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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  March 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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pskytower3 runs:oc:little marcorubio: all right, well, let's hear it big donald. trump: don't worry about it, little marco. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is the fox 13 pnews at noon. p>> let's here a big, big donald. pdon't worry about it. pdon't worry about it little pmarco. p>> childish barb thrown last pnight did it stop the momentum pof donald trump? pgood afternoon everyone i'm plinda hurtado and thanks for pjoining us. pdonald trump's rivals threw peverything they had at him last pnight at the fox news debate pjust ahead of tomorrow's rimaries in 5 states.
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pwe begin with a fox's caroline pshively. p>> reporter: on at heels of a plast nights raucous gop debate ptrump took another swipe at pcruise this morning. pmy name lion ted cruz. pi lie about anything. pyou know this guy i got to tell pyou, he goes and holds up the pbible and then he lies. ptrump cruz and rubio went after peach other last night with olicy attacks and a personal pinsults. p>> this little guy has lied so pmuch. phere we go p>> about my record p>> i don't think people of pamerica are interested in a pchildren. p15 states in territories vote pbetween now and march 15th. panalysts say race for nomination pcould effectingfully be over pthen. pohio governor john kasich says phe'll win his home state and it pwill go all the way to the pconvention in july. p>> i'm starting to get a little pbit more time and a little bit pmore attention. pand when i win ohio it's a whole pnew ball game. prubio tells fox it's time to
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ptoward the general election. p>> of all people left in this prace no one performs worst pagainst hillary clinton than pdonald trump. pif he is our nominee, we're pgoing oh have a fractured party. p>> anchor: let's bring in olitical editor craig patrick. pcraig, could anyone really pbenefit from that debate moving pforward? p>> yeah i think a couple people pcould you start skwlon kasich he pbenefitted because you stayed pout fray and tried to refocus pdebate to issues. pi wouldn't been surprise needle pmoves just a little bit in pkasich's favor i think you could pgive a couple points as well to pted cruz he too did not join in pbickering as much a what we saw pbetween donald trump and marco prubio. pwhen both of them rolled in mud pthe way they did with at for tat pback and forth, big don versus plittle marco. pi don't think that's articularly becoming. pi don't think it's going going pto rally new voters to their pcause. pand with this, it shakes things pup a little bit.
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pflorida, which is the big one on pmarch the 15th but ohio and pcouple other states as well. p>> so craig was do you have pcoming up this weekend on money, ower & politics, we'll talk pabout this obviously with rimaries this weekend. pyeah we certainly will. pstart with marco rubio. pgastrointestinals. pwe will go one-on-one with a pmarco rubio to drill into his pcampaign strategy. pwhat he's thinking why he's pthat he is. pbeyond that we also have a olster matt towery who has very platest numbers and projections pon the races next week. lus republican strategist adam pgood man will weigh in and pcharley la duff reporting for us pfrom years around nation is here pin house. pin studio. phe will give us a preview of pmichigan next week then florida pafter that. pinteresting show you have. p>> thanks. pthank you, craig. pthis afternoon fourth a final psuspect lakeland triple murder phas arrested. phe was taken into custody in pmiami. pthe twinges-year-old is charged pwith three counts of first pdegree murder as well attempted pmurder, tampering with evidence
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pthe deadly shooting happened off peast magnolia drive. pofficers found three people dead pat that scene, a fourth victim pwho was shot in face survived. pthree other people have already pbeen arrested. p and winter haven police just parrested a suspect wanted in pconnection with carpaled pcarjacking in burglary a pwalgreen's. pwilliam sutherland is in a pcustody would 2 other teens or pfacing charges in that case. ptoday in st. petersburg jury pselection is expected to wrap up phulk hogan gawker trial. pformer wrestler is suing gossip pwebsite for $100 million citing pan invasion of a privacy a pgawker post ad video of sex tape pfilming. pgawker issued a statement psaying, hogan bragged about his psex life for years denied in psexual encounter and now thinks p$100 million. pif they finish choosing a jury ptoday as expected opening
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p>> apple has new ally in pencryption fight with u.s. goth. punited nations is backing the ptech giant's refusal to break pinto the iphone of one of san pbernardino terrorists. pthe f.b.i. now has a court order pmandating apple to write psoftware that would override the hone's pass code. pso far, apple has resisted. pthe united nations top human prights official says the f.b.i. pis asking apple to make the psecurity and privacy of millions pof people vulnerable to poppressive governments and pcriminals. p>> the authority's risk punlocking pandora's box that pcould have an extremely damaging pimplications for the human prights of many, millions of eople including their physical pand financial security. p>> the f.b.i. says the iphone pcontains crucial evidence in the psan bernardino terror attacks. pand that apple encryption ptechnology blocks law penforcement's ability to gather pintelligence on terrorist pthreats. p>> changes are coming to st.
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ptoday officials broke ground for pone st. petersburg the 41 story pdowntown. pit's expected to bring jobs, plive. pand this project includes more pthan 250 condos and new hyatt pspace. pdaily construction will include pmore than 300 jobs, the finished pfull time positions. pit's expect to boost city roperty tax revenue by more pthan $5 million a year. photel construction should wrap pnext year. p>> one the most popular vehicles pin country is under pinvestigation. lus a long time tampa prestaurant is shutting down. pand capes for girls? pthese girls don't wear them. pbut maybe they should. pher helping those in need one pbucket at time. pis why they are our home town pheros. pjim is checking your forecast. phey jim. pit's the weekend. p>> it is, it's the weekend. pwe're finally here we've had pgreat looking weather pretty pmuch all week long we're going
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pwe go through the weekend. lenty of sun, low humidity, pjust some delightful looking pweather. pacomplete outlook on that also ptalking about temperatures preally starting to warm up.
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3 developing in manatee p developing in manatee county pat detectives are investigating pa deadly shooting in palmetto. pthey tell us the man was found pshot along u.s. 41. pdeputies don't think this is prandom and would like anyone pwith information to give them a pcall.
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pchildren dead is under pinvestigation in washington pstate. pflames broke out a little before p1 o'clock this morning quickly pspread. pthe three children were in pupstairs bedroom while mother pwas downstairs. pcrews say she was only one who p911. pshe was hysterical. pfirefighters jumped on roof to ptry to break a bedroom window pbut they couldn't get in. pcrews in flint are starting to pdig up old lead water pipes. pthey will start with service plines that go to homes with the phighest number of children pseniors and pregnant women. pmeanwhile an auditor finds pmichigan's department of penvironmental quality made pcrucial errors when overseeing a pswitch in water sources that presulted in a lead contamination pcrisis. pthe department faileded to prequire flint to treat it's pwater with anti corrosive pchemicals when it began drawing pwater from flint liver the city pdoes that in order to save pmoney. psome longer timers will be a psurprised to hear this spaghetti
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prestaurant has around in 1991 in pa building that a once house a pcigar closing. pno word on why but just a thank pthank you from owners to all pguests that. pwednesday. p>> u.s. government is pinvestigating one of the most opular vehicles in the country. pthe ford f 150 pick up truck. p a mega merger in the movie pworld fox's lauren simonetti has pthe midday market report. p>> u.s. employers added 242 pthousand jobs in february. pmore americans who had been psitting on sidelines began psearching for work and they pfound jobs. pretailers added almost 55 pthousand joshgs restaurants and pbars ad 40,000. p4.9 percent. pgovernment looking into reports pof brakes failing oh ford's f p150 pick up truck. pmodel years.
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edals can go to floor with pcomplete loss of braking. pford says it takes customer psafety seriously and will pcooperate with this pinvestigation. pthe f series is the top selling pvehicle in the united states. p a movie theater mega merger pamc billion dollar deal creating plargest movie theater chain in pthe country. pamc says the acquisition will phelp iths expand geographic preach and cater to millions of pnew customers. pthat's business for more check pout pin new york i'm lauren psimonetti. ptwo st. petersburg oldest pbuildings on a path to pdemolition and most people don't peven know they exist because pthey've 450iding behind screen pfor decades one was st. pete psecond bank bill in 1911 and 12. pother was built by one the towns pearliest mayors. pfox 13's steve nichols tells us pwhy they are probably doomed and pso many people overlook them.
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pdowntown st. pete arcade but poverlook these buildings right pacross central avenue. pbecause they are hidden behind psecond skin of aluminum grading. pi have project here for school i pnever knew that that was below pthe skin of that across the pstreet who know how many people phave walked right by national pbank of st. petersburg and the pabraham. pearly st. pete business leader pand 1912's mayor with a special pseat in st. pete museum of phistory. aid $400 for that first pairplane ride on the back in pjanuary 1st, 1914. pfirst passenger ever in world pfirst commercial airliners pmaking the moves now. pcool. pyou mean the skin? p>> the whole thing. p>> that's a shame. otential redevelopment of this pblock has brokered by today's pmayor who convince beneficiaries pof family trust to take p$10 million now from a real pestate trust which is otherwise
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p$700,000 a year for the next 40 pyears. pthe ability to demolish has to pbe there for the deal to go pthrough. reservationist object every pstep of the way so far power pthat is be are winning every pstep of the way. pbecause one fact survives a pcentury. pall on that fourth and central parea, that's where the heart of pbuilt. pyou're talking central avenue pand ford. pdowntown. pif you could tear off that pmetal, wow. pi can kind see it now. pif you wish take closer look pwhile you can. pin st. petersburg, steve pnichols, fox 13 news. p we are going to weather now pis that correct? pi guess no go to news alert. pwe have technical problem we're pgoing to go to los angeles to pnews alert. pwe have a press conference phappening right now with the los pangeles police department about pa knife found on the former roperty of osterberg.
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p>> this actual piece of evidence pis in fact evidence or just a pfacsimile or made up story we pneed to look into that our probbery homicide is going to plook into that. pso what i can tell you is the pstory as it's told to us by the erson we received it and person pthat we received this knife from pis a retired lapd officer who pretired back in the late 90s. phe was a motor officer. pand at the time according to phim, he was working an off duty, pwhich is he was working a movie pjob which allot of our officers pdo on an off duty basis as well pas our retired officers. pso i do not know whether he was pretired at the time that he pallegedly received this item pfrom the person who claimed they pfound it on the property. por whether he was still in fact pan lapd officer and retired some ptime after that. pso we're looking into that.
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pcases that remain open such as pthe oj simpson and murder case pand robbery cases unless there's pan actual arrest or conviction pto prove that we have actually pclosed the case, the cases premain open. pthat is the where we are with pthe oj simpson case. pi shouldn't say oj simpson case, pthis is been nicole brown case. pthis is do believe homicide that pis still open and ongoing. pso the investigators will pcontinue to look at this. pthat item had been recovered by probbery investigators it being ptread as we have alled evidence psubmitted to our lab. pthey are going to study it and pexamine for all forensics, pincluding serology and dna and a phair samples that ongoing as we pspeak. pwith that i can take a couple pquestions and i may not be it i pbelieve answer all your pquestions.
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pallegations of this p[ inaudible ] p>> well i was really surprised. pi would think that an lapd pofficer is this story is paccurate as we're being told, pwould know that any time you are pyou come into contact with pevidence that you should and pshall submit that to pinvestigators. pso i don't know what pcircumstances are why that pdidn't happen or if that's pentirely accurate or this whole pstory is possibly bogus from the pget go involving a variety. pso we're looking into that. pi was quite shocked. pso in terms of charges, the pofficer's retired. pso in terms of administrative pcharges with department we'll plook into that, but at this oint, i don't believe there are pany administrative charges that pcould be filed because he's no plonger an employee of the
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pin terms of criminal pallegations, robbery homicide pand our investigators will look pinto if there are any otentiality of criminal charges prelated to this. p>> can you describe the knife pthe condition how long the knife pis if anything was found on it p>> i don't have that pinformation. pthe investigators ask we not be pvery descriptive about the pknife. pso they haven't actually told me pi don't accidently tell you. pfor obvious reasons. pwe dhoo need to determine if, is pthis evidence. pand if it's not evidence, how do pwe prove one way or another it's pnot only way we can do this. pand being challenge people pinvolved as to what the where it pwas recovered how long it was, pwhere it was alleged to have pbeen. pet cetera. p>> [ inaudible ] p>> it is my understanding it's a
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pit's not a machete. p>> so my understand i'm not an pattorney but it's my punderstanding from being a olice officer for nearly 30 pyears that double jeopardy would pbe in place here. pwe could not charge mr. simpson pwith the homicides he's already pbeen charged with because he's pbeen acquitted. p>> how long will the pinvestigation of forensics take p>> it depends what kind of pevidence they are able to glean pfrom the item. pbut that, we're working on that pand obviously a lot of attention pto this. pso we're interested in finding pout as quickly as possible so we pcan put this story to rest or pconfirm something. p>> [ inaudible ] p>> so as i'm told the off duty por retired officer was working pin the area of the rockingham pestate and he claimed that an pindividual who claimed to be a pconstruction worker provided him pwith this knife claiming it was
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pso he held on to it until just precently when we discovered that phe had it. pand we have now recovered it pwithin the last month. p>> [ inaudible ] p>> that may be part of pinvestigation but i don't know. p>> [ inaudible ] p>> there will be plenty of padditional investigation. pi don't know where that will plead our investigators. pnow that property as many of you pknow has demolished and rebuilt. pso i don't know if they will be pgoing back there. pbut certainly they will look pinto all options. plet me go over here. p>> [ inaudible ] what year was pknife recovered p>> we're not going to provide pexact dates that could go to our pinvestigators either proving oh pdisproving legitimacy of this pitem and who was involved p>> where exactly on property p>> i don't know that. p>> was knife recovered or other pknife turned in?
12:21 pm
pinformation. psorry. p>> it is my understanding that phe believed it was the case was pclosed. pwhich again is possibility that phe had that misunderstanding. pso again as i explained at the pbeginning, any case that is not pwhere we there have a conviction pon all of the charges or we're pnot able to prove to our psatisfaction that we have proved pthe facts of the case remains an popen case. pthat is the case here. p>> he's an lapd officer and pdidn't know at that turning it? p>> all right you've listening to pa live news conference out of in plos angeles with los angeles olice department talking about preports of a knife allegedly pfound buried on oj simpson's roperty. pyou heard him say that oj psimpson was acquitted and they pcannot charge him with this pmurder again. pbut murder case of nicole brown psimpson remains open and ptherefore they will investigate pi'm sure we will hear more about pthat in the coming days.
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pand talk about this glorious pweather that we have. psome people up north are still pexperiencing winter. pbut hello spring. pfantastic. pyou know just as expected, a pcouple of showers through the povernight hours and basically pthat is long gone. pwe're seeing plenty of sun. pnice mild temperatures. pthat low humidity. pin fact we like it so much we're pweekend. poutside right now clearwater pbeach beautiful start to the pday. pwith just a few scattered clouds poff in the distance. pwe've got clouds across the pnorthern part of the state. pbut a lot of these clouds just pkind of melt away as we go pthrough the afternoon. pyou can see it on visible psatellite loop. psome clouds to our south right pacross central florida. pskies. pand then some clouds to our pnorth. pso up in citrus county you're pstarting to see some working ptheir way in. pbut there's a lot of dry air in pthe atmosphere. pso going to tend to melt a lot pof these clouds away. pso i think we'll tennessee to psee plenty of sun as we go pthrough afternoon hours.
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pwe've all way up to 75. pbut now as the front is pushing pthrough, we're bringing some pdryer and just slightly cooler pair down over us. pand that's helping to keep ptemperatures in mid 70s for ptoday. pdew point, that continues to pslowly fall currently sitting at p49. pwinds currenth west northwest at p13 miles an hour. ponce you get away from the pcoastline, upper 70s, low 80s. psebring is 80 degrees. pwas chao la, arcadia 79. pbartow 75 degrees. palong with a lakeland as you phead up towards crystal river, p68 degrees. pso you can see there is pcertainly some cooler air. p68 in crystal river. p80 degrees in sebring. pso we're starting to bring down pthat cooler and dryer air. pand we can across our northern pcounties one to three up to pabout 5 degrees cooler compared pto this time yesterday. pflip side of that here in tampa pwe're currently running about pthree degrees warmer. p5 degrees warmer in st. etersburg.
12:24 pm
pright on top of us and will pcontinue to spread down to our psouth as we go through afternoon pand this eng a also bringing pmuch dryer air. pahead of it dew points running pin the 50s and the 60s. p40s once you get on to the pbackside of the front. pthat dry air basically hangs pwith us all weekend long. pthat pushes through. pand behind that just high ressure building in really not pmuch to talk about. pbecause we've got this area of pdry air that works its way over pus. pand that keeps us pretty quiet pall through the weekend, and pinto next week. pso for today, 75 degrees. punder mostly sunny skies. pthen for tonight a bit cool pnight overnight low of 55. pfor tomorrow, beautiful looking pday lots of sun low humidity premains. pdaytime high of 75 degrees. phigh tide comes up a little bit p12:35. panother one 9:55 this evening pmarine conditions with northerly pwind right around 10 to 15 pknots. phere's the 7 day forecast. leasant looking weekend.
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pnotice daytime highs, they start pto warm up. phere in tampa, by middle of next pweek, we're likely going to see
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3 closing arguments are expected today in the eri p closing arguments are pexpected to da in erin andrews ptrial. pandrews is suing two hotel pchains for failing to a protect pher from a man who videotaped pher nude inside her hotel room. p>> the fox sports reporter is pasking for $75 million in pdamages. pa jury? pnashville will decide whether photel chains are guilty and pwhether she should be granted pany of those damages. p>> we now know how bobbi pkristina brown died. pthe medical examiner just preleased his report saying the p22-year-old daughter ever pwhitney houston died from he pimmersion in water drug
12:28 pm
pshe was found nonsponive face pdown in bathtub last year. pno one has been arrested but plocal district attorney's office ptold a judge the investigation pinto the mysterious death is pstill active. p a man with a gun gets away
12:30 pm
pusing an unusual mode3 3 come may.. we will know if tampa p come may we will know in ptampa will host another super pbowl raymond james stadium. pas fox 13 alcides segui reports, pthe league's super bowl advisory pcommittee announced it atlanta, plos angeles, miami and tampa are pall in the running for super pbowls 54 and 55. p>> tampa is final is for super pbowl 53, 54 and 55. pbut we got some cities that pwe're competing against that
12:31 pm
porleans, miami, los angeles and patlanta joining us to talk more prob, tampa bay sports pcommissioner thanks for being pwith us. pfirst off congratulations a pfinalist once more what does pthis mean for tampa? pit's huge to be in the fray for pour fifth super bowl is amazing. pwe're certainly up against some pstiff competition with atlanta, pnew orleans, l.a. and miami. pthey will all present great pcases. pbut we feel like we've got a pcompelling case as well. pwe're going to do everything we pcan to help bring the super bowl phere as quickly as we possible pcan whether this process or panother one. ptalk about economic impact. pwhen we have super bowl back in p2009, well over 300 million psuper bowl last year well over p700 million. pthat's lot of money for one parea. pthat's why it's so important to pbring this thing in right? psuper bowl's got tremendous peconomic impact no doubt about pthat huge shot to the arm in pterms of the economy with all pthe events that take place here, pthe hundreds of thousands of eople that come to our pcommunity. pbut then it's also the social pimpact.
12:32 pm
pinitiatives that come along with pthe event as well. pso when you talk about social pand economic impact, who pwouldn't want to do everything pin we can to get super bowl back phere again? psuper bowl is really nice you've pgot big events already planned phere frozen 4 and ncaa football pnational championship. ptalk about those events. pfrozen 4 is an awesome event a pchance to host it 2012. pit was amazing then. pand to get it back here so pquickly, now come back to pcommunity this in last 20 years. pinstead of having come back in pbeginning of april going to be henomenal and college play off pfootball national championship pis going to be incredible as pwell. pwe're the first community to phost that event in the southeast punder this new play off format. pthink about the passion and for pcollege football for us to bring pthat here to the community is pgoing to be phenomenal. pgoing to be a lot of ways for pyour viewers to get involved pwith that a lots of different pevents to attend come out pvolunteer put our best foot
12:33 pm
pgreat visitors. pgreat toe sue my friend a lot of pfun. pthe national championship pgenerates hundreds of millions pof dollars for bay area. plot of excitementlot of people plooking forward to it in tampa, palcides segui, fox 13 news. p>> a texas man is on run after pshooting a driver while riding a phover board. pthis happened in dallas. pa little sketchy because the man pin car says he offered guy on phover board a ride. pthat was about 4 o'clock in the pmorning. pafter offering him a ride twice pguy on hover board got angry and pshot the driver in the arm. pjust you know why you following pme. pi'm like, i'm sorry just driving paround. pi don't mean to make it seem plike i'm following you. pgunman got away before police parrived. pthat driver is expected to be pokay. p the lion's eye institute for ptransplant in research in tampa psponsoring children from across pthe area for a braille challenge pas fox 13's walter allen show us pblind children of all school
12:34 pm
pbeing described as the blind pspelling bee. p>> good afternoon everybody. pwalter allen 2016 florida pregional braille challenge. pkale joining thus noon. pso tell me, what is this? pthis is competition for our pstudent, visually impaired pacross the state of florida ptampa version we do one in porlando, one in fort lauderdale pand one in jacksonville. pso this is a competition for pstudents who are blind and pvisually impaired to showcase ptheir braille skills. pbecause we understand how pimportant braille is to pliteracy, to learning to life pexperiences and to be a psuccessful once they graduate pfrom high school. pso we celebrate braille you can psee we're having a party. pwe celebrate braille. pwe give the chance the students pa chance to show how they can pread how they can write. phow they can transcribe as well pas how they can interpret pgraphics and pictures. pbefore we went on camera here
12:35 pm
pwhen it comes to those who pefficient in braille and those pwho are not when it comes to rofessional work. pstatistics show if you are a roficient braille reader you're p70 percent more likely to be in psuccessful employed as an adult. pas students who are not psuccessful braille readers. pthis is a life skill. pthis is an important thing for pthem to be able to function in pthe world of work and that's all pthat's what we all want want our pkids out there being employed. pyou handed me braille card. pbraille a fa bet. pnumbers used by blind. plooking at it i'm so pintimidated. phow do these kids do it? p>> as we said, think of it, we plearn that those letters and pthose numbers, those lines and psquiggles, that they mean an a por they mean a b or half circle pthings means a c. pwell these kids just learn that pdot 1 is a 23 is a b. pthey learn the code instead of plearning line and squiggles they
12:36 pm
pso it's just however we can get pthat information into their pbrain for their brain to process pit. preading happens in the brain. p>> not in the eyes. p>> so you've been all smiles psince you've here what do you pget out of here? pi love seeing the kids. pi love seeing the families. pas we also while the students pare all testing, then we will do pa workshop with the parents. pso we help the parents learn pskills to be able to take back plike was we will teach the arents today is how to teach ptheir children how to tie their pshoes how to clean their tables. phow to make a sandwich. pso all of the things that we ptake for granted that all of our pother children can watch us do pover and over and over, there pare special ways, techniques our pchildren need to learn how to do pthis. pthat's our goal that we are, pcreating independence we're pcreating successful confident pkids that go out and be the next
12:37 pm
pthank you for joining us this pnoon. plike you said, so many of us ptake it for granted. p>> absolutely we do. pand these kids are awesome. pwe just have a fine time. pfun time with them. prelove it. pthank you so much. pwe will wrap up 20 tiny regional pbraille challenge. pwalter allen, fox 13 news. p thank you walter. p>> another feel good good story pthink super heroes have to be padults? pguess again as fox 13 jen pepstein shows us a bunch of plittle girls are taking on some pbig projects and doing good pdeeds all over the country. ptheir sweet efforts are healing phearts. plittle girls on very big pmission. p>> we like help people around pthe world. int sized kids are taking paction. pmaking blessing buckets for ptornado victims in virginia. peach one packed with supplies pthey need to start over.
12:38 pm
pwater bottles in there and p>> also inside notes, a prayer, pand even something soft and pspecial. pit's a little bunny that we're pgoing to put in the bag. robably for like to cuddle pwith. pand they love it. pif they are sad or anything. p>> they are part of a mission pbased program called girls in paction. pand in just one year, they've pdone dozens of good deeds. p>> they released prayer balloons pfor the victims of the paris pterror attacks. pclaendz up a park in tarpon psprings, traveled to nicaragua pon mission trip and helped prebuild flood damaged homes in psouth carolina. p>> carrie writes the group of 40 pgirls but zest she's just the pvessel the kids do the work. pamazing. pthey inspire me every day pbecause their brains are so, pthey believe they can do panything. pthey are not jaded. pthey are not judgmental.
12:39 pm
pgroup of people like that. pthey are already good kids. pbut girls in action teaches them phow to be great. pwe talk about how to be a better erson. pwe talk about good decision pmaking skills, problem solving pskills and how you can impact pthe world no matter your age. pthey are so young and have palready accomplished so mush. pjust imagine what they will be pdoing when they are all grown pup. pthat that was our jen epstein pthose are some impressive little pgirls new disney movies out in ptheater so tuna fays whiskey ptango colossal curl at adventure island. it's not just a water slide,
12:40 pm
pand if you get the busch gardens p fun card now you'll also get pan adventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apply visit adventure island dot com for details or to purchase
12:41 pm
colossal curl at adventure island. it's not just a water slide, it's a thrill slide. pand if you get the busch gardens p fun card now you'll also get pan adventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apply visit adventure island dot com for details or to purchase tickets.
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week.... disney takes us to "zootopia".... while tina fey is on the frontlines in "whiskey, tango, foxtrot". fox's kevin ptina fey office n front lines in pwhiskey tango, fox trot. pkevin mccarthy has reviews. p>> hey everybody kevin mccarthy pi'm here with mo every reviews pthis weekend. pthis film directed byron howard pand rich warren. preason i mention those names boy pron howard directed tangle one pmy favorite disney films in precent year tells a story a prookie budding police officer pand nick wild as they a try to puncover a major crime pconspiracy. pjudy voiced amazing jennifer pgood win and jason bateman. pthat's what makes it so much pfun. ptheir chemistry is absolutely pfantastic. pand it has balance of being philarious and very heart felt pand reminded me pixar formula pelements that are great for kids pbut also jokes that are great pfor adults. pi will get to?
12:43 pm
psenior scene is local 10 scene. pthis scene in my opinion one pfunniest scene disney has ever phad in one of there films trying pto go dmv really, really trying pand big rush. pand there's sloths running the pdmv at the very, very funny psequence. pkristen wiig has alleges can me poh as well her voice pactinggetting back to balance pkids and aadults one beauties is pso many references for adult paudience there's a breaking bad psequence in the film. pbreaking bad is my tvt v show of pall time seeing that placed in pdisney movie was very, very pcool. plots of pop culture references. pand i really like 3 d really pdidn't do much for me if you're pgoing for whole family do not pwaste extra money on 3 d ticket pi gave if four and a half out of p5. pvery, very funny and very well pdone i love jennifer good win pand jason bateman's chemistry. pmoving on now to whiskey tango pfox trot from directors of crazy pstupid love one my favorite
12:44 pm
pon true story loosely about a pkim barker. pnow in film changed her name to pkim baker they did pand essentially a war corp presponsibility incident in pafghanistan specifically 2003 to p2006. pfilm is more of a drama than a pcomedy. pyou'd be surprised by that pconsidering lauren michaels roduced movie as snl and rosh pcaroline also 30 rock wrote film pas well there are very funny arts. pi feel like trailer dos lead you pto believe more of a comedy. pactually more of a drama. pit hits pretty serious subject pmatter. ptina faye and, also alfred and pmartin freeman. pi think movie does really hit a plot of different elements. pwhen you walk out of it you pdon't know was this comedy, was pthis a drama it really does hit pyou in multiple ways. pit really did good job with film poverall it seems big budget. pac pi gave them three and a half out pof 5. pentertaining and definitely
12:45 pm
pmy biggest problem is there's a plittle too long at times. pbut three and a half out of 5 pfor that. pfor my review london is falling pvisit my facebook page. pi'm kevin mccarthy, fox news. p here's a live look outside pright now. pmeteorologist jim weber will phave another check i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto . hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto
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tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. with xarelto monitoring restrictions. treatment with xarelto ... ...was the right move for us. pask your doctor about xarelto . pi'm i'm charley belcher coming pto you from palm harbor visit alm harbor high school their ptheater department is putting on pmusical sunday in park with pgeorge. pwe're now friday and audience pwith ashley. pyes. pactually you were the theater phigh school. pyes. pi am. pi have. pthis is my second year prior to pthat i was johns hopkins middle pschool magnet for performing parts in st. petersburg. pgreat thriving program here.
12:48 pm
pit's just continued to grow. pwe're very fortunate. pbecause when this rogram that was incess ibl psuccessful by mr. justin joining pthe school and really forming a pcollaboration with theater and pmusic to have a very thriving pmusic theater department. p>> tell me about the show. psunday in park with george is pvery challenging musical. pit's one that i don't know of a phigh school that's really done pit. plet alone to this scale. pagain it's about the artist pgeorge and his master work psunday afternoon at the island pof. pand in this that particular act pone you see him creating that articular master work. pyou see the individuals that are pwithin the painting and their pfiction nallized lives and how phow they create conflict within phis own particularly muse of pdot. p>> high tech production pincluding video up on the
12:49 pm
plive song. pyou've really challenged pstudents. pit seems like they've risen to pthe challenge. ptheyably have we wanted to pcreate meld of original roduction of play with bern pdetective peters we also wan ptechnical elements that happened pin revival on broadway which pwere done with environmental rojection. pso we created a melding of the ptwo to have some modern as they pgot as well traditional as pthetic. pyou can it tonight showtime 7:00 paway. pby the talent of these students. pgood stuff, go to we'll link you pto the school's website so you pcan get more information and pfigure out how to buy your ptickets come support these ptalented young pe pthank you, so much, charley. pwatching. p>> welcome to the weekend. pjim, what do we have in store? pweekend is looking prettied
12:50 pm
pfront we had a couple showers as pwe expected. pbasically happened through povernight hours. pearly this morning it's long pgone. lenty of sun few scattered pclouds along the coastline. pi was looking at this picture pabout a half an hour ago there pwasn't a cloud in the sky. pnow as you look from our pclearwater beach camera you can psee some scattered clouds coming pthrough. pas dry air continues to filter pdown, we're going to kind of pwatch a lot of these clouds kind pof melting away. pwe will deal with at least some pcloud cover right near the pcoastline to our north. potherwise we're really going to pcontinue to see mainly sunny pskies as we go through the pafternoon. pyou can see a large area of pclear skies across central pflorida. pso clouds to our north. psome psouth. pbut they will tend to kind of pjust dissipate somewhat as we go pthrough afternoon as well. phere in tampa, 74 degrees. pwe're actually last hour we're p75 degrees. pnow that the front is pushing to pour south, it's bringing in just pslightly cooler air.
12:51 pm
preally helping to drop that phumidity for the weekend. pbut once you get away from the pcoastline, these temperatures, pthey warm up pretty quickly. laces like brandon, 79 degrees. psun city center, currently psitting a 79. pa bit cooler once you work your pway across our northern pcounties. laces like crystal river. p68 degrees. plower 70s. preally from inverness down into pbrooksville as well and then pwe're seeing 70s and 80s to our psouth. pmyakka city currently sits at 81 pdegrees. psebring 81. plake placid 79. pwauchula haines city both psitting a 77 degrees. pahead of the front dew points pmoisture in atmosphere has pgotten a little bit higher. pbut now you see behind that dew oints dropping back down into p40s. pvery nice comfortable air that pwill be moving down as we go p& basically just hangs with us pall weekend long. pas that high pressure continues pto build in across the psoutheast.
12:52 pm
attern. pbecause we've got a lot of dry pair in the atmosphere. pso that means not a whole lot to phappen over the weekend. pcouple more fronts try to work ptheir way down into the pgas. pwe're just going to continue to psee the same basic thing. pbut plenty of sun, mild ptemperatures and low humidity. pthat's going to continue through pthroughout weekend. pbut then by next week we will pstart that warming trend. pbut cross northern part of the pcountry still is basically like pwintertime. pchicago 35 degrees. pflint michigan 31. pcontinue to push down across the pstate. phigh pressure builds in clear pskies, plenty of sun, beautiful pweekend. pand then once that high shifts pon to the east, we're going to pstart to pick up more of an peasterly wind next week. pthat's going to warm ptemperatures back up into the pupper 70s. ushing into the 80s.
12:53 pm
pwith for today looking for high ptemperature right around 75 pdegrees. punder mostly sunny skies. pjust a nice mild afternoon. pthen for tonight, mainly clear pskies, it will be a bit cooler. pwith an overnight low of 55. pthen for phumidity remains low at 75 pdegrees. pseven-day forecast, and notice pafter the great looking weekend pwe start to warm temperatures up ushing into the 80s next week.
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
the world famous **iditarod sled dog race starts tomorrow in anchorage, alaska. a lack of snow is causing organizers to shorten
12:56 pm
they also had to haul seven train cars full of snow for the beginning of the trail. the rest of the thousand mile trip should be okay even though snowfall this winter has been below average. in fact, much of alaska is dealing with warmer then usual tempertures. about 85 sled dog teams will start the race. 3 there are some big headliners this weekend for the strawberry festival... including "cheap trick" tomorrow... and "donny and marie osmond" on sunday. the osmonds will take the stage at 7:30 sunday...and our own charley belcher... will introduce them! *reserved tickets are 25 dollars for cheap trick, 55-dollars for donnie and marie.
12:57 pm
3 the news doesn't end here. we'll keep posting the latest all day on twitter and facebook. plus, look for more news, weather and
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customers with disabilities at
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lights, camera, access. >> allowing him to call in to every show. >> mitt romney is a stiff. >> i think that's a no-no. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> the ultimate perfect storm hits tonight's debate. i'm billy bush. trump versus megyn kelly rematch, mix in mitt's targeted move to dump trump and add to that the superstar who just called donald a xenophobic.


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