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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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but she makes a surprising move before it gets started. >> out of ideas on what to get for valentine. we have a few suggestions that you want to hear this in a few minutes. welcome on this friday. thanks for joining us. donald trump is bringing his presidential campaign to tampa. the lines are long getting into the sun dome. and evan axelbank is out there live less than an hour away taking the stage, you know fayetteville donald trump is famous for his rallies. the doors opened. you have thousands inside and more are lined up.
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see a bit. be here at the sun dome the lines go all the way around the sun dome itself. there are people waiting to get in the doors are open. they are excited. and now trump according to the people here has given many of the people hope that is the main thing i'm hearing that i have been spoking to. and they believe that about now. they say for eight years during the presidency. trump has given few specifics, they like his vote on border troll and the fight against isis. several people here have said they don't off -- love the vulgaritys. they want that toned down and
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are here anyway. >> i'm very excited. i come from the east coast. >> why did you make a long trip, i want to see trump. >> he is the only one that can straighten the country out. >> what he is speaking is dangerous, homo phobic t is going back to the past where we do not. >> there was a heated moment with a group of protestors, the protestors came right in line next to the supporters they started hitting a pinata of trump and that he is racist and preying on fears. several law enforcement got very close just in case anything went south but everything and everybody turned out to be okay
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one thing going on as the campaign gave out. >> and to sit during the rally. it is very full. you have many more thousands of people hoping to get in by the time the rally starts but if there are not enough people, sorry if there are not enough seats there may be people waiting here outside who didn't get a chance to get in. there could be people turned away and disappointed. by the way we'll stream the speech when he takes the stage on our web site at fox 13. >> so stay tuned for that. >> thank you. developing right now in polk county. memberrings discussing the future of the district there a short time ago the superintendent who has been under fire submitted her resignation. an investigation found that kathryn leroy may have crossed
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we go to ken suarez. >> they are listening to comments about kathryn leroy from educators, member of the public and others. one thing is clear she was contentious, she submitted her resignation, that's in the wake of an investigation that took months to complete and ended up in thousands of pages of documentation. it centered on a relationship between leroy and gregory rivers, staffer. kathryn leroy had done nothing illegal but crossed a line professionally. now many members of the community said she has to go no matter what. that would be discussed but she submitted the resignation. she skirted the issue. one of the outwoken critics is next to me. this is dr. wendy bradshaw. what do you think about this? >> i think it is a disappointing situation we're in all the way around in polk county but she
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positive steps forward t is just and in the public eye of an institution you are held to a higher morale standard. fie they'll even though she was cleared of legal wrongdoing that there is still that perception of professionalism and credibility that you have to maintain and she lost that credibility when all of the allegations came out. some of them were is a lacous but -- salacious and she had unprofessional -- difficulties with management and there were a lot of problems going on in the office that we didn't know about until this happened. >> and the bottom line is this, they have to vote on accepting the resignation, it probably will happen. and what compensation she will be given at this point it is $230,000. >> back to you.
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thank you. >> crash this morning involving a wrong way driver on a downtown pitt ramp. -- exit ramp. the driver may have been getting on and off ramps on 257 because 911 callers spotsed him going the wrong way at several locations. one of the last calls put him on ashley street headed towards interstate. and kelly cowen is near the ashley ramp to show us what happened. such a tragedy. >> it is. we're just next to two of those possible on ramps that the wrong way driver may have taken before that fatal accident. if you look over my shoulder here this section that's the ashley drive section. that's where two of the last two 911 calls before the crash reported seeing a wrong way driver.
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still trying to piece together what happened this morning. >> someone is going the wrong way, the calls started pouring in as they spotted a vehicle driving the wrong way on iter state 275. >> and there is a wrong way driver from the ramp for getting on to 275 just past armenia. and a ranger missed it on the howard avenue ramp. >> it was able to swerve out of the way and call the center here. we can put a sign up to another motorist, the warning did not reach the 65-year-old eugene fisher. after the call the gold acura driven by larry thompson slammed into the silver suv. he tried to help the drivers who
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>> they are unconscious. yes. i have a pulse on one of them. >> buts the injuries were too severe. the men died at the scene and troopers say neither was wearing a seatbelt. thompson was spotted driving the wrong way in several locations. investigators believe that he may have been getting on and off the interstate. the last two calls before the crash place him in downtown. going the wrong way. >> i just saw a car going the wrong way on ashley. he was heading to what looked like toward the interstate. letting you know, dot officials say this is the first fatal wrong way driver crash in the last 15 months. there were a string of them in 2014.
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hundreds of thousands in technology and cameras to alert the drivers in case they went the wrong way. none of those technologies were installed in the downtown ramps they will look into whether or not they should invest in the locations. for now reporting live. >> a tragedy. >> i know they will be working to get his path soon we'll hear more about this. thank you very much. new at 6:00. the judge stepped down from a case after making some eye raising comments from the bench. the judge is under more scrutiny this time from a court who called a sentences against a defendant vin dicktive and harsh. and what happened. what do you know, the appeals court said the judge violated the rights and that defendant now gets a second chance.
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right to a trial is not right to a perfect trial. >> and this, perfect is tough. we're not going to get perfect but gets a close as we can i will not wait forever. >> after this misstep, i will be unreasonable i will put that on the record. >> he recused himself from the theater shooting case and done it again. this time for handing down a harsh and, quote. vin dicktive sentence. >> every time any period passes. >> it had to do with a sex crime case involving nathan chris floyd. according to the opinion by the appeals court, the fridge, quote, urged him to take a deal of a 25-year sentence offered by the state because he may be able to walk out of jail. he gave him an ulty mate yum saying that coaccept the offer right then or the offer would go out with floyd.
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>> he went against the suggestion and took the chances with the jury which convicted him. then it was time to sentencing him. and he threw the book at him, life in prison. the appeals court called it harsh and a disparity betweens 25 year sentence and a life sentence. and then at they added he never explained why he did it. >> they called it vin dicktive and a violation of due process weekend that the sentence was reversed a stinging rebuke for a judge whose reputation has already take an hit. >> and by the way, and a new judge, we'll let you know how that plays out. >> and you want to give that someone special something other than flowers and chocolate.
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>> you are thinking about the perfect gift. >> on it right now.
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a cooler along the coast line3 ((kelly--vo-)) flowers, cards, chocolates.. it's all been done before!! how about flowers and cards they have been done how about something for your sweety. we sent out mike bennett to get new ideas for us. valentine's day is coming up. the go to is flowers. not everyone loves the flowers. for those to shop for significant others there are more out there. and there are private tours of the area. ideal for any weather lover. >> high pressure, control you
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perfect day for a ride. >> from 800 feet up amazing aerials of the city and the sky line will bring the vibe to any valentine's day. >> can you walk along. >> for something more grounded and slightly less adventurous, the botanical gardens brings you flowers but with none of the cost. >> what can you do, come in here and have some time over the roses, this reall in bloom. they look beautiful. can you sit next to your honey there. >> if your significant other is not a fan of flowers it is hard to disapprove of a relaxing stroll through this scenery, where there is love there is life. >> and the garden has a little extra loving touch, which is cupid. >> he is here, he is the sign ever love. >> if you want something in
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water, down here on the convention docks whether the boats or bikes, they are unique all electric boats that hold up to a dozen passengers. and without a license what is perfect can you be a novice. go out and have a nice romantic evening. they are decorated with flowers and candles and changing colors t is a beautiful night. romantic. >> plenty of options in and around the area, certainly for you and your significant other. >> now your sky tower radar forecast with paul dellegatto. >> and they are repeating nicely. the cool side. we ended the stretch of 7 days in a row below 70. we hit 70 on the knows. we stay around 70 until another
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it was a great day. >> a couple of clouds popping up but no clouds or con trails. the air is dry. >> and drifts slowly our way it should pass by pretty much unnoticed. no rain with the front. we'll be colder for one night. we warm up on valentine's day and watch some rain monday night and tuesday. dry air is well enof interested over our state and runs all the way west into texas. the prospects for rain over the weekend are nil. the trough. this is a monster trough will stay in play for a couple more days. and there will be record breaking cold this weekend in the northeast. the good news for us, most of
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and not be diving our way. when you get the record cold in the northeast we talk about the cold weather here. cooler and tomorrow night and the brunt of the air mass. a great afternoon from the coast. many of you inland were in the 70s. and 70 in orlando. the water is chilly. it is 54 degrees in the gulf. any wind coming in from the west or the southwest will chill the coast line quite a bit. there you go. the west southwest wind. and tonight it's not going to be cold they will stay from the southwest all night long. no radiational cooling in the 50s for lows. we're 64 and 56. the wind at 7 in advance of the front. here is the front moving down tomorrow. low pressure off the carolina coast. there is a dry air in the deep south. record heat in the southwest and
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87 degrees. the record high in texas and tucson when it heats up the east is cold. chicago is 19. minneapolis 9. far go a one. buffalo is 20. and lows tonight will stay in the 50s. not cold at all. tomorrow will be cooler as the front slides south. we'll top off in the 60s. here is the dry front. that moves down the state we get chilly for a time tomorrow night. high pressure is off the coast and then we look to the west. interest are clouts and rain this will be heading our way but monday and tuesday with rain. in the northeast. they are wind chill. cold and 60. 27 below.
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21 below zero in new york city. this is high noon record breaking in the northeast. that type of cold not heading our way. partly cloudy. we're down to 53. we have sunshine tomorrow. warmest inland in the 60s. chilly tomorrow night. on valentine's day a chilly morning. we bounce back up to 67 during the afternoon. the 7-day forecast a chance of rain and that's going to be monday night into tuesday. once that rain is by, it turns cooler and nice for most of next week. >> they are locked in a race. simply put they cannot afford to
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the lightning know they can't and the lightning know they cannot win every game the conference is crazy right now. >> and every game has to feel like a playoff game. and one loss could push that
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>> we went from number two in the twigs to one point. >> and there is a sense of urgency is, we're not happy with the way that it went. we have to push it tonight. >> the week started off with back to back losses with ottawa and montreal. they are back for a four game stretch and many times before there is no real good time to give up points especially right now with the tight as the race is. >> we have to be a comfortable, we're okay. there is no way. >> and they are nipping at your heels. and what the league intends. >> coming off their run the lightning remembered how intense
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so the best case joe is win the next few games at home, start pulling from the pack in the standings and wrap up the season as relaxed as they can be. >> you want to keep that going forward and get points. take pressure off to the end of the year. we have teams coming in now. it will be important to take care of home ice. >> and they are moving on without the running back. they cut him loose after eight years. he is one of the profit productive backs. one of the versatile backs in the nfl. i wonder if the bucs would be in on the discussion to get forte if they cannot get doug martin. the rumors are swirling that new england is interested. doll tips as he did it all in the offense. he never came out. free agency starts march 9th. we'll see what happens. we told you this earlier in the week. it is official. brian vickers will replace tony stewart.
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sprint unlimited practice. he feels lucky he can get behind the wheel. he has been fighting clots. he cannot race when getting treatments. but he was cleared for 5900. the 500 is sunday, february 21st here on fox 13. that's the same day the pitchers and catchers report in portn cash on the return trip than the first time he headed down south. the team is different. 11 players on the team last year are gone. the rays worked on adding run producing power to fill the holes and too many close games last year. nobody knows if the lineup will make the team better. cash tells us what he knows, he will be better. >> i do, the comfort is because of the relationships that you built all year long. >> you have a better understanding.
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players, the coaches and just being one year more familiar with what takes place in spring training and the building up to it. >> i mean did the seize fly by they were rolling into baseball. >> it feels like it. i don't know why. >> i hope this time of year hurries through. >> yes, get to the games. >> get winning. still ahead here at 6:30, the number of zika cases on the rise, what is going on and why that is happening and why officials say the outbreak may not be easy to deal with. >> tragedy unfolding in arizona where two girl as shot and killed at a high school in phoenix. we'll have the latest next. with snap beans and strawberry parfait. from dinner to dessert it's easy to serve scrumptious florida meals. visit for tasty recipes. delicious is always served
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is fresh florida shrimp and clams, served over rice! it's simple to create a seafood delight. visit for more scrumptious recipes. delicious is always served fresh from florida. the tears are plenty... well the tears are plenty and so are the questions in a arizona community. two girls are shot to the death at a high school. they don't have any suspects in the double shooting and no need to look for one. chris cato they made it clear that one of the girls pulled the
6:31 pm
murder/suicide or a double suicide a terrible situation the bodies were next to each other with a insingle gunshot wound. we know a victim was an honor student whose sister teaches at the high school in glendale north of phoenix. 2000 attend. someone called police and reported gunshots that's when the police found the bodies of those teens in a covered patio area outside of the administration building. they don't believe that anyone witnessed what happened. they are reviewing video. the school was put on lock down while they made sure there was no active shooter. and hundreds of parents rushed and gathered outside waiting for information. >> and someone's child they learn that's our future. that has to happen eurpbgts it is a terrible situation. people are dead this morning.
6:32 pm
to the families, loved ones and friends of the girls. >> now police have not released the names but a teacher said one of the victims is her younger sister. she is an honor student, the vice president of the key club and member of the bad minton team. one student said he saw her in the cafeteria and looked happy like she always did. police have not said anything about her relationship to the other girl. this very not revealed if they left a note, where the gun came from or how they got it on to campus. those things are under investigation. kelly. >> do the best that you can if you like me. if you don't, don't tell anybody, okay. all right. [ laughter ] john kasich and the other republican candidates were stumping in south carolina, focusing there there now. donald trump is here in tampa where his rally at usf will
6:33 pm
here is a look inside the sun dome where they are warming up the crowd. his speech will be at 7:00. we're going to stream this speech live on fox things are heating up with trump, he is threatening to sue ted cruz, take a look at what he tweeted. he said if he does not clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads i have standing to sue him for in not being a natural born citizen. we have more about today's developments on the campaign trail. >> and the primary just 8 days away could be make or break with some of the remaining candidates. and it is palatable and fayetteville tweeting about ted cruz half a dozen times over 24
6:34 pm
appealing to a southern voting block. how can he be a christian when he lies and is so dishonest. and john kasich said he is trying to stay above the fray despite slamming him for being as the governor puts it an enthusiastic supreme court supreme court -- supporter of obama. >> jib jeb will get an assist in south carolina from his brother the former president, he is relevant. >> untested people during dangerous time is a risk. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders showing democrats have a pen chant for posturing, tussling over everything from health care to the president's job performance on thursday night, the kind of criticism that we heard from senator sanders i expect from republicans i do not expect from
6:35 pm
democratic nomination to succeed the president. >> that is a low blow. >> moderators took heat for avoiding the controversy all together, the state department will release 550 e-mails from hillary clinton's private server this weekend. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. and as the fight for south carolina is continuing, there are new republican poll numbers out. craig patrick is here to break them down. >> it is interesting, we have been flying in the dark, we did not have them coming out until the 17th of january. and our pollsters came back with the numbers. fascinating here it shows little has changed. trump has consolidated support and pulling further ahead. look 36%. he is up 17 points over ted cruz followed by mar marco rubio. following his debate.
6:36 pm
at 9 and 5% pulling up the rear. but this is donald trump. he is winning among all age groups and the voters 18 to 29. therrct it looks as if trump may pull away with sick unless there are changes and it comes down to who will win second place in south carolina. >> what about on the democratic side. how is that shaping up. >> this is hillary clinton country. she had an average of polls. and 33%. but with the caveat we don't know. we tonight have the numbers yet in the democratic race. we're working on it, itingwill be interesting to see if the numbers have changed because they have not, if anything, trump has gained. >> sunday at 11:30. money, power and politics. >> about south carolina what drives voting behavior. which parts will deliver. where does jeb bush and marco
6:37 pm
what else can they do. the race is going to head to michigan. that's where we have a national scandal. we will investigate our own government royceoning children to save money. we found big campaign donors cashing in on the water scandal and disaster in flint in the so-called experts here to keep the water safe nowhere to be foun. you don't want to miss that. that's all saturday at 5:30 p.m. our new time saturday 5:30 and sunday at 11:30 p.m. >> priority viewing indeed. people who vote by mail in hillsborough county can expect their ballot early next week. more than 93,000 ballots were loaded up to be delivered to the post office. more and more people are requesting to vote this way. can you request a vote by mail ballot. contact the supervisor of elections office before march 9th. the coast guard is inspecting a ship that was
6:38 pm
it is okay to sail again. the anthem of the seas left from new jersey on a cruise when it ran into the storm. remember we talked about this last week. a few days ago with the hurricane force winds and waves 30 feet high. port of the propulsion system had to be replaced. tables and chairs were destroyed. everything has to meet the safety standards before it can sail as scheduled on saturday. it took a while but the massive warehouse fire is contained it took firefighters control. and black smoke smothered the area and spread. you can see the damage. the epa is watching the conditions. as the winds shift the smoke from the west to the east it can be bad out there. 300,000 square foot complex is
6:39 pm
contain storage containers, paper records, plastic inchas and pellets. it's not clear what started that big fire. and the pope stopped in cuba to meet with the russian orthodox patriarch. he is towards wreck siting a rift between the eastern and western christianity. he headed back to mexico for five days. he doned a sombrero. and people are scrambling to contain the zika virus. the who said it will be 18 months before trials can start. and we have more and reported in the u.s. and here in florida. >> health officials at home and abroad are working to contain the zika virus but it's not going to be easy or quick. the world health organization saying that it could take years for a vaccine to be fully deployed.
6:40 pm
towards having this reagent ready as soon as possible. but in spite of the encouraging landscape. it is 18 months away from large-scale trials. >> the virus spreads here in the us at least 21 states and the district of columbia now reporting cases, raising concerns from some athletes about the upcoming games in brazil, country hit hard by zika. >> there are no precautions. staying out of harm's way with respect to to the bugs that carry it. there are things that are being suggested whether they are topical oeubtments, clothing, those things, officials are now scrambling to ship the tests to pregnant women to help departments around the country but many fear there will be a shortage. for nowofficials do not expect the transmission in the united states. but they are urging pregnant
6:41 pm
when traveling. >> the concern is about the transmission to pregnant women, the cdc is asking for funding from congress to fight the outbreak saying the virus to spread in puerto rico and other territories. two more cases now of the zika virus are reported in florida. that bring the number to 20 and three in hillsborough county. >> they are all travel related. repeated unnecessary 911 calls may take up time and resources. now a county has a way to deal
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manatee county are taking a new approach with and paramedics are taking a new approach with repeat callers. this retying up resources. and the ems starting a program called community paramedic. they are trying to prevent illnesses before it happens and kimberly kuizon take as look at the need for the service. >> when a call comes in paramedics are ready for anything. >> they think the response to the blood and guts. >> and the ems had 4600 calls but 2500 were small tonight. most were like people falling and people call three times in one day. >> we go out. we lift them up. put them in a chair we leave. we come back and do the same thing. >> and there is a community paramedic division they will check on the repeat callers. they will to out in vehicles like this and schedule appointments for those who call the most and the hospital will
6:45 pm
are calling 911 for a pain we're aligning them with a dentist or calling they cannot fill their prescriptions. we find a pharmacy, they work to assess the homes and evaluate what they need. >> we're taping it down and painting you know a step yellow so they can see it. they need a ramp to get their wheelchair up. >> it is a program they hope will help the people who rely on them the most. >> it is preventative and instead of waiting for it to come in. >> kimberly kuizon. manatee county received a 29,000-dollar grant to start up the program and they will apply for additional grants to keep the program running.
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6:30 y pet rescue. >> how the power of social media is saving lives coming up tonight at 10. >> on wall street stocks rally higher. the dow had the second best day of 2016 finishing up 313 points.
6:49 pm
s&p rising 35. later this year restaurants are supposed to start listing calories on the menu, right. the program though may be on hold. the house had approved legislation allowing time to comply with the law. republicans say it is too burden some. they want to ease the rules. democrats argue that people want more information about the food not less. the bill now goes to the senate where the fate is not clear. today was beautiful now the weekend. it is nice to have a beautiful friday, paul. >> it is nice. >> we have gone almost cloud free for a couple of days. chilly but in the sun and less wind it feels good. if you are like today like the weekend. there is a front on the way. it will impact the temperatures tomorrow night by day time not bad. here is a look outside. a little left over daylight sun set was at 6:18.
6:50 pm
past sun set. some light and you look at the western sky tonight. a nice crescent moon show up as well. we are below average. if you think about getting temperatures in the zion. i don't see that at all. in the next 5 to 7 days. i don't see any cold heading our way. temperatures and tomorrow night will be chilly as a front moves down the state a couple of clouds popped up late in the day. there is the front that will slide south tomorrow. it should go by unnoticed, it will knock down the highs by 5 degrees assed wint rushes in. and this is kind of showing up here the green that's the military down by the keys once in a while t is, they do some
6:51 pm
and disperse pieces of metal and plastic to confuse the radar. it's like war games. that's a frame that was not reraced. that's not rain, temperatures now are mostly in the mid-60s. brooksville. 66 in chapel. wesley chapel, i would say chapel hill. 63 in sarasota and then inland. outside in the mid-60s. the wind will stay off the water tonight. that will keep us cool during the day. at night the wind tends to keep the temperatures elevated. they are unaring inned mid-50s. low pressure off the coast. that will zip out to sea and produce some snow maybe on sections of cape cod. 17 in flint. 20 in buffalo and columbus. the cold air in canada.
6:52 pm
and impacting the northeast. if you have friends or relatives or chance are you heading that way this weekend. it is fog to be cold on valentine's day. they can be talking about this for year. and wind chill at 40 below in the northeast. 53 tonight. tampa 48. brooksville near 50. not a bad day but cooler with highs running mostly in the 60s. tonight we are mostly clear. partly loudy. down to 53. nice. sunshine warmest inland with a high in the 60s t is colder tomorrow night a chilly morning on sunday. lots of sunshine on valentine's day and 67. dependable. monday night into tuesday. once that goes by it is good
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concerns over the spread of the zika virus here in concerns over the spread of the zika virus here in the bay area thread a program that could -- area could lead to a program and get rid of your tires for free. and three theme parks looking for workers, lots of them. swedening the deal. that's coming up on the 11:00 news. >> see you then. and a big weekend. valentine'svalentine's weekend. there is a lot to do and see. >> we'll start with the movies. >> you will be here. wait for it. >> , summer hero landing. >> that's hard on your knees. >> impractical they all do it. >> ryan reynolds stars in dead pool. he is a former special forces operative turned mercenary. he is subjected to an experiment living him with healing powers,
6:56 pm
pool, are you eric -- derek zoolander. you stop a chinese throwing object with a look. >> that's not me any more. >> derek and hansel are modeling again. a company attempts to take them out from the business by killing the world's most beautiful people. >> if she texts you wait to respond. >> i was not even thinks. >> anything sooner implies that you are needy and codependent and incapable of a hookup. >> and on this vollen tine's day weekend a movie about being single. i heard it was good. a relationship in college, alleys needs a break she moves to new york city and meets robin a fun loving coworker who likes parties and one night stands w
6:57 pm
how to be single. [music] where do we go from here now that all of the children had growing up. how do we spend our time knowing nobody gives us a chance. >> a blast from the past. and taking the stage the alan parsons project. there are some seats available. >> the illuminated night parade is invading ybor. it will feature 100 floats, bands, crews and royalty. the rays and big brothers big sisters will lead the parade. the cuban club has an after party. that's tomorrow at 7:00. the news continues to go follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. >> we'll see you at 10. >> take a look at the usf sun
6:58 pm
to take the stage.
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served fresh from florida. >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: i got to say, you look at this and khloe and lamar look like it was six years ago. >> how are you doing, bro? good seeing you, man. normal. he's interacting with the paparazzi. harvey: nobody would have thought we would see this. together. harvey: it feels like they're back together. >> but you said repeatedly no, no, no, no. harvey: what do i know? >> taylor swift and kanye west. they're long-standing beef has now been resurrected.


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