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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 14, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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p death of a judicial giant. pthe longest-serving member of pthe current supreme court dies. phow does this affect the pconservative movement? p>> anjuli: candidates clash in psouth carolina. pthe republican presidential phopefuls face-off in yet another pdebate. pwe're talking to "fox news psunday's" chris wallace all pabout it. p>> alcides: good sunday, pmorning, everyone. phappy valentine's day to you, panjuli. p>> anjuli: you, too. pfirst up, lindsay mill bourne is phere with your forecast. p>> lindsay: it's colder to pstart out the day. p46 degrees in brookdale bayshore pcompared to about 60 at this ptime on our saturday morning. pif you have beach plans with pyour valentine, for a stroll by plunchtime we're in the mid-60s pand as clear as the skies are pnow, we end the day with pay few pmore clouds.
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pebring and 48 in venice and 52 pin st. pete and there's crystal priver still flirting with 40 pdegrees. pbig 24-hour changes. pwe're anywhere from 2 degrees pcooler in bartow to 10 in pst. pete, 13 in venice, 16 in pcrystal river. pthe winds slightly veer east pinto the afternoon bringing in psome cold air clouds that are pcurrently banked east of the pstate, and it's a nice day for pyou to enjoy some time outside pwith your significant other erhaps for valentine's day. pby noon, mostly sunny and 65 and artly sunny by 5:00 p.m. and p68. pwe have another cold front papproaching the region. pi'll let you know if that cools pus down and brings you any rain pand when coming up. p>> alcides: supreme court pjustice antonin scalia has died. phe was 79 years old. p>> anjuli: joel waldman has pmore on his legacy and what his assing means for the highest pcourt.
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scalia's pdeath has been a hot topic, psends shockwaves throughout the olitical world. preaction to the news of justice pantonin scalia's death came pswiftly from across the olitical spectrum. p>> he'll be remembered as one of pthe most consequential judges pand thinkers to serve on the psupreme court. p>> reporter: the flags outside pthe supreme court lowered to phalf-staff as trip buts poured pin from both republicans and pdemocrats, many who praised his plegal mind even when they did pnot necessarily agree with his popinions. p>> he's an original in many pways, not just legal-minded but poriginal guy, really nice pfellow. pruth bader ginsburg was his best pfriend. pyou peacefully can coexist and pthe disagree. p>> he was the first italian pitalian-american justice on the pcourt. phe wrote dissenting opinions in pmajor cases in recent years
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psignature legislation, the paffordable care act. phis death touched off a olitical firestorm as it's a pchance for the president to pappoint the third supreme court pjustice during his time in poffice. pthat would surely tip the scales pof the court in favor of the pliberal-leaning justices. prepublicans holding majority in pthe senate will likely try to pdelay a mu supreme court justice pnominee until after the november pgeneral election. pa move that certainly will get ushback from the democrats. pjoe waldman, fox news. p>> alcides: hit-and-run pcrashes, we see them nooven in pthe bay area. psome cases are still unsolved. p>> this week florida highway atrol is trying to do something pabout that. pfox 13's kelly cowan is live on phillsborough avenue at the scene pof a horrible hit-and-run paccident that remains unsolved pwhere an 11-year-old boy was hit pkelly. p>> reporter: that's right. pthe florida highway patrol tells pus that hit-and-run crashes are pa problem that really aren't pgetting any better.
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p92,000 hit-and-run crashes pacross the state of florida. pthat includes 186 fatal crashes, pand as you mentioned, we're on pthe scene here of one of those pfatal crashes that occurred in pthe state. pyou may remember just last fall pan 11-year-old boy was found phere. pinvestigators say davis pelementary school student palexander torres was trying to pcross the bridge when someone phit him and kept going. pit happened in the early hours pof november 7th. olice say torres went missing pafter he got into some trouble pat school. pafterwards police got the report pa child had been hit. pa witness saw a gunmetal pnissanal nissan pal paltima and believe it hit torres pand drove away. pa funeral has been held for the pboy, but police still aren't pgetting any closer to figuring pout who exactly hit alexander. pthis week is all about pawareness. pthe patrols are hoping to
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pexactly a driver should do if pyou are involved in a phit-and-run crash. pthey say you should never leave pthe scene. pyou must wait there until pauthorities arrive. pyou must also exchange pinformation and provide some plevel of medical assistance to panyone who may be injured. olice also want to point out pthat leaving the scene of a phit-and-run crash whether there pis an injury or not is a felony. pyou could face jail time and pvery steep penalties for doing pso. pfor now reports live, i'm kelly pcowan, fox 13 news. p>> anjuli: thank you so much, pkelly. p>> alcides: hillsborough county pdeputies are looking for two men pnkz a death investigation news pusf. pdeputies were called out just pafter 5:00 in the morning on psunday. pthey think efron rosato and psoreno may have information pabout the homicide. pa man body was found at the ark. pif you have any information
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phillsborough county sheriff's poffice. p a large brush fire burns 30 pacres in hernando county. pflames reached as high as some ptrees out there. pthe fire jumped u.s. 19 burning pon both sides the road. pthankfully no homes were damaged pbut several evacuated pvoluntarily. pthe florida forest service will pcontinue to monitor the psmoldering but say it's 90% pcontained at this point. pthe cause is under pinvestigation. p a major change is on the phorizon for u.s. cuba relations. pthe two countries are on athe pverge of an agreement to make it plegal for americans to fly from pthe u.s. to cuba. pcongresscome kathy caster and psix state representatives from pboth sides of the aisle left on pa trip to cuba. pcaster's mission, to build psupport among fellow members of pcongress to end the u.s. pembargo. pon tuesday u.s. transportation pand state department officials pwill be in havana to sign an pagreement to allow commercial pflights between the two pcountries.
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pmove while others cause about peasing restrictions on the pcommunist country. p>> this policy of isolation has pnot served cuba or our country pwell. pjust talked to the folks that plive here in west tampa. p>> everybody likes to talk about pwhat would be great to happen, pand then we pander to these pregimes, and then we expect very plittle in return and hope, you pknow, like in north korea we preally hope that things change. p>> congresswoman caster will pbring her trade bill sometime pthis year. p a big day for nascar fans as pthe season gets underway in pdaytona. p>> anjuli: we have a look at pthe sports headlines next. p five local fire departments pcome together for an emergency pdrill at a local hospital. pwe look at how they simulated plife or death situations. p>> lindsay: good morning to you pat 8:08. pit's a noticeably chillier start pto our sunday morning, but the pskies are clear and the sunshine
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pnow 44 in brooksville and 48 in ptampa, 47 in sebring. plook at that bright blue sky at pbradenton beach. pif you're headed to the beach ptoday by the afternoon, a couple pextra clouds still just pbeautiful. pa slight breeze, too, pushing 70 pdegrees. pif you like the 70s, i think pyou're overall going to like the pseven-day forecast.
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3 in sports this morning: p>> alcides: all right. pin sports this morning the pnascar season kicks of in pdaytona, florida takes on
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pkevin cash spends the day at the ptrop. p>> good morning. pthe sprint unlimited jump starts pthe nascar last season. pthis is for the fans to warm up pdrivers. pif the daytona 500 is snig like pthe exhibition race, it's going pto be one spectacle next sunday. pthe first 25 laps produces two pwrecks. pbrian vickers gets loose and pslams hard into the wall. phe's okay but his car destroyed. pa total of seven cars were pinvolved including daily pearnhardt jr., bowyer, kurt pbusch and greg biffle. pdenny hamlin got clipped pearlier. plap 44 right here. pjimmie johnson gets pushed by aul menard. pthe front bumper ripped off. pjohnson pjohnson's night is over. pkurt busch into the wall, and pthen just off the track on the pbackstretch kyle busch is in the pback of carl edwards, and here
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pfour big names knocked out of pthis one. pso it takes extra laps to crown pa winner, and on the final lap, pyou know there's going to be a pwreck. pthere it is. pdenny hamlin is in front and ptaking the checkered flag ahead pof joey la ogano for the third ptime in his career. pthe florida gators look for the p12th straight win over the pcrimson tide. pthe gators led most of the first pjustin pullman with the pthree-pointe. pthe tide turns in the second phalf. pshannon hale finds jimmie ptaylor. pbam 'bama about 4. priley norris inside to taylor ponce again, and another huge pdunk. pbalances wins the first game in pgainesville since 1955, 61-55. p this is the last free pweekend before the rays head
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itchers and catchers hit the pfield next sunday to open up pspring training. pcan you believe it? pkevin cash spent saturday pmorning into the trop talking pand working with t-ballers and ptheir coaches. pthis is the third year for the prays initiative where they give ptheir time but also outfit about p10,000 t-ballers and coaches for pmore than 80 local teams, and pyou can tell everyone had a good ptime starting with the rays pmanager who himself starred for pnorth side little league just a pfew years ago, just a couple pyears ago. pas much fun as cash was having, phe was anxious to get in his car pand head south. p>> i'm so excited for spring ptraining, that as soon as this pooeft is over with, i'm driving pdown to port charlotte. pwe've been here for the last pcouple of weeks with a good pgroup of guys coming and taking pbatting practice and bull pens. pit's time to get outside and get peverybody together. pi think we're all really excited pabout the additions that we've
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pit should be a really good camp. p>> qualifying for the daytona p500 coming up on fox 13 at 1:00. pthat's a look at sports. phave a great sunday. p>> alcides: on valentine's day erfect day for a picnic if pyou're thinking something like pthat. p>> anjuli: i'm going to the pflorida state fair today. pseventh straight year that we phave celebrated valentine's day pthere, and i love that the pweather cooperated with us. plast weekend it was dicey. p>> lindsay: compared to last psaturday when we were all at the pstate fair. pa-plus weekend forecast. pif you were ready for cooler ptemps, they were here this pmorning. pwe broke the pattern yesterday. pmaybe some of you hoped for nine pdays in a row below average. pwe hit 72, and that sunshine pwent to work. pso we were on average, and pspeaking of 70s, i think this pcoming week will feature 70s pevery day. pso near more of the norm, more pof the seasonal norm as we bring pin some high pressure into the pupper levels of the atmosphere plate in the week. plooking west over kennedy this pmorning, it's colder.
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pare light and skies are clear pand that will help us warm pnicely through the afternoon. pif it's a little too cold for pyou and your valentine this pmorning, we go the opposite pdirection from the all pchildren's hospital cam in pst. petersburg and it's a52 pdegrees. peven though you're the warm pspot, st. pete, it feels a plittle cooler. p48 in tam and 43 in plant city pand brookville in the 40s and pcrystal river 39 and 49 in pinglewood and pushing 50 in psebring and frostproof. psome interior zones are the pfirst to see a few more clouds ptoday as we bring in atlantic pmoisture from the east coast. pwinds light and various out of pthe northeast inland and breezy pby the bay. pas the afternoon goes on, the pwinds relax and that's good news pfor a boat ride with your pvalentine. pa weak front yesterday morning pand it's here. pwe watch the influence of really pstrong high pressure to the pnorth and the wind flow around pit.
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pthis morning. pbut it is all relative from the plight blue shade to the bitter pcold pink white shade. pfrigid actual temperatures, but pit's the windchills that are so pextreme in new england this pmorning. pzero. pactual temperature is not even a pwindchill. pthat's the coldest since the plate 1950s. pit's 12 below zero in albany. pas you look at the windchills, punbelievably dangerous cold. p10 below zero in philly, 34 pbelow zero in boston. peven a few minutes outside are pdangerous for anyone living up pthere. pwe want to get outside today. pdelightful sunday. pby noon 65, and we'll climb to p70 this afternoon under a mix of psun and clouds, and futurecast pshows the clouds moving from the peast coast. porlando maybe along i-95, some pof those areas could see a pspringle or two. pinto the overnight tonight with pan east wind, you guessed it, pwarmer as we start out the week. plook at the wind arrows on
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pin a couple of isolated showers pand pump up the temps and bring pback the humidity. pthat's ahe had had of the cold pfront moving through monday nut pinto 11:00 a.m. on tuesday. pthat's the next rainmaker. p70 for today and a dry day but pnot quite as crystal clear in pthe afternoon with a few more pclouds, milder overnight. p55 in tampa means 50 or so pinland and upper 40s north of pthe bay. p75 for the president's day and pthere's a slim afternoon rain pchance by the evening and povernight, we turn in cloudy and pbring in the rain we mentioned. pxer sauz caution through the pmorning and drop the waves to pmore like 2 feet this afternoon. icturesque out there for anyone pboating. pnext tide is a low tide just pbefore noon. phere's my seven-day forecast. pwhile that rain chance on ptuesday is 50%, by noon it's pdone. pand then we're in the 70s pbreaking out the sun all week. pthat's pretty typical of what we pexpect for february, and that's pnice amild in the afternoons, pcool mornings and generally dry pwednesday through saturday.
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p>> love all that sunshine. p>> alcides: it's pretty. p>> anjuli: more than 100 first presponders swarmed the palms of asadena hospital this week for pan emergency drill. p>> alcides: as fox 13's photo pjurnlt john wright showed us pfive joined the drill simulating plife or death situations. pscene. pwe have heavy smoke and fire pcoming out of the side. p>> truck 20, you're on scene. p>> palms of pasadena hospital phas been gracious enough to give pus this wing of the hospital pscheduled for demolition. pwe use this for live fire ptrainings. pthere's no flaming in the pbuilding, but we use it for hose pmanagement drills and for search pand rescue drills. pwe don't often get situations pwhere we have acquired pstructures like this, so when we pdo, we want to take advantage of pit. pwe've invited the cities of pst. petersburg, gulfport, pst. pete beach and treasure pisland to come out and train pwith us, since those are the
8:20 am
pand respond with us with pincidents. pi work for the city of south asadena. pwe have an entanglement hazard. pwe have an area where our folks pare going to drag a hose down a phallway and actually apply water pin a room that we have simulated pfire with. pwhen we go into certain psituations, if we have a live pfire and something that we pactually have to mitigate the roblem, the visibility is not palways our friend. pwe don't always have the ability pto see where we're working. pwe hope that our firefighters puse their other senses, their psound psound, their tactile touch and pwhatever they can through their pgloves and gear. pand especially their ears to ptalk to each other and to find pwhere we're going. pi can't express how important pthis is. pbuildings that actually give us
8:21 am
pworld hazards and the things pthat we run across if we respond pto a building like that or psomeone's house, it's pinvaluable, we can't replicate pit without structures in place. p>> working on talk around, drill pis done, evolution is done. pgood job, everybody. p>> anjuli: still ahead, pvalentine's day is here, but pit's not all about the pchocolates and flowers. p>> that's what you always say. pi don't know about that. phow you can show your sweetheart ptheir special and keep it going ast today. p plus, they served our pcountry, but they're losing ptheir own battles after they preturn home. pwe tell you about a group trying the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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p>> alcides: valentine's day is
8:24 am
pyou had the dock loits. pthanks for being with us. p>> thank you for having me. p>> we know that valentine's day pis more thanning just the pflowers and the chocolates, but pwhat other -- give us some ideas phow we can better our prelationship? p>> i think that what i like to psay to people all the time to pday. pwhen we focus on one day to be pintentional and spend time and ptell someone we love them, the prest of the time on our ipads or pignoring each other, we lose pout. pi try to encourage people to be pintentional and spend that time pa little bit each day. p>> alcides: it's more than just ptoday as you mentioned, and pthere's a couple of things we pcan do, right? pwe can make dinner, maybe clean pthe house. pi've heard of a cool idea even pon facebook where you can give
8:25 am
phave you heard that before? p>> i think it's great. pi know what's important to you. pif emptying the dishwasher is pwhat's going to make us closer pand make you feel loved, then pi'll do that. pif it's spending one on one time ptogether and not, urn, staying plate at work, i do that. pit's really finding out what pyour partner's love language is pand trying to meet their needs pin that way. pif you have something that's ptangible where she say, i'm pcashing in on that, then it pbrings, again, brings every day pinto valentine's day. p>> other than the coupon book, pis there a way to spice it up a plittle bit? p>> well, there's always -- pyou're asking a sex therapist, pso there's always a way to spice pthing uchl i think you have to ut -- p>> alcides: g-rated, right? p>> of course. pi think you should make intimacy pa priority in your life. pi say all the time that your artner is the one person that pyou get to spend that kind of pquality time with. pthere's lots of love in your pheart for your friends and pfamily and children. pso, you know, making sure that
8:26 am
pdoesn't mean just that kind of pincident magsy, but really plistening to each other and pcommunicating. psometimes when we're so busy and pwe're hurried and rushing all parranged, we say how was your pday? pyou turn away and start to cook pdinner. pwe don't really listen to one panother and really being there pfor one another. pit's about that being mindful pwith your loved one. p>> we have to stop. pwe have to top and just listen, pright? p>> yes. p>> most times we're running paround with your phones and ptalking about everyday life, but pyou don't sit there and listen pto your spouse to see he or she pis doing. pdate night is critical, isn't pit? p>> yes. p>> it doesn't have to be pvalentine's day. pjust date night in general? p>> yes. p>> what about once a month? ponce a week seems like more, but ponce a month? p>> when we say date night, we pthink the same thing. pchocolate, candy and flowers. pit doesn't have to be all that. pi love an at-home date night pwhere you talk to each other. pi don't love a movie night where
8:27 am
psomething else. pyou can cook dinner together or pyou can watch a movie and talk pabout it and make sure that pyou're sitting with each other pand able to touch each other pversus somebody on the couch pover here and somebody on the pchair over here. psetting those dates and making pyour love a priority is crucial pbecause life will suck the life pout of your love life for sure. pif you don't put yourself and pyour love on your to-do list, it pgoes by the wayside. p>> especially when you have pkids. p>> absolutely. p>> thank you so much for being pwith us. pwe appreciate it. p>> you're welcome. pthanks for having me. p>> lindsay: if you're up early pwith your valentine this morning pat 8:27, it's cooler than pyesterday. pthe temperatures are manageable pcompared to the big chill we ptalked about in the northeast. pwe're pushing 50 in most spots. pbrooksville is at 44. p30s outside of our viewing area pin gainesville and jacks, a pcouple clouds creep in today and p46 and clear at brookdale pbayshore. pwe hit 70 this afternoon.
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pa delightful day to get out and pabout.
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pany big (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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3 ((lindsay)) p good morning to you. phappy valentine's day. pat 8:30 it's cooler out the door pthis morning. pa few slightly above including pst. pete. pit's 44 in brooksville and pthere's sunshine on deck. pwith an east wind we bring in pclouds from the atlantic today pand you notice them into the pafternoon even at the florida pstate fairgrounds. p65 by noon today, a beautiful pday with a high of 70 degrees. penjoy. p we have a fox news alert to ptell us about out of pinellas pcounty. pdeputy
8:31 am
pnear drowning of a 1-year-old pjust after 6:00 p.m. on highland pacres drive. pdetectives found the baby boy plying facedown in a 55 fall pgallon drum of water used as art of a tilapi farm. pthe 1-year-old is treated for plife-threatening injuries. pinvestigators say it appears to pbe an accident. pwe continue to follow the story pthroughout "good day tampa bay." p>> anjuli: it was a very busy psaturday in washington. plots of new stories coming into pthe newsroom overnight. phere to talk with us about them pis chris wallace, host of "fox pnews sunday." pgood morning, chris. p>> good morning. p>> anjuli: the big news povernight, the death of supreme pcourt justice antonin scalia. pyou interviewed him a few years pago. ptell us about that. p>> he wrote a book. pthat's the only time supreme pcourt justices sit down for pinterviews, and it was a pdelight. pone of my favorite interviews in pthe 12-plus years on "fox news psunday."
8:32 am
pa legendary wit, and he was fa prow shusly brilliant in the way phe expressed and defended his popinions. pso it was a joy to interview phim, and we're going to miss phim, whether you agreed with his ositions on legal issues or pnot. phe was a major figure, a pskyscraper on the washington plandscape. p>> anjuli: absolutely. pthe news much his death and what pit means for the future of the psupreme court became a big topic pduring last night's republican pdebate. pwhat did you take away from if? p>> this is a fierce battle, panjuli. pyou have the president that pspoke to the nation last night. phe made it clear he's going to pname someone to replace ska calia scalia. pmeanwhile the reps said we won't pif i remember them. pyou have to understand the pstakes here.
8:33 am
pliberal liberal justiceses and pthey're split down the middle. pthe stakes couldn't be hirer and pexpect this is a hunl fight in pwashington and a big issue in pthe presidential campaign. p>> anjuli: marco rubio redeemed phimself from the previous pdebate. pyou're talking with him today, pright? p>> we are. phe had a much better debate. pwe'll talk on his view whether phe should get his naem knee pconfirmed by the senate. pwe'll talk about the debate. phe got into quite a battle with pted cruz. pwe'll talk about that and will ptalk to bernie sanders, whogs pmaking a real fight of it with phillary clinton in the pdemocratic race. pof course, he swamped her, plandslide victory in new phampshire, and this will be our pfirst ver into with sanders.
8:34 am
pwhether or not the senate could pconfirm barack obama's nominee pwhenever he names him to replace pantonin scalia. p>> sounds like a busy show. pthank you so much, chris. p>> you bet. pthanks, anjuli. p>> anjuli: you can see "fox pnews sunday" on fox 13 starting pat 9:00 a.m. p>> alcides: the time is 8:33. phillsborough county deputies are plooking for these two men in pconnection with a death pinvestigation near usf. pdeputies were called just after p5:00 on saturday. pthey believe the two men may phave information about the home phomicide. p the man who police say popened fire at a college party pin daytona beach has surrendered pto police. plamont jordan turned himself in plast night. olice say he opened fire at a art.
8:35 am
pthat escalated to a fight and he ulled out a gun. p some brave men and women who psurvive fighting on the front plines for their country are plosing an inner battle whether pthey return home. pbelieve it or not statistics pshow 22 military veterans commit psuicide every single day. p>> anjuli: it's unbelievable. pas rick leventhal shows us pthey're working to reduce pnumbers to raise awareness with pa project just for the vets. p>> reporter: they gather by the phundreds united by a common pthread. pall served in the military and pmany faced combat hoping to praise awareness about veteran psuicides. pthey call themselves erev rant pwarriors and are hiking with 22 pkilograms in their backpacks,
8:36 am
p22 veterans that kill themselves pevery day hoping to save others. p>> this awakens something inside pthem they haven't felt in a long ptime. pit connected them with other eople going through similar pstruggles who they should relate pto. pbecause they related to each pother, they were able to support peach other after the fact. p>> the event is called the psilkies hike named after the psilkies physical training shorts pmade famous by the marines. pthere have been dozens of events pnationwide since last may. pmany hikers wear just the shorts pand combat boots with the heavy ack. pwhiem while things can get psilly, the purpose is very pserious. p>> you get used to have this pbrotherhood, and no matter what roblem you have 200 brothers poutside the barracks. pit doesn't matter. pout the doors of the bear rabs pevery is there to pick you up. ponce you get out to the civilian psector, you lose that. pyou don't have that brotherhood pand camaraderie.
8:37 am
pi think every life we save is a psuccess. pif we can save one vet, if we pcan save all of them, it's a psuccess either way. p>> reporter: one participant psaid he walked with i group of pmen and women he never met, and i pwith the irrevrent wears, fox pnews. p>> anjuli: did you forget psomeone on this valentine's day? p>> there's still time. pcoming up we have great plast-minute valentine's day pcraft ideas.
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pwe go inside this 3 every third p every third sunday of the pmonth hyde park united methodist pchurch buzzes a little louder pthan usual. ptheir open arms ministry is is pthis week's "faith in action." pit looks like a hair salon and psounds like one. pbut this barbershop is not for rofit. p>> haircuts don't come cheap. p>> it's a gift of grooming, pcourtesy of hyde park methodist pmethodist's open arms ministry. p>> those reality shows sl pnothing on us. p>> once a month hundreds facing phomelessness and poverty are pinvited for a free cut and pconversation.
8:41 am
p>> all right. p>> it's raymond jacobson's first ptrim in a year. p>> i needed a haircut pdesperately. p>> this bunch comes every other pmonth all the way from spring phill to donate time and talents. p>> money is not everything. pyou know, the join that you get pfrom making someone feel great pabout themselves, that's riceless. p>> it's just part of our makeup pas human beings. pwe want to give back and pay it pforward. p>> with every snip and each pglance in the mirror, a precious pexchange happens on both side of pthe barber chair. p>> this is an tont employ gifts pto serve others and to get to pknow we're all the same. punderneath all this we're the psame. pwe're human beings with beating phearts and driems and homing. p>> this salon is in the business pof pampering those often pforgotten and sending them off pwith dignity to take on the day. p>> thank you so much, folks. p>> thank you.
8:42 am
pministry also offers a another pother services for those in pneed. pfor more information head to our pwebsite, pbreak. p at 8:41 it's a cold sunday pmorning. plook at the temperatures around pthe bay area. pmainly in the 40s, pushing 50 in pa few spots including brandon pand st. pete. pthrough the afternoon, how about pnear 70 with a few more clouds pespecially inland.
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3 last hour our couponing expert showed us some great freebies to take advantage of this month. right now, she's back with a great deal of the week p right now she's backs with a pgreat deal of the week. pjoining me this morning we have founder kati pkiefer joining us. pwhat do we have? p>> we have free, free, free. pwe love free. pso this deal is at dollar tree. pyou might not think to go to pdollar tree to get freebies, but pthey are. phere's why. pthey accept coupons. pso this nivea shaving foam is $1 pregular price. pyou have two items that are $2. pthis is when the magic happens. pin last week's smart source pinsert from february 7th, there pwas -- there's a $1 -- i may phave used this one.
8:46 am
pthere's $2 off of two niveas. pcouponing. p>> you have a whole bunch of pcoupons for other nivea roducts, but because this is pfor the exact item we're buying, pthe 8.7 ounce nivea shave foam, pthere's a $2 coupon. pyou have $2 in coupons for free. p>> i like that. pif it's free it's for me. p>> 14 cent, you have to pay tax. pi want to warn everybody to have p>> why? p>> well, because there's quite a pfew people out there, and they ponly carry 50 per store. p>> do they do rain checks? p>> here's the nice thing. pthey don't do rain checks, but pit doesn't expire until march p5th, so you have three whole pweeks. plet them get more stock in and pgo back in. pcut the coupon today and be pready and put it in your wallet. pyou're ready ahead of time so pyou can go later in the week or pnext week, you know, and come pwith your patience and have your pcoupon ready. p>> this is pretty good, tie.
8:47 am
pit's very expensive. p>> yes. pthe other thing is there's plimits. peight total. pdon't abuse it. p>> don't abuse the system, lease. pkati, thank you. phave a good weekend. p>> thanks. p>> alcides: by the way go to pour website and click on the p"seen on tv" section and we have pright there. plindsay. p now your sky tower radar pforecast with fox 13 pmeteorologist lindsay milbourne. p>> lindsay: probably needing a pmuch warmer jacket as we kick poff the sunday morning. ushing 9:00 a.m. and most of us ushing 50. psebring is at 51 and it's 47 in psarasota, 48 in tampa. pour official low in tampa was p47. pbrooksville is at 44, ocala in pthe mid-30s. premember yesterday we were all prunning 10 to 15 degrees warmer pthan friday morning. pwe're now in the blue, meaning pwe're 9 degrees colder in plakeland this time yesterday. p12 in tampa, brooksville and
8:48 am
psun is out in full force, but pthroughout the day with more of pa niece wind we pull in a few pmore clouds off the atlantic, pthey won't bring rain and won't pbe as clear. pas we go to the clear skies this pmorning, it's a nice treat if pyou head to sirata beach or pvisiting for valentine's day, pwhat a day to enjoy. pby lunchtime we're in the pmid-60s. pif you're boating less windy by pthe way. pthat's the case in clearwater pbeach, even in the distance, a pcouple of high cirrus clouds in eer 60. pa hint of that as well. pthe last stop is lakeland poverlooking lake mirror as we pwrap up the day. pthe clouds come in from the patlantic. pwe're chilly right now with a pweak front to the south. pbut what we have that's pcontrolling our weather is preally strong high pressure pthat's parked across the pnortheast. pthis high is so strong that the pwinds are so strong that we have pextremely cold windchills in new pengland this morning. pi'm show you them in a second. pby the way, here's the next
8:49 am
pit will move through by noon on ptuesday. pnoon as is in 12:00. pand as we look ahead to the rain pchances, again they will leave pearly in the day. pit's 58 degrees in houston, pwe're at 14 in chicago, new york pcity only 2. pit's the windchills, though, r pthat just biting. pit feels like 10 below zero in hilly to over 30 below zero in pboston. pa dangerous cold start to the pday there. pwhile we're cooler it's relative pand into the afternoon the 70s pmake a comeback. parcade ia at 72 and brooksville, p68 degrees in st. pete. plet's track what's happening on pfuturecast. pthere are the fair weather pclouds this afternoon and we're pmuch milder overnight. pa southeast wind brings in the pmid-70s on sunday which is resident a day. pwhile you sleep, here comes some prain and even an isolated pthunderstorm but nothing severe pis expected as this low rapidly praces north and he's. pbehind the front no cooler air pthis time of around.
8:50 am
pof 70s on deck. preally nice afternoon to enjoy ptime outdoors. pnot as chilly tonight with a pdate night planned with your pvalentine. pmaybe a lighter jacket and low pof 55. pduring the day on monday we're pup to 75 degrees with a slim prain chance late in the day at p20%. pwhile you see 50% rain chances ptuesday, they're early in the pday, and beyond that a ridge of phigh pressure builds in and we pstay in the 70s and near normal pin the mornings. preally nice week ahead. pit's valentine's day but it's palso a first bitter day for rani prania rani prani. pshe loves to dance. pwe have one belated first pbirthday. pyesterday. phe loves to watch sesame street pand elmo plays at the park and psnacking on fruit puffs.
8:51 am
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p hope you're having a great pvalentine's day, and in case you pforget, miss anita is here to psave the day and her little phelpers with tips on some crafty pways your valentine can enjoy ptheir day. p>> lots fun and simple. pcan i show what you're working pon there, megan? pshe's working on this cute plittle teddy bear card. pi have templates available on my
8:54 am
pyou can find the tempt plate for pteddy bear and anything i cut pout today. pyou can find that. pit's a little template you cut pout of card stock or use pconstruction paper and mechanic pbegan is attaches a chocolate pheart in there and he hugs the pheart. pit's very fun and simple. pit's a great gift for kids to pgive or husbands to give their ptheir woois much. p>> it's all about the card for psome. p>> yes. pwe make a card over there. pkaylie is working on a card. pstickers. p>> she has text me. p>> she's very trendy now and phip. pthey say text me and very nice. pi love it. p>> this is another idea. pthis is a tm plate available on pthe facebook page, but it's a op-up heart. pyou cut around in sashgle two ieces of loose plain pconstruction paper. pi use a little bit of white aint pen and you can use white aint. pnice.
8:55 am
p>> speaks of puns, we have our p"star wars" puns. pthese are just little candy palternative valentine's, and pthese are glow sticks. pyou can get these 12 for a pdollar usually. pyou get tons of glow sticks and pcrack them. pwhat i did here is took a broken pcrayon and wrapped it with foil pfor the base of the lightsaber, pand i made some little puns like pvalentine, you're my own hope. pwe have another one over there pthat says your the ob-1 for me. p>> cute. p>> yoda best. pyou are pyou r 2 saw some. pcan you read it and see it at phome? pthis is amazing. p>> what you do is find the pcandies that will fit into a plittle phrase you want to tell pyour valentine. pso we have the message here. pyou're one hot at that mall lee. pnothing can come twix us. pyou're extra special even though
8:56 am
pmake your own fun phrase. p>> so cute. phint. p>> who wouldn't want all that pcandy and a fun willings card psomething you created yourself. p>> awesome. pthank you, ladies for coming in panita. palways good to have you here. pweather this valentine's day pcooperating and chilly this pmorning but mid-60s by lunchtime pand 70 this afternoon with a few pmore fair weather clouds. pclouds give way to rain tuesday pmorning. pby lunchtime it's done and the pweek beyond that is much warmer pthan last week. pnear normal with highs in the p70s and lows in the 50s. p>> alcides: today is sunday, pfebruary 14th. pkeep up-to-date on all the news pall the time by logging onto our pwebsite, p>> be sure to follow us on pfacebook as well as twitter. phave a great morning, and happy pvalentine's day to you.
8:57 am
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i'm chris wallace. today the judicial legacy of antonin scalia and the fierce political battle to replace him. i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in to you time. >> and gop candidates respond as necessity duke it out in the bare knuckle fight for south carolina. >> we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> i really wish the president


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