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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 ((walter 3 (jen and... all the bad weather in the northeast... is causing big problems for people trying to get home to the bay area. what happened to them... three hours *after sitting on the tarmac, just waiting to go. 3 (walter and... it's the ultimate in family planning. the bill just proposed in kentucky... that makes men get their wives' permission... to have popular perscription filled!
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((walter)) its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. thunder and lightning likely woke-up lots of you overnight... it's a busy weather morning... let's go right over to dave... it's not gonna last all day, right? 3 a tornado watch is in effect until 8am as showers and storms quickly move through the area. sunshine will return later today, with high temps near 70. tonight will be clear and cool; lows in the lower 50s. tomorrow will be mostly sunny and pleasant; high temps near 70. 3
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3 while the south has been dealing with the wind and rain, the past 24-hours... up north, it's a much different story. they're dealing with snow and ice. 3 (walter up to a foot of snow is expected before the end of today, from pennsylvania to northern new england. and much of the eastern seaboard is bracing for rain and ice... there are several winter storm warnings and freezing rain warnings have been issued as far south as *georgia. and that, as you can imagine, has created a *huge mess for travelers. when there are tie-ups in the northeast, there's a ripple effect across the nation. almost two- thousand flights were canceled yesterday... and another 470 have already been canceled 3 (walter and at least one *supposed to be heading right here, to tampa. "frontier flight 10-17" from
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on that plane called us overnight, and sent us these photos... sharing their nightmare story. they say: they were on the runway for about *three hours, before the flight was actually canceled... they were stuck there overnight, and they're not sure when they'll get back. that's a big problem for a lot of passengers on that flight, and others... trying to get back to work and school. 3 3 (jen now to a developing story in st. petersburg... the woman accused of hitting and killing a tow truck driver, as he helped another driver... is now in custody. state troopers spent all day looking for "allison huffman," and finally tracked her down last night.... at a friend's apartment. 3 ((jen fox-13's shayla reaves is live at the pinellas county jail right now... where huffman was taken overnight. shayla: how did they find her? 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 (jen monday morning was a very dangerous time on the roads... so many crashes... and it continued into the afternoon. in plant city, a motorcyclist was killed. troopers say: 26-year-old "william major" of zephyrhills was headed westbound on state road 39, just after three in the afternoon. according to authorities: he blew off the road. the bike went airborne, hit a chain-link fence, and wound-up in a retention pond. major died at the scene. 3 3 (walter) new this morning... pasco deputies are their way into a woman's hotel room--- in what they believe was a drug-related robbery. ((walter it happened early yesterday morning at the crystal inn off u-s 19 in holiday. police say 2 men
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knife... knocked on the door of a woman's room. when she answered... the men forced their way inside and ordered her to lie on the bed. deputies say they then demanded crack and pills. the 2 men took money from her purse... then drove off in a white s-u-v. police say one of the men was white and the other was hispanic. if you know anything call the sheriff's office. 3 3 (walter) it could have ended so differently. a four-year old... found a loaded gun under the house, and fired it... (jen) there's still no word on how that weapon got there... but this morning, we're hearing from neighbors... relieved this didn't turn tragic. 3 " i think it scared him when the gun went off. because danny set there, danny didn't move because when i walked out danny was still in the same position with the gun in his hand and his mother just came out and took it out of his hand..." --jen 3 st. pete police say: the gun is a high-standard double 9, which is a western-style revolver.
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3 jeb bush got a little help from his big brother in south carolina last night. it was the first time former president george w. bush joined him on the campaign trail. and while he didn't mention trump by name... the former president did manage to take down the business mogul. it comes after donald trump unleashed several attacks on george w. for his handling of the 9-11 attacks. the south carolina republican primary will be held this saturday. 3 3 (jen) listen-up voters... there's an important deadline today. if you want to vote in the florida presidential primary next month, you must register by today. today is also the deadline to change your party affiliation, if you choose to do so. you can get all the necessary forms on your county's election website. you can also pick-them up at city halls, libraries and chambers of commerce. 3 (jen and here are some *other important election dates to remember... the florida presidential primary is march 15th... early voting ballots are already
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day... national election day is november 6th. 3 3 (jen in bradenton today: they'll swear-in a new police chief. and it's historic... "melanie bevan" will become the city's first female police chief. she spent 29- years with the st. petersburg police department... most recently serving as their assistant chief. bevan replaces chief "michael radzilowski" in bradenton. he's retiring after 13-years on the job. the formal ceremony is this afternoon at three. 3 3 (walter - good news for lightning fans... steven stamkos will continue to skate for tampa bay... at least through the end of the season. the team announced monday that there are no plans to trade the star. the announcement ends speculation that the team might deal stamkos before february's trade deadline. however, that doesn't mean the fight to keep him here is over. sports director chip carter has a closer look at stamkos' future with the franchise... coming up on sports. 3 ((jen)) abe's pretty awesome already...
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memorial... and the new additions that will draw even *frequent visitors, back. 3 ((walter and... no, it's not a star trek convention... or auditions for "alien idol"... this is serious stuff, to believers. what's drawing thousands... to a tiny town in argentina right now.
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is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. i mean about you inventing it. i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters? so... what else about me? 3 (jen - a line of storms quickly moved through the bay area this morning... the worst of the weather is now in central florida.. but rain is still falling across parts of the viewing area. meteorologist dave osterberg is monitoring conditions... he's back with an update... in minutes. 3 3 new this morning: a natural gas explosion at an apartment complex in russia has killed four people, including a child. it happened just before sunrise about 160 miles northeast of moscow. the explosion destroyed five apartments and damaged 20 others in the
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the residents were evacuated. six people are still unaccounted for. most of russia's apartment buildings have natural gas for cooking... the cause of the fire is still under investigation. 3 (jen/ in texas this morning: investigators are trying to figure-out what caused this *huge fire at an oil facility near the town of dilley. it started monday afternoon... three people are hurt. the smoke and flames were so bad, roads had to be shut down and nearby homes evacuated. crews were able to shut-off a valve, and stop the fire from spreading any further. 3 (jen a driver in california is facing charges this morning: after police say he *deliberately ran down and killed a jogger. it happened early monday morning in the los angeles area. detectives say: 36-year-old "haissan massalkhy"hit a woman running in a bike lane. the woman was actually carried several yards on the hood of the car, before the driver smashed into a brick wall. authorities say: the driver didn't know the woman... and they haven't uncovered a motive. he's now being
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3 (walter in washington: some upgrades for abe. the national park service is going to spruce-up the lincoln memorial. philanthropist "david rubenstein" is donating 18-million dollars toward the renovations. the money will be used to fix the roof, clean the marble and improve accessibility... there will also be an *addition. park service officials plan to create 15-thousand square-feet of visitor space, *under the memorial, for exhibits. 3 (jen it's the kookiest gathering since the cantina scene in the original star wars. this... is the "international alien festival" in argentina... there's a town there that's sort of the "roswell" of south america... 30-years ago, there was a highly publicized sighting of a u-f-o at a nearby mountain range... a young boy thought he saw an alien spaceship... and it became a huge sensation... now people come from all over the
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booms there all year long... most of the 12-thousand-people who live there, work in the tourism industry. 3 3 ((anchors)) it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave. 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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((walter)) 3 usually, when we talk about money and theme parks... it's about ticket prices going up. ((jen)) today, it's something different. why so many people at sea world... are smiling today. 3 (jen and... hop on the bus, gus... there's a new perk coming for hart riders... it's enough to make you skip your stop... and risk being late to work!
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know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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3 sea world orlando is raising wages for thousands of its workers. starting july first, the theme park will pay employees 10-dollars-an-hour. that's a 50-cent increase. the increase includes 7- thousand current and future workers the park plans to hire this year. 3 (walter) here's an awesome idea, closer to home... soon, "hart" bus riders will be able to enjoy free wi-fi! (jen) workers have started installing the equipment on *all 187 fixed- route buses. 3 (jen/ they'll do about six buses a day... until the whole fleet is hooked up. the wi-fi system should be up and running april 4th. it will be a welcome addition for regular bus riders. 3 "all of our patrons will be able to get email, use
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going to school, whatever they're using our service for." 3 (jen ultimately, the wi-fi technology will allow hart to roll-out a "smart card" program, where passengers will be able to use their smart phones or a card to travel on hart system buses throughout tampa bay. 3 ((jen) and speaking of improvements... you know they're working hard at tampa international right now... on a major expansion. (walter) lots of bulldozers, cranes and construction workers... this is phase one... and now, a small but important part has been finished. fox-13's 3 02:18:24;24 ready? one two threepassengers at tampa internaitonal will probalby never see this brand-new facility in person, but they're bound to feel its impact. "this is one of the most important bev and concessions receiving and nervous system for the retail businesses. for travellers it means a smoother "as you enter the airport
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the airport with commercial vehicles"and more choices for dining and shopping. "you'll see awesome new restaurants. you'll see a pf changs opening up in the main terminal, a hard rock cafe, bay coffee and tea...lots of local restaurants. we're introducing people to the flavor of tampa and this building will supply the products to do that"65 new restaurants and stores are set to open over the next 2 years-- 40 percent of them with local ties. giving travelers at tia a true taste of tampa "there's been a whole evolution in airport travel since 911. now people like to get to the airport much earlier, clear through security and spend some time at the terminal. when they get there they're looking for an experience they can releate to so now we've added high-end restaurants and people can enjoy a nice dinner" the distribution center is just one piece of the massive expansion of tia -- which also includes a new 1.3 mile long people mover to carry passengers to a new rental car center and economy parking garage. 3 3
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3 3 ((jen)) it's supposed to be a private, personal decision, for couples to make. ((walter)) now why one big bedroom issue... is being discussed by state lawmakers in kentucky! 3 ((dave)) 3 3 3 3 3 3
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hey, guys, it's annie. you know, as moms, we are always looking for new
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3 if you're just waking up... take a look at skytower radar... lots of red, 3 green and yellow this morning. fortunately, the threat of severe weather is over for much of the bay area. 3 ((walter)) it's 5:-- i'm walter allen.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. we want to get right to dave... for an update on the wet conditions. dave? 3 a tornado watch is in effect until 8am as showers and storms quickly move through the area. sunshine will return later today, with high temps near 70. 3 3
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(jen 3 a developing story this the woman believed to have hit and killed a tow truck driver is now in custody. state troopers spent all day monday searching for "allison huffman"... they found her last night, at a friend's apartment in st. petersburg. officers got the tip, then sent f-h-p to pick her up. authorities say: troopers questioned huffman about the hit and run overnight, and drove her to the pinellas county jail. 3 new this morning... bad weather may be to blame for a mobile home fire off winter drive in tampa. right now... it's a one alarm fire. a tree fell on top of the home. officials
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caused by a lightning strike. 2 people inside the home say they heard a loud noise... smelled smoke and ran out of the house. 3 3 (walter bad weather is also causing a huge headache for travelers this morning... white out conditions in the northeast are forcing airlines to delay and cancel flights across the country... and in tampa bay. that includes a frontier flight stuck in philadelphia. passengers were supposed to be back home in tampa right now... but instead, passengers are stranded... and they're not sure when they'll get to leave. 3 (walter here's why they're stuck... a big winter storm... it's already canceled hundreds of flights today... and now hundreds of people are worried how they're going to get home to work and school. 3 ((walter fox-13's ken suarez is at tampa international right now... ken... this has 3 to be a huge pain.
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3 3 3
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3 3 3 (jen) there's a new bill being discussed by lawmakers in kentucky... that would require men to get their wives' written permission... before taking viagra or other erectile dysfunction treatments. 3 (jen "house bill 3-69" would also require a man to see his doctor twice... and swear on the bible... that he will only use the prescription drugs when having sex with his current spouse. yes, it's real... they're discussing it... but there's something else going on here. the bill was proposed by representative mary lou marzian. and she says: it's a barbed response to an anti-abortion decision earlier this week. kentucky governor signed an informed consent law... requiring women to receive counsel from a
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an abortion. she says: it's riduculous for lawmakers to get involved that way, and this is her counter-measure. 3 (jen) marzian says: she doesn't expect the bill to get very far, but she says: she's making a point. others say: she's doing it at taxpayer expense... and call it a pricey waste of time. 3 (walter what a *golden 3 opportunity for these *retrievers... they were abandoned in istanbul, turkey... and turned out in the streets, after their owners lost interest in them... it was becoming a trend... and one woman just couldn't take it... it broke they'd starve, or get hurt by the packs of stray dogs online, found out their are golden retriever rescue groups in the u-s, and reached-out to them. one in los angeles stepped-in, and paid for plane tickets... and medical care. it runs about 25-hundred dollars per dog, but they're happy to do it. the dogs are in foster homes now, but
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goldens are super popular in the u-s, and there are long waiting lists across the country, of people wanting to adopt. 3 3 and speaking of dogs: the westminster dog show wraps up in new york city later today. but before that happened... they had a first this year. they held their first ever obedience competition. dogs had to sniff out and fetch a dumbbell their handlers had touched from a pile of identical dumbbells, sidestep in perfect pace, and sit properly while their handler walked away... and that was just the first round! this is heart... the 3-year-old labrador retriever was top dog in the new competition. best in show will be named tonight at madison square garden. 3
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3 most companies don't have time clocks any more, but they might want to put them back in. ((walter)) just ahead: the guy who played hooky from work... for six years! 3 (walter and... spring break... it's a big money maker in florida. and also, a whole lot of fun... this morning: the efforts to keep everyone safe in the ballpark... from the zika virus. 3 3 ((dave)) 3
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3 a line of storms quickly moved through the bay area this morning... the worst of the weather is now in central florida.. but rain is still falling across parts of the viewing area. meteorologist dave osterberg is monitoring conditions... he's back with an update... in minutes. 3 one new case of the zika virus was confirmed over the weekend... bringing the total number of cases in florida to 21. all of those cases were contracted by people who had recently traveled. 3 while no local mosquito-borne zika infections have been confirmed in florida... or any state in the u-s..... health officials aren't taking any chances. the florida health department has set up several precautions.... and major league baseball is no different. fox 13's laura moody has more on what they're doing... 3 that's right jen.... with 4 counties under a state of emergency for the zika virus, baseball teams want to be prepared for spring training. 3 15 major league teams hold spring training in
5:43 am
players, coaches, team personnel, and thousands of fans are headed to the sunshine state. the league says they've been in contact with federal and state health officials... they say they're aware of symptoms and prevention methods-- like insect repellent and avoiding standing water. 3 pitchers and catchers report later this week. 3 3 it's now 5:__. time
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3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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3 traffic". 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 3
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3 in sports this morning: chris bosh of the miami-heat is dealing with another blood-clot scare. it's the second consecutive year that he's spent the all-star break facing an uncertain future, because of health issues. bosh will spend the next few days reviewing his options... and he won't make any decisions until tests come back. now to the lightning... and it looks like the stalemate over stamkos is over...for now. here's fox-13 sports director, chip carter. 3 i like this move by steve yzerman, because the nhl trade deadline is february twenty ninth and the closer the date got, without any stamkos news, would have created yzerman cut that off before it starts....saying they will not trade stamkos..... and then he added, "i have said repeatedly that is is our hope to reach an agreement with steven on a new contract at some point, and with 27 games remaining in the season, our entire organization, steven included, wants to focus on making the playoffs." right now the lightning have a grip, on that last wildcard playoff spot.....but the entire eastern conference is a packed every game is critical... chase elliott is on the pole for the daytona five hundred...he's bill elliott's son...and now they are just the fourth father son combination to do it.....think of the names, richard and kyle petty, bobby and davey allison, dale earnhardt and dale junior....and now chase and bill elliott......and how bout this, elliott never felt like
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"well, i'm sorry, there's just no way we can keep you on." "i don't even work here." "that's what makes this so difficult." (laughter)
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3 and... in a 3 classic kramer moment on "seinfeld"... he gets fired from a job he doesn't even have... as compared to george, who refused to leave a job he was fired from. think that stuff only happens in sitcoms... guess again! 3 (walter) get this: a guy in spain... didn't show up for work, for *six-years... and nobody noticed... that is, until.. he was supposed to
5:50 am
nobody knew where he was! he worked at a water company... and apparently, there was a mixup with his supervisors... each thought the other was overlooking him... when in reality, *neither was. he says: he was moved to a job where there was no work to do... and he did his best to make something out of nothing. he admitted he'd spent most of his work hours... studying philosophy. he's been fined a year's salary. 3 ((walter)) it was music's big night... massive production numbers... touching tributes... and lots of hardware given out. (jen) just ahead: the 91-year-old great-grandpa who *also won a grammy last night! you'll recognize him. 3 ((jen daytona isn't the only place you'll see *wheels
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booming business... that makes the *beach accessible again... for so many people. 3 3 i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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3 the stars come out for the biggest night in music. adele, taylor swift and the
5:54 am
the grammy awards monday night. 3 swift took home the big award for album of the year. she won three awards. rock group "alabama shakes" also took home three awards, including best alternative album. rapper "kendrick lamar" won five awards, including best rap album. bruno mars and mark ronson won two awards including record of the year for "uptown funk". 3 lady gaga at last night's awards. she paid tribute to rock visionary "david bowie". the performance encompassing several decades of bowie's hits.... beginning with bowie's first and ending the performance with his landmark song away last month after a battle 3 (walter and one more grammy note... former president jimmy carter *also won! it was for the audio book version of his memoir, "a
5:55 am
time he's won in the "best spoken word album" category. president carter is 91-years old. 3 3 (walter) everyone should be able to enjoy a day at the beach... but for those with physical challenges, that can be difficult. (jen) now one florida man is making it possible for just about everyone to hit the sand... and fox's steve harrigan shows us: his business is booming. 3 one of greg mcnair's clients wants to go to the beach for the first time since 2001.lynch says: "fifteen years ago i had an accident and i haven't been able to be on the beach since then because i have to walk with a cane and i can't walk with a cane on the beach." the custom built fat-tired wheelchairs are controlled by a joystick, which gives ty wilson, who has multiple sclerosis, the chance to set off on his own.wilson says: "just not depending on anybody really for once, particularly on a beach and out here it gives you a sense of freedom." (ty wilson) the chairs rent from $50 to $90 a day. a single battery charge lasts six hours. some of the chairs can enter the surf. the three month old business has grown from one chair to ten with plans to expand to thirty, but mcnair says it is job satisfaction that motivates him. mcnair says: "what they feel is what i love and that's joy" mcnair says his clients range from 12 to 100. in ormond beach, florida, steve harrigan, fox news. 3 ((jen)) there's much more to come on good day.more to
5:56 am
3 more to come on good day. ((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 new developments overnight in the search for a suspected hit-and-run driver ... the suspect was arrested, and taken to jail .. fox 13's shayla reaves will explain how troopers tracked her down. 3 don't throw away your boarding pass after getting off a plane .. how a little slip of paper could be
5:57 am
3 and ... happy birthday to this little chick .. why this rare baby bird birth is so special to the mamma bird.
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3 3 thunder, lightning, and p>>laura: the thunder, lightning pand rain, did you hear it povernight? pthe tampa bay area was hit by psome severe weather early this pmorning. pat one point, tampa electric was preporting more than 3500 power poutages. pright now the lights are back on pfor most people. p>>russell: and a fire forces two eople from their trailer. pauthorities think it may have pbeen caused by a lightning pstrike. pthis is on winter drive in the pvillage of tampa community.


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