pwe needed that too. pbecause we ad lot of areas in pthe 30s. pas we started off first. pthere's your double nickels 55 pdegrees dew point of 53 south pwind three miles per hour. ptemperatures back in the 40s for peverybody. psome like tampa clearwater st. etersburg, already into mid p50s. pgoing to mild afternoon. pbut we've got a cold front on pway. pthis cold front will bring us a pbig time wind late today ptonight, and tomorrow. pso 60 for today. pbut tomorrow couple of showers paround highs only in the upper p50s. p>> all right. pthank you, dave. p>> time right now 9:01. pin a new crash we're following pin pasco county. pcause something delays along pnorthbound 75. pif you're heading just north of pthe state road 54 exit about pmile or so where this crash is preported with left lane blocked. plooks like you have delays not ponly building up to that exit ptakes a little bit of time for pthat traffic to recover after
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pmeantime get back to sarasota pmanatee county. pthis crash still working from pour last hour of good day. psouthbound 75 at university arkway. pleft lane blocked. pdelays back to state road 70. p>> northeast is bracing for a pblizzard. pit should start snowing in new phampshire tonight. pthen into tuesday. rimary day. pbut experts say the weather pwon't stop voters from heading pto polls for first primary. pthey are used to this weather. pand new hampshire voters are pknown for being independent pvoters that listen to all of the pcandidates before making up ptheir minds. pthat's exactly why all across pthe granite state the candidates pare still holding rallies and ptown hall meetings on the pdemocratic side. pbernie sanders primary to lose. phe still has huge lead over phillary clinton. p and republican donald trump psays that he'd like to win new phampshire, but he doesn't need pto. palthough in latest poll by pmonday moth university he has pcommanding lead over his rivals. phe's at 30 percent support. pthe rest of the pack are in the pmid teens.
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pgoes, donald trump is followed pby huge crowds. pno surprise when he announced a pwas a coming it florida his pevent sold out quickly too. pshayla reeves is at the sun dome pto talk about the event. pgood morning, shayla. p hi, good morning to you. pthe event is coming up friday a prally in fact. pbut if you're hoping to attend, pyou may be out of luck. pwe checked this morning and we psaw that already all of the free preserved. pand in this case we're talking pabout a close to 10 thousand. pso, this is what's happening pover the friday, at the end of pthe week he will be in town for pa rally at the usf sun dome. pnow the doors open at 5 o'clock. pthe rally starts at 7. pand the event, even though still pdays away, people are already ptalking about it here on campus. pso if you plan to attend here's pwhat you need to know. pagain the event, the doors open pat 5, the event starts at 7, and
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arking is not. pin this case parking is $20 per pvehicle. pyou have to pay with cash. pwe're told that some of the plarger vehicles could see an padditional cost. pif you'd like to learn more pinformation about this what you pneed to know if you plan to go pwe've made that easy for you. pyou can head over to fox 13 and click on the seen pon tv section for all details pyou need to no if you plan to pdonald trump's rally here at the pend of the week guys. pback to you p>> anchor: all right shayla pthank you. p>> statehouse set to vote on pbill that would change how pjudges apply alimony. p>> the bill would end permanent palimony and push judges to 50/50 ptime sharing between parents. pand it is ready for a full vote. pa similar child custody bill is pmoving through the senate too. pnational organization of women psays it's against the bill psaying unfair to women who chose
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pstay at home moms. pbut proponents say it's needed pto provide some consistency for pjudges and a way to end pinjustices to spouses for forced pto pay for life. peven if the ex gets remarried or pcomes into money. pnow, similar bill made its way pto the governor's desk in 2013. phe vetoed it because it was pgoing to an applied pretroactively. pthis bill however, this law, pwould not. p>> only six more months to go puntil summer olympics are here. pin rio, where they are being pheld, they are frantically ptrying to finish all the big rojects they promised ioc they pwould have completed. pwild holding games in rio has pcontroversial from get go now pthere is even more concern. pthis time, over the see virginia pvirus. pthere were calls last week to pcancel the games saying it's no pthe just athletes that are at prisk. pbut all the coaches the trainers pand at spectators. pand now reuters is reporting.
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pshould go to brazil if they are puncomfortable. pif an athlete is concerned for phis or her health they should pnot attend the olympics they psay. pmessage was delivered during a pconference call late last month. psome officials admitted that pthey and others will have a ptough choice to make here. pas you know zika virus is being pblamed on birth defects pspecifically microcephaly. pwhen a baby is born one an pabnormally small head and brain. phealth officials warn any woman pwhat pregnant or soon become regnant to not travel to any of pthe countries where the outbreak pis. pthat includes brazil. pfor other people the zoo can psymptoms are more like cold or pflu. pwhile female athletes have to pmake the choice most olympic pathletes dream of representing ptheir country. phave done it al whole lives to pvoluntarily give up a spot would phave to be heart researching the pother option is to possible pbecome infected and not be able pto get pregnant for years. p>> and we have this, an another pstep to help alleviate e.coli
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pchipotle restaurants the chain ptoday will close it's prestaurants, they are holding a phuge telemeeting and an aaron pmesmer has a chipotle all pmorning long this will happen pfor few hours during lunch time phours, right? pthat's right, russell really punprecedented for restaurant for preally any kind of business to ptake these kind of measures pclosing every single one of its pstores throughout the country pfrom this morning from 9:00 a.m. puntil excuse me from 11:00 a.m. pwhen they would have opened puntil 3:00 p.m. when when they pwill open today. pthis is got to be something that pexecutives hoping will finally pbring to an end this e.coli poutbreak is a saga that lad's pjanuary last year through end of pyear making lot of people sick. pchainsaw it's profits just tank pat the end of the year. pwhat this means for today, is pwhat i just said, the prestaurants all of them will be pclosed until 3 o'clock this
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pin a news release chipotle pco-co. to thank employees for ptheir extraordinary work pimplementing chipotle pcomprehensive new food safety rogram that program is going to poutlined during the meeting. pthese are steps that were put in lace in response to the e.coli eople sick. pthose measures include dna ptesting of many ingredients prestaurants. pchangeses to food prep and food phandling practices and new rotocol for marinading chicken pand stakes. pand extra food safety training pcdc just said last week that it pdoes look like e.coli outbreak phas come to an end. pright now they still have not pfigured out how it started where pthe e.coli came from and russell pas i mentioned before, those rofits just really thook tang pat the end of the year down 44 ercent. pthat just shows how much people pwere just kind of scared really pto go to any of these chipotle prestaurants. p>> and aaron you have to wonder
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psake for chipotle's sake that pthis move obviously to help pemployees understand better pwhat's going on in those prestaurants. pbut, also from pr standpoint, pit's got to look pretty good to panybody who used to eat a pchipotle and has been on the pfence about going back. p>> yeah i know a little bit pnervous about going to chipotle. pbut you know you have to figure pthat after they go through pmeeting and they implemented pthese steps several weeks ago, pand then they have this meeting ptoday and go over them one more ptime maybe people will start pgoing back through the doors and pmaybe a 3 o'clock this afternoon pthey will start seeing that line pform that i think a lot of eople become accustomed to when pthey go to chipotle. ptrue, very true. pthanks, aaron. pgood to see you, man. p>> yeah. pit was a smart idea that had us et lovers saying why didn't we pthink of that genius way to keep pyour furry friend safe when they pare in an emergency. pwe are. p>> true. pand before you say yes to that pnew job the unexpected thing you pneed think about.
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pyou in time and money? pdoug arms is here to ten us with pthat. p>> and then charley belcher will pbe here with us in a little bits pto talk about this week's cool pschool tyrone middle. pyes indeed from your new set it ptheir new set. plook at this, there's the russel pand laura right there for ptoday's purposes at least. pand tyrone middle school. pthese guys are professionals pdoing their own newscast and pdoing their own important pinformation that whole school pneeds to know. pthey don't need me talking. pthese guys are professional.
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3 the perfect job. p so, you think you found the erfect job. pyou're going to love it, you plike your boss even? pcoworkers? pbut, then there's this, the pcommute. pis something you may not be plooking forward to. pbrought in doug arms from kelly pservices for you this morning to ptalk to you. pgood to see you. pgood morning. phow much of a deal breaker could pthis be? p>> it's a big deal. pkeep in mind i'm from northeast poriginally. pi had a bear of a commute for pmany, many years. pi was commuting 70 miles each pway into new york city. pcan deal break not only for pindividual especially if they pare not university to that kind panticipate it so they accept pjobs much in and say i can't phandle it conversely hiring pmanagers or recruiter they will pmake that decision for people pask where you're from, pessentially. pjust to say you know you're too pfar i'm not comfortable with you phaving that commute i don't
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pwe'll find this in tampa area eople might get a little psketchy across the bridge. pjust with times it takes. pwhat do you do? pokay. pso you have to obviously pconsider the time involved, eply pthat time getting up p>> that's got be family time. pbut also, the cost. pthe cost, absolutely. pthe cost of it. pi guess what it can do to your sych. pthree really valid things cost eople don't there some benefits pthat some companies offer that pwill take pretax dollars and papply them to, most mass transit por parking. pthere are some areas or ways pthat you can reduce some of the pcosts for yourself. pbut it does add up keep in mind pif you accept job gas is cheap pright now. pit will not likely remain cheap pforever. pyou will see an expense go up pyou didn't anticipate. pyou have to keep that in mind. pother piece of that is when you plook time investment to that. pit does stress you out for many eople. psome people like a little pdecompression don't might not a p20 minute commute or 30 minute
9:15 am
pget rid of that before you get phome. pbut long commutes, there is ptrade off for everything. pstress that you build up when pyou're in the car you may be pmaking other trade-offs like not peating as well not sleeping as pmuch may avoiding gym time you pnormally play in car traveling pthrough mass transit. pyou know, you said something a psecond ago that i want to pursue pwith you. peven in hr person, person doing pthe hiring, may say, you're pgreat for this job. pyou. pgoing to kill you. por, or, they know that okay what pabout areas with bad weather. pif you're, you can't be relied pon to get into the office. por you know, often that things pwill come up on roads you might pbe late a lot they which don't pwant to run those risks. pa lot of companies will go, as pfar as to have flexible pschedules let you come in pearlier. ptelecommute at least part of the pweek for some but they may is an pokay look as long a you get work pdone.
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p10 to 3 prime time hours if you pwant come in 7:30 leave 3:30, p4:30. pokay. pfine. pavoid traffic a little bit. pbut i got ask you something, pwhat if it really is your erfect job. pi mean, and then you got to a pyou want with this job then you pgot to sell this rr person i pdon't mind driving 30 miles or pso whatever, 50 miles to get phere. pfor some maybe a relocation is pin order. pmaybe some you can sell that pconcept. plet's face it when you're new to pjob you have less latitude to phave flexible schedules. pyou may have that belief in pyourself and look if i do it for pa year. pi suck it up. pmaybe at that point i can get a plittle more creative. pthat's when it goes into you phave to start interviewing pcompany start asking people even pthrough interview process panybody else you can talk to pdoing a commute of similar plengths similar distance people pthat have been here for three lus years. pyou can start asking lighten up pat all people get a little more pflexible scheduling sort of a pnew guy thing? pnew person thing when you join
9:17 am
pflexibility? pso, i think you start asking pquestions like that you get pbetter answers and make decision pif forever thing for commuter or pcan they be manageable. pit is something definitely to pconsider appear big deal. pit will, have you have to really pokay. pgood to see you. pthanks for making the drive in. p>> not that bad. pgood time. pno problem. pgood morning. pwe've got time, 55 degrees pwatch some high clouds. pjust kind of streaming through. pactually pretty nice start to pthe day. pweather headlines, after this pcold start, the wind is going to pstart to pick up this afternoon. pand by tonight, very, very very pwint conditions. pgale warning high surf tonight pand tomorrow. pwhen this front comes in tonight pa whole different ball game as pthis wind picks up unfortunately pi think seasonably cool ptemperatures are going to be paround all week long. pin fact our next 7 days, we
9:18 am
pin terms of high temperatures. p46 degrees in brooksville now. pthey are coming off 33 earlier pthis morning. p55 in st. petersburg. pso at least we're gradually pgetting back up into the 50s. pnotice with visible satellite. pyou can see clouds streaming. pyou know what's really cool i'm plooking say the light there. pthe way clouds are set up. pi'm looking out here, i can see pthem exactly like that. pjust, maybe just me kind of pcool. pvisible satellite clouds pstreaming in wind will pick up plate this afternoon as this pfront comes that you tonight. pwe're not going to get a lot of prain. pbut, we are going to get a lot pof wind. pi want you to keep in mind those pthat travel the bridges, very pearly in the morning tomorrow, pyou may have some issues. pbecause the winds are going to pbe that hot. p64 for tonight. ptonight winds will be howling povernight lows near 50 degrees pcould a couple showers as well. pnot going to help.
9:19 am
ptomorrow. pafter stop in 60s for one day, pwe'll go back in the 50s for ptomorrow afternoon. pwe'll stay in the 50s for high ptemperature on wednesday pafternoon. pthen a steady climb. pby saturday we're back to the pupper 60s. panother front will come through pover the weekend. pthat may kick us back into 50s pfor high in next week. pseasonably cool. pwatch out for that wind tonight, pvanessa. pi'm sure we will watching brijdz pfor you this evening as well pdefinitely watching that for the pmorning commute. pright now 9:18. pwe do want to update you on this pdeadly crash we've following pthrough the morning in myakka pcity area. pfhp actually updated location of pthis crash. porigially was reported along pstate road 70 at single terry proad and they are getting some pinformation, saying going to pcloser to mj road intersection. pso plan for eastbound blain pblockage in that area. pwe're seeing some delays. pminor though on the map. pbased on the volumes i don't
9:20 am
pups in area definitely plan pextra time out door if you have pto head that way. pwe also want to update you here. pa new crash. pwe did have an earlier crash phere minor delay in one causing ptrickier concerns here pinellas pcounty mcmullen booth road pwestbound lane blockage through pthat area. lan extra time out the door. p>> all right. pvanessa thank you. pnot something that we like to pthink about at all. pbut, if you were in a car paccident or some other emergency psituation would anyone know to ptake care of your pet? pthere is something really simple pand smart too that you can do to pmake sure that your pet is taken pcare of it's called a pet pemergency card. pthere are organizations that psell these cards. pbut it would really simple just pto make one of your own. pall you have to do brightly pcolored card about size of pdriver's license and across pfront label it my dog is home palone. pand then on the back write names pand phone numbers of two family pmembers or friends who liver pnear your house and that way if
9:21 am
pable to take care of it yourself prescuer understand that you have pa pet at home alone and to pcontact someone to take care of pyour pet. pthen stick the card in your pwallet right behind your pdriver's license where it can peasily scene. panother spart idea to make sure pyour pets are taken care of put pa sticker on frond of your home plist number of pets you have if pthere's a fire, and you're not phome firefighters know to look pfor this sticker. pthey know exactly how many panimals are in the home and need pto be rescued. pisn't that smart? p>> good to know. pmoney is the biggest cause of roblems in a relationship. pand now there's a shocking new pstudy out that says we're not ptotally being honest with our artners. pthat's coming up ahead at 9:30. pcoming up next, charley's at pthis week's cool school. ptyrone middle school from our
9:22 am
ptime for the morning show. r again! again! again! again? general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors
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so you can love cereal...
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pgood day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from tyrone middle school. pour cool school of the week. pand something we've learning all pmorning. pit's cool that they have a pschool within a school here. pa magnet program with focus on ptechnology that is in it's first pyear. pgoing swimmingly. pand then they also offer really pcool classes like tv production pclass. phappens to be teaching that is pwhat is the class called? pwe call video production. pvideo production. pvery nice. pso you've got i mean it's funny. pthere was time this only phappened in high schools. pthen you started seeing middle pschools now even elementary pschools. pyeah doing this sort of thing. ptell me about what you do here. pokay we prerecord everything we phave a friday morning show. plook at that we put everything
9:25 am
pflag and you know, and that, palso we have our students that pare talking through teleprompter pusing teleprompter. pright here. pteleprompter. pgot your little sound board pright here. psound board over here students pcan see themselves on tv. pwhile we're putting on the show. pso that way they can see when pthe supposed to be talking when pthey are not supposed to be ptalking. pdigital age is just changed pthis, you know this used to be psix pieces of equipment. p>> but as big as half of this proom now you can do this kind of pthing just with a computer. pi used to teach madeira beach. pnow down though. pthis is wonderful. pwhat do they learn? pcreativity, technology. pwell for one thing they have to ut a web together show together pwhich usually a power point or pthrough a camera. pthen toef edit the whole thing. pmovie maker and then they do a ost story board. pthey have to learn all the pdifferent aspects of that a lot pof math involved. eople don't think there is but pa lot of math involved.
9:26 am
pa special type of math you've pgot to everything has to fit. p>> and, and then they, so pthere's a lot of teaching pbeforehand before the morning pshow even gets on. pbut then once it gets on every pfriday, they have fob on. pjust like a job. pthat's right my prur reminding pme computers do it all for them pnow. pbut anne marie has been around plong enough to she remembers pback timing when you had to back pi mean you had to figure do the pmath quickly in your head. pthank you very much. pi'm going to end here talking to pbrook and xavier. pyou guys, you'll do this job and pthen you'll do it tonight, you pdo a little bit of everything as pclass goes, right? p>> yes, sir. pand what is your favorite part pof this class? pwhat are you learning? p>> the making the psa making of pthe psa power points, and movie pmaker. pyou like putting it altogether? pkind of fun isn't it. pyes, sir you like seeing pyourself on tv p>> it's kind of fun seeing pyourself on tv isn't it?
9:27 am
pi like that and virtual set pbehind us what do you want to be pwhen you grow up marine pbiologist. pvery nice. p>> you know what when that's pwhat i i wand to be you'll find pup you're smarter than i am. pi want to doctor. pgood for you. pwhat kind of doctor? pi want to be a doctor that can phelp people in do surgeries. p>> that's awesome. pwell done. phigh 5, guys. pcool kids like that cool rograms like this a cool magnet rogram they've got going on phere all reasons tyrone middle pschool fits the bill for a cool pschool. prussell. pall right. pnice. pthank you. psee you later. p>> the root of all evil, or is pit the road to happiness? pthe battle over money can cause
9:28 am
pbut new survey says sometimes it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough.
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pfrom tampa bay's number one news pbay. p9:30. olice have no leads, no pdescription of a gunman who shot pat a group of teens in chicago. pa 4 people were shot while psitting on a porch and one of pthem is in critical condition pthis morning the shooting pnight. p>> witnesses say that two men pwalked up to a front porch and pthen started firing. pthree teens between ages of 15 pand 17 were each hit in the leg. pokay. p>> however, another boy was shot pin the chest and legs. pdoctors are treating him right pnow at the shooting is still punder investigation. pmississippi a shooting kills two eople and hurts 4 others
9:30 am
phappened just after 6 after last pfloat wrapped up. arade route. olice say they received word of pthere. pshots were fired about 50,000 eople were at the parade at the ptime.rate pwitnesses say they heard 12 ops, no rories arrest been have pbeen made. pgunfire during another mardi pgras parade. pit happened along bah raid route paround 9 o'clock last night. paccording for new orleans police pno one was hurt. pthey say gunman may have escaped pinto the ground. phandgun was found. arade was paused for few pminutes and got back under way. pcloser to home, at that police pstill look for gunman deadly pshooting a strip club. olice a say an argument broke pout and shots were fired. p21-year-old marvin lancaster was pkilled. p7 others were shot.
9:31 am
pinjured were under age. p>> and we're mid 50s outside pwith high cloud cover beginning pfilter in. pand 30s just a couple of hours pago. pbut a fast warm up today. pto be honest i think today will pbe a nice day, right? pwith clouds start to filter in pwe're likely to have a couple of pshowers late tonight. pbut that's not bad. pwhat concerns me a little bit is pthe wind. pnow you look at the temperatures pto north. p40s in panhandle. pback to the 60s again in the pkeys. pand out ahead of this cold front ushing into the southeast now, pyou're seeing some of those pclouds begin to increase. pso we are just a general pincrease in the cloud cover for ptoday. pby the time the even commute prolls in you're going to notice pthe winds starting to pick up pout ahead of this cold front. pas front comes through tonight. pwinds are really going to start pwhipping. pthe winds, forecast, once good paway don't show you this map pvery often.
9:32 am
p12 o'clock or so, 1 o'clock, plook at this, you're looking a psolid 20, 21 mile per hour wind. pwhich is not a huge deal. pjust windy outside. pbut, the wind gusts which are paverage over ten seconds a whole pdifferent story. ptonight, you could looking at pthe potential for wind gusts, pwind gusts in the upper 30s. pand lower 40s. pthat is significant. pthat is why a gale warning has pbeen posted for our coastal pwaters and for tampa bay itself. pwe're anticipating very windy pconditions to pick up tonight, pand extend straight that you ptomorrow as well. pthat's why i always say we've ptalking about this all morning pthat every cold front is pdifferent. pbrings a different element to pif. pthis front is going to bring the pwind. pso increasing clouds today with phigh temperature of 64 degrees. pmostly cloudy, windy. pmaybe a shower tonight. pbut winds are really going to ick up around midnight and very pearly tomorrow morning if you phave very early commute
9:33 am
pwhat i'm thinking about you'll pwant to tune in tomorrow and see phow winds are holding that my pcause issues on road again for phigh temperature gale warning pstarts tonight. pand go right through tomorrow as pwell. pif you had to do any boating pnext few minutes will be okay. pbut then later today, the winds pand seas will start to pick up. pwe're going to get back to the p50s for highs on tuesday and pwednesday. plow to mid 60s around week. pi think saturday looks great. pbut there's an indications pvanessa it will cool down again pnext week. pworried about the wind tonight phopeful folks will be careful on proadways definitely watching pbridges. pusually concern for the sunshine pskyway when we get a lot of wind plike that. pso we'll watch that, but in the pmeantime we're checking out proadways here and trouble spots pwe're seeing right now i've preminding drivers we've got pconstruction project coming out peast ybor area. pit's closing in an intersection pdown, 36th street east seventh pavenue. pso might want to plan extra time
9:34 am
psite there. pmeantime one of our cameras here pover howard franklin bridge. plooks like we do have only a pseen we're dealing with looks phike in southbound direction pblocking a left lane. pwe also have delays and slower pspeeds we're seeing in pnorthbound direction. ptampa side. pheading up to i-4. pin that northbound direction of p275 is a 17 minute ride. p>> one the biggest causes of the pdivorce. pmoney. phow much is earned. phow to spend t how to save it. pso if comes as big surprise to pfind that a lot of people either phide their money or they don't ptell their partner how they are pspending if. pno surprise at all jerry willis pexplains. pless information is better. pi'm married 24s years, that's punfortunately the reality. pthere is some honesty but to a pcertain extent, right on the pedge. pmoney is meegsal. pif you're trying to make pfinancial decision as part of pcouple you probably already know pthat. pwe just share everything.
9:35 am
pgood friends and good companion pand good lovers for so long we pdon't let money get in our way. pa lot of people do. pbut we don't. pnew report shows 13 million paround hiding bank or credit pcard comes from their spouse or psignificant other. p41 percent have spent $100 or pmore and not told their spouse pand 19 percent have spents 500 pbucks or more and kept it a psecret. pabout the same number of people pwho said that they spent that pmuch money said that they would pbe okay with their spouse pspending about that much money ptoo. phe makes the money and i spend pit. pso more details from survey men pare almost twice as likely as pwell to spent more than $500 pwithout saying a word. pand millennial and senior less plikely to spend over 25 bucks pwithout their spouse or artner's knowledge and people pbetween ages 30 and 64. p>> maybe you you have discussion pone partner pays one set of pbills other partner pays another pset i guess in general maybe the
9:36 am
pincredibly important in any prelationship. pmoney. pbecause secrets can completely pdestroy a budget. pout of all of the income groups psurveyed middle class were most pokay with spouses or partner pspending $500 or more without phaving to be in know. pbusiness. pone biggest and funniest oops pfrom last night's super bowl. pcoming up next. preaction to the half time show. pand then more details on the platest borne move. pwe've got a trailer and finally pa name. pwow.
9:37 am
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p wl in case you missed it by pchance the group coldplay was pthe super bowl half time show. por at least they were part of pit. pafter it was all said and done psome folks thought it wasn't the pbest act to have. pin fact you might say when star pgot a little bit confused
9:40 am
lay cookies post ad video about pthe show. pand henson took a clip put it on pinstagram saying, yes, #maroon 5 pis life to me. pmaroon 5. p>> #super bowl 50 and happy pcamper am i. pwell didn't take long before her pfollowers corrected her mistake, pof course, that was coldplay, pthat she was seeing on the stage pnot maroon 5. pshe laughed it off with an oops. ptook down the post. pbut not before get this, adam plavigne singer maroon 5 reposted pit with the caption this. pyikes. pi thought it was a good show. pall right. p9:41. plots of folks talking also about pthe commercials. pone in particular stood out to pus.
9:41 am
pmy god that's jason bourne. pi know who i am. pi remember everything. premembering everything doesn't pmean you know everything. pthe world is a bore. pwe need the perfect weapon. pmy god that's jason bourne. pwe almost watched it twice. pyeah it looked pretty great. pname movie just jason bourne as pyou he remembers everything. pthe director of original bourne pmovies, movie by way scheduled pto come out this july. p>> sticking here with movies at pthe box office this weekend all pabout the kung fu panda. pthird in series top for theater psecond week in row. pbrought in $21 million. poverall, a slow weekend. pcohen brothers star george pclooney channing tatum was psecond. pbrought in a little more than
9:42 am
pand then wrapping up the top pthree with another $7 million. pall right we're giving affair pwarning hopefully you know this psunday. pjen is with a chef that's going pto make cooking at home easy. pgood stuff so far. pso we'll check in with them. pbut first we want to check in pwith our celebrity birthdays ptoday.
9:43 am
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3 the count down begins. just six days to figure how to show your love to your special pheir we go six days to show you phow your love your someone pspegs. pif you want to stay at home prather than fight the crowds at pthe restaurants, jen epstein is pshowing us how to wow our lover pwith gourmet cuisine. pgood morning. p>> hey, good morning, guys. pwell you know what comes after pdinner you've got to have some pdessert. pwe're not using typical type
9:46 am
pmorning. pwe're with chef, you've got punique take tore dessert. p>> because because i'm a little ptired of strawberry and pchocolate. pit's great but i want to do psomething fresh and healthy and pnice for valentine's day, right? pand this is food season for pcitrus. pi decided to take. pdifferent citruses. poranges here that i remove the pskin and red grapefruit. p>> we were talking about this. pthat big, big grapefruit plooking. pit sweeter than the it doesn't pvat tartness or great fruit has? pi've never had this before. pand then, like that. pthat's really sweet. pand then we have this, the oops pthe blood orange. pblood orange. pthey come a few couple of weeks pto a year actually.
9:47 am
pyou know just like to use them pbecause they are, they have, psuch a beautiful color, right? pthey taste pretty much the same. pand citrus is like that, trying pto make like nice patterns like pthat. pthere you go. pand then, when you're ready. pit's pretty, right? pvery pretty and very light like pyou said and refreshing that's pright. pand because, yeah, you have pthings to do after that. pdon't ever ask a chef, if that's phi store bought whipped cream. pnot out of the can. pi'm really offended. pa french man i was ready to step pout. phe whipped this himself. pi whipped it myself. phere. pno i know. pthere you go. pi have some, i have some toasted palmond. pyou have always.
9:48 am
pbut that's not over, that's not pover yes. pyes. pbut then, here it is. pyou got to put some champagne on pthere. opping. op it. p>> going on top. pwe just put a little bit of pchampagne on the top. pi like it. psxuf you have elegance the fun, phealthy and delicious with pchampagne whipped cream with psugar. pso good. pyou know just very nice for the pend of the valentine's day pdinner. pbecause you know, of course pyou're not going to do pafterwards. pyou need to feel today. pthis is your day, your big pmoment. pyou don't want to fall asleep pafter big meal. pgot stay awake. palthough my wife fell asleep on pmy second date. pthat tells a lot about. pyou still married her. pof course. palong with good food you want to pgive company mental to your
9:49 am
pyou were teaching me how to a psewer beautiful and pretty in pfrench. pyou got to say. erfect. pthat wasn't so good. pand if i was. pwhat would i say? p>>. phe loves it i'm going oh eat the prest of this. pbeautiful. pbefore you get back with to the pstation. pnot cool.
9:50 am
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picture of the p i really don't think we want pto look at this, but here it is. pdow's down 270 points. pmorning just getting going. pwe will bring in lauren psimonetti to talk a little pbusiness news for us. p>> not only is do you down psignificantly down 96 points pmore than two percent. p3 percent tumble for big tech pstocks momentum big winners from plast year facebook, netflix pamazon, twitter is an an all
9:52 am
pthese popular names are selling poff and selling off in big way. pask me a reason, a couple maybe pnone of them will convince you. poil is doing but not draktcally. pchinese markets are closed. pyou don't have china as an pexcuse today. pyou do have fed jan el yellen ptestifies wednesday and thursday pfolks are not sure what scenario pis for interest rates. pso, we have very precarious psituation right now. pwhere we don't know where bottom pof this market is. p>> hmm. pwell if you were going to get paway to warm weather to get away pfrom all of this, zika virus. pzika virus is not helping. pnot helping is it? p>> no. pthis is a story that as we pcontinue to follow it, it seems plike cruise company and airlines pand traveling agency and tourism pin general in these affected pareas are going to take hit. pyou have so many people, pespecially where i am. pwhere it's freezing. pyou love to go to nice tropical plocation this time of year.
9:53 am
pbecause of the zika virus. preuters poll says 41 percent of eople say they are less likely pto go to latin america, mexico pand puerto rico in the next year pbecause of the zika. p>> can't blame them. pcan't blame them at all. pi know we've got lot to watch ptoday and p>> absolutely and we'll talk to pyou about it tomorrow, okay. p>> okay. pthank you. pthank you. pand you can find lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation if you're not sure where pto find fox business network log pon to fox and look pfor channel finder. phey, dave. phey, it's nice outside right pnow. pbut it looks like the winds will pstart to pick up late this pafternoon. pand no joke, these winds could pup 35, 45 mile per hour wind pgusts later tonight will along pcoast gale warning out for ptonight front comes through pmaybe quick shower. pwe are going to get a lot of pwind. pdoes stay cooler than normal for pnext several days. peventually by start we'll back
9:54 am
phold on to your hats later pall right. pthank you, dave. p>> today is monday, february 8th plive with kelly and michael pcoming up next. pat noon. pand don't forget you can get platest on, pfollow us on twitter instagram plike us on facebook. pbye-bye. p"realtime closed captioning rovided by u.s. captioning pcompany." 3 3 3
9:55 am
3 3 tomorrow, it's a good day love you'll meet a couple who met when they were 13....and share share when they were couple who met you'll meet a you'll meet a couple who met when they were 13....and share their secret for lasting 39 years.... (russell) also, we're taking steps to
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