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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @. @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @>> anchor: body camera footage @shows an arrest that left a @woman bloody. @why the sheriff deputy said the @deputies did nothing wrong. @ the democrats hold their @primary in the state of south @carolina. @the last before test before big @tuesday you. @>> alcides: good morning, @everyone, i am. @>> alcides: @>> anjuli: and i am anjuli @davis. @we will have those story bus @first jim weber is in for @lindsay jimz
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@breezy yesterday but winds will @die down a bit for today, but @kind of cool north leer wind. @right now 45 degree. @look at the dew point how much @warmer that is at 35. @really dry air mass that helps @to warm things up nicely and @cools quickly but that northerly @wind temperatures are going to @struggle a bit for today to warm @up. @winds are currently out of the @north-northeast at 5 miles per @hour. @lower 40s across the interior, @lakeland, brandon, bartow. @clearwater has a 50. @down in st. petersburg, 51 @degrees. @bradenton at 49. @and sarasota currently checks in @with a 46. @so as we go through the day, @plenty of sun notice these @temperatures by noontime in the @50s giving way to upper 60s in @the afternoon and slowly warm @things up during the weekend and
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@workweek. @little bit. @ hours after a cease-fire @agreement takes place in syria a @car bomb exploded killing two @people and wounding several @others. @this happened on the edge of a @government held town opinion no @the attack. @parts of syria were cautiously @calm since that truce went into @effect at midnight. @it does not include the islamic @state or local al qaeda branch. @ put your hands behind your @[bleep] @on the ground! @>> alcides: this body camera @video left a woman bloody @video left a woman bloodied and @hurt. @they released the entire video @showing that his deputy did the @right hinge. @it the sheriff's office is @facing criticism that the deputy @used too much force, but @according to their use of force
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@wrong. @the woman in that video was seen @resisting arrest. @we learned the woman's name, @tiffany tebow. @she is 29 years old. @the pasco county deputy and @security at bells in wesley @chapel approached her of a pair @of shoes in her bag she didn't @pay for. @she would not allow the deputy @to handcuff her. @a tussle began. @she slammed her head on to a @cement wall, badly of course. @you can see it right there. @the deputy can't simply walk @away from someone who does not @want to be arrested. @he says this deputy showed @restraint by not getting more @physical. @listen to this. @>> if the deputy had jumped on @her and that would have been a @full-out fight on the ground. @we have been on the ground. @but faced a taser, suspects are @more like three comply. @>> alcides: the deputy later @grabbed a towel to apply @pressure to t ebow's head.
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@arrest notice past. @so the sheriff says she knows @what to do when she is placed @under arrest. @sheriff knuckle says in this @case having video footage allow @case having video footage @allowed them to clear the deputy @of any wrongdoing rather than @having to go through months of @internal investigation. @>> anjuli: two big blows for @governor rick scott as the @legislature begins final @negotiation on the budget. @governor scott wanted $1 billion @in tax relief and leaders are @only giving him $400 million. @the governor wanted 250 million @over three years in a new @enterprise fund to lure people @to the state. @and the chairman of the @subcommittee for economic @development said the rejection @of the fund was a punch in the @gut and zeroing out the fund is @insulting and demeaning. @ a story we first told but @last night. @allegiant passengers whose @flights were cancelled at st. @pete international airport are
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@we told but the flights and how @they were cancelled because of @mechanical problems with the air @mechanical problems with the @aircraft according to the @passengers. @we e-mailed allegiant but never @heard back. @friday's cancellations comes a @day after one their planes was @forced to abort takeoff at st. @pete airport. @thursday's incident is due to @engine trouble. @more than 2,000 incidents have @been reported at self-media @outlets across the country. @the majority of those incidents @occurred at st. pete clearwater @airport. @ going into today, south @carolina democratic primary @hillary clinton has a large lead @over senator bernie sanders. @both candidates made stops in in @the palmetto state ahead of the @primary. @clinton ahead in some polls in @south carolina by more than 20 @points. @this as both candidates are not @only focused on today's primary @but on fast approaching super @tuesday. @later on today, clinton will be @in alabama. @and sandering hits up texas as @well as minnesota
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@ a parking push by tampa city @councilmembers is infuriating @downtown drivers and you promise @downtown drivers and you @promising a threat from the @mayor. @>> ask anyone. @>> i do. @>> reporter: and they will tell @you. @>> it's chaotic. @>> reporter: parking downtown @sucks the life out of. @>> you i had to drive around the @block three or four times. @>> reporter: also the money. @>> having to get tickets because @the meter people always walk @around. @>> reporter: this week, tampa @city council voted 5-1 not to @help frustrated residents but to @help themselves. @they ordered city administration @to draw up an ordinance that @would let them park in any city @lot or metered space for free. @councilor lisa matelone, it @would be a convenience perform @performing official duty @performing official duties and @if they are late to meet @dignitaries due to lack of @available parking, the immarch @the whole city would suffer. @>> i would say they have to pay @and park just like everybody @else and go through the
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@>> reporter: councilman greedo @mosca lo voted in favor of @drafting the ordinance for an @open dialogue but we not support @it if it came for a final vote. @the spots counselors get from @city hall is only a few blocks @from every important building. @>> i myself always utilize it @when i go downtown. @i park and i walk. @>> reporter: mayor bob buckhorn @who gets a police escort and @parking while on official @business points out that @counselors always get reimbursed @for parking and a car allowness @check. @he said we veto this if council @passed it. @>> this is a full-time job at @city council. @and a lot of folks that rightful @and a lot of folks that @rightfully so would be upset by @a part-time employee getting @free parking. @if they don't like it, they can @run for mayor. @>> reporter: evan axlebank, fox @13 news. @ talk about a mean change-up.
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@league pitcher justin verlander @and put it on a stolen car tampa @it happened in lakeland where @they are holding spring training @they are holding spring @training. @the theft was part of a month @the theft was part of a @month-long crime spree by one @man. @verlander was at the movie when @he came out to find a temp tag @missing from his pickup truck. @considering the charges of the @man who took it he is lucky the @home with truck wasn't missing. @he is responsible for numerous @break-ins in polk county dated @back to february 5. @they found verlander's tag on a @car stolen from auburndale. @he never sought thief but todd @bixby did. @he was sitting in traffic when @demilcan came up to him, pointed @a shotgun, forced him in a @passenger seat and took off. @bixby wondered how things would @end up. @>> when somebody pulls out a @firearm and has you at that @point, the only thing that goes
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@going to go home to see my @family or am i going to die @today. @i just thank the good lord i was @able to walk away from it. @>> alcides: he say @>> alcides: he said robber @eventually let him into the @truck. @milican crashed the truck in @another vehicle while trying to @get away from police. @he is facing 27 charges such as @kidnapping, armed robbery, @numerous counts of theft and @grand larceny. @>> true story. @hashtag, crazy. @hashtag, i am innocent. @hashtag, it wasn't me. @>> anjuli: what a story. @thankfully no one was seriously @hurt. @ ye mystic krewe wraps up @their celebration. @>> anjuli: where you can join @the pirates in their final @hurrah. @>> the lightning play in new @jersey. @three high school teams playing @for state titles today in @basketball. @ and it is a cool start this
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@we are seeing temperatures in @the 30s, in the 40s here in @tampa. @we are at 45 degrees. @you don't have to head that far @to find the 30s. @up in brooksville just above the @freezing mark at 33 degrees. @we are going to see cooler @temperatures for today. @plenty of sun, but by tomorrow @start a nice warming trend @heading into the workweek.
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@ (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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@ @ @ in sports this morning the @lightning take on the devils in @new jersey and the rays start @spring training. @here is fox 13's kevin o'donnell @here is fox 13's kevin @o'donnell. @>> kevin: good morning, steven
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@no question about that. @wants to play center. @a point of contention hanging @over john cooper since he moved @stammer to right winger. @well, stammer is finally back in @the middle had been there a @couple of weeks ago. @it is working. @scored had is fifth goal and @fifth straight game. @callahan put the puck on that. @it is 17 points in the last six @games from this t ri. @in the second period you, the @original triplet line gets to @work. @behind the net to andre palat. @just like that 2-0 bolts. @time winding down in the period. @the 8 strikes again. @with the shot. @stamkos looks like -- off the @body and the rest. @a little time for them to figure @it out and, yeah, it was stamme @it out and, yeah, it was @stamme's goal. @27th of the season. @lightning had 30 shots on net @the first two periods. @nascar, four and a half months
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@second goal in four games. @and lightning win their fifth @straight game with a shut out @4-0 over new jersey. @ not the deal that lightning @fans were hoping for. @the bolts lack up defenseman @coburn. @he gets a three-year extension @average under $4 million per @season so saves the lightning @some cap space. @big deal for coburn. @a full no trade clause for this @season and the in ex-two. @he likes his play and his @professionalism that he brings @to the locker room. @ rays get into the swing of @spring as they come down to port @charlotte. @these guys have been together @all weekend, food thing because @five days of work before the @games begin. @the rays open with the nationals @on wednesday down south. @high 75. @highlights of the morning @session. @chris archer throwing live @batting practice to tim beckham. @throws one pass to beckham to
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@you know what, beckham turns on @this one, cranks it out. @got to love this one thing @coming up here. @how about the little -- the @celebration. @beckham texted chris archer in @the morning saying he will take @him deep in batting practice and @you know what, lives up to it. @the first day of full quad and a @little playful bonding time. @that's needed. @>> the whole team and just being @together again. @we will work on full team drills @instead of us doing our own @thing and pitchers off to the @side. @it is going to be a full team @again. @i know everybody is excited to @get out there and really get @going. @>> i think it is -- just @everybody gets their feet under @them. @treads water a little bit. @but most of the guys have been @out here, so it is kind of like @another day with some @fundamentals thrown in. @ well, three high school @teams playing for state titles @in basketball.
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@class 7 a, st. pete will take an @pompano beach at 4. @in a squeaker by one in overtime @in south miami, will take on @coral springs for the title at @7:00. @6 a, largo with a two-win-win @over pensacola and daybreak on @dillard at 1:30. @that is a look at sports. @ have a great day. @ and yesterday was a @bittersweet day here at fox 13. @we said goodbye to our colleague @and good friend chip carter. @mayor buckhorn stopped by @proclaiming it chip carter day. @he is retiring after 28 years @here on fox 13. @only the third sports director @in our 60-year history. @there were parting gifts. @a cool helmet signed by nascar @drivers. @a hard goodbye, but we wish him @all the best. @pretty incredible. @28 years -- @>> alcides: 28 years. @>> anjuli: -- in tampa. @>> alcides: the entire week did @a goodbye to chip and jon gruden
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@goodbye to him as well. @speaks volume about his @character and what type of @person he is. @no doubt we will miss him here. @>> anjuli: hard to move on past @that. @>> alcides: yeah. @>> anjuli: hey there, jim. @>> jim: hello. @one of those guys that when you @talk to him, his enthusiasm, it @is really catchy. @>> alcides: he has such a @passion for sports. @>> jim: he certainly does. @wish him well for sure. @beautiful weather. @>> alcides: 45 degrees. @>> anjuli: chilly. @>> alcides: freezing. @>> jim: i should qualify @beautiful weather if you like @the cold. @some people in here are wrapped @in blankets right now. @wonder who that will somebody in @in. @[laughter] @you are looking at the calendar @of the month and you know when @we look at this throughout @november and december, and we @are talking about all of the @above normal days. @we now -- we now are looking at @temperatures all over the place @which really kind of makes a
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@temperatures from above normal, @some below normal, and we kind @of add all these up. @that's where we get the average @temperature for the month. @below normal over the past two @days. @we will continue below that @average mark of 74 degrees. @our normal high for the date. @right now we are at 45 degrees. @dew point at 35. @humidity at 68%. @the winds, they are out of the @north-northeast at 5 miles per @hour. @very cool temperatures this @morning. @brandon, you are at 41 degrees. @wesley chapel, 40. @just above the freezing mark up @in brooksville at 33 degrees. @could be seeing some patchy @frost across our northern @counties as we go through the @morning hours as well. @but you can see more mild @temperatures along the coastline @temperatures along the @coastline. @st. petersburg has a 51. @down in sarasota, a little @cooler at 46 degrees. @over the last 24 hours, you can @see we continue to cool these @temperatures down running @between, say, 5 up to 12 degrees
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@yesterday morning. @lots of clear skies over the @state, and you see some high, @thin cirrus clouds well down to @the south. @high pressure just continues to @work its way across the @southeast. @so really not only is it the @southeast but much of the @eastern half of the country is @pretty quiet yet. @you can see just a couple of @snow flurries up in ohio, west @virginia, and then into western @pennsylvania. @that -- that is just about it. @so we will continue on the @chilly side for today. @high moves in. @plenty of sun. @temperatures stay a bit on the @cool side today, but by tomorrow @cool side today, but by @tomorrow, the high shift to the @east. @that is going to allow more of @an easterly wind and we will @start to warming trend for @tomorrow. @by tomorrow, we are upper 60s @and low 70s. @we are watching one front will @be working its way into the @southeast. @by the time we get into the @middle of next week moving over @us. @slight chance of a few showers
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@not really a big deal. @and behind that, temperatures @just ever so slightly cooler, so @for the vast majority of next @week, we are looking at @temperatures in the mid-70s in @fact, most of the week will end @up above normal. @that's what we see a nice warm @that's what we see a nice @warm-up into the next part -- @part of next week tuesday upper @70s for daytime highs. @forecast today, play of sun. @nice afternoon, 63 degrees. @then for tonight, we will see @clear skies. @a chilly night. @overnight low, 44. @then for tomorrow. @sunny and warmer. @daytime high of 71 degrees. @on the water, winds are out of @the north at 10 to 15 knots. @seas 2 to 4 feet. @moderate chop on the bay. @high tide comes up at 4:19 this @afternoon. @the seven-day forecast. @daytime highs rebounding nicely @as we get into the first part of @next week. @slight chance of a few showers @with that front on wednesday. @right around a 30% chance. @back to you.
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@is starting to panic. @>> my party has -- [bleep] @>> reporter: donald trump is @rolling into super tuesday and @marco rubio is trying to trip @him up. @>> everything you know about @presidential politics because @this year is very different. @>> reporter: we will reveal our @final projections for super @tuesday on "money, power and @politics" sunday night at 11:30. @ still ahead, looking for @something fun to do this @weekend. @>> alcides: a bunch of hot @happenings going on including @your chance to meet with some of @your favorite tampa bay rays. @we will tell you about rays fan @fest coming up after the break. @see you soon. @ before we go to break, @having a birthday today? @you are in good company. @a look at the famous people born @on this date. @much more "good day" after the @break. @ @
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(music playing) i feel pretty not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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@ @. @ all right. @and if you were looking to get @out of the house this weekend. @>> anjuli: a bunch of hot @happenings going on this @weekend. @first up, the entire family can @enjoy rays fan fest. @rays players and coaches will be @on hand to meet and take photos @with the fans and this year's @free activities include a @discussion with hall of fame @baseball rider peter gammonds, a @social zone and other baseball @social zone and other @baseball-related it's. @$35 per player. @ craft beer lovers have a @chance to meet the brewers @today. @the meet the brewers event is @being put on by creative loaf @loafing.
6:25 am
@be on hand offering samplings of @their beers. @tickets start at $40 at the @door. @it all kicks off at the creative @loafing event space located in @downtown tampa. @ you can join mickey, miniand @some of your favorite disney @friends at disney live this @weekend. @all part of the mickey and @mini's doorway to magic show @saturday. @shows at 1, 4 and 7. @if you want a chance to catch @them sunday, they will be at the @mahaffey theatre. @sunday at 1:00 and 4:00. @ moscow's festival ballet @presents cinderella taking place @at ruth eckerd hallway at 7:30. @the ballet features leading @dancers across russia, exquisite @costumes and a lush scenery. @tickets start at 35. @ a sad day.
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@y e mystic krewe will have a @final set of festivities. @the jose gaspar where the @pirates will return the keys of @the city to the mayor. @it starts at 2:00. @it is free to attend but a @it is free to attend but a @charge for food and drink. @ @ @ . @>> alcides: pretty good if you @want to travel down i-4, see the @fall out boys performing at @mardi gras at universal. @event will feature a mardi gras @parade, lots of beads, cajun @food. @free with admission to the park @that will run you $100. @fallout boy will take stage 8:00 @fallout boy will take stage @8:00. @ the academy awards takes @place that tampa. @movie themed costume of humid
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@the large screen viewing of the @oscars and coffee and doughnuts @afterwards in the lob thank you @all takes off at 7:00. @tickets are 20 or $15 if you are @a member of the theatre. @so much to do. @>> alcides: so much to do. @the rays fan fest will be @successful like it always is aj @anjuli if you are going to go @outside, bundle up. @learn from my mistakes. @it is chilly outside. @i didn't realize. @>> jim: it is pretty chilly and @the thrust struggle to warm up @even though a lot of clear skies @even though a lot of clear @skies. @a beautiful start to the day. @you can see sun start to come @up. @not a cloud in the sky, and @these temperatures certainly on @the cold side. @brooksville, you are at 33 @degrees this morning. @wesley chapel. @40 over in clearwater. @a little more mild at 50 degrees @degrees. @and even as you head down into @southern sarasota county, venice @southern sarasota county, @venice, 46 degrees. @start to warm-up for tomorrow.
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@ @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @jimz welcome back to "good day @tampa bay." @time is 6:30. @waking up to a cool morning. @we have clear skies, but the @clear skies have allowed for @chilly temperatures. @beautiful start over in lakeland @right now with the sunrise over @the lake there. @and we are currently sitting at @45 degrees here in tampa. @the dew point at 35. @he may use that 68% and the @winds are currently out of the @north-northeast at 5 miles per @hour. @that northerly wind will
6:31 am
@continue to bring down some of @that koolt air for the day and @temperatures will kind of @struggle to warm up for today. @by noon, we are at 59 degrees. @getting into the @getting into 60s during the @tomorrow. @trend and eventually talking @about a little rain in the @forecast and we will talk about @that coming up in a little bit, @alcides. @>> alcides: beautiful, thank @you, jim. @ deputies are looking for @this woman, christie mendoza. @accused of stabbing a woman nine @times outside a club thursday @morning. @the victim is expected to @survive. @she is wanted for attempted @homicide. @anyone who knows where she is @at, contact the pasco county @sheriff's office. @ there are cameras on police @officers and then cameras on @police officers' guns. @that is what the st. petersburg @police chief is interested in. @a camera that turns on whenever
6:32 am
@and sends out an alert to other @officers and streams the images @to the supervisors. @helloway said we buy the @technology now if it works @correctly, but there are still @adjustments that need to be made @adjustments that need to be @made. @ there is a new way to get @around downtown's waterfront. @it is pretty neat. @the pirate water taxis are in @service. @three boats will shuttle 40 to @50 passengers to stops along the @riverwalk, channel district and @davis islands that will run from @10 a.m. until 10 p.m. sunday @through thursday and then @midnight on friday and saturday @midnight on friday and @saturdays. @those hours will, of course, @extend for special events. @anjuli? @ sarasota police aren't just @warning residents about gas @skimmers. @teaming up with gas station @owner to fight them. @telling owners to check their @pumps for devices several times @a day. @skimmers come in all shapes and @sizes and they steal your @information without you even @knowing. @>> i hate to give them too much @credit, but they are able to
6:33 am
@days to facilitate stealing -- @basically stealing money from @hard-working people. @>> anjuli: sarasota police have @month and a half. @ imagine winning a jackpot @and not keeping a cent of it. @a 90-year-old couple from @seminole did that. @ruby ceral won the february 17 @florida lotto drawing. @they took the lump sum walking @away with $31 million. @but instead of keeping it, they @actually split it all up among @their family members. @neighbors said this could not @have happened to a better couple @have happened to a better @couple. @>> it's great. @they are the quietest, nicest, @most reserved people you ever @saw in your life. @she comes out to get the mail. @he mows his own lawn. @a real, real simple people and @have a real simple life. @>> alcides: i love that. @got it from a winn-dixie in @seminole. @the score will get $100,000 for
6:34 am
@ time is now 6:33. @five people are dead after a @standoff in washington state. @deputies in mason county say a @gunman called 911 to report that @he shot and killed his family at @their home near the town of @bellfair. @about 25 miles southwest of @seattle. @a 12-year-old girl who survived @the shooting was taken to the @hospital for an evaluation. @authorities negotiated with the @gunman for about three hours @before sending in a swat team. @deputies say the shooter then @turned the gun on himself. @it is not clear what motivated @the attack tampa. @ and we are learning more @about what may have sparked a @man to open fire at his work @man to open fire at his @workplace in kansas killing @three people and. @the shooter was served with a @protective order involving a @former girlfriend just 90 @minutes before the shooting @began. @deputies served it on @38-year-old cedric ford at his @workplace in kansas city plant. @they said ford then went back -- @excuse me went on a break,
6:35 am
@and a pistol and open fired on @his co-workers. @the first police officer arrived @and actually shot and killed @ford. @the sheriff said that officer @saved countless lives. @ .singer yoko ono has been @hospitalized in new york for flu @hospitalized in new york for @flu-like symptoms and she is on @the mend and reports of her @suffering a stroke are not true. @the 83-year-old widow of john @lennon is expected to be @released later on today. @ the questions raised over @the fbi's fight with apple over @opening up the san bernandino's @cell phone could make it up to @the supreme court, but one @presidential candidate said it @could be handled with one @meeting at the white house. @>> so where is the president's @leadership on the issue? @fox news correspondent kevin @court reports from the white @house. @>> reporter: we are a staunch @advocate of privacy. @those are the words of apple ceo @tim cook that said that the tech @tim cook that said that the tech
6:36 am
@this they unlock the iphone of @one of the san bernandino @shooting to access the day. @>> tim is absolutely right. @the problem is not breaking into @one phone. @the problem is the precedent. @>> no i don't necessarily @believe that is the right @desinks. @>> reporter: shareholders debate @the company's strategy, others @have been equally vocal of @president obama's refusal to @personally intervene in the @fight. @>> where has the president been? @you sit down in the back room @and you sit down with the @parties and you get this worked @out. @you don't litigate this on the @front page of the "new york @times." @>> a better lead wear say to the @american people, we have @entered into a whole new age. @i am your president and i am @going to guarantee not only the @privacy of the american people @but the security of the american @people. @>> reporter: but instead of the @president, fbi director james @comey has been the face of the @administration's push to get @appear toll comply. @ten days ago a federal judge @ordered to help comey's fbi to @unlock the phone, but in its @response, apple asked the court
6:37 am
@violated the company's first and @fifth amendment's rights. @fifth amendment's rights. @others say they plan to file @brief in support of apple's @right to refuse. @>> we are talking about a phone @that was owned not by the @terrorist but by the local @government. @the need to extract as much @information as possible to learn @as much as we can about that @incident is something that our @law enforcement officials have @concluded is a priority. @>> reporter: apple is arguing @that the government is @essentially asking it to create @a program that would make it @possible to hack their products, @and they simply don't want to do @that. @congress by the way will be @weighing in on the matter on @tuesday as a house judiciary @committee hearing that will @involve director comey from the @fbi and apple's general counsel. @at the white house, kevin court, @fox 13 news. @ switching gears. @unicorns do exist.
6:38 am
@an unusual police chase this n @california. @several motorists stopped in sur @fries see a small pony wearing a @pink halter and plastic horn on @its head. @several drivers were hesitant to @report a unicorn on the run. @it escaped from a child's @birthday party and it was then @later safely returned home. @poor little guy. @[ laughter ] @but can you imagine driving down @the street. @>> alcides: what's that? @[laughter] @>> anjuli: especially if it was @dark and you see the silhouette @of the unicorn. @ all right, looking for @something to do this weekend, @why not take in a movie. @>> anjuli: coming up what is @new in theatres this weekend. @ @ @ @ and still ahead, @celebrating black history month @by keeping the music alive. @we will tell you all about it. @ but first a look at last @night's winning lottery numbers. @no winner in the mega millions @drawing and that means the jack
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@jackpot is up to $135. @whoo. @somebody did win the lucky money @so that jackpot resets to @$500,000.
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@ @ spirituals are rooted deep @in black history and those songs @are one of the ways slaves made @it throughout struggle of daily @life. @ as we honor black history @month, fox 13's crystal clark @explains how one group is @preserving the traditional music @preserving the traditional @music. @>> reporter: born out of a high @school choir in st. pete, the @alumni singers have been singing @negro spirituals for 36 years. @their music celebrates the @african-american experience. @[choir singing] @ @>>reporter: music with a @special meaning. @ @ @ [choir singing] @>> it's heart-filling.
6:43 am
@>> reporter: the alumni singers @are a passionate group. @they have been singing negro @spirituals for more than 35 @years. @>> the spiritualist with the @original music in america. @because the spiritual -- with it @came everything else. @>> reporter: the group wormed in @1980s members of the gibbs high @school choir. @they wanted to highlight their @african-american heritage. @>> the music plus the words give @such a deep meaning. @>> reporter: music first sung by @slaves to give them hope. @>> in the homes, in the fields. @>> reporter: the songs became @part of an escape plan for @slaves, a musical code to please @their owners. @>> when she led the people from @one point to the other, you know @one point to the other, you @know, they sang songs, but songs @were songs -- @>>reporter: malcolm leslie was
6:44 am
@born in mississippi and @remembers the sting of @segregation. @>> these songs brought us @through. @i remember my mother always @singing these songs. @ . @>> i was been singing since i @was 5 years old. @>> reporter: 89-year-old @katherine jones says the group @has a mission. @>> we sing to help to serve @people to make other people feel @good. @ @ amen, amen, amen @>> it's us. @it is part of our history. @we know where we came from in in @order other know where we are @going. @ @ amen @>>reporter: the group has @performed with the florida @orchestra and at churches and @concert halls. @crystal clark, fox 13 news. @ beautiful start to the @morning. @we are seeing a lot of clear @skies, cool temperatures. @we are seeing it in the mid-40s @and 30s to our north. @places like brooksville. @currently sitting at 33 degrees.
6:45 am
@the afternoon and we continue to
6:46 am
6:47 am
ba da ba ba ba @ @ time is 6:47. @here are some of today's top @story. @florida's manatee population is @growing.
6:48 am
@said a record number of manatee @county, 6250 manatees in south @florida waters. @that is 150 more than last year. @these rising numbers have fueled @fwc's push to take them off the @endangered species list. @ a big day for a lot of @little puppies. @the southeastern guide dogs walk @the southeastern guide dogs @walkathon in st. pete. @kicks off at vinoy park at 9 @a.m. @southeastern guide dogs is a @nonprofit that gives highly @trained dogs pooh people in need @including vets. @all the money reraise are done @so privately. @tike a tour of the southeastern @guide dog facility. @it is fascinating. @they take these little puppies @and handpick them for different @jobs, a seeing-eye dog or a @police dog. @it is pretty incredible. @>> it is and you have these @volunteers who take these @puppies in and train them and @after a certain amount of time @they give them back to the @organization -- are you familiar @with it? @give them back to the @organization and apparently nina
6:49 am
@will emcee the event. @>> anjuli: very neat. @>> alcides: very cool. @>> anjuli: a beautiful but @chilly day. @>> jim: starting off on the @cool side. @patchy frost to our north. @but if you look outside and even @though it is cool, a beautiful @though it is cool, a @beautiful-looking morning. @well, actually the skies here in @tampa at 45 degrees. @and along the coastline, @temperatures are a little bit @warmer just because of the @influence of the gulf waters @which are currently running in @the low to mid-60s to keep the @coastline a little bit warmer. @outside, 45. @dew points at 35. @humidity at 38. @-- 68%. @the winds are currently out of @the north-northeast at 5 miles @per hour. @the northerly wind will continue @to keep these temperatures a bit @on the cool side for today. @brandon right now you are at 39 @degrees. @bartow has a 41. @wauchula, 42 degrees. @st. petersburg, you can see the @influence of the water @surrounding downtown st.
6:50 am
@sarasota at 46. @down in venice, 46 degrees as @well, but to our north, just @above that freezing mark, @brooksville, you are currently @sitting at @sitting at 33 degrees. @over the past 24 hours, we @continue to watch these @temperatures fall. @so we are running between, say, @about -- say, 5 to 7 up to about @12 degrees colder this morning @compared to yesterday morning. @and that means these @temperatures are going to kind @of @of struggle to rebound was we go @through the afternoon as winds @continue out of a northerly @direction. @really nice-looking weather @because the shy building in to @the southeast and we are seeing @lots of clear skies. @we have a few high, thin cirrus @clouds down well to our south. @so -- and really not a factor in @our weather pattern. @and what we are looking at is @the eastern third or eastern @half of the country is extremely @quiet right now. @a couple of snow flurries moving @through portions of west @virginia and pennsylvania.
6:51 am
@meander over the state. @once that shifts on to the east @by tomorrow, our winds will turn @to an easterly direction and @start that warming trend by @tomorrow. @by tomorrow, we are back in the @low 70s. @we are watching a cold front as @we make our way into the @southeast as we go through the @week. @and by wednesday, we may come @close enough us to to give us a @few showers. @and keeping that rain chance at @30% as we get into wednesday. @so all in all, a pretty nice @so all in all, a pretty @nice-looking week ahead as we go @through next week. @plenty of sun for today. @a nice cool afternoon. @63 degrees for that daytime high @63 degrees for that daytime @high. @for tonight, clear skies. @a chilly night. @overnight low of 44. @pretty much the last of the @really chilly weather because we @start that warming trend for @tomorrow. @daytime high of 71 degrees. @on the water. @winds are out of the north at 10 @to 15 knots. @seas 2 to 4 feet.
6:52 am
@high tide at 4:19 this afternoon @high tide at 4:19 this @afternoon. @the seven-day forecast, the @daytime high warming up starting @tomorrow, and you see that next @cold front heads @cold front heads our way. @by wednesday, 30% chance of @showers and really not much @cooler behind ma front. @and temperatures stay in the 70s @and temperatures stay in the @70s. @back to you. @>> anjuli: gorgeous week ahead. @looking forward to it. @ still ahead an inside look @at what is new in theatres this @weekend. @>> ages have passed since the @gods walked among us. @ then the fury swept over our @land. @ @>> alcides: a mortal teams up
6:53 am
6:54 am
@of darkness who taken know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
6:55 am
@ @ "dead pool" holds on to the @top spot at the box office and @plenty new releases breathing @down the hero's neck, may not @be for much longer. @>> alcides: julie been a dar @ras. @>> i am going to be a ski jumper @jumper. @>> i am going to break his neck. @>> reporter: based on the true @story of olympic ski jumper @michael eddie edwards. @eddie the eagle follows the @underdog athlete as he chases @his dreams and makes his way
6:56 am
@>> and we are a disgrace! @>> reporter: the film stars @taryn edgerton as eddie and hugh @jackman as his rebellious coach. @ @>> reporter: for epic-scale @action in 2 d, 3d and imax 3d, @"gods of egypt" a mortal warrior @taking on the god of dark @egypt. @>> has an army behind him. @>> gods, demons. @>> reporter: the star power of @gerard butler, nikolai and @geoffrey rush. @casey affleck, kate winslet and @more the "triple nine" a group @of dirty cops blackmailed into a @dangerous plight that soon turns
6:57 am
@mother because those bonds -- @>>reporter: in limited release @the documentary about the apollo @astronaut gene surnin "the last @man on the moon." @>> what will be the end -- @>>reporter: available on netflix @the intense martial arts sequel @to "crouching tiger hidden @dragon" continues with "sword of @destiny." @>> i didn't ask to be super and @i am no hero. @>> reporter: showing off his @superhero, deadpool holding on @to the number one spot at the @box office. unless you have allergies. differently. your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. hi, guys! we all know about bogos from other stores, right? pbut did you know they're not always the best deal? pwalmart has every day low prices on everything they sell, not just on select items. tampa the total amount saved at walmart vs winn-dixie
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@ @ stop resisting me -- @>> alcides: a body camera @captures a bloody arrest. @what the pasco sheriff said his @deputy did nothing wrong. @ polls open up in south @carolina, but hillary clinton @and bernie sanders are already @looking forward to super @tuesday. @ a new water taxi service @gets under way this morning in @downtown tampa. @why the owner feels like now is @the best time to drop anchor @along the riverwalk. @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @ good morning to you and @welcome to "good day tampa bay." @7 a.m. on this chilly saturday @morning, i am anjuli davis. @>> alcides: and i am. @>> alcides: @>> alcides. @thank you for being with us. @jim weber in for lindsay @milbourne. @thank you for being here.


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