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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 a deadly end to the holiday weekend ... p>>laura: the holiday weekend, we phave crews at three very serious pcrashes, including two that ptogether could cause some big roblems for the morning commute pand good morning. pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. pit's presidents day. pfor those who have to work, our proads are a mess. p>>laura: vanessa are looking at pthe crashes impacting traffic. pwe'll get out to shayla reaves pon the howard frankland bridge pwhere we know someone has been
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pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pthere are still some lanes pclosed here on i-275 northbound pand traffic is continuing to pbuild. pwe can tell you that this all pstarted just before 2:30 in the pmorning when the florida highway atrol reportedly received a pcall to the mile marker 36 area. pwithin 20 minutes, troopers parrived on the scene and we pconfirmed that this was, in pfact, a fatality. pat this point, there's no pinformation about the person who pwas killed, no information rovided to us officially by pflorida highway patrol but what pwe can tell you is that minutes pbefore this call came in, we did phave a worker at fox 13 who assed by the howard frankland pand described seeing someone, a ptow truck driver, in the area pwhere this crash occurred ploading a vehicle onto the bed pof a truck. pnow, several minutes later, a psecond co-worker who passed by
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psomeone on the ground in some ptype of reflective vest and it's punclear if the person they saw ptruck. pso that's just one of the pdetails that we're trying to pfigure out this morning as pauthorities work to piece all of pthese details together. pfor folks that are getting on pthe roadway this morning, we can ptell you at least a couple of planes of the howard frankland in pthat area of mile marker 36 pcontinue to remain open as the pinvestigation continues. pwe've been on the phone, making pcalls and we're trying to find pout if there is anyone that pflorida highway patrol is plooking for in connection with pthis fatality. pa lot of questions still out pthere, a lot of answers still to pget as we get through the pmorning hours but of course, pwe'll stay on top of this story pand bring you the latest details pas we get them. pshayla reaves, fox 13 news. p>>laura: thank you.
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pon other serious crashes we're pfollowing this morning. p>>vanessa: yeah. pquickly i did want to talk about pthe delays we're seeing over the phoward frankland bridge first of pall. pjust so you know, delays are pabout five minutes at this point pso it's not enough to detour you ponto another bridge but if this plingering into the busy part of prush hour, you'll likely take pthe gandy bridge. pwe'll keep you posted on that. pulmerton and feather sound, a ptruck is wrap around the pole. pit took awhile but crews got the pdriver ex tricated from the pvehicle. pby the way, eastbound lanes are pblocked. pthis is out at the port richey parea, pasco county, u.s. 19 in pthe area of ridge road. planes here have opened but this pinvolves a motorcyclist and a psemi. pwe're learning that the
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pcertainly a busy morning. pdon't like to start off with bad pnews. plet's get over to dave at this oint. p>>dave: 6:03 this morning and i pcan tell you this. pit's mild outside compared to pyesterday at this time. pwe're running some 10 to 15 pdegrees warmer. ptampa is still hanging on to 60 pdegrees this morning. pso is st. petersburg, fort myers pat 61. p60 in sebring. pfurther north you go it does get pa little cooler but everybody is pwarmer. p11, 13, 14, you get the point. pand it looks like because of pclouds coming in and the psoutheasterly wind today, we'll robably make it back in the mid p70s. pdon't be surprised late today to prun into a quick shower. pthe best rain chance will be pthis time tomorrow morning. pwe'll talk more about that in a pfew minutes. p>>laura: this morning, families pare forced out of their homes by
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plast night at a duplex in largo. pthe duplex was evacuated, no pword yet on whether anyone was phurt. pwe're also waiting to learn how pthe fire started. p>>russell: and a frightening pdiscovery under a house in st. etersburg. p>>laura: a 4-year-old boy found pa loaded gun and then pulled the ptrigger. pthis happened yesterday pafternoon in the 1700 block of pyale street south. olice say that the boy had been laying with the cat when the pcat ran under the house. pthe boy followed and he found pthe gun. phe took it into the porch, right ponto the porch, fired one round pin the ground. pno one was hurt. pthe grandmother and mother pcalled police immediately. pwe don't even a gun. olice say it was an punregistered resolver with pseveral rounds in it. p>>russell: valentine's day took pa terrible turn in manatee pcounty. pdeputies say they were forced to pshoot a man who came at them pwith a knife.
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p4800 block of ocelia circle. pa husband, mike stoddard had pbeen drinking and threatened to phurt himself and her. pthe wife escaped and they told phim to repeatedly drop a knife. phe approached the deputy in a pthreatening manner and the pdeputy shot him. pthe deputy will be played on proutine administrative leave. p>>laura: deputies are looking pfor two men for a death pinvestigation near u.s.f. pthey think that the two men may phave more information. pdeputies say a man was found pdead in the park shortly after p5:00 a.m. saturday. phis name has not been released. p>>russell: two teens confessed pto a string of violent probberies. pthis morning a woman they pattacked and beat up has a pmessage for them.
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pyou could have killed me. pi'm thankful to be here and it's pjust the point of the matter pthat you could get a job. pi work hard. pwhy can't you do the same? p>>russell: vanessa martinez has pa broken nose, fractured bones pin her face and a swollen eye. pdeputies say the teens robbed pand beat her early sunday pmorning. pshe said they wanted her purse. p>> i was like, i need my pmedicine. lease don't hurt me. pand a black guy came to me and pstarted kicking me. p>>russell: just infuriating. pduring the robbery, one of the pteens hit her in the face with a istol. pthe gun accidentally fired, palmost hitting her. pdeputies heard more gunshots and pthey say the teens robbed panother man in the same area. pone of the shots grazed a man in pan apartment.
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pwere arrested soon after. pthey're in jail this morning pfacing several felony charges. p>>laura: florida businessman is psuing his ex-fiance. phe says she and her parents pconspired to steal $2.1 million pin gold, diamonds and other pjewelry after the breakup. paccording to the tampa bay ptimes, scott mitchell says she ptook items from her vault. pthey were the only ones that pknew the combination. pcourt documents show hunt mailed pa package to her father in pvirginia. pthe father called him and pmitchell recorded the call and pgave it to investigators. phe's suing for $6.1 million. pone person could tip the scales
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pthere is an open seat on the pu.s. supreme court. pthere is a big battle brewing pover who should choose justice pscalia's replacement and it's pshaking up the race for resident. p>>dave: 15 degrees colder than pyesterday at this time so it's pmild, right? p55 in port richey. p59 in clearwater. plight jackets needed to the pnorth in crystal river and pbrooksville in the lower 50s. pclouds are rolling in. pshowers will fall off. pmainly late tonight and early ptomorrow morning. pbut it stays mild even after the pcold front comes through. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. p>>vanessa: back here at 6:12, a pfrankland bridge. pwe want to keep you upto date on pthe delays and the information pfrom the scene. pnorth bound lanes we're seeing pblocked, two right ones heading pinto tampa and this is due to a preaves. pauthorities are looking for a pdark colored vehicle so we'll
6:13 am
pdetails but it appears the pinvestigation is well underway. pwe could see heavier delays pbuild as the crash lingers into pthe rush hour. pwe'll watch it and let you know pwhen we switched over to the pgandy bridge. pst. pete area, this is the crash pwe were told you we're following palong ulmerton road. pf.h.p. is updating this location pjust a block east of feather psound in the area of fountain arkway but you can see a very pnasty looking wreck. pthere are life threatening pinjuries. pa crash has wrapped itself paround a pole. pso more details on this one to pcome but it is looking at this oint like 118 is going to be a plittle bit of a quicker route if pyou do have to head eastbound pthrough the area. pbring you over to gandy pboulevard. pi-275, sky fox checked this shot pout as it flew over to the
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pwe do see a crash with one peastbound lane blocked. pwatch out for crews in that parea. p>>dave: temperatures running 53, p56, 60 degrees out at tampa pinternational. p53, by the way, in the new tampa parea. pso it's cool but these ptemperatures, which 55 is the pnormal for this time of year, pall of these temperatures are a plot warmer than yesterday at pthis time. peven inverness which has gotten pback to 48 this morning, you're pwarmer than yesterday. p50 in crystal river. pit's actually closer to 60 pdegrees for brand en ton, plakewood ranch. pi've got temperatures running 60 pdegrees in sebring and 59 in the pfrost proof area. pwinds and clouds make the pdifference this morning and it's pnot that it's a windy morning. pit's just the direction of the pwind. pmore of a southeast wind. pthat quickly starts to warm ptemperatures up around here. pthen you add a little insulating
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pand that's why we're running, pagain, 10 to 15 degrees warmer pthan yesterday at this time. parea of low pressure developing phere in the area with a front. pthis low is going to move toward pthe northeast, dragging this pfront through the area sometime pvery early tomorrow morning. pthe way it's set up right now, pheavy rain and then it changes pover to freezing rain in the pmountains of east tennessee and pthen some light snow right paround the norfolk area. pthis is not a lot of snow. pinch or two expected in most of pthe spots. pthe way it's going to set up for pus, as this front moves closer p-- before i do that, i have to pshow you that things are getting pbetter in the northeast. pminus four in albany. pthey were 10 below yesterday so pthey're moving in the forward pdirection. pfuture cast, what we're talking pabout is this front sliding in phere late tonight, very early ptomorrow morning and we're going
6:16 am
pyou can see jacksonville all the pway down to the gulf, a line of pshowers, maybe a few rumbles of pthunder as well as this line pmoves through. pthis time is 4:00 a.m. so it's plikely that late tonight, early ptomorrow morning and an hour on peither side, the front slowing pdown or sped up a little built, pwe're going to get some rain. pthen it's going to quickly move pthrough and then it's out of phere. pby the time we get to 9:00, p10:00 in the morning, we're pskies. pfor the most part tomorrow, it's pgoing to be a nice day. pit's just going to be very early pin the morning. pwe're going to be dealing with a pquick little shower and/or pstorm. plate day shower possible today pas the moisture increases. p74 degrees for a high ptemperature. pit should be nice and mild as pthe clouds increase. pshowers and thunderstorms likely ptonight, very early tomorrow pmorning with a low temperature pof 62 degrees. pit looks like it's going to be pcloudy. pit's not going to be all that
6:17 am
pthe rush hour it's cloudy but pthen we'll clear out as ptemperatures make their way up pto 73 degrees in the afternoon. pthis front is coming through. pthere's not a lot of cold air pcoming in behind it so we're not pdropping back in the 30s and pstuff like that. pnow, southeast winds, 10 to 15 pknots for boaters today. pseas running a couple of feet pand a high tide at 8:54. pagain, not a lot of cold air pbehind the front. p40s are coolish. pi don't see anything extreme. plows in the 50s, highs in the p70s, including a nice, steady pwarmup and next weekend looks pwonderful. p>>russell: 6:17. plast night the body of u.s. psupreme court justice scalia was ptaken to an airport in west ptexas and then flown to pvirginia. phe was found dead in a room at a pwest texas resort saturday pmorning. phis family did not think an pautopsy would be necessary after pit was determined that he had
6:18 am
pjustice was 79 years old. phe was the longest serving pmember of the current court. phe was also one of the most pconservative. p>>laura: he is only the third to pdie on the bench in 63 years and phis death sets up an election pyear battle to choose his preplacement and jen and walter pare here with the latest on pthis. p>>walter: good morning. pthe court is evenly divided pbetween four conservative and pfour liberal justices. pa split decision upholds the pmost recent ruling in the case. p>>jennifer: the high court could pbe deadlocked for 11 months. resident obama says he intends pto nominate a replacement and, pquote, due time. pmost democrats say they support pthat but republicans senate pmajority leader mitch mc con nel psays that scalia's seat should pnot be filled until the american eople elect a new president. p>>walter: the white house is plooking at a short list.
6:19 am
pfirst indian american justice. panother potential nominee, a pjudge on the u.s. court of pappeals. pand another was considered for revious nominations. p>>jennifer: if congress refuses pto vote on the nominee, the pdecision would fall to the next resident. p>>walter: it would turn the pelection upside down. p>> they have a responsibility to pnominate the new justice and the psenate has a responsibility to pvote. pand all of us democrats, we have pa responsibility to make sure a prepublican doesn't win in pnovember and rip away all the rogress we've made together. p>> we need, i think, absolutely pconsidered but i think the real lan for it would be somebody pjust like justice scalia.
6:20 am
resident make a lifetime pappointment to the highest court pin the land p>> we're run step away from a pradical majority, the likes of pwhich this country has never pseen. p>>walter: ted cruz plans to pfilibuster any supreme court pnominee made by the president. pwilliam rehnquist has argued in pfront of the supreme court. p>>jennifer: the democratic pcaucus in south carolina, prepublican primary is happening. p>>walter: we'll bring you the platest from both fronts along pwith the developments in the psupreme court nomination rocess. pcraig patrick will join us at p8:00. p>>laura: the florida primary is pmarch 15. pyou can register at any county pelections office, any public plibrary, military recruitment poffice or driver's license poffice. pflorida primary is closed, too,
6:21 am
prepublicans and democrats can ptake part. p>>russell: forget the mohawk. pthere's a new hair style gaining opularity and it's magical. p>>laura: and then a very pcareless and very dangerous gets poff the roads. pdo you recognize this car? pthe one doing donuts in the pmiddle of the busy road? pken has more on this dangerous ptrend at 6:30. whe pdaytona 500, brown is always pthere. p>> do your friends even bother pto say, are you going this year? p>> not really. p>> just how many 500s has he pattended? p>> you get to 40 and 41, and you
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taste so fresh seconds after carving, we not only seal every slice, we double seal it. the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. 3 it's time to see what's clicking on the web. p>>laura: it's time to see what's pclicking on the web this pmorning. p>>russell: taylor katz, what's pgoing on?
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ptoday our first hot click is one pthat has us asking a serious pquestion. pmystical monday, who says punicorns aren't real? pnote that sarcasm and come with pme on a journey that can only ptake place on the internet. phere we go. pit's a hair trend journey which phas people trying their very pbest to emulate the myth i canal pcreatures some of us clearly pwish were real. pit's called unicorn hair. pwho would have guessed? pit shows not only unique hair pcolors but also the trademark phorn of a unicorn made from pknotted or braided hair at the ptop of one's head. ictures like these are all over pthe internet, even dogs are pdoing it. pshowing that this is actually a pthing. phow to achieve this, i will plikely never know but hey, maybe plaura, maybe russell, even
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p>>russell: sure. p>>laura: i'm not wearing that to pthe grocery store. p>>taylor: a nice crab refuses to pbe caught. pit's unclear how he got ahold of pthis steak knife. pwhat we do know is that oddly it plooks as if he's using it to pdefend himself. p>>russell: sure does. p>>taylor: looks like sword pfighting kind of, right? p>>russell: i wouldn't mess with pthat without the knife. p>>taylor: seriously, right? pthe knife is just -- p>>laura: you've got to let it pgo. p>>taylor: take the knife and do pwhatever you want to on my orch. pand lastly, russell, is this pbath time at your house? p>>russell: listen to them. p>>laura: seriously, do coco and pjosephine make these sounds? p>>russell: no.
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p>>taylor: not these dogs. ptwo little ones, if you look at pthem, they're just a mess. pthe third one is just bugging. pi think he's older. p>>laura: she's like get me out pof here. p>>taylor: it's inevitable. pyou'll probably get a treat pafter if you just be quiet. pvery cute. p>>laura: there it is. p>>russell: very lucky. pthank you. pthe pilot of a plane from london pto new york demands the flight pturn around and land. pwhat someone on the ground did pto put everyone on that flight pin danger. p>>laura: and thousands of sharks pare captured off the coast of pflorida and each one of those pdots, can you see it? pis a shark.
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pcoming u p>>vanessa: we're getting new pinformation regarding this phoward frankland crash which pdoes have some lane blockage preported. pthis is a deadly crash and we pare learning, actually, this was pa hit and run. pfor more on that, let's get out pto shayla reaves live on scene pwith an update on this sad psituation. pcertainly why we remind people pof the move over law, right? p>>reporter: absolutely. pright now there are at least a pcouple of lanes still blocked as pinvestigators continue to piece ptogether what unfolded here. ptraffic is building here on the phoward frankland so as you get pcloser to that west shore, pkennedy exit, make sure you're aying attention and aware that pthis is still ongoing. pif you're headed from pinellas pcounty. pin the meantime, though, we have pa second photographer out here pworking the story with us and
6:32 am
pdetails confirmed from florida phighway patrol on the scene. pwe've just been able to confirm pfrom troopers on the scene that pthis is a hit and run accident pinvolving a tow truck driver. pa tow truck driver was killed. pthis happened around mile marker p36 early this morning. pwe learned that call came in pjust before 2:30 this morning to pflorida highway patrol. ptroopers arriving on that scene pright around 20 minutes or so plater. ptroopers on scene tell us that ptow truck driver was hooking up pa disabled vehicle when he was pstruck and killed. pthere were two occupants of that pdisabled vehicle sitting inside pof the tow truck. pthe driver was outside of the pvehicle working on one of the pinside lanes. pthe florida highway patrol is ptelling us they believe they are plooking for a 2014 or newer pvolkswagen black jetta or eos pwith damage to the right side of
6:33 am
pthe occupants of that vehicle pthat were sitting inside the tow ptruck, we learned that they are pokay. pbut again, if you have any pinformation about a vehicle pmatching this description, lease go ahead and give the pflorida highway patrol a call. pback to you. p>>vanessa: this is certainly the preason why we always tell folks pto either move over or slow down pwhen they're passing a crash psite. pall right. pwe do want to keep you updated pon the delays over the howard pfrankland bridge. pwe have sky fox showing us it pstill looks like we have the two pright lanes blocked and two planes passing on the left-hand pside and delays are building as pwe are heading toward the busy art of the rush hour commute. pdefinitively quicker at this oint to take gandy bridge if pyou're heading into tampa and pwe'll keep you post the as the palternate changes. pa second crash, the further preason to avoid the howard pfrankland, a second crash in the pnorthbound direction with a left plane blocked so this could be a ptricky situation, a tricky spot pfor drivers as we head pthroughout the morning. pguys?
6:34 am
p60 degrees outside so it is pmild. ptemperatures running 10 to 14 pdegrees warmer than yesterday at pthis time. peast-southeast winds when you phear southeasterly wind, it pcould get the mild temperatures pthat will start things off this pmorning with a little bit of pcloud cover mixing in with psunshine. ptemperatures should make it back pin the mid 70s. pa quick shower late today, the pbest rain chances are going to pbe very early tomorrow morning pso we'll explain more about that pin a moment. p>>russell: thanks. p6:34. pdeveloping right now, phillsborough deputies pinvestigating a violent home pinvasion. pit's not clear how many suspects pbroke into a home just before p5:00 a.m. pfour adults were inside, one was pshot, he was taken to the phospital. pthe investigation is still pongoing. pwe have a crew headed to the pscene and bring you an update as psoon as we get more information. p>>laura: two toddlers nearly pdrown outside two different phomes in clearwater. pthe latest happened near a home
6:35 am
p1-year-old was found lying face pdown in a 55 gallon drum of pwater used as a fish farm. phis father was working in the pyard nearby. pdetectives are calling this an paccident. p>>russell: hours earlier, a p2-year-old boy was found face pdown in a backyard pool. pthis was at a home on beaufort pboulevard in clearwater. pjason falkner was in critical pcondition. pauthorities believe he was in pthe pool for less than five pminutes. plook at this car spins out of pcontrol near 66th street and p121st avenue. pthis was not an accident. pthe driver did all of this on urpose. pnew this morning, police are pcalling this a game, a very pdangerous one. p>>laura: and officers are hoping pto catch the people in the video pbefore they play the game again. pken is live for us at pinellas ark. pi don't know how they get away pwith this, ken. p>>reporter: hopefully they pwon't.
6:36 am
pthe four young guys in the car. pi would like to tell you this is pjust an isolated incident, phappened once here in pinellas ark. pit is not. pit's actually a trend. pit has happened elsewhere, other ptimes. pa very dangerous trend and otentially an even fatal one. pcheck out this video one more ptime. plook at the white car with four pyoung guys traveling along 66th pstreet north in pinellas park precently. pimagine being behind this car or pnext to it when it does a donut pin the middle of traffic. p66th street many times, pespecially in the middle of the pday, has a lot of traffic on t. pmaybe kids but very dangerous pfor everyone else. pusually someone who is part of pthe prank videotapes it and then osted it on social media for pbragging rights but not in this pcase. pa woman who just happened to be pin the area pulls out her cell hone, videotapes it and hands pit over to the pinellas county olice department so there is psome evidence. punfortunately, you can't see the pcar that well.
6:37 am
pof hard to identify what kind of pcar it is. pwe know there are four young pguys, probably late teens, early p20s in the vehicle but the olice can't even tell race. pi can tell you this. pthis is not the only time it's phappened with this particular pvehicle. pthey tell me that it happened pthe same day elsewhere around ptown. pone of those places was 102nd pand brian dairy so these kids pare determined to have some fun pbut it could be at the expense pof other people. pif you see the ki, you know who pthey are, you see the vehicle, pgive the cops a call because pthis could really end up very, pvery badly. pback to you. p>>laura: certainly could. pthank you. p>>russell: 6:37 right now and pjust days before cease fire set pto begin in syria, russia has plaunched another round of air pstrikes. pattacks were directed at rebel pgroups and meant to help the psyrian army take over a key pcity. pstate department has urged both pturkey and russia to take a step pback.
6:38 am
phis visit to mexico today. pyesterday he held mass for more pthan 300,000 people at a pnotoriously violent city just poutside mexico city. phe called on the mexican pgovernment to do more to combat pmexico's struggle with drug pviolence. ptoday pope francis will preside pover a mass in three native planguages. p>>russell: flight from london to pnew york forced to turn back pafter an incident with a laser. pshining a laser into an aircraft pcan temporarily blind the pilot. pvirgin atlantic is working with pauthorities to identify the psource of the laser. pthere were 252 passengers and 15 pcrew members on board. p48 laser incidents were reported pat heathrow during the first phalf of last year. p>>laura: yesterday the to 16 psailing qualifier finished up in
6:39 am
pspectators watched from pier 60. pthe rio games begin in august. p>>russell: the 2016 python pchallenge wrapped up yesterday. pwildlife officials say at least p102 snakes were caught. pthat's as of last thursday. pthe pythons are still being rocessed. pwe get a final update on the pchallenge on saturday, february p27. pthe hunters who captured the pmost and longest pythons will be pgiven cash prizes. p>>laura: a migration of the pblack tipped sharks were spotted pover the weekend. pit stretches from palm beach to pjupiter. peach black dot you saw was a pshark. presearchers say that the sharks pare searching for warmer water. pthe yearly migration happens to
6:40 am
pwe reported that shark attacks pset a new record in 2015. pa third of the attacks happened pin florida. pcold weather is moving right pout. p>>russell: dave says the 70s are pback. ptemperatures, not the styles. pand even though coldplay was pupstaged by beyonce and bru i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a
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p>>dave: time is 6:43. pweather headlines, temperatures pthis morning running 10 to 15 pdegrees warmer than yesterday at pthis time. pwow, yeah, you can see 60 pdegrees bottom left happened -- pleft-hand corner of the screen. pthe main line of rain will be pearly tomorrow morning. pthat's when the main line is pgoing to come through with the pcold front. punlike the past cold fronts, we pdon't have extreme cold air pbehind it.
6:44 am
pthe 30s. pif anything, mild, pleasant and pdry weather from tomorrow pafternoon, straight through psunday. penjoy this. p53 degrees this morning in pbrooksville. p57 in lakeland. plook at the 60s tampa, st. etersburg, fort myers, sebring, pfrost proof, all of those areas pstill at 60 degrees with the punup less than a half an hour. pof the cloud cover that's been pstreaming in overnight, it's not pgoing to be a beautiful, psunshine like yesterday but it pis going to be mild as you walk pout the door. pfor many of you, you've got the pday off. pfor others, you've got to go to pschool. pit's just a regular day for some pof us so just keep in mind it is prunning a little warmer than pyesterday. pthis area of low pressure is pmoving northeast. pit's going to drag the cold pfront through here and the way pit's setting up, tomorrow
6:45 am
pbefore the sun comes up is going pto be our best rain chance. pnow, the chances of strong pthunderstorms will be to our pnorth but there is a potential pto get a little rumble or two of pthunder as this line moves psoutheastward and again, this is pjust one computer model saying pabout 4:00 for tampa. pmaybe a few minutes earlier or a pfew minutes later. pit's going to be before 7:00 pa.m. tomorrow and then pafterwards, a rapid clearing rocess. pby noon tomorrow, everybody is pback in sunshine and that's it pfor the rest of the week. pwe're quiet so that's good. ptemperatures today are going to pmake their way to 74 degrees, palthough with more cloud cover, pa lot more cloud cover than we psaw yesterday, chance of a pshower this evening but the best prain chance is going to be very pearly tomorrow morning. pclouds, south wind and showers pkeeping it near 62 degrees for pthe overnight low. pmostly sunny skies will return ptomorrow afternoon but notice
6:46 am
pdifference in temperatures. pgoing to run 73 degrees or so. pyou can squeeze in a little pboating today, although it is a pmoderate chop expected on the pcoastal waters and look at the psunshine. pwednesday, thursday, friday, psaturday, sunday, highs in the plow to mid 70s. plows in the low to mid 50s. retty near normal for this time pof year, vanessa. p>>vanessa: definitely looks pgood. pthank you, dave. pright now at 6:46, a couple new pcrashes to talk about and then pwe'll get you over to the howard pfrankland bridge to give you an pupdate on delays we're seeing. pwe're hearing all northbound planes along u.s. 301 are shut pdown at panther trace due to a pcrash so drivers either can take p75 or if you don't like the pinterstate, bull frog creek road pwhich runs along side 75 to pavoid some of the delays we're pseeing in the area. pmeantime, oldsmar drivers, one plane is blocked at tampa road pand curlew road. pyou can see minor delays in the parea and check out the sky fox pshot showing heavy jams of the phoward frankland bridge, still
6:47 am
pthat involved a hit and run with pa tow truck driver and punfortunately, that tow truck pdriver has passed away. pstill seeing those two left planes moving in the northbound pdirection. pright now gandy is going to be pyour quickest bridge to get into ptampa and that could change as pmorning. pdetails. p>>jennifer: as you saw, dealing pwith a monday morning commute so pi'm tossing things over to pcharley. p>>charley: vanessa is too busy pto talk to charley belcher. p>>jennifer: she has more pimportant things to do. pwe drew straws and i drew the pshortest one so i'll talk to pcharley. phappy monday. phappy presidents day. ptechnically still washington's pbirthday. pwe call it presidents day. p>>jennifer: we're going to pcelebrate a few of them today. p>>charley: i remember when it pwas washington's birthday and
6:48 am
psome things are closed and some pthings are open. pit's a little confusing. ost office closed, federal preserve closed but most peverything open. plots of sales. p>>jennifer: some schools are pclosed. psome schools are open. pyou figure it out. p>>charley: that's our news pmotto. pyou figure it out. pdid you have a nice valentine's pday? p>>jennifer: i did. pit was quiet, simple and sweet. phow about you? p>>charley: ours as well. pyesterday i was afraid it was a ptrap because my wife said, no resents. plet's just have low key. plet's not do anything and i pthought, okay. pthis is a trap and i didn't, for pthe first time maybe in my pentire life, didn't even buy a pvalentine's day card. pit was not a trap. pwe watched romantic movied. pi grilled nice steaks out for pdinner for her, had a little pglass of wine, a little toast of
6:49 am
p>>jennifer: i think it was more pmeaningful. p>>charley: it was fantastic. pi picked myself a winner. pgood luck with you, boys. pmine wasn't a trap. pi am at a great place. pi'm at progress village middle pmagnet school. pthe magnet program, school of pthe arts, performing arts magnet rogram. pi have a great cool school for pyou and we'll get this day pstarted pretty good. p>>jennifer: sounds like fun. ptalk to you soon. p>>laura: some of our top stories pthis morning, if you haven't pchecked out the florida state pfair this year, today is your plast chance. pthis is the 112th year for the pevent. pit opens at 10:00 this morning pand the fair is wrapping peverything up with a big country pconcert. rofessional golfer also happens pto do country rap. padmission is $13 and the concert pis included with that. pand starting a little later this
6:50 am
pfor the t.i.a. expansion. pthe airport is unveiling the pfirst step in a big project. pconcessions and distribution pcenter is all done. pthe new facility will give assengers more choices when it pcomes to food. psome great restaurants, too. pthat ceremony starts at 9:15 pthis morning and dave will punveil the first two new pvendors. pit's officially florida's first owned and poperating brewery that opens 119 pyears ago. pceremony starts at 6:15 tonight pat the historic building off peast fifth avenue. p>>russell: thanks. pcoming up from red rooms and red
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
pfebruary3 3 3 the markets are closed today for president's day ... p>>laura: markets are closed ptoday for presidents day but pthat doesn't mean the world pstopping turning. p>>russell: let's get to lauren psimonetti. plet's talk about last week. pwe had some good news on friday
6:54 am
p>>reporter: on friday, yeah. pmonster rally. pdow pops over 300 points. pretail sales, we got a great pnumber from january. pmarkets are closed today. pfutures still trading. pthey're up 200 points right now plooking at the dow. pasian markets, all open for pbusiness. pwe haven't had that for awhile pbecause of the lunar holiday. pin europe, stocks are up 2% and p3% because the tanks banks are doing pgreat. pwe'll see how we open for pbusiness tomorrow. p>>russell: i wish it would open ptoday just to see. ptalk later, okay? p>>reporter: bye. p>>russell: if you're not sure pwhere to find fox business in pyour area, go to fox pbusiness/channel finder. p>>laura: deadpool shattered the precord for the biggest r rated
6:55 am
p$135 million, it tops the matrix preloaded which opens at 91 pmillion in may of 2003 and also pbeat last year's record setting pfebruary debut of 50 shades of pgrey. pbig win for star ryan reynolds, ptoo. phe spent years trying to get the pmovie made. pit almost didn't happen after pgreen lantern flopped at the box poffice. p>>russell: biggest stars in phollywood spent their pvalentine's day in london. pthe revanant dominated the pnight. pleonardo dicaprio took home best pactor. p>>laura: and despite not being papplauded for their super bowl phalf-time performance, coalplay pis still reaping the benefits. ptheir c.d., a head full of pdreams, has leaped to the top of pthe u.k. album charts. pevery one of the band's seven palbums has now reached number pone.
6:56 am
ptonight. pbefore the stars hit the red pcarpet, instagram has been ptracking the most talked about psingers. pat bum of the year, looks like ptaylor swift is the one to beat. psome of the music's biggest pstars lined up for a re-celebration and fundraising pevent. pmusic cares raised more than $7 pmillion for musicians in need. plegendary plegendary plegendary plegendary musician lionel prichie. p>>laura: when are the oscars? p>>russell: end of february, pearly march. psomewhere in there. pnominations are out.
6:57 am
pbrings things to a close. pa 4-year-old chases a cat under phis house and this is a strange pstory. pwhat he finds stashed under the phouse and it is very concerning pto st. petersburg police. p>>russell: and kobe bryant gets pthe gift of a lifetime from pmichael jordan. phe won't need to go shopping for p-- shoe shopping for a very long ptime. p>>laura: and breaking overnight, pfirefighters, surgeons, aramedics all working together pto save a life. pthe two-hour rescue near the phoward frankland bridge. pthat's coming up at 7:00. p>>vanessa: this is a deadly pcrash we're following over the phoward frankland bridge pnorthbound lanes are reduced to ptwo. pheavy delays, you're definitely pgoing to want to avoid the pbridge. pthis is a deadly hit and run pinvolving a tow truck driver.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
pinformatio p>>vanessa: thank you for joining pus. pwe're starting off with a ptraffic alert. psome heavy congestion over the phoward frankland bridge. pthis is following a deadly hit pand run crash. pwithin a few moments, we saw the revious lane blockages we had pout there clear out so of pcourse, that means travel times pcould get back to normal soon. phowever, you still want to avoid pthe bridge. pwe have to get out to shayla preaves who is live on the scene pwith more information. psuch a sad situation. p>>reporter: a sad situation and pone that is causing a little of pa tie-up here on the howard pfrankland. pyou're seeing traffic move pslowly behind me. pwe're a couple of miles away proughly from the fatality that phappened right around 2:30 this pmorning. pnow, some of the backup you're pactually seeing right now is pfrom a second vehicle crash that


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