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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  February 9, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] 3 developing ths morning: a traffic watch today... for tampa drivers. the big interstate *detour , that could mean big changes for your morning commute. 3 ((jen plus... a strange sight at one bay area museum. an *empty podium! the search today... for the *expensive piece of art, that's *supposed to be there. 3 and... the granite state, gets to work. the new hampshire primaries are *already underway. a look at the two candidates... who have the *very early lead. 3 3 ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now,
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3 3 3 3 a heads up for drivers this morning in tampa. a closed... from lois avenue to armenia avenue. this is
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closed until 5:30 this morning. until then, you can take kennedy boulevard as a detour. 3 the lanes closed last night... so crews could finish working on re-opening a brand *new lane. and any drivers who have been stuck in traffic jams on i-275 the past few weeks... could finally see some relief. when i-275 re-opens this morning, that *new lane is expected to reopen along with them. again, that's around 5-30 this morning. and of course vanessa will be with us later this half hour with much more... and updates on those lanes... all morning long. 3 and an update now, on a big traffic problem in pasco county last night. a truck hauling a crane *slammed into an overpass. that shut down i-75 for several *hours... near overpass road, just south of state road 52. one lane reopened around five p-m... and *all lanes were back open by 11 last night. 3 this is a closeup look at the damage that crane caused when it hit the overpass. the driver is aubrey reed from texas. he was not hurt...
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inspectors spent all night to make sure it was structually sound. 3 3 st. petersburg... for a very *expensive piece of stolen art. it's worth about 25 *thousand dollars... and police are hoping it doesn't *break before they find it. that's because it's a piece of blown glass, from the chihuly gallery. 3 looks like. it is bronze a pedestal. the piece is relatively small. it could fit into a 8 by 6 by 6 box and was probably taken yesterday before the gallery closed. the pedestal is now empty and damaged where the piece used to be attached. police are looking through hours of video from several surveillance cameras taken around closing time on sunday. they're still not sure if it was a professional art thief or someone who has no clue how
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3 police say they are still without any solid leads. the dale chihuly collection is worth more than $5 million dollars. he has countless pieces housed in hundreds of museums all over the world. this is the first time a piece from the collection in st. pete has been stolen in six years. 3 3 in sarasota: a traffic camera could be the hit and run crash. sarasota police say *this is bicyclist - then drove off. 3 fox 13's josh cascio has the latest on the case - where he spoke with the victim's father. 3 there's an emptiness in troy sandifara&and it only grows wider as days go by without answers. take vohis son skylar was hit and killed on his bike on january 31st in sarasota. it happened at the intersection of 301 between 6th and 8th streets. this new video - was released by the shows the suspect vehicle just crasha&police hope it jogs someone's memory out there. model - toyota carolla le 4
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is driving the car in that video needs to come forward. somethign very special from us behind tha tloved and cared fo rhi m7;36;29 its crazy how it 7;33;48 each day that goes by we dotn know if that car has that cars been sold we dont know if that cars even in the state thats why were hoping to get the word back outtake vo was speeding before the - if you know anything contact 3 3 back t you.sarasota pd. contact the sarasota pd. 3 back t you. 3 3 in clearwater: a man is now behind bars, accused of attacking a little girl but he's telling police... it was all a big mistake. 3 it happened last friday night at the macy's store inside the westfield countryside mall. a 6-year-old girl told police that a man followed her into a bathroom stall and held her down. she wasn't hurt. after a few tips, police tracked down 18 year old
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ocala. he told walked into the women's men's bathroom. he said the little girl was in a stall that was halfway open. and when she saw him, she screamed: after that, police say thompson took police say after that, after that, police say thompson took off... going was there picking up... from his estranged wife. thompson is now in the pinellas county jail, charged with battery. 3 3 an update on those two teens who escaped a juvenille detention center in hillsborough county. only *one is on the run today. that's because the other one, is *back behind bars. 3 "anthony bays" was captured in st. petersburg... last *thursday. but police just told us about it, on monday. detectives got an anonymous call about "suspicious activity" at a vacant house on davison avenue northeast. an officer peered into the home and saw
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and surrender... and he did. but they also say the 18-year old tried to hide is identity: 3 3 police say after they arrested bays, he asked them if they'd caught quote... "the other guy" yet... referring to 17-year old anthony cook. bays and cook were serving a sentence together at "falkenburg academy". on january 31st... they escaped through a hole in the chain link fence. cook is from st. petersburg... and may still be in the area. crimestoppers is offering a three-thousand dollar reward. 3 3 is florida really the "shark attack captial of the world?" well the numbers don't lie. experts say 20-15 set a new record for un-provoked shark attacks.. worldwide. 3 there were 98 attacks around the world. including *thirty in florida alone. that's just over
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the united states. the previous worldwide record was 88 in two-thousand. six people were *killed by sharks last year, including a snorkeler in hawaii. surfers were the target of *half of all attacks in 20-15. despite the increase, experts say shark *populations are declining. 3 3 if you hear a loud blasting noise in south tampa today, don't be alarmed. macdill air force base is testing its speaker system. they'll be broadcasting several messages over their loudspeakers. no specific time was given... but it's expected to happen sometime this afternoon. again it's just a test. 3 polls are now *officially open... in the new hampshire primary. a few precincts started voting at *midnight. and up next... we have their *very early results. 3 plus: ?still hoping to make that trump rally in tampa? well it looks like there are still a few seats left... after all. we'll let you know, how to sign up.
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cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. get your move on. 3 we're following a news alert out of germany right now... where two trains have *collided. it happened, just south of munich. at least four people are confirmed dead... about a *hundred people are believed to have minor injuries. police say there are still at least *eight rescue helicopters are on the scene. more on this story, as it develops. 3 3 it's back to the polls today... in the presidential primaries. and this time, it's new hampshire on the clock. but unlike iowa and it's complicated caucus system... today's vote will be a lot more straight forward. 3 most polls in the state will be open from seven a-m to seven p-m. but a *few towns started casting their votes just after midnight. including this event... in "dixville notch." but they only have *nine voters. on the g-o-p side .. john
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senator bernie sanders won with four votes. two other precincts have also voted... sanders and kasich *still holding a slight advantage. since 1952, this primary has been a major testing ground for candidates from both parties. candidates who do poorly frequently drop out. and if a candidate doesn't win either iowa *or new hampshire... traditionally, their odds of winning the party nomination are slim to none. and that shouldn't be a problem for donald trump and bernie sanders. they both have *huge leads in new hampshire... by upwards of twenty percent. but as we saw last week in iowa... those polls are not *always accurate. 3 and one more name could soon be joining the presidential race. former new york mayor "michael bloomberg" has now *confirmed the rumors... about his interest in running for president, as an independent. during an interview with the financial times, bloomberg said he's looking at all the options and listening to what the candidates are saying. if bloomberg *does want to run, he would need to add his name to ballots by early next month.
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donald trump rally this friday at u-s-f. yesterday morning, the event site said there were no more free tickets. but that *changed later in the day. and at last check, tickets are *still available this morning. the rally starts at seven friday night at the u-s-f sundome. doors open at five. and it's not *all free. parking will cost you twenty dollars. if you want to register... we've put a link on fox 13 news dot com. just click on seen on tv. 3
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3 3 3 3 3
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3 still ahead: the
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they played last night. plus: let the "mile high" a look at what the broncos have planned... for today's
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ba da ba ba ba 3 time to talk some sports
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begin... with the bolts. the lightning started a two game roadtrip up in ottawa last night. anton stralman took a *separate flight up there... because he's been dealing with the flu, and didn't want to get any of teammates sick. 3 well it may have been too late... because the team was definitely *playing like they had the flu. the senators didn't wait long to start scoring... and they were up two-nothing before the bolts got on the board. unfortunately that's *all the scoring the bolts would get. ottawa... was just warming up. they scored another three goals the next two periods, and the bolts take the blowout loss, five to one. it's the lightnings first loss, since january 23rd. they play the canadiens in montreal, tonight. 3 3 and now to the nfl, where the denver broncos aren't giving that super bowl *glow any time to fade away. the city is having its championship parade... today. the team just got home yesterday... super bowl trophy
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celebration starts at ten a-m with live music and other entertainment. then, the parade will begin at noon. the team will end it with a rally at one p-m. the players, coaches, mayor of denver and governor of colorado are all expected to attend. this is denver's *third super bowl win. we're guessing there might be a *few people in denver calling out sick today. 3 and peyton manning will join the team at today's parade. he had to make a little detour on monday... to mickey's house. he took his twins to disneyland. manning made the famous annoucement during his postgame interviews. he even got to ride in a parade. this disney superbowl tradition has been going on
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3 and with one super bowl in the books... the countdown is already on, for next years. this time it will take place in houston, texas. 3 the san francisco host committee *literally handed the ball off to houston officials on monday, during a special ceremony. this year's planners say the game was a huge success. they say more than a million people came through super bowl city in san francisco. the events and tourism raised over 13-million dollars. monday's ceremony even included an appearance by astronaut scott kelly, who showed off his football skills in space. of course houston is home to the johnson space center. "super bowl 51" is next february fifth. and you can watch it... right here on fox 13!
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3 when we come back, i'll have another check on your tuesday forecast. 3 plus... a dream come true for any young boy: getting
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really hi dad uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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3 3 3 ((dave)) 3 3 ((vanessa)) 3
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3 now,to a wave of support for one florida teen fighting cancer. not just from his family... friends and doctors... but also from complete strangers. as fox's tom johnson tells us... they're giving their all to help this boy accomplish a "high tech" dream. 3 [nats @ tc=00:47:48:19] "if you remember... from the last time i was here... this is 'dash.'"[tc=00:47:57:20] "(robot speaks) howdy do!" joshua solomon looks forward to this day every week. the day u-c-f researcher dr. megan nickels visits him. she uses robots to engage josh... keep his mind sharp while he fights cancer... in arnold palmer hospital. joshua's mom... dawn[dawn solomon @ tc=00:40:39:25] "knowing that my child is going through what he's going through... (voice breaking) how do i get up... and go through the day... knowing... he could possibly die." it's a tough situation. treatments... take a toll on the 15-year old... and he often stays quiet.[nats @ tc=00:53:19:20] "this one's almost like a train..." teresa augelli... wanted to help with that. "how come i have a boat in there?" she's a child life specialist...[nats: working with child] it's kinda what she does with joshua and children like jared santos
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quickly that joshua is a video gamer.[solomon @ tc=00:37:08:25] "anything that has fighting in it... you know... war i guess... he likes those kinda games." so teresa came up with the idea... to have josh create his own video game.[teresa augelli @ tc=00:30:35:15] "as soon as i said 'we're gonna create a video game.' smiled... super excited... ready to go!"[solomon @ tc=00:37:36:04] "i was like... 'oh... found something he likes to do! he wants to do that.' and i was like... so happy that she brought it up." josh's idea... a video game... about fighting cancer. [nats: megan with joshua] they got dr. nickels on-board next... and she...[nats @ tc=01:23:44:05] "you've seen how it looks..." found these guys. tushar despande... and brigadesh chandra... plus hari ramakishnan. u-c-f grad students... who create video games. hari's first reaction...[hari ramakishnan @ tc=01:31:53:00] "how can you make a game about cancer? don't you think that's a bit insensitive?"[tc=01:26:44:20] "josh was like... 'i'm fighting it.' so... that seemed like a really cool front." they got to work immediately. these is some early artwork. the basic idea... is straightforward. [hari @ tc=01:29:08:10] "you have like... 'cancer soldiers' building fortresses inside the human body. the map... the map would be the human body." the player uses cancer medicines to fight back.[hari @ tc=01:29:39:00] "those medicines kind of come in and... be form like... take form like soldiers and start fighting with guns." [augelli @ tc=00:29:57:05] "being able to create this video game... is a way for him to kind of mimic some of these experiences that he as well as other patients like him... have been through." joshua us. but everyone else told bright spot in his life. [solomon @ tc=00:38:52:20] to... continue with it and he what he... he's going throught... or what these children are going through." that's the ultimate goal of the effort... helping other kids.[solomon @ tc=00:39:27:00] "this is gonna help 'em get through... i hope... get through... and... you know... sit there and say 'i'm gonna fight you cancer!'"[hari @ tc=01:31:11:10] "(long pause) a way of showing people... never give up." just keep fighting. tom johnson...[solomon @ tc=00:40:18:15] "i think
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3 joshua's game does not have a name or definite release date yet. they hope to have it done within the next three months. 3 still ahead in our next half hour: more on those big changes for tampa drivers today. especially in the next *hour or so. fox 13's shayla reaves is *live along i-275 right now ....with more
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