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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 11, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 p>> when you see the crew praying pon rosary beads and crying, it pit was terrible. pthan never. pcruise ship peak -- passengers pare happy to be home. pvacation nightmare. lus -- p>>reporter: when tax season prolls around, it's not just the pi.r.s. after your hard earned pcash. ptoo. pwe'll tell you about some tricks pstraight ahead.
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pa funny clip on youtube right pnow regarding his decision to pwalk out on reporters after the psuper bowl. p>>russell: i haven't seen that pyet. p>>laura: yikes. pwelcome to the 7:00 hour of p"good day." pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: i wasn't ready for pthat. pall right. pi can't wait to get to that. pi'm happy now. pbut we have to get to dave right pnow. p>>dave: do you know what's pfunny? pi just saw that a minute ago. pwe strangely bumped up to 47 pdegrees out at tampa pinternational. pwe went from 42 to 47, odd, pnorth-northeast winds. pnot everybody made that jump. pupper 30s still brandon, plakeland, haines city, wesley pchapel. pwe're at the freezing mark pbartow, brooksville, crystal priver, inverness, floral city, pall of these spots at critical p32-degree mark.
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padvisory for you in locations pmore than likely straight pthrough the 9:00 hour. pit's a cold start. pthe sun will be up in 10 pminutes. pfull sunshine today. pwe get back up in the mid 60s. pwhy are you laughing at me? pwhat did i do? p>>vanessa: i'm in between ptraffic reports. pit's so chilly in here. pi got e.p. approval, by the way, pon facebook to wear my puppy pcoat during the traffic report. pi know it's chilly out there and pwe have a crash in land o lakes pbut sky fox is monitoring this pand looks like the one we were pseeing at land o lakes boulevard phas cleared out. pso expect to see those delays pstart to lift out over the next pfew minutes but just if you're pheading through the area in the pimmediate future, maybe the next pcouple of minutes or so, might pwant to consider school road to pshave off a couple of minutes of pdelays but like i said, we pshould be back to morm --
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p>>laura: it is true it is colder pin here than outside. p>>russell: usually you don't pwant the vacation to end. pnot the case for thousands of pcruise ship passengers in new pjersey. p>>laura: we're just glad they pmade it back. pwalter allen has the story. p>>walter: the ship pulled into ort last night and the assengers could not get off the pboat fast enough. pmany got sick when the anthem of pthe sea went through a major pstorm on sunday. pit was like a hurricane winds of pmore than 100 miles an hour. pwaves up to 30 feet high. pthey did have some damage on pboard. pthe ship was on a seven-day pcruise to the bahamas with 4500 assengers on board. pthey never made it there. pfour people got hurt but pthankfully nothing serious. psome of the passengers blame the pcaptain for sailing into the pstorm while others say he did phis best to avoid a disaster. p>> how can you be angry? pyou're in the middle of nowhere pand i don't think they knew what pto do.
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pi thought we were going to die. pyou know, i just -- you know, pyou hear horror stories but you pnever really live them until pyou're actually in the psituation. p>>walter: inspectors will assess pthe damage today. pthe cruise line will need to pmake repairs in a hurry. pthe anthem leaves for another ptrip on saturday. psenator nelson wants the pnational transportation safety pboard to consider an pinvestigation. phe wonders why the captain chose pto sail in the storm despite the pwarnings not to. proyal caribbean apologized and pmaintains the storm the ship psailed into was unexpectedly pstrong. assengers will receive a full prefund plus 50% off a future pcruise. p>>laura: 7:04 now. plocal authorities are warning peveryone about a tax scam ptargeting bay area residents and ptheir bank accounts. pshayla reaves is at the polk pcounty sheriff's office to tell pus what to look out for. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pwhen you're just trying to pay pyour taxes, scammers are trying
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pcash and the government. pthe polk county sheriff's office psays they're already getting pcomplaints about this at the the pdepartment and the i.r.s. calls pthis a telephone scam that's psophisticated and aggressive. pnot only targets taxpayers but precent immigrants as well. ptemple terrace police showed ponline on social media a clip pthat was just shared talking pabout the i.r.s. scammer trying pto pose as a police officer ptargeting a victim. ptake a listen to this. p>> all right. pyou either get the forms -- p[inaudible] p>>reporter: authorities warn law penforcement would never call you pon behalf of the i.r.s. pthe i.r.s. would not call to pdemand immediate payment,
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ayment or ask for a credit or pdebit card number over the hone. pif you receive a call from psomeone threatening to arrest pyou for non payment, consider pthat suspicious and report it. pthe agency does not call about ptacks owed before first having pmailed you a bill. pif you've been a victim or want pto report a telephone scam to pthe i.r.s., you can do so by ptrade commission. pwe do know a sheriff judd has psaid if you ever have one of pthese calls, if you ever receive pone to try to get as much pinformation about the caller as pyou can and report it so that pcall can be investigated. palso don't forget about your pelderly family members or pfriends. pmake sure they're aware of the pscam as well so they don't send pany money or provide any ersonal information over the hone. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. p7:06, two students in phillsborough county are facing peither suspension or expulsion pafter they were both arrested
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p>>russell: one of them was seen ploading a handgun on a school pbus. pthe other, though, had a gun pinside his car on campus. pnow, first officers arrest p18-year-old jamarcus sims on pwednesday. phe was seen loading a gun on his pbus. pa passenger texted a relative pwho then called 911. pthe gun was stolen from temple pterrace. pthey're not sure who took it. phe has previous arrests pincluding domestic battery and pgrand theft. pnow to the other incident. pa vague threat caused plant high pschool to go into a modified plockdown. pduring that on wednesday pmorning, tampa police went car pto car and they found a shotgun pwith ammo and a knife in an p18-year-old's car. atterson is now charged with ptwo counts of possessing a pfirearm on school property. pstudents could now face the unishment under the no ptolerance policy.
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pexpulsion or suspense. pthe school district hasn't made pa decision on either case yet. p>>laura: 26-year-old williams is pin custody this morning. phe's accused of trying to kill a asco county deputy with his car pduring a traffic stop over the pweekend. pdeputy was trying to arrest pwilliams on an active felony pwarrant. pfortunately, the deputy did not pget hurt. p>>russell: police in st. pete phope somebody watching this pvideo knows where to find a man. pnow, they say he's not trouble pbut he may be able to help them psolve the case of the stole pchihuly art. pthe vase was left outside of the parts center on tuesday morning. pas you can see, he was standing poutside of a limo on eighth pstreet north and first avenue psouth when the thief was leaving pthe scene and they had a brief pconversation. pthat one-of-a-kind glass vase is pworth about $25,000, stolen pgallery.
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pgood deed from pinellas county. pa boy who just had his bike pstolen is now riding around town pon a new bike. pit's all thanks to a group of inellas park police officers. p>>russell: fifth grader was pupset after his bike was stolen pright in front of the school. plucky for him, officers from the pcommunity redevelopment police punit pitched in and bought him a pbrand new bike. pthe officer delivered his resent to the school and they pall watched as the little boy pgave his new bike a quick test pride yesterday. pto prison. p>>laura: and then jennifer pepstein has another love story pfor us. p>>jennifer: thank you. pyou know, we're wrapping up our pseries of local love stories pthis morning with a couple who pfound each other in the midst of pa horrible tragedy and together, phelped each other heal. pnow they're ready to put the ast behind them and start a new pchapter together. pcoming up, a couple who proves
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p>>dave: brooksville at 31 this pmorning. pst. petersburg at 51. peveryone else between but mostly p30s on the map this morning. pit's great to get some frost off pthe windshield. olk county, some freezing ptemperatures in citrus county. pwe'll start to take care of that pbut the frost advisory from 9:00 pa.m. for inland locations and a pfreeze warning for hernando, pcitrus and sumter county goes pthrough 9:00 a.m. as well. pwe're back in the mid 60s as
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pwarmup in time for good morning, good morning, hello, my name is patricia rodriguez. good morning governor, counsel, and jim allen. good morning everyone. i think it's still the most important thing we can do for any family in this state is to create an opportunity for them to get a job. i'm a single mother of three. i've been working for the seminole tribe for fifteen years now. this company has given me the opportunity to provide for my children. how does it make you feel when you worry about whether this compact gets signed? if the compact isn't signed, then it does affect me tremendously because i would be out of a job. a month ago my sister passed away. she have children? how many? five. so are you taking care of them? yes. this compact not being signed would affect me and many people that
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grown with me at this company. if would affect them immensely. jobs for florida.
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p>>dave: beautiful, beautiful pcamera shots this morning. phow is that for a sunrise? pit's cold, no doubt about it, pbut it's pretty. pthere's not a cloud in the sky pthis morning. priver view looking back to the pcoast, clear and beautiful shot pfrom the beach as well as the psun just came up literally two pminutes ago and chilly but pnotice how much calmer the gulf pis. pnow looking west on kennedy and
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pthis shot is. pyes, our temperatures are as pcold as advertised. plook at all of the 30s, haines pcity, wesley chapel. phow about this? pif you're east of 75, you're in pthe 30s. pokay? pand then as you go north, up to peastern pasco county, parts of pthe areas are actually in the plower 30s and then the freezing ptemps brooksville, crystal priver, they're at 31, 32 pdegrees. ptampa, clearwater, st. etersburg to get temperatures pback in the upper 40s and that's ponly because those spots, those ptemperature sensors are near pwater. phard freeze to the north. pgainesville is at 28. pjacksonville at 29. pmany, many february mornings in pthe past decade, i remember it pbeing just like this and you pgrab your winter gear and you ut it on and you're out the pdoor. pyou're freezing. pand then by 2:00 in the
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pthe layers off because it's a pmild day. pthat will be the case again ptoday. pit is about one to four to 12 pdegrees colder than it was pyesterday at this time. pbut full sunshine, tons of dry pair and the northeast wind we pshould see a nice warmup. pnot a back to normal warmup, pincluding 72, but a decent one pas we get back in the mid 60s pfor today. pso obviously winter gear early pon this morning. pshed most of that this pafternoon. ptonight winter gear goes back on pagain, back to the 40s for povernight lows but then ptomorrow, we're once again pbringing it back to the upper p60s so it's cool in the mornings por chilly in the mornings and pthen mild in the afternoons. pthat's going to be the theme for pthe next several days. pgoing into the weekend, 69 pdegrees for a high friday and psaturday. p68 on sunday. plooking at a nice, mild pvalentine's day weekend. pclouds and showers are coming pback in the forecast. plooks like late monday and early
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p>>vanessa: great. pcan't wait for that warmup ptoday. pi took the coat off because i pfeel like you can't take me pseriously when i look like a proly-poly. pwe don't have serious congestion pcompared to what we usually see. pbearss avenue to i-4 is taking p17 minutes. pthat's good news when we're pbelow 20 minutes. p75 southbound, we have some red ptravel times for you here. p16 minutes bruce b downs pboulevard to i-4, moderate pcongestion here. pheading into the interchange, i pgot to say taking a live look phere at 275 at west shore, i've pbeen impressed with the travel ptimes and the northbound stretch pheading up to dale mabry since pthey opened that fourth lane. pwe're still in the green so penjoy that 10 minutes ride from pthe tampa side of the howard pfrankland to i-4. pspeaking sochl -- of some pchanges, if you're on the road pat this time yesterday, you robably missed the change. p275 northbound ramp from lois pavenue is actually reopened
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p2013 so enjoy that. p>>jennifer: when one bay area pcouple takes their vows soon, pthey'll look at the better. pit's already been the worse. pbut then something amazing phappened and their story is roof that love heals. p>> four years ago i survived an pattempted murder case. pmy ex-boyfriend stabbed me 32 ptimes. p>>jennifer: it's not the way pmost love stories begin. p>> we love all the same things. p>>jennifer: in order to tell pmelissa and cameron's tale, we phave to start at the beginning pattack. p>> i remember immediately, you pknow, tons of police officers, pambulance, the rescue, ponce. p>>jennifer: one of the first presponders was cameron, a pfirefighter called to the scene
7:18 am
p>> i think it's fate. p>>jennifer: it's fate that preunited them 10 months later pwhen melissa shared her story pfor the first time and cameron pwas there in the crowd. p>> i was just overwhelmed with pjoy and feeling so blessed to pmeet them and be able to say pthank you. p>> i was trying not to cry pmyself. p>>jennifer: he invited her back pto the firehouse for dinner with pthe rest of the crew. p>> i was giddy and also having pdinner with all the people that psaved my life. p>>jennifer: the more they ptalked, the more she realized pshe was falling for her hero. p p>> the more i learned about pcameron, the more i realized we phave so much in common and that pthis feeling that i was feeling pwas not just because it was psomebody that helped save me. pit's really i have feelings for pthis man. p>>jennifer: they've been ptogether ever since. p>> he was there by my side pholding my hand, the hard days, pthe really hard days, the sad pdays, the happy days. p>> stressful days.
7:19 am
pstressful times. phe was by my side through it all phelping me, loving me. p>>jennifer: cameron knew it pwouldn't be he's by but that's pwhat you do when you're in love. p>> i knew her story and, you pknow, i knew there was going to pbe hard times. pand that's any relationship but pyeah. p>>jennifer: he knew after a few pshort months that she was the pone. p>> i waited a long time to find, pyou know, the right girl. p>> melissa survived a brutal pattack in january of 2012. p>>jennifer: he popped the pquestion in front of a stadium pof people and the tampa bay prays. p>> will you marry me? pit was written right on it. pi was like -- i looked at it. pi could read it. phe was down on one knee. p>>jennifer: now as they count pdown the days until their pwedding, they can hardly believe pthat a tragedy could end so pbeautifully. p>> you know, i had to go through pall of this stuff, you know,
7:20 am
pwouldn't want to go through what pi went through again but i also pwouldn't change it. p>>jennifer: and i do want to ptake a moment to make a mention pthe man who did attack melissa pis now serving life in prison pwithout parole. pit happened last year. pcameron's big day is set for pmarch 4 of next yeerp. pthey're still in the wedding lanning stages and going for a pcountry chic look and can't pbelieve the outpouring of psupport of people in the pcommunity. p>>laura: it's one of my pfavorites and i -- you've become pfriends with her over the years, ptoo, right? p>>jennifer: we've kept in touch. pi did a story about a home town phero with her a couple of years pago. pand the community has really psupported her all along the way pand now she is devoting her life pto helping victims of domestic pviolence and she goes out and pshe speaks to groups of people pacross the country so that's
7:21 am
pfantastic. p>>russell: thanks, jen. pvery nice. psurvived. p>>russell: one of our best polympic athletes may not compete pthis summer in brazil. pcoming up, she shares her life. p>>laura: and fun at the expense pof cam newton. pwhat advice andy griffith might pgive the quarterback. pcharley belcher, have you seen pthis? p>>russell: nice. pcharley? p>>charley: good thing i don't phave allergies. pi just thought of that. pso beautiful. pthe orchids not only look pamazing, smell amazing, oh, my pgoodness. pnot all of them, though. pthese smell incredible. pwe're in sarasota here for the porchid show that starts sunday pand goes through march 27.
7:22 am
lants that so many of us love pto look at but i'm afraid to try pto grow at home. pcome here and enjoy them as they pare raised by professionals.
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pmake it (laura- welcome back to good day tampa bay. the time is 7:--. flags will be flown at half staff today in maryland.(russell) that's to honor two deputies p>>russell: two deputies were pfatally shot after a pconfrontation with florida. pone deputy was killed in pbaltimore and a second died plater. pthere's an arrest for assaulting pa police officer in orange pcounty. p>>laura: there's a manhunt punderway for the man responsible pfor fatally stabbing a mother pand two children. pa third child also attacked is pin critical condition. pthe bodies were found by a phousekeeper at a hotel for the phomeless on staten island on pwednesday. pauthorities believe that the pwoman's boyfriend is behind the
7:24 am
phe has no prior criminal record. p>>russell: justice department pfiling a lawsuit against pferguson, missouri after the pcity rejected a deal with the pgovernment aimed at improving pcommunity and police relations. pthe decision left them no choice pbut to file a suit. pthe city leaders say they don't phave the money to make a psettlement work. pofficials say the agreement as pwritten could cost $3.3 million pto implement. pcity leaders will keep fighting pthe feds in court if they need pto. pit's likely a judge will decide pthe outcome. p>>laura: it's a difficult wait pfor dozens of families in ptaiwan. pthey don't know the fate of 90 eople missing after the pearthquake over the weekend. pmost were living in an apartment pbuilding no longer standing. prescue workers are digging pthrough the debris now but it's pslow and tedious. p46 are confirmed dead. p>>russell: nfl running back mc pcoy may need a defense attorney. pauthorities recommend his arrest
7:25 am
phe's accused of attacking off pduty police officers at a pnightclub early sunday morning. pthree other suspects as offic pnose and broken ribs. pmc coy spent six seasons with pthe eagles before the bills. p>>dave: 47 degrees outside at ptampa international. pnorth-northeast winds at six pmiles per hour. pa couple of things, though. pdew points are low. pdry, dry air is sitting in place pwhich warms up quickly. pthe sun up, it's gorgeous poutside and we have a northeast pwind so as cold as it is right pnow, bartow 34. pbrooksville 31. pwe still have freeze warnings pout until 9:00 this morning. pi do anticipate a fast warmup by p11:00, noon time today. pshed the jackets. ptomorrow and saturday. pwe'll be flirting with the p70-degree mark so really a nice pwarmup the next few days. p>>vanessa: can't wait for the p60s. pthank you. p7:27.
7:26 am
pa crash with lane blockage preported on cortez boulevard. pyou'll want to give yourself pextra time if you have to head pthat way. pmeantime, as we check in on the pdelays of the veterans pexpressway, we just crossed over pinto that 30 minute threshold psouthbound travel time. pmost of your delays you can see pfrom ehrlich to about the area pof waters and then if you look pin the northbound direction as palways, we're looking good. pthat's an 11 minute ride. p>>russell: well, music ledge pedge santana not a big fan of pthe half-time show. pwe'll tell you what his biggest pcomplaint is. p>>laura: and saving turtles. palcides segui is at the paquarium. p>>reporter: good morning. pthe folks here at the clearwater pmarine aquarium are working paround the clock after more than
7:27 am
pwe'll talk the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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3 (laura- welcome back to good day tampa p>>laura: welcome back. pthe time right now is 7:31. ptemperature outside is not psomething that is going to kill pus. p>>russell: not true for the sea pturtles. pthey're at a high risk right pnow. palcides segui is in clearwater pwhere efforts are underway to
7:29 am
p>>reporter: good morning to you. pthere have been some sea turtles pthat have died because of this pcold weather temperature. pit's having its toll not only on pthe sea turtles but the folks phere at clearwater marine paquarium. pthey're working to keep the sea pturtles alive and well and it's pquite the task, no doubt about pthat. psince the beginning of the year, pthey've actually taken in about p140 sea turtles, 69 live pintakes. ptuesday they rescued 12, pwednesday 11. robably more this morning just pbecause how cold it is out here. psea turtles, keep in mind, are preptiles. pthey assume the temperature of pthe environment around them. pwhen the temps drop, it puts sea pturtles at risk of being cold pstunned and that's what's going pon out there. pmost of the turtles were already pcompromised with viruses and pboat strikes and other issues so punfortunately, it's very sad, pthey're just washing ashore. pc.m.a. has rescued more than 25 psea turlgss near death and the pteam hasn't slept in days due to
7:30 am
pkeep the sea turtles alive. pthat care is not cheap t. kolss pabout $300 a day to rehab each psea turtle intake and c.m.a. prelies on donations and they phave a goal of raising $25,000 pto help buy items to keep them palive and well and punfortunately, they're well pshort of that. pat last check, they had more pthan $3,000 collected for their pdonations. pso if you're interested in doing pthat, you can visit their pwebsite. pi just spoke with the public prelations person a short time pago. pshe is on the way so hopefully pwe'll have a better idea of what pthis sea turtle team is doing to pkeep them alive and well but pit's chilly this morning at pclearwater and i expect more sea pturtles to be rescued today. pwe'll see how it all pans up. p>>russell: are you feeling okay? prehab. pi've been sick since saturday. p>>russell: take care of pyourself, okay? psee you later. psee ya.
7:31 am
pmorning one week after they were pabandoned. pa good samaritan found them in a pbox on the side of the road. pthey were emaciated and plethargic and had skin diseases pbut as you can see, they have pmore energy now. phumane society says their skin pis healing and their hair is pgrowing back. pthey have about three more weeks pof recovery ahead but after pthat, they'll be fixed, micro pchipped and ready for adoption. p>>russell: good for them. ptoday city council will address pa threat of the zika virus. pthey'll discuss whether the city pshould start spraying for pmosquitos pmosquitos. p16 cases across our state and pthe u.s. olympic committee is phiring two infectious disease pexperts to help calm the fears pabout the sdmr ika virus. pa lot of athletes are worried pbecause brazil is in the poutbreak area. psome athletes are even thinking pabout avoiding the olympics if pthe situation does not get pbetter. psoccer dpoel goalie hope solo among pthem.
7:32 am
pthe everglades is on sunday and pit's been a huge success. pa record 95 snakes have been pcaught. pnon native burmese pythons have pfound homes in south florida. pthe fourth year for the python pchallenge. phunters win cash prizes for pcatching the most and the plongest pythons. pnow. prepublican race for president ploses two more candidates and pdemocrats debate tonight. pdoug has more. p>>reporter: what a crowded field pit was. pchris christie and carly fiorina phad strong moments but the road pahead is about to get much more pdifficult. p>> do you memorize the 25 second pspeech? p>>reporter: chris christie pdidn't help himself enough. phe's out. pso is carly fiorina who also had psop powerful debate performances pbut just couldn't translate pthose into widespread support pahead of south carolina which is pup next.
7:33 am
olls which just came out here, pwere through the roof. p>>reporter: donald trump already pin south carolina where the olling has been scant but he pappears to have a big lead. peven though ohio governor john pkasich is still showing his psecond place showing in new phampshire, trump's biggest pted cruz. p>> this is a national campaign pand one of the most important pconclusions coming out of these pfirst two states is that the ponly candidate who can beat pdonald trump is me. p>>reporter: for democrats, phillary clinton and bernie psanders, it's back to the debate pstage for a one-on-one tonight pin milwaukee. psanders, after a landslide win pin new hampshire over clinton, pmade a pilgrimage to harlem to pmeet with al sharpton. phe got an embrace but will he pget an endorsement? pthe two sat down for lunch as psanders is trying to build pinroads with black voters, a owerful force in south carolina
7:34 am
pbig advantage. pand pur superintendent to that, pmembers of the congressional pblack caucus here in washington ptoday will endorse hillary pclinton for president. pin. phe said he's under a lot of ressure from supporters to stay pin the race. pthat's despite a second to last lace finish in new hampshire on ptuesday. pjim gilmore did worse than he pdid. pcarson is confident he may win psouth carolina. phis strongest states are still pcoming up. prock star santana is the latest erson to complain about the phalf-time show at the super pbowl. p p>>laura: criticism has nothing pto do with the performance pitself. phis beef is with the nfl. phe says they should have taken pthe opportunity to lose famous
7:35 am
pin a letter to the league, he psaid, quote, fans like pmetallica, journey and yours ptruly. pwe want have done the area roud. pat least one of the bands on the plist agrees. pjourney. pit fell short of setting a super pbowl record. pit's third on the list. pkaty perry's performance last pyear is number one with nearly p120 million views. pmichael jackson's super bowl phalf-time show in 1993 ranks psecond. p>>russell: well, here we go. pall week people have been making pfun of cam newton for walking pout of the post game press pconference. phe was not happy with the super pbowl. phe didn't feel like answering pany questions so remember, he pjust got up and left. pwell, here is the spoof that psomeone put on youtube using a pclip from the old andy griffith pshow. p>> i don't think it's very nice
7:36 am
p>> i didn't win. pi didn't win. p>> he know you didn't win but pthe important thing is, you was pin there trying. pthat's what's important. p>> they don't give you no medal pfor trying. p>> i know that. pi know they don't. pand it's nice to win something. pit's real nice to win something. pbut it's more important to know phow not to win something. p>> i know how to do that real pgood. p>>russell: you know, that is pstill great advice. pit's still great advice from pandy. psome players on the denver pbroncos felt like quitting after pthe late game fumble. pthe video shows him hardly ptrying. pbroncos got the fumble recovery pnear the panthers end zone and pgot a touchdown later and denver pwent on to win 24-10. pgood advice from andy griffith pin the old days. pwe should listen to him. p>>laura: it's true. p>>russell: all of us. pnot just cam.
7:37 am
regnancy. pthe celebrity possibly sporting pa baby bump? p>>russell: and this tiny pdistress. pmission. p>>dave: we're about to touch p7:40 this morning. pa couple of camera shots show pyou clear over the gulf. p51 degrees as people bundle up pmorning. plook at the difference. plakeland 37, very cold, kind of pfrosty degrees and it's going to pwarm up quickly today. pfrost until about 9:00 or so. pwe have temperatures in the pupper 20s in ocala to about 40 pdegrees in sarasota and ief got pyour sefb-day forecast which pdoes include a nice warmup for
7:38 am
it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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p>>dave: this weekend, a lot of psnow boarders in the world are pgoing to compete in the grand rix eventment some of them polympic medallists in the sport. pthey go down 14 stories. pthey just got some snow so i'm psure that helped. pwhat a sight that must be. pit would be great for the pspectators, though, to be able pto see that up and close. pthat's in p47 degrees outside. pit's pretty. pit really, really is. psun came up at 7:11 and it's pgoing to take another hour or ptwo to start to warm things up. pbut what do we do? pi think it's a mild afternoon.
7:40 am
ptoday we'll bring it to the mid p60s. ptomorrow we'll bring it back to pthe upper 60s so at least we're pgetting the cold this morning. pit's out of here now and while pwe have more chilly mornings poverall we're going to see the pwarming trend last in the pupcoming weekend. pthe other thing i wanted to show pyou is you get out to the pcoastal waters and it's much rettier, much prettier and pnicer and calmer than it's been pover the past couple of days. panxious to get out there and do pthat boating. psome people make their living phaving to go out there and get pon their boats so today, a much pbetter day than we've had the ast couple. pstill freezing in crystal river. psame for brooksville. p31, 32 degrees there. pother spots are barely above pfreezing and i'll bet that's a pnice little rim of frost on your pwindshield this morning. pbartow, lakeland as well. pthey're at 37. pbrandon at 39. pwesley chapel at 38. pget closer to the waters which pare in the 50s right now,
7:41 am
ptampa, clearwater, bradenton and psarasota. pfrost advisory continues through p9:00 this morning for the areas peast of i-75 and all of pasco pcounty and then as you go pfurther north, we have the pfreeze warning out for hernando, pcitrus and sumter. pa cold start which will ptranslate into just a nice, mild pfinish around here. p72 is our normal high. peven with clear skies, thanks to pthis big ridge of high pressure, pand a northeast wind and dry pair, i still think we're only pgoing to get in the mid 60s ptoday so several degrees below pnormal. pdo you know what? pnice, nicer than yesterday pafternoon in general. pgrab your jackets tonight, pthough. p64 goes back to the 40s povernight but i think we stay paway from the freezing ptemperatures tonight which is pgood. ptomorrow a notch above. phow about 68, 69 degrees for a phigh temperature with that psunshine? pboating today, that northeast pwind at about 10 knots.
7:42 am
pwhat a light chop we've seen pover the past couple of days. pnext tide is a low tide at 10:03 pthis morning. pdecent warmup brings us back to pthe upper 60s saturday and psunday. plower 70s for monday. pthe front comes through monday pinto tuesday. pthat's our next chance of rain. p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. pand we're checking in on gunn phighway. pwe have reports of a disabled pvehicle before you get to the pveterans expressway. pwestbound direction we're phearing just one lane is blocked pso you could see some minor pdelays as you head that way. pmeantime, we do want to talk pabout the majors, speaking of pdelays. plooks like 75 southbound is premaining here in the red. pthat's a 19 minute ride from pbruce b downs boulevard heading pto i-4 and also notable pcongestion here i-4 westbound pbetween buckman highway and 75. pfolks are coming northbound palong 275, pinellas county pdrivers crossing it is howard pfrankland braj heading to the pinterchange, give yourself 20
7:43 am
p>>russell: we need your help. phope joy has been kidnapped. pofficers have confirmed she is pheld captive. pif i have one wish, it would be pfor you to help us. pcall for action in australia but pthis was not a movie. pit was one little boy's wish pcome true. p>>laura: it is definitely the ptop trending story around the pworld this morning. pmake-a-wish foundation in paustralia had one superplan to pgrant the wish of a 9-year-old pboy battling cystic fibrosis and phe's obsessed with ironman. phe even wished that he was iron pboy. pyesterday his dream became a preality. pcity of sydney came together to pcreate an adventure for pdominique. pthey gave him a mission and his pown mini suit. phe was flown by helicopter to
7:44 am
pwas to rescue a reporter from pult ron. p>>russell: it took place in pfront of the sydney opera house. phuge crowd of supporters there pto cheer on iron boy and of pcourse, easily defeated the probot by firing some laser pblasts. pwell, pretend laser blasts pbecause he didn'ty pgot it. phis mission would not be pcomplete without rescuing that pkidnapped reporter. pthere was a bigger is money pafterwards to thank iron boy, peven got to take home a medal pand this follows a similar make pa wish project in america a few pyears ago with that mini batman. p>>laura: even the real ironman pgot involved in all of this. pactor robert downey, junior sent pthis tweet out last night saying pto a very special boy and top psecret mission today. pgo, dominique. pdoesn't get much cooler than pthat. p>>russell: big news for harry otter fans. prelease date for the next book, pjuly 31.
7:45 am
pchild based on a new play that pcomes out the night before. pwe're not going to spoil it for pyou. phere is just a teaser. pharry is a husband, has three pkids with one of the kids pstruggling with the weight of pthe family legacy. p>>laura: and this. regnancy rumors are circling paround jennifer anniston and her phusband. phe is the evil deejay that came pback and posted these pictures psaying it looks like the friend pstar is supporting a tiny baby pbump. ptrue or incredible insult. pwhat do you think? phappens to be jen's 47th pbirthday today. pit looks like she cannot escape pthe pregnancy rumors even on her pspecial day. p>>russell: that's one of the pmost scrutinized women in the pworld. p>>laura: they're constantly pwaiting for her to become regnant. p>>russell: are they married or pnot? p>>laura: and then get married,
7:46 am
pit's worse than your mom. p>>russell: charley belcher, pwhat's going on? p>>charley: just enjoying some porchids. pdid you know that i love the pscent of vanilla. papparently a lot of men do. pit's a very -- i don't know. pthat's another story. pbut anyway, did you know that pvanilla comes from an orchid? p>>laura: i did not. p>>reporter: no. p>>laura: i thought vanilla came pfrom a field. p>>charley: we call it vanilla pbean but it's actually the pod pof an orchid. p>>russell: i had no idea. pwow. p>>charley: at least that's what pthey're telling me now. p>>russell: you can stop this pright now. p>>laura: your work is done here.
7:47 am
peverybody.3 p>>charley: "good day tampa bay." pi'm charley belcher coming from psarasota this morning. pwe're visiting where this psunday, the day set aside for plove, if you love orchids, it's pfantastic for you. pthe orchid show kicks off sunday pand goes through march 27. pdirector of horticulture is phere. pgood morning to you, sir. phow are you? p>> we're thrilled to have you phere. p>>charley: i'm thrilled to be phere and i'm embarrassed to
7:48 am
pafter looking around, i'm sorry. pi don't know why i haven't been phere before. p>> don't be sorry. pnever too late. p>>charley: we'll be here more poften. pi guarantee you. pbefore we get into the orchid pshow, tell people about the pgardens. pit's huge. p>> it's very unique botanical pgarden. pit's a sub tropical garden, a pcoastal garden, research based pgarden and our specialty is the pampophite. p>>charley: is grows in the pforest to get closer to the sun. p>> that's right. pfor the last 40 years, that's pour specialty here. p>>charley: do they have a pcmbionic relationship? p>> much like a vine. p>>charley: it doesn't help the
7:49 am
p>> they don't grow on the tree pbut they look for the sun. p>>charley: my personality has to pgrow on you. p>> like a fungus. p>>charley: exactly like a pfungus. pthousands of them on display for pthis? p>> yes. pnot only our own collection pwhich is very extensive and very pdiverse but we brought in all psorts of commercial orchids pespecially from arcadia who is phelping us out with the show to rovide all of these beautiful pcommercially grown hybrid porchids. p>>charley: it's like the pvarieties are endless. pthey come in so many different pshapes and sizes and colors. p>> and you're right. pthe orchid family is enormous. pand the humans have hybridized pthem. p>>charley: what it going to cost pto go to the show? p>> $19 to enjoy the gardens all
7:50 am
pmemberships are a good value and pthen you can come all year long. p>>charley: $19 gets me to the pgarden and the show. p>> correct. p>>charley: thank you, sir, very pmuch. pwe'll take you to explore the pgorgeous flowers. porchids center stage on "good pday." p>>russell: all right. pwe'll see you later. pthank you. papple sauce for your main psqueeze or what about some gold pfish for your great catch? pwe have some alternative pvalentines to make with your pkids that could make them top of pthe class. p>>laura: should you let your dog psleep in the bed with you? pwe're back after this. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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