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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  February 16, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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area code back there. >> yeah, larry's number was 6! [laughter] [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] 3 developing this morning: severe storms... pound the florida panhandle. including a possible tornado. 3 ((jen and here at home... we're feeling the effects right *now. a very busy radar at this hour... 3 3 ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. and our top story this hour *is the weather. so lets go right to dave... with a live look at
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3 a closer look now, at that line of storms as they moved across the panhandle yesterday. this is by the town of century in escambia county.... where at least one tornado is believed to have touched down. at least two homes were destroyed, at least 20 others suffered serious damage. trees and power lines were ripped from the ground... even a tanker truck was flipped over. one 94-year-old woman was trapped in her home... and neighbors cut through the debris using a chainsaw. *thousands of people up there have spent the night *without power. we should get a much *clearer look at the damages, during good day. 3 3 while the south has been dealing with the wind and the rain the past 24 hours... up north, it's a much different story. they're dealing with snow and ice. 3 up to a foot of snow is
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western pennsylvania to northern new england. freezing rain and ice are anticipated across much of the eastern seaboard. several winter storm warnings and freezing rain warnings have been in effect as far south of *georgia. it turned into a travel nightmare... for everyone trying to get home from the president's day weekend. almost two *thousand flights were canceled yesterday... another 470 are already canceled *today. 3 and at least one of those canceled flights, was heading right here to tampa. "frontier flight 10-17" from philadelphia. a family on that plane called us overnight... sending us these photos, and sharing their nightmare story. they say they were on the runway for about three *hours, before the flight was actually canceled. and now, they don't know *when they'll be getting back. that's a big problem for this families.. and others trying to get back to work and school. 3 3 a developing story this morning in st. petersburg. the woman who hit and killed a tow truck driver ... is *now in custody. state troopers spent all day searching for "allison huffman". they finally found her last night... at a *friend's
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this is where they found her... at the promenade apartments on carilon parkway. st. pete police took the tip in, then sent f-h-p to pick her up. authorities say troopers questioned huffman about the hit and run overnight, and then drove her to the pinellas county jail. she has had three dui charges in her past... but no word on the *current charges at this time. the jail does not have her listed yet, under current inmates. 3 the couple who 3 the tow truck driver was trying to help yesterday morning... is now talking. they were broken down on the side of the road and say he could not have been nicer about helping out. this is the car huffman was driving when she hit "rogelio perez- borroto." the couple he was helping... adline (jo- saint)joassaint and raoul (ant- own)antoine say the tow truck
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the truck hooking it to the suv, he was hit. the couple was inside the truck and heard the impact... .then saw a car speeding off: 3 troopers say huffman *is a licensed driver. fox 13's shayla is also covering this story for us, and she'll bring us a live update from the jail... coming up in our next half hour. 3 another deadly accident on the roads... this time in plant city. a motorcyclist was killed when he crashed his bike. 26-year old william major of zephyrhills was riding his motorcycle westbound on state road 39. highway patrol troopers say he didn't stop at a stop sign.. then drove off the road. the bike went airborne, hit a chain link fence... and wound up in a pond. major died at the scene. 3 3 new this morning: a florida missing child alert has been issued for a six year old girl in south florida. her name is ashley jade
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and hazel eyes. she was last seen in miami. authorities think she could be travelling with 53 year old "lilly eugenia hatton." it's not clear if the two are related. if you see the two this morning... call 9-1-1. 3 3 in pasco county: deputies are searching for one man... who could be behind *several business burglaries. 3 it all happened sunday in the land o' lakes area. deputies say the burglar hit *three places, all in the same morning. first.. "diver city supply" on land o' lakes boulevard... then "sally beauty supply" on state road 54. and finally..."mainstream boutique"... also on 54.. 3 the sheriffs office released a surveillance photo of the suspect on monday. they think he was riding a large cruiser type motorcycle. if you recognize him... or know anything the crimes... contact the pasco sheriff's office. 3 3 an important reminder for voters today: if you're still not registered for the presidential primaries... this is your last *day to do it. today is also the deadline to change your party affiliation before the primaries. you
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a new government workshop on fighting the zika virus. the national academies of sciences, engineering and medicine will host the workshop. 3 the goal is to look at research that could help minimize the likelihood of zika getting trasmitted here in the u-s. the virus is now present in at least 25 countries *including the u-s. most people barely show symptoms... but it can cause serious birth defects in pregnant women. that's why the world health organization has declared it a public health emergency. 3 a man in california is facing charges... after police say he *deliberately ran down and killed a jogger. it happened early monday morning in the los angeles area. police say the man hit a woman who was jogging on a bike lane. the woman was actually carried several yards on the hood of the car, before the car smashed into a brick wall. police say the two didn't know each other, and they don't know why the man did it. he's in jail on suspicion of murder. 3
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your bedroom window? it happened to a woman in stockton, california. but police say they can't do anything about it. the woman says *two drones were flying around her house. and this is the second time this has happened in the past couple months. the first time... a drone hovered right at her children's bedroom window. the woman filed a police report... but officers say the rules are too vague. the f-a-a regulates drones but specificially leaves "spying and privacy" for states. and california had a bill last year that would have banned drones from flying lower than 350 feet over private property. but the governor vetoed it. 3 and... a girl's swim team in indiana .. is making quite a splash! their swim team at carmel high school has won not one ... not two .. but *thirty state championships in a row. they've been undefeated since r biwin sh passion ... and dedication ..
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3 with *thirty championship wins .. the team is the most *successful swim team in the nation. o olym spot on the 20-16 u-s team. 3 ((walter/jen))
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3 3 time to talk some sports this morning. and dave is busy with the radar this hour... so i'm working solo. first up... the lightning clear the air... over their biggest star. g-m steve yzerman announced monday that steven stamkos will *not be traded this season. the trade rumors have been a huge distraction for the team... and it probably would have trade deadline just two weeks away. 3 and yzerman also added in his statement... quote "i have said repeatedly that it is our hope to reach an agreement with steven on a new contract at some point, and with 27 games remaining in the season, steven included, wants to focus on making the playoffs." right now the lightning wildcard playoff spot. but right now, the pittsburgh
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it. the lightning host the san jose sharks... tonight at the amalie arena. 3 america's race... is now just days away. and it looks like this year's daytona 500 will be a family affair. "chase elliott" is on the pole for the big race. he's the *son of driver "bill elliott." they will now become the *fourth father son combination to both race at daytona.... just like richard and kyle petty, bobby and davey allison, and dale earnhardt and dale junior. and even though chase elliott got the top spot for this race... he says, he could have done even better:
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3 and of course, you can watch the daytona 500 this *sunday... right here on fox 13. it will be the *first 500... in the newly *expanded speedway. when we come back, dave has another check on that *very active radar... and lets us know how long this rain will last. 3 plus... a free *pass for criminals? the new way they can *rob you... just by using an item many of us throw away... at the airport. (coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night...
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3 3 3 ((dave)) 3 ((vanessa))
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3 a warning now, for anyone who has plans to fly. your boarding pass is more than just your ticket to ride. it could be a ticket to *identity theft. as fox's dana jay explains... there's a wealth of information on that little piece of paper. 3 those slips op paper-- that get you past security and onto your plane...are really no good to *you* once you've reached your destination.... "i just throw it away!")) "it goes in a pocket. the pocket gets unloaded and eventually they get thrown out.")) but for someone who wants to steal your identity-- your boarding pass could be a
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paper boarding passess you really need to think of like a second photo id.")) gaelan adams leads the national champion cyber defense club at the university of central florida-- he knows what fraudsters can do with the information that's hidden underneath the bar codes on your boarding pass. "there's your first name, last name, frequent flyer number as well as other identifying information.")) adams helped us show travelers just how valuable that little slip of paper can be in the wrong hands. "they just don't realize what's actually in this informaiton because to them it's just a little block of squiggly lines. 11:51:49 they don't comprehend that all that information is actually on there.")) some people we talked to were suprised...((12:08:22 dj: were you aware that that could be done with your boarding pass? (woman shaking her head) no.)) ((man 12:04:11 it's amazing what you can grab from that. )) george dankerwas skeptical...."i've got bigger things to worry about than that.")) but he let us demonstrate using a simple q-r reader that loaded onto a cell phone. "what have you learned about me?")) we found his frequent flyer number, reservation code and record number. : isn't the password still somewhere in there? ga: there is a password there, but now that we have that we can go to facebook or other social media sites and look up challenge and see if i'm stupid enough to )) armed with the right information...the sky's the limit. "if you had a dedicated enough fraudster they could call up the airlines provide all this information....could you use the card already associated that you've saved with my account 11:53:20and then they could book travel, say it's for a relative and then they could get the the free travel themselves. 11:53:26)) so when you travel-- don't just throw that boarding pass away.... ((bruce and joyce hunn/raleigh, nc 12:35:35 so what should we do with it? dj: you should shred it."//12:35:38 "shred it. we can do that. thank you!")) ((dana on cam-- social media wall)) the danger is just as real on social media. i got on instagram and typed in orlando international airport. i won't show you the photos of boarding passes that popped up because that would defeat the purpose of this report.... but people do post them...and fraudsters can steal your information from a photo...just as easily as they can from a paper boarding pass.
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3 still ahead: a developing story in pinellas county. fox 13's shayla reaves is *live at the jail right now... with the latest.. 3 3 3 3 3
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