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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 18, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 ((russell- p>>russell: beyonce backlash. pfans. pthe possible issue it could pcreate ahead of her concert in ptampa plus -- p>>reporter: with republicans pfacing off in south carolina pthis weekend, a new set of polls pout showing that the race is pchanging pretty quickly. pi'm in washington. pwe'll have more on the numbers pjust ahead. p>>laura: and don't mess with pthis monkey. pyou might get hurt.
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pwent on a rampage. psounds like a joke but it is pnot. pwelcome to the 7:00 hour of p"good day." pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. pa lot ahead plus it's something pwe've done in a very long time, pask a cpa day. pwe have free tax advice for you puntil 9:30. hone lines are now open. pcall the numbers at the bottom pof the screen. pwe start with some really good pnews. p>>dave: yeah. pgood morning. plet me show you, the sun will be pup in a few minutes and you can psee with the tampa cam, we pbrought it back a little bit pwhere the sun is coming up and phow pretty it's going to be. pwe have clear skies. pclear skies for everybody. priver view looks great. pit is cool outside and some laces it's chilly like crystal priver is 41. pbrooksville is 47. pwesley chapel at 49. ptampa at 53 degrees and mid 50s paround the bradenton area. pwe'll quickly, and i mean
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pby 9:00 we'll be close to 60 pdegrees. pby noon time, close to 70 with plow to mid 70s expected for high ptemps this afternoon. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: so far it's been an puneventful day on the roadways. pthe latest crash we're following pis causing some concerns but preally, delays are not terrible pat this point. lan for five minutes or so of pdelays northbound along 50th pstreet. pthis is the sky fox shot near pthe selmon expressway where pwe're seeing a crash that's pblocking maybe one, possibly two artially right lanes so just premember your move over law in pthat area. pyou're probably going to be pslowing down anyways because it pis a bit of a congested area panyways. pso five minutes is your travel ptime through that stretch. pwe'll keep you posted how this pclears out. p>>russell: well, beyonce may not phave many fans of the tampa olice department. pso far, no officers, none were
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pconcert at raymond james pstadium. pher super bowl performance is pone reason why. pshayla reaves is at raymond pjames this morning with a story. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning. pthe concert is a couple of pmonths away but so far, it's the psuper bowl performance that's phad a lot of people talking, pincluding police officers right phere in tampa. pin fact, tickets are already on psale for the concert scheduled pfor raymond james stadium but no pofficers have signed up for psecurity. pafter the super bowl performance pof the singer's just released psong, her dancers dressed as pblack panthers for the half-time erformance. pmusic video set in new orleans paddressd police brutality and pincludes a wall with a quote, pstop shooting us. pit makes reference to her hair pand her nose she likes and in pthe video, she appears on top of pa sinking police cruiser.
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pofficers in tampa say is too olitical and unfair. pand tampa police spokesperson phad this to say. p>> like any other event here in ptampa, regardless of how pcontroversial it might be or who pthe artist might be or who the olitician might be, we have a presponsibility to do that. p>>reporter: the concert is pscheduled for april 29 here at praymond james stadium. pthe cheapest tickets we've seen pfor the event are $70. psome available online as well pfor $80. pin the meantime, right now olice are not clarifying pwhether or not officers would be pforced to work the concert. pif they do not get anyone to psign up, in fact, tampa police pare telling us it's early. pthey're not to go -- wanting to pwait to see what happens when pthe event gets closer. pin addition to that, a pspokesperson is adding that if pthis event, no one signs up for
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pthat evening could be reassigned pto raymond james stadium and pother accommodations would be pmade to make sure the city is psafe during that time. pback to you. p>>russell: we'll talk later. pthank you. p>>laura: it's become part of ptravelling these days. pyou go to the airport and then pyou have to stand in line as you pwait to be screened by t.s.a. pofficer. pbut it seems like some lines at pcertain airports move more pquickly than others. pthe t.s.a. says only 2% of ptravellers had to wait more than p20 minutes to get through pairport security. pthose numbers can be skewed by pthe fact that nearly half of all ptravellers went through the pexpedited lanes last year. pthe tsa pre-check and other rivileges make the numbers on aper lower than they are in preality. pso where are those short wait ptimes? pwhere is the shortest? pguess what? pright here in tampa pinternational. pt.s.a. says on average, it only ptakes a little more than 11 pminutes to pass through security pand be on your way to the gate.
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pdetroit and portland round out pthe top five and no surprise as pfar as the longest wait time. pnew york's j.f.k. was dead last pwith an average wait time of pnearly 17 minutes. pl.a.x. also had time at or above p16 minutes. hiladelphia, seattle and pchicago's o'hare airport pfinished out the final five. pofficials say that the wait ptimes may be longer there pbecause of heightened security pmeasures due to the recent pterror attacks both here and pabroad. p>>russell: there's a sexting roblem at a bay area middle pschool. pkids are just 11 to 14 years old pand now the principal of lake lacid middle is planning a arent assembly to discuss this roblem. pthe kids are sending fully naked pand half naked images to each pother as well as videos. pschool administration posted a pmessage on its facebook page pthat reads this. arents, i have held assemblies pwith each grade level regarding pan issue very concerning.
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pthere will be a presentation at p6:30 on february 22 at the first resbyterian genesis center in plake placid. lease make every effort to pattend. psexting is not just dangerous, pit's also illegal. pminors in florida who knowingly puse technology to distribute pnudity to another minor are pcommitting a crime. pthe sheriff's office is aware pand it is investigating. psurveillance video has captured pa customer coming to the rescue pof a clerk. p>>laura: it happened during a probbery at a bradenton pharmacy pon valentine's day. olice say the video shows panthony namos walking into the pwalgreen pwalgreen's and jumped on the harmacy counter and demanded pall their oxycodone. pat first everyone was in shock puntil the man said he had a gun pand put his hand in his waist pband. pa customer called his bluff and phere it is. phere is the moment. pdavid west fought the robber poff, shoved them into a display,
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phim in the face. peventually namath was knocked pout cold. p>> normally i would say don't pget involved, especially when pthere's a weapon involved but papparently the citizen did not psee a weapon, didn't feel he had pa weapon. pbest part is a citizen actually pgot involved and helped out in pthe crime without endangering phimself or others. p>>laura: west held the robbery pthere until police got on scene. pbefore naim namath was taken to pjail, he was taken to the phospital with minor injuries. pthese are pictures of someone probbing a ruskin food mart. pit happened yesterday. pthe thief may be driving a gold psaturn ls 2 with front end pdamage. phe may also be responsible for a probbery at a circle k and apollo pbeach. pand this is video of that probbery on monday morning. psuspect walks into the store at papollo beach boulevard, demands pmoney and lottery tickets. phe may have held a gun to the
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pif you know where he is, call pcrime stoppers. p>>russell: it's almost 7:09 and pit looks like there may be a new pnational frontrunner in the prepublican race for president pand a big endorsement for marco prubio days before the south pcarolina primary. phere is doug. p>>reporter: some of these polls pmay be outliars but it does show pthe state of flux out on the pcampaign trail right now and pit's not terribly good news for pthe frontrunners, donald trump pand hillary clinton. pted cruz on a stage in south pcarolina delivering the news he phas been waiting for. p>> for the first time in many pmonths, there's a new national pside. p>>reporter: and the new nbc news p"wall street journal" poll shows pthat cruz is up two points over ptrump nationally. pat the same time, trump has a pwide lead in south carolina, palthough that may not tell the pwhole story.
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phave been doing private polling, pboth associated with the pcampaigns and with some of the psuper pacs, the belief is that ptrump's lead is not as pcommanding as the public polls psuggest. p>> if we can win in south pcarolina, we're going to go -- pwe could very well run the ptable. p>>reporter: maybe but when the pg.o.p. field narrows, it could pspell trouble for trump. pin hypothetical one-on-one pmatchups, cruz beats trump by 16 oints and so does marco rubio pby the same margin. prubio got more good news pyesterday winning the pendorsement of south carolina pgovernor haley and then there pare the democrats with another pnew poll showing that pnationally, hillary clinton and pbernie sanders are statistically ptied. pand that's a real concern for pthe clinton team. pjust like donald trump, though, pclinton's numbers are very pstrong in south carolina. pif you believe the recent polls
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phandedly. p>>russell: and we have this this pmorning. resident obama is going to go pto cuba next month according to pa white house official. phe will be the first american resident to visit cuba since pcoolidgye in 1928. pit's part of a latin american ptrip for the president. pthere's a good chance that the prays will be in cuba the same ptime as the president. pthey plan to play in havana pmarch 22. pif both governments agree, the prays would be the first major pleague baseball team to play pthere since 1999. pcraig patrick can go to cuba, ptalk to the president and watch pa rays game. p>>laura: doesn't get better than pthat. ptim tebow coming to a church pnear you, maybe. pcoming up, the bay area church pwhere he will be speaking next pweekend. p>>russell: plus national anthem ptryouts.
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psinging during spring training. phey, dave. p>>dave: 7:11. p57 degrees. plet me show you a shot of the pbeach this morning. psirata beach camera, the sun pjust came up a few minutes ago. pthat is beautiful. pnorth-northeast winds at 10 pmiles an hour. pnot to be outdone, our friends pin lakeland showing you that pgorgeous start with a clear sky. pit's going to be a great day. pour temps go up to the lower 70s pthe next couple of afternoons pbut even warmer for the weekends pso stick around for that pforecast in a few minutes. p>>laura: and a reminder, don't pmiss your chance to get free tax padvice. pit's ask a c.p.a. here at fox p13. pjust call the numbers at the pbottom of the screen. ptime right now is 7:12.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. p>>dave: 7:15 on this sunny, yet pcool thursday morning. pa couple of camera shots for pyou, this one showing downtown. psun up on the right-hand side of
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pthis is back toward the pcoastline and just a pretty pstart. pnotice something else. pwe don't have the fog around pthis morning. pso it makes it even prettier. pbradenton beach, beautiful. ptampa looking west on kennedy, pall of the camera shots look plike this. pi love, love, love this time of pyear, too. pyou get the crisp kind of clear pmornings and you don't have the phumidity in the atmosphere. pwe're at 41 degrees in crystal priver. pas pretty as it is, it's still pkind of cool, especially in asco, hernando and citrus pcounty where the temperatures phave dipped back to the upper p40s. phaines city, you're 49. p50 lakeland, winter haven, pbrndon, tampa at 53. pst. petersburg 57. pso just came up, give it another phour or so and you'll see a huge pdifference in these temperatures pbecause while they're chilly, pwe've got low dew points. pwe've got lots of dry air in
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pthat's why by the time we get peven to the 9:00 hour, a lot of pthese places will be up close to p60 degrees. plook how dry it is. phigh pressure sitting over pgeorgia now, just spilling in pthe northeast wind. pany time you can get a northerly pcomponent to your warm weather, pdue north-northeast, whatever, ptypically holds the dew points pdown, holds the humidity in pcheck and that will be the case pthe next few days. pour next weather maker isn't peven in the u.s. yet so it will pgo back over the pacific psomewhere and that's why we're pgoing to keep this lovely pweather that we're having pstraight through the weekend. pwe're going to eek out a decent pmonday in the deal. pit's just cool starts to mild pafternoons for the next several pdays. plet's go 72.
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pwall sunshine. pthat's what we have for you ptoday. ptonight, the next several pnights, we'll be in the 50s. pit will be cool each morning. p73 tomorrow and over the pweekend, we're going to have phigh temperatures in the mid 70s pand again, no rain chances until plate tuesday or early into pwednesday. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. pget a check on roadways right pnow. pa new crash we're following, pthis is also in the tampa area. psky fox is checking out phillsborough in the area of pnebraska. pwe do have some lane blockage preported. pyou can see we've got a tow ptruck on scene. pthat tow truck is taking up one pof the lanes. pone lane blocked southbound, one pwestbound. pas always, please keep an eye pout for those crews that are pworking on the side of the road. olice and tow truck driver, you pcan see them right there.
7:19 am
p>>laura: spring training pbaseball games are about to pstart here in florida. p>>russell: teams are looking for eople to sing the national panthem. psteve went to the tryouts in pbradenton. p>> good morning, everyone. p>>reporter: they lined up early pfor a chance to sing. p p>>reporter: the old and the pyoung. pwhy do you want to do this? p>> i'm proud to be an american pand i realliment y wanted to sing it.
7:20 am
p>> i sing karaoke at the bowling palley and i hope i developed my pvoice good enough to sing the panthem well. p>>reporter: for some pcontestants, the song has a pspecial meaning. plike korean war veteran, barry pyoder. p>> it's not a performance. pit's a tribute to the fight. pa p>>reporter: a tribute that goes pforth from an empty ball park. p>>russell: you probably know pthis. pseveral teams that come to the pbay area for spring training, in paddition to the rays, phillys, pclearwater, yankees tampa,
7:21 am
porioles and the blue jays play pin dunedin. p>>laura: i love spring training. p>>russell: i do, too. pit's nice weather for them right pnow. p>>laura: that's why they come phere. pit's approaching. pthat's why they come here, pright? p>>russell: probably. p>>laura: another big recall to ptalk about. pthis one involves seat belts and pmillions of vehicles on the proads this morning. p>>russell: plus angry and pbelligerent. pthe video of a drunk monkey. pi'll -- i'm not making it up. phe's following patrons with a pknife. p>>charley: i used to rush to the psunday paper for the funnies pwhen i was growing up. pi love peanuts. pcharacters are so great. pschroeder who had played the iano and it was charlie brown's plittle sister sally and linus pwho was always sucking her thumb
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pi always liked her. pand everybody's favorite, psnoopy, of course. pand then there's charlie brown. pi can relate to him in so many pways. pwe both struggle with popularity pbut it always turns out okay in pthe end. pi love those characters. pif there was only way they could pcome alive for an evening or ptwo. pthey will in lutz. pi'll tell you all about it if pyou stick around (vo) making the most out of
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and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. welcome back the time is 7:xx... more developments this p>>laura: welcome back. pmore developments this morning pin the bill cosby sex scandal. p>>russell: new lawsuit has been pfiled. pthis time it's coming from the pcosby side. pbreach of contract lawsuit pagainst andrea constand and her pattorneys, also names her mother pand the national inquirer's ublisher. pshe has accused him of sexual passault in 2005, sparking the ponly criminal charges against pbill cosby. pthe lawsuit was filed yesterday pbut remains under wraps and pexpected to involve a pconfidentiality clause that
7:26 am
pthe case was first filed. p>>laura: another major recall pinvolving toyota. pthe auto maker is recalling pnearly three million vehicles pglobally because of a seat belt pdefect. pabout a million of them are here pin north america. pthe recall wraps rav 4 models pmade between july of 2005 and paugust of 2014 plus van guard pmodels from 2005 to january of pthis year. p>>russell: nike ends the deal pbecause of comments about gay. pnike considered it pdiscrimination and will not ptolerate it. acquiao has made a public papology but critics say he did pthat for political reasons. phe's running for a senate seat pin the philippines. p>>laura: and this. pfirefighters in brazil had to pcapture a drunken monkey after pit stole a kitchen knife and pstarted using it to chase around pmen at a bar. pthe spokesman for the local fire
7:27 am
pwas seen drinking a gls of rum pat the bar and for whatever prenal lou -- reason just was allowed pto be there. pit was found again after acting paggressively to people near the pwoods. pthey're determining whether pthey'll put it in the wild again por keep it in captivity. p>>dave: there are so many pquestions. p>>russell: and we don't have panswers. p>>dave: and so many comments, pall of which will get me in ptrouble. pbar -- p>>dave: 53 degrees is the pinternational. plook further north, though. pbrooksville, jackets, 47 as you pwalk out the door. pocala has dipped back to the pupper 30s. pfor the most part, we're in the plow to mid 50s here in the 7:00 phour of "good day." pnortheast winds six to 10 miles pan hour.
7:28 am
pit is cool now but we will be pshedding those jackets later ptoday. p72 for a high today. p73 tomorrow. p75 on saturday. pand maybe even warmer than that pearly next week. pi know it just gets warmer and pwarmer there. pour rain chance not until next pweek as well. pdetails with the siven even-day pforecast in a few minutes. p>>vanessa: we want to let you pknow what sounds like could be a pserious injury crash in pinellas pcounty along u.s. 19 south of pcurlew road. pi would suggest avoiding this parea because of the lane block pjamg and the delays we're pseeing. pat least two southbound lanes pare blocked. pa person is down in the road. pwe don't know if the person came pfrom one of the vehicles pinvolved or is a pedestrian. pwe will let you know as soon as pwe get some clarification on pthat. pbut in the meantime, we're phearing possibility of some pserious injuries. pwe also want to check in on the pmajors. plooks like we've got some normal pcongestion along 275 southbound.
7:29 am
p24 minutes from the bearses exit pheading to the interchange. pwe do have some notable pcongestion i-4 westbound and pleave a bit earlier this pmorning. pwe don't have any incidents preported here but it is slow pbetween 75 and downtown. pthat's up to a 20 minute ride. p>>laura: get out the lotto ptickets. pwe have a local winner with a pticket worth $43 million. p>>russell: we have checked, phaven't we? pit's not us. lus higher than usual number of pfatalities. palcides segui, good morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pas you hit the road, please pdrive carefully. pa study reveals we have seen an pincrease of 18% in traffic pfatalities right here in the pstate of florida.
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3 (laura) welcome back. the time is 7:--. we can't stre p>>laura: time is 7:32. pwe cannot stress it enough. pbe careful on the roads. pstatistics show more than 38,000 ptraffic deaths in this country plast year alone have happened. pit's a huge jump from the year pbefore. palcides segui is live to tell us pwhy this is happening and you'll premember story after story after pstory where the fatalities phappened. p>>reporter: there were four on pmonday alone. pit's just horrible. pit's tragic. pit's affecting so many people. pobviously their family and pfriends. pit's just overall sad. pi don't know if people are on ptheir cell phones or just not pdriving carefully. pmaybe they just need to leave pearly. pwhatever the case may be, we pjust need to be careful before pwe hit the road.
7:34 am
pthat's what's happening. pif we look at numbers from last pyear to the year before that, we phave seen an increase across the pboard here in the state of pflorida, an increase of 18%. p38,000 people were killed on pu.s. roadways. p4.4 million people were pseriously hurt. pthe state with the largest pincrease, number one comes poregon, georgia number two and pthen florida. psunshine state saw an 18% jump plast year. pwe've had our fair share of paccidents here in the bay area. pless than a week ago, there was pa fatal wrong way crash that pkilled two people on i-275. pit's the horrible story. p65-year-old eugene fisher, pgrandfather was on his way to pwork when troopers say larry pthompson was going the wrong way pboth. pthen on monday, as we mentioned, pfour people were killed in pseparate accidentsment tow truck pdriver was hit on the howard pfrankland bridge. p36-year-old allison huffman, hit
7:35 am
pand she was eventually arrested. pthere were two motorcycle pfatalities. pthis one right here was in new ort richey. punfortunately, traffic pfatalities are happening more pand more every day. pthis study was put together by pthe national safety council and pit found that a stronger peconomy, lower unemployment prates and lower gas prices were robably key factors in the phike. pright now driving is affordable pand more people are doing it. pwe can't say it enough. ut your cell phones down, leave pearly, drive carefully. pjust a couple of days ago, i was ptalking to my photojournalist. pi was going five miles over the pspeed limit and i had five to psix people cut me off just pwithin a 30-minute span. pwe have to drive carefully. pwe have to make the right pdecisions. pto talk more about that, let's pgo over to jennifer epstein. p>>jennifer: a lot of those fatal paccidents nationwide were the presult of drunk drivers and pthere's an effort in tallahassee
7:36 am
plaws in florida. psharon is here with madd to talk pabout that. p>> good morning. p>>jennifer: we were talking pearlier this morning and alcides psegui just reiterated the fact pthis week has been a deadly week pfor drivers on the road and pthere's just one incident in articular that has a lot of our pviewers just questioning these pd.u.i. laws. pallison huffman hit and killed a ptow truck driver on the howard pfrankland bridge. pofficials don't know for sure pshe was intoxicated that night pbut she did have three previous pd.u.i.'s so the question is, how pare people like here still pallowed to drive based on their plicense? p>> well, even if she had her plicense suspended, it had been pfive years since she received pher most recent d.u..ism uchlt d.u.i., as i punderstand it. pby then she would have had her plicense back anyway. pwe would like to see interlock pdevices to be ordered by the pjudges for all convicted d.u.i. poffenders, even first time
7:37 am
pdwiss, they will learn different phabits. pthey will learn safe driving phabits they do not currently phave. p>>jennifer: for people who don't pknow what the interlock ignition pdevice is, that is for -- that pis go that goes on to your car, pon your steering wheel. pyou have to blow into it to pstart the car, correct? p>> correct. pand periodically throughout your pdrive, your commute, wherever pyou're going, you have to blow pinto it a couple of more times pjust to make sure that you're pthe one that is actually driving pthe car and is sober. p>>jennifer: so madd is pushing pfor all offenders to have this pignition lock system installed pin their car. pwhat's the deal with the current plaws in florida as far as pgetting the enter lock devices pin your car? p>> the current law states that pany repeat d.u.i. offender must phave an ignition interlock pdevice installed in their car pand also a first time offender pwith a blood alcohol content
7:38 am
phas a child as a passenger in ptheir car because that becomes pchild endangerment. p>>jennifer: we've been talking pabout a couple of instances with pthat involving a d.u.i. driver pbut you work with madd and you psee that all too often on a pdaily basis and it's even pimpacted your life as well. p>> yes, yes, it has. pour oldest son was killed riding pwith an impaired driver 7 1/2 pyears ago. p>>jennifer: there's so many pfamilies that are impacted by pthe same similar situation that pyou had. p685 lives lost in drunk driving p685 lives lost in drunk driving paccidents just in florida in p2014 alone. pis there something we can all do pto bring this number down? p>> yeah. pi take personal responsibility pfor you and your friends. pso many people say i don't drive pdrunk. pwe always have a designated pdriver or a lot of people take a pride share such as uber but if pyou see your friends getting pready to drive after drinking, pit's your responsibility to stop pthem and this is a community roblem.
7:39 am
pgroup of people that have this pissue. pso number one, take presponsibility for your friends pand family that may be driving pimpaired. pdo something about it. pthis is life saving. palso we would like everybody to pcontact their local prepresentatives and senators and pask them to push this law pthrough, the interlock ignition pdevice law. p>>jennifer: thank you for being pwith us. pyou're right. pa change has to be made. p>>laura: thank you, jen. pwhile we're on the subject of pdrunk drivers, a suspected drunk pdriver nearly killed a hernando pit happened on spring hill ptuesday afternoon. pa toyota corolla crossed the pcenter median and crashed into a pdodge charger driven by hernando pdeputy brian smith. phe was taken to a local phospital. pdeputies say the driver had an
7:40 am
pher system and she was going way pover the speed limit. pshe also had a suspended license pwhich had been suspended seven ptimes previously. pthat deputy is at home precovering this morning. pbruno was released on bond. p>>russell: thanks. pwe always love it with the pflorida institute of certified ublic accountants makes time pfor us and perhaps their busiest ptime of the year. pit's ask a c.p.a. day here at pfox 13 and the c.p.a.'s will be phere until 9:30 this morning to ptake your questions. palready a lot of questions, pright? pa lot of people are already pcalling and thank you for pcalling and remember the advice pis free so you have the numbers prunning at the bottom of the pscreen right now. plet's talk about one issue. pa lot of folks will be asking, phiring, getting someone to help pthem do their tax returns this pyear. pthat's one thing you need to be preally careful of. pand we're here to talk about pthat. pyou're a c.p.a., all of these
7:41 am
pthey have the numbers, the pidentifying numbers that would pallow them to do my taxes for me pbut that's one of the things you pall say you need to be very pcareful of when you start plooking for a tax preparer, pright? p>> correct. p>>russell: what are some of the pthings you would need to know pwhen you start asking who is pgoing to do my taxes? p>> you have generally speaking ptax attorney, cpa or a rural pagent and qualified people to do pyour tax return. phowever, don't do a tax return pwithout certification but at pleast they have to have the tim. pit's called preparer -- p>>russell: tax identification pnumber. pthey need to have that number if pyou're going to hire them to do pyour tack xes for you. p>> correct. p>>russell: they need to display pthat number. p>> no. pwhen you call them and ask them,
7:42 am
pnumber is supposed to be on your ptax return when they sign it. pthey have to put their tpin pnumber on it. p>>russell: and also, one of the pthings that you've given me pguidelines here, some things to plook out for. pnever, ever sign electronically por any other way a blank return. p>> correct. pbecause you don't know what pother people fill in technically pthe one who do your tax return. pthey're supposed to go over with pyou about your return and pexplain everything to you and pthen if you are satisfied with pit, you sign. pif you do electronically, you pare supposed to sign to pauthorize the tax preparer to psubmit it for you on your pbehalf. p>>russell: remind me, it's my where you need to go pand you can find there certified
7:43 am
p>> you go to my to pcheck any license. plike if the cpa is actually a pcpa but -- or you can check if pit's a professional license. pit should be on my pwebsite. p>>russell: and that's one place pyou need to check when you start pthis process of finding somebody pto do your taxes. p>> yes. phowever, you can also go to the pirs website and check for e 5 rovider and they list there plike in your area, put your area pcode, in that general area, they pwill list who is qualified. p>>russell: thank you for being phere. p>> thank you. p>>russell: as always, thanks to pyou and all of our cpa's. ponce a year we get them to help pus out with the tax season so pit's good to see you. pthey'll be here until 9:30 this pmorning. hone number is at the bottom of pyour screen. p>>laura: thank you. pno doubt a couple from melbourne pbeach will need a cpa. pthey probably already got one.
7:44 am
pwere one of three winners of the precord powerball jackpot. pthey came forward yesterday. pthey chose the lump sum, nearly p$328 million. pthat's before taxes. pthe couple plans to take care of pfamily but otherwise, life as pusual. p>> we're not going to go party, pno. p>> we still are going to live pthe same lives, basically. pmy truck is about to fall apart pso i do need a vehicle. p>> but he will retire. pthat's what he really wanted to pdo. p>>laura: that's who you want to psee win the lottery. pif it can't be me, might as well pbe them. pshe's been playing the same plottery numbers for 30 years. pshe bought the winning ticket at pa publix. pa couple from tennessee came pforward. pthe other winning ticket was in pcalifornia. pwe don't know who has that one. p$212 million is the lottery pright now.
7:45 am
pif you live near seminole and pyou bought a lottery ticket, plisten up. p$43 million has been won playing pthe florida lotto game. pin case you have a ticket, the pwinning numbers are these. p4, 11, 15, 22, 44 and 49. pwe have not been told just yet pwhich store sold the winning pticket but we'll let you know as psoon as we know. pand mark your calendar. ptim tebow is coming back to the pbay area. phe'll be at bay side community pchurch in bradenton saturday, pmarch 5 and sunday, the 6th. phe'll speak during the normal pchurch services. pthat's 5:00 p.m. on saturday lus 9:15 and 11:15 on sunday pmorning. pthe church is on state road 64 pin bradenton. pit's about five miles east of pi-75. pwe want to give you another live plook outside. pthe sun coming up. pit's been beautiful this pmorning. pdave is back after the break pwith his weekend forecast. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk,
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p>>dave: 7:48 on this thursday pmorning. pthis is what we're waking up to. pwater temperatures is another pstory. pthey're up in the 50s. pthe air temperatures are going pto be solid for later this pafternoon, back in the 70s. phudson beach, always got to show pour friends in hudson beach ptheir cameras. pyou're looking at the gulf. pwhat a beautiful day it is. pdon't go out without your jacket pthis morning. pyou'll need them for a couple of phours. pafter that, you're good. pbut 53 in tampa. pnew tampa, plant city, sun city pcenter, all in the upper 40s as pof 7:00 hour. pof course, we have mid 40s pcrystal river, inverness, pbushnell, temperatures in the plower 50s from bradenton to psarasota. plakewood ranch, beautiful start pto the day.
7:50 am
pwe're not getting all the fog pthat we had yesterday. plow to mid 50s inland. psoutheast, cold but pretty. plots of dry air in place. pthat will mean a fast warmup ptoday. phigh pressure is in control. pnortheast winds, wall to wall psunshine for you, right back up pto the low to mid 70s where we pleft you yesterday. ptonight back down to the lower p50s. psun in the upper 40s so same pjacket you got this morning, pyou'll need it for the first art of tomorrow. pthen a nice, pleasant, friday pafternoon coming your way with a phigh temperature around 73 pdegrees. pi have noticed something. pwhen i have seven-day forecasts plike this, people are nicer to pme. pso i think i'm just going to rint is every day. pright ? pnext rain chance, we may see pthunderstorms tuesday night into pwednesday morning. pthat's the forecast for the pweekend or even monday.
7:51 am
pthrough the weekend. p>>vanessa: thank you. pand a new crash we're following pdoes have some delays. pwe're really seeing them mostly psouthbound and then also pwestbound. pthe crash is reported in the ptampa area of fletcher at pflorida avenue and we do have psome reports of lanes blocked in pthe middle of the intersection pwhich would explain why we're pseeing multiple dreks irections pdelayed. pmoderate congestion across the phoward frankland bridge heading pup to i-4. p21 minute ride. pthis is a live look near west pshore. pyou can see it's just moving palong pretty nicely. plet's get out to charley now. p>>charley: i had a pretty good pchildhood but i'm always -- i pjust want everybody to like me pall the time and i feel like psometimes people just want psomething from me. phey, everybody. pyou're a good man, charlie brown pis playing at dream house ptheater in lutz. pall the characters are here and pafter a little more therapy,
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
pso p>>charley: charley belcher. pi'm coming from lutz, just poutside of wesley chapel, pactually.
7:55 am
pthere's a big car dealership. pgreen house theater is the name pof the theater group. pbrian and his cast of characters pboth on stage and offstage. phow did dream house theater come pto be? p>> a few years back, this has pbeen a dream of my wife and i's pfor a long time. pa few years back we stepped out pwith chris and melissa to form pthis company. pit's been a dream of ours and we pstarted it a few years ago. pwe're now in our own building as pof a few months ago. p>>charley: great building, too. pit really works. p>> yeah, yeah. pthank you, thank you. pdream house is a -- it's a ptheater company based here in pwesley chapel, lutz area and pwe're a family friendly theater pcompany that is so excited to pbring a full season of musical pthee either. pwe want to also add some arts pclasses. pwe're super excited to bring psome drama camps this summer for pkids and we're just thrilled to pbe here. p>>charley: family friendly.
7:56 am
pwhat a great show, a great pmusical. pif you haven't seen it, i pencourage you to see it. pthere's something for everyone. pit's not a kids show but it's psomething for the whole family. p>> the adults are loving it just pas much, if not more than the pkids. pthey are cracking up. p>>charley: kids will like it but pit's not like kiddy theater. pit's not like theater for young eople. p>> exactly. p>>charley: so you've been in pthis space now since september. p>> since the middle of pseptember. p>>charley: this is the first pfull season here. p>> we've done god spell in pnovember. pwe did the gift of the magi at pchristmas time. pwe have the 25th annual putnam pcounty spelling bee in april. pand you know, we're just assionate about the arts. pwe believe in them and we just pknow what they can do. pthey build confidence and pcreativity, they teach team work pand social skills and you know, pit's even proved that kids who pare involved in the arts do pbetter in school.
7:57 am
pyou're preaching to the choir pwith me. pi'm all for it and i love psupporting local live theater. pthat's fantastic. pgood for you guys. pwe're going to give you some pclips and previews of you're a pgood man, charlie brown. pshort month so don't wait too plong. pit just runs through february p28. pi know there's a 29th this year pbut that's monday. pshow closes on the 28th. penjoy you're a go ahead man, pcharlie brown. pwe'll hit the stage with that pcast of characters as we have a pgo ahead day -- good day out pthere. p>>russell: i did that show. p>>laura: you were in it. p>>charley: were you charlie pbrown? p>>russell: i wasn't. p>>laura: linus? p>>charley: you started this. p>>russell: hey. p>>charley: you haven't changed pmuch. p>>russell: see you later. pall right. pwe hear about our soldiers
7:58 am
pall the time but what is pactually being done to help pthem? p>>laura: the answer about mental phealth treatment and the
7:59 am
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3 ((russell the song "form p the song for formation pcreated some hesitation for olice officers. pthe lyric may affect beyonz psecurity for upcoming tampa pconcert. p>> and a january 19th, one of a pcoldest nights of the year. pand elderly man disappears and


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