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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  February 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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oi. we've got a fox news alert.
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an >> no doubt, she's terrorized, traumatized traumatized and thinking, you know, not knowing what's going to go on. >> a twisted crime? or a misunderstanding? we are hearing from the man who is accused of assaulting a little six-year-old girl. >> i lost, a very important person in my life. my son and i were very close. >> who hit his son and left him there to die. the desperate search for the driver who killed this bicyclist. >> it took the imagination of a high-end crook. >> a thief makes off with a
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the colorful heist in st. pete. >> good evening and welcome, tonight. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. we are going to begin with a news alert out of pasco county. look at this. a truck driver who was towing a crane smashed into that overpass. it happened about 5:00 where i-75 meets the overpass road, south of highway 52 in pasco county. fhp says the truck driver who is from texas, was towing a crane when he struck that bridge. he was not injured. but as you can see from these photos, the bridge was pretty badly damaged. let's take a look at a lie picture, northbound lane of i-75. it's closed while crews are overpass. the lane will stay closed through the night. it's going to be bad out there, too, in traffic. the driver who struck the bridge was ticketed for carrying an oversized load.
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i-275 northbound in tampa. beginning in the next 2 minutes, northbound i-275 will be closed from lois to armenia avenue. it is not a very long stretch, but it's a busy one. it will remain closed until 5:30 tomorrow morning. it will be detoured off at lois avenue and directed east to howard and armenia and routed back to the interstate. this is part of the ongoing construction here on i-275 that has been the better part of three years. >> police make an arrest in a disturbing incident in a clearwater mall. the man accused of attacking a little girl inside of a macy's bathroom friday night turned himself in. but his explanation to police was, it's all a big accident. >> reporter: there were all sorts of ways to handle a misunderstanding. >> putting your hands on a 6-year-old girl would never be the right choice joyou'd think that was a given. but clearwater police released a surveillance video, hoping
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a six-year-old girl told police that on friday night, he followed her into the macy's bathroom and held her down as she screamed. >> no doubt, she's terrorized, traumatized and thinking, you know, not knowing what's going to go on. after failing to quiet her screams, that's when he made a hasty retreat out of the restroom. >> reporter: who was he? a sexual predator? violent criminal? according to 18-year-old ricky thompson, he's just a man who made a wrong turn. he went into the wrong restroom. he went into a stall that was half-way open and she saw him and screamed. >> his words, he panicked and frocked out. he attempted to quiet her down, not with his words, but by putting his hand over her mouth. >> reporter: then thompson bolted baubling to his young son whom he was there to pick up from his estranged wife. >> he wasn't there to do
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girl, that it was just a bad situation, where he made one mistake and then he made another mistake and then -- it was just this snow-balling of bad choices. >> reporter: but for every bad choice, there is a consequence. thompson is using the restroom in the pinellas county jail. he's charged with battery. >> that was halley heinz reporting tonight. any additional charges will be up to the state attorney's office. as for the little girl, she is just fine. her parents tell police they are extremely proud of how she handled the situation. luckily, she learned all about stranger danger in school. >> a car involved in a deadly hit-special-run accident in sarasota just over a week ago. that's from a red-light camera right before the crash that killed 28-year-old skyler. casio. what did he say? >> reporter: well, mark, one of the very first things he said
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that set the 10 for the interview. it's clear he is suffering a huge loss here. only made worse by the fact that whoever did this is still out there. the emptyness inside troy echoes in his voice. >> i lost -- a error important person in my life. my son and i were very close. >> reporter: it happened on january 31. skyler was on his bike when a newer-model toyota corolla slammed into him from behind and then just drove off, leaving him there like an animal in sarasota. >> i am really anxious to, you know, find the person that hit my son and took off the way they did. >> reporter: this new video, just released by the sarasota police department could be the key skyler's family is looking for. police say it shows the suspect vehicle just seconds before the 28-year-old was hit and killed. >> each day that goes by, you know, we don't know if that car has been fixed or sold or is even in the state anymore.
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>> reporter: the car, which looks like this one, will have right front-end damage. and the car was speeding before impact. >> it took someone very special from us. skyler left a lot of people mind, you know? that loved him and cared for him. it was a tremendous loss to all of us. >> reporter: the kind that leaves a hole inside a father's heart that grows widers as each day passes without an answer. >> he's my son. i miss him. >> reporter: we do know tonight, there is video of the actual accident. police have know released that yet. but they are going over it with a fine-tooth comb. as for skyler, he leaves mind a wife and a young son. >> we are thinking about them. we hope they find him. >> investigators are trying to determine what caused a. ita home to go up in flames. it happened this afternoon on careen street in palmetto beach. tampa fire rescue found heavy smoke coming from the roof.
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firefighters couldn't go inside. crews were able to knock it down, though and a familiarly of four all made it out safely, thank goodness. unclear what started that fire. >> a 10-month-old baby is home safe after she was abducted in a car theft. her mother was dropping off laundry in fort lauder dale when she left the car running. hoos when a man walked up and took off with the car. an amber alert was issued and it was cancelled when police found the car with the little girl still inside unharmed. >> slick roads may be to blame for a horrible car accident that claimed the lives of three children saturday night on cypress parkway. here's what we know. deputies believe the car was aguilar. it fish-italled and hydroplaned into the path of another car coming the other direction. six-year-old anthony rube scbroa two other children in the other
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anthony's grandmother is asking the public for their prayers. >> she was precious to a let of people. everybody loved him. very outgoing little boy. >> yeah, deputies say bad weather is likely to blame for the crash. all the kids in both cars were in car seats and all of them were wearing seat belts. >> she told investigators it's either them or me. then she pulled out a gun and she killed her in-laws. marisolbest was in court, facing two counts of murder. in november, investigators say she shot and killed her mother and father-in-law during a prayer session. best told police she was angry at them for criticizing her son, had was her husband, after he was charged with performing sex acts with an underaged girl in polk county. prosecutors made a big decision in the case today. >> the arraignment your honor, we have notify miss best of our intentions.
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to the charges. she is back in court in april. >> amber lee was 21 years old, a wfer and mother two of baby boys. she fought all the way to her death. now her killer, michael king, is fighting for his life. he abducted her and murdered her in 2008. he was found guilty and sentenced to death. after the u.s. supreme court ruled the florida death penalty process is unconstitutional. her family and others are concerned about what might happen. >> i don't think he deserves all of these rights. but that's not the way the system works. i think about what denise went through and what he did to her. you know, it's... it's really tough. but i understand there is a system in place and we just have to respect that and hopefully, it works. >> lee's family is convinced that king's sentence will stand. the jury's decision was unanimous. but they are concerned the case will be -- drawn out for sometime. >> if you hear a loud, blasting noise tomorrow, do not be
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macdill air force base is broadcasting test messages over the loud speakers, tomorrow afternoon. again, it is just a test. >> coming up, a luxury liner cots in controversy after heading right into a bad storm. >> why in the world would a cruiseship, with thousands of passengers, go sailing right into it? >> yeah, that's a good question. this senator wants a full investigation into the decision to put cruise-goers at risk, after the break. then this at 10:30. >> consumer reporter chris chmura here at tampa international airport. we are going to show you something i guarantee you have never seen before. so, please, stay up with me just a little bit longer. we will put the behind-the-scenes action on tv for the very first time, tonight. >> a strong cold front moving across the bay area right now, producing areas of rain.
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too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> does that look like a vacation to you? a new video shows the transmit waves that rocked a cruiseship in the atlantic, damaging the ship, frightening cruisers. it sailed directly -- and i mean directly into a storm, packing hurricane-force wins, 30-foot waves. >> it's really crazy when you think about it. passengers say it was terrifying, as you might imagine. okay, what an ordeal. >> reporter: yeah, i have been chatting through facebook with aers new jersey man. he and his 16-year-old daughter were on board yesterday afternoon had the seas grew rough. the captain instructed everyone
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but before that, he recorded this video here. we are glad he did. you can see there... yeah. like mark said, doesn't look like a vacation. same says this was actually calm compared to what came later. this is 3 hours before the height of the storm. they ran to their rooms and put their stuff in drawers and closets and objects did fly. a lot of people did record video. you can see the liquor bottle there, shooting across the table. storm toppled chairs in the common areas and caused part of a ceiling to collapse. flooded some staterooms. amazingly, only four passenger his minor injuries. the ship was cruising from new jersey to port canaveral, on the way to the caribbean. 45 people on board, 16 crew. and it ran into that big storm, off the coast of north carolina. winds of more than 120 miles per hour, that's a category-3 hurricane, folks. waves of authority feet battering the ship.
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said, look, we predicted this storm four days in advance. u.s. senator bill nelson took the senate floor today, calling for an investigation. he compared royal caribbean's decision to keep sailing to that of the cargo ship that sank during a hurricane last fall, killing 33 people. >> or even if it was surprise by the change of the direction of the storm, as that hurricane did, last year... why in the world is a ship going anywhere close to where the hurricane could be? >> look at this. we want to you appreciate the scale, the size of the ship. the anthem. seas is the third largest cruiseship in the worlds. imagine leaning 45 degrees as some passengers said it was. some of the waves lapping the fifth deck. well the ship survived the storm. and the cruiseline said damage
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areas and in no way affected the seaworthiness of the ship. but it did make the decision to turn around because there was another storm. royal caribbean has offered passengers a full refund on this cruise and 50% discount on the next cruise. the man i have been chatting with said his daughter was terrified. but at no point did he feel they were in danger. he praised the captain for piloting the ship in that nasty weather. he won't hesitate to cruise with them in the future and will definitely take them up on the offer of a full refund. >> extreme wind and sea conditions were -- and this is the word they use audio unexpected. but meteorologists knew it was coming. >> paul, you talked about this on friday. this is tough to take because -- my colleagues in the business, you know, we looked at the data going back to wednesday and thursday, we knew this was going to be a big storm. and the senator's correct t. really is the same thing as taking a big ship and sailing
10:18 pm
it's just that it's wintertime, it doesn't get a name. but this was it is 120-knot storm. this was a category 2, category-3 storm. just because it's winter, you get huge storms going up the east coast. this is what they get on the bridge of the sea of the anthem, every day. this is a map that's put out by noaa. the ocean prediction center. it looks like a mess, i know, at home. i'll plain it. this is all the atlantic ocean with the predicted fronts and highs and lows. you can see right here, this is florida, gulf of mexico. you can read that, rapidly intensifying and right here, developing hurricane force, 40 hours in advance. so lit rail, this map comes out on a little fax machine and look at this. how in the world! can you sail from here to here hurricane developing force.
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that's when you get when you don't pay attention to the science. anyways, let's pass along that and talk about what happened today. ooh, that's good. sunset, south florida, this is from george tangway. that's what we call a mackeral sky, high clouds coming in, elnino pattern. sunset tonight in tampa from mark weaver, great shot. today, we are back into the cool swing, four days above average. four days below. we will stay in blue, all this week and maybe into the first couple of days of next week. cold front here is diving to the south. and then the wind picks up behind it. another cold front bloind that. we have had a couple of showers go by. they are moving very fast. they won't add up to much. it is not really the rain, it is going to be the wind. you are in bed, you are going to hear the winds howl, especially along the coast as a monster east-coast trough.
10:20 pm
you can see the "u," right here. this trough is pretty much going to stay in play or in place for another 7 to 10 days. even though there could be a couple of days along the way where it temporarily warms up, the jg pattern for us is much colder than average. and we may have a night or two in the 30s or low 40s. winds are up. a couple of fast-moving showers going by. not going to add up to much at all. there is snow coming down in northern alabama, snowing in nashville, along the blue ridge. rain along the grand strand of south carolina. lots of snow on the map east of the mississippi. winds now have been gusting to 31 in brooksville, 24 in panama city. they will gust higher later tonight. so between midnight and 6:00 a.m., it is going to be pretty windy. temperatures holding in the 60s. not really cold tonight because for the most part, the wind comes right off the gulf.
10:21 pm
move much. kind of variably cloudy and gusty winds. gail warnings up onshore. reinforcing cold front on wednesday morning. we could see a freeze by thursday morning, another front moves south. many more cold air heading our way by valentine's day, early next week. the bottom line is, this is going to end up being probably the coldest week of the winter. tonight, a couple of fast-moving showers, windy and cool, dun to 50. then tomorrow, windy, variably cloudy and chilly and 57. on wednesday, same thing, partly loudy, breezy and chilly, 57 for a high. seven-day has no 70s on. it's mostly 50s and 60s. a couple of nights in the 30s and 40s. if there is going to be a freeze, it will be this has morning and maybe valentines morning. we will track that the next couple of days. back to you. >> thanks.
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big art heist in st. pete. >> we have been here for lmg 6 years and we have never had a theft or even a breakage. >> until now. this jahuelly glass sculpture
10:23 pm
what it's >> well, who has it and when have they done with it? this is a piece of art worth about $25,000. it was stolen from a collection in downtown sain pete. >> evan axelbank is there now to
10:24 pm
trying to track it down, evan? >> reporter: yeah, well, they are. this box here is 8 "x" 6 "x" 6. the glass is worth as much as a car is worth. it's been missing since yesterday afternoon. the $25,000 question. >> i just wonder if they stole it not knowing how important it was or if it was an expert. >> reporter: one of the pedastals is empty. the purple and bronze statue that once adorned it, gone. the gallery director, holding his breath. >> that was my favorite piece. >> reporter: the police frantically looking through video from the museum just before closing sunday to see if they can find who had the guts to break the part of the pedastal it was chained to. >> it would capture the imagination of a high-end crook, in my imagination, to maybe sell it to a private collector. >> reporter: the collection of
10:25 pm
of the largest showcases of the famed artist's work, which is in world. >> all of the artwork that we have is a part of our community. >> reporter: now a piece of it is in someone's back pocket. the gallery director frightening recalls a theft of the work in denver. one of the crooks panicked when he realized the police were after him and broke it. >> i hate to see that. but i hope he gets put away. >> reporter: police say they have contacted any legitimate local dealers to make them aware that someone might be looking to unload it. but whoever this has may not be looking for an on-the-level buyer. it is such a name in the art world, you know, a lot of people resonate with his work. so i am sure there are other very sad people hearing this tonight. >> reporter: the museum has been here for 6 years. and this is the first time they have ever had a theft. they have never had a breakage here.
10:26 pm
also be the first time they find a missing piece. >> we hope the only time. >> back to the zika now. the cdc is at the highest level of activation and the white highways is asking for emergency funding from congress. >> it's a huge health concern spreading very, very quickly. today, the white house asked congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding. puerto rico, the u.s. virginia islands and american sama are among 30 countries and territories where active transmissions are. the specific mosquito that carries the virus is common in florida and in states bordering mexico. the cdc is at its highest level of activation. and dr. jo explains exactly what that means.
10:27 pm
for emergency operations center for the sicka virus because they want to be on the ground in countries like columbia, puerto rico and brazil. and they say they want to have more research for testing. you have to remember some of the testing out there, there is cross reactivity with other viruses that are similar. so it's more difficult to figure out if a person was or was not acted by the zika virus. >> here, there are 16 cases in our state. three near hillsborough county. they are all travel related. they don't involve any pregnant women. >> and dennis ross of polk county co-authored new legislation to help speed up a vaccine creation process. >> coming up the big harch hamp primary is just hours away. >> the candidates know there is no time to waste here. their push for last-minute votes after the break. >> hey, there, chris chmura here.
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>> the presidential candidates are wrapping up a big day of campaigning. new hampshire primary just hours away. the first votes will be cast at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. the one-third of the voters are still undecided. this means it could be almost anybody's game. >> the undecided voters are doubt. >> reporter: a pre-primary day storm slowed the pace a little bit. but that made the candidates more energetic and more determined to get to every possible handshake they could. leading the polls and under fire from all of his rivals, donald trump focused on jeb bush, saying he melts like butter under attack. >> donald trump said that, donald trump said that.
10:31 pm
-- he's like a child. he's like a spoiled child. >> reporter: bush fired back, donald trump, you are not just a whiner. john mccain is a hero. crowds and rallies have surged after the debate, as shoppers give them a second look. marco rubio had a big momentum before his debate itch he's scripted and not spontaneous, he's not a leader. >> reporter: no apologies from rubio for repeating the same attack on obama verbattum. >> we are running out of time. 2016 is our last and best chance. >> reporter: ted cruz has been downplaying expectations with an eye toward south carolina and beyond. >> i hope and believe we will do well here. but i also know we have an
10:32 pm
south carolina and 10 days after south carolina, super tuesday, the so-called sec primary. our team is stronger than anyone else in the field. >> all the polls suggest more than a third of new hampshire voters have yet to make up their mind. don't believe the predictions. new hampshire has a long history of taking conventional wisdom and turning it on its head. >> take a look at what happened during a bernie sanders rally today in new hampshire. >> if there is one issue out there... oh, god! >> a woman fell off the riser behind sanders as he was speaking. she landed bihis feet at the podium. she apparently fainted. she was helped off the stage, seemingly all right and sandsers finished his speech. >> hope she's going to be okay. >> this friday, donald trump will be in tampa at usf at the sun dem. he leads the polls in flor did
10:33 pm
millennials. so far, marco rubio seem to have the edge with the youth vote. usf political science professor tolled us today, this is critical for every one of the candidates. >> i guaranteed you, this election cycle, you are going to see a lot of candidates on college campuses. why isn't millennial generation is bigger than the boomers. and that generation is very much up for grabs. many of them register as independents or no party affiliation. but they are going to vote for one pear or the other. >> tickets for this friday's rally are free. they are still available, despite some reports earlier that said it was sold out. >> parking is not free. that's their 20. we have a link on our web site. click on seen on tv. >> cleaning is a rite of spring, methodicallia warrenning away
10:34 pm
we have all been there, sprucing up for appearance' sake. we have a bigger job that is focused on safety. >> reporter: never seen one of these before, a big concrete stripped on the airport, known as runways... [dramatic music playing] >> reporter: when you do business with the airport, the aviation authority takes a cut. >> every time that you buy a cup of coffee as starbucks. >> reporter: a cut >> every time that you buy something at one of the gift shops... >> reporter: a cut. >> same thing with all the parking. >> reporter: a cut. now, sometimes that money is spent on the obvious, like construction. but other projects are a little more obscure. >> it's the kind of thing that happens behind the scenes. >> reporter: sunday. midnight. >> the first run is done 10 foot
10:35 pm
>> reporter: the and airport is spending thousands, pressure-washing the runway. >> we are performing run removal services. >> but unlike your driveway, this is anything but cosmetic. about 20 hours a day, every day... airliners land in tampa. each jet literally leaves its mark in the form of rubber on the runway. >> similar as you have seen skid marks along the roadway. >> reporter: the rubber builds up, big time. the air field superintendent says too much rubber raises a flight safety risk. >> the rubber builds up, it accumulates. it can cause friction issues on the runway. >> reporter: to prevent planes from skidding, the airport has hired a special truck-mounted water cam to jet blast every square inch of the three
10:36 pm
>> it's 28,000 psi. >> reporter: this incredible pressure washer crawls. it moves slow enough that we can could walk right next to it. in pass after pass after pass tis meticulously stripping the equivalent of 5 football fields just 2 feet at a time. >> it has a 2-foot cutting hod this particular rig. >> reporter: the pain-staking process drags on all night long. and is required twice a year. >> like clockwork, every six months. >> good morning. >> reporter: around sunrise. >> we test before and after. >> reporter: a state inspector arrives to scientifically survey the results. engineer tyler atkins drives the length of each runway, on cruise control. >> looking good. >> we rub at 40 miles per hour. >> reporter: beneath the bed, a tiny tire drops from the back of the truck.
10:37 pm
censor from the spinning wheel measures the friction on the runway to determine whether a jet would skid in the rain. >> the red line right here is the base. >> reporter: the overnight operation is a success. landing. >> the friction looks real good on this runway. >> reporter: who knew? so the next time you are watching a plane land and you spot that plume of smoke, remember, there's rubber meeting the runway. and folks on the graveyard shift brake. >> it's constant. >> reporter: also, don't forget you probably paid for this clandestine cleanup. >> you buy a cup of coffee, you are paying for rubber removal at the airport. >> interesting. >> so interesting. i am -- i am so curious, i mean, it's just rubber, right? >> yeah.
10:38 pm
>> [overlapping dialogue] >> it's a powder. look at that there, it has a little bit of anodor to it. they collect that twice a year. the airport. >> crumbling like dirt. >> reporter: it's an interesting operation. it's a great value because they pay $10 grand to power-wash the equivalent of five football fields. >> i am dureious, how often they are changing the wheels on those planes. >> reporter: they have to. pop. >> it doesn't hurt the concrete. >> reporter: they have to keep moving. they have to keep moving. if they stop, they say that 28,000 psi would damage the concrete. >> short of giving you a full do with the rest? for tires. >> piles of it and piles of it. interesting stuff.
10:39 pm
>> how did you come up with that story idea? >> reporter: we started to ask about, up north fthey do all of that de-icing do we have to do anything special down here? oh, yeah, we have to do this more often than other airports because of the heat. >> very interesting. >> as long as it make its safe. >> reporter: that's the key parted of it. >> it does smell bad. >> it does. >> coming up tonight, the drone business -- we know this -- it's booming. how many people have them and how the government is keeping track of them when we come right back. the new caramel macchiato
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let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> coming up at 11:00, could an energy drink be giving you more than just a pick-me-up? there are dozens of claims against monster energy drunks. why a lawsuit says it might be deadly. and a rare sighting in this florida inlet. an endangered whale and her salve. this story's coming up at 11:00. >> thanks.
10:42 pm
>> they are celebrating after successfully sending a satellite into space. >> however, the move has led to new sanctions from the united nations. the country insists it was a peaceful satellite launch. but united nations believes they are testing a ballistic missile technology -- remember the hydrogen bomb test they announced last month isn't u.n. reacting swiftly, promising new sanctions. >> so-called space launch vehicles are the same technology as ballistic missiles, which are expressly prohibited by multiple security council resolutions. >> the u.n. is in talks with north korea about a system named f.a.d. >> trones are really taking off, new numbers from the faa show just how popular they are. more than 325,000 people in the u.s. are registered to fly drones. that's 5,000 more people thans
10:43 pm
the faa launched its drone registration program just before christmas to track down people who break flight safety rules. they want to know who is flying the drones. >> it's like baseball -- spring training just 20 days away. the race are getting busy, ready for the upcoming season. this is the preparations, posted by the rays today on their facebook page this afternoon. can't wait for it. here we go. >> i am counting down myself. i like to see that. denver returns home with the lombardi trover. but peyton manning was not on the flight. i'll tell you why. and mark -- how about this? you coo -- you see what that is? it's a crab. we have checked into it. there is more than one picture. it's a crab.3 a landmark move for chipotle. it closes all it's stores for a few hours today... will this help the
10:44 pm
confidence?... the story tonight at eleven.****** (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided another hamburger. a steakburger. 100 percent beef. seal in the flavor ... from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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this is one of those pictures where you have to take a deep breath and say, we have looked into it and it's real. the giant crab, this is mark, crab. this is on christmas island in australia. you can see, there are a couple of picks here.
10:46 pm
beach. it was 3 foots long, 11 pounds. looks scary, but they are really just gentle giants. on christmas island, they are protected so they can grow and grow and grow. >> are they only in that area. >> i believe so. have you to know your crabs to be able to pick that up. >> he's very comfortable with that large crab. >> i hesitate with one the size of your hand, it can give you a pretty big pinch. >> i got this. >> grabbed him by the nose. i like this. this is pretty fun. i like the dogs. this is a burmese mountain dog, down the snowy hills of washington. he gets him going. stuck. you can see that brian is going to be kicking it into gear. you can see, come on. i like the way the dog's talking to him the whole way. >> he's probably pushing him right here. >> reporter: yeah.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: the borde collies will herd you all the way down the hill. they are amazing. >> that is so cool. now we have to look at this adorable panda. this is precious, video from the smithsonian national zoo in washington t. shows a six-month-old baby pannedy climbing up the tree. momma bear is right there, helping guide him down. i mean, that's amazing. >> yeah. if we didn't know it was from the smithsonian, you would think that was a human. >> it looks like somebody in a costume. >> look at that. >> reporter: that's incredible. >> we need one of those cameras like we had on the eagles. >> panda cam. >> yeah, we do. that's fun. >> reporter: all right. the lightning started two-game canadian road trip. and the defenseman anton makes the trip. but they flew strawman on a commercial flight because he's
10:48 pm
they didn't want him to spread it on the team plane. i am sure those on the commercial flight really had to appreciate that. they played like they had the flu. garrison with the lazy pass. prince is there to put it in the net. look at the reaction on john cooper's face, 2-0 senators. he is not happy. lightning do come back, 34 seconds later, brown with the goal and puts the bolts on the board. his sixth goal of the season. but second period's been good for the lightning -- not tonight. look at the men standing around the crease and mark stone buries it. 3-1, hole. sterling saves tonight. he makes a few. stone again, one that should have been stopped. but wasn't. and it's ottawa, rolling, 5-1. the lightning were watching this
10:49 pm
teams in the thick of the playoff chase with the lightning. deflection, and wings lead it 1-0. later, detroit on the power play and the goal red wings win it 3-0. so now they are tied with the lightning with 62 points. both teams return home from the super bowl as you expect, two different scenes in denver and charlotte. the broncos landed early this morning. and derrick wolf comes out first with the lombardi trophy, passed around by a few. but the big party is tomorrow when denver will have a citywide parade. they expect a huge turnout, possibly over three quarters of a million. peyton manning spent the day in disneyland with his family. did you notice there was no "i'm going to disney worldafter the super bowl?" they have run that ad every year, but 1987. no reason why.
10:50 pm
was still in it with mickey mouse and he will be with the team in denver tomorrow. >> tony stewart could be back in his cup car by may. stewart's first race could be the all-star event in charlotte, after surgery last week, student didn't doesn't have to wear a back brace, speedingun the rehab. people close to stewart say he was walking around two days after the surgery. the team should announce his replacement this week. a huge showdown in women's basketball. number 1 and number 2, uconn and south carolina. steve spurrier on hand to watch. uconn is 95-7 in their history versus a number-2 team t. rihannah stewart with a double-double and finishes with a game-high 25.
10:51 pm
got a lot more and paul's >> outstanding sunset in venice. scott gripo gets a fox 13 umbrella. what you need to do if you want to win an umbrella, go to my facebook page, like it. on the left-hand side, there is an app, upload your photos to
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we give away upbrellas monday through friday. check it out. meantime, here comes the cold front and there is going to be a little bit of rain. this is not going to last long. and the headline is not the rain threat tonight. you can see the showers in conjunction with the cold front. a little rain for a time. once the rain goes by, you are going to notice the wind picking up. if you are watching me now and you live near the water, you are going to hear the wind howl for a time. it will come in from the west, southwest at 20 to 30 miles per hour, along with higher gusts. coming up. the thing about tonight, it isn't going to be that cold because the wind is coming off the waters, which are chilly but warm enough to keep the temperatures elevated tone. not a cold night at all. this morning was cold with light winds and frost around. but tonight, a much warmer night
10:53 pm
right now, winds in st. pete are 20. 20 in tampa, 18 in sarasota along with higher gusts along the coastline. future cast has the band of showers moving southeast. tomorrow, we are kind of stuck in a mostly cloudy sky. there will be periods of sunshine and louds off the gulf. breezy and cool. the winds will sub side tuesday night. more cold air comes in whined the front. here's my outlook for tomorrow. temperatures stay pretty much in the 50 sdz all day long. in fact, 57 the high. there could be sunshine in between fast-moving clouds. breezy to windy and a windy and cold winter day. back to you. >> all right. paul. maybe a day for lotto win... all right, the super bowl 50
10:54 pm
the hosting duties down to houston. >> we hope eventually it will be tampa. the san francisco committee says this year's game was a great success. they say more than a million people came through. all the events and tourism raised about $13 million and now hayare handing the ball over to houston who will host next year. the ceremony included a video from astronaut scott kelley who showed off his football skills in space. >> february of 2017, not only will you go to spacing, but you will travel the globe within the confines of the sea of the houston. >> the countdown begins and it's february 5. put it on your calendar, right here on fox 13 in houston. >> in case the bucs make it. >> wouldn't that be something? >> stranger things have happened. >> think positive. time for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> cynthia and chris. >> right now at 11:00, the
10:55 pm
man behind bars.
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