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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 thunder, lightning, and p>>laura: the thunder, lightning pand rain, did you hear it povernight? pthe tampa bay area was hit by psome severe weather early this pmorning. pat one point, tampa electric was preporting more than 3500 power poutages. pright now the lights are back on pfor most people. p>>russell: and a fire forces two eople from their trailer. pauthorities think it may have pbeen caused by a lightning pstrike. pthis is on winter drive in the pvillage of tampa community.
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pas quickly as they could and an pinvestigator will be able to pconfirm whether lightning did pspark the fire. psame band of severe weather is presponsible for three possible ptornados that touched down in pmississippi yesterday. pminutes from the storm, a p94-year-old was rescued from the pruins of her homes. pa neighbor used a chain saw to pfree her from the debris. pmore than a dozen homes were pdamaged and even a school while pin session. p>>laura: i'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. pstorms came in quickly but they pwere gone just as fast. plet's get to dave. p>>dave: there's a little bit of plight rain left in highlands pcounty but that's it. pthe rest of the viewing area is pclear in terms of rainfall. pheavy rain you can see, it's pstill marching towards the east pso places are dealing with it pall the way to west palm beach pand fort lauderdale, miami, it's praining very heavily in naples.
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plight rain in highland county, pwe're done. pfrom sebring to lake mras -- plake placid, rain should be pover. pyou have thunder, lightning, pheavy rain. pwe're going to start the day pwith some sunshine. pyes, that's how fast it's going pto clear out as well. pconditions rapidly improving and ptemperatures back up to around p70 degrees. proads are still wet, some pbundles here and there, some onding. plet's see how that's affecting pthe morning commute. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: we're still following pa crash from actually the top of pthe show here from polk county, pthis is a live look i-4 east of pthe eastern polk parkway and you pcan see it is still causing lane pblockage. pthis unfortunately is reported a pfatality crash so we can expect pan extended lane closure for a pcouple of hours or so. pright now the lane blockages pwe're seeing, both directions so
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pinside lanes are blocked so ptraffic is passing through but pit is moving slower than normal. pas always, remember the move pover law in the area and we'll pkeep you posted if we get more pdetails as far as the lane pblocks clear and any more pinformation about the crash pitself. pin the last hour of "good day," pi also mentioned a crash in psarasota along 301. pthis is at the intersection with p12th street and right now you pcan see single vehicle crash, preally bad damage here. papparently this car also damaged ptraffic signals in the area so pwe have some lights that are pgoing to be on flash. pdrivers should treat that as a pfour-way stop, additionally pgetting word of lane blockage pnorth and southbound that was assing. p>>laura: thank you. pflorida highway patrol arrested pa suspect in a deadly hit and prun. pallison huffman was backed into p-- was booked into the pinellas
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p>>russell: yesterday morning a ptow truck driver was helping a pcouple that their car broke pdown. phe was hit and the driver did pnot stop. p>>laura: shayla reaves is live poutside of the pinellas jail. phow did they end up tracking her pdown? p>>reporter: well, authorities psay a tip landed 36-year-old pallison huffman in custody. plet me take you back to the pscene. pright now you're looking at some pvideo captured outside of the romenade apartments. pit's about five miles or just punder five miles away from the inellas county jail. pwe learned someone alerted the olice who arrived at that plocation and held huffman until pthe florida highway patrol could parrest her. pthe arrest came hours after pinvestigators found the damaged pvehicle registered to huffman in pthe parking lot of a downtown ptampa hotel. pshe's suspected of leaving the pscene of a hit and run crash,
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poperator dead and a customer pshaken. p>> i had something that -- pow. p>> he was one of the most pcaring, compassionate people pthat i had the privilege of pcoming into contact with. p>>reporter: and that was a pmanager that you just heard pfrom. pthe tow truck operator, again, phas been identified as p43-year-old perez giralto. phe leaves behind a wife and a pdaughter. phuffman has actually been psuspected of a hit and run. pthey believe at this point that pshe may have not only ditched pthe vehicle but taken a cab and ptravelled to seminole hard rock pcasino after this particular hit pand run of which she's psuspected. pso at this point, authorities phave not released information pabout any sort of charges she pmight be facing in connection pwith case. pright now they've also not said pwhether or not alcohol was a
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pwe did check records and found pthat in hillsborough county, pallison huffman has had three rior dui's. pback to you. p>>russell: thank you. p>>laura: florida had a record pnumber of hit and run crashes plast year. p92,000 according to florida phighway patrol and of those p92,000, 19,000 resulted in pinjuries. p186 were deadly. pthis week incidentally is hit pand run awareness week and pf.h.p. wants to remind drivers pif you leave the scene of an paccident, you will be charged pwith a felony. pan accident involving death pcould mean up to 30 years in rison. p>>russell: another deadly crash pyesterday. pa motorcyclist was killed on pstate road 39 and plant city. p26-year-old william majors of pzephyrhills missed a stop sign pand drove off the road. phe hit a chain link fence and psplashed into a retention pond. phe died at the scene.
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paccused of stabbing another pwoman in sulfur springs. pthere were also cuts on the pvictim's face. pthe victim had to be airlifted pto the hospital and are expected pto be okay. pweathers was arrested and pcharged with assault with a pdeadly weapon and assaulting an pofficer. p>>russell: whitney bale pleaded pnot guilty. pshe broadcast herself on eriscope to tell her followers pshe was driving drunk. pnow she's on probation for 12 pmonths and has to do 150 hours pof community service. p>>laura: this morning we're phearing from a 4-year-old boy pwho found a loaded gun under his phouse and then pulled the ptrigger. pwe told you about this story pyesterday. pthe little boy, named danny, pshowed fox 13 where he found the pgun. p>> right there. pit was down there.
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phow heavy was the gun? p>> big. pit was that big. p>>laura: danny says he pointed pthe gun at a bird and fired. pthe bird was not hurt and pneither was anyone else. phis grandmother lives next door. pshe ran to make sure he was pokay. p>> i was scared when the gun pwent off because danny was psitting there. phe was still in the same osition and his mother came out pand took it out of his hand. p>>laura: police think someone pstashed the revolver under the phouse. pthey're not sure how long it had pbeen there. pthe gun was not registered. ptoday is the deadline to pregister to vote in florida's pmarch 15 presidential primary. p>>russell: also your last chance pto change parties before the rimary. pyou need to be registered as a prepublican or a democrat in porder to vote. aperwork to register or change arty affiliation is available ponline, through the state
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pcan find copies at your psupervisor's office or any plibrary or driver's license poffice. pnevada and south carolina are pthe in ex two stops on the road pto the white house. p>>laura: the south carolina prepublican primary is this psaturday. pin the quest to take over the pfamily business, jeb bush is pleaning on their help on the pcampaign help. pyesterday his brother joined him pin north charleston. pbush talked about his younger pbrothers qualifications and pcritiqued donald trump. p>> jeb will listen to the voices pof the disenfranchised. phe will rise above the petty pname calling. p>> while he was building a preality tv show, george bush pbrought together a team to build pthe security apparatus that, to pthis day, is one of the reasons pwhy we haven't been attacked
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pi'm proud of him. p>>laura: the recent polls put pbush nearly 30 points behind ptrump nationally and in south pcarolina. phe's also trailing ted cruz and pjohn kasich and marco rubio. p>>russell: yesterday trump pthreatened to sue cruz over his peligibility for office unless pthey retract national ads. ptrump says they'll be violating pthe pledge they signed to psupport the eventual g.o.p. ptrump promised not to run as an pindependent in the same pledge. p>>laura: it is 6:10 now. pbradenton's first female police pchief will be sworn in this pafternoon. phe's retired after 13 years pleading the department. pbevin spent the last 29 years pwith the saint pete police pdepartment and was assistant olice chief. pher swearing in ceremony is
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p>>russell: plane filled with bay parea residents is stuck in icy pweather. pall they want to do is get back pto sunny florida. p>>laura: ken is talking to a pwoman on board to a crummy end pafter a fun weekend and then psend the boarding pass straight pto the shredder. p>>dave: big time storms over psouth florida. pwhat was here a couple of hours pago is shifting over i-95. pthe rain is out of here. pthere's a couple of sprinkles pleft in highlands county but pwe're focussing on getting the psunshine up. pit looks like 70 degrees for a phigh today. psame for tomorrow as well. pwait until you see the seven-day the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. p>>dave: 2:00, 2:30, that line of pstorms came through the area. pnow it's through south florida pwhere it looks like they have psevere weather headed to west alm now and this goes up 95.
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phere is the back edge of rain pand it's just about through phighlands county now. pwe had a tornado watch much pearlier this morning. pthat's cancelled, gone. pthreat of severe weather is pover. pthe threat of rain is over for peverybody except highlands pcounty and it will continue to pquickly move to the south and pthe east. pa few leftover sprinkles for pyou, lake placid. pif you wait five minutes, that pwill be through and it. pfort myers, the rain has moved pthrough. pstill some stronger storms as pyou go further south and east. pyou get down to the he ever pglade -- peverglades, these storms are plessening up. pwe did get a decent amount of prain in short order with the pstorms as they came through. pan inch to an inch and a half of prain came down. plooks like we got some heavier
6:16 am
p27 and eastern polk county and pthen down through sebring, prunning about 1.8 inches of prain. pthat's a lot of rain in pfebruary. pso we -- that was the dominant pthreat we had this morning was pthe heavy rain but honestly, pthat is gone. pand now it's clearing out rocess. pit's one of those days where you pcome in in the morning and it's praining, raining. pby the time the sun comes up, pit's mostly clear in a few pspots. p57 degrees crystal river. p58 in new port richey. pbehind the rain we did cool ptemperatures down a few degrees. pi think tomorrow morning, this pis what it's going to be like paround the area. pinland and north, upper 40s to plow to mid 50s along the coast. pthis will give you an idea of pwhat tomorrow morning is going pto look like now that the front pis squeezing through and as the pwinds have shifted to the pnorthwest, panama city, ensacola, the front is actually pthrough and even though the prains have come through, the pfront is still a couple of hours
6:17 am
ponce it moves through, our wind pwill shift in the tampa area. pfront moves through but the pdifference with the cold front pcoming through now, there's not pa lot of cold air behind this pfront. pit's very little. pso winds shift, we're clearing pit out. plook at this clearing line, how pfast it is ripping through the parea. pso we're going to have a lot of psunshine today. pit's going to dry out by 9:00 pand you're not going to know it peven rained this morning. pthat's how fast the whole system pis moving through. pincreasing sunshine today, mild, p70 degrees. pgrab your jackets, tonight upper p40s to lower 50s. pjust a shade below normal but pnothing extreme. pthen mostly sunny and pleasant ptomorrow with a high temperature paround 70 degrees. pi know you're running around pgetting kids ready. pstop and look at the seven-day pfor a second. pi'm not going to get too many eople complaining about that as pwe get the sunshine back, pbeautiful weather which takes us pall the way through the
6:18 am
pvanessa, how are things on the proad this morning? p>>vanessa: we're not really pgetting a full number of crashes plike we were when the rain was pfalling so that's some good news pfor drivers heading out the door pright now. pthat's some slick roadways so of pcourse, you'll want to slow it pdown as you make your way out pthe door. pa couple of new incidents to ptalk about. pwe have pinellas county shot phere, sky fox is overhead. pbelcher in the area of brian pdairy road, the right lane is pblocked. puse the move over law in the parea. plutz, you have a crash. pif we get word on the nature of pthe blocks, we'll update you. p>>russell: after you get off the lane, what do you do with the pboarding pass? pi sometimes leave it in that plittle thing where the magazines pare. pi've done that. p>>laura: on the plane itself p>>russell: most of us throw it paway, right? p>>laura: don't do that.
6:19 am
pticket to identity theft. p>>russell: p>>reporter: those slips of paper pthat get you past security and pon the plane are really no good pto you after you reach your pdestination. p>> goes in a pocket and the ocket gets unloaded and peventually they get thrown out. p>>reporter: for someone who pwants to steal your identity, pyour boarding pass could be a pgolden ticket. p>> you need to think of like a psecond photo i.d. p>>reporter: the national pchampion cyber defense club in pthe university of florida, he pknows what fraudsters can do pwith the information that's phidden underneath the bar codes pon your boarding pass. p>> there's your fares name, last pnature, frequent flier number as pwell as other identifying pinformation. pso here's all the information. p>>reporter: adam helped us show
6:20 am
p>> they don't realize what's in pthe information. pa little block of squiggly plines, people don't realize the pinformation on there. p>> it's amazing what you can get pfrom that. p>>russell: george was skeptical. p>> i have bigger things to worry pabout than that. p>>reporter: he let us pdemonstrate. pwe found his frequent flier pnumber, reservation code and precord number. p>> just the password somewhere pin there. p>> there is one there but now we pcan go to facebook and all your pother information. p>>reporter: armed with the right pinformation, the sky is the plimit. p>> fraudster could call the pairline, say they're this person pbut you also use the card also passociated that you saved to my paccount.
6:21 am
pand they could get the free ptravel themselves. p>>reporter: when you travel, pdon't just throw the boarding ass away. p>> what should we do with it? p>> you should shred it. p>> shred it. p>> we can do that. p>> thank you. p>>russell: get ready. ptickets for beyonce at raymond pjames go on sale this morning. p>>laura: if you want great pseats, act fast. pthe details just ahead at 6:30. pand then snug as a bug in a rug.
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3 3 it's time to see what's p>>russell: time to see what's pclicking on the web. p>>laura: taylor katz here in the pnet center with a look at hot pclicks. p>>taylor: good morning. pso valentine's day has come and pgone but there's one little pgirl's dilemma that happens to pbe sticking around thanks to a pvery serious conversation caught pon camera by her mother.
6:24 am
p>> he's sweet and romantic but i pthink i'm too young to have a pboyfriend. pbut it's like he looks so happy. p>> what do you mean? p>> it's just -- i don't want to pbreak his heart. p>>taylor: yes. pto keep him happy or to break phis heart? pthat's the question for quinn. pshe's a 5-year-old from north pcarolina who admits she might pjust be too young for a prelationship. pwhat do you think? ptoo young? pyes. pwhen mom asked how quinn feels pabout it, she said she feels, pquote, different and ultimately pdecides that the right thing to pdo is to tell him they have to pbreak up. oor guy. p>>russell: poor kid. p>>taylor: i have a feeling this pis the first of many heartbreaks pfrom this little cutie.
6:25 am
pway, right? pso sweet. pnext up, a selfie like we've pnever quite seen one before. pcheck that out. pthis is milo, a sea lion and pthanks to his buddy hugh, his ptrainer in long beach, pcalifornia, he has his very own pselfie stick. pit's made up of a target and a pgo pro camera and it's lieu it pwould be like to swim by a sea plion. pthe trainer said i decided to pgive it a try. pworked out well. plastly, because i know you're pwondering, this is the cutest pthing you'll see all day. pa tutorial on how to make a pdoggy burrito. p>>laura: that's adorable. p>>taylor: or a sausage burrito pas they call it. pjust give a little belly rub,
6:26 am
pback and then a quick little proll in the doggy blanket. pyou have yourself -- i just love pit. p>>russell: how did they get it pto ray there like that? p>>taylor: it's all in the belly prub. pi think that's the key pingredient. p>>laura: that dog has the life. p>>russell: i wish i was that pdog. p>>taylor: don't we all this pmorning? p>>russell: belly rub and pswaddled. p>>laura: thank you, taylor. p>>russell: in miami a garbage ptruck crashes off an overpass p100 feet to the ground. pyou've got to see this video. p>>laura: and another winter pstorm is slowly travelling up pnorth, stranding people from the ptampa bay area in the process. pgood morning, ken. p>>reporter: it's not fun to be pstranded at the airport. pwhat happens if you're ptravelling with your kid and he
6:27 am
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3 3 good morning. i'm russell rhodes.. p>>russell: welcome. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pthunder and lightning rolled in pfast overnight. pi don't know if you heard t. pit's already long gone, though. plet's look at dave for the pforecast. p>>dave: it's done raining in the pviewing area. pwe're clearing skies out. pyou can still see some cloud pcover left on lakeland at 61 pwith a south-southwest wind at pthree but watch this. plook at the tampa cam. pas we get clear skies now, pthat's how fast these clouds are pgetting out of here. p61 degrees in tampa with the psouth wind at six miles an hour.
6:31 am
pa few sprinkles in highlands pcounty. pthat's it. pall the bad weather is along the peast coast of the state. penjoy the sunshine as it quickly preturns for everybody this pmorning and highs get back to paround 70 degrees. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: sounds good. p6:31 is the time. pwe want to revisit polk county pbecause we're starting to see psome notable delays in the pwestbound direction of i-4 assing by the deadly crash psite. pof course, we mentioned this is pthe eastern polk parkway so you pcan see still dealing with lane pblockage but because of the pgrowing volumes, we're starting pto see five minutes or so of pdelays in the westbound pdirection. pdelays are a little lesser in pthat eastbound direction but peither way you go, you'll want pto give yourself extra time. premember the move over law and premember to move over in worst pcase scenario, slow down as you ass by the crash site in phernando. pthis is an earlier mentioned pcrash which is still working pwith an outside lane blockage pdue to emergency vehicles.
6:32 am
por so. p>>russell: a woman accused of phitting and killing a tow truck pdriver is in jail this morning. pallison huffman was arrested at pa friend's house in st. etersburg. pshe ditched her car after the pdeadly accident on the howard pfrankland and took a cab to the phard rock. pno word on charges or if alcohol pis involved. phowever, records do show she has pthree previous dui's. p>>laura: pinellas park police pare still looking for the driver pof the car in this video. pthis is not it. pbut it does show the car doing a pdonut on a busy street. pthis was at 66th street north pand 121st avenue. pthis morning we have a better pidea of who police are looking pfor. pfour young men in a white or psilver pontiac gto. pthe driver could face wreckless pdriving charges. p>>russell: what you're looking pat right now, city of miami pgarbage truck slammed into a
6:33 am
lunged dozens of feet to the proad below. pdriver was seriously hurt and pthe truck crashed the back ends pof two unoccupied cars. pnobody else was hurt. pmiami waste trucks are equipped pwith video cameras on the front pand rear and hope the videos pwill shed light on what phappened. p>>laura: a new case of zika pvirus infection has been pconfirmed in broward county. pthat brings the total number of pcases in florida to 21. pnearly half of the cases are pbroward and miami dade counties pand there are still three in phillsborough. pno local mosquito borne pinfections have been confirmed pin florida or any state for that pmatter. pthe virus has spread rapidly pthroughout the caribbean and pcentral and south america in the plast year. p>>russell: up north president's pday freeze had drivers on thin pice. psnow and freezing rain kept pdrivers on their toes and brakes pas an army of plows hit the proadways. pbeing stuck at an airport pbecause of bad weather. p>>laura: and it's frustrating
6:34 am
phome from philly. p>>russell: ken is at tampa pinternational airport with their pstory. pgood morning, ken. p>>reporter: good morning. pif you haven't already been poutside, it's wet, yucky. pelsewhere in the country is a ptotal mess. pas you said, people are stranded pall over trying to get back here pto tampa bay, including this one pwoman and her son. pnow, the snow has caused 1600 pflights to be delayed in new pyork, washington, d.c. and pelsewhere. pin d.c. they have about three pinches of snow. pchecked in with my younger son pwho goes to grad school there. phe said they're also having an pice problem there. psome buses are not running, some prunning late. pit was president's day yesterday pand federal offices were closed. pa few minutes ago i also checked pin with debbie. pshe's a person who lives in a al -- apollo beach and she's ptravelling with her 8-year-old
6:35 am
pnot happy when the pilot pannounced last night they were pnot going anywhere. p>> i'm sorry about this. pi've been doing this for 20 plus pyears and this has never phappened. pi know this is terrible. pi'm going to have the flight pattendants bring by some drinks. pso they brought by a small cup pof ice with probably half full pof water and that's all we got. p>>reporter: after being stuck in pthe tarmac for three hours, they pfinally got back to the terminal pand she finds that everything is pclosed so they didn't have panything to eat or drink there pbut the airline said we're going pto make this good. pwe're going to give you a pvoucher for a local hotel. psounds good. pthen they called up the local photel and found out that every plast room had already been pbooked. pso right now they're both trying pat least to sleep on a beach in pthe philadelphia airport. pthey heard they're going to come pback at 9:00 this morning and
6:36 am
plater. pthey're looking at 1:00 this pafternoon. pwe're going to keep you updated. pback to you. pit's tough. p>>russell: it is. p>>laura: it is 6:36 now and new pthis morning, the obama padministration has approved the pfirst u.s. factory in cuba in pmore than half a century. ptwo men from alabama are lanning to build a plant to passemble small tractors. pthey expect to sell as many as p1,000 a year to private farmers pin cuba. pfive to 10 million dollar plant pwould be the first significant pinvestment in cuba since 1959. p>>russell: the coast guard will pdive into the history of a cargo pship that sank during our phurricane joaquin last year. pfirst of two public hearings pinto the loss of the steamship pel faro begin this morning. pit sank near the bahamas last pfall. pall 33 crew members died. pit was the worst u.s. commercial
6:37 am
pit set sail in september as a owerful storm churned offshore. pthe ship's captain tried to poutrun it but lost engine power pand control of the ship. p>>laura: for the 40th time, the pbird is a mother again. pshe's at least 65 years old. pwildlife officials in hawaii saw pher lay her egg in november and pit hatched this month. pthe baby's name means messenger pin hawaiian. p>>russell: cute. pmiracles. pit came in fast and it was gone pquickly. pthe rain already gone over the peast coast this morning. p>>laura: and dave has a picture pof the seven-day forecast. pit is perfect. pand then one of the stars of the psuper bowl half-time show is pcoming toit
6:38 am
pthe tickets for (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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6:41 am
p>>dave: a few hours ago, pouring prain, thunder, lightning, some pwind. pnow look at this. pwe are clearing out. pthat is how fast everything is pchanging around here pweatherwise. pthe rain is out. pwe had one or two sprinkles and pi mean, one or two left in phighlands county. pthe main line of thunderstorm pactivity moving through west alm now, they're getting some pbig thunderstorms down there pthis morning. pas you go back to the west, pnotice the rain is gone. pwe're clearing skies out. pwe actually had a tornado watch. pfor those of you with the pweather radios or skytower app, pwhen you get the watches you robably knew about that, right? pvery early, 2:30 this morning. pcancelled. plong gone. pdon't even worry about it. pwe're getting back into clear pskies today. pthe roads may still be wet
6:42 am
pfew places, especially highlands pcounty. pstill, how quickly things change pin a couple of hours' time. pour temps running 61 in tampa. p61 in st. petersburg. p60 in sarasota. pmid 50s to the north. pthe actual front itself is still pjust offshore so the rain was pwell out ahead of the front. pyou're going to notice a wind pshift to the northwest over the pnext couple of hours and that's pgoing to drag in some drier air. pto be honest, decent timing, pright? pyou get heavy rain overnight so pwe don't have to deal with it at pthe heart of the morning commute por during the day and then you pclear skies out. pwe were a little concerned we pwere going to get some severe pweather. pwe only had one severe pthunderstorm and not much in the pway of damage with that. pmost of the activity, again, pshifting towards the south and pthe east and i mean, rapidly as pwe get back into some sunshine. pit's going to be a beautiful day pas the front comes through, the pwinds will shift to the pnorthwest, keep us at 70 degrees
6:43 am
pso granted, both technically pbelow normal but it's going to pbe a nice day. ptonight light jackets, pespecially very early tomorrow pmorning as many of us will be in pthe lower 50s, there will be a pfew spots inland and north that pare away from the water where pyou'll get in the upper 40s ptonight. pit shouldn't be a big deal. pthen mostly sunny, pleasant ptomorrow with a high temperature pof 70 degrees. pit's a bit choppy in the coastal pwaters right now but we'll scale pback a little bit this pafternoon. pyou're going to do some boating, pwinds shifting to the northwest pwith seas running two to three pfeet and i'm thinking the last ptime this winter that we had a pseven-day like that, and i can't premember because look at that pstretch of weather. pjust sunshine, temperatures in pthe low to mid 70s for highs so pthe weather is improving pquickly. p>>vanessa: that looks really pgood. pthank you. p6:44. pright now we have a check in the inellas county area.
6:44 am
phearing this is the area of pbrian dairy and belcher and pwe're seeing westbound lanes. pit appears to be involving a pdisabled vehicle of some sort pnear the railroad tracks. olice have blocked off at least pone of those right lanes so of pcourse, you'll be courteous as pyou pass on through. pit looks like it's moving pretty pslow. pthey're stopping traffic ptemporarily. pthey've got a tow truck in the parea so we'll watch this for a pbit. pexpect some delays as you make pyour way through the area. plet's head to the interstates. pi-4, park road, it looks like pit's a bit slick from the pearlier rains so make sure pyou're slowing it down. plooks like volumes are picking pup as well. pwe have delays building psouthbound 75, fletcher to the pselmon expressway up to a 13 pminute ride. pwe're also seeing 13s across the pboard here. pthen westbound lanes of i-4 pbetween buckman and 75, drive pcarefully. p6:45.
6:45 am
pcharley belcher now. phow are you? p>>charley: good day to you. pnice to see you. pyou've been busy with traffic pthe last couple of days. pi'm glad you have time to talk pto me today. p>>vanessa: me, too. phow are you doing? p>>charley: i don't know what pmrs. delegato thinks about it, pbut i don't like being woken up pin the middle of the night by aul. pbut i love that app. pyou know what i'm talking about. pif you have the alert set on pyour fox 13 app, you hear paul pand literally walk me up when i pheard paul say there's been a ptornado watch issued for your parea. pi'm glad i knew and it was pstorming. poh, my goodness. pthe thunder and lightning. p>>vanessa: lightning was pdetected in your area. p>>charley: i didn't get the plightning. pi don't know what comes through pand what doesn't because i have pmy phone on nighttime, do not pdisturb. p but the tornado watch came pthrough and i'm glad it did.
6:46 am
pstaff predicted that. pwent through fast but that was a plittle scary. pso back to the normal. pthe storm woke me up last night. p>>vanessa: me, too. p>>charley: one of the stories pthis morning that i don't know panything about so i'm going to phave to spend the whole morning plearning along with most of the paudience probably. por at least some of the paudience. pare you familiar with combucca? p>>vanessa: we were talking about pthis yesterday. pwe were trying to figure out pwhat it was. p>>charley: it's a thing and it's pbecoming a much more popular pthing and it's been around a plong time. pit's like a fermented tea. pthere's a place in st. etersburg and it's just going pgang busters and it looks like a pcraft brewery. pbut they're not. pthey're making teas and it pstarts with these wonderfully phand crafted, organic fair trade pingredients.
6:47 am
pthen they mix it with a robiotic culture so there's pnatural live stuff going on pthere and it comes out to be a prefreshing, wonderful tea that pcan be served on tap as well. pthat's about the extent of my pknowledge. pwe'll take you to this and find pout all about it, talk about the pwonderful people behind it and plet you know how you can enjoy a pnice, refreshing mother cabucca pif you so choose. p>>vanessa: looking forward to plearning more and seeing, too. pi want to see what it looks plike. p>>charley: all right. p>>vanessa: thanks, charley. plaura? p>>laura: taking a look at some ptop stories, pasco deputies are plooking at three businesses that pwere broken into yesterday pmorning. pfirst was a diver city supply on pland o lakes and then sally pbeauty supply and main street pboutique on state road 54. pdeputies blef it was all done by pthe same person and this is psurveillance photo of the
6:48 am
pdeputies think he was driving a plarge cruiser type motorcycle. psteven stamkos of the lightning pare not parting ways soon. pthe team says he will not be ptraded before this month's pdeadline. pthey say the entire organization pis focused on trying to make the layoffs. phe's in the final year of his pcontract. phe's eligible to become an punrestricted free agent in july. pand then fresh off her big super pbowl performance, beyonce is pkicking off a world tour. ptickets go on sale at 10:00 this pmorning and tickets will likely psell out quickly. pher tampa stop is at raymond pjames stadium friday, april 29. p>>russell: if there weren't palready too many cell phone poptions, there's a new pgeneration coming out soon and pthey're supposed to be faster pand office work is about to get peasier. pyou heard about the self parking pcars. pnow there's self parking chairs. p>> the dial at warp speed
6:49 am
pi'm consumer reporter. pwe'll look at who is accused of pmaking robo cars and cle the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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geico for your boat.
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p>>russell: buffering, buffering, pbuffering. pwe end up spending a lot of time pbuffering and waiting. p>>laura: coming up, though, very psoon your internet is about to pget faster. pjoining us to talk about it, plauren simonetti. pwe've heard of 4 g. pnow 5 g, right? p>>reporter: is that buffering pjust too much for you guys? pare we that impatient? pdo we need 5 g? p>>russell: yes. p>>reporter: that would be up to p100 times faster. p>>russell: yes. p>>reporter: fine. pat&t is testing it. pwe don't know how long it's pgoing to take to get 5 g on the pmarket but they're testing it pand it's super, super fast. pat&t wants your business and pthey want it in a big way giving pyou $650 to switch your carrier pto at&t. pread the fine print there. pthat's the overall message,
6:53 am
pthey're also letting you get in pon the two for one phone romotion. p>>russell: i do need it. pi'm ready. p>>laura: there's a lot of data. p>>russell: there is. pokay. pokay. pthe voice of reason always comes pover my shoulder. pthere you are. pthere you are. pall right. pyou've got something about the poffice of the future. p>>reporter: i do and i want this pto come to our homes. pclap your hands and your chair pautomatically parks itself at pthe table. pwhy do we care about this? pi don't think we really care pabout setting up the office but pthis goes to show you that pnissan, the car company, they phave the self driving cars, pthey're using that same tech pknowledge. plet's take this a step further pand bring it to my kitchen, to pmy living room and just clean up pmy house by me going like that. p>>russell: we're seeing the pvideo right now. pit is hilarious. p>>reporter: it's cool, right?
6:54 am
p>>laura: here is the question. preally? pwe can't push in our own chairs? preally? pare we there yet? p>>russell: i'm with you on this pone. p>>reporter: fine. pi think i agree as well. pi just think it's kind of cool. plike i said, big picture, they pcan clean up your entire icture. p>>russell: yes, if everything pwould come together. p>>reporter: unless the chairs pare like in the hallway or psomething. p>>russell: there is always that. p>>reporter: that would be great, pactually. p>>russell: see you later. p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation f. you're not sure where pto find the fox business pnetwork, log on to fox and look for pchannel finder. p p>>laura: taylor swift performed pher latest "out of the woods."
6:55 am
pgrammies in one. pkendrick lamar took home five pawards including best rap album. pbrun omars and mark ronson won pfor uptown funk and a stirring ptribute from lady gaga. p>>russell: she paid tribute to pdavid bowie. p p>>russell: several decades of pthe hits beginning with space podyssey and ending with his plandmark song "heros." pdavid bowie died last month pafter a battle with cancer. p>>laura: pretty spot on, wasn't pit? p>>russell: it was. p>>laura: "star wars: the force pawakens" has made more than $2 pmillion at the box office and pthere's a big spoiler coming up pif you haven't seen the movie. roduction has started on the psequel.
6:56 am
pvideo and shows the movie icking up right where episode pseven left off. pdave is interested. pdave is watching. pthat's luke sky walker. pthey're shooting off the coast pof ireland. pit's scheduled for 2017. pa stand alone star wars film pwill hit theaters this pchristmas. pcontinues. pcoming up at 7:00, we're talking pabout drivers who jump the line pand why it's not just rude, it's pagainst the law. p>>russell: and a man doesn't pshow up to work for six years pand still gets paid. phis boss doesn't even notice but phis punishment is severe. p>>laura: he's pretty good.
6:57 am
pi don't know. pthere's a pretty intense debate praging in the news room over ptaylor swift's grammy outfit. pdo you love it or hate it?
6:58 am
6:59 am
pfashion winners and losers3 ((russell- winter weather panhandle... p>>russell: winter weather to our pnorth and tornado damage in the an handle. pwild weather across the country pand its effect on tampa bay. p>>vanessa: a suspected phit-and-run driver has been ptaken into custody after a crash pleft a tow truck operator dead. pi'll tell you how st. pete pahead.


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