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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  March 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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from tampa bay's number one news station. this is the fox 13 news at noon. it's been a taxing wait for my at the irs office. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. tax season with the frustrating but many face long lines at the irs. fox 13 is live outside the tampa office. what's going on out there?
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at all these people. probably about a hundred people or so in line. many say this is day two or three for them here waiting to see someone inside about their taxes. the irs say long waits can be common during tax time but they say this is because of recent cuts to the agency. adding to the problem, the irs suffered a major cyber hack last year. official says hackers accessed personal tax information for more than 724 thousand taxpayers. so this year, many people are asked to verify their identities in person before they can file. that's why a lot of these people are in line. some began lining up at 2:00 this morning when the office opens at 8:30. many tell us they were turned away just when they got to the front of the line because the office was closing. this man explains why he and his 16-year-old brother have been in line for days. >> somebody filed his taxes or their taxes under his name
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to resolve this problem by standing in this long line for multiple hours. multiple days, trying to get an answer. reporter: back live. i've made repeated requested from the irs about information for the long wait times. they've declined requests so far saying things can be busy and ask people to go online to irs dwov to get questions answered. those are not going to help the people who got letters. live in tampa, fox 13 news. >> that does not look like a good time. developing story. detectives are trying to figure out what sparked a fire that killed two people and a dog. fox 13 sheila reeves is following the investigation. >> according to polk
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driving by spotted a fire at a mobile home. that witness called 911 and within ten minutes ffrs arrived to this. right now you are looking at the scene that unfolded in the 4300 block of old polk city road. it's here where firefightes arrived to three quarters of a mobile home on fire. we're told a short time later they entered that home and inside. right now we are still working to learn the identities of the man and woman found inside that home. but authorities tell us at this point, they not only found those victims but also found one dead dog. another dog that suffered a broken leg and two other dogs tied up outside of that mobile home. the fire marshal spent time out here in the morning hours and daylight hours trying to piece together how this fire may have started. we did see technicians working
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pictures of the scene, as well as, crews work to determine how this fire began. happening. the fire investigation to determine the cause of the fire and a second investigation, a death investigation, that the polk county sheriff's office is handing on that end. earlier we did see a dog on the scene. possibly a dog used to sniff for any axel ranlts to see if there's anything suspicious or the blaze overnight. we're going to continue to follow this and keep you posted as we learn anything further. reporting here in lakeland, sha la reeves. >> an elementary school student is recovering after getting hit by a car. troopers say the girl was hit as she was boarding the bus for east side elementary. she was talken to the hospital with minor injuries. troopers ticketed the cars
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a story out of winter haven. an armed carjacking and robbery ended with two arrests and warrant for anotherment a car crash connected to the case augustine. john chris was arrested and charged with armed robbery and grand theft auto. they found a 16 yeared reported as a run away. sandra stopped at a walgreen's and was carjacked bay suspect that pointed a gun at her. she was told to get on the ground and stay on the ground. she had to leave purse and phone inside the car. super tuesday was a super day for donald trump and hirnlt. they solidify their front runner status. now the attention is on the rivals who campaigns may be running out of steam. fox is in washington with the latest break down. reporter: a huge night for
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donald trump won more delegates than the next two combined and hillary clinton tripled her lead over bernie sanders. clin top and trump are working to lock in their party's nominations but turn their attention to the general election and each other. >> america never stopped being great. we have to make america whole. >> make america great again. it's going to be better than making america whole again. >> last night trump won seven state and ted cruz scored texas, oklahoma and alaska. marco rubio won minnesota and spoke in florida this morning. >> it's going to be close. we know how to win in florida and we will. >> the rubio and cruz campaigns know unlikely they will be unable to catch up but push a scenario where they take him down at the convention. >> if trump comes in the leader but doesn't have the delegates they can use party
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>> clinton won seven of eleven states. she has close to half of the delegates needed to secure the nomination. sanders won vermont, oklahoma, minnesota and colorado. >> i know secretary clinton and many of the establishment thinking, too big. i don't think so. >> the next big event for republicans is tomorrow night in detroit. in washington, fox news. >> let's go to political editor craig patrick. you spoke to senator rubio. >> even after the returns last night marco rubio still refuses to except the possibility donald trump may become the nominee of the party. i asked him back in august, he and all the others pledged that they would support that republican nominee. i asked him since rubio is
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con man, does that still hold true? here now is rubio's response. >> yeah. he's not going to win the nomination. it would be a catastrophe for the republican party. that's why i fight so hard. we're going to win in florida. country. if donald trump is our nominee we're going to lose badly and the conservative movement. a guy who supports planned parenthood. he won't take sides whn it comes to israel. i'm going to support the republican nominee because it's not going to be donald trump. it's going to be me. >> he is laser focused on the state of florida. it's a winner take all state on march 15. it is rubio's home state. if he does not pull off a win in florida it's hard to see how he can have a case for keeping on in the race. given the fact you are other candidates pledging ahead including ted cruz and john kasich. >> one of the predictions for front runner trump?
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this past week it's good news for donald trump and bad news for rue rub. you have a double digit lead in the polls for donald trump. keep in mind, a lot of people in the state have already voted. that is in the process. if rubio closes the gap he has to do it quickly and overtake donald trump in order to win the state if those polls are correct. that's the challenge he's facing and donald trump said, he is going to bear down on florida for the next 13 days. >> how is it taking up for the rest of the gop pack, cruz, carson and kasich. >> they are all staying in the race. ted cruz had a pretty good night. he won texas and won a couple of other states, as well. this keeps him going. he can say look at the leader board. i'm in second place. i have the best shot at overtaking donald trump. you have john kasich. he came close in vermont he can say and he's very close to donald trump in his home state
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and with that it leaves questions for ben carson where does he go. carson says he's not going anywhere. he's going to stay in the race because he knows it's a crazy year and anything can happen. he's hoping he can catch up. we have a situation where all of the are e maining candidates are not getting out of the race, regardless of the fact that donald trump nearly ran the table. >> good news for trump. let's go to the democrats. as expected, a big night for hillary clinton. >> say bernie sanders has a chance to stay in this a while because he has a lot of money. some $40 million and a lot small donors. for hillary clinton she won big in particular in the deep south. with this it gives her a huge boost. not just momentum but delegates, as well. hundreds of delegates she picked up. if you combine that with the super delegates who don't have to go by their states results it gives hillary clinton, right
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she's well on her way. 47% of what is needed to clench the nomination. it puts ie bernie sanders in a difficult position. i think clinton would be on pace to clench the nomination prps by may. sanders has shown he can come out of nowhere. >> thank you countrying patrick. >> local supporters and volunteers open a hillary for office. donald trump will be back in florida on saturday. he's going to hold a rally at the university of central florida cfe arena. the event is free but those interested have to register for tickets. doors open at 9:00 a.m. and trump is scheduled to and peer at noon. it was once used to scare enemies. now the super fortress bombers
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jim is which heinging your forecast. >> we have a cold front working its way down the state. that is giving more clouds. a couple of showers earlier on radar. those are pretty much done with. as we go through the afternoon, might see one or two little sprinkles. it. we'll start to clear out the skies for tonight. we've got another cold front
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we'll talk about that. 3 jury selection continues in the one-hundred million
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in the $100 million lawsuit between hulk hogan and the website gawker. the judge told jurors to be prepared for x rated details. they are interviewing 35 members hoping to sue gawker after it posted a clip from a sex tape involving hogan. we expected to hear the opening statements next week. a sky diver who got tangled in his parashoot died. man and his instructor jumped separately at four thousand feet. he was uninstructed to pull his cord. but he rolled and got tangled up in it. his reserve shoot did not work properly and he hit the ground. he was from florida's east coast. in lake land. a nine foot alligator found in someone's pool. they live on a golf course and
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pond jen jumped in the water. a trapper came and got the gator out of the water. the homeowners getting their screen replaced today. a plane once used to strike fear is of display in rasota sarasota. the worlds only flying bomber landed in the airport and is open to visitors starting today. >> it's a piece of history in our backyard. we are inside a b29 bomber. they use these planes during world war ii and they have one here this afternoon for all of our area to see. it's still operational. this thing still flies. we have the main guy in charge of getting these engines running, rick jarvis is here with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me about this piece of history. >> this is a special piece of history.
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we try to bring the history to everybody and educate them on what it took to get freedom that people take for granted day-to-day. >> and so this played a huge role in world war ii. how many years later it's still playing a huge role in history and teaching people about it. >> exactly. that's our purpose. we're here and our main purpose is to spread the news about history of these aircraft and the people who operated them. they still say is the greatest generation. it was. they sacrificed a lot and gave a lot for our freedom. >> you're sitting in your spot where you sit when this thing is up in the air. tell me about what you do. >> i'm the flight engineer. basically, everybody says this is the heart of the aircraft. i'll start the engines, operate the engines, monitor the pressures, temperatures, run the throttles and things like that. the pilots are busy flying the aircraft.
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set power settings they need requirement for operating the aircraft. >> how old is the plane and how much work and money? >> fifi was born in 1945. about 70 something years old. >> i know it's $10,000 an hour to have this flying? >> basically, yes. >> it's worth it, right? >> it's worth it. we need people to come out. we have rides saturday and sunday and you can go to the air power history and you can pull up and book you a ride. >> wonderful. it's pretty spectacular to be inside the b29. like rick said, you come here starting today at 9:00 a.m. the gates open this morning. people can come all afternoon until 5:00. you can get a ride in the b29 later on this weekend. we are inside a piece of history
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fox 13 news. >> get a ride in a b29. that would be cool. >> that is cool. >> don't be put off by the clouds outside, right, jim? >> yeah. we saw a couple of showers on radar. they are way offshore. rain pretty much came to an end. if you see anything it's going to be a sprinkle. that's at it. i've been looking around on the cameras trying to find some sun. finally there you see it looking over bayshore boulevard. some breaks in the clouds and we see some sun. that's basically what we're going to see as we go through the day, whichever way you want to say it. mix of sun and clouds, clouds and sun. it's all the same thing and that's what you see. from time to time, we'll get some very cloudy conditions and then other times some peaks of the sun. basically, we have the cold front which is slowly working its way down the state. ahead of it we get the clouds that pass through the area.
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little bit higher over the past 24 hours. it feels more humid outside. as the cold front swings through it's going to drop the humid again. we're at 75, dew point at 64, humidity 69%. the winds out of the west at 9 miles per hour. the warmest temperatures again will generally be away from the coastline. places like sebring. brandon at 81... along the coastline still seeing mid 70s. st. petersburg at 74. new port richey 73. a bit cooler across the panhandle. the cold front is lined up about there. behind that slightly cooler temperatures and drier air. ahead of the front, winds are generally out of the weatherly direction. breezy in some cases then you see that wind starting to turn more towards that northwesterly direction on the backside of the
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dew points just a measure of the amount of moisture in the air. much lower. that's that very dry comfortable air sitting up across the panhandle. that's going to swing back down across the state later today and into tonight. across the southeast high pressure building in. you can see plenty of clear skies. as the front pushes to the south, it clears out the skies and i think we're going to deal with high, thin, serous clouds through the day tomorrow. across the northern part of the country, still like winter time where you see snow. maine back to new york state, pennsylvania, west virginia back into ohio and portions of michigan still dealing with the snowy conditions. watch that front. that will work its way to the south, clearing out the sky some. then we've got another front, which will be pushing down across the southeast. you can see some showers along this front. this front is ever so slightly stronger. basically, that means we'll see
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we get into friday. same story. a touch cooler but the big push of the cold air is going to stay to the north as we head into the weekend. the weekend actually looks pretty nice with plenty of sun and daytime highs in the mid 70s. today variably cloudy skies. maybe a sprinkle in there. daytime high of 75. then tonight clearing skies, overnight low down to 54. tomorrow a nice looking day although we have high clouds. light chop on the bay. a high tide at 7:24 this evening. here's the seven day forecast. it looks fantastic into the weekend except the slight chance of a couple of showers on friday. notice as we get into the first part of next week the daytime highs are pushing into the upper 70s. would not be surprised if we see 80s in the first part of next week.
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dream thanks to her love of 3 ((linda)) this week, we found that investing in someone -- no matter what this week we found that investing in someone, no matter what obstacles they face can unlock unlimited potential. that couldn't be more true for this weeks extraordinary ordinary. >> make lots of friends. very emotional and make me happy. >> it's hard for her to hide that smile when she's dancing. >> i feel my heart because it make me feel so happy. >> and that big smile, laugh and love of dancing turned her into a fixture at the special olympics healthy community
12:26 pm
a few years ago, her dream of becoming a dance teacher was featured on what's right with tampa bay. >> tonight we have a story about a little girl living a big dream. >> what a great model she will be. >> isn't that something. she is so special. we're going to follow her progress. >> now, an update that makes her this weeks extraordinary ordinary. >> it make me feel happy. my dreams come true. >> there's no word. she is the best. >> diagnosed with downs syndrome it was believed she an adult. her parents never believed that. more importantly she never believed that and now she's head of the class teaching zumba twice a week. >> so wonderful because talia not only gets to teach to people just like her but get the instruction of someone just like
12:27 pm
it's been wonderful to see how they are so excited to see her and to come in here twice a week. >> and is now helping others with developmental and intellectual disabilities. to step out of the shadow of judgment and into the light of endless possibilities just like she did. >> i was so proud of me because all my students is wonderful. i love my class. and they learn a lot. >> that was walter allen. talis tells us she's competeing in rhythmic gymnastics. if you have an idea or know someone or something that you think is extraordinary ordinary shoot walter allen a suggestion on hi facebook page. still to come. home sweet home after nearly a year in space. what's next for astronaut kelly
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mission to mars some day. >> a 30 inch waist and today i have a 24 inch waist. >> they cinch your belly in and give you that hourglass look. but how safe are waist i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto . hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib
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there's limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you know, i tried warfarin, but the blood testing and dietary restrictions... don't get me started on that. i didn't have to. we started on xarelto . nice pass. safety first. like all blood thinners, don't stop taking xarelto without talking to your doctor, as this may increase your risk of a blood clot or stroke. while taking, you may bruise more easily p and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. p xarelto may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto can cause serious, and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. r get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto , watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto , tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions.
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... ...was the right move for us. pask your doctor about xarelto . after traveling 144 million miles--and after traveling 144 million miles and spending 340 days in space, scott kelly is back on earth. kelly and two koz moe naughts landed just before midnight. while his year in space is over, the next step is just beginning. >> an out of this world experience now over for american astronaut kelly and two russian colleagues.
12:31 pm
kazakhstan bringing the mission to a close. >> there's nothing like new capsule. >> kelly traling a total of 144 million miles through space and circling the earth more than 5400 times. his 340 days off the planet a record for u.s. space flight. aboard the international space station typically last six months. >> a year is a long time. i felt like i had been up there my whole life after the first six months. >> the experience a precursor for a longer mission. a huge journey to mars. nasa hoping kelly will help them learn about the affects of 0 gravity on the body. >> i look forward to coming home and there's things that i miss. i felt like if it was for the right reason i clearly could have stayed however long it took. >> kelly's identical twin
12:32 pm
pitching in on earth. the two undergoing tests looking for differences in the genetically matched subjects. >> by going to mars one day it'll make things better on earth. happy to be a part of that. >> kelly is stoet return to hue stan ston later today to reunite with his family. >> another delay for space x's falcon nine rocket. the fourth launch was scrubbed yesterday because of upper level winds. friday is the next opportunity to launch the rocket. they think it's going to be too win d i today and tomorrow. a time hasn't been set yet. royal caribbean anthem of the seas cut a trip short. the ship is back two days early because of severe weatherful there was also worries after a virus out break on board. this is second storm related incident for the anthem of the sea ship. it was damaged last month after encountering 30-foot waives and
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four people hurt after a possible tornado near birmingham, alabama. homes were damaged, trees and power lines were toppled. the possible twister suched down on a gulf course. the national weather service will send a crew to determine if the damage was caused by a tornado. the legal battle between apple and the fbi continues. yesterday the house judiciary committee held a hearing on enkripgs and privacy. apple is asking lawmakers to decide whether it can be forced to help unlock an iphone used by a terrorist. the attorney general lynch weighed in saying there needs to be an open dialogue and tech companies to avoid disputes in the future. a pap popular app takes on twitter and a sporting good store sees its final inning. >> sports authority is filing for chapter eleven. the retailer says it will close
12:34 pm
as two distribution centers. the store closings are expected to take up to three months. sports authority stores and its website will stay open during this process. instagram couples, swirt more than two hundred thousand advertisers are using the app instagram. thousand. instagram says 75% of advertisers come from outside the united states. in frills food store says yes to credit cards. aldi will accept credit cards for purchases. this move is part of a planned expansion into southern california. aldi operates more than 1400 stores in 32 states. that's business. to check out more go to fox this has been in the works for month. now it's finally official. the tampa bay rays are going to cuba to play the cuba national team on march 226789 president obama is expected to be in the stands as baseball brings our
12:35 pm
the rays selected to play by lottery back in november. hundreds of workers are preparing the stadium for the game. fixing the roof, repairing seating areas and grooming the field surface. that stadium can hold fifty five thousand fans. a race trainer is like a kor set on steroids. it cinches your belly in and gives you an hourglass look. so we asked a believer in waist training to talk to us about why she does it. we talked to a doctor to see what she thought and our dr. joe has that story. >> she loves wearing kor sets. >> they are like putting on a hug from a friend. >> she's been wearing them since her twenties and started waist training a few years ago. investing in cut tom made korsets she wears four or five times a week. she even sleeps in one because she says that work.
12:36 pm
naturally and today i have a 24 inch waist. regularly wearing it i can reduce the size of my waist. >> a doctor is trained in spinal manipulation and she is not a fan. but says what's old is definitely in right now. >> that's increasing rapidly. the amount of use. people that just don't know the long term serious effects on your body. this week i had a patient who was injured, her spine was injured from wearing one of these korsets. she wore it during a zumba class. >> the doctor is concerned about long term use of waist trainers, which she says pushes your stomach up and pell vig muscles down. over time that can cause heartburn, weakening up your pelvic muscles and says the look doesn't last. >> as soon as you take that off that's going to start to dissipate and over time, even if
12:37 pm
that's not going to last long. >> the doctor says she gets the attraction women and men have to a tiny waist. >> but as a physician, it's my obligation to tell them the bodies! you always listen to your body. use common sense. right. >> both agree in moderation waist training won't hurt you. dion is hooked. >> i love it. i love the way i look. >> for the fox medical team. >> the doctor recommends using a softer body shaper when you have a big night out. if you want to slim down the best option is the old fashioned approach, exercise, watch your calories and strength training. up next a sneak peek at what's to come on the fox show rosewood. i sat down with star morris
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12:40 pm
changes com it seemed like you had a moment there? >> we get that a lot. >> i was talking to dr. mike. >> for real? >> the fox show rosewood is set to return with exciting changes. i had a chance to talk to morris chestnut about the season premier. remind our viewers where things left off after the fall finale of rosewood. >> the fall finale of rosewood, we got interrupted. a private moment where things were about to get steamy.
12:41 pm
the killer of the episode but we realized that we had the wrong guy because someone had been in my lab and left a message for me. now for the spring premier we open up and we have to find the right killer. we have to resolve some situations between via, the triangle between myself, via's character and cay's character. >> what attracted you to the role? >> what attracted me was the opportunity to play a title character of a show. once i read the script he was witty, smart, vulnerable, he was strong and had all those cricketists i was looking forward to playing. i finished a movie where i was emotional. if i had to do a tv show, if i wanted to do a tv show i wanted to do one i can come to work and have some fun. i didn't want to, you know, come to work and just be emotional every day and have to go to that
12:42 pm
allows many e to do. it allows many e to be fun, witty and every now and again get emotional. >> what's the best part of your job and the hardest part? >> the best part of my job is i love working. working. lot of work. that's the pros and cons of it. i love coming to work every day, seeing the cast members. we have a great comradery with the cast and the crew. then afterwards, every weekend and every day after work is script, script, script. i love that but it does get challenging. >> looking forward to rosewood. thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> here's a live look
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meteorologist jim weber hey everybody. coming to you from st. petersburg today. at the base of the drive that took you to where the pier used to be. the st. petersburg museum of history. you can see an exhibit called ship wreck, treasures of the deep. who knows more than this man. everything in this exhibit are items your company literally brought up from the depths. >> over fifteen thousand items, yeah. >> tell me a little bit about odyssey marine exploration. how long you been around and what's your mission statement? >> we've been in business 21 years. we started with ship wreck exploration but expanded into sea floor mineral exploration. our focus is working on exploration, discovery and recovery of valuable items from the deep ocean. >> i would think ship wrecks
12:46 pm
eventually you mine all the gold. while that may be, there's still a lot of gold out there. >> yeah. >> three million estimated ship wrecks. >> the united nations estimated three million. more than 70% of the earth is under the ocean and there are they'res haven't been explored. >> you bring this up and if as valuable haul you sell. what do you sell? what do you keep? >> we make a distinction between cultural heritage, personal item ors letters are never sold. they are kept in museum collections and travel in our traveling museum. then trade goods. things mass produced in their day. coins are a perfect example. those are the items that don't have archaeological significance and sold to collectors. >> the ss gar ris open, you found this ship.
12:47 pm
you found it fifteen thousand feet down. nearly three miles below the surface of the ocean. deeper than the titanic. >> about a mile deeper. >> and it was full of silver? >> yeah. over 2800 bars and we found but about 22 of them. it was a maizing feat. we had to find this ship at fif ten thousand feet. next time you fly on an airplane and hit fifteen thousand fit look what a house looks like. >> you're using remote controlled submarine type machinery? >> yes. remotely operated vehicles. we don't risk human life and we get extended bottom times. we've had dives that last over five days. >> it was a valuable haul. what was the total value?
12:48 pm
value from that one wreck. >> it's amazing to see some of the items here and to hear the story and read and learn about them. about the odyssey marine exploration a company based in tampa, it's fascinating. come visit the st. petersburg museum of history through the end of may and enjoy ship wrecked treasures from the deep. cool stuff. so the spring breakers are ready to head down here. a little cloudy today but the weather should be excellent. here. we have clouds around today with a front pushing down the state. today. if you see anything it's going to be a sprinkle. another front will work its way over us by friday. slight chance of a couple of showers. otherwise, the weather looks fantastic, especially as we get into the weekend. plenty of sun and by next week we're warming these temperatures up.
12:49 pm
see on looking over downtown tampa. cloudy skies rite now. depending on where you are you may see more sun. some areas seeing a good deal of sun right now. otherwise some other spots really dealing with a lot of cloudy skies. that's all because this front continues to slowly work its way down the state. we have batches of clouds that move over head and they will pass through the area. by tonight we'll be clearing out the skies and drying the atmosphere out, once again. dropping that humid. it's been creeping up over the past 24 hours. away from the coastline is where we're seeing the warmest temperatures. like branden at 71. new tampa, sun city center all at 77. you head to downtown st. petersburg currently at 74. plenty of these 77s from land o lakes, dayton city, bush. all at 77 degrees. brooksville 72.
12:50 pm
most places low to mid 70s. lakewood ranch 78. mid 70s with some 80s showing up in the highlands county. the fronts located to our north. you can see the dew points have climbed back up into the mid 60s. that's why you head outside. it's not necessarily humid but you notice there's a little bit of touch of that humidity in the air but that much drier and more refreshing air sitting across the northern part of the state. this front will continue to slowly work its way to the south, clearing out the skies, high pressure will build back in for a time. but then we have another front back to our northwest. that is going to swing down into the southeast and bring a couple of showers as he wed into friday. still have winter on the map across the northern part of the country. places like columbia, ohio sitting at 27. chicago 24.
12:51 pm
on the contrast, we stay mild for today. daytime high of 75. tonight clearing skies, overnight low of 54. tomorrow not bad. the area. that daytime high of 74 degrees. here's your seven day forecast. 20% chance of showers with the next front on friday. otherwise, you head into the weekend, looks good, mild temperatures and we start to warming trend as we get into next week. >> thanks.
12:53 pm
a bundle of joy that's an (linda fox's hit dance show is doing something new... foxes hit dance show is doing something new.
12:54 pm
generation and opening up the competition to yupger talent. auditions going on for the next season of so you think you can dance. this time the participants are young. kids. we're talking between 8-13 years old. they will be paired with all stars from past seasons to guide them through the competition. carlee beveridge and her dog are leading a movement to help animals with disabilities. their story is what's right with tampa bay. >> his penalty is fantastic. >> wolfies loving attitude is contagious. >> loves everyone, children, animal, dogs. he cheers up everybody that he sees. >> wolfie was born with deformed front legs. his owner thought about getting him euthanized. but instead he ended up with carlee beveridge.
12:55 pm
now it's three years later and he hasn't left the house. >> carlee and wolfie are inseparable. >> he brightened up my day since the day i met him. there's times i come home and it's a rough day and i'm thankful he's there. >> carlee started the wolfie project. raises funds and awareness for similar animals with medical conditions and disabilities. >> for a donation, you can come and paint with wolfie or paint with your own dog or child or your spouse. whomever you have with you. >> they are working together to change the lives of animals in tampa bay one painting at a time. >> what pet should i get? oh, the places you'll go. how about a little green eggs and ham on this wednesday morning? every one of us grew up with a little dr. seuss in our lives.
12:56 pm
man behind, cat in the hat. on march 2, 1904. theodore giesel was born in massachusetts. dr. seuss wrote 44 children's books including the ones we mentioned and many others. since his death, at least three manuscripts were found by his widow. one went on sale last july. his birthday inspired read across america where schools and libraries plan special reading events. i love many of his quotes. i posted many i favorite on my facebook page. i would love to hear yours. look for fox 13 linda r ti atta. you can also follow me. i bet, jim, you read a few dr. seuss books to your kids. >> i have read a few. i know my son heading off to preschool. he was excited. he knew about it and knew they were going to celebrate dr. seuss today. >> that's great. to be excited about reading is a
12:57 pm
>> it is. instill that in hem early. >> a quick look ahead. a little cloudy. >> a little cloudy but the seven day forecast shows we have the front clearing out. cooler temperatures, dropping that humidity. then head into the week and it looks fantastic with highs in the mid 70s. >> that is spring break weather. the news doesn't end here. we'll post the latest all day on fox 13, twitter and facebook. >> look for news, weather and sports. access hollywood is next. (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store
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layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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lights, camera, access. >> i think he would have loved the girl more. that was there before this happened. >> the devastating psychological impact of the peeping tom video. i'm billy bush. now erin andrews reveals it goes relationships. >> i think the thing that's really hit home for me and hurts me the worst -- >> i was very nervous, but -- >> gosh. it's so hard. >> what they forgot to say. backstage thank you cams and even more oscar aftermath.


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