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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  March 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> that is exactly right. blanche says they collected enough blood at her drive to save up to 300 lives. >> wow! how about that? happy birthday. >> time now for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> we talking about a local battle that has been reknew renewed. >> regulators are challenging ride sharing or not, but this time they are fighting back. >> whether we like it or not, the rules are on the books and we have to enforce them. >> with fines for uber and lyft drivers. >> you don't make america great by getting rid of everything that made america great. >> hillary clinton fighting back.
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a behind-the-scenes leader and mentor. >> this secret service agent spend years protecting first husband. >> and now at 11:00, many of you use these every weekend, ride-sharing services that are popular in the bay area, but they are also illegal at this point, and right now you beer and lyft drivers can be ticketed and fined up to $900. this was the decision by the transportation commission, and crystal, what do the riders who use these services need to know? >> well, chris, the next time they open the app and set their pick-up location they are going to want to think device before opening the door and hopping in, that is if state regular lietions regulations arenot set by monday, and
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dangerous for the riders and drivers. >> you are going to see people driving drunk on the streets. >> ernesto started driving for uber nine months ago and he says happy hour and weekends are his busy his times and he wonders what people are going to do without their ride. >> people don't want to drink and drive and get a d.u.i., but they also don't want to call a cop. >> starting next week, uber and lyft drivers could be fined and to the disappointment of transportation commissioners, lawmakers have come up with no regulation on the ride-sharing services. >> there were high hopes that they would had reach consensus and pass a state-wide policy so we didn't have to deal with it anymore. >> that leaves the county with
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>> if someone is driving for a ride sharing company, then they are breaking the law. >> and if you get injured you have to get a lawyer and sue to cover and it could take four years. >> and background checks are a concern. >> no one has been able to show us that they've been anything more than a basic google search. >> and the county would be alerted if there were an infraition, infraction, the same standard that bus drivers and taxi drivers must meet. >> we want it done in a way that is fair and safe. >> commissioners also voted to continue a lawsuit against uber in the county because they say they are dropping it against lyft, as lyft has been working with them to try to meet the
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urer uber has not budged in this. >> if you are in an uber ride, and you are pulled over, would the rider be fined. >> the rider won't be fined but it could be more difficult to find a ride with this rule being put in place, because they don't want to get a ticket, but the drivers that $900 is not going to uber or lyft, it's going to them. >> and how on to the democratic debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off inmm in miami. let's bring in our political he editor craig patrick. what is your take on this.
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cut more into clinton's lead by pressing his call for wall street reform and for hammers clipten mersclinton for accepts donations from and getting speaker fees from wall street interests and this is how he challenged hinter to release transcripts of speeches she has given. >> when you got paid $225,000 that means that that speech must have been an extraordinarily wonderful speech. >> so does this mean you would think -- >> i would think that a speech so great that you got paid so much money that you would like to share it with the american people. >> and that is a point sanders has been hammering and hammering. it did put hillary clinton on the defensive and the mot
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did as well by asking her why she thinks she lost the state of michigan and if she would drop out if indicted by the investigation and so that hillary clinton replied oh my goodness, i'm not even going to thans answer that because that would not happen. >> and she said while she accepted money from wall street interests and giving speeches it does not effect her perspective as it relates to ledge legislation or mind. >> i have said no bank is too big to fail and no executive is too power to jail and i will use the laws passed by the congress and president obama who by the way took a lot of money from wall street and that didn't stop him from signing into law some of the toughest regulations on
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>> and sanders come-back was well, that is what all politicians say, and so you got this back and forth between the two but there were also very interesting moments, in particular on immigration policy where, when pressed, both candidates promised if elected president they would not deport children or those who do not have criminal records. >> and we get to see them this week if we want to. >> they are coming to tampa bay because this is the largest media market in florida and so hillary clinton will be in ybor city tomorrow and sanders is arriving later at the fair grounds and we have lined up a one-on-one interview with bernie sanders which we'll bring you tomorrow night. >> on the republican side, jeb bush, no longer in the race but still making moves. we have learned he is meeting
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remaining gop candidates except for donald trump. rubio who had a horrible finishing last night and spent the afternoon rallies for votes in florida. they did not say what the meetings were about but if bush endorses anyone but the florida senator, it would be a huge blow to rubio. but carli fiorina announced today she would endorse ted cruz. but trump won three of four primaries and leads cruise leads cruz by more than 100 delegates right now. this will be the final debate ahead of the florida primary
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north carolina and winner-take-all ohio also vote that day. >> and new at 11:00, a disturbing case in pasco county ends with an arrest, 24-year-old joseph harmon is charged with sexually battering a 14-year-old girl. he says the pair were walking along a trail when he pushed her on to a bench and attacked her but she was able to get away. harmon being held on a $50,000 bond. and does this guy look familiar, he is said to be the guy who tried to abduct an 11-year-old girl yet, near thousand oaks and ronald reagan bflt, boulevard, and deputies say it was the little girl who ran away.
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she had just gotten off the bus around 4:10 tuesday, and the gi guy from this sketch called up in a white 2,000s model four-door told her her mom was in the hospital and he was there to pick her up, and that little girl took off running. this is the guy deputies are trying to track down. >> we have got to find this guy before he does successfully pick up some young person some place. we are exceptionally concerned. i have a team out on the ground investigating this right now. and we are also asking for anybody's help that may have seen a person that looks like this. >> if you know who that guy is or have any other information the polk county sherrif's office is waiting to hear from you right away. in polk county, josh cascio, fox 13 news. >> coming up a sobering reality for people who love their scotch.
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supply, because it's not unlimited and the prices on some of the bottles have become extraordinary. >> what is to blame for a global shortage of malt scotch whiskey. reagan. a local man is remembering the service agent. >> and we have a couple more days to go of sunshine, we are watching a mysterious line of rain and all sorts of flooding issues in louisiana. that is coming our way and we'll ta wendy hates dirty lawn furniture. s why she uses scotts outdoor cleaner plus oxi-clean. lawn furniture s lawn.
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3 p >> people are paying their respected to nancy reagan in simi valley, california. some of her former secret service agents are among those carrying her casket. she will lie in repose in the
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one local man, greg mertz is a former secret service agent who served on her deal, and he remembers her as a humble but strong first lady who helped her husband politically and when she said thank you, she meant it. >> she was such a motivator and a behind-the-scenes leader and president reagan. >> mertz also served on reagan's deal but arrived after the assassination attempt. he later went on to guard presidents bush and clinton. and he expects many secret service agents to take part in services. >> the cdc is investigating a multistate salmonella outbreak
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pi stash pistacio's under the wonderful brand, and you should sick. and now several beaches in sumter beaches insarasota county will close because of a 21.5 million project meapt to protect meant to protect the beaches from furthester erosion crews are start at turtle beach and go knot and then back to the middle and move south, hope that makes sense, but the work had to end by may 1 because that is season begin. >> and last week sta
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warehouse announced it would be closing today, but they got an overwhelming response and so made a last-minute decision to stay open another 12 months and say they will use that time to looking for a new location in tampa. they've been serving customers out of that old cigar factory for more than 30 years. >> and when we announced the closure i mentioned i have not been there, and now i have 12 months. >> time goes by, fast, lock up those recess reservations early, and how about this today, this stretch is weather is unbelievable but the old pollen thing is off the charts. it's not going to change much until april, and the wind is blowing the pollen around, and you know one thing, you have a southwest wind in early march. it's going to be a warm day. that is a land wind for us, and
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the way, is the same high temperature they had in washington dc and so warm airis going right up the east coast. a southwest wind in st. pete blows over the bay, so a couple of dress degrees cooler. 79 for them, and it looks good not only for tomorrow but at least half the weekend should be nice, you have the grand grand prix, and golf, the valspar tournament, the only issue likely to be showers on sunday, but until then we'll stay rain-free. this is blocking and keeping us high and dry but the combination of this and a big upper-level low is creating big problems for louisiana, eastern, texas and arkansas. we'll show you that in a moment. right now it's a warm and balmy
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will continue to below in from the southeast, and it's especially rough off shore, the wind coming in off of the land, not that bad, but you move offshore and the waves building with that southeast wind. high pressure is east of us, the high will gradually break down but it will stay strong enough to keep the rain at bay for a couple more days. don't expect much change day by day. it will be great to be outside. you can see the band of rain in the central gulf on saturday but that is still far removed from us and then by sunday, what is left of this front -- not much -- will move across the peninsula giving us at least a decent chance of showering during the day. check this out, this is rainfall predictions from computer models, this goos goes to noon on saturday and this is on top of 6
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new orleans. 12.62 predicted by the models between now and noon on saturday and 5 in shreveport, and they have already hat had 9 and shots that have already had 16 inches of rain could pick up another half foot. we are 71, the dewpoint is 58, east-southeast winds at 7, and there is the active front moving sloasly to moving movingslowly to the southeast. a pretty good looking thursday coming up, the forecast in writing goes like this. mostly clear and mild, we are in the mid 60's. tomorrow, lots of sunshine, breezy and moderate humidity, and then to wrap up the week, mostly sunny and humid, 83.
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with the showers, the grand prix is sunday, hopefully no delays in that big event but after that we turn dryer and cooler. back to you. >> and do you have to have your scotch? stock up. >> a shortage of it could have liquor lovers stocking up. you could buy a few barrels if you could hit the powerball. check out the numbers tonight. blan blap
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scotch whisky has been growing in popularit >> scotch whiskey is getting more and more popular and that boom comes at a price. >> now there is a global shortage of scotch, and while the industry is not on the rocks yet, there is nothing neat about the situation. >> sales of scotch nearly tripled between 2002 and 2015 and it's growing in popularity in other parts of the world, and as a result there is a shortage of age labeled single malt scotch whiskey. for example, this is now $1200 on line, and this distiller says the price is related to perception. >> in the market there is a perception that the older it is, the better it must be and i think a lot of people are drawn
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been in the barrel, 25 or 30 years it must be worth a lot and really be delicious. >> barley grains go through mashing and malting and then distillation. >> there is also an element of limited supply with the older whiskeys and obviously if you have a 30--year-old barrel, some of it evaporates every year. >> distilleries are popping up in california and new york and right here in brooklyn there are over 20. >> but it's asia that is believed to have sparked the shortage. as their interest grows and with last month's release of this cask. >> the prices on some of those
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>> in fact, bottles from 1964 are being solid on line for over $12,000. that will produce quite a hangover for your wallet. >> that was audrey fuente reporting. and that shortage is on the single malt whiskeys made in scotland, there is still plenty of blended brands out there. >> and jordan spieth had two major championships and more top-ten finishes than any golfer in 2015, but now he is back to defend his valspar title. it's a course that the player
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his story is coming up next. right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue streaming your favorite show in the great outdoors. and you don't need
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3 >> well, tomorrow morning the opening round ofort valspar championship. it's a strong field and something it didn't have a year ago, the number one golfer in the world, more on defending champ jordan spieth. >> the galleries are a lot larger his third time around at the valspar championship and rightly so. he is the player to beat and definitely on the radar although a confident spieth challenges that statement. >> i would like to think i was not under the radar last year at


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