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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 9, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 (russell- trying to catch up. hillary clinton p>>russell: trying to catch up. phillary clinton is already pbehind in new hampshire while pdonald trump is slightly ahead. pwe're breaking down these early rimary numbers from new phampshire. p>>laura: ask back in the news. pcasey anthony may be starting pher own business here in pflorida. pand she may have some rich pclients already lined up. p>>russell: making love last. pthe secrets to a successful pmarriage. pjennifer epstein introduces us pto a couple it's proof you can't pgo by first impressions. pwelcome to the 7:00 hour of p"good day." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pall that ahead and more. pfirst we need the chilly pforecast from dave osterberg. p>>dave: when i came in, it was
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pnow we've cooled back to 51 and pstill with that northwest wind pat 12 miles an hour making it pfeel colder than that. pwinds are still off 12 to 17 to p21 mile-per-hour winds down paround the venice area with an pearlier wind gust of 44 miles er hoir. p-- per hour. pwith the northwest wind, that pbrings in the clouds. pwindy conditions and high ptemperatures today only in the pupper 50s. pso bundle up, vanessa. p>>vanessa: and speaking of wind, pwe'll make mention if you're pjust joining us, there's a ptravel advisory over the psunshine skyway bridge due to phigh winds so please be careful pcrossing the water. pwe're seeing westbound delays palong hillsborough avenue. pthere's a new crash reported peast of north 50th street with psome westbound lane blockage. pwe're seeing backups all the way pto orient road. pyou'll want to take mlk even if pyou do perhaps maybe exit off pi-4 westbound onto hillsborough.
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pon an exit at mlk so we'll keep pyou posted there. pno delays to be seen between pwest shore and himes where we phad a new fourth lane reopen povernight and you can see good ptravel times there. pwe want to get to shayla reaves pto talk more about the changes pthat folks will see when they phit the road this morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pwe know for some time, a lot of pfolks are on the roadway dealing pwith a lot of that congestion pbetween dale mabry and himes ptrying to get onto 275 pnorthbound. pwell, all of that has changed pagain with the new traffic attern and here's what you need pto know. pthis, again, is the fourth lane pthat's opening ahead of schedule pon i-275 northbound in that pstretch between dale mabry and phimes. pwe're told it will not only palleviate some of the congestion pin that area but you'll also phave a longer distance to merge ponto i-275 northbound if you're
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pso these are some of the changes pthat you will see as you get on pthe road this morning and start pyour morning commute. pwe did find out as well, coming pup this afternoon, you might see pan additional change, a ramp pthat's been closed for three pyears, it could possibly be preopening again. pthat's the ramp over on lois. pwe learned that ramp has been pclosed for some time and paccording to the florida pdepartment of transportation, it pcould be reopening, taking you pthere to 275 thort 5 5 northbound as early pas this afternoon. pwe'll keep you posted on all of pthe traffic changes but we've pnot seen anything in the way of pa backup ourselves out here on p275 northbound of the i'm sure pvanessa will keep you posted pthroughout the morning. p>>laura: traffic is already ptough in that area where it pbottle necks so hopefully it pwill help. pthank you. pinspectors say it's say to drive psouth of state road 52 in pasco pcounty. pa truck carrying a crane hit it
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pfortunately, no serious pstructural damage. pthe truck driver was not hurt. p>>russell: if you haven't been pto new hampshire, it's a pbeautiful state. plook at that. privers, streams, mountains, pgreat history. ptoday more history to be made. pthere's another presidential rimary there. pfox 13 joins us from there this pmorning. p>>reporter: it's going to be a plong day here in new hampshire. pby the end of the day, we may phave a better idea who is in pthis for the long haul and who pmay have to call it quits. pfirst votes were cast just after pmidnight in dicksville notch. pjust nine votes. pthe g.o.p. winner by one, john pkasich but all four democrats pwent for bernie sanders. pthe state where so many voters pare leaving their options open. p>> rubio or trump. pwe're still undecided.
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pto look at candidates. p>> at least five or six phone pcalls every night. pi feel sorry for my postman. phe's getting all the mailers pcoming in. ptoo. p>>reporter: even if it's last pminute, there are a ton of pundecided voters here. ponly 60% of likely democratic pvoters in new hampshire are pdecided, fully committed to a pcandidate and it drops to just p50% for republicans. pthe stakes, meantime, could not pbe higher for the two pfrontrunners. pbernie sanders can't win here. pit's not clear where he can and pif donald trump doesn't deliver pafter being heavily favored, phe's in trouble. p>> there's a question about the pmechanics of the turnout game on pelection day. pthe truth is, though, that pmotivation is always the best pthing that gets people in their pcars on a snowstorm like we're pgoing to have and gets them to pthe poll. p>>reporter: the truth is that psome people showing up at some pof these final events are
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p>> it's still a big tossup for pme right now. pit could go to hillary clinton. pit could go bernie, it could go prubio, it could go kasich, it pcould go bush. p>>reporter: and there will be pcandidates that drop out. pit was reported yesterday that a ending staff shakeup for the pclinton campaign and some of pthem deny but they're certainly pbracing for a loss today. p>>russell: they expect record pturnout for the primary. pthat's despite the weather. pit's below freezing across most pof the state. pthere's a chance of snow today. pother parts of new england will pexperience blizzard-like pconditions. p>>laura: donald trump event pisn't a sellout after all. pmore tickets are available. pthey are free but parking costs p$20. pto find out how to reserve a pticket to the event, go to and look under the p"seen on tv" section. pwe'll be covering that. pflorida primary, five weeks from
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pand a new poll shows senator prubio running second in our pstate. phe gets 20% of the republican pvote. pdonald trump is on top with 27%. ptexas senator ted cruz is third pin florida at 12% and ben carson phas 6%. pformer florida governor bush is prunning fifth in his home state pwith just 4%. pand throughout the day, fox 1 pwill be closely watching the presults from new hampshire. pcraig patrick will have a look pat the big winners tonight on pthe fox 13 news at 10:00 and p11:00 and tomorrow morning, phe'll join us here on "good day" pfor his take on new hampshire residential candidates. pwe'll also have continuing pcoverage on our website at p7:07. pother news this morning, psomebody stole a $25,000 piece pof artwork from the chihuly etersburg. p>>russell: police are looking at psurveillance video now and they psay the piece of art was taken pon sunday. pcleaning crews saw it was
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pthe glass creations are pcolorful, they're one-of-a-kind. p>>laura: the man accused of pattacking a 6-year-old girl at a pcountryside mall said it's a big pmisunderstanding. pricky thompson said he paccidentally went in the ladies proom and the girl was in a stall pwith the door halfway open and pshe began screaming when she saw phim. phe panicked and put his hand pover her mouth to make her stop. phe eventually ran off. olice found him after getting a pfew tips. phe's facing a battery charge pthis morning. p>>russell: detectives are hoping pvideo from a traffic camera will phelp them catch a driver presponsible for a deadly hit and prun. pvideo shows the car that hit pskyler last week in sarasota. pwe're told it was a newer model pfour door toyota corolla l.e. pand it may have damage to the pright front end. pthe driver just kept going. pif you know where they are, call pthe sarasota police department. p>>laura: lawmakers are trying to pdecide how to send criminals to pdeath row.
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psenate would require a unanimous pverdict by a jury while a house pbill only requires nine of 12 pjurors. peither way a judge will no plonger be able to sentence panyone to death row unless a pjury recommends it. pup until recently, florida was pone of only two states that gave pjudges the ultimate power on pdecide a punishment in death row pcases. p>>russell: casey anthony back in pthe news. pa photography business in south pflorida has been set up under pher name. pthe name of the business is case hotography. pthe address is a west palm beach phome that belongs to private pinvestigator patrick mc kenna. phe was the lead investigator for pher defense team during her pmurder trial a few year ago. phe was also an investigator for po.j. simpson's defense team. phe had a lot to do with pdiscrediting the testimony of pmark furman by finding tapes of pthe l.a. police detective using pracial language. p>>laura: most of us love a good plove story.
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promance novels and movies. p>>russell: jennifer epstein will pintroduce us to a few couples pwith amazing romantic tales. p>>jennifer: good morning. psometimes cupid arrow strikes. pother times it misses and our pfirst love story didn't start pout smooth. pthey were just kids when they pmet and let's just say the pfeeling was not mutual. pbut over time, jim won colleen's pheart and now they're getting pready to celebrate 39 years of pmarriage. pi'll intruls you to the happy pcouple coming up next on "good pday." p>>dave: it's 51 degrees outside. pnorthwest blustery winds pcontinue moving through the parea. pin fact, we've got winds gusting pover 40 miles an hour very early pthis morning. pit's a little better right now pbut windy with the clouds around ptoday. pthose two combined to keep us i the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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p>>dave: how about this? pyou can see the flag blowing in pthe wind earlier this morning. pthe pirate ship belonged on pbayshore boulevard. phonestly, very windy overnight.
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pwoke her up, some wind gusts pwe've had and every couple of phours, the weather service kind pof checks back in with us and pgives us an updated total on psome wind gusts we've had. p53 mile-per-hour wind gusts in pbelleair. pthat is it. pi know it was only for a few pseconds but still. ptampa bay in the middle of the pbay. p43 mile-per-hour wind gusts. ptampa international, a 38 pmile-per-hour wind gust. precently in venice around 44. pwind are still up. pthey may not be gusting to 40 pmiles an hour now but gusting pbetween 202/5 -- between 25 and p30 and it will probably do that pall day long. ptemperatures are also continuing pto cool off as well, scour out psome of the moist air and get pthe drier air and the northwest pwind is also going to continue pto keep the cloud cover around pthroughout the day today. pthere's brooks dale, leesburg,
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ptampa, new port richey, you may pbe next. pwe may sneak back in the upper p40s before slowly climbing back. pto be honest with you, 72 is our pnormal high temperature. pwe're not going to come close to pthat for today. pif you're travelling to the pnorth, you get up to pgainesville, it's 41 degrees. pback to the state capital, it's p38 at this hour. pthis isn't helping. p12 to 17 mile-per-hour winds inellas county, down to venice pwhere they have a 21 pmile-per-hour wind out of the pnorthwest and then occasionally, paverage over a few seconds' ptime, you'll get wind gusts 23. pclearwater 28 in venice and even plakeland with a 28 mile-per-hour pwind gust and this is the way ptoday is going to go. pit's going to be breezy. pwe're going to have wind gusts. pbut at the same time, you see pthe way the clouds continue to ush in. pthese are cold air clouds pgenerated by that northwest wind pblowing the colder air over the pwarmer waters of the gulf.
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pwill just keeps you mostly pcloudy and with the clouds and pthat wind, it becomes a huge pstruggle to bring temperatures pup. pwe have to shift the winds. pit leaves us like this. pclouds, 57 degrees for a high ptemperature for today despite pthe sunshine. pbreezy, chilly, 44 the overnight plow tonight and i think tomorrow pwhen you wake up, basic wind pchills in the upper 30s as you pfactor in some wind with the 44 povernight low. pthen scattered clouds, breezy pcompany pconditions tomorrow. pboating today, we have gale pwarnings out plus lake wind padvisories. pby thursday we're back up to 62 pdegrees and then closer to 70 pfor highs on friday and psaturday. p>>vanessa: all right. pthank you, dave. pright now it's 7:16. pwe have a live look i-4. pthese are the westbound liens pwhere we're seeing most of our pdelays. pthis is just before you get into
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pyou get to the interchange. pf.h.p. is reporting a crash and pwe're not seeing any notable pdelays at this point but the psituation for the move over law. pas we check in on the other pmajors, looks like 275 psouthbound has typical delays pbearss avenue to i-4. pthis is not remarkable to see peven though we're in the red. pi-4 westbound looks like you phave some delays starting from p75 as well. pthat's a 15 minute ride into the pinterchange from the 75 exit. p75 itself, it's not bad at all. p16 minutes. p275 junction to i-4. pover the next few days we're pgoing to meet real life couples phere in the bay area who know pall about happily ever after and pwe start with colleen and jim. pthey met when they were 13. pjim thought it was love at first psight but colleen, she didn't pagree. pbut he woo'ed her and they're
7:16 am
phere's their love story. p>> i knew that she would be the pone forever. p>> he's very generous. phe thinks of me first. p>> most beautiful woman in the pchurch that day and no offense pbut she still is. p we were born before the wind p>>jennifer: colleen and jim were pjust kids when they first met. p13 years old and at their pcousin's wedding in upstate new pyork. p>> i kind of liked her, but she pdidn't like me at all. p>>jennifer: it was love at first psight for jim but cupid's arrow pmissed colleen. p>> no. pno. pnot at all. pi don't know. pi just didn't -- nope. pnothing there. pnothing was attractive to me. p>>jennifer: that didn't stop jim pfrom trying and he spent a lot
7:17 am
phoping to get a glimpse of his pgirl. p>> i asked if she was home and i pfound out later, she was. p>> no. pno. pnot home. phe was persistent and the more i pwould see him, he was sweet. p>>jennifer: and they ended up phigh school sweethearts. p>> i just decided, oh, okay. p i have no fear p>>jennifer: it's that loving pkindness that's kept them ptogether since high school and pmarried for 39 years this may. p>> he's very considerate. phe will always have i love you. p>>jennifer: it hasn't always pbeen easy. p>> make sure it's "i do." p>>jennifer: keeping a marriage ptogether takes work and they ptried hard when they found
7:18 am
pfirst time in 20 years. p>> that was the roughest time of pour whole marriage, having to plearn each other again, dating. pit really was. p>> yeah. pour conversations were all about pthe kids and sports and where pare you going and what are you pdoing and now it's us. pwhat do you talk about? p>>jim: over time they found the pspark again and now enjoy the pempty nest. pit brings them back to their pbeginning and reminds them of pwhy they stayed together. p>> i wouldn't have anybody else. pi'm lucky, lucky. p>>jennifer: jim and colleen will pbe celebrating 39 years of pmarriage on may 21. pthey're hoping to catch a rays pgame. pand tomorrow we go back to pvalentine's day 1999 when cupid pstrikes a couple at a concert. pi'll introduce you to a pair pwhose love story is best told pthrough a song. p>>laura: nice. pvery nice. pall right, guys.
7:19 am
pconnection, try being generous. pthat is the top trait that women pare looking for. pnot generous to them, generous pto others and most of those pwomen were willing to accept a pless attractive man who wasn't pselfish. pthey prefer to have a long term prelationship with men who put pothers ahead of themselves and pthat can include volunteering to phelp the needy, donating blood por making a donation to charity. p>>russell: nice. p>>laura: yes. pagreed. p>>russell: picture this. pcoming up, what a 6-year-old phappy meal from mcdonalds looks plike today. p>>laura: it's the price one pwoman pays to look like a disney rincess. pthat's real, folks. pa small fortune. pwhy she thinks it is worth every enny. p>>russell: you didn't see it. phey, charley. p>>charley: generosity, you say. pthat's what they're looking for pthese days.
7:20 am
pwas sense of humor. pnow i'm just in trouble. phey, speaking of trouble, trying pto get in this place, we teamed pup with yelp tampa bay. pwe want to find out where is the pmost romantic date night spot? pthey said go to speak easy pinside the condominiums here p. pnondescript, you have to have a assword to get in. pi'm working on it right now. pis the password password? pi'm going to get in this place peventually and you're going to pget in there, too. por maybe you guys should go pahead and i'll wait out here.
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3 welcome back... the time is 7:xx. the number of p>>laura: welcome back. pthe number of deaths continues pto rise as crews work to rescue eople from the scene of a train pcrash. p>>russell: two trains collided phead on early this morning. pit happened around 1:00 and pright now we're not sure what pcaused the crash. pthe operator of the two trains psay they partially derailed and
7:24 am
pat least nine people are dead, panother 150 are hurt. pwith 50 of them serious. prescue crews are having a hard ptime getting to the survivors. ptrain line runs between a river pand a forest. phelicopters are using rope to pcarry people from one side of pthe rooifr -- river to awaiting pambulances. pscomploip several transportation pofficials may launch an pinvestigation into royal pcaribbean after one of the pcruiseships ran into a storm psystem over the weekend despite pbeing warned days before. psenator bill nelson called for pthe investigation. pthe 4500 passengers were forced pto stay inside their cabin and pinstead of continuing on to the pcaribbean, the ship is on the pway back now to new jersey. pthey were offered a full refund pand half off a future cruise. p>>russell: former rays player pyoung is accused of choking and pthreatening a parking attendant pin miami.
7:25 am
pgot angry when he told him he pcouldn't use an elevator at the photel where he lives. pthe he will elevate or was not accessible pat the time. pthey took him to jail and he pbonded out. p>>laura: believe it or not, phappy meal you are looking at is psix years old. psure wouldn't know it, would pyou? pa woman posted this picture to pfacebook to prove just how punhealthy fast food can be. pshe said she bought it on pjanuary 8 of 2010 and the meal phas not decomposed at all. pthe picture is going viral. pit's been shared more than p200,000 times. pmcdonalds says their feet does prot when exposed to moisture and pthe right environment. p>>russell: a record for the most pshark attacks worldwide last pyear, including 30 in florida. pmost of them on the east coast,
7:26 am
pattacks were fail not here. p>>laura: adorable moment on pcamera at the zoo. plook at this. pmama helping her baby. pit took baby a few tammy attempts to pclimb the tree. pgetting down was a different pstory. pmom had to help with that one, ptoo. pthis is the baby, though. pthe dad was playing in the snow. pthis family has captured our pheart. p>>russell: look at that mom phelping that baby. p>>laura: isn't that something? p>>russell: you got this, psweetie. p>>dave: go, go, go. p>>russell: i could look at this pall day. pthat's why i have the app on my hone. anda cam at the national zoo. pi do. pi do. p>>dave: seriously, when your plife was crazy and you have a prough day, just stop, pull it
7:27 am
pnature right there. p>>russell: yeah. pthat's sweetness. p>>dave: the current temperature pcontinues to fall and it may pfall a little more over the next phour or two. plook at this. pwe're back to 50 in lakeland, pwinter haven, haines city, pwesley chapel, upper 40s to pleesburg, crystal river. pa front came through a few hours pago and the wind was whipping pall night long. pstill dealing with 10 to 20 pmile-per-hour winds and those pare sustained winds with wind pgusts as high as the upper 20s pright now. pso northwest winds keeping the pclouds around, cool air as well. pwe're going to be well, well pbelow our normal high of 72. pin fact, this afternoon looking pat high temperatures of only in pthe mid to upper 50s. psame for tomorrow as well. pand then we'll start a bit of a pwarmup and by the weekend, we pmay get back closer to 70 pdegrees. pbut next couple of days it's pgoing to be a struggle. p>>vanessa: all right. pthank you.
7:28 am
phere at 7:29, we have sky fox pchecking out the earlier pmentioned crash along phillsborough. pyou can see this does involve a pvehicle that's crashed intu a pditch. pwe have lane blockage here. pthat right lane is taken up by pemergency vehicles so we do have psome backups that we're seeing. pso this point, sky fox is preporting those westbound delays pall the way to hardee road. pavoid the area if you can. pyou can see there's also backup pin the area of i-4 approaching pthe hillsborough exit so make psure if you have to head that pway, plan a few extra minutes pfor that. pveterans expressway, those pdelays are backed up to the psouthbound direction of van pdyke. pas you make your way down, pyou've got some slow speeds in pthe 20s all the way well past plooks like waters at this point. pif you're heading in the popposite direction, just 12.
7:29 am
pwhere hollywood may produce a tv pshow. p>>laura: and then it's treadmill ptuesday. pwalter allen is working up a psweat this morning talking about pit. pgood morning. p>>walter: good morning there, pguys. pthat's right. pwe're at the tampa ymca in the pmidst of a huge competition pbetween tampa and jacksonville. palthough i think i found my pcompetition. pi could beat this guy. pi know i can. pi could beat this guy. pyou're going down. pstay with us. pstay with us. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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3 (laura) welcome back to good day tampa bay. p>>laura: welcome back. p7:34. pzika virus is a growing threat. pthe cdc has put the operation pcenter on the highest level of palert because of it. pthe president is asking congress pfor close to $2 billion to help pfight the disease. psome of that money would kill pmosquitos that can spread it. pzika is especially dangerous for regnant women because of birth pdefects it can cause. peither. pthere are 16 known cases of the pzika virus in florida, including pthree in hillsborough county.
7:32 am
prash, fever and joint pain. pdr. jo is here to talk about the pgrowing threat. pthree local cases. pshould we be worried about that? p>> i think we should be pinformed, concerned and premember, about 80% of people pare estimated to be pasymptomatic. pif you have three people that preport the disease, there may be pothers that did not so maybe 12 por so if you use those pstatistics could be circulating phere. pwe also worry about the fact pthat there was a sexual ptransmission case, you know, preportedly in dallas. pthat's still under investigation pbut there had been one reviously in colorado and that pone, i have to tell you, a erson was studying mosquitos in pafrica, went to colorado and pinfected his wife a day before phe developed symptoms. pfour kids in the household, pnobody else got it so they are prelatively certain it was psexually transmitted so here's panother mode of trans mission pbesides the mosquitos. p>>laura: so much we still don't pknow. pthe cdc put the operation center
7:33 am
pat one point we knew it was on ar with the ebola. pit. pmean? p>> it's exactly that. pwe haven't seen them put it to plevel one since ebola. pthey want to find out more. pwe don't know a whole lot. pwe know even in those pindividuals that i told you pabout with the sexual ptransmission, they found it in pthe semen, not in the blood. pblood tests are negative. pare they not accurate? pcan it be sexually transmitted? pwe don't know the answers. psome blood tests they do have to psee if you've had it after the pfact. pthere's cross activity with pother viruss so they need to erfect that better. pso there's a vaccine and they pare saying now that they are pgoing to go right ahead and try pto develop those vaccines. pwe put some of this in play with pthe h 1 n 1 and a vaccine center pcan use cell based vaccines so i pthink what this is doing is
7:34 am
utting all the pieces in play pbut allowing and giving that pfunding to make these things go pforward. pi have to tell you, if this does phappen and as it happens, it's pgoing to be a well oiled machine pso that if something else comes pdown the line that perhaps they pcan just put it right back into lay and utilize it. p>>laura: we certainly hope so. pthank you. prussell? p>>russell: hey, thanks, laura. pwell, it is treadmill tuesday. pwe have the folks from the y pdeliver us a treadmill to the pstudio so we can log a few miles ptoday. pi can't stay on here long. pthe script says i to get back to pthe anchor desk but really, it's pjust that i'm out of shape and pi'm bad and can't do this any plonger plonger. pwalter allen, what is your pspeed? p>> 2.8. pwhere are you at? pi can see you. pi'm going a little faster. p>>russell: i'm in 7.9 chlt
7:35 am
p>>walter: get out of here. pthat's the best part about this. pyou can go, you know, .5 or you pcan go 7.8. pyou just have to do it for 30 pminutes. pwe're at the ymca. pi will dial it down so i can ptalk and not panting. pdawn, you're in charge of pwellness here at the ymca. pwhat is this event and how did pit come to be? p>> last year the jacksonville pwas trying to hit a guinness pbook of world records and this pyear they decided what they pcould do is instead, challenge pthe tampa ymca to get the most pmiles logged, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 .m. p>>walter: nothing like a little pfriendly competition to get pgoing a little bit. pso you have to get on a ptreadmill for 30 minutes, no pmore, no less. pyou have to take a picture, pright? pso let's talk about that.
7:36 am
ptreadmill for 30 minutes, that's pthe goal at the end of the day. p>> absolutely. pamerican heart association precommends 30 minutes of pcardiovascular activity to pimprove your overall health. pit can lower cholesterol, lower pyour blood pressure and just pmake your heart healthier. p>>walter: is there any reason at pleast 30 minutes? p>> they find them at a minimum. pyou don't even have to do it 30 pminutes in a big chunk. pfor health benefits, you can do p10 minutes here, 10 minutes pthere and equal 30 minutes pthroughout the day. p>>walter: and the best part, i plove it because it's a pdestressor. pyou feel better. p>> absolutely. p>>walter: thank you so much. ptreadmill tuesday. pto get credit for tampa, so it pneeds to be hashtag treadmill ptuesday at tampa ymca. ptake a picture of the time, how plong you've gone and then the pdistance on how far you've
7:37 am
pand then put in there, hashtag ptreadmill tuesday. p>>russell: and to be clear, you pdon't have to do this at a y. pyou can do it anywhere, right? p>>walter: very good point. pyou can do it anywhere. pyou can do it in your home, panywhere you want. p>> you can do it around the pworld right now. pdoesn't matter where you are. pyou can participate in treadmill ptuesday as long as you hop on a ptreadmill. p>>walter: perfect. pis that you walking? psounds like frankenstein over pthere. p>>russell: i picked my worst pwalking shoes for this today. pi don't know what i was thinking pbut here i am. pwe'll see you later. p>>walter: have a good one. p>>laura: vanessa and i are going pto try it later in the five inch pheels. psee how that goes. pdon't panic if you hear a loud pblasting noise from the macdill pair force base today. pthey're testing the new speaker psystem. pthey'll be broadcasting several
7:38 am
psometime this afternoon. pagain, it is only a test. pthat's not the only thing phappening today at macdill air pforce base. pit may soon be home to a new tv pshow. panjuli davis is outside of the pbase right now to tell us all pabout that. p>>reporter: good morning to you, plaura. ptampa is no stranger to scandal pand now cbs television studios pis looking to capitolize on pthat. pvariety magazine just announced pthat cbs ordered the show called pfour stars. pthe pilot would center around ptwo powerful military families pin tampa. pbesides from making the tough pcalls on some of the highest plevels of national security, it pwould also focus on the rivalry pbetween two families. pfilming will begin next month pbut here is the hitch. pit likely will not be shot in ptampa. ptampa hillsborough film and pdigital media division told the pfilm that louisiana likely beat
7:39 am
pthe producers of four stars are pfamiliar faces in the film pindustry. pthey've helped produce shows plike "nashville" and cbs p"elementary" and show time p"masters of sex." pand this since the first time pthat tampa missed out on pstarring on screen. plast year the ben affleck film pwhich was set in prohibition era pybor city went to georgia as pwell. pthey chose to construct a mini pybor in the middle of georgia pinstead of florida due to better pincentives offered by our pnorthern neighbor. pmacdill says that the first time pthey heard of this new tv show pwas actually online through that pvariety article as well. pfor now, back to you, laura. p>>laura: great story line. pa very -- i mean, it's pbrilliant. pmaybe this will send a message pto the film commission, too. p>>reporter: we'll see. p>>laura: thank you. p>>russell: it's time to start psetting up for the st. pete pgrand prix. pconstruction on the track begins
7:40 am
plast year's winner will join pmayor kriseman to install the pceremonyian first block. pthe track will be almost two pmiles long. pwhen it's done, the course will prun through downtown along the pwaterfront. pthe grand prix weekend is march p11. pi can't believe it's already phere. p>>dave: i know. pin sports the lightning play the pcanadiens tonight. pthey had to travel 125 miles to pget there. pthat's because they were over in pottawa last night. pthe senators, they just took it pto them. pthey beat the bolts 5-1. pj.t. brown had the only goal for pthe lightning. pthat's only the second loss, by pthe way, in the last 12 games. pthe lightning are back at amalie parena friday night where they lay the nashville predators. pthat's the start of a four game phome stand. pdespite the super bowl loss, anthers are number one in the pespn power rankings for next pseason. pthe patriots are second.
7:41 am
pround out the top five. pwhat's this? pdespite the 2015 espn ranked the pbucs 28th. pbrowns, 49ers, titans and pjaguars are worse. pwe're just going to have to rove them wrong, aren't we? ptime is 7:44. pit's windy, it's cool outside pbut it's pretty.
7:42 am
p>>dave: 7:47. pthe clouds are filtering pthrough. pthese are cold air clouds. pnorthwest wind moving that cold pair, a little warmer waters of pthe bay just generating the pcloud cover. pwe'll have a lot from time to ptime throughout the day. pbut every so often, in between pyou get a little poke of psunshine and we need every bit pof that sunshine today because pit's not going to warm up all pthat much. pit's starting off in the 50s. pyou think it's not bad. p50 lakeland, 50 frost proof, 51 pwauchula. ptampa 54. pst. petersburg, sarasota in the pmid 50s but the colder air pcontinues to slide southward so pthat will offset any of the psunshine that we do get, that pnorthwest wind doesn't help, pright? p12 to 17 mile-per-hour winds pwith wind gusts which have been ptied as 43 miles an hour.
7:43 am
pnight but during the day today, pyou could get wind gusts 25 to p30 miles per hour. pthe clouds, northwest wind, peverything just kind of keeps it pcooler than normal. p57 degrees for a high. ptonight we're going back into pthe 40s for overnight lows and pthen tomorrow we'll once again pbe a huge struggle. pscattered clouds and high of 57 pdegrees. lease don't go boating today. pwe have gale warnings along the pcoast and lake wind advisories. pwe have you covered all the way. pwhy not go boating today? pit's 68 degrees. pby the time we get into the pweekend, friday and saturday do plook nice. pupper 60s and it looks like cool pfor valentine's day. phigh of 62. p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. pa couple new incidents to pmention starting off in pasco pcounty where we're getting word pof a school bus crash along the ptrail east of hicks road.
7:44 am
parea so you'll want to plan some pextra time out the door if you pwant to head that way. pthe best option is to avoid that parea completely if you can. pthe go ahead -- good news, pthere aren't reportedly kids on pboard. pwe have some damage reported but pit's to the other vehicle. pmeantime, area of bloom dale pavenue, bell shoules road, we phave some congestion so plan pextra time out the doorway. plive look for you north end of pthe howard frankland bridge, we pnorthbound direction. poverall it's not too bad pcrossing the bridge and when pthey open the fourth lane pbetween west shore and himes, no pdelays whatsoever. p>>laura: this next story takes lace dressup to a whole new plevel. pit's a little disturbing but you pbe the judge. pthis 25-year-old woman has spent p-- and this is real.
7:45 am
p25-year-old woman has spent more pthan $14,000 to transform pherself into different disney rincesses. psara ingell is a marketing pmanager from denver and these pspent thousands on custom made pcostumes for nine different rincesses. pshe owns 17 different costumes, p16 different wigs and get this, peach look takes three hours to ut together. psara says each dress can take up pto six months to make. pand she has got so good at her ptransformations that she started pa business called, princesses pever after where people can hire pher out for events. pshe also volunteers and she pvisits children at hospitals, ptoo. pin that regard, she's doing pgood. p>>russell: yeah. pin that regard she's doing well. p>>laura: there's that. p>>russell: let's go with that, pshall we?
7:46 am
pget in? p>>charley: well, jason got in. p>>russell: he knows the assword. p>>charley: we know who the pv.i.p. is in the duo, it's jason pbird. pwe're at speak easy supper club. pyou have to have a password to pget in. pi think i got it. pyelp tampa bay. pi should have known because it pwas yelp tampa bay who we called pto say, where is the best date pnight spot in all of tampa bay pfor valentine's day? pit brought us here. pstick around, everybody. pit's going to be a good day in pthe neighborhood and we'll have
7:47 am
pzeros speak p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher. pfinally made it inside zeros pspeak easy and supper club. pwe're inside the bayshore royale pand howard. pgot to have a password to get in pand it's best of yelp 2015 for pbest date night. pvalentine's day is sunday. pwhere is -- let's tell people pout there what they need to know pto get ready and this was your pfirst choice for best date
7:48 am
pit wasn't even mine. p>>charley: not yours. p>> i mean, it is my choice. plet's get that clear but the pyelpies were the awards that we phave at the yelp elite vote psquad each year and it's the pmost active and influential pyelpers in tampa bay. pwe drew the votes, all the pcategories out in december. pwe had about 100 categories and pthey voted, speak have spoken pand zero's is the winner. p>>charley: let's say i need yelp pfor valentine's day. pi can go to yelp for more than pjust finding a restaurant, pright? p>> you can. pthere's actually a ton of pdifferent categories. pbasically any sort of business pcan be found on yelp. pso we have actually here a few pof our winners that aren't food prelated. peven you can look up your pfavorite place to get a pmani/pedi.
7:49 am
pessentials spa and even best lace to, you know, go get your phair done at tribeca in ybor. p>>charley: this yelp thing, they ptake this seriously. pyelp reviews can take it. phow do you make that an accurate preview system? p>> 78% of reviews are three, pfour, five stars with five ptaking the biggest chunk of the ie. pas much as online, there are psome critics and i'm sure you pcan attest to that personally, pyou know, yelp is actually a pcommunity of people that real plike to uplift the local pbusinesses here in their city pand as the yelpies can attest, pthere's a lot of favorites. p>>charley: you need a little pyelp for valentine's day, best lace for chocolates and sweets.
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