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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  March 9, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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3 301. p>>russell: heavy along 301. pa dangerous walkway, a driver on pa police pursuit. phow they risked their own lives pto end things safely and why pdanger may be lurking on 301 pthis morning. p>>laura: a big night for donald ptrump and bernie sanders. pthey defied expectations. lus -- p>>russell: that is a close call.
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pescaped a dangerous situation pand it was live on tv. p>>dave: we're in the mid 60s pright now. pwe've got a southeast wind and pcloud cover so i don't think pwe're going to cool off all that pmuch before the sun comes up. p63 in brooksville, 61 in sebring pand 60s tampa, clearwater, st. etersburg and yeah, it's about pfive to 11 degrees warmer than pyesterday here in the 6:00 hour. pi do expect a similar setup ptoday. pclouds, sunshine, southeast pwinds and high temperatures. pthis is the third day in a row, pgetting back to the lower 80s. p>>vanessa: good to be back. pand for those waking up with us, pa crash near 50th street. pdelays are building and we're palready in the red zone so this pis the westbound direction near p50th street as i mentioned pbefore. pright lane is blocked. pwe also had fdot show a lane pblocked further down the road so pthis is causing some traffic to pstack up in that direction. lan for an extra five minutes
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pto head this way. pthis does linger as we continue pin towards the maybe 6:30 ortion of our morning commute. pyou're going to see delays get a plot higher so keep you posted. p>>russell: 6:02 right now. pa wrong way driver brought povernight. pauthorities say every deputy in pthe area had to be dispatched to ptry to stop this driver. pintense pursuit ended in a crash psouth of gibsonton drive. p>>laura: and alcides segui is pthere this morning. pit took a lot to stop this pdriver. pwalk us through what happened. p>>reporter: it was a scary night pfor a lot of drivers on u.s. 301 pnear gibsonton. pthis black pickup truck was pgoing northbound on southbound planes and according to pinvestigators, he started pdriving right in towards the ath of oncoming traffic. pseveral people called 911. pthankfully it was a deputy pnearby and that deputy started pfollowing parallel to the
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peffort to alert oncoming ptraffic. pthe wrong way driver drove pstraight through several lights. pthat lasted for some time and pthen a driver crossed the median pback onto northbound lanes in pthe right direction and that's pwhen deputies say the driver pstarted throwing things out the pwindow. pdeputies fell back in chase. pthe aviation unit actually pfollowed that pickup truck but pthat lasted a short time. pthis guy crossed the median, pdriving the oncoming traffic pagain and that's when deputies pdeployed the stop sticks. pthe pickup truck's front right ptire was deflated but this guy pjust kept going and according to pinvestigators, intentionally pstarted driving towards the path pof oncoming traffic. pthey knew they had to do psomething. pthey initiated the pit maneuver. pthis guy lost control of the ptruck but it wasn't over yet. phe tried to escape and in the rocess of doing that, he rammed
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pgetting arrested. pderrick wayne hyde, he's 20 pyears old, facing a slew of pcharges, including battery on a plaw enforcement officer. phe had several mug shots. pthis is not the first time he's pbeen arrested. pinvestigators say they found a plarge bag of unknown white owder similar to narcotics in pthe pickup truck. pthat substance was sent over for ptesting. pthey're not sure if it's cocaine por drugs. pit's being sent for testing. plaura, russell, thank. ply no one was hurt out here. pwhen you hear something like pthis where someone is pintentionally driving towards poncoming traffic, it is a pmiracle someone was not hurt out phere. plaw enforcement did a remarkable pjob doing a pit maneuver, ulling this guy over and parresting him. p>>laura: thanks. palso developing this morning, a pman has died after being shot by pa deputy.
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pcomplex in north tampa. pthis was about 11:00 last night. pdeputies got a call about a man pwaving a gun. p>>russell: fox 13 shayla reaves pis there this morning and pdeputies just say the man would pnot listen, right? p>>reporter: that's absolutely pright. pauthorities tell us he did not plisten and the exchange pultimately ended in gun fire. p27-year-old jeffrey glen did not psurvive his injuries. pfour deputies are expected to be laced on routine administrative pleave. pthis all started around 11:00 plast night where someone made a pcall to 911. pthe deputies, including one ptrained in crisis intervention, pcould not get him to comply. pthey told us ultimately deputies pfired weapons. pthis is still an active, ongoing pinvestigation. pit's happening off north florida pavenue. pi'll be back in the next half
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p>>russell: see you then. pthank you. pst. pete police officer involved pdrunk driver. phappened last night on central pavenue near 31st street. pthe officer was sitting in the pcruiser waiting for a tow truck pto help a disabled car when pcathy maloney hit the car. phe was taken to the hospital as pa precaution. p>>laura: new this morning, p11-year-old girl says that a man ptried to get her into his car as pshe walked home from the bus pstop. pthe man told the girl that her pmother was in the hospital and phe said that he was there to ick her up. pthis happened about 4:00 pyesterday afternoon at thousand poaks boulevard. pthe girl ran away and told her pmother right away. pthey called the sheriff's poffice. pthe man did a u-turn and took poff. pdeputies are looking for a 2000 pmodel white four door car with ptinted windows, black rims and a pblack back bumper. pthe girl says the man was a
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pearly 50s. phe had short hair and salt and epper goatee. phe was wearing a dark green pt-shirt. p>>russell: big wins for bernie psanders and donald trump. psanders had an upset in pmichigan's primary, beat hillary pin a race that some polls had phim trailing by double digits. pat the same time, donald trump pswept a victory in three states, pwidening his leads over his privals. pmichigan, mississippi and new pthis morning, in hawaii, trump pshows that he's not lost any pmomentum. p>>laura: and sanders' win has pblown new life. pthe primary was the biggest rize. phere's a look how the numbers pbroke down. ptrump at 36%, ted cruz at 24% pand john kasich at 24% as well. p>>russell: take a look at the
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pit was close but like we said, pbernie sanders was behind in pdouble digits in some polls. p49.9% in michigan, hillary p48.2%. pthat's close. pnow everybody is turning their pattention to florida and our pwinner take all primary. p>> next tuesday here in florida, plet's show the world -- let's pshow the world that democracy is palive and well with a huge voter pturnout. p>>russell: well, clinton, phillary still maintains a huge pdelegate lead over sanders, p1,221 to sanders 574.
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pnew poll of florida democrats. pit shows clinton leading sanders pwith 62-32%. pclinton's lead boosted by strong psupport from female voters. pohio votes also march 15. pclinton leads sanders. pamong ohio democratic primaries. pin florida, 6% of democrats premain undecided. p16% say that they could still pchange their mind. p>>russell: now let's look at the prepublicans. pdonald trump did not win every pstate last night. pted cruz did win idaho. ptrump leads cruz in the delegate pcount. pmarco rubio trails 151 and pkasich 54. ptrump says all of the negative pads running against his campaign pare horrible. p>> i don't think i've had so pmany horrible things said about pme in one week. p$38 million worth of horrible
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pit shows you how brilliant the ublic is because they knew they pwere lies and it was just really pamazing to watch and you get pthese kind of numbers that they pcall immediately is very pspecial. pi want to thank the public. pi want to thank the people of pmichigan. pi thank the people of pmississippi and it is such a pgreat honor. p>>russell: florida's primary is pmarch 15. pthat is next tuesday. ptoday is the last day you can pvote by mail, by the way. pearly voting for most florida pcounties ends on saturday. p>>laura: and on to other news pnow at 6:10, hulk owing an -- hulk phogan was on the trial yesterday pfor day two. p>> how do you feel about it?
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pyou're wrestling, his rear end phangs out and you walk around pthe ring with your rear end phangs out. pto me, it was all joking. pbut it's totally different than pyou coming to his house and ptaking a private video. pthe rear end wrestling thing is plike all joking around and they pwere saying that in a very pjoking manner, how do you feel pabout your rear end hanging out, phulk? pso this reminds me of the pet a joke. p>>laura: gawker's legal team pfocused on the hours after preports of the sex tape psurfaced. phe called tmz live and discussed pthe tape with the host. pat the time he told tmz he pdidn't know who the brown haired pwoman in the sex tape was. pthe wrestler insists his pnonchalant attitude was a result pof him being in character and in
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rivately, though, hogan says pthe leak is still tearing him pout. phe's suing gawker for $100 pmillion. pgawker says this is a first pamendment issue because hogan plife. pthey argue the tape was news pworthy. ptestimony continues this pmorning. p>>russell: 6:12 right now. pno criminal charges will be pfiled after that dog named padi pbit a service dog in training. pthe sheriff's office wrapped up pthe investigation into the pcomplaint yesterday and deputies psay it was an unfortunate paccident. pthey plan to send their findings pto the state attorney's office. adi last year bit a child's pear. phe was nearly put down before pthousands pushed to save him and pthat led to padi's law that pensures all dogs receive a fair phearing to prevent being put pdown. p>>laura: a little boy made a new
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pfrom his family at the pstrawberry festival. pit was taken by deputy matt. phe brought the little boy to the pcommand post to wait for his pfamily. pi'm sorry. pit was friday. pthe boy did not want the deputy pto leave so they waited for the pboy's family together. pthe deputy noticed the child was pstaring at his badge so he takes pit off and he handed it to the plittle boy. pthe adorable moment was caught pon camera. pthe child was reunited with his arents shortly after. p>>russell: coming up in 15 pminutes, the wild rescue of an pelephant stuck in a mud pit and phow people tried to keep the panimal calm. p>>laura: this video has a lot of eople talking today, especially pall of us here in the news room. pwatch. pjust gives you chills. pa car plows through a reporter's
6:14 am
pwho he thanked just moments pafter the crash. p>>dave: 66 degrees outside. pgot a pretty picture, too. pa little over a half hour until pour sunrise. pvery similar to yesterday. pit's going to feel that way as pwell. plook how nice it is in lakeland. pit's 64 degrees with a southeast pwind. pexpect 82, breezy conditions pthis afternoon.
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p>>laura: welcome back. pin the news this morning, you pcan get pacific railroad pofficials say that a mudslide pcaused monday night's commuter ptrain derailment into san pfrancisco. pthe first car plunged into prushing water. p200 people were on the train at pthe time. pabout a dozen were hurt. pcrews spent yesterday pulling pthe damaged cars back onto the ptrack. pthe rail line should be back in pservice today. pthen this story came out of that pone. ptelevision crew reporting on the pderailment had its own close pcall yesterday. p>>russell: reporter and pcameraman just missed being hit pby a car and this was live on ptv. ptake a look. pwell, that is ktvu reporter. pbehind the camera is his hotographer. pboth of these people are okay. pafter the crash, savage thanked
6:18 am
p>> i mean, i had to take a pminute to process it all after pthat happened. pand i would like to apologize, ptoo, if there was any pinappropriate language on my art. pyou know, i apologize. pi know it was -- p>> we didn't hear anything pinappropriate. pwe were just thankful you were pokay. p>> maybe i was just thinking pthat in my head. pi'm grateful to be okay. pi want to bring chip out here. p>> this is our photographer. p>> i would like to thank him. pthanks, buddy. p>> you all right? p>> scary. p>>russell: police believe the pdriver may have hit the gas pinstead of the brakes. pshe was not hurt. p>>laura: you think about that, pcrews out live and those are
6:19 am
p>>dave: and you know what's real plucky, he said watch out and he pmoved the right way. pif he would have gone the other pof being hit. pit's amazing. pwe're in the 60s this morning. pi woke up, walked outside and psaid, wow. pit's definitely mild. pthe cloud cover we had overnight preally helped in keeping only of pthat warmer air in. pyou're getting clouds at night. pthey act like a little blanket. pthey keep some air around. p64 degrees in west chase. pi got 63 in apollo beach. p63 in new tampa. pit's not just here. pthe mild air goes all the way up pto citrus county where it's 63 pdegrees in inverness at this phour. p62 to 64 lakewood ranch to pvenice. poh, you had to do it, didn't pyou, bartow? phad to drop below 60 degrees. p64 in lakeland but everybody is pwarmer than yesterday at this ptime.
6:20 am
pset up, big, huge area of high ressure and it's not moving. pit is just stuck and it's psitting off of our east coast. pthat just continually pumps in psouth to southeast wind and that pwill keep us warm. pat the same time, you've got a pbig dip in the jet stream so a plow has developed here in texas pand it's not moving much. pthe problem with that is that pmeans you're going to get more prain and more rain in the same pspots over and over and over pagain. pso when -- while we're stuck in pthis beautiful weather pattern, pthey're stuck in this horrible pweather pattern back off to the pwest than we're anticipating in pthese spots. psix to 10 inches of rain over pthe next few days. pour humidity will be on the prise, too, with that dominant pwind. pthat will keep the storms well poff to the west.
6:21 am
phigh will break down. pit will also mean a weakening pcomplex of rain. pwe're not anticipating what pthey're getting to the west. paround. pthat will point more towards psunday now than saturday. pbut that rain chance only around p40%. pwarm, warm, warm, a couple of pquick showers on sunday. p82 for a high today. psunrise at 6:46. pa few clouds, mild tonight. pyou're going to wake up in the p60s again tomorrow morning and pwe'll follow that by making it pup to 83 degrees for your pthursday afternoon. pit should be real nice. pas far as boating goes, moderate pchop anticipated with seas prunning two to four feet. pnow, as that weak front does pcome through, that may knock us pback on monday and tuesday. pbut all in all, our temps remain pabove normal the next seven pdays, vanessa. p>>vanessa: thank you. pand right now we do want to talk pabout alternates to i-4 at this oint.
6:22 am
psome concerns in the westbound pdirection, of course, just the pright lane blocked near 50th pstreet. pthat earlier crash i showed you, pto this point now we do have pdelays, about enough that you'll pwant to take the selmon pexpressway or shave off a few pextra minutes, exit at phillsborough avenue. pthat will take you off i-4 pbefore you hit the bad delays. p>>russell: thanks. pwelcome back. pall right. pthere is a developing situation pgoing on at an apartment complex pin tampa. pa man has been shot and killed pby deputies. p>>laura: and shayla reaves will pexplain what brought deputies to pthe apartment in the first lace. pthat's at 6:30. pfirst, who says cats aren't
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3 it's time to see what's clicking on the web. social media prod p>>laura: it's time to see what's pclicking on the web this pmorning. p>>taylor: good morning. ptoday we're starting things off pwith a story of an elephant who pwas in a dangerous situation and pa group of volunteers who worked
6:26 am
pit happened in kenya where the p20-year-old bull got stuck in a pwell on the property. pthere he is. pthere's the volunteer giving him pwater. phe was there overnight before pthey found him and he was pdehydrated because he spent the pnight in the mud. pvolunteers started to get in paction. psome dug him out and others prushed to get him water. pafter four hours, 26 gallons of pwater and three vehicles, they psaid he was free. pin a lot of pictures like this pone even, you're seeing straps pand the straps were meant to phelp him to his feet. pthey had to tranquilize him pafterwards to remove the straps pbut that just made him sleepy pand he's been spotted again and phe's doing very well. p>>russell: very nice. p>>taylor: next up on a light
6:27 am
pthis adorable video, a man in phis cat laying in bed. phow cute is that? p15 million views. pi love that. p>>russell: that's cute. p>>taylor: all right. plastly, a spirited maestro pbringing it down. pwatch this woman. pthis is at a buffalos game in pkansas, i believe. pthe team is reportedly heading poff to state championships but i phave to give credit, you guys. pthey posted this on facebook. pi just saw it and had to use it pthis morning. pi thought it was great. p>>laura: thanks for sharing. pthat's great. pfun. pthanks, taylor. p>>russell: it is craft beer week pand this morning, we're getting pa look at the long process pbehind brewing your own beer. p>>laura: and we have a brewer in
6:28 am
p5:00 this morning. pwe'll check in on her progress pcoming up a little later this phour. p>>russell: and it has been in
6:30 am
6:31 am
pre p>>dave: 6:31 on this lovely, pmild wednesday morning. pyou've got mid 60s in tampa, pyou've got brandon in the mid p60s. pbartow 59. plake placid is 50. peverybody is warmer than pyesterday at this time. pit's going to be a gorgeous day. peast-southeast wind seven miles pan hour. pbrookdale bayshore camera,
6:32 am
phigh temps this afternoon. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. pin polk county we have two pcrashes we're following. pone involves an overturned semi ptruck along state route 60. pthis is going to be the peastbound direction. pwe're hearing before you get to pu.s. 98, one lane is going to be pblocked in the area. pbut in the meantime, doesn't phurt to give yourself a few pextra minutes heading this way. olk parkway, we do have some preports according to drivers who ptweeted me on facebook, delays palong winter lake road. pwe do have a driver reported pcrash and winter lake road so pyou might want to plan extra ptime out the door. pwe're starting to see some pdelays tick down so hopefully pthis is the clearing stage. p>>laura: hillsborough deputies pshoot and kill a man overnight pafter he wouldn't stop waving a pgun around. pjust off north florida avenue, psouth of bearss avenue. p>>russell: and shayla reaves is
6:33 am
pdeps it say the man wouldn't plisten to them. p>>reporter: that's right. pin fact, they tell us crisis pintervention trained deputy on pthe scene was unable to talk him pdown. pin fact, 27-year-old man premained agitated and that pexchange ended in gun fire. pright now we can tell you that pmedics transported him to the phospital for treatment of pinjuries. phe was struck by at least one pbullet in the upper body. phe did not survive his injuries. pthis all started just before p11:00 last night here in the pwinward oaks apartment complex. pdeputies tell us someone called p911, reported a man screaming, pyelling, waving a gun outside phis unit. pat least four deputies arrived pand he was found armed and the psituation intensified. p>> they were concerned he might pgo into another apartment and ptake hostages but his direction pof threats was at our personnel
6:34 am
pgun at them and advanced toward ptheir direction at which time pthey felt they had no other pchoice. p>>reporter: we learned deputies popened fire and later, they rovided first aid to him until pmedics could arrive and ptransport him to the hospital pfor treatment. pthese deputies will be placed on proutine administrative leave ending the outcome of the pinvestigation. pi'll be back within the next phour with another live report. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. pwe have a news alert out of pseattle right now. pthere's been some sort of pexplosion, a massive explosion pin a neighborhood. pand there are reports that a gas pline may have ruptured. pnine firefighters have been phurt. ptwo buildings are destroyed. pthere's debris scattered for two pblocks. pone of the buildings may have pbeen a convenience store. pwe're not sure yet of any other pinjuries. pthat will be throughout the pmorning right here on "good pday."
6:35 am
pdriver shut down a stretch of p301 overnight. pevery available unit in the area pwas dispatched to the area. pthey put their lives on the line pto end the pursuit. paround 9:30, people reported a pblack pickup going north in the psouthbound lanes. pthe truck drove straight through pred light traffic at big bend proad. pthe truck crossed back over the pmedian. pat the same time, the driver pstarted throwing items out of pthe window. pstop sticks blew out the truck's pfront right tire. pit kept going, though. ptried the pit maneuver. pthat only stopped him ptemporarily. psouth of gib ton son he rammed pinto a marked patrol unit. pgetting away. pthree deputies' vehicles were pdamaged in the pursuit. pthese are pictures from the past parrests. phe refused to take a blood palcohol test. phis list of charges expected to
6:36 am
pcontinues. pdeputies found a pound of white owdery substance in the truck. pdeputies have been unable to plook at the items the driver pthrew out the window. p>>laura: a commercial fire this pmorning. pcrews worked overnight to put pout a two alarm fire in phillsborough county. pthis was in the 1700 block of pu.s. 41. pin all, 22 units were called in pto help fight the flames. pthe fire was put out. p>>russell: the orca killer whale pdragged a trainer to their pdeath. pthe orca is suffering from a pbacteria in his lungs. pthe whale is not suffering --
6:37 am
pit's been confined to the has pbeen at a time -- habitat for pdecades. p>>laura: 28-year-old was a pstudent at baylorville puniversity. phe was on a school sponsored ptrip to learn about startup pbusinesses overseas. pan attacker shot and stabbed him pto death. pall of this violence comes as pvice president joe biden meets pwith israeli prime minister pnetanyahu. phe arrived in tel aviv pyesterday. pnetanyahu cancelled a visit to pthe white house earlier this pweek. phe wants to smooth over prelations between the white phouse and israel over the pfalling out of the iranian pnuclear deal last year. p>>russell: iran has threatened pto walkway from the nuclear pagreement. pdeputy foreign minister says
6:38 am
piran test fired several pballistic missiles. piran says none of its missiles pweapons. p>>laura: north korean dictator pclaims his country's scientists phave developed miniature nuclear pwarheads. ponce -- ones designed to fit on pthe missiles. pofficials at the pentagon say pnorth korea is nowhere close to utting a nuclear warhead. p>>russell: rare moment for star pgazers in the far east. ptotal solar eclipse could be pseen over indonesia and the acific oceans. panother solar eclipse will be pvisible from the west coast of pthe u.s. next year on august 1 pchlt . p>>laura bonnie tyler, who did
6:39 am
p>>russell: something was running pin your head just then. pi didn't know where you were pgoing. p>>laura: another great forecast pin store for us.
6:40 am
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p>>dave: we've got a few more pdays of these very early psunrises before we turn those pclocks forward later this pweekend. pso that's pretty, though. psun will be up in a few minutes. pgot a little cloud cover and we phave a southeast wind which is pthe reason it is so mild this pmorning. panother look of bradenton beach pcamera. pit looks clear along the coast. pa couple of clouds east of plakeland but a nice, nice start pto the day. pclouds we had overnight and the psoutheast wind, you look at the ptemperatures and they're running pabout 10, 11 degrees above pnormal this morning. p68 in brandon. p66 in tampa.
6:43 am
pi have one spot, two spots. pbartow, lake placid at 59. peven that is above normal and pmild. p60s stretch all the way to ptallahassee, back to pensacola. pstarting in the 7 0z thanks to pthe southeast wind from zero psouth all the way through the pkeys. pour weather is not going to pchange much. pwe have a big ridge of high ressure stuck along the coast pand it's not moving. pa trough is out here and pshreveport, louisiana, right pabout here, they had a huge pbatch of rain earlier this pmorning. pnow they've got another very pheavy one on the way. plook at the lightning. plook at the lightning associated pwith the storms as they're pmoving southwest to northeast pand they're beginning to fill in pthis whole area. pi know, schools are cancelled in plouisiana today in anticipation pof several inches of rain. pso dallas to houston to
6:44 am
pbaton rouge, it's not going to pbe a pretty next couple of days. pwhile we're stuck in this pgorgeous weather pattern, pthey're stuck in this and the prainfall forecasts are going to pbe staggering. pthere's no doubt going to be a ptremendous amount of flooding, pespecially in this area up to plittle rock. pso i'm certain after today, pwe're going to start getting psome video in of flooding there. pwe'll pass that along to you. pwe're stuck in this pattern for pa few days. p89 for a high today. ptonight about 65. pwake up early on your thursday pmorning, it's going to be every pbit as mild as it is right now. pand then partly cloudy, pcontinued warm, 83 for a high ptemperature for tomorrow. pso real nice, moderate chop, pseas two to three, maybe four pfeet at times. pwater temperature of 64 degrees. pcoming up in a low tide at 8:21 pthis morning, high tide around
6:45 am
pnext seven days, we'll be pcracking the 80-degree mark. pthe rain has been pushed back, pfine tuning it now for sunday pwhich is better. pthat gives us half the weekend prain-free. pa few showers are in the pforecast for sunday. p>>vanessa: thank you. pwe want to check back in along pi-4. pearlier we were following that pcrash in a westbound direction. plooks like that completely pcleared out near 50th street. pwe do have some lingering pwestbound delays. p20 minutes from 75 to 275. pit's not enough to route you. pyou'll want to plan some extra ptime as you head out the door pand here's a look. pyou can see that delays are pgetting back towards the mango proad area. plet's check in, 75 at gibsonton pdrive. pa new crash is reported here. pthat's blocking, we're hearing pfrom the sheriff's office, one plane along the northbound pentrance ramp and delays peastbound approaching 75 and to
6:46 am
pof gibsonton. pextra time heading in those pdirections. pthen for you folks in pinellas pcounty, a crash along southbound p19 at 58th avenue north. pit doesn't appear to be causing pany big concerns at this point pas far as delays but we're here pat least one, possibly two pblocking lanes in the westbound pdirection. p>>russell: look who is getting pto do honors today with charley pbelcher. pyou asked for this. pso here i am. pgood morning. p>>charley: here is why. pnormally i like to make my psegments about me. pthat's well documented. pbut i was so fascinated by the pfact that russell was dying to pgo to the strawberry festival, pwhen i saw that you followed pthrough and went, i had to hear pabout it. pi didn't know any other place we pcould get it in the news cast. pthis is it. ptell me about your strawberry pfestival experience. p>>russell: i went with friends pand it was great. pgetting there was not an issue pat all. pnor was getting in, getting
6:47 am
pgetting out took awhile. p5:15, 5:30, that was a tough pgig. pthere was a concert letting out, ptoo. p>>charley: what did you eat? p>>russell: let me tell you. pi started with those french pfries. pand then i had the strawberry pshortcake. pnot biscuit. pthen the next thing was an amish pdonut which i love. pi had two of those. pthen i went -- i had frito pie. pthey call it taco in a bag. pi grew up with it being called pfrito pie and then i had some pcheese curds. p>>charley: that's frito with pchili on it, right?
6:48 am
pand then lettuce. p>>charley: channel six in pknoxville, tennessee, they have ps'mores up there, almost chex pmix and it's called petro's and pit's a frito's bag they pour pchili in and they were at the pworld's fair. peverybody has that and everybody pthinks they invented it. p>>russell: but the one thing, my pbiggest take-away, i met a lady pthere yesterday. pher name is mickey. pi apologize. pi don't know her last name. pshe was -- she had the booth at pthe bag. pshe's been in this business, pthis fair food business for palmost 50 years. pi mean, her whole family is a art of this operation. plovely, lovely people. p>>charley: i'm glad you had a pgood time f. you're still pmorning.
6:49 am
pold ford motor company theme. pwe'll have a "good day tampa pbay." pthanks for sharing your story. p>>russell: thanks for asking. pspeaking of food and beer and pall of that, what goes into pbrewing your own craft beer? pit's a process and a doable one. pwe're walking you through the rocess all morning put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
6:51 am
the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
6:52 am
3 3 3 it doesn't seem like chipotle can catch a break .. this morn p>>laura: it doesn't seem like pchipotle can catch a break. pthis morning a new health scare. p>>russell: let's get to lauren psimonetti to talk about this. pis it related to the other one? p>>reporter: well, yeah, because pit seems that we're trying to pconfirm independently with pchipotle, but many news reports pthis morning saying at least one pworker at a restaurant in pmassachusetts has tested ositive for more norovirus. pfour workers pulled out sick at pthis fast food restaurant. pas a result, they have pcompletely shut down that prestaurant, fully sanitizing it pto make sure any potential
6:53 am
pbut keep in mind, as chipotle ptried to fix the p.r. image, pmaking you feel comfortable peating there again. pone of their policies is pworkers, when you're not feeling pwell, just call out sick that peasy. p>>laura: a lot of damage pcontrol. pall right. pwe talk about a lot of companies pworking on this self driving pcar, the new technology and what pgoes with self driving cars? ptires, right? p>>reporter: yeah. pwe don't always think about all pthe components of the car. pso goodyear is debuting a pconcept tire, a tire of the pfuture and it's basically balls pon the bottom of the car. pit creates a sweet looking ride pfor drivers and riders in these pcars. pthey don't connect via axles.
6:54 am
p>>laura: i was thinking this was pa closeup look of the tread of pthe tire but that's the entire ptire, is that right? p>>reporter: i'm not sure what pyou're looking at. p>>russell: i think we're looking pat the whole tire. p>>laura: there's no cutout in pthe tire. p>>russell: magnetic levitation. pi love everything about that. p>>reporter: that's why it's the pconcept. pthe day when we're all riding in pthese with our personal pcomputers. p>>russell: we have to run. ptalk later, okay? pit's why it's a concept. p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation. pif you're not sure where to find pthe fox business network, log on pto fox and look for pchannel finder. p>>jennifer: yesterday i pintroduced you to lisa and this pmorning she joins us with her artner, rob larson, to talk pabout how to make our own craft pbeer. pi never thought that we would be pbrewing beer on "good day" but pwe are.
6:55 am
pstarted the brewing process and pyou told viewers all you need as pa beginner is a simple pot as pyou see here and that's what pyou've been using. pthe past hour, tell us what pyou've been doing. pwhat's going on here? p>> we've been mashing which pbasically means we're soaking pthe grains in warm water, about p150 degrees. pthat's going to release the psugars out of the grains so that pthey can be boiled. p>>jennifer: we filled up the pan pwith water, got it to 150 pdegrees. pthere's a thermometer in there. pyou can show that. pgrains are in there now. pwe've reached 150 degrees for an phour. plet's take a look. pand what's the next step? p>> we're going to pull the pgrains out. pwe're going to put them in this pstrainer here and let them drain pfor a little bit. plet's get this going. p>>jennifer: so you are going to pdrain and then boil is next. p>> yeah. p>>jennifer: i can make beer.
6:56 am
pyou're going to drain and boil pfor about an hour. p>> correct. p>>jennifer: and we're making pchocolate stout this morning. plisa, come with me over here. pthere are plenty of different pkits that you can get so that if pyou're not digging the chocolate pstout so much, what can you do? p>> there's a lot of different pflavors available. pthis is just a couple of ones. pif you're an i.p.a. lover, we phave a few different i.p.a. pkits. pif you like things floral, pcitrusy beers, that's your idea. pif you like things lighter, we phave a key lime wheat that uses plime pete powder and coriander. pthat's on the lighter side. p>>jennifer: what are these? p>> those are grains. pwe have 150 grains and they each
6:57 am
p>>jennifer: good for any palate. pwe have chocolate over there pthat we'll show in a little bit. pfor the next hour, what will be phappening? pmashing? pwe just did that. p>> we're done mashing. pwe're draining right now. pthen boiling. p>>jennifer: this will boil for pan hour and we'll touch base pwith you guys in the 7:00 hour pand we'll see where we're at. p>> excellent. p>>jennifer: we're brewing beer pon "good day." pwho would have thought? p>>laura: thank you. pconsider a staycation. pthe best and the cheapest places pacross the bay area to spend psome relaxing time with family pand friends. p>>russell: and a seventh grader psolved a scandal. pwhy tom brady should be thanking pa middle schooler for dispelling pdeflate gate. p>>laura: and drama and danger povernight. pa driver throws stuff out the pwindow and slams into deputy pcruisers. phow it all came to an end at p7:00. p>>dave: as we head to the 7:00
6:58 am
pit's mild. pmostly sunny skies. pbeautiful start to the day. pit's very mild. ptemperatures mainly in the mid p60s out there this morning. pwe're thrilled, like yesterday,
7:00 am
pnot only today but3 3 developing overnight: a wrong-way driver.... a violent p>>dave: developing overnight, a pwrong way driver, a violent pcollision with deputies and an podd discovery inside a driver's ptruck. pthe wild series of events put plives in danger on a very busy pbay area road. p>>laura: and a come from behind pvictory for bernie sanders. pwe're breaking down the latest presults and where the candidates pstand this morning.


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