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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 a dramatic rescue overnight as a commuter p p>>russell: dramatic rescue povernight as a commuter train pderails and falls into a fast pmoving creek. phow rescuers got everybody out palive. p>>laura: and a dog whose life pwas spared after biting a boy is pnow accused of biting a puppy. pnew trouble this morning for adi. p>>russell: and marco rubio lacing his bets on florida. ptime is running out. phe's crisscrossing the state to prally support before next week's rimary.
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pthe current temperature outside pat tampa international. pseveral degrees warmer than pyesterday at this time. pin fact, just about everybody is pwarmer. pwe do have a lot of 50s inland, preally nice start to the day. pnotice six, seven, 11 degrees pwarmer in brooksville than it pwas yesterday at this time. penjoy it. pclouds, sunshine today. plight southeast wind as high ptemperatures get back to 80 pdegrees. pcourtney? p>> thank you. pwe have a couple of problem pspots in pinellas county. pfirst an accident still slowing pthings down around causeway pboulevard at 50th street. preports of an outside lane pblocked here. pauthorities have been on scene pfor quite a while so it should pbe clearing shortly. pjust expect a minor delay pthrough the area and on scene of pa serious accident along 39th pstreet at u.s. 19. pthis has been reported as psouthbound 49th street before pu.s. 19. pyou can't take 34th street. por take 66th street as an palternate. p>>russell: 6:01.
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lunges into a creek in the san pfrancisco bay area. pcrews had to fight the currents pto get people out. pat least 14 passengers were phurt. pthe number 10 train was ptravelling from san jose to pstockton when it went off the ptracks. pit happened in a rural area 45 pmiles east of san francisco. pmore than 200 people on board. pofficials say it was raining pheavily is tree fell onto the ptracks. pfirst responders say it's a pmiracle that no one died. p>>laura: also tampa police are pinvestigating a shooting that pleft one man dead and sent panother to the hospital. ptwo different crime scenes pspanning south of tampa. p>>russell: i know they're not psaying a whole lot yet but what pdo we know? p>>reporter: you're right, prussell. pthey're not saying too much but pwhat they are telling us is they pdo not believe this is random. pin fact, police say that it pcould be linked to some sort of pongoing disagreement and i want pto take you back to how all of pthis began.
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parea of south lois avenue. pthis is here in the 6700 block. pthe garden and south bay papartments, that's where tampa olice say someone called 911 pand reported cars shooting at peach other. pwe're told officers pinvestigated. pthat investigation did not end phere. pin fact, it continued about pthree miles away. phere's a look at south quincy pstreet and price avenue. paccording to a police psupervisor, a man shot at that plocation, died in a car but so pfar, its name has not been preleased. pinvestigators are working to pmembers. pa second person hospitalized is pexpected to be okay. olice have not released any pinformation about the prelationship between the people pinvolved, if they are looking pfor any other suspects or if panyone involved has been -- peveryone involved has been pidentified. pso at this point, the pinvestigation is still ongoing pand we'll continue to work ptogether some additional pinformation for you throughout pthe morning and i'll be back
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pnext hour. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. palso developing, hillsborough pdeputies say a drug deal turned pviolent, sending two men to the phospital. pabout 7:30 last night, two men pwere shot in the parking lot of papartments. pthey were rushed to the phospital. pwe're waiting to find out how pbadly they were hurt. pdeputies do have one person in pcustody. pthey have not released a name pjust yet. pmarijuana and other drug araphernalia were found at the pscene. p>>russell: manatee county dog pwas given a second chance after pbiting a child is under pinvestigation again. pthis time padi is accused of pbiting a puppy. pthis. p>>jennifer: deputies say the pincident happened yesterday pmorning at the pet clinic in pbradenton. pa service dog in training was pleaving the exam room after pgetting puppy shots. pthe caretaker said the puppy pexcitedly tried to greet padi pand she says padi bit the puppy
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adi's owner says the puppy was pthe aggressor. pthere's marks on the puppy's pnose and now they're worried the pincident could affect the uppy's chances of becoming a pservice dog. p>> having fear issues, they take pthe dog out of the program. phe's trained to be a wheelchair psupport dog so he has to be pwilling to go in neighborhoods pwith other dogs, in stores. p>>jennifer: the sheriff's office pis investigating. phe feels that padi is being ptargeted unfairly. pthe dog was nearly put down pafter biting a 4-year-old's beer pat the clinic last june. pin that case, padi was cornered pand felt threatened. adi's laws protect pets who phave bitten from being sentenced pto life. p>>laura: hulk hogan says he was pcompletely humiliated when a sex ptape appeared online. pthat tape showed him having sex
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psponge who used to be his best pfriend. p>> when the video was released, pmy whole world changed. pit put my world upside down and pi was desperate to know if he pdid this. p>>laura: hogan took the stand pyesterday and his privacy plawsuit against the website pgawker. phe said the tape was recorded psecretly and he never authorized pgawker to publish it. phogan is suing the website for p$100 million for publishing the pvideo. pgawker says the sex tape was a plegitimate scoop because hogan phad talked openly about his sex plife in the past. ptrial was expected to last three pweeks. p>>russell: it's 6:06 right now pand despite lacking the scope of psuper tuesday or the draum after pthe florida primary, today four pstates could set the stage for pthe white house. pwalter is here with more on p>>walter: good morning to you. pyeah, a little like that. pmichigan. p59 republican delegates are up
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pdelegates are up for grabs and pthere's no surprise in the last ptwo debates, cities like detroit pand flint. pthere was another one last night pbetween hillary clinton and pbernie sanders. pthis was clinton's first pappearance on the fox news pchannel in two years. pbret asked her about a topic pthat has dogged her campaign psince the start. phere is what she said. p>> i have said it wasn't the pbest choice to use a personal pemail. pit was a mistake. phowever, i am not alone in that. pmany people in the government, ast and current, have, on poccasion or as a practice done pthe same. pnothing i sent was marked pclassified or that i received pwas marked classified. p>>walter: clinton also announced pan alternative to sanders' free ptuition college plan. pshe would provide grants to pstates in order to slow tuition prates at state colleges and
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psanders' plan eliminates tuition pfor low income students. p>> people by and large pbenefitted from the illegal pbehavior of wall street and i pthought that rather than have pthe middle class and working pfamilies of this country bail pout wall street, i wanted the 1% pto bail out wall street. p>>walter: michigan democrats, pclinton leads sanders 57-40%. pclinton is leading among pafrican-americans. psanders leads among independents pand people younger than 45. pthere are three other races on pthe table. pmississippi primary for prepublicans and democrats, pthere's also the g.o.p. primary pin idaho and the republican pcaucus. pcount on fox 13 to bring you presults as soon as available pboth on air and online at p>>laura: and florida's primary pis next tuesday. pwe said, it is the first and one
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pstates. pit's really shaping up to be a pfight between donald trump and pmarco rubio. pyesterday rubio held a rally at pthe tampa convention center. ptwo weeks ago a poll showed ptrump leading by 20%. pflorida poll shows trump leading pby just 8%. prubio admits he's the underdog pbut says that florida could mark pa turning point in the race. p>> we have to do it now. pa turning point is coming. pa turning point awaits in this pelection and for this country pand it begins here in florida. pi am asking florida to do what pflorida always does. pdecide the nomination and decide pthe presidency. p>>laura: a third of florida prepublicans have already voted. pmany while jeb bush was still prunning. prubio is planning to hold pseveral moralies this week, pincluding one today in sarasota.
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p>>russell: and florida prepublicans can expect a call pfrom rubio's campaign. pthey're about to start sending pout a new robo call that pfeatures former presidential pnominee mitt romney. ptrump. pthis call is already facing eople in michigan. phe asks voters to choose a pcandidate who can defeat hillary pclinton. p>>laura: u.s. 19 and pasco pcounty has a history of bad pcrashes. pit has been called one of the pmost dangerous roads in country. p>>russell: coming up how you can phelp to change that image and a pmajor victory for medical pmarijuana supporters. pjust months before florida pvoters get to weigh in on the pissue. p>>dave: 6:10 and another pretty pstart to the day. pthis time, though, it's a little pbit warmer. pwe've got temperatures five to pnine degrees warmer than pyesterday. pand there's still a few spots pyou might need a light jacket pfor an hour or two but it will pbe a fantastic day with clouds pand sunshine.
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p>>dave: day two of a nice pwarming trend and overall, high ptemperatures are going to run pfive to eight degrees above the pnorm. pnorm is 75 so between today and pthursday, let's just say 80 to p83 degrees are going to be the phigh temperatures. pthat's more like april than pmarch. pweekend rain chances still need psome fine tuning. phowever, it does look like pthey're trying to push it more ptowards saturday night, early psunday to pick up a couple of pquick showers but regardless, i pdon't think it's going to be a phuge deal either way. pnothing like what they're panticipating in texas. pespecially east texas. preally most of louisiana and parkansas, flooding is expected pthis week and in some spots, pthey may see over 10 inches of prain. pyeah, that's a lot. pit's going to be a lot of pflooding out there. pit's starting right now, by the pway. pwe're running 55 to 61 degrees
6:15 am
inellas park at 60 degrees. pbrooksville at 62. pwhile we have a couple of spots pin the upper 40s, these spots pare warmer than it was pyesterday. pmid to upper 50s, lakewood ranch pall the way through sarasota. penglewood, venice, 57 degrees. pwauchula and mid 50s for frost roof, sebring. phigh pressure has settled itself pin the southeast part of the pcountry, really out in the pwestern atlantic, pumping in the peast to southeasterly wind, phelping to bring us back up to p80 degrees. pwhen high pressure gets stuck plike that, there's a big dip in pthe jet stream and you'll see pthe precip in texas which it's pnow beginning to do. pdallas-fort worth is right about phere. pyou're about to get heavy rain. pround number one, if you will. pthat's all going to run pnortheastward so east texas, plouisiana, arkansas, these spots pare going to pick up a lot of prain over the course of the next pfew days. pwe'll talk about big
6:16 am
pwow, all the way to oklahoma pcity. pnotice the path as it moves psouthwest to northeast. pit forces it that way because of pa ridge of high pressure over pthe southeast. pwatch this rainfall forecast pbetween this morning and friday. pthat is a tremendous amount of prain. pthis keeps updating all the ptime. pnotice from shreveport to little prock, over eight inches of rain pand that's just in those two articular spots. pthere will be some isolated phigher amounts as well. pthey'll get big time rains. pwe're going to get the big time pwarmup over here. phigh temperature around 80 pdegrees. ptoday with a sunrise. p47 past, clear, mild tonight. pabout 61 degrees in the tampa parea. pyes, we'll be in the mid 50s peast and north but just in pgeneral, it should be real nice. ptomorrow we'll bring it up a pnotch. pscattered clouds, warm and ptoasty with a high temperature pof around 82 degrees. plight to moderate chop for pboaters with seas two to three pfeet today.
6:17 am
ponly 64 degrees. pwe'll start to warm up with this pspell of 80s coming at us the pnext few days. plow tide is next at 7:47 this pmorning with a high tide at p2:03. prain chances neek into the pweekend but again, only 30% rain pchances. poh, yeah. pdon't forget daylight saving ptime this weekend so we'll push pthose clouds more when you go to pbed saturday night. pagain? p>> the interstates are in good pshape this morning. pso far, so good along i-75 in pthe area of fowler avenue. ptaillights will be to the south pabout eight minutes from this pexpressway. pwe do have a serious accident in inellas county that is psouthbound along 49th street at pu.s. 19. psky fox is actually overhead. pyou can see here fire units on pscene. pthere's an overturned vehicle pinvolved. pthis is on the ramp to pnorthbound 19. ptime.
6:18 am
pjust that ramp. pwe'll keep a watch on this and plet you know the updates. p>>laura: thank you. pflorida legislature is trying to pwrap up a loft -- lot of punfinished work. p>>laura: last night lawmakers preached a final deal on a proughly $80 billion budget. pyesterday the governor signed a pmeasure decide to go fix the pstate's death penalty sentencing rocess. pjanuary supreme court found that pflorida's system gives judges ptoo much power for death psentences. pthis new law, which goes into peffect immediately, would prequire at least 10 jurors to precommend the death penalty. p>>laura: a measure requiring law penforcement agencies to set olicies if they use body pcameras is waiting for the pgovernor's signature. pthe bill originally mandated the puse of body cameras by all law penforcement agencies for two pyears. pthe final bill does not. pinstead, it only requires that pagency sets certain standards
6:19 am
p>>russell: and governor scott phas a week to sign a bill to plegalize medical marijuana for eople with terminal conditions pand this november, florida pvoters will consider that pconstitutional amendment plegalizing medical marijuana for pmedical purposes. psimilar measure was on the pballot in 2014 but was 2% short pof passing. p>>laura: u.s. 19 and pasco pcounty has been named one of the pmost dangerous, if not the most pdangerous road in america. plocal business leaders will want pto give it a new name to change pthe bad reputation. pthe west pasco chamber of pcommerce is taking suggestions pthrough march 21. pthe chamber will narrow down a plist of finals before voters ick their favorite. pthere could be a lengthy process pto get the name changed once a pwinner is chosen. pthe name needs to be approved by pnew port richey by port richey pand pasco county as well as the pstate. pwe've got a link to the contest pon our website, pjust look under "seen on tv." p>>russell: we showed it to you pyesterday.
6:20 am
pthe viral picture of a father psaving his son from a flying pbaseball bat. pit's happened again. p>>laura: this time at a spring ptraining game in dunedin but pthis time a woman was hit. pwe have that story at 6:30. pthen wait for it, wait for it. phow a construction worker pconfronted with a bear reacts. pthat's right. pand the twins you may not see
6:21 am
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3 3 it's time to see what's clicking on the web. p>>russell: well, it's time to psee what's clicking on the web. pthat sounded like john wilson. pi could miss that boy. p>>laura: social media producer ptaylor katz has this morning's phot clicks. p>>taylor: good morning. pwe're making our way, steadily, pthrough the month of march. pthe first week has already come pand gone and you know what that pmeans. papril and more importantly, papril fool's is just around the pcorner.
6:24 am
lot, plan and scheme in padvance, jennifer epstein, pjennifer epstein, the first hot pclick is for you. pthis prank in particular takes lace at a construction site pwhere a few guys teamed up to pgive one of their co-workers, pthat guy right there. phe's the only one not in on the pfact that that bear is actually pa guy in a costume. pright? pright? pthis poor guy. phe ran so fast that he even fell pover. pno one tells him. phe just keeps taking off and prunning. p>>laura: poor guy. pso jen, if you're watching, i pthink it's more convincing at a pconstruction site anyway but pyes, it was posted last week and
6:25 am
palready. psuch a great video. p>>russell: nice. p>>taylor: next up, we have this plittle guy. phe's having a little trouble pdetermining which it is that phe's feeling most. ptired or hungry. plook at those eyes. p>>russell: i've been there. p7:30 every night. p>>taylor: right? pthat is definitely, as i always psay, the struggle. p>>russell: he's going over. p>>taylor: and lastly, here's hot pclicks and we're allowed to do. pwe have a few dogs just articipating in a little double pdutch action. ploving life, loving the dream. pcan you believe this? pi love it. pthis video is actually posted of pa dog comedy show that features prescues, if you can believe it por not.
6:26 am
pchuck taylor and taco holding pthe ropes there. pthen geronimo in the center pjumping away. p>>russell: i'm more impressed pwith the dogs turning the ropes. p>>taylor: my dog cannot do any pof these things. pnot holding the rope and turning pit and definitely not the pjumping. phave a good one. p>>russell: you, too. pwe're talking about safety at pthe ball park. ptwice in the last three days, a pbat has gone flying into the pstands during spring training. p>>laura: and ken is live for us pin dunedin where a woman was pinjured when a bat broke in half pyesterday.
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3 good morning, p>>laura: good morning. pwe thank you for waking up with pus now. pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. pi think i'm going to strawberry pfestival. p>>dave: you are? p>>russell: today. p>>dave: what time are we going? p>>russell: i think i'm going pabout 1:00. p>>dave: what time are we going? p>>russell: i'm going at 1:00. p>>dave: thanks. pi appreciate that. pyou know what? phonestly, it doesn't matter what pday you go this week. pthey're all going to be pbeautiful. pi know. pyou're messing with me. pit really is a nice start to the pday. pfor most of us, it's warm. pyou only need a light jacket for pa couple of hours this morning pand then it's going to warm up psignificantly again. plook at that. p59 degrees the brookdale pbayshore camera. psun will be up in a little bit pand it's going to move right pback up to around 80 degrees
6:31 am
pcourtney, want to join us? p>> yeah. pi would love to. p>>dave: invite everybody. p>> i would love to but i'll also pbe working so no. pwe have a pretty bad accident pthis morning in pinellas county. psouthbound 49th street at u.s. p19, it's actually the northbound pramp. psky fox has been overhead taking pa look at this for us. pyou can see the overturned pvehicle involved here. ptow truck on scene. pthe good news with this is that pwe're southbound 49th street. pdrivers, no southbound lanes are pblocked but that ramp onto pnorthbound u.s. 19 will remain pblocked until they get this out pof the way and we'll keep you up pto date on the progress of this. ptough time along the pinterstates. psouthbound 275 from bearss pavenue to i-4, still clocking in pat an 11 minute trip. p>>laura: a jury has awarded erin pandrews $55 million in her plawsuit over a secretly recorded pnewed individual -- nude video taken by a
6:32 am
pit's been viewed millions of ptimes. pin court she said she was hugh pmail yited, ashamed, suffers pfrom depression because of the pinterview. pshe had originaled sued for $75 pmillion. p>>russell: public visitation for pnancy reagan will be held at the pronald reagan public library in psimi, california tomorrow and pwednesday. pshe died sunday. pshe had congestive heart pfailure. pshe was 94. p>>laura: authorities have found ptwo credit card skimmers at a pweekend. pthey were inside two gas pumps pin the 5,000 block of fruitville proad. pdeputies believe they had been pthere at least two weeks so pcheck your bank statements if precently. p>>russell: man is accused of pstealing steaks from a prestaurant in downtown orlando pand it was all caught on camera. pvideo shows a man filling a plarge bag with large meat inside pa bubba's orlando restaurant.
6:33 am
psomeone whacked him with a chair pand the man was arrested. phe faces a grocery list of pcharges including aggravated pbattery with a deadly weapon. pall right. ptwice in the last three days, a pbat has flown into the stands at pa spring training game in pflorida. pfirst in orlando, the second, pdunedin. p>>laura: this time the woman was phit in the head and she's hurt. pken is live for us at the pflorida auto exchange system. pthis is scary. p>>reporter: the lady hit in the phead here left bloody. pshe was rushed off to the bay pfront medical center. pshe was treated and released pthere. pthankfully she didn't lose pconsciousness but it's a wakeup pcall to everyone who goes to a pballgame, you have to be aware pof your surroundings and what's pgoing on. am anderson and her husband pbill were sitting a few rows pbehind the dugout when a bat pshattered and a fragment came phurling towards her. pshe was hit in the head. pher husband was hit in the wrist pwhen he tried to deflect the pbat.
6:34 am
p8-year-old cunningham had an pincredibly close call. pthe bat flies into the stands. pjust so happens that landon's pdad is a former high school pbaseball player. phe deflects that bat just pseconds before it hits this plittle guy right in the head. pif that happened, it probably pwould have been on the internet. pit went viral and you can see pwhy it was a close call. phe just turned eight and that pwas his birthday present, to go pto the game. pback in december, major league pbaseball said we have a problem phere because we're having pincidents in every game. pusually it's a ball in the wrong lace but people are getting phit. pone thing they did, they said to pthe teams, you should consider pmaking that safety net behind phome plate a little bit bigger. pbut that doesn't protect peveryone because these guys were psitting behind the dugout. pobviously the bat, you know, pmade it over the net, around the
6:35 am
pit got close to this little guy pin orlando and hit this lady so pyou have to be aware. pbottom line is this. pi think we have cell phones for peverything but people are just psaying that's one more pdistraction. eople more than ever are laying with the cell phones and pdon't we love to talk or text eople or whatever but they're psaying when you're at a game, it pmay not be a good idea to be on pthe cell phone throughout the pgame and if you have little kids pthere, watch your little kids. pif that little picture doesn't pdoes. pyou have to be careful. pbut it's still a great game. p>>laura: it's true. pyou can't blame the game. pkeep your eye on the ball. p>>reporter: maybe the players pare stronger. pexcite we've got. pinjuries we don't want. p>>laura: pay attention. pthank you. p>>russell: as north korea pthreatens to launch a nuclear pstrike, talks are underway to pdeploy a nuclear defense system,
6:36 am
pat high altitudes. pchina and russia are warning pagainst any nuclear defense psystem deployed saying it would pescalate regional tension. p>>laura: british researchers phave released a map that shows pevery single nuclear detonation paround the world. pthe first was in 1945. pcode name trinity. pit was part of the manhattan roject as you may remember. ponly two nuclear devices have pbeen detonated in combat. pu.s. dropped two atomic bombs. pthere have been roughly 2400 pexplosions since the first patomic bomb test. p>>russell: five time champion pmaria sharapova tested positive pfor a substance she's been ptaking since 2006 for health pissues. pthe drug has only been on the pworld anti-doping agency's list pof banned substances since pjanuary 1.
6:37 am
prelationship with her until the pinvestigation is complete. p>>laura: there is no crime too psmall for the norwegian police. pofficers found a gold fish in a pshopping bag at a soccer stadium pon sunday and they decided to ptake it back to the police pstation when they couldn't find pthe owner. pthey promised the gold fish will pbe well looked after as she psearch for the rightful owner. p>>russell: the script says it's pgoing to look -- it looks like panother perfect day to check out pthe florida strawberry festival, pso maybe i feel. p>>laura: i will, we will. p>>russell: do you want to go? p>>laura: i'm in. p>>russell: really? p>>laura: coming up, dave has a plook at the forecast and he's palso talking nasa about a unique pcelestial event. pastronaut scott kelly is still pgetting used to life on earth pafter his year long the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito --
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p>> welcome back to "good day." pwe're seeing slow traffic pbuilding 275 southbound now with pan accident at bird street. pyou can see it's off to the left pshoulder here so no travel lanes pare blocked. pthis is already a busy stretch pof southbound 275 so expect that pslow traffic building from pbearss avenue. pit will take 16 minutes all the pway to i-4. psky fox is keeping an eye on the paccident southbound on 49th pstreet. pit's on the ramp to northbound pu.s. 19. pit looks like they've made quite pa bit of progress already. pthat vehicle was overturned. pit's now on a tow truck so this pscene should be clearing shortly pand good news for southbound p49th street driver er rs is no psouthbound through lanes are pblocked. pkeep your eye out for this one pas well heading through downtown pclearwater. pcrews on scene of an injury paccident here so that will cause pslow traffic through the pintersection. pdave?
6:42 am
pyou, i love this beautiful psunrise this morning. pif you want to treasure it, this ptime next week it will still be pdark outside. pthat's right. pwe're turning the clocks forward pan hour so we're getting the pback half of the day the light. pit will lose it first thing in pthe morning but yes, sun will be pup in a few minutes and it's pgorgeous outside this morning. pwe do have a little cloud cover pthat's been streaming in from pthat east to southeast wind. pbradenton beach looks nice. plikeland looks nice. pmost important thing, it's ptime. pour temperatures are running pseveral degrees above yesterday pso tampa is actually still in pthe 60s. p61 so it was clearwater. p64 degrees in st. petersburg. pnow, inland, you go north, low pto mid 50s in a few spots. pgrab your light jacket. pyou're going to need it for pliterally just a couple of pshowers this morning before we pquickly get in the 70s and psqueeze our way to 80 degrees.
6:43 am
palready in the lower 70s. pi have the lower 70s from west alm to key west, tallahassee is pwarmer than yesterday and so pfar, the dew points have helped pcheck meaning 50, 52 degrees, pvery comfy air so we're getting pthe benefit of the warmth pwithout the big time humidity. pi show you the radar because pit's a big thunderstorm complex pout over texas and it looks like pit's headed into fort worth and phours. pthis is just the beginning of pwhat's going to be an extremely pwet setup for east texas, plouisiana and arkansas. pthe computer models hinted at pthis last week so they would phave plenty of time to get ready pfor this but there could be some pspots that pick up eight, 10, peven more inches of rain between pnow and friday. pfor us it gets nicer and nicer pand partly cloudy today with a phigh of 80 degrees. pmostly clear, mild tonight with
6:44 am
pand scattered clouds forming ptomorrow as we'll bring it up a pcouple of degrees. p82 degrees. pmaybe 83 on thursday. pthat is more on par instead of plate april normal high ptemperature and it will stay pthat way through the first half pof the week and then it goes pback to the upper 70s. pchance of rain late saturday pinto sunday. pastronaut scott kelly still pgetting reacclimated to life on pearth. pyesterday he was put through panother round of tests to see phow he's adjusting to gravity. pthe tests were performed to pmonitor his health and give presearchers a better punderstanding of space travel on pthe human body. pbig meal. pthis is his first steak at a prestaurant on earth since pmission. phe ate about 1,000 meals in a pbag while living on the pinternational space station. phe said it was a nice taste of pchange. pokay. phere at 6:44, sky watchers
6:45 am
prare opportunity to see the sun pin a new light. ptoday marks 2016 only solar peclipse. pit's not visible here but over pin southeast asia it will be. pthat's going to give scientists psome help to prepare for another peclipse around here which i'm preally spited -- excited about. pgood morning. phow are you? p>> good morning, dave. pi'm great. pnice to be here. p>>dave: i'm excited about next pyear's eclipse which we'll talk pabout in a second but let's talk pabout the one in southeast asia phappening tomorrow, right? p>> it actually happens tonight pand tomorrow. pit's the eighth and the ninth. pnasa's coverage will begin at p8:00 p.m. tonight. pwe'll have live coverage of the peclipse. psolar eclipse happens when the pmoon blocks the sun out and punfortunately for us, the shadow asses over southeast asia. pyou see indonesia there, a plittle up to nasa scientists
6:46 am
pwe will not see it tonight but pyou can see it online, also on ptelevision with nasa television. p>>dave: and you know, it's not ponly a great thing to check out, pbut you guys can learn something pabout the eclipse. ptell me about that. pslew absolutely. pthis is a chance for us to block pout the bright disc of the sun pwhy study what goes on above the psurface. pastronomers use this opportunity pto study the corona, the gasiest patmosphere of the sun. pthese are real movies from pnasa's solar dynamics pobservatory, a satellite that pobserves the sun and remember pthat you can fit a million pearths inside the sun so all of pthese solar storms, the sun is pthrowing out material, this phappens in that corona area pright above the surface and you pcan see that beautifully during pthe eclipse. p>>dave: i don't think people prealize how large our sun pactually is. pnow, i'll be honest with you. pi've been researching and i
6:47 am
pcat out of the bag here about pnext year's total solar eclipse pthrough the u.s. because i want pto be at the perfect place to psee the 100% coverage. pand people don't realize that phere in florida, we have a good pshot of seeing just this pincredible eclipse. ptell me about next year's here pin the u.s. p>> absolutely. pmark your calendars. pall of us are making plans for pthis. paugust 21 of 2017, we actually phave the rare opportunity for a ptotal solar eclipse to go all pthe way across the continental punited states. phere is the path that enters in poregon and goes across the pmidwest. pfor you guys, probably around psouth carolina is about the pclosest it's going to get and pthis will be more than two pminutes of total darkness. pyou'll be able to see the stars, pyou'll actually see the sunset pall the way around you, 360 pdegrees. pyou've got to see this. pit's once in a lifetime thing. p>>dave: you're right. paccording to you guys, this pdoesn't happen again for like panother 45 years after that, pright?
6:48 am
pwe had -- we have one in 2045 pand 2024, part of the southeast punited states will see that, ptoo. pevery year we have a solar peclipse usually somewhere on the lanet. pthey're really worth going to psee. pin my case it changes your life. p>>dave: i've seen total lunar peclipse. pi'll see that next year. pi'll check out the one tonight pvia your website, okay? pthanks, michelle. p>> you totally have to see it. pit's wonderful. p>>russell: thanks. pnew this morning, starbucks pbreakfast menu going under the pmicroscope after a health scare. pwhat you need to know. p>>laura: and then hold on to pyour seats. prollercoasters are going high ptech. pwe have a look at the thrill pride of the future.
6:49 am
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3 3 new this morning ... a breakfa p>>laura: a breakfast sandwich at pstarbucks has been recalled over plisteria fears. p>>russell: let's get to lauren psimonetti to talk about that and pother things. pfirst of all, we do know this. pit does not appear it happened pin florida. p>>reporter: now. pyou're off the hook. pat least it seems right now.
6:52 am
pit's coming from the company pthat makes sandwiches that pstarbucks sell. pit's called progressive gourmet. pwe're talking about the sausage, pegg and cheddar cheese english pmuffin. pthey're being recalled for ossible listeria contamination. pthese were shipped to 250 pstarbucks. pthose starbucks in arkansas, in ptexas and in oklahoma. pif you're travelling you might pwant to consider that. pthey also have best buy dates of paugust 7. p>>laura: we talked a few minutes pago, the new high tech prollercoasters. pvirtual reality. pi don't know. pthere's something about the old ptraditional experience. p>>russell: p>> i was going to ask you, is pthis cool? pnot necessary? pi just want to try it? pvirtual reality headsets on prollercoasters as if the prollercoaster isn't scary penough. p>>russell: you're riding the
6:53 am
p>> that's how it seems to me, pyes. psamsung is making this with the psix flags theme park, teaming up pto provide the riders the pability to come into this pvirtual experience as you're pdoing the twists and turns on pthe rollercoaster. pas we go to spring break, we're ptravelling to different places. psix flags over georgia, this is phappening march 12. ptheir daredevil dive is using pthe samsung glasses. pi know -- let's see. pthe one in texas, six flags over ptexas at arlington this week, ptheir shock wave is going to use pthe glasses so seven additional arks are using them. p>>russell: i'm with laura on pthis. pi don't ride that many rides panymore but i just want the pbasic coaster. pi want to see what's around me. p>>reporter: or for the people pwho are just scared, maybe give pthem a ground ride.
6:54 am
pit feels like they are. p>>russell: good point. pwe have to see you later, okay? p>> bye. p>>laura: and don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation f. you're not sure where pto find the fox business pnetwork, log on to fox and look for pchannel finder. p>>russell: and now it's time to pcheck in with charley belcher. pgood morning, my friend. p>>charley: "good day," russell pand laura. phope you folks are doing well pthis fine morning. p>>laura: thank you. p>>russell: yes. pchiep p>>charley: i'm at a place that pi've never been here before. pi'm going to have some guests ptoday with rather beautiful peyes. pi thought i would give you pinteresting facts about eyes. phow about that? p>>laura: okay. p>>charley: did you know that our peyes can distinguish more than p10 million colors? pyou wouldn't be able to tell pwhat i wear every day.
6:55 am
phigher alcohol tolerance. p>>russell: go on. p>>charley: you spend about 10% pof your waking hours with your peyes closed. pif you added together all the pblinking. p>>russell: okay. p>>charley: in your waking hours, p10% of the time our eyes are pclosed because we're blinking. p>>laura: that's good. pkeep it going. pkeep it coming. p>>charley: an ostrich's eye is pbigger than its brain. pdid you know that? pand finally, i will leave you pwith this disturbing fact. peinstein's eyes, have you heard pthis? p>>russell: no. p>>charley: you read a lot. peinstein's eyes are kept in a psafe in new york city. p>>russell: wait. pyes. pi think i did know something plike this. pand his brain is somewhere, too, pisn't it? p>>charley: his brain is now back pwith his great granddaughter. pit was kept to study and so were
6:56 am
phis eyes were given to his eye pdoctor. phe's kept them at a safe in new pyork city. pnow you know some interesting pfacts about eyes. p>>laura: i'm going to tell you pright now, wherever you are pright now is beautiful. p>>russell: sure is. poh, dear. p>>charley: did you hear that? peugini only has one eye. pisn't she gorgeous? p>>russell: she is. p>>charley: we're at the narrows pnature center in largo. pit feels like we're out in the pmiddle of nowhere. pwe're in largo. pwe're just off ulmerton road. pi can't wait to tell you about pthe program. pyes, sweetheart. ptell me all about it. pwho? pi'm charley belcher. pi guess i should have introduced pmyself. pyou want russell? p>>russell: be nice. pbe nice. p>>charley: i'm on your blind pside. pi'm on her blind side. pthey have 19 birds of prey out phere they've rehabilitated that pcan't be released.
6:57 am
urposes. pthey're gorgeous. prussell can hear you. pwe will tell you all about her pand the rest of them. pit is the narrows nature center pin largo. pwe're going to have a "good day" pout here. p>>laura: beautiful. pyes. p>>russell: see you then. p>>laura: you know what they say. pif you want it done right, you phave to do it yourself. p>>russell: coming up at 7:00, pyou'll meet a woman who makes pher own craft beer and how she's pteaching others to do it, too. pand 100 feet off an overpass in psouth florida. pwe're looking at it from a pcamera that was inside the ptruck. pit's all ahead at 7:00. p>>dave: 59 degree as long the pcoastline this morning. preal nice stuff, too. pi know we have a few clouds pmixed in. pwinds are out of the peast-southeast. pthat will bump up our ptemperatures.
6:58 am
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3 not a random shooting. p>>russell: not a random pshooting. pthat's what tampa police are psaying about gun fire that pkilled one and hurt one in south ptampa. p>>laura: making beer her pbusiness. pone woman is sharing her love pfor craft beer in the bay area pand it's catching on. p>>russell: it's all about the pwomen today. pgoogle is celebrating pinternational women's day. pwelcome to "good day tampa bay." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pit's tuesday, march 8. pwe thank you for waking up with pus. pwe're going to start with a pcheck of the forecast with dave posterberg. p>>dave: it is pretty outside. pi love the fact the sun is up


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