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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  March 10, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> i appreciate it, dude. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] 3 ((walter ahead this morning on good day: a florida mother *shot by her own son. and why her comments on facebook.... may have predicted it. 3 ((jen fined... for a ride? the big decision that could have ride-sharing services driving *out of hillsborough county. 3 ((walter plus: the fight... for florida. the *two presidential candidates in town today... hoping to *win your vote... for next week's primary. 3 3 ((walter)) 3 good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those
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forecast... with dave. 3 3 3 3 3 3 in the headlines right now: the search for a man who tried to suffocate and kidnap a woman. 3 here's a picture of him, from the pasco county sheriff's office. deputies say "jason cheladyn" attacked sitting in his car on tuesday night... in hudson. investigators say -- he asked her if she wanted to smoke pot. when she said "no" and tried to leave... they say he put a plastic bag over her
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still managed to escape. cheladyn may be driving a red hyundai with the florida tag number b-p-s-p-5-0. if you know where he is ... call the pasco county sheriffs office. 3 the search continues in polk county... for a man who tried to abduct a girl. this is a composite sketch of him. the 11-year old girl got off her school bus around 4 p-m... in the area of thousand oaks boulevard and ronald reagan parkway... when the man pulled up beside her. he told her.. her mom was in the hospital and he was picking her up. she did the smart thing and ran away... and the man took off. 3 a pinellas county man has deputies say the man was in a parking lot yesterday afternoon on gulf boulevard in indian shores. witnesses say he got out and started walking around, when the car started rolling back. he jumped into the driver's seat to try and stop it, when his foot got caught under the front wheel. the car people *tried to pull him out... using wood blocks as much trauma and he died. 3 new this morning: a
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under investigation. firefighters were called out just after ten last night. it's in the 21 hundred block of west beach street. they say the home was vacant and didn't have any power. still no word on what caused it... but no one was hurt. 3 and not long after that fire.. a *second vacant home caught fire overnight in tampa. the home is on 17th avenue in the ybor city area. no injuries at this fire either... and also no cause. 3 3 a mother in north florida who spoke out in support of guns... just got *shot by one. and police say the person pulling the trigger, was her four-year-old son! 3 police are calling the whole thing an accident. 31-year-old jamie gilt was driving with her son... when he found a 45 caliber handgun...and fired it. the bullet hit gilt right in the back. deputies quickly responded and rushed her to a gainesville hospital... where she's expected to recover. the shooting came just one day after the mom boasted on facebook about her pro-gun stance... and even said her son loves to go target shooting. the sheriff's office and d-c-f are now investigating. 3 and now to a develoiping story in hillsborough county:
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services." uber and lyft drivers can once again be ticketed and fined. 3 the decision came down wednesday from the hillsborough county public transportation commission. that means starting next week, those drivers could get pulled over by police. the county voted for the tickets... since the state has still not passed statewide regulations on ride-sharing. and as fox 13's crystal clark reports... these fines may continue... for a very long time: 3 "you're going to see a lot of people driving drunk on the street, and that's going to be more dangerous for tampa." ernesto morffi started driving for uber nine months ago..he are his busiest times..he worries what people would do *without* their rides.."think weekends people go to drink, people don't want to drive, because they don't want to get a dui, but they don't want to going to be three times as uber and lyft drivers could be fined..the state legislature to the disappointment of the transportation commission, lawmakers have come up with no regulation on the ride sharing hopes on our part, as well as everyone else, that they would some statewide policy, so that we wouldn't have to deal with it here at home anymore."that leaves the county with no choice for now, but to enforce the rules as they stand.. "if someone is driving for a ride sharing company...then they're breaking the law."in tampa, blanket liability coverage.. not safe enough, according to transportation commissioners.. "if you get injured, you've got to get a lawyer and sue to recover. it could take four
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medical insurance or get your car repaired in the meantime?" background checks are also a concern.."no one has been able to show us that they do anything more than a basic google search."hillsborough county wants drivers finger printed and their criminal record checked interationally... the county would also be alerted if they get an infraction..the same requirements taxi and school bus drivers must meet.."we want the public to have the services that they're demanding, but we want it done in a way where it's fair and
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3 3 commissioners also voted to continue a lawsuit against uber for operating illegally...but they're dropping their suit against lyft. they say lyft is willing to work with them to meet safety standards. but they claim uber is not willing to budge.. it's unclear exactly how the county plans to police the services next week. 3 3 and now... to the fight for florida. the race to the white house... could once again hinge on voters here in the sunshine state. our primary next week is considered the *biggest prize of the primary season. so it's no surprise... all the candidates have been coming to town. 3 and today... *both democratic candidates will be stopping in tampa. their events are just a few hours apart. hillary clinton is speaking at the ritz in ybor city, around noon. and then, bernie sanders will hold a rally beginning at four p-m... at the florida state fairgrounds expo hall. you can check both their websites, to register.
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already *in florida. they faced off last night, in another debate... down in miami. sanders came into it with momentum on his side after pulling off an upset win in the michigan primary. and the debate moderators didn't pull any punches with hillary. they once again questioned her about her email scandal: 3 and bernie sanders repeated his concerns about *another clinton controversy, her possible ties to wall street... including some very
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3 the candidates ended the debate calling for florida voters to pick them next tuesday. clinton said she wanted to break down barriers... sanders promised he would focus on the uneven distribution of wealth. 3 on the republican side: one candidate could be getting a big endorsement, just in time for the florida primary. jeb bush is meeting with several candidates this week... to possibly give his endorsement. the first meeting was yesterday with marco rubio. primaries on tuesday, and voters in south florida. in florida. later today, bush will meet with john one candidate he *won't be meeting with... donald trump. 3 3 an update now, on a box of puppies... rescued in tampa. they are finally ready to be adopted! 3 the humane society of tampa bay took in the puppies about a month ago, after someone found them abandoned on the side of the road. they were in really bad
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back to health. and here's what they look like *now. a *lot bigger... cleaner...and happier. and you can start adopting them at the shelter, starting at noon. 3 and the shelter is also getting *another group of puppies today. they're part of a puppy mill rescue in arkansas. almost three *hundred puppies and dogs were rescued. many were living in filth and didn't have access to food or water. the humane society of tampa bay will get about two to three dozen of them. fox 13's alcides segui will be at the humane society all morning long to give us an update on all the dogs... starting in our five o'clock hour. 3 up next... a developing story
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in pennslyvania. the search for the killers... who *targeted a backyard party. 3 plus: a farewell... for a former first lady. the huge crowds lining up... to pay their respects to nancy reagan. 3 3 3 3 3 break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40endbrk: 1:30
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and, we're offering twenty-four month, no interest financing. come in today for storewide savings. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. [thwack] the spring home event. from classic to contemporary, havertys. 3 a developing story up north right now: at least five people are dead... after they were *ambushed during a party. it happened last night, just outside of pittsburgh. and police say the shooters are *still on the run. 3 police say at least two men barged into a house last night in wilkinsburg, and started shooting in an
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another three people were seriously wounded. four of the victims wer found on a back porch. the two gunmen ran off after the shooting. police say no one in the party shot back... and it's still not clear *why they were targeted. 3 public viewings continue today... for former first lady nancy reagan at the reagan national library in simi valley, california. the public viewing started yesterday, where more than three *thousand people stopped by. the funeral will take place tomorrow morning,and it will be *closed to the public. reagan will be buried on the library grounds... right next to her husband, president ronald reagan. nancy passed away on sunday from congestive heart failure. she was 94 years old. 3 today in washington: a dinner nearly twenty *years in the making. president obama is hosting canadian prime minister justin trudeau and his family, at the white house. the prime minister flew into joint andrews air force base in maryland last night. the visit will include a tour of d-c and a state dinner. it will be the first state dinner for a canadian leader in nearly 20 years.
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3 3 3 3 3 3 still ahead: a big deal for the bucs. a star player... is staying. and he didn't come cheap. 3 but the news *wasn't as
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why the denver broncos just lost *two starting quarterbacks... in less than a week! rooms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. with eight times more fragrance control, the new air wick scented oil warmer lets you dial up or down. for the perfect amount of fragrance. . home is in the air
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breathe a sigh of relief. running back doug martin... is *officially staying in tampa bay! 3 the bucs finalized a five year deal, worth a little more than 35 million dollars. 15 million of that is guaranteed, and it has a potential max value of over 42 million if he hits all the incentives. martin was one of the best running backs in the league last season, and he was one of the *top free agents this offseason. the bucs had to compete with at least *five other 3 teams. martin tweeted last night that it was good to be back. and the bucs front office... couldn't agree more: 3
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3 3 3 the biggest shocker during the first day of free agency signing in the nfl... the broncos just lost their first, peyton manning "brock osweiler" has signed with the houston texans. denver was actually planning to *keep brock, but not at this price. houston is paying him about 18 *million four years. denver is now trying to trade with san
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"colin kaepernick." 3 3 some of the best golfers in the world are teeing off today in tampa. the first round of the valspar championship is now just a few hours away. the biggest name on the leaderboard is "jordan speith." he's ranked the number one golfer in the world. he also won this tournament last year. spieth says this course is perfect for setting the table for the majors ahead:
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3 gates open at six o'clock this morning. tickets start at fifty dollars a day. when we come back, i'll have another check on your thursday forecast. 3 plus: a tough time for *liquor lovers. the popular drink... that just got a big price hike. 3 check out the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! try a flaky filet-o-fish made with sustainably sourced fish, a big mac made with 100% beef, chicken mcnuggets made with white meat, or a quarter pounder with cheese seared on the grill. pick any 2 for $5 bucks.
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try a flaky filet-o-fish made with sustainably sourced fish, a big mac made with 100% beef, chicken mcnuggets made with white meat, or a quarter pounder with cheese seared on the grill. pick any 2 for $5 bucks.
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3 ?wet your whistle? it won't come cheap. scotch whiskey has been growing in popularity the past few years. and that boom comes at a price. there is now a global shortage! and if you have a bottle sitting in your liquor cabinet... you may want to *sell it. fox's audrey puente explains why it could be worth a fortune. 3 sales of scotch whisky in america nearly tripled between 2002 and 2015 and is growing in popularity in other parts of the world. as a result, there is a growing shortage of whisky.for example, a bottle of pappy van winkle 15 that went for 47 dollars in 2007, now costs an average of 12 hundred dollars online. brad estabrooke of breucklenlen distilling company says the price is related to perception. 02:56 brad estabrooke, founder of breuckelen distilling company"in the market there's a perception that the older it is, the better it must be. i think a lot of people are drawn to the idea that if something has been in the barrel for 25 or 30 years, is must really be worth a lot of money, it must really be delicious."whisky is made from barley grains which go through a process of malting....mashing... ..fermentation,,,,,and distillation. the spirit is put into oak barrels for maturation. the longer the spirit is stored, the more desirable it becomes.03:15 brad estabrooke, founder of breuckelen distilling company "there is also an element of limited supply with those older whiskys. obviously, to have a 30 year old barrel of whisky, some of the whisky evaporates every year, so there's not really much of it." 22:18 audrey stand up "favorable laws are resulting in distilleries popping up in states like california, oregon, and new york. right here in brooklyn, there are over 20 distilleries producing spirits."but, it's asia that is believed to have sparked the shortage. their interest
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been getting a lot of attention lately with last month's release of the yamazaki sherry cask priced at three thousand eight hundred dollars.023:52 brad estabrooke, founder of breuckelen distilling company "since there's a shortage of supply, it's not unlimited. the prices on some of those bottles have become extraordinary."in fact, bottles of black bowmore whisky from 1964 are being sold online for over 12 thousand dollars. that will produce quite a
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3 that was audrey puente reporting. this shortage is specific to single malt scotch whisky... which is made in scotland. there are still plenty of great *american whiskeys out there for a reasonable price. 3 still ahead in our next half hour: the fight for florida. with our primary just days away... the candidates are in town. fox 13's shayla reaves explains where to see them.. and how to get tickets. 3
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