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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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gunfire. they are okay in the hospital. this very non-life threatening department. now they say around 2:00 several people were on the patio when the challenger opened fire. some said they heard up to 10 shots ring out. can you see all the evidence markers lining the streets here. now to give you a sense of the seriousness we have seen the here. they are saying enough is enough with the gun violence. >> to the person who did this who is a coward and shoot a child. we're going to find you. we're going to prosecute you and put you away. and to the community, this is not tolerated t is time this has to stop. too many guns, too much violence. too much lettry buon. if something happens let us
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>> here is something we heard, holman had been shot in 2015, also a drive by. no arrests there. we found out he was arrested for grand theft in 2010. back to the case. police have yet to figure out why this happened they do not believe it was a random shooting. they are interviewing witnesses but it is a battle. people are giving them different statements some don't want and police have their work cut out for them. as the mayor put it. whoever did this they will prosecute them you heard the mayor he is calling whoever shot a 3-year-old girl a coward. back to you. >> what hope they find them soon. >> the florida primary a week away and the race for the white house zeroed in on tampa. and bernie sanders and hillary clinton are holding events here. the rally for bernie sanders is
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look at this, can you see the view here today, lot of people are excited to see him. big crowds. and evan axelbank is there. >> mark, this is obviously a very large crowd as you saw from the pictures it is loud when i put my hand in my here here. and a very loud and large and optimistic rally here. this is what it looks like. there are several thousand people who have pack in the here. they have filled 2/3 of the very large expo hall. the supporters are feeling optimistic because of the win that bernie sanders had in michigan and they are hoping for a repeat. supporters know that he trails clinton in the polls. but the so-called start said the
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and florida has the circumstances and hispanic voters and they have supported the clintons for years. but the sanders people feel they have momentum and issues on their side. i heard a lot about the push for higher education and the desire to get out of politics n short the supporters say that sanders is about to shock the world. >> he has strong core values. if you believe in that and you have been to stand behind. >> that gives us hope that we can fight this. >> you know the goal here for the sanders campaign here is to built. they did that in michigan. the hope is to start to peel away the delegates that they
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southern states. certainly they are split proportionally here in florida f this is 50-50 if bernie sanders does not win he can start to peel away at some of the lead we have seen hillary clinton mount and say toy belong in the race until the convention. >> every showing builds on the next one. >> we look forward to the reports. see you later. hillary clinton does have a commanding lead over sanders. supporters lined up to hear her speak. and aaron mesmer was out there. what was it like? >> reporter: clinton chose the ritz and that's a smaller venue but the supporters packed it with enthusiasm for the democratic presidential front runner. hillary clinton! >> the supporters packed the ritz. >> extremely excited. >> and tried to fill the room
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hillary is probably the most qualified, most knowledgeable. >> tampa, let's give it up for the next president of the united states, secretary hillary clinton. >> the front runner for the nomination touched on a greatest hits from immigration reform. >> i will work for immigration reform with a path to citizenship. >> to gun laws. >> we have got to do what we can to get common sense gun safety measures, we can do it in accordance with the constitution and to save lives. >> to reaffirming her support for the affordable care act and gay marriage. hillary clinton said that florida needs more small business jobs and took a at shot at the governor, you need a president and you need a governor who wants to help you create the jobs. >> at times she focused less on bernie sanders, her op pont in the primary, and more on her potential republican opponents
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>> people ask me who do i want to run against. that's not for me. i will take any one of them. >> that kind of statement is what supporters say separates clinton from the pack and that's a reason she has the vote on tuesday, i do not walk down the road of fear but with character and integrity that's why i'm here. >> this was clinton's first time in the area since 2008. she focused on florida infrastructure and pledged to put more money in and renew the efforts to build a high speed rail line here and orlando. >> thank you, aaron. there are new poll numbers in the republican race. look at the screen. according to the clear politics, the real clear politics of the polls, donald trump has a lead over marco rubio n some polls he is up by more than 20 points. ted cruz behind in third.
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in the area. and the sheriff's office unveiling an investigation this afternoon. it landed 22 people in jail they seized drugs and more. and the operation was widespread indeed, right? , they partnered with five other counties for hydro hustlers. most of the people were hired to rent homes in their name and grow marijuana inside of them. , there were 10 grow houses eight were here. the weed is hydroponic weed. it has high thc. it is twice as expensive. and it seized 2 million. and the wring leader julio
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the sheriff said he came from miami. he employed dozens of people. they would renned the homes in their names and others were electricians. and they were unsuspects in neighborhoods and it is next to a daycare. there are more in tampa bay and there are certain things neighbors need to look out for. >> they have newer fences. no trespassing. wind windows or blinds. and units that are concealed with objects like mattresses. and chicken koops. >> the sheriff added that the office has taken down 15 grow houses in total this year.
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and they were mercedes and a cadillac escalade as well as two trailers and a boat. i asked the question they are asking will the cars be put up for auction? they say the office has not decide wad they will do. 22 suspects have been arrested they are at the jail. five people are wanted in the investigation and the sheriff's office believes they may have pled back to cuba. and tonight at 11, we're live in tampa. >> crystal clark. >> see you then. this shows a bus driver and attendant getting off the bus and leaving a sleeping child behind. they did it twice. the child had to hitch hike 30-miles to get home. evan lambert is live from the
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this is unbelievable. >> and both women did not check to see if anyone was on the bus before they left. they disabled an alarm that was so. investigators say the 13-year-old fell asleep on the bus ride from davenport to our wales. the driver, gail brown and the attendant gwen simmons never noticed he didn't get off the bus. they got off leaving him to climb out the emergency exit. he hitchhiked home. it happened again on march 8th deputies. >> when two people ignore all
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can do we put them in jail. >> the driver and the attendant will be fired. they now are facing child neglect charges. now both women were given a $2000 bond. kelly. >> the boy is okay. that had to be scary for him. >> thank you for that, evan. >> when we come back. changes underway bigger changes
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3 petersburg's downtown the waterfront at st. pete is a gem. the city wants to take it to a new level. there is a fund now in the bank transformation. and as steve nichols tells us the public is invited now to provide some suggestions. >> in this waterfront at the top of the screen the stadium is at the bottom above the brightly lighted buildings. ribbons of light and bay shore drive and second heavy and the park land out to the pier. it can be wide pedestrian friendly corridors. >> getting close and cars farther away from the water is extremely important of the plan. >> jason jenson is turning the concepts into a building plan,
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but he confirms that bay shore will look like this and the area between beach drive and pay shore and the road to the pier will become a grand entry way, that should be a nexus a center of the city at that point that really guides you into the pier and invites you in. a bridge will connect the fine arts museum and history museum across the street in the trip of water. there will be a restaurant. that's one of the parts of the plan that we're incorporating. >> closer to the new pier, a second and a kid's stone. at the end of the day it will not seem like two parking lots. it is a park with restaurants and activities within it. >> we can only show you concepts from the master plan and see the preliminary design next week. public input is the next step in the transformation. steve nichols in st. pete.
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see the final design for the new pier and by the end of 2018, the new pier and district should all be finished. now your forecast with mike bennett. it is days like this that you can get out and enjoy the weather. and at the beaches though, look at this the beach camera. packed. and gorgeous weather and tomorrow and sunday and move in later in the day. and how about 88 in brandon. mid80s. and a warm midmarch day and more like may. tomorrow again we get into it. mid-to-upper 80s. going for 82348 brandon.
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70s for st. pete. >> here is the forecast it is nice. it was breezy out there today. and tomorrow slightly less breezy. we'll see warm weather.
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and they are good out in the it is continuing to see streams of moisture headed to the panhandle and on into eastern louisiana. that is slowly, slowly working east by saturday afternoon though it is off to the west and not making a quick progress. we'll see humidity out here. if you thought it was humid it will days. and that is dew points near 70 for some of us. cold front here is working through as we head to sunday. scattered showers around. the best chance of showers at this point looks to be into the afternoon. they are working from the coast.
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afternoon we start to clear things out right along the coast there. recap for tonight. 65 degrees. partly cloudy and mild. for the day. 84 sun and crowds. fairly humid 82 a stray. >> and. >> high hide 3:27.
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slightly less breezy tomorrow. >> something we did not expect to see out of the defending champion and the world number one golfer jordan spieth he struggled here. he was not alone. a lot of players are bit. what happened after the break. geico motorcycle,
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round one of the valspar championship. this is the place that started it all for jordan spieth and the campaign where he went on to win two majors. today a different story in round one for the world's number one. that's right. he is now looking down the barrel of missing the cut if he cannot straighten things out tomorrow. this is his second hole. the putter was not working. and five bogus. and spieth called it an off day.
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through 18 holes. >> how about the champion and today and switched over from a putter. he is 4 under sharing it with ken duke. he is pumped. and charles howe is there at 4 under as well a three-way tie. let's listen to him following his first 18. the wins. it is a tough course. it was a day that seemed to be when you don't have a shot you don't deserve it. inded up not having much out of the trees. i drove it into a couple of divets in the fairways. >> to baseball and kevin cash
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lineup throughout spring. nothing is cemented yet. he said that a possibility in the lead off spot is logan forsyth. he got the start as they took on the pirates. the bump and the longest outing of any pitcher. two hits no runs no walks, three strikeouts. a strong day for the starting pitcher. a little offense. and with some support. how about jennings. the spring that he had. a two run homer here in the third. rays take the lead. jennings hitting four of 8. and in the five. dickerson solid and to left. another ray and the rays win this 5-1. and basketball now florida state's tournament run came to an end. the loss to virginia tech.
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fingers looking for the nit bid. action on the hardwood. usf starts the tournament play taking on east carolina. this one in orlando. angel nunez working hard. put back. lead with 19. and this is a tie game. cousins. flash. the alley. perry. the oop. this seals the win. usf gets the victory. they will face the top speed tem tem pel tomorrow. mike white they need a few minutes to sweden the bid. arkansas on the break. dusty hannah. goal tends. that will count. they are just down one here the next trip down. casey hill. the drive to the hole. hill leads with 18 points off the bench.
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with the break out dunk by robinson. advances 68-61. they will play texas tomorrow. a good day for the local teams usf and florida. not a great day for jordan spieth but my money is on him. currently a three way tie. we have bradley. duke. and chucky three sticks from the valspar championship back to you. >> they will have to get used to the gusty wind it will be around all weekend. >> have fun. >> scott, thank you. straight ahead a purple heart recipient and endured 90 surgeries. he got his family quite the surprise. we'll show you what happened later on. and the world's busiest airport is about to be a giant construction zone. what is happening at atlanta
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((mark--vo-)) another republican showdown tonight. this time in miami.... in what could be a "do or die" showing for marco rubio. 3 ((mark-mpx)) the all important winner-take-all primaries for them -- less than a week away! fox's james rosen has the day's
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trail from washington.(take pkg) 3 runs:1:41 the government has to stop using young people to make money. >> to say that is right i said it many months before. thanks for copying the idea. and 99 delegates to be on a winner take all. the hopefuls were set to appear in miami. and marco rubio struggling in the polls in his home state again dismissed calls for him to drop out. >> that is 100% false.
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with anyone on my team or on the planet earth. >> reporter: and donald trump dominating in florida by more than 20 points. and onkasich struggling to keep his campaign alive is out pointing him in the buckeye state where 66 gop its will be awarded. >> i will win ohio, i'm not stalled out. the polls are not ting accurate or too old. >> all of the campaigning and spin comes as the party leaders are holding meetings here aimed at determining whether the rules will be held in cleveland in july can be changed to stop donald trump from getting the nomination. in washington, james rosen, fox news. the president says that donald trump's positions are not different from those of the other republican presidential candidates. he is more provocative. the president weighed in on the campaign and during a news
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prime minister. and he says that the trump's position on immigration and other issues are not that different from those of ted cruz or marco rubio. he went on to call the gop primary a circus. >> there are thoughtful conservatives who are troubled by this who are troubled by the direction of the party. they need to reflect on what it is about the politics they have engaged in that allows the successous we have been saying to transpire. >> the president said he is holding out hope that cooler heads will prevail and republicans will back town from the plans to block a supreme court nominee. a breakthrough in the fight against isis. german officials and a british news organization saying
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those who helped them join the terror organization. and we have more tonight from london. >> 22,000 isis files in the hands of the british media. fox news' sister network sky news is in possession of the documents which revealed information of militants and those who recruited them. >> we have 51 nationals from 51 countries that we have identified t is the nature of the globalisation of the movement that is remarkable, they include enromment forms with names, birthplaces and whether they are suicide bombers. information on several found in the data. among them dougas mccain who went to fight and killed in august of that year. and many others included are dead but there is hope details will stop the flow of people joining the terror organization. >> we are aware of the reports
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gave us a better insight into the members of isil will be helpful to the department of defense and the coalition effort to ultimately defeat isil. >> it comes from a thumb drive from the group's internal police. the information should be used by those fighting isis. >> and i want to say to the people on the inside of the organization, the organization is a lie t is not islam, there is nothing that ever follows islam. >> the police in germany are in possession of the files which contain data on isis members. germany's criminal police believe that the files are authentic. the except gone says it is unable to confirm if it is or not. the first openly gay leader of a service. and the committee today approving the nomination to be
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the senate needs to approve. it comes as they work to eliminate barriers based on sexuality or gender. a bill headed to the california's governor's desk that regulate electronic cigarettes and raise the age to 21. california is the second state to file the law after hawaii. and the use is banned in restaurants, theaters where smoke something prohibited. it prohibits marketing e cigarettes to minors. and more seen teens are using e cigarettes than traditional cigarettes. and fox's morris diggs report at thes bus a plan that will take 20 years to finish, the state of our airport, like the rest of atlanta, is strong. >> the airport is the single most important asset under the control of the atlanta
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>> last year passengers flying to and from atlanta grew 190%. more than four times that of the u.s. economy. and something special is happening in atlanta that has people traveling here in astonishing levels. >> with a video, the officials unveiled their master plan over 20 years. planning a new concourse, dressing up the existing concourses, new runway, and a hotel. they will expand parking lots and that will include tearing down two of the closest facilities for a redo but don't worry, it will be a time before they do that. the construction will not start for another five years. there is something new they announced nothing to do with construction and something that local residents have been
6:38 pm
using a taxi, on march 30th we will introduce to the council for their consideration legislation to implement service by uber and lyft. >> and once construction starts the debt will be the first project it will be done by 2036. some spirit airlines passengers got into a fight on a plane and it is all caught on camera or technically on phone. this is posted showing the fight on board the la-bound fight a number of women are involved in the punching and hair pulling. two refused to turn down their music after the plane landed. they were intoxicated and -started antagonising the other passengers. police removed all five aboard. no charges were filed. a crew of astronauts heading to the international space station coming up this summer
6:39 pm
they will conduct more than 250 scientific experiments t is a three person team discussing the expedition. >> an opportunity to do survival together you learn how can you be a part of the team and work together, that's one of the fun parts of training. that will be fun. >> the cosmonaut has been there before.
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3 ((kelly--ots)) at least three people are reported dead at least three people are reported dead. severe weather hit several southern states. the governor of louisiana declared a state of emergency in response to the flooding there. parts of texas were hit hard. and we go to dallas tonight. >> reporter: the heavy rain causing flash flooding and forcing thousands of evacuations in louisiana. >> the backyard and a river, lake, water raising up to the rooftops of homes. it breaks my heart. the people are my friends and neighbors. >> in the booze er city area, 3500 homes are being evacuated as red cheat bayou is reaching the top of the levee. residents are getting out safely. >> we're doing rescue missions for people that are flooded in
6:43 pm
extract people from the vehicles. >> three people drowned in flooding across louisiana, oklahoma and texas in the recent days. nearly 10 inches falling in parts of the lone start state cars. rescuers say they should not under estimate the threat posed bystanding water. >> i think people don't have the realization that it is dangerous displace it. we want people to turn around. drown something a scenario. >> the rain just will not let up, officials warp more is on the way for parts of louisiana, arkansas and here in texas. the latest from dallas. a site meantime for tourists today when a glacier collapses. tourists who were there they
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3 (kelly do you remember when am do you remember when american idol had two hosts. ryan seacrest had a side kick. we'll visit the former season cohost brian dunkleman. does very regrets. you will find out what he is doing now on the 10:00 news. >> hoy can you forget him. >> the dow, well some early lousess but ended down just at 5 points. and 16995. the nasdaq fell and slightly around 1989. this is a well deserved surprise his house remodeled he has a lot of people to thank. he is recovering from wounds. who made his home remodel possible. >> it was all hands on deck on
6:48 pm
the touches on the newly remodeled home. this is not your standard renovation. this is a way to say thank you to the war veteran who spent years recovering from wounds suffered in afghanistan. >> it is an obligation i feel strongly we need to kind of help give them a boost up. >> spearheading the renovations are r lee irmie. known as gunny. and cohost of the life sometime show military makeovers. his crew put this thing together in just four days. now in in order to pull off this project in just four days you need a big crew. 70 people pitched in to work on the home, half of which were volunteers from the bay area.
6:49 pm
and come to turf over day that's a payoff. that's when we reap the benefits. >> all of your yelling at the volunteers and me finally pays off. >> we'll take a look here. >> in that short amount of time the crew transformed the home on both the inside and outside, we did this yard in two days, they were under the gun. by the time lance-corporal and his family arrived, mission accomplished a new bedroom, kitchen and living room and plenty of surprises for the 3-year-old. in pinellas park. >> how about that. >> yeah! >> fantastic. >> great to everyone who played a hand. other than your family anything more sacred than your home. >> they did that for him. he deserved it. that's a win-win for everyone.
6:50 pm
>> glad he is better. and carry us into the weekend. will the wind continue. >> we're going to drop this down as we head into the day. and saturday much less breezy and then sunday we have to watch out. it is a big, big weekend. you have valspar and the grand prix and strawberry festival. the look outside. before we get to the forecast, look out there, tampa. a nice beautiful ending to a warm day. almanac is 85 degrees the high. 68 was the low this morning. here is a look at by the way the high being 85 or average high. this is the fourth day in a row that we had 80 or better. tough go back to the end of december. the 28th to the 31st before you find the stretch. we'll continue it six days in a row of hitting that 80.
6:51 pm
and maya express leading to flooding across mississippi. arkansas and east texas. we'll talk about what that means and what it means for us coming up. warm and increasing humidity for us over the next couple of days. we keep the 80s going and the showers and storms. they will rise likely sunday afternoon. ling near monday. the piece of news that it will do -- lingering monday. the piece of news if you are suffering from allergies that will drop them down. a current temperature 82 and 77 in tampa and new port richey. and 76 in bradenton. and arcadia. and you see the winds coming down a bit. now 10 miles per hour in tampa. and gusting to 25 in lakeland. hard pressed to find that as we head through the evening.
6:52 pm
the afternoon we'll not see the gusts to 20 to 30 miles per hour. and certainly less breezy. and saturday. and satellite and radar. and look to the west. and and way back to the west. and that does not make a lot of progress over the coming days. take a look at this, drenching rains. and mississippi, tennessee, kentucky and louisiana picked up 20 inches of rain over the last couple of days. and temperature wise warm. look at this. and philadelphia hit 82 for the second day a new record for them.
6:53 pm
and a hot of warm air across the eastern third across the country. we head through the next several days. here is the future cast. this is hanging to the west. not moving a lot. and at least into saturday a stray shower. ahead of it by sunday that's when we see the showers arrive. notice by 1 p.m. showers and that will build and push east into the afternoon. 65 for tonight. partly cloudy. here is the 7-day forecast. temperatures ins low to mid80s. turn the clocks ahead. 80 on sunday. a cans of showers and rain as we head to monday. >> looks fantastic. a program helping kids get the
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coming up tonight at eleven... just when it looked like battle lines drawn between uber and the when it looks like the battle lines between uber and the transportation department how talks may avoid that fight. we have a wrap of the republican presidential debate and how this face to face matchup shaped florida's primary next week. that's coming up on the 11:00 news. thank you. they're hitting the right notes by placing instruments in the hands of middle school students in the bay area. recycled tunes. a harmonious mission is what's right with tampa bay. [music] >> and the beautiful school pop
6:57 pm
that's what got me interested into playing the keyboard. >> the band is the brain child of daniel shea, the music teacher at at the school. >> as they gain a love for music that they know and can play the music that they know they are interested in and curious about other music they don't know. >> the instruments are donated by gasparilla music foundation. they give indisrupts to those who cannot afford them. >> guitars, drum sets all the popular instruments. >> the program is called recycled tunes, this year we collected over 100 instruments, we have placed over 300 to date in area schools. >> they're proud of the initiative that is inching the
6:58 pm
>> wonderful opportunity for the community to dig out of their closet that instrument that's been sitting and collecting dust and have it loved by a kid again. >> the foundation is having a program this weekend to gather more instruments, go to fox 13 news for more information. if you have anything to donate that would be fantastic. >> it is all about music. rdinary salad, this is a florida berry and citrus salad. the mixing bowl, proudly welcomes the arugula leaves. lemon juice and olive oil drizzle down. fresh strawberries, blueberries and oranges tumble into place. dashed with cheese and topped with candied pecans. done. it's easy to turn local produce into something extraordinary. look for fresh from florida products when you shop. remember, delicious is always
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>> justin bieber put on a hell of a show in seattle, but not in concert, at a bar. $130 worth of whisky. just ran out on it. >> according to him, this guy came up and started yelling and cussing at the backup dancing. >> real tough. take on the backup dancer. >> i think chris judd, kevin federline, all mop you! >> rob kardashian's confidence is back. he was shirtless during a cookout with blac chyna. >> he looks happy. he looks confident. >> that's the worse thing you can say someone with their shirt off, they look confident. [laughter]


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