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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  March 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> a fast burning fire destroys several units of an apartment building. here from those who just barely made it out in time, when the know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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ba da ba ba ba between the 2 of them will start all over again" right now at >> she would join him now in heaven and this love affair between the two of them will start all over again. >> night row the now at 10:00, the nation mourns former first lady nancy reagan who died today at the age of 84. >> the back part is literally melted down. >> fire tears through an apartment complex, destroying several units and leaving families without a home. >> the governor should resign or be recalled. >> he should resign.
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president are in agreement over the drinking water crisis in flint, michigan. they want the governor to go. >> good evening, halftime i'm haley hines. >> and i'm loud lloyd source. nancy reagan passed away today at the age of 84 at her long less home losangeles home of congestive heart failure. she and ronald reagan met in hollywood where they were both actors. reagan died in 2004. as first lady she will be remembered for starting the "just say no" campaign to keep kids off drugs. we'll have a lock back at look back and here
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>> and new at 10:00, three families are homeless after a fast-moving apartment fire at a complex at 131th avenue and 20th street, and evan in looks like it sparked back up. >> just been the last few minutes, we were preparing for our live shot and we saw the smolders erupt into black smoke and that is fire, and we called the fire department to tell them it was flaring back up and here they are getting ready to put it out again, but as you take a live look at the firefighters on scene, you see the sparking moving into the air. there is no one in this building, because it was evacuated and condemned earlier from the first fire, but again it has reignited as you take a look at them getting ready to put some water on those flames.
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earlier. >> we just got home from church, you know, getting ready for the week and all of a sudden we hear this noise and go to the back yard and there is flames and smoke coming out of everywhere. >> in a moment of seconds it turns into a race to escape from the burning apartment building. >> the pitch black and the flames were orange. >> lisa and her daughter along with it two other families made it out safely, but watch their homes and their things burn. >> the apartment to the west is the one that was fully involved when we got here. >> the fire started in an end unit engulfing the rest of the building. just one unit was spared from major damage. lisa's. and her family and was to recover their belongs, and everyone was safe. >> have nobody died, nobody
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for that. thank god for that! >> and again, take a live look at those flames pouring out of the roof here. again, it reignited just moments ago, within the last 10 minutes as we were sitting here preparing for our live report to bring you the story you just saw moments ago. a lot of flames and smoke pooing out powering out pouring out of the roof, there are two engines on scene and hopefully they can get this fireback out in a manner of minutes, but we'll be here and monitoring it throughout the night. >> hopefully crews can get that under control. thank you, evan. >> the democratic candidates for president faced off in flint, just two days before the michigan presidential primary,
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fiery gop debate. clinton and sanders faced off in a city where there are toxic levels of lead in the drinking water, and both said that the governor of the state should step down for his poor handling of the situation. >> we must focus on what must be done to help the people of flint. i support 100% the efforts by your senators and members of congress to get the money from the federal government in order to begin the work that must occur to fix the infrastructure. >> there's a lot of blame to go around. and one of the points that i have made is i believe the governor of this state should understand that his dereliction of duty was irresponsible. he should resign. (cheers and applause).
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moment of silence for nancy reagan. michigan's primary election will be held on tuesday. >> it's been 11 years to the day since david neel was shot while driving to the strawberry festival, seemingly as random. a single gunshot wound took his life and detectived are still searching for his killer. this week they can he leased released a new video simulation of the incident. >> he was a good man and why did they do this? what was the reason? why did somebody have to get a gun and shoot him? there is no reason behind it. >> the family is offering a $25,000 reward for anyone who
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addition to a $3,000 reward offering by crimestoppers. >> after another aborted take-off yet, a new report blasts the allegiant may may maintenance problems. the report from the teamsters aviation mechanics coalition says the mechanics do not get enough documentation about maintenance problems and a lot of the work is contracted out. the airline said the teamsters aviation mechanics coalition has never complainted inspected our aircraft and has no first-hand knowledge of our operation. and the statement goes on to say the teamsters have a history of using the media to influence contract negotiations.
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control and crashes right into a building. the hillsborough county sherrif's office said the honda was traveling on u.s. 301 when it jumped the median and continued through a wall at a near law enforcement. it was traveling to fast it took out structural supports in the concrete wall. >> they had three firetrucks when i got here and the top of the car was taken off and it looks pretty bad. a lot of blood at the scene. >> the drive had to be extra extracated from the car. he was airlifted to the hospital as a trauma. >> and yesterday a large group of people were on the second floor of this beach home when they felt a hift in
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it was acted and everything was shut down, and today four new support beams were installed in the pelican building, and hulk hogan will be in a st. pete court as his trial against gawker gets underway. he is suing gawker for publishing a sex tape of him and the ex-wife of bubba the love sponge. hogan's attorney says the tape was viewed 7 million times on line, and hogan says the tape was made without his knowledge. >> coming up a perfect day for wind surfers, some of the best in the nation were in town for a big championship, and we'll show
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(west side story) handcrafted in store by skilled decorators and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. where shopping is a pleasure. 3 a florida woman is out of jail on bond tonight.. >> a florida woman is out of jail on bond after crashing her car through the infield of the daytona international speedway
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she failed tests after crashing and admitted she had been drinking and said she shouldn't have been driving. >> i don't know how i survived. >> she faces niewm faces numerous charges including d.u.i. >> and some 500,000 bikers are expected to atepid celebration. the event brings in a huge businesses. >> if you decided to catch rays on clearwater beach, it was perfect weather for the wind surfing midwinters. the area hosted sailors from 13
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and even as far as away as canada. can good weather and winds up to 18 knots the surfers had a great time on the water. >> it was absolutely a success, with 11 races over a three-day period and everyone is going home with all of their toes and fingers so it's really nice. >> it takes incredible talent and practice to excel as wind surfing. >> great weather coast to coast. the bikers in daytona love it and so did the wind surfers in clearwater. >> gotta love that wind. >> and we saw the breeze especially on the water, and overall hard to ask for a better weekend than this in march but the week ahead is going to rival this one because we are not going to see the rain chances pick up until at the earliest next weekend. and we'll talk about that in just a second but first i want to show you this time lapse
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i mean, look at it, not a cloud in the sky throughout the morning hours. in the afternoon, a few but that's about it. and once again another spectacular weekend and i think that is three weekends in a row of dry, pleasant conditions. the almanac for today, the high got up to 78. the average is 75, and so remember, yesterday we are not at 72, and today we filmed the switch and we are above arrange average and will stay there at least throughout the next seven days or so. temperatures warming up a degree or two each day this week, and near 80 on tuesday, low 80's wednesday and mid 80's thursday and friday, you get the idea, but the humid is going to be slower to creep up. so not a huge upswing in the humid.
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being a bit muggier and then the uncertainty for rain chances and the trend, here it is, temperatures gradually warming up and by thursday and friday, 83, but inland you may be closing in on 90. 64 the current temperature, a warmer evening, dewpoint at 42. other temperatures across the area? 57 in brooksville, and 62 in arcadia, 57 in bartow. across the state, 71 in marathon seems to be the warm temperature and not a huge stretch from north to south there, but dewpoint-wise everybody sees dry air in place where the exception being down here key west, and so we have high pressure just off to our north and east and that slowly shifts a little bit further south and east and
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means we get breezier conditions futurecast. there is the pressure shifting off to the south and east and so warmer temperatures coming into the picture for tuesday and wednesday and beyond, near 90 inland. the next system is back to the west. now, this ridge is going to be so strong it's just going to keep this system at bay, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and even on into friday, and the question is how long does it keep it out there, some models say it's going keep it out there until saturday, and others say it may not even arrive until the following week, and so some uncertainty there, a couple of days to hammer out and fine tune that forecast. here is your seven-day, 78 for tomorrow, 80 on tuesday, low 80's, wednesday, thursday and friday and hanging into the 80's
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30% chance of rain for next weekend. >> marco rubio get as win today but is it enough to keep him in the race for president. >> we sit down with the florida center to find out how he feels about the race and the low blows among the candidates. >> and lovie smith is on the move again.
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3 ((lloyd vo )) >> florida senator marco rubio picked up a victory in the puerto rico primary, his second win so far but he is way behind in the race, a solid third behind trump and cruz. >> it all comes down to what happens in florida. >> center ted cruz wins kansas
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calling on you to drop out, what is your reaction? >> those stats with states that have traditionally voted for people like ted cruz in the past, but now the calendar gets a lot better for us, you look at the states coming up but here is the bottom line, it always comes down to florida. florida has 99 delegates and that is nearly as many of all of those combined yesterday, and if we win in florida it gives us a great chance to be the nominee, and i'm the only one in can challenge trump there. >> how do you expect to score the nomination? >> yeah, if you look at the map now, this is a very usual year and it looks increasingly like no one is going to have a majority of the delegates. even trump could have to win over half of the remaining delegates and that is hard to
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has any chance of beating number florida and if donald trump wins in florida, it's going to be hard to stop him. >> and janet claypool was interviewed and said she backed you unusually until you got mean in attacking trump and these are her words, not mine. do you think the mud slinging has helped or hurt your campaign. >> well, first of all, the mud slinger here is donald trump and he has been attacking people throughout this campaign and there comes a time you have to stand up for yourself and the conservative movement and i think it's unfair to say he can attack people and people can't respond, but at this point i'm just focused on my message. i think i have made my point, pointed out who donald trump is and now i'm going to focus on the positive message of how great we can make things in this country and the incredible opportunities that await us but only if we do the right thing in
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>> if you are not the nominee, could you entertain being someone's running mate? >> i'm not focused on that, i want to be the nominee of our president. and in january, i will either be the president of the yiets united in florida. >> good luck on the campaign >> senator. >> thank you very much. >> the love story between president and nancy reagan is one for the ages. again.
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take you back to the scene of an apartment fire in >> we want to take you back to the scene of an apartment hire
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>> our own evan lambert was there when the fire sparked back up tonight. >> we are here watching as firefighters work to contain this fire, and obviously you don't see the flames we were seeing just moments ago, but take a look at some of the video we captured just moments ago. they were standing here getting ready for our live report to report on the aftermath of the fire when it suddenly reignited. we started to see some smolders and it looked normal but then the wind picked up and we saw orange flashes that soon turned to flames and started to pour out of this complex. the original fire broke out around 3:00 this afternoon and displaced three families living here, one of the units was unoccupied but now it looks like this whole building was
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reignition of the fire, and we see the fire truck here, with its ladders spraying water on the roof, and there is no one inside this building because they were all taken out, evacuated when the first fire broke out and of course that is the good news but for these people, obviously they have lost everything. but some people were able to go inside earlier and take out some things. so hopefully not a complete loss here, but obviously the building is destroyed. we're going to keep staying out here and we'll have another live update for you at 11:00, haley, lloyd? >> certainly glad that everyone got out of their safely, evan, thank you very much. >> and it's a sad day for the nation. former first lady nancy reagan has passed away. she died today at her home in los angeles of congestive heart
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>> anne frances robbins nicknamed nancy was born in new york city, in 1921. raised by her mother, edie an actress. and she had little contact with her biological fire, but when her mother remarried she and her stepfather game became close and she took his last name, davis. she appeared in plays and land ad contract with mgm. she moved to hollywood and would ultimately appear in 11 films. in the fall of 1949, a trade paper reported that nancy had communist ties and in her 1989 memoir she reported how a director fend asked a member of her union to help. >> and later on that afternoon, the phone rang.
10:32 pm
i have some answers for you, and perhaps if you are free for dinner, we could talk about it then. >> well, i think i could machine it. >> the pair had a secret wedding in 1952, and daughter patti was born in the same year, and her son followed soon after. she said she thought she had married an actor but soon realized his real passion was working with the republican party. the reagans had been married nearly three decades when they moved into the white house and nancy later admitted that her years in sacramento did little to prepare her for the national stage. from then on the president's safety became her utmost priority, and she kept an eye on his travels and although will
10:33 pm
astrology for guidance and then came her most famous words. >> just say no. >> she then focused on being the president's wife. >> you seldom saw them when they were not holding hands. they genuinely preferred to be with each other than anyone else. >> the reagans lived a private life after retiring to california until after 1994 when the former president revealed he had alzheimers disease, a battle that he would loss 10 years later. >> she described as the long guantanamo good bye, but i think she did it can dignity and she preserved his di dignity. something she will also be remembered for. >> she afterwards occasionally appeared at events honoring her husband.
10:34 pm
likeness of ronnie and he would be so proud. >> and he was proud of her. her time as first lady remains an indelible part of history, not only to her country but to our husband. adam housely, fox news. >> and good news for former president jimmy carter. he no longer needs treatment for cancer. he announced in august he had melanoma that had spread to his brain, and he fought it with targeted radiation and with a brand-new immune boosting drug and he said a recent image of his brain shows no cancer. >> and that it's looking more like a cruz and trump contest.
10:35 pm
one-on-one, that would be so much fun because ted can't win new york or new jersey or pennsylvania or california. i want ted one-on-one. >> the media has given trump millions of dollars in advertising. when his press conference is covered live by every station and you have a massive influence by the media, that has helped to fuel this. >> scwarts schwarzenegger has endorsed kasich and made a point of saying he came to this country as an immigrants.
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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ba da ba ba ba 3 3 plant city is >> plant city is celebrating strawberries but the festival is not the only big news. these days florida berries are under attack by huge shipments from mexico. >> and the future may depend on the search for a better berry. room. >> plant scientists vance whitaker has sprouts that grow
10:39 pm
strawberry plants with tags and numbers. this place is literally a breeding ground. they are not gmo or gentlemen genetically modernry if modifies. this is traditional breeding that they hope will produce a better berry. >> the last couple of years has been an explosion of fruit coming in from mexico. >> they are experimenting with thousands of plants. >> this plant right here is a variety called sweet sensation. performers. >> it has to perform well when it's hot and cold and raining -- >> now in a field of many varieties, whitaker believes he yet.
10:40 pm
sweet flavor, would you like to try one? >> sure. >> but taste alone won't win. it needs to riper sooner meaning plant earlier. and it has to be able to survive hot and rainy weather in late september to hit the sweet spot on the calendar. >> they need earlier fruit. by the time thanksgiving rolls around they really want to have volume. >> for years festival, radiant and sweet sensation has carried the crop but whitaker says they are narrowing in on a new berry, and says that the competition from mexico has made itine more critical. >> there is so such thing as the perfect berry, because we can always make it better. >> and this is what florida growers are depending on.
10:41 pm
was seat sweet sensation about three years ago. and the target date for the berry that can be planted earlier is fallof 2017. >> that place is about a fliel my house. >> milefrom my house. >> and lovie smith appears to be tired of sitting on the couch already and is ready to go back to work. and of course we have all seen
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again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! 3 after spending a >> after spending a year in his basement, lovie smith has realized he didn't want to go back and wants to go to college. this is kind of a surprise here, the bucs still owe him 10 $and a new salary he would earn would
10:45 pm
he was planning to spend time with his grandchildren but this is a chance to bring his to sons sons aboard at illinois. and has not coached college in 21 years. >> and manning will end weeks of speculation about his nfl future, but who didn't really see this coming after winning his second super bowl. this is a perfect way to end his i will illustrious career. he is definitely a first-ballot hall of famer and arguably one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. and oat odorizzi found out why park
10:46 pm
but he started strong, striking out danny lantana but after back-to-back walks he has a problem, and he thought this was an ending pitch but instead it was an inning killer. a 4-0 hole for the rays and actually the only hit that to thery decide tothe odorizzi allowed. the twinning make it 5-4, and aside from the first inning, the rays rays pitchers had a decent day, but not a lot of support behind them. the rays made three errors and that is not winning baseball. >> it showed up and it hurt us in some of these games and that
10:47 pm
see and for all of us to show us the importance of making that routine play. >> well, rocky and the usf women showing why they are the conference. south florida got a nice game with their senior, springfield, she had 20 to help the bulls pull away. but williams had just one right there of just two trointers three-pointers and they won 64-46. they are going to need their best game facing utah tomorrow right. the lightning are proud of their new record and what it has meant to their play-off position but winning nine straight had just
10:48 pm
felt they should have been. but what has changed for the lightning is their offense. they were ranked in the 20's the first half of the season on offense but since the flip of the calendar, the lightning have gotten their game together. the offense right now is just about where it was a year ago when they were blistering teams. they have scored four goals in each of their last eight games. >> we are starting to score some goals which we were not doing at the beginning of the year, but when hockey is tiewrned turned up and everyone is scrambling to make the play-offs, it's a great testament to those guys. >> very windy out west for the sprint cup drivers in vegas but they are ready to race no matter what.
10:49 pm
lap and go on to win the race, and that still stands. one. 44 laps to go and the kenseth car gets loose and they go spinning. busch remained in t lead coming out of the yellow, and kyle struggled to keep that lead, and keselowski gets around busch, and cruises to the finish. his only mistake? trying to hold on to the american flag in hey winds. that is rough, but i like the fact he got out of the car very quickly to pick it up. that was the right move there. and down in doral, kids, this is not golf etiquette. looking like something from caddy shack. after throwing his ball, this player goes to work on his golf bag and maybe he is just trying
10:50 pm
maybe it was little stiff. and rory y mcilroy will in t lead, and scott dropped in a barrage of birdies to take t lead but after barely staying out of the water he needed this par putt and he does it, a pump first and scott wins the will cadillac championship but he will not be coming to town for but jordan spieth will. he started offer the season with a win but missed the cut in the last tournament at the north trust open, and so he has to iron out his game, and hopefully
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>> all right, kevin, thank you. >> mike is back with a look at your forecast. >> and the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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this is the type lapse from the end of today, not too much in the way of cloud cover. this is pretty much what we saw yesterday even and today, another ending to one of those spectacular florida winter days. 3 current temperature, 64 degrees. okay, dry air in place and so a dewpoint of 42. winds out of the east-northeast at 5 miles per hour. other tumps temps arounds area. satellite and radar view with high pressure in control right now, that is going to keep the clouds at bay for the most part to start the day, but with increasing moisture, you start to get clouds showing up in the afternoon. now, the big weather story out there across the one right now is the rain and a ton of snow out west, especially heading
10:55 pm
some of the sky resorts in california picked up 4 and 5 feet of snow during the day today. lot of moisture streaming into california and they are going to be picking up a lot in the way of rain, and then look at this, 68 in kansas city, and 66 down in san antonio, and eventually that shifts east where we get a piece of it as we head throughout the early portion of the week and then all of it towards the end of the week. a big, big ridge developing across the northern half of the country, and flooding likely, and some areas across it can it can and texas andlouisiana and arkansas measuring up to a foot of rain by the time it's all said and done, but it also loses a lot of its push when it gets here, and there are
10:56 pm
wie we'll see. temperature-wise all of that warm air starts to shift eastward. 54 dress and starry skies out there, seasonably cool and another crisp start to the day tomorrow. 80's by tuesday, and low to mid 80's, wednesday, thursday and friday and near 90 heading inland. >> mike, thanks. a daring rescue caught on camera. a newly released video shows the u.s. coast guard rescuing two british adventuring after the two found themselves lost in alaska. they got stuck when the ice was too thin to walk on and too thick to travel by kayak. the coast guard came to the rescue. >> and see how far this mother is willing to go on a tread mill
10:57 pm
>> he was an action here we when he went to washington. >> john kasich is bringing the big guns to boost his campaign,
10:58 pm
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ba da ba ba ba >> the place was orange, i have never seen flames that orange and that hot. >> smoke and flames pour out a from an apartment building leefg three families without a home. the race to escape. >> what should you do when someone offers you drugs? >> just say no! >> first lady nancy reagan passes away. a look back at her life, marriage and remarkable career. >> more than a decade without answers. a woman trying to learn who killed her husband on i-75 and


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