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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 24, 2016 9:00am-9:59am EST

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3 3 it's not just one. a r pnot wrus just a report that says edestrians want apple to unlock pa dozen cell phones. pand there is some rough weather pmoving through the area right pnow. psevere weather pasco ask phernando counties were under a ptornado watch earlier this pmorning. pand now it's the rest of the pviewing area until 10 o'clock. plet's get straight to dave. pyeah, and we're looking at the pradar now. pour primary threat today, i pdon't want to under emphasize it pis is heavy rain. pyou got realize a lot of people pin roadways now. pyou've got these rain bands pcoming in. pyes they are quickly moving pnortheast around 45 to 50 miles er hour. pbut they are dumping a lot of prain in very short period of ptime. pthere is a chance for an
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pnow our northern counties, i pthink you're good. pi mean you've got rain out way pearly. psarasota. pthat's the sort of focal point pas this big storm continues to pwork et cetera way toward the peast. pwe had some heavy rain move over psunshine skyway just a few pminutes ago. pnowths already toward ruskin up pinto riverview. pwe've also got heavener rain out phills bo are and eastern ortions of pasco very few pminimum lightning thunder and pgusty winds. pat your minimum folks with these pstorms as they quickly work ptheir way toward the east. pnow it looks like there's panother round of heavy rain now parea. pthat is also going to go over pthe sunshine skyway. pas go further south as we've pkind of watching off the past phour or so, that one particular pcell continues to every ones in pwhile show a little bit of protation which basically this is plooking inside the storm. pthe greens, mean the winds pmoving toward the radar. preds away. pso if you're looking for
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plooking for the green right next pto the red. pwhile this is kind of a broad pcirculation, it's something that phonestly bears watching as this papproaches the coastline in this phour sometimes. pso that's, i think, what recipitated them to push that ptornado watch a little further psouth. pand in general though it's preally just going to be rain, pand it's going to be a some pwind. pand you do have severe pthunderstorm warning. pthis is out of our viewing area pjust north of sumter county pthere. pbut there's your tornado watch pout through 10 o'clock this pmorning. pnot sure if they're going to pextend that a little bit further ptoward the east. pat this point what we have here pin 9 o'clock hour. pafter the rain moves through, pwe're going to start to cool pthings off get back to the 60s pfor later today. pokay. pokay. pthis weather made a mess of the proads fox 13 alcides segui had ptraveling around this morning pall of this severe weather. retty slow going most important pthing for you alled what a mess
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pabsolute mess. pan absolute mess. pwe are in pinellas county. pwe are we were on veterans pexpressway earlier this morning. pand traffic was bumper to pbumper. pwe finally got through all of pthat you can see how bad it is pright now. pyou can see driving on the right plane with hazards on. pnot something law enforcement precommends you do. pbecause it gives the impression pthat car looks like he finally ptook it of oh leaves the pimpression car broken dow poff we really started pinternational airport from the pveteran preally started to pmore pvery backed pyou can just see how thick it is
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pit a little while ago, strong pextra careful, and again, really pstarted to pick up in t ptowards this skyway bridge. pi expect it to be a very pbe very, very careful especially pin pinellas county pneed to drive careful. pi pthis more than i'm think to pmyself where do yo oint? pleave your pge pslow pyou basically saw t proadways rig pdrives carefully all folks pbe pslowing down there on roadways
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pout slow down pdirection. pstill quite heavy with delays pthis point rains pspot that you're going to start pto hit when you're heading in poverall pwe also are pleft la pfollowing this wreck for a plittle while now till seeing pthis on emergency shoulder pwestbound direction mcintosh. pdefinitely do so looking like pwe've got delay buck manual the pway through the crash site pheading into 75 exit buck man pwith a 35 minute ride. pwe're just word i didn't have ptime to may have beening this pgraphic but worth mentioning inellas county u.s. 19, pnorthbound direction at main plands we're getting word of a pmotorcycle crash, trauma alert
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pall right vanessa talk more in a pminute. pjust want cell phone terrorist hone that could howed more pinformation. pfeds want apple to create psoftware to unlock i yesterday p pslope. pso much so that they have pdeliberately not created the psoftware that would do that. pit looks like an apple maybe pright a slippery slope. pnew pjournal there are 12 other cases pin which the justice department pis asking apple to unlock pcriminal's phones. pin these cases, they pto dhrao jen pepstein is here with more. pgood morning. pthat's right russell. pas we know this fight also stems pfrom farook's cell phone. pthe feds say there could be mor eople he talked with,
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pautomatic delete feature meaning pwrong password is used ten ptimes, all the data on the phone pwill be a deleted. plost for good pavoid. pbut pthey know how to do it but pmorning in an article in wall pstreet journal proves pasked by justice department a pdozen times to unlock pthe letter said there are cases pin 5 different states, illinois, pold law pit's called the all writs act of p1789
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p psoftware from scratch in order pto comply. papple has until friday to prespond to the judge's order and pno doubt, no matter pcontinue on. p>> there was nothing pvisiting acc preport. pthe washington post got the preport late last night. pand in pfall pwas on night stand they pfoul play pnomination
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pbut democrats are hoping to hold psenators may pbecause they are facing a tough p>> donald trump is one step pcloser to securing the prepublican nomination for pcruz. p13 political pwe know th ptrum
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pcontinues to pthat happenedo results pfollowed. pso not delivering results year pof a year i think is driving a plot of frustration, a lot of panger among the republican base pwith establishment politicians. pit's what's driving the appeal pclearly of donald trump. pand remember all of that talk of phim hitting a ceiling of around pwhat was at first 20 percent and pthen 30 percent a third of the pvote, he'll never get any more pthan that. pnow you're approaching 45, 46 ercent of the vote in the pnevada. pif you add the votes that marco prubio and ted cruz got together pyou're getting into the same plevel that trump got all on his pown. pand with this you're also pgetting record turn out in prepublican caucus and state pafter state after state. pwhat does that tell you? p>> well let me ask you this pthen, if this holds true, this pvoter anger, especially on prepublican side and donald trump
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phow does all of this play for a pgeneral election? p>> well i think there's anger on pboth sides of the aisle. plet's not forget that you have a pvery competitive race in the pdemocratic party as well with pbernie sanders calling for a prevolution of sorts. pin democratic party i think it pis anger over failure. pfailure to get things done. pdemocrats time and time again plosing legislatures across the pnation. plosing in congress. pand with republicans it broken romises. pwith this i think you have a lot pof angst on both sides that's pwhat driving year of the poutsider. pand though bernie sanders has a ptough hill to climb i think he's pgoing to be in this race for psome length of time as well. pit all depends on how it irons pout. pit is long way until november. pand we woept have any idea how pthat will play out until we the pgood better sense of which way pthis story is going now. p>> craig, we're running out of ptime here but i have to ask you pabout these new reports that are pout this morning that governor pscott is a possible vice residential candidate should ptrump get the nomination?
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pnonsense to that no disrespect pto the rick scott whatsoever. phe clearly would qualified to pother possibilities. pthis is media nonsense. pthis starts with a blogger with pa washington post just pspeculating off the top of his phead comes up with eight names psuddenly he starts taking a life pof its own and report after preport. pyou see same engine sports after plovie smith they got bill arcells or it could nick. pit has no basis in reality. pjust something that writers like phave fun writing and talking pabout in same applies here to olitics. pthat said i ink that rick scott pand donald trump have a good bit pin common both sort of caught pthe establishment by surprise as pthey rose through the ranks. pgood point. pvery good point. pokay. pthank you. pthanks craig. pall right. pwe've got a live look at the pradar right now. pjust outside brook dale bay pshore camera. plook at it, it's nasty in south ptampa. pnow we've got radar. ptornado watch for most viewing parea after break dave's going to phave much more.
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pvery talented students morning pto kind of bring a little levity pto the air today. lant high school chorus precreating classic. pi'm trying. pi'm trying my best to put a plittle rays of sunshine in an potherwise awfully gloomy pmorning. pi know sorry about that folks. plisten to these ladies. poh. pa little something from fiddler pon the roof. pwe are at plant high school for plast 25 years they've putting on pthis cabaret style musical preview it is called ricking, pthursday, friday, saturday night pand these lovely voices could pclear any cloud away. pstay tuned everybody and do your pbest to make it a good day tampa pbay. lowe's presents: in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. sta-green fertilizer,
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pwielquitinimeime t get is rai ear i mning poomyook are bay sreamer rainonties to pheaviest rain, now moving pstraight into tampa. pin fact, as you go back out to pthe pclearwater, looking pbetter. pright now, this is just strong pso far, we haven't had any preports of punder that tornado watch unt
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pnow that is some pand movin pnear those plet's get this line prain. pit's been a nightmare for the pmorning commute. pat this point the highest wind pgusts we've had has been 40 pmiles her our out toward
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p10 o'clock this morning. pat although of kouts are likely pta pline continues to move a little pbit further toward the east. pmost significant severe weather paround the country today is plikely to be up in north pcarolina. pand moderate risk right along peastern portions of north pcarolina. pright along i 95 east of raleigh pdurham. pthat's going to be a tough set pup for those folks for later ptoday. pand we still have that slight prisk for severe weather for much pof central and northern florida pfor the morning hours. pafter this all moves through, pthen folks get ready for the pcool weather to settle back in. pright now we're at 70 degrees. pday. pwinds. p18, 20. p28 mile per hour winds. pdue south wind. pwe've had wind gusts as high plook a st. petersburg, 38 miles er hour. pso like i said, minimum gusty pwinds and heavy rain moving pthrough now. pbut it will be gone by the
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pthen expect our temperatures to pstart to fall for later today. pand in fact, they will get back pto lower 50s overnight tonight. pvery brisk wind helping to drive pair. pthen mostly sunny tomorrow. pbut let me tell you big pdifference in temperatures. pyesterday we hit 80 degrees. ptomorrow 64. peven cooler than that friday and pfriday's high only around 60 pwith morning lows squeaking back pinto the mid 40s vanessa for psaturday and sunday morning. pall right dave right now we're pwatching very soggy morning pcommute with wrecks we are pdealing with update here to pcrash i mentioned at the top of pthe hour in opinions county pinvolving motorcyclist along pu.s. 19 at main lands boulevard. ptwo lanes are actually going to pblocked in that northbound pdirection as we mentioned. pthis was reported as trauma a pletter we know there there are pserious injuries involved with pthis wreck. pif you do have to head that way pslow it down through that area pbe courteous for emergency crews pworking on site not only dealing preduced visible but reduced
9:20 am
pwant an alternate take 49th pstreet. p275 southbound in pinellas pcounty look at fourth street pnorth. pwe have a wreck on both sides phere. pnorthbound and southbound pcausing things to slow down a pbit. palso you can see roads are pdefinitely wet in this area poverall dealing with very, very pheavy congestion. pas dave mentioned if you can, pstay off the roads for time pbeing until we get this cleared pout a little bit. pyou will better off if you do phave to leave, leave early. p time now 9:20. pthis week's extraordinary pordinary segment, this is been a pmonth or two the making i had to pgo will you threw background pcheck to talk it few members of pthe story. preason is child safety pempowering them not to be in pfear of something they take very pseriously. pahead of droop said they ride to phell to bring back check making pthis this week extraordinary pordinary. p the sound, the roar. pthe rumble vibration i tell my
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pin the breeze i'm not happy. ploony is his name short for plunatic given by way he rides. pwithout a doubt, he is a 100 ercent bad to the bone biker. pyou can tell them there's an pintimidation factor. pwe get comments we get dirty plooks. pwe watch people get up and walk pout his toughness is not earned pfrom rebel rousing breaking law por fist fighting from his huge pheart in love of children and pdoing what every it takes to pkeep them safe from the real bad pguys i take bullet if that's pgoing to top sta child loony bay pbridge chapter president. pbirske child abuse. pthis what is looks like when pgroup adopts a child into pfamily. pevery biker they can muster from pand welcomes this em in with popen arms. pthey should beble to grow up plike every other pto do things kids do without phaving to worry about going to pabout is this person going to phurt me again. pthey don't just talk the walk
9:22 am
pwhich is why i couldn't even ptell you any of their names. preal names. pthey go by nicknames. pand insure pby perpetrator legal team their pmissio pguy allowing pno longer be pyoung girl and she had woke up pthought she smelled after shave pso we wen pkind of took post psecurity a long as
9:23 am
pdoubt ab pfar as say about saying that phimself i does about his pinspiration. pmy son passed away he was nine pyears old he peverywhere i go pwith ossible to go from tragedy to ptriumph. pi'm out there helping children. pand pthis pever done in my life. pvolunteers but they are pavailable for their children p24/7, 365 days a year. pif you're interested we put ptheir information and pwell we all know the labs are pthe greatest, of course you're ptalking the wrong guy if you're panother dog lover because i'm a plittle biassed this picture just pone of many that will warm your pheart maybe even bring tears to pyour eyes.
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pgood day i'm charley belcher pcoming to you from plant high pschool this morning for last 25 pyears. pthey have putting on cabaret pstyle musical review they call prick's cafe. pbecause in 1992 it was 50th panniversary of casablanca they pthought it good theme and it pstuck. pthere you go. pnothing to do with casa blah can pother than that most choreal rograms struggle to get guys pinvolve they've got 45 involved pin plant high school stage is pfull of guys and that's not even
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pbit of agrees lightning. p p p
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well done, man. pwell done. pthere you go. lant high school enjoy an pevening music serving your pbroadway shows thursday night, pfriday night, saturday night. pcome support these great ptalented young people. plaura moody, there you go i that pmight break through clouds a plittle bit. pi was just going to say you padded a little bit of sunshine pto the morning. pand a little bit of lightning. pa little bit of lightning. pyou laugh at it. pall right collaterally we will psee you when you get back here. pstay with us the amazing bond pbetween a dog and his master. pan 8-year-old boy. pthe photos will bring a smile. pet moments are beautiful, then your eyes may see it differently. relieve both
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3 ((russell/2sh)) welcome back to good day tampa bay. pit pa lot of weather going on to ptalk ptransmitted by sex. pand including to pregnant women. pthe virus is typically spread by pmosquito bites. pthat's what we've heard up to pnow. pscientist believed prare. pin all 14 cases, the cdc is pexamining women who had sex with pmen who palready widespread. resident obama has asked pcongress for pto expedite a pvirus. pbut that vaccine is still about p18 months away from large scale ptrials. resident obama will visit the
9:32 am
lans to tour a jacksonville plithium ion battery plant. pfunded through the american precovery and pit won nearly $100 million pfriday plant to pdebates over successes and pfailures of economic stam lieus ackage at that passed during resident obama ferries few pweeks in office. p>> mars, company behind snickers pmilky way has announced precalling products in 55 pcountries. pafter piece of plastic was found pin a snickers bar in germany. pcompany recalled the products pincluding mars, snicker milky pways that were manufactured in a pdutch factory. pthey were sold in countries in peurope and asia. pspokesperson for mars says they pare not sure if more plastic pwould be found after the initial pcomplaint so they pto bring everything back in. p>> well i think it's pretty pclear we're all dog lovers paround here. pwe're talking about cocoa and pjosephine. por abe or abbey or rookie or
9:33 am
pwe know there's a special bond pbetween owner and pooch. pthis is none as strong as this pnine-year-old james isaac from pnew zealand he's autistic this phis service dog. pjames recently started having pseizures. pand to try to find out why they pneeded an mri and look at this icture. pthey needed an m richlt i he pneed to be under general panesthesia as you can see from hoto taken by hospital he isn't pletting anything bad happen to phim. pjames's mom said he was worried plooking at him with sad eyes but pnever moved from his master not ponce always touching james all phim know he was right by his pside. peven when james's mom and the pdog were in the waiting room, he pmichelle. pjames got as service dog to help pcalm him and james mom says pgreat pairing too posting ictures saying, best day ever. p>> the beach, mcdonald's, swings
9:34 am
phave been able to doi any of pthat without mahi. pso you can see the leash i don't pknow if you can see it that ptrached james. pthat's so james can't ever get ptoo far away or get into pdangerous situation if james ptries to go into water mahi pnot budge. pnot let him get into the water pamazing. pgreat story. pin 8 o'clock i know we've got in p8 we had people from psoutheastern guide dogs. pjust the mission of that place, pyou see that dog, you know they pare just, sometimes dogs are pcalled to do special things. pthey are. psmart. psmart. ptrained. p>> yeah. pamazing what they can do. pall right dave we need to get pover to you aright now. pit's been a busy morning with pgood reason. p>> you know it a lot of heavy prain. pand that has been our number one pissue. pi mean, just torrential pdownpours a these thunderstorms phave been moving on shore now. pwithin some of those cells,
9:35 am
p40, 43 miles per hour. retty hefty winds. pbelow severe standards pretty pstrong winds. pthat's what i'm thinking right pnow between plant city ask plakeland. pthis thunderstorm moving your pway will likely produce a wind phour. plikewise the one just east of pthe zephyrhills. panywhere you see some darker preds, not only do you have ptorrential reason again some pgusty winds that pulling some of pthat wind from the mid levels of pthe atmosphere. pnotice, a oos gow further west prain is about to pin tampa. pin about 15 to 20 minutes. phow fast this activity is pworking its way toward the east. pruskin a little panother thunderstorm out here to pthe southwest. pso the sunshine skyway is no the pdone yet. plooks like these one more storm. pand roll through that area. pbut really, it's the torrential prain that i need you to look out poh for early this morning.
9:36 am
pthis. pthat is an issue. pclearwater you'r pand right now it does look like pagain these heaviest rains are pquickly working there way toward pthe north and east. phere's that heavier cell sitting poff to the west anna maria. pmoving northeast ward. pwhich will keep the rain around pfor parts of northern manatee or psouthern pinellas for next 30 pminutes or so. pcitrus county okay. phernando county okay. pand a rapidly this rain is pmoving toward the northeast laces like wauchula, you're pabout to get into heavier rain. pwith those gusty winds. pright along 60, about to get pheavy rain. ptheir into polk county county. pwe still officially have this ptornado watch out through p10 o'clock this morning. pbut really a lot of it is going pto be dropped i think by time we pget to 10 o'clock. pmain threat for severe weather, pcountrywide today is going to be pup to carolina. pthey could see unfortunately, a
9:37 am
pcentral northern florida still punder that slight risk for psevere weather. pi tell you, what forget the pstorms. pit's windy outside this morning pout ahead of it, out behind it pwe're starting at 70 degrees pnow. pand we've had winds that are pgussed again over 40 miles per phour inside some of thunderstorm pactivity. pright now south winds 18 to 23 pwith gusts as high, well not too pbad 30 near brooksville area. ponce the rain squeezes through, pthe wind will continue pthroughout afternoon today. pdegrees. pwinds will shift tonight. pwe're going to drag in cooler pair. pkicking it back to 52 degrees pfor the overnight low. pmostly sunny and breezy cooler ptomorrow with h pand then we're actually bringing pthe 40s back. pwe're getting into march now. pwe're very close to that. pso we have mid 40s for lows psaturday and sunday. pask eventually by early next pweek highs will get back into
9:38 am
pheavy rain morning commute pvanessa. pthey never go together. pthey don't go together well at pleast not very well that's right pdave. pright now we're following a new pcrash along 75 northbound. pjust overall congestion on our pmajors a live look, 75 at state proad 60 northbound direction as pi mentioned before looks like proad ranger that was here on pleft shoulder just cleared out. pthis is a situation for that pmove over law. pand as we have been saying since pthe rains have really hit the proadways we're dealing with poverall just really, really slow pspeeds. pso buckle up drive safely. pand leave early if you can. p all right. pwe have one first birthday i get pto the do it today, dave's a plittle busy. phis name derek. pwe've got to say probably one pbest pictures we've ever preceived. pand derek like reading chick pchick boom boom. plook at the determination on his pface. pwe think he'll number victory
9:39 am
plook out everybody. pyeah. phe's coming through, right? pcoming up next a very special pgroup of people take on a very pspecial place. pwe're talking a pcold. pwe may need soup vanessa good pday gourmet in just a few pminutes. plive look at the radar right pnow. plook at all that rain coming pthrough right now. pwe want pthere. pa tornado watch has issued for p10 o'clock this morning. if you're going to say "better ingredients. better pizza."
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which is why i'm introducing our new papa's quality guarantee: love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only.
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lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer, at lowe's. 3 3 ((laura//take vo)) the alpha h p you know alpha house of st. etersburg does so much to help regnant women who are homeless, pwho are running from abusive phomes. pones that need a safe place to plive, this is where they go. pand now this organization that pgives so much is get something pback. pand today we have lexi plumber pfrom leadership st. pete. pjennifer executive director of pthe alma house.
9:43 am
pnow we're so glad to have you. pleadership st. pete is powerful porganization. owerful enough to bring you to pthe next level. pfirst of all lexi let's talk pabout what leadership st. pete pis and does. p>> leadership is a division that pthe st. pete chamber of pcommerce. pand leadership st. pete as we prefer to lsp is responsible for preally, difference in community, plocal nonprofit organization to phelp further its goals. pas he mungs alpha house all will roviding tra siggsal housing to phomeless women ask babies. palpha house the only residential pcounty. pand after lsp went toured alpha phouse and discussed needs of psite with management. pit was obvious that they needed pimproved security and
9:44 am
pnurturing for safe environment pfor women and babies about. pthese babies are so precious. pand jennifer, you do so much, pyou have so much to help these pwomen. pbut helping hand can never hurt. pwhat do you think when you had pbeen selected. pleadership st. pete their goals pare not small goals. pthese are big financial goals. pupwards of $100,000 to help what pdo you think when afound out you phad been selected? p>> ecstatic is not even the pword. palpha house beyond blessed they pare involved with our project. pwhen i found out we were chosen, pi was beside myself. pthis is great opportunity for pthe moms and babies. pand we're just going to have so pmany new improvements to alpha. pand it's just, so exciting. pwhat started running through pyour mind as relates to projects pand things you really felt you pneeded the most? pthe number one thing was psecurity for our girls. pwe have a lot of girls that need phuman trafficking victims, and
9:45 am
pand just every day renovations pto make our space more usable pfor our girls. pit's more safe. pand more user friendly. pand additional storage, i mean pthere are so many things that pleadership st. pete is going to pdo for us. pyeah. pso just really quickly because pwe're running out of time what pdo people need to know to help pif they are watching this and pthey want to pitch? plsp currently raising money pmonetarily in kind donations lease donate, go to st. back/alpha. panything that anybody can pcontribute will make a pgreat. pbest of luck to both of you pladies.
9:46 am
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pwe love what there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! and now the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. i mean
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i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters? so... what else about me? phi there welcome back to good i pgood day gourmet kitchen iech a prequest folks want vegetarian pfriendly recipes. pi have one with that will appeal pto them meat eaters we will make pa cheesy broccoli kale soup pserve it up in a bread bowl and phomemade croutons.
9:49 am
pa very mild onion flavor. pslice these into rings. ut them into cold water. pmix it around a bit. pget auto dirt out. pi strained leaks out now we will pwork on broccoli. pi just want floor retts we want
9:50 am
our croutons. pall right. pwe're going to use these little pcubes on to a sheet tray. plet's cook these with some olive poil and salt. psome black pepper. pand finally a light spring pwilling of garlic. p>> we have a tornado warning
9:51 am
pnational weather service for psoutheastern sumter county east pcentral pasco county and pnorthwestern polk county. pyou can see that lilley polygon, pthat box indicating where the otential tornado is. pit iewing area. pworking its way up toward green pswamp there has rotation pdetected within that particular pcell as it's racing off toward pthe northeast at 35 miles per phour. preally, we're looking an an area pnine miles northeast of pzephyrhills now. pthis particular thunderstorm pwill quickly i do mean quickly pwork its way out and away from, pjust this one little sliver of peastern pasco county. pand that northwestern polk pcounty as well. pthat we're mainly concerned pabout. pyou can see here why. pthis is was we've talking about pall morning. pwhen ever you get just a bit of pa rotation, any one of these protation. pthat where you see this green pand has red.
9:52 am
pit doesn't seem to be all that plarge. pbut at the same time, it's there pand it's quickly moving toward pthe east of the blue lake area. pso there is some rotation within pthat particular east blue lake pand northwest of the pointer parea. pas you put it all into motion. pit is quickly going to move out. pthis is northwestern polk pcounty, extreme northwestern olk county. pand that will be pasco county. phere dade city zephyrhills you pcan see right on fringe of peverything as moving northeast pabout 35 to 40 miles per hour. pour main concern of course pwithin that rotation is just in pthat one spot, way up here where pwe're going into the pnorthwestern portion of polk pcounty and extending further pnorth into the east. pso was we will do, stay with for pa couple more minutes for those pjust tuned in we still pofficially have this tornado pwatch which is out until p10 o'clock. pand so far, this morning it's pactually been relatively quiet.
9:53 am
puntil last couple of minutes pwhen radar has detected the otential of a tornado within pthat particular cell moving ptoward the northeast the 35 pmiles per hour. pyou see polygons polygon sets it psell up and move toward again prnd that tornado warning for the pnext 15 or 20 minutes. pas we go further back toward the psouthwest, we don't officially phave any more tornado warnings pwe still have that watch. pthat's something that we're pgoing to keep an eye on for any pindividual cells moving through olk county or northeastern phillsborough for potential of pthat rotation. prelative velocity. pas i do that, this gives you preally good indication of
9:54 am
pstill rotating even though the protation itself seemed to be prather weak, you can kind of see pthere northwest. pwell northwest of polk county pcity. pand polk county city i wouldn't pbe concerned about this as going pto race up into sumter county in pnext 15 or 20 minutes. pand kind of label things green pby the way, this is a very, very pweak rotation at best as this pcontinues to race northeast. pso zephyrhills you're fine dade pcity you're fine polk city pyou're fine. pmoving even to the west of ointer area which is north of olk county city and effect aing pa rural area of northwest polk pcounty. pjust tuning in that tornado olk county. pi think what we will do take a pquick break and come right back. pno we're going to stay. plet's stay. paway. plet's continue to show you the pradar. pbecause most important thing is. pand while we haven't had lot psevere weather just that one
9:55 am
pand way up here, in northwestern olk county lakeland what you're pexperiencingist just heavy rain pand while, there is a tornado pwarn pwarning it is areas much, much pfurther to the north. pbetween blue lake and between pthe pointer area. pnorth of polk county city. pthere's just a very, very weak protation in that particular pspot. pwe do that by looking inside the pstorm. pbut you don't need to switch pover to what we call velocity pmode. pdo you see that green and the pred? pit's weakening. pwhich is good. pbecause if you go back, few pframes, you see how just before pblue lake, you see where that pgreen and that red, we're close ptogether. pthat was the rotation that the pradar picked up. pwatch as we fast forward and
9:56 am
pthat you see how that rotation pstarts to go away? pi'm thinking while we ptechnically have this tornado pwarning out for that pnorthwestern part of polk county pi believe that that rotation pitself likely starting to pdissipate and may actually be pgone. pthat's some of the problem psometimes by time you get pwarning sometimes it can be pgone. pif you back up, and you see pstorm pass southeast of pzephyrhills, move just south of pblue lake, it was pronounced protation within that storm. pnow that was at 9:42. pi'm going to fast forward you to p9:56. pand you can see how there's pstill a bit of rotation there. pbut it's not as strong, not as papparent as what it just was. pand in fact, going to be a pmoving out of polk county more pthan likely in the next few pminutes. pnow i want to not, not to down pgrade what happening in lakeland pand bar bartow they are doing plot of heavy rain out there. pthat will be the main focus ptoday. pwe'll be that heavy rain.
9:57 am
pbecause if any more of these protations pop up, then they pissue tornado warnings, we're pgoing to come right back with pyou. pwe've got the entire weather pteam here today in the event pthat again another one of these ops up. pso tornado watch until p10 o'clock keep an eye on the pbottom of screen. pif another tornado warning is pissued in northwestern polk pcounty will start to weaken we pwill come right back beyond this pcold front it check back if with pus on fox 13 news at noon. pwe appreciate you joining us and
9:58 am
10:00 am
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