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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  March 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 cruz says: "let me point out donald actually (trump interrupts) breathe, breathe, breathe. you can do it, p p>> let me point out we don't pactually care. p>> that's not what you said. p>> donald, please, i know it's phard not to interrupt. pbreathe, breathe, breathe. pyou can do it. pyou can breathe. pi know it's hard. pi know it's hard but just -- p>> when they're done with the pyoga class -- p>>russell: okay. panother bizarre blowout at a pg.o.p. debate. pdonald trump fuming after a pbarrage of attacks. p11-year-old cold case. pa man gunned down on his way to
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pdeputies are hoping that new pvideo gets someone to come pforward. p>>russell: and they're getting pready to break down on st. ete's tallest building. pit's called a historic event. phey, buddy. p>> good morning. pa couple of showers moving pthrough the area but we get rid pof the showers as we head pthrough the morning and end up pwith a nice day. pthe last of the showers now, pmaking their way through psoutheast, all into hardee, de psoto, southern sarasota county pand that's pretty much it. pwe'll get rid of the showers the pnext half hour or so. pforecast for today, 67, by noon p71, mid 70s and a look at the pnext couple of days. pit's not too bad. pgetting into the start of the pweekend, increasing sun today, a pbit breezy. ptomorrow mostly sunny and leasant and wait until you see pforecast. pi have details in a bit. p>>jennifer: we're heading into pthe finally friday morning rush phour drive. pnot there quite yet. pwe have a couple of trouble
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pwe'll start with a look along pdale mabry highway. pthere's an accident reported. pso far i can't think of any road pblock associated with the crash pso you can probably get past pthat without any significant pdelay. pover to the west, suncoast arkway and the veterans pexpressway checking in roblem-free. inellas county crash in the pclearing stages this morning. pit's on the exit ramp onto gandy pboulevard, not blocking any planes and a live look outside palong the i-4 corridor where it pmeets up with mango road, no paccidents on any of the tampa pmajors. p>> look at those hands. pare they small hands? pand you referred to my hands. pif they're small, something else pmust be small. roblem. pi guarantee you. p>>laura: crude comeback, donald ptrump responding to an attack pfrom marco rubio. pthroughout the night, his rivals
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pmore than just the size of his phands. pthey have one goal, to stop ptrump's momentum after super ptuesday. p>>russell: and they're not pholding back. pthere's another 155 delegates at pstake in four states this pweekend. phere is more on last night's pdebate. p>>reporter: before the debate, plast night donald trump knew his privals were going to attack. phe said bring it on. pboy, they sure did. p>> don't worry about it, little pmarco. p>> let's hear it, big donald. p>> don't worry about it, little pmarco. p>>reporter: it was trump versus prubio versus cruz last night. p>> donald trump has written pchecks to hillary clinton not ponce, not twice, not three ptimes, 10 times. p>>reporter: ted cruz and marco prubio jumped on trump throughout pthe two-hour debate, including pnot releasing audio of an
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phe said he was more flexible on phis immigration plan than he psaid in public. p>> there always has to be some ptug and pull and deal. p>>reporter: john kasich refused pto get drawn into the fight. pbut warned voters about pcontinuing to elect politicians pwith no experience. p>> we're putting people in that pdon't understand compromise, pthey don't understand policy. eople are getting more and more pfrustrated with the system which pis why we must pick somebody pthat has a record of pachievement. pnot just talk. p>>reporter: despite all the pfighting on the stage last pnight, rubio, cruz and kasich pall said if trump is the final pnominee, they'll support him. p>>laura: thank you. p>>russell: on wednesday, dr. ben pthere. phe said he has no political path pforward but he stopped short of pofficially ending his campaign. pwe'll learn more about the
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pspeaks at the conservative olitical action conference in pmaryland. p>>laura: speaking of which, the pannual conference, known as cpac phas been overshadowed by the pdrama on the campaign trail t. pstarted two days ago and the pattendees range from grassroots pactivists to elected officials pand some say they are concerned pfor the future of the republican arty and what trump's pnomination would mean for the pnovember election. p>> it's a little bit of a pconcern because i feel like pwe're fighting amongst ourselves pand we're kind of giving a gift pto the democrats by doing that. p>> it's a very bad thing if he pwere to be our nominee for the pg.o.p. or to run independent. p>>laura: trump is planning to pspeak at cpac tomorrow night. pso will marco rubio. p>>russell: in the 2012 prepublican nominee is speaking pout against the man who could be pleading this party in 2016.
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pgave a speech that sounded like pa roast of donald trump. p>> donald trump is a phony, a pfraud. phis promises are as worthless as pa degree from trump university. p>>laura: and romney called trump punfit for office. phe went on to say he's a danger pfor the nation and the g.p. pjohn mccain echoed only of promney's statements, calling ptrump ininformed and dangerous. p>>russell: the battle over the pheart and soul of the republican pflorida. pstate's primary is march 15. pit's the first and one of the pbiggest winner take all states. pyesterday governor scott refused pto endorse any of the pcandidates. phe said he doesn't get involved pin primaries. phe focuses on the job of pgovernor and let the voters pdecide. pquoting here, the political pclass opposed me when i first pran for office. pthey did not want a businessman poutsider but the voters had
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pdonald trump is also a pbusinessman outsider and that's pfaced a lot of opposition from pthe political class. pendorsement. p>>laura: early voting begins pstatewide tomorrow. pit's already started in phillsborough and polk counties pas we've reported. pall 790,000 people have voted pearly already or by mail in phillsborough county. pthat's nearly 10% of registered pvoters. p>>russell: now to the democrats' pfrontrunner, hillary clinton pcontinues to face questions pabout her emails. p>>laura: now a former staff pmember is reportedly working pwith prosecutors. phe originally pleaded the fifth pbefore congress. psources say he has now been pgranted immunity and is working pwith the justice department. psince last march, clinton padmitted to deleting 33,000 of pher emails. pstate department has released pmost of the emails that did psurvive but denied sending or preceiving this classified data.
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pleast 1,800 of the emails were, pin fact, classified. precent fox news poll found 62% pof voters say that clinton is pnot honest or trustworthy. pthat's up 20 points since the pscandal surfaced. p>>russell: and sad news. premember this little boy, oliver pas he became that viral povernight sensation as the pbernie baby? pwell, last week he suddenly pdied. phe was almost four months old. paccording to a post on social pmedia, his mother says it was psids, sudden infant death psyndrome. p3500 infants die suddenly every pyear. p>>laura: florida lawmakers have psent governor rick scott a bill pdesigned to fix the state death enalty law. pthey have nearly 400 inmates. pthe executions have been on hold psince july when the u.s. supreme pcourt struck down the state psentencing law as punconstitutional.
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p10 of 12 jurors to agree on a pdeath sentence. p>>russell: soon people who get pcaught with small amount of pmarijuana in tampa would walk paway with nothing but a small pfine. pyesterday city council voted to pmove forward with an ordinance pto give police the option, the poption of issuing citations to panyone caught with less than 20 pgrams of marijuana. pinstead of being arrested, first ptime offenders would be fined p$75: . pvolusia county approved a psimilar measure yesterday. p>>laura: it is a historic day pfor the city of st. pete. p>>russell: crews are about to pbreak ground on the city's ptallest building. pshayla reaves is live with pdetails of one st. pete. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you pguys. pin just a few hours, the ptransformation begins and it's phappening here in downtown st. ete. pi'm off first street. pjust a few hours, officials are
6:10 am
pground and i want to show you pwhat's on the way. pit's called, again, one st. pete pand officials tell us it's on ptrack to become the tallest pbuilding in downtown st. pete. pwe're talking about 41 stories, pthe building is happening ahead pof schedule, 90 days ahead of pschedule and once completed, the roject is expected to change pthe city skyline and bring new pjobs and places to live and pwork. pit includes more than 250 pcondos, a new hyatt hotel with pmore than 170 rooms plus retail pspace. pjust building the tower will put eople to work and generate pbusiness for tampa bay pcompanies. pif you take a look at the pnumbers, officials say that pconstruction alone will bring pmore than $90 million in pemployment and wages. ponce completed, the project will pcreate 150 full time positions pand the city's property tax
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pmore than $5.5 million a year. pnow, we're told today's ground pbreaking is happening about 90 pdays ahead of schedule and pconstruction on the hotel is pexpected to wrap up sometime pnext year. pback to you. p>>laura: all right. pthank you. pit is an 11-year-old murder case pand still no leads. p>>russell: why the start of the pstrawberry festival brings back ainful memories for a local pfamily. pit's a story that captured a lot pof attention. pthe solar plane, well, it's ptaking flight for the first time psince it was grounded months pago. p>> look at temperatures outside pright now. pwarm start to the day but ptemperatures are going to be pgetting even warmer. p66 right now in tampa. p67 in sarasota. pmid 70s and 80s in the not too pdistant put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts.
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pand you start to see some of the pcoast. pyou're noticing the cloud cover pstarting to away as well. pwe'll see the clouds a little pbit this morning but eventually pas we head throughout the day ptoday, we'll see increasing sun. pgetting rid of showers as well, pa couple of showers now working ptoward north port and englewood, pthat continues to drop to the psouth. pa few more showers moving pthrough southeast polk county pand northern highlands county, pthrough sebring, that's pretty pmuch it. pthat's all i see on the radar pthroughout the morning hours and pyou can see why. psatellite pictures show the cold pfront. pmid level clouds, that continues pto push off to the south and peast. pa little residual cloud cover pbut we'll get to that again as pwe head throughout the morning. pweather headlines, we'll see the pearly morning showers right now pand then increasing sun as we phead throughout the day. pseasonable, pleasant, all around pjust perfect weather, i think, pas we head into the weekend. pfarther inland you go, the pwarmer it's going to be, into pthe 80s. pthe rest of us are in the 80s as pwe head toward the middle of the
6:16 am
peven a bit warmer than that, pmaybe mid 80s even toward next pweek for some of us. pcurrent temperature now is 66 in ptampa. pwe dropped a couple of degrees. p64 in brandon, 68 in bradenton. p67 in sar society a. up north, a plittle cooler. p54 in brooksville and 55 in pcrystal river. p24-hour temperature range, much pwarmer now than yesterday. p10 to 15 degrees warmer now than p24 hours ago. pmuch warmer start to the day. pmuggier start as well. pthe big difference here is dew oint just an hour ago in tampa pwas 63. pwe're now down to 57. pso front continuing to now push pthrough the area. pdrier air on the back side of pthe front. pthat's going to be funneling in pas we head throughout the day ptoday. pmaybe a muggy start but i think pby later this afternoon, feeling pa little more pleasant out pthere. psatellite and radar, there's pthat narrow band of showers ushing through. pheavier showers and storms pdevelop across the carolinas and pbehind this, you see all of this pred here. pthat's a lot of dry air. pthat's going to be pushing in as
6:17 am
pthat's going to be creating that psunshine today into the day ptomorrow and on into sunday as pwell. phere's how the future cast plays pout. pcold front pushes through. pthis area of low pressure up to pthe north strengthens and pushes pout to sea. phigh pressure noses in. pwe see the effects of high ressure the next couple of pdays. pthis cold front here, we don't phave to worry about that. pthat's going to continue to drop psouth and really kind of die out pover the next couple of days. pyour forecast recap for today, p74 degrees in early morning pshowers and then increasing sun pfor the day tomorrow -- or ptonight, rather. p55 degrees, clear and cooler. pseven-day forecast, this shows ptomorrow. p74 degrees for tomorrow. p77 on sunday. pinland areas, you'll be in the p80s the next few days and then pupper 70s on monday and tuesday pand low to mid 80s as we head ptoward the middle of next week. pjen? p>>jennifer: easing our way into pthe friday morning rush hour pdrive, no major delays to talk pabout this morning.
6:18 am
pbay area bridges and this is pstate road 60. pcourtney campbell on the tampa pside of the bay, only a couple pof cars crossing the water this pmorning so it really shouldn't ptake more than eight minutes to pget in or out of pinellas pcounty. pa couple of trouble spots, pincluding a wreck on dale mabry phigh and lutz lake fern road. pf.h.p. on scene, they're not preporting any lanes blocked so pit shouldn't be a really big pdeal to get past that problem pspot with any significant pdelays. pnorthbound 275, there's a wreck pon the offramp from the pinterstate onto gandy boulevard. pit's been there awhile and road pcrews are already on scene so pthis crash is in the clearing pstages and we're not seeing any pdelays on the ramp or the pinterstate this morning. pacross the freeway along u.s. 19 pas well through pinellas park to psouth st. petersburg and the pveterans expressway, checking in roblem-free. paverage speeds around 60 miles pan hour all the way to memorial phighway and the airport pinterchange. p>>russell: 6:18 and start of the pflorida strawberry festival pbrings back some painful pmemories. p11 years ago a zephyrhills man
6:19 am
pwhen he was shot and killed on pi-75. pnow deputies have released video pthat could help catch this pkiller. pvideo includes a reenactment of pdaift neel's final moments as pwell as crime scene photos. pmarch 6, 2005, neel was on the pway to the fair with some cattle pwhen his truck ran off the road pat the i-4 exit ramp. pthere was a bullet hole in the pdoor. pbullet in the chest. pwitnesses and family hope that pthe video will jog someone's pmemory. p>> maybe if they see the video pand they'll think, i was in town pthat week and maybe i was coming pback around the same time and i pdidn't think anything about it ptrigger some memory. p>>russell: neel, father of two. pcrime stoppers of tampa bay poffered a reward up to $3,000 parrest. p>>laura: more trouble in phighlands county. pdeputies are looking into three pteachers accused of pinappropriate conduct with pstudents.
6:20 am
phaving sex with a student and pchild pornography. pmore charges are pending. pnow another teacher is accused pof sending lewd photos of pherself to an 18-year-old pstudent. pon top of that, avon park high pschool teacher is being pinvestigated now for having lewd ictures of a 16-year-old pstudent on her phone. pthe associate superintendent for olk county public schools has presigned. plast october, craig rivers filed pa complaint against the former psuperintendent. pit includes nine allegations, pincluding sexual harassment. privers also faced criticism in pthe wake of the scandal. phis resignation is effective. phe will be on paid leave until pthen. p>>russell: we'll tell you about pa mysterious countrywide power poutage that's happened in syria. pthe country's violent civil war pcould be to blame for this. p>>laura: and time to pick the phot click of the week. new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive.
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3 3 it's friday, it's time to pick the hot click of the week. social media pr
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ptime to pick the hot click of pthe week. p>>laura: taylor katz is here pnow. p>>taylor: happy friday. pwe have a cat, a dog with an pattachment and a little boy who plearned a little lesson or a big pone on hair the hard way. phere we go. pfirst up, we have this one from pyesterday, one of those wait for pit moments as the dogs run out pto play. pit runs for the hills or the pfence and boom. pleaps right over it. p>>laura: you loved this, taylor. p>>taylor: i did and who says pwhite cat can't jump, right? pyou laughed twice. pi love that. pall right. pthat's nominee number one. pnumber two, here's that dog with pan attachment to a pacifier. pthe golden retriever seems to preally enjoy having the pacifier pin his mouth.
6:25 am
ptries to take it away, it's not pgoing anywhere. pno thanks. pjust a gentle paw. pthe gentle paw. p>>russell: mine, mine, mine, pmine, mine. p>>taylor: love that. pall right, you guys. pand lastly, who can forget about pthis? pyes. pthis little boy learned the hard pway that using dad's hair pclippers is a bad idea. pjust not a good idea, little pguy. p>>laura: i will never touch pdaddy's razor again. p>>russell: i did one of those do pit yourself hair cut things one ptime. pi even messed it up. p>>taylor: i thought this might phave been awhile ago or psomething. pi wasn't going to say anything. p>>russell: you can mess it up. p>>taylor: well, then clearly pthat's the toddler's problem.
6:26 am
pall right, you guys. phead to our home page at fox 13 and you'll see the poll pthere. pbe sure to cast your vote. pwe'll have the answer at the end pof the show. p>>laura: fun. pthanks, taylor. p>>russell: u.s. military is precruiting more women more pcombat jobs. p>>laura: and could there be panother super bowl? pmaybe two in tampa's future? palcides segui is on that story pthis the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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3 3 3 good morning, i'm russell rhodes and i'm laura p>>russell: welcome. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pwe had showers overnight. pjust a few. pthe weekend is looking good, pright?
6:30 am
p>>mike: even the rest of today plooks good. pwe have showers continuing to ush south of the area so we pshould be good as we head pthrough the rest of today. ptake a look at the temperatures. pyesterday maybe you needed a plight coat. pnot necessarily the case today. p66 in tampa. p68 at bradenton. p63 wauchula. p54 brooksville, 55 in crystal priver. pforecast for today, into the pupper 60s by 9:00 a.m. pstill hanging around that 70 ief pdegree mark by noon and it's low pto mid 70s by this afternoon. pthe exception inland, you'll be pcloser to 80. ptake a look at the three-day pforecast for the weekend. p70 next couple of days. pup to 77 as we head toward the psecond half of the weekend. pjust a sunny and pleasant plooking weekend. phey, jen. p>>jennifer: hey, mike. pwe're making our way to the rush phour drive and sky fox giving us paerial view of the i-4 corridor,
6:31 am
pthis is i-4 approaching the pinterchange from the selmon pconnector. pthose are headlights. peastbound traffic is heading out pof downtown tampa. pwe're not seeing any delays pright now on i-4. pyou can plan a nine minute drive pfrom i-75 to 275 along the pwestbound lanes of i-4. pi-75 checking in problem-free pfrom the selmon expressway up to pi-4. pthat trip shouldn't take more pthan four or five minutes. pdale mabry highway and lutz fern proad, that crash is in the pclearing stages. pthis one is along northbound 275 pin the area of roosevelt pboulevard and sky fox now on ptheir way to check out a preported crash in apollo beach. ptampa majors checking in paccident-free. pthat includes 11 minute ride pwestbound i-4 from paul buchman phighway to i-75. p>>laura: thank you. ptake a look at some top stories pthis morning. pcongressman david joly has roposed a bill that would ban
6:32 am
pbuying apple products. pthis is in response to the pcompany's refusal to unlock the psan bernardino shooter's iphone. pthey fear that the information pcould go into the wrong hands psome day and compromise all of piphone users' privacy. p>>russell: lou was beaten and probbed. phe was putting up campaign signs pat the time. pone of the friends managed to ptake a picture of the car as it pdrove away. pthey say one of the men was pwearing a purple orlando city psoccer shirt. p>>laura: and there are three new pzika cases in florida, all three pin miami dade county. pthat brings the statewide total pnow to 47. pstatewide only four people are pstill exhibiting symptoms paccording to the cdc. psymptoms associated with the pzika virus can last between pseven and 10 days. p>>russell: it's 6:32. pthis morning tampa, again, is in pthe running to host the biggest pgame of the nfl. p>>laura: and this could be a big pboost to the local economy. palcides segui is live for us
6:33 am
pto talk about the chances. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you, plaura and russell. ptampa is a finalist for super pbowl 54 and 55. pof course, there are a couple of preasons why you want to host the psuper bowl here in tampa. pwe have done it before and pupgrades to raymond james pstadium, about $100 million pworth of upgrades, that was pactually approved by city pcouncil not too long ago. pthe renovation would include two pend zone video boards more than pfour times of the existing ones. pit would include a new sound psystem, new concession and new pconcourse and these upgrades pshould be completed in time for pthe 2016 season. pthe other big selling point, ptampa has had a history of super pbowls before. pin 2009 they had the pittsburgh psteelers and the arizona pcardinals. pthat game had an economic impact
6:34 am
pcompare that to last year's psuper bowl. pit found the game generated a pgross of $719 million and of pcourse, that is a big, big preason why tampa was to host panother super bowl and here's psome good news. pnfl commissioner roger goodell psaid about two years ago, i'm pconvinced there will be another psuper bowl here in tampa. pit's just a question of when. phopefully sooner than later. pback to you guys. p>>laura: all right. pthank you. p>>russell: 6:34 and north korea pdictator has ordered his pmilitary on standby to use pnuclear weapons at any time. phe has stepped up threats after pthe u.n. security council posed pharsh new sanctions over north pkorea over their nuclear rogram. pthe north fired off short range pmissiles yesterday. pthe threats come as u.s. and psouth korea prepare for a series pof war games. p>>laura: syria is recovering pfrom a nationwide power
6:35 am
pthe country's entire electricity pgrid went down. paccording to the ministry of pelectricity, a power generating psystem was hit. pthey're having a hard time prestoring it. pattack comes in the middle of a ptwo week long truce. p>>russell: china plans to pincrease military spending by as pmuch as 8% this year. pit's the smallest increase in pfive years. pthe news reflects a slowing peconomic growth and a drugout of p300,000 troops. pbeijing is trying to build a pmore streamline modern military pand two million troops. eople's liberation army will pstill be the world's largest. p>>laura: and the u.s. military pis beginning to recruit women pfor combat jobs. psome could begin serving in reviously all male units, that pincludes the navy seal. psome branches predict only a psmall number of women will pvolunteer for combat training. ptwo million will move into pcombat positions this year. p>>russell: we almost four got
6:36 am
pthanks to chris norman, nothing plike this gets by us. pnearly a year ago, two pilots pbegan a flight around the world pin a solar flowered plane and pthey've been stuck since last psummer in hawaii so they will psoon be ready to continue their pjourney. pthis is video of the latest test pflight. psolar impulse two has been pgrounded since last summer. pthe battery was damaged during pthe plane's record breaking 118 phawaii. pthey're not expected to begin pthe next leg of their journey to pthe mainland of the u.s. until papril or may. pcool, very cool. pthe weather finally looking good pfor a rocket launch over at the pcape. p>>laura: find out when the
6:37 am
6:38 am
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p>>mike: and a beautiful start to pthe day. p66 degrees right now. plook at the sky. psun getting ready to come up in p10 minutes. pyou notice pinks in the sky pthere. pu.s.f. marine science building, pthis is looking east toward the psunrise, looking over the water. pskytower radar view, there's not pa lot to show. pwe talked about most of the pshower activity would be done pbefore sunrise. pright on cue, that's pretty much pthe case of the one exception as pyou head through highlands, a pquick sprinkle down to southern psarasota county but even that pshould be done in the next 20 to p30 minutes or so. phere's a look at the current ptemperature. pwarm state to the day. p66 degrees. p but the dew point has dropped pin tampa. pdew point now 57. pwinds out of the north at 10 pmiles per hour. pother temps around the area, mid pto upper 60s. pmid 50s from brooksville up pthrough crystal river. pacross the state, we have low
6:41 am
pmid 60s up near west palm beach. pnorth cool spot, 49 degrees. psatellite and radar view, cold pfront is right here, continuing pto now drop to the south and peast. pwe'll see that push some of that pshower activity a little further psouth through the state over the pmorning hours and then to the pnorth, you're getting a little pbit in the way of snow across pthe mid atlantic, up through pcoastal new england. pnot a lot of snow, just mainly a ptrace. pas far as we go, behind that psystem, same system bringing the prain and snow to mid atlantic, a ptrailing cold front bringing dry pair and plenty of dry air across pthe area. pwhat does that mean? pnor in the way of sun now as we phead throughout the day today. pexpect increasing sunshine today pand more sun the next couple of pdays. p74 for today. pa bit breezy at times this pafternoon as the cold front ushes through. p55 for tonight. pso again, cooler than it was pthis morning. pbut all in all, not too punseasonably cool.
6:42 am
pagain 74. pinland areas you'll get close to p80, mostly sunny, seasonable, leasant, really dealing with phigh humidity like we're dealing pwith this morning across parts pof the area. pmarine forecast for today, winds pout of the northwest, seas two pto four feet. pgulf temperatures 65 degrees. pas far as boating goes this pweekend, it gets a little pbetter, mainly seas two feet or pless for saturday and sunday. plow tide is 3:47. phere's a look at the seven-day pforecast. pmid 70s the next couple of days pexcept inland where we'll be pwarmer. pupper 70s for sunday, monday and ptuesday and back to the low to pmid 80s as we head toward the pmiddle of the week. pdry, seven-day forecast. p>>jennifer: we're dealing with pdelays in downtown tampa. pvehicle fire shuts down jackson pstreet, the eastbound lanes. pthis is a one-way street. pyou can see fire rescue is on pscene, tpd as well. pthree lanes, three or four lanes pare currently blocked off. pthis is eastbound jackson street
6:43 am
pthe railroad tracks so they put pthe fire out. pthis is the vehicle that was pcaught on fire earlier this pmorning. pnow it's going to affect the pmorning drive until they reopen pthis roadway. pi'll keep you posted. pstill early in the morning. pwe're not seeing any significant pdelays in this particular spot. peastbound jackson street, three pof four lanes are currently pblocked at the railroad tracks pnear meridian. pwe'll move on to the rest of the pmorning drive and it looks retty good elsewhere. ptake a look at travel times. pyou can see for yourself. peight minute drive from fowler pavenue to the selmon expressway. pdrivers should give themselves pabout 12 minutes to make it from pthe paul buchman highway over to pi-75 and no problems through pdowntown tampa so far along psouthbound 275 in the 13 minute pride from i-4 to the st. etersburg side of the howard pfrankland. pwe want to wish charley belcher pa good morning and a happy pfriday. phow are you doing? p>>charley: i didn't know what pyou were going to wish me for a pmoment. pi appreciate it. pi wish you well. phappy friday. p>>jennifer: i'm good.
6:44 am
p>>charley: good. pi'm in a beautiful theater. plook at this. alm harbor university high phello. pi will tell you why i'm at the pbeautiful theater in just a pmoment but first, useless pinformation that is pretty pinteresting. pyes! p>>charley: did you know there pare more molecules in one glass pof water than there are glasses pof water in all of the earth's poceans combined? p>>jennifer: what did you just psay to me? p>>charley: there are more pmolecules in one glass of water pthan there are glass sayses -- pglasses of water in all the pocean. pthere's a lot of molecules in pone glass of water. pmost american car horns are in
6:45 am
pcan i get an f, mast -- maestro? pthere's no maestro. pgive me an f. p>>jennifer: i can't give you an pf. p>>charley: it's simple when you pthink of the words that come out pof the horn. p>>jennifer: that's true. p>>charley: the largest shadow pever photographed was from the prings of saturn. pthe first man made object to pbreak the sound barrier, the pwhip. pand lastly, useless information pthat you need to know, the most opular first name in the world. p>>jennifer: can i guess? pmoment pmohammed. p>>charley: the most popular pfirst name in the world, pmohammed.
6:46 am
pthe word, chin. pthere you go. p>>jennifer: my mind is pofficially blown. pi feel a little smarter this pmorning. eople are going to go to work pwith all of this useless pinformation to talk about at the pwater cooler. p>>charley: guess what i found pout this morning? pthey'll go, you've been watching pcharley belcher again, haven't pyou? pi told to you stop doing that. pi am at palm harbor university. pcongratulations to kristen pallstadt. phis son griffin, mike went to urdue. urdue has offered a pscholarship. p>>jennifer: wonderful. pfantastic. p>>charley: it's a big deal.
6:47 am
pgriffin. pcongrats to the family. pspeaking of talented young high pschoolers, i got it for you this pmorning. alm harbor university high pschool, this gorgeous theater. pthey're doing a musical, sunday pin the park with george. pthey bring that famous painting pto life. pare you familiar with that ainting? p>>jennifer: oh, yeah. p>>charley: the closer you get, pyou realize it's all just made pup of little itty bitty dots and pyou back up and it's a gorgeous ainting. pwe have music, a little dancing, pa little fun to get you started pand we'll have a "good day" ptoday. p>>jennifer: looking forward to pit, charley. pthank you. p>>russell: 6:47. pyou have to hope five times is a pcharm for space x after pscrubbing five launches in the plast week and a half. pthey say it's a go today. p>>laura: 90% go forecast for ptonight's falcon nine launch.
6:48 am
pthunderstorms today but they pshould be clear by midday. ptonight launch window opens at p6:35. pfamilies of three crew members pwho died when the el faro ship pin october have accepted psettlements. pthe tow services has agreed to ay half a million dollars to pthe families. pthe notice was filed earlier pthis week in jacksonville. pso far the company has settled pwith the families of 14 of the p33 crew members who died. p790 foot long el faro sank in phurricane joaquin on october 1. pand people are still dealing pwith long lines at the tampa pi.r.s. office. pmore workers were sent to the plocation yesterday. eople tell us they waited up to pseven hours for help. pthe i.r.s. says they hope to phave an online appointment psystem up and running soon. pin the meantime, anyone who pneeds to speak to someone from pthe i.r.s. office in person can
6:49 am
pthe florida senate voted punanimously to repeal a ban on pcohabitation. pit still needs to get past the phouse. pcurrently a man and woman living ptogether could be fined $500 and plocked up in jail 60 days. pthat law has been on the books psince 1868. pofficials urging people to pdonate blood. pthe local supply is running pextremely low. phealthy people over the age of p16 who weigh at least 110 pounds pcan donate. pto donate to one blood, you can pgo to a big red bus near you and pyou can find the closest plocation for that by going to pour website at and plooking under the seen on tv psection. pyou can also call the number pthat will be on your screen psoon. pyou can learn information about pyour own blood type as well. pspeaking of blood donations, eople aren't the only ones who pneed saving. pmany people don't think or even pknow that animals need blood, ptoo.
6:50 am
phelping out a few of his furry pfriends. phe's one of a dozen donors at pthis emergency vet clinic in pminnesota. pright now folks of the donors pbelong to people at the clinic. pthey're trying to spread the pword. pbiggest need is for dog owners pto bring in pets. pthey usually need the most ptransfusions. pnot one but two people went home plast night on american idol and pwe're looking back on 15 amazing pseasons. pand some big changes are coming
6:51 am
pstar wars the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. (phone ringing)
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by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots. its free for 30 days. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts.
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cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. p>>russell: i'm okay. pjust a little coughing spell. pi'm okay. p>>laura: all right. pready to move on? p>>russell: jaw yeah. p>>laura: did you know that today pis employee appreciation day? p>>russell: we'll have more on pthat in a bit. pfirst there's a new jobs report pthat comes out today. plet's get to lauren simonetti pand talk about what we think pthis may have. pgood morning. p>>reporter: i love the month of pmarch. pit's been so good for ortfolios. pnow we're on hold after three pdays of gains because we're
6:54 am
pcomes at 8:30 eastern time. pwe're expecting it to be better pthan january so 190,000 jobs padded to the economy in pfebruary, unemployment rate, psecond part of the report is pexpected to hold as the peight-year low. pthe fed is watching this report. pthe better the number, the more plikely they are to say, okay, pwe're raising interest rates and pmaybe give us clues how many otentially rate hikes are pcoming in 2016. p>>laura: let's talk about pemployee appreciation day now pand one place in particular -- pwhat's going on? p>>reporter: do you feel pappreciated today? pi don't. p>>russell: i'm all choked up pabout it. p>>laura: i have to say yes, pactually. p>>russell: i do. p>>reporter: i like the ositivity. plinkedin workers, they haven't pbeen doing well lately. pstock price is down. pthe c.e.o. has given all 9200 of
6:55 am
pmillion stock bonus. pthat is about $1,500 worth of plinkedin shares each. pit's not for employee pappreciation day. pwe were just telling you about pit on employee appreciation day pand do you know what? pmaybe it's not the best news for pthem but i like this. psharing the wealth. p>>laura: it's a good way to keep pgood employees. p>>russell: agreed. p>>laura: any company, but pcompanies like that can stay pcompetitive that way. p>>russell: see you later, okay? p>>reporter: okay. p>>laura: and don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation. pif you don't know where to find pthe fox business network, log on pto fox and look for pchannel finder. p>> it's probably one of the most ainful decisions we've had to pmake. pi don't think we've seen a pbottom three with this much pvocal ability ever, so strong.
6:56 am
pthe top eight tonight is avalon. p>>russell: avalon young goes on pto the top eight. ponly eight contestants remain on pamerican idol. pyou can catch the farewell pseason here on fox 13. panother contestant will be sent phome thursday, just six weeks of pthis show left. pand we are going to talk with ptwo later this morning. p>>laura: that's at 9:00. pwe're looking forward to that. psad for them but what a great prun they had. p>>russell: "people" magazine pcelebrates all 15 seasons of pamerican idol. erformers have gone on to win pmultiple grammys and are touring pwith the international rock pstars. pif you can find the issue in pstores, it's also available at pamazon and apple digital. p>>laura: walt disney world and pland will break ground on a new pstar wars land next month.
6:57 am
pattractions including rides that plet people pilot the falcon. pit comes out on dvd and blu-ray papril 5. p>>russell: it's time to reveal pthe hot click of the week. pit's the dog with the pacifier. pway. pi was going with the cat. pthough. pwe love dogs. p>>russell: this show loves dogs. pour viewers love dogs. pthanks for voting. ptaylor will have another round pof hot clicks next week. p>>laura: and we have more ahead pin the next hour, including the pstate's sales tax holiday. p>>russell: it's hard to impress ptiger woods on the golf course. phe's a legend. pbut have you seen that shot by pthe 11-year-old boy that even pimpressed tiger? p>>laura: pretty go ahead. p p>>mike: and a beautiful start to pthe day out there. pwe're starting to see the sun pcome out a little bit more. pit was about five minutes ago. phere's a look outside the tampa pcamera. plooking out west, a little cloud
6:58 am
phead throughout the day. ptemperatures right now in the pmid 60s. pbut we're headed back into the pmid 70s.
6:59 am
7:00 am
pforecast and a look at your p>> don't worry about it, little pmarco. pi will. p>> let's hear it, big donald. p>> don't worry about it, little pmarco. p>> gentlemen, gentlemen. pgentlemen, you guys are -- p>>russell: this is where we are. pdesperation in detroit. pdonald trump under attack. pwhat marco rubio said to get a plaugh. lus -- p>> it's a ground breaking day. pa new building is on the way and


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