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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  March 9, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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tag time. kim kardashian's nude photo drama has got people talking. mission accomplished, kim. >> celebrities include, billy, bella thorne. every woman should be allowed to make their own choices with their own bodies. >> you go, girl. >> miley jumped in on instagram. why don't we overly, myself included, fortunate women come together and try to create and
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desperate need of them to support themselves and family. >> sort of a passive/aggressive message. >> little bit. donna came out swinging she ought to be ashamed of herself, no longer representing herself. she has her children to think of and worry about, and her husband should really grow up. >> she is sure that kanye is behind those tweets, i think. >> but cecelia says one thing for sure, she knows how to fight back. what a tiger. she does have a heavenly body and somehow she really cares for her man. >> that's it. for episode 5,087 here at "access hollywood." >> how many do you think include kim? >> a lot. the sex tape trial really pheated up. pwe'll tell you what he's saying pabout his two personas. p we begin at 11:00 with this psurveillance video from the poffice. pwhat you're watching is a purse pthief in action. phappened to a woman on spring pbreak at this nightclub in
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ponly one. pdeputies got that guy but pdeposition pdeputies say this is a warning pfor spring breakers. p>>reporter: with so many people pcoming to town for spring break pand spring training, deputies pare trying to stop the next one pfrom happening. ponce you get over how funny it pis to watch people dancing pwithout hearing the music, pnotice something serious phappening on the top right of pthis surveillance video. pdeputies say this shows raymond psliding a pocketbook away from pits owner and into his own pjacket. p>>woman: my heart totally pdropped and hoping my pgirlfriends left their stuff pwith mind and picked it up for pme. p>>reporter: this is one of at pleast two victims that were pripped off at the beach club. pthey believed he slipped bags
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pdumped out what he didn't want pin the bathroom. p>>woman: it was very rough, i pwas about to go on vacation. p>>reporter: deputies arrested phim but are getting the word out pfor first, safety is crucial for psiesta key. p>>woman: i always put this on pthe table, i don't purses on the pchair or anything anymore. p>>reporter: they're looking up pto 6 women that they also had ptheir stuff stolen. p>>man: if they're going to psteal one or two things, they're pgoing to keep stealing until pthey get caught. p>>reporter: the victim we spoke pto also encourages people to pstep forward. p>>woman: i would definitely ptell the other ladies -- it's pinternational women's day, pempower yourself, step forward pand speak up. p>>reporter: deputies are asking
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pare a victim. big winner on the republican side.. while bernie sanders is close to scoring a big win over hillary clinton in michigan. 3 let's start with pscoring a big victory over phillary clinton in michigan. pall media have called this race phere for trump. pjohn kasich, ted cruz virtually ptied for second. pwe'll see how this shapes out pbut another win for trump. plook at marco rubio getting ptrout in michigan. pjust about 9 percent of the vote pthere. pdonald trump speaking earlier ptonight in jupiter, florida, ptalking about immigration makes phim the front runner. p>>man: trump is tough on the pborder. pi don't want to be tough, i want pto be fair but we're going to phave borders again.
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pare going to come to the country pand come here and very happy but pthey're coming in legally. pthey have to come in legally. p>> all right. pback to this upset in the making pin michigan. pif it holds. pright now, this is with 86 ercent reporting. p51 percent for bernie sanders, pabout a four point lead over phillary clinton. pthis would be a big lead for psanders but michigan is the pfirst industrial state to hold a rimary. pboth he and clinton talked about pdistributing the wealth in this pcountry this evening. p>>man: we have to understand pthat nations are judged not by phow many millionaires and pbillionaires we have but how we ptreat the weakest and most pvulnerable amongst us. p>>woman: i want to be the resident not for those who are palready successful, they don't pneed me.
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pthe struggling and the striving. pfor people who have a dream and pwho are looking for a way to pachieve that dream. p>> and about ten minutes ago, psanders came out again to thank pthe voters michigan. pto mississippi now, earlier in pthe evening, a landslide win for pdonald trump here by 11 percent pover ted cruz and with 47.7 ercent of the vote. pwe'll watch that to see if he pgets above the 50 percent mark. pjohn kasich in third beating out pmarco rubio who had under five ercent in mississippi. pbad night for him. pagain, hillary clinton won pmississippi by a lot on the pdemocratic side. p83 percent of the vote pcontinuing her trend in the psouthern states. psanders with just 16 percent pthere. pright now we're watching idaho, pthe polls closed about five pminutes ago. pthat's a republican only rimary.
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pcaucus closes at 1:00 a.m. peastern time. pyou can look at those later on pthe website and good day pstarting at 4:00 a.m. p although marco rubio found plittle support in today's rimary, plenty of it tonight in pthe rally. phis campaign dismissing rumors pthat he's dropping out of the prace. pright now he's in third place pbehind donald trump and ted pcruz. phe said he's confident he's the pright man for the job. p>>man: my friends in the pdemocrats don't want me to be pthe nominee. pthey know i'm the only one left pin the race that can unite and pgrow this party. pthey know that if i'm our pnominee i will beat hillary pclinton. pevery poll says it. p>> and there's another debate, phe gets another chance. pthey debate in miami this pthursday night. p meanwhile, hillary clinton
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pcampaign stops in tampa this pthursday. psanders will hold his out of the pfair grounds. p let's get to a developing pstory. pinvestigators are trying to find pout what sparked a fire inside pthe cozy corner restaurant. pit's on 110th avenue north. pthe business was closed when the pfire broke out. pwhen crews arrived, they saw pheavy smoke coming out. pthey believe the fire started in pthe kitchen. pno one injured. pfirefighters say there is psignificant damage. p new at 11:00, a crash pbetween a st. pete police pofficer and a suspected drunk pdriver. pthe officer was sitting in a pcruiser waiting for a tow truck pwhen along came a 57-year-old pand rear ended the cruiser. pshe was arrested for dui. pthe officer wasn't hurt but he
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pto be checked out. p day two of the hulk hogan pand gawker trial. phe's suing them for $100 million pfor posting a sex tape online. phe said he had no idea he was pbeing recorded. phe was making the case that he's pa different person publicly than phe is privately. p>>reporter: yes, he's been pcaught a few times making pinconsistent statements but he phas an explanation. phe says the man speaking in the pcourtroom is terry the private pcitizen. pthe entertainer is hulk. pone is not always the other. phe said he never saw the sex ptape, but on tv and interviews phe said he did. pgawker's defense argued that he
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ptape was released but he said he ponly appeared on the shows in an pattempt to do damage control. p>>man: i was there and i didn't pwant to talk about terry and my pexperience on the radio. pthe media was attacking us and i pwas using this show to try to pstop things from going forward. p>>man: and you think it was a pgood thing that gawker said you phad. p>>woman: yes. p>>reporter: some gawker pemployees past and present also ptook the stand when an attorney pasked the current executive peditor if he considered the pemotional distress that video pwould cause hogan. pcook said no. pit hasn't been made clear who psent the sex tape to gawker. pthat's something we could find pout more about tomorrow. pthey maintained it's a first
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pspoke so freely about his sex plife and other intimate details, pthat that video was fair game. p>> thanks so much. p also new at this hour, a psecond man has been accused of pkilling a couple for revenge. phe's now behind bars. pthe 38-year-old was arrested in pgeorgia today and transported to pthe manatee county jail. phe's linked to the murders. pyou may remember both of those pwere killed in january. pdeputies found tuxford shot to pdeath in a car. pa short time later they found pfin land dead on the streets. pthey believe if that was the pmotive behind the double murder, pcummings was the first one parrested. p it's a florida mayor who is pgiving this a try. p>>man: i want to experience pwhat it's like to come here on a praft.
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pyou look online and it's almost pentirely unreported. p>> this mayor's mission to get pfrom cuba to florida on a phomemade raft. p a game plan that just might pbeef up spring training in psarasota county. pwhy it could become the new home pof the atlanta braves. p another reason to be poutside.
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p how about this, the bay area pcould add another major league pteam to its spring training proster. pbraves here. psarasota county is in talks to pbuild a facility on the southern art of the county. p>>reporter: county officials say pthey're about the halfway point pin negotiations with the braves. pgoing forward they say they're pcautiously optimistic. lans are to build a state of pthe art facility in the west pvillages. pit would include a 7500 seat pstadium. pa move to sarasota would make psense considering all the other
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pthe team has been in contact. pbut sarasota county officials psay they have the prime spot for pthem. p>>man: one of the attractions pfor spring training is proks ti pto other teams. p>>woman: it would bring jobs, pdestination, and location to pthis area and one more reason to pvisit. p>>reporter: the goal is to have pthe team playing here by spring ptraining 2018. p well in the same day, pgovernor rick scott finds his
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ptimes with each parent. phow long the couple was married pand their income. pthey say it's pwe need to think about the real plife consequences of this bill pand they're very concerning. p>> well, the last time alimony plegislation was sent to the
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preally not clear what he'll do pthis time. p have you seen pictures of pthis? phow about this. pa beautiful sight lighting up pthe sky. pa total solar eclipse. pthat's when the moon passes in pfront of the sun. ponly people in indonesia and psoutheast parts of asia got to psee. pthe next total solar eclipse pwon't happen until next august. pthat's the first one in the us psince 1979. pthat was pretty amazing. phe was watching some of the pfeeds of the presidential pcandidates coming in this pevening and i was watching that pfeed too. pthe sun looked like it was on pfire. p>> that is so cool. aul, when we do have the total peclipse, we'll get to see part pof it here? p>> 82 percent of the sun covered pon august 21st, 2017. pfull eclipse in charleston,
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pand then back west. p2045 here in tampa bay, one phundred percent total eclipse. p>> people have to travel to see pthe full thing. p>> you'll be here. p>> viewers will be here i would phope. pby the way, those people are our rime demographics. p>> 2554, we're talking to you. p>> absolutely. plet's take a look outside, good pstuff. ponce in a while, the sun was peclipsed by clouds going by but pit was a nice day. pthe clouds not getting very high pin the sky. pwe get a lot of this in march pand this is the time of year we pstart thinking about the otential -- this is our fire pseason that gets going in the pnext month or two, let's hope we pget some rain. pi think we do have rain coming pour way over the weekend as a pdying cold front moves at us pfrom the gulf. p81 big ones today. psix degrees above the average of p75. pthe morning low kind of sticky
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pnear new moon. pno moon illuminating the area ptonight. pthe moon would be shining on the pbackside of the moon so you get pa new moon during a solar peclipse. p82 in sarasota. psatellite and radar has high ressure off the east coast. pit will be strong enough to keep pthis line of storms at bay for a pcouple of days. pso even though this is ominous, pit is, a lot of heavy rain in prio grand, louisiana getting hit phard tonight with severe pweather, this front eventually pis going to come our way. pthe timing looks to be -- the rime time for showers will be psaturday night into sunday, pwe'll fine tune that in the next pday or two. pwarm night tonight. p60s and 70s. pbirmingham 67. patlanta 62.
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pthe western gulf. pwatch the front as it moves our pway. pwe're good tomorrow. ptomorrow a lot like today and pthen we're good on thursday, a pbit more humid and we're dry on pfriday with lots of sunshine and pgusty south west winds. pcouple of showers and thunder pshowers on saturday. pthe rainfall amounts are pincredible. pcomputer models to noon on pfriday go up to near ten inches pin little rock. pthere's the wavy front producing pthe rain. p60s. pthen highs tomorrow top off in pthe upper 70s, low 80s. psome spots 82/83 for daytime phighs. ptomorrow, mostly sunny and warm, phigh of 82. pon thursday, partly cloudy and
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pwe'll track a few thunder pshowers over the weekend. pno cold air in sight. p70s and 80s for highs and 60s pfor low. p he's a mayor that doesn't pshy away from a challenge. p>> we'll have a deeper meaning welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy.
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the mayor of debary, florida is no stranger to big trips highlighting hot button p the mayor is a stranger to
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plast year, that picture right pthere, he rode a bike 800 miles pto promote nature trail rojects. p>> i bet his legs were sore. p>> i bet it was. pnow he's planning a 90 mile trip pfrom cuba to florida. p>> he won't be riding a biker pswimming, but he will be doing pit with just a raft. p>>reporter: mayor johnson said phe's always been an adventurer. pa trip from cuba to florida. p>>man: i've always been a plittle bit edgy. p>>reporter: he plans to leave pmid april, fly to cuba, build a praft out of basic supplies and prow back to florida. pit could take a few days or pweeks depending on a lot of pdifferent circumstances. p>>man: i want to see what it's plike to travel here. pi want to know what the men, pwomen, and children, go through
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pi've just got regular 2x4. p>>reporter: he will have a long ptwo gps devices that will let pauthorities know every few pminutes where he is throughout pthe trip. phe can even text. phe plans on having a pgo-procamera and selfie stick to pdocument his journey. p>>man: i'm going to go into the pocean overnight, another week pafter that and then cross the plake. p>>reporter: he realizes some pwon't understand why he feels pthe need to make such a pdangerous journey but he says pthis type of thinking outside pthe box was exactly why he was pvoted into office in the first lace. p>>man: that's what makes life pfun. pif you don't do stuff that pyou're not so sure you can even pdo then what's the point. pi did the same thing when i rain
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pthing now. p>> mayor johnson already pqualified for his license to ptravel to cuba. phe's going to blog about his pjourney on his website p on the eve of spring drills, pmajor news for football and psuspension for a couple of key layers. p what happens when bees pinvade a baseball stadium? punbelievable video served with sirloin steak. saut\ fresh zucchini, squash and tomatoes. family favorite. visit for great recipes. delicious is always served


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