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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  March 12, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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@ @ @ good saturday morning, @everybody, i am walter allen in @for alcides segui. @we have a very serious @situation this morning. @deadly crash out of @hillsborough county. @a wrong-way accident on the @crosstown expressway that sent @serious expect. @>> anchor: we have a reporter @on the keen. @kelly cowan is on the scene and @waiting for the press @conference expected to start up @any moment now. @let's head out there right now. @the press conference is about @to start. @let's see what is going on. @>> the driver who was driving @the wrong way was killed @instantly and our deputy was
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@where he expired. @the -- this is early in the @investigation now. @we are not going to release any @names at this point as we get a @hold of the families of both -- @of both drivers. @>> reporter: can you explain @exactly where this happened. @which way the wrong-way driver @was going? @>> yes, the driver apparently @may have gotten on -- right @down the road from us at this @point and going westbound while @the flow of traffic was @eastbound and had begun enter @eastbound and had begun @entering -- was up on entering @an elevated portion of the @expressway. @and our deputy was eastbound @had had just left tampa general @hospital after working a @traffic crash down in district @4 and was en route back to his @district when the vehicle @struck. @>> reporter: do you know how @fast they were going? @>> too early at this point but
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@>> reporter: [reporter asking @question] @[inaudible] @>> it is too early at this @point but appears that the @deputy was trying to get out of @the way. @[reporter asking question] @[inaudible] @>> the deputy is deceased. @>> reporter: in tampa we have @reported on so many wrong-way @crashes. @what do we need to do to stop @this? @>> pay attention driving and @just -- i think it is highlight @just -- i think it is @highlighting a much bigger @issue between distracted @driving and dui. @at this time in night, there @are a lot of people who have @been consuming alcohol @beverages out on the road but @we need to pay attention what @we are doing on road and not @spending our time on the cell @phones and talking and texting. @>> reporter: can you tell us @what is happening on the scene? @>> the scene is being processed @as any traffic homicide will be @as any traffic homicide will @be.
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@measurements of it, determining @speed, and crime scene photos. @things of that sort. @>> reporter: right now what @routes are shut down? @>> just the elevated expressway @coming into brandon. @you'll be unable to get off at @brandon parkway. @>> reporter: how long do you @expect this to be closed? @>> this will be closed at least @four or five hours. @>> reporter: the deputy, did he @die actually at the hospital? @>> yes, sir. @>> reporter: i am sorry you may @have said this but what time is @the crash? @>> a little bit before 3 a.m. @>> reporter: the two drivers @were the only two people at the @scene? @>> yes, each one had one driver @>> yes, each one had one @driver. @>> reporter: was the deputy @wearing a seat belt and @everything? @>> yes, he would have been @[reporter asking question] @[inaudible] @>> not at this point. @i mean, we will release that as @soon as possible, but right now @i want to make sure the family @i want to make sure the
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@>> reporter: was the driver of @the other car wearing his seat @belt? @>> i couldn't tell that you. @>> reporter: i know it is still @early in the investigation -- @[inaudible] @>> not at this point, it is @too early to determine that. @>> reporter: what a loss this @is for the department. @>> yeah. @you know, these guys -- these @men and women are -- excuse me @-- the men and women are out @there trying to protect @everybody, and these guys are @very concerned about the @drivers at night. @in fact this deputy had hoped @to become a traffic homicide
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@his career, but a large family @you know sometimes don't get @along, but when something @happens, you are obviously very @close together. @and this -- this is a loss not @only to the hillsborough county @sheriff's office but to all the @law enforcement men and women @who are trying to do their job @and get home alive. @[reporter asking question] @>> he has been here five years, @ five and a half years. @[inaudible] @>> well, we are a large @agency, but, yeah, he comes @from a family of law @enforcement officers. @[rorp asking question] @-- reporter asking question] @>> we work with all of them @though. @this is a large -- like i said,
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@it's like lose @it's like losing a family @member. @and it drives it home to all -- @to all the deputies because it @could have been his car. @it could have been anyone else @it could have been anyone @else's car. @>> reporter: seeing that @emotion in your eye like you @said, it seems like a hard @thing. @>> it is not something you ever @-- it is not something that any @police executive wants to go @through when you -- when you @lose somebody that works with @you, you know. @it is probably the worst part @of the job. @we -- we go through a lot, and @-- but when it is one of your @own, it is very hard. @[reporter asking question] @>> thank you. @ @>> anjuli: a live press
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@a fatal collision on the @crosstown expressway. @both drivers dead and one of @those drivers does include a @hillsborough county deputy. @>> anchor: definitely not the @way we wanted to start our @saturday morning. @just to reiterate a little bit @of what hillsborough county @sheriff's office said that this @deputy was hoping to a be a @traffic homicide detective was @killed in this wrong-way crash. @the other driver, like you @mentioned, was killed as well. @wow. @just -- @>> anjuli: heartbreaking right @now and certainly for both @family @families involved. @>> anchor: we are hope @>> anchor: we are hoping to @learn more information as the @morning goes on. @of course we have a live @reporter on the scene. @kelly cowan is there but, wow, @not the way you want to start @our saturday. @>> anjuli: thoughts and @prayers with those family @prayers with those families. @check of the weather with @lindsay. @>> anchor: hi, lindsay. @>> lindsay: 6:06. @switching gears. @very warm temperatures. @74 degrees in wesley chapel,
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@65 in tampa and 72 in bradenton @65 in tampa and 72 in @bradenton. @winds are light and variable. @we have the water influence. @also a little bit of patchy fog @also a little bit of patchy @fog. @anywhere from dade city to @perhaps brandon, plant city, @strawberry festival under way @this weekend. @weather looks good today. @showers tomorrow. @and one or two showers this @morning south of lake placid @moving into desoto county. @nothing major. @i will keep the rain chance @today about 0%. @off to the west, all that rain, @the flooding rain for days @across the deep south. @it is slowly on the move that @will help up our rain chances @for tomorrow. @today, extra clouds, mainly @high in nature and slim inland @rain chance. @highs pushing the low to @mid-80s. @the sea breeze will keep it a @little cooler at the beach. @ all right, lindsay, thank @you. @6:08 the time. @new this morning st. petersburg @police arrest a man after they @say he showed up at a gas @station with the ingredients to @make meth. @officers were called out to the
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@they got there found gregory @lawrence with a bottle of @chemicals to make meth. @the area behind the store was @closed until the narcotics unit @could dispose of the bottle. @ a donald trump rally @postponed after fights break @out between supporters and @protesters. @>> anchor: hillary vaughn has @more on this chaotic keen. @>> reporter: the scene in @chicago, an estimated 6,000 @demonstrators voicing their @anger at the presidential @candidate. @many holding signs and calling @trump unamerican for his past @controversial statements. @inside the rally, fights @breaking out, punches thrown @between the pro and anti-trump @camps. @many shouting at each other, @but no serious injuries were @reported. @police eventually getting @control of the situation and @asked everyone to leave in a @peaceful manner. @>> i don't want to see people @get hurt and i don't want to @see people get hurt or worse @and i decided very strongly to @make a decision not to do it
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@it was a big rally and a @tremendous rally with @tremendous people, but i just @don't want to see people get @hurt. @any people. @on either side. @you know, we have such a @divided country now. @it has been so divided under @this president, and i have been @saying it for a long time. @>> reporter: trump's visit @created waves on the campus @since time it was announced. @dozens of u.s. faculty and @staff petitioned university @administrators to cancel the @rally. @he is facing intensifying @criticism of the violent @crashes between supporters and @protesters. @hillary vaughn, fox news. @ ahead of tuesday's all @ ahead of tuesday's @all-important primary here in @florida, senator marco rubio @will be making multiple stops @this morning in the bay area. @start at 9:00 with a stop on @118th avenue in largo. @then at 11:30 @then at 11:30, he is expected @to be at vaughn's bash due in @hudson. @he will make two more @appearances in tampa and @lakeland this afternoon before
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@if you want to beat the primary @rush, time is running out. @early voting ends this weekend @for six of our local counties @today is the last day. @that includes polk, pasco, @hernando, citrus and manatee @county. @early voting in hillsborough @and pinellas county end on @sunday and of course the @florida primary is this @tuesday, march 15. @ police say they have found @the car they believe was used @in a drive-by shooting that @sent a toddler to the hospital. @the dodge challenger that @pulled up in st. pete thursday. @the car was found abandoned @around 11 thursday night at del @homes park. @police say the car was reported @stolen on monday. @the forensics unit looked over @the car for evidence. @someone inside that challenger @open fired hitting 3-year-old @jayla mack in the stomach. @she was sitting on her @grandmother's front porch at @the time. @holowman has been shot. @mack's condition is unknown but @the little girl is expected to
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@the no arrests have been made @in the shooting. @ 6:1. @spent 340 days in space and now @scott kelly will enjoy his time @back on earth. @less than two weeks after @returning to earth, kelly @announced he is hanging up his @space suit. @nasa announced kelly's @retirement. @the 52-year-old holds the @american record for the longest @period of time up in space. @his retirement will be on april @1. @well deserved. @his time in space allowed him @to reflect what his next step @on earth would be. @no word on what future plans @will be. @not only figurative next step @will be but his actual next @step would be. @>> anjuli: i bet he is so @happy to be home. @can you imagine that long. @>> anchor: that long in space @and for him to look forward to @things we take for granted. @gravity, for instance. @a beer, for instance. @>> anjuli: water. @>> anchor: water that is not @recycled. @ nasty weather is making its @way to the gulf state. @>> anjuli: lindsay will tell
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@plus the bucs pick up players @in free-agent and the valspar @>> lindsay: @. @>> lindsay: several events @including that one in @innisbrook. @the grand pre. @muggy with 68 degrees with @light east wind. @90% of us are dry, but a couple @of little showers from lake @placid to arcadia this morning. @best chance of rain this
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@we will time out those shower @ @. @ welcome back, everybody at @6:16. @a news alert and sad news to @pass along on this saturday @morning. @certainly not the way we wanted @to start it. @a wrong-way crash on the selmon @expressway. @a wrong-way driver hit a
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@deputy. @the driver, the wrong-way @driver was killed instantly. @the deputy has also died -- @died at the hospital at tampa @general hospital. @the driver according to @hillsborough county sheriff's @office was going westbound in @the eastbound lanes going on to @the elevated portion of the @selmon expressway when he hit @the deputy. @the deputy apparently was @trying to get out of the way, @but, again, both drivers in @this crash died. @the deputy and the wrong-way @driver. @the portion of the sel hmon has @been closed and will be for the @next four to five hours. @so we are going to continue to @follow this. @they are not releasing the name @of both drivers at this point. @they are notifying families, @but certainly not the way we @wanted to start our saturday. @ and severe rain causes @evacuations in mississippi and @clarks dale. @more than 100 homes were @evacuated on one street because @of water overflowing from the @sun flower river. @emergency responders and boats @are being brought in to get all @of those people out.
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@under water. @three to four feet of water. @more rain is expected in the @forecast today for that city. @what a mess, lindsay. @>> lindsay: has been a mess @all week. @our weather has been so nice @because what has been @controlling our weather has @been blocking all that rain @across the deep south and some @areas are seeing two feet of @rain in a short amount of time. @and now the rivers are swelling @and now the rivers are @swelling. @silver line @silver lining this morning was @that low that was stuck is @starting to open up and @eventually rain will be on the @move. @today, we still have heavy @downpours lifting north across @parts of mississippi and @alabama this morning, and you @can see, you know, different @set-up than what we saw a few @days ago. @a lot of lightning in the gulf @and draw our attention to the @west where our rain starting @tomorrow afternoon and so much @of a weaker fashion. @in fact showers will mainly be @near the coast and shift inland @through the afternoon. @sunday will be the best day for @us to see any raindrops this @weekend. @not to say we don't have the @moisture to work with. @it is muggy out the door.
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@of showers. @lake placid, arcadia, some in @and around your neck of the @woods, but 90% of us are dry @and the high cloud cover. @morning. @live look over downtown is nice @and quiet. @soupy out there though. @dew points in the 60s. @our air temperatures at 65 and @winds currently light out of @the north here in tampa, and @they are kind of all over the @east. @look at our temperatures @ranging from 78 in plant city @to 65 in tampa, 73 in pinellas @park. @we have 73 in west choice. @it is 57 in inverness. @56 in brooksville. @down i-75 we go. @a mixed bag of 60s and 70s. @so above-average temps. @we are on track for another @really warm day. @59 in bartow. @67 degrees in sebring. @it is muggy. @dew points are up and they have @gone up the past few days. @combine that with the eating of @the day. @it, of course, feels warmer and @with light wind, a little @patchy fog this morning. @strawberry festival is on going @this weekend. @the grand prix
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@this morning any fog patchy @from dade city to plant city @maybe along u.s. 31 and nothing @major. @southerly wind fueling our high @humidity value. @the rain to the west is what we @are watching for the weekend. @for today a stray inland @showers. @rain chances 10 to 20%. @but our air temperature will be @warm @warm up to 83 today. @time out the rain. @we, of course, have plans this @weekend. @by lunchtime this is overdoing @it but can't rule out a couple @of inland showers lifting north @throughout the day. @most of the area stays dry @today. @a sea breeze off the beach. @tomorrow morning is dry and @more clouds for sure. @by midday an isolated shower @near the coast shifting inland @throughout the day and more @rain to the west may push into @the evening hours. @cap our rain chances on sunday @40%. @today they are more like 10 to @20%. @a nice day. @more cloud cover around. @we have to spring forward @meaning early risers like @myself a little more tired. @67 overnight.
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@we turn the clocks forward @meaning the sun sets closer to @8:00 as opposed to 7:00 and @during the day on sunday, @scattered showers developing @shifting inland up to 81 @degrees. @not a widespread main event. @dry hours. @rain lingering monday and late @in the week. @we are gearing up for rain next @weekend and looks good for @spring breakers. @st. patty's day looks great. @80 degrees for the high. @by next weekend, i am expecting @more moisture to move in. @we will watch that. @overall high temperatures will @rebound this week to close to a @little above average. @our average high is 76. @ thank you, in sports this @morning at 6:21. @the lightning trying to take on @the flyers and get back in the @win column after a couple of @losses and bucs make @acquisitions in the first week @of free agency. @here is sports director scott @smith. @>> sports anchor: good @saturday morning. @the east is as bunched up as it @gets. @two points separating 2 through
6:22 am
@and right in the thick of it is @the lightning. @not separating themselves last @week. @tough losses coming off of @monday and wednesday and back @at it last night, not producing @the scoring chances that they @need to keep up with it. @matt reid bury @matt reid buries the power play @goal. @2-0 philly. @the wrap around sneaks past @bishop. @and drop their third last night @in a row, 3-1 is your final. @the bucs wrap up the first week @of the free agency period. @the week resigned martin, a @long democrat term. @and just in case you thought @they forget about the defense, @that came yesterday. @quarterback brett grimes @decided two years and $60.5 @million deal with the bucs. @earning @he were earning a trip to the @pro bowl, a member of the @dolphins and he missed one game @in the last three years as well @in the last three years as @well.
6:23 am
@bucs signed defensive end. @and last year with the giants, @career year. @and jasonlight loves the guy's @versatility whether out on the @edge or inside at the position. @the contract is for three years @at $21 million. @and corner and pass rusher and @important concern come @important concern coming into @free agency. @ only three times in the @history of the valspar @championship has the world's @top player been in the field. @the last thing you want is the @marquee guy to avoid the cut. @for jordan speith. @that was the concern yesterday @but the defending champ @responded in a big way. @the second round of innisbrook @and jordan speith on the green @off the fifth. @drops it and heads to the 7th. @similar line. @and did it once. @why not from a few more feet @out. @speith drops it and inidentify @the cut line sneaks. @he will be playing today and @into sunday.
6:24 am
@steve stricker with the shot of @the day right here. @this -- and an eagle from 150 @out on -- on the -- not too @shabby. @he is our co-leader at 5 under @it with will mckenzie. @haven't won on shore since 2 @haven't won on shore since @2008. @he shares the lead at 5 under @par. @ the streets of st. pete are @going to be buzzing on friday @as practice sessions for the @weekend's grand prix got under @way. @the indy cars are always big @draws. @juan pablo montoya the @defending champ and the 16 car. @the 22-year-old driver from the @orlando area and he is going to @make the indy car debut this @summer. @>> it's great to be able to @race here now in the big show @in the indy car race after @racing here so many times at a @lower level and then as a fan. @i have.always been a fan of @this track and i always enjoy
6:25 am
@good finishes. @a special moment and weekend @for me to make my debut here. @ the basketball game of the @day, uconn, cincinnati american @quarterfinal. @two seconds left, kevin johnson @hits the 3. @inbounds with 8/10 of a second @to go. @they get it to drop and just @like that, this thing is tied @up and goes into the fourth @overtime. @uconn wins it in that fourth @overtime. @that series right there was @certainly epic, and that is @what made the game right there. @uconn advances in their @conference tournament. @that will do it for sports this @morning. @send it back to you. @ looking for something fun @to do this weekend. @>> walter: a ton going on all @around the bay area including a @little something for everyone @from the sports fans to major @sporting events taking center @stage. @we will look at this weekend's @valpar championship and the st. @pete grand prix @pete grand prix. @and when we come back talk @about the news alert this @hillsborough county. @a deputy check out the fresh new look on
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6:29 am
@we are told that the wrong-way @driver was driving westbound on @the eastbound lanes headed to @the elevated portion of the @crosstown expressway. @that deputy had been with the @force for five and a half years @force for five and a half @years. @came from a family involved in @law enforcement. @so our thoughts and prayers are @with this family at this time. @right now the elevated portion @of the expressway come @of the expressway coming into @brandon is closed down. @it is expected to continue to @be closed for the next four to @five hours. @so do avoid that area if at all @possible. @>> walter: a live reporter at @the scene. @kelly cowan will talk to @hillsborough county officer and @we look forward to getting more @information. @ 6:29. @looking forward to get out of @the house. @we have something just for you. @>> anjuli: a bunch of hot @happenings across the bay area. @this weekend the chance to @catch some of the best players @in person. @the valspar championship taking @place.
6:32 am
@ developing this morning, @another deadly wrong-way @accident. @this time on the crosstown @expressway. @>> walter: the officer, the @deputy has been killed as well @as the wrong-way driver. @we want to get out to fox 13 @kelly cowan on the story for @us. @kelly, what do we know so far? @we are learning more of this @wrong-way crash this morning @that occurred on the elevated @portion of the selmon @expressway. @now that is a reversible center @lane. @so depending on what time of @day it is, that lane actually @reverses for the traffic. @now you can see right over my @shoulder there is a sign saying @that right now those lanes are @closed to oncoming traffic. @of course, there are also @barricades set up for someone @to be alerted that they would @be getting on the wrong way. @but as i am told, you can
6:33 am
@i am joined by larry mckinnon @from the hick sheriff's @department. @what happened this morning, @larry? @>> well, first of all, our @thoughts and prayers go out to @the family of this deputy. @and the other victim who caused @the crash, but what we know now @is that the deputy had just @finished a traffic -- he was a @traffic investigator. @he was coming back from tampa @general hospital, heading back @to his patrol district in @ruskin. @apparently this wrong-way @driver got on the crosstown as @you mentioned on the upper deck @which is the reversible, and @depending on the location of it @-- it could be anywhere from 50 @to 65 miles per hour and what @it appears now that they struck @completely head on. @the driver of the wrong-way @vehicle died at the scene and @our deputy died at the @hospital. @>> reporter: larry, you were @showing some photos of me of @the deputy's vehicle, barely @recognizable. @tell us what happened as they @tried to save him? @>> well, hillsborough county @fire rescue did an amazing job
6:34 am
@quickly and get him to the @hospital. @you will release the pictures @later and you can see the @majority of the damage that you @will see in that vehicle was @from the crash. @the crashed vehicle missing the @roof. @the deputy's vehicle missing @the roof, but other than that, @it literally looks what on @these vehicles from an ied like @it is completely blown up. @we know that the front end of @the vehicle was pushed almost @all the way back to the front @driver's seat. @so a very violent impact and @just unfortunate that we @continue to see these type of @crashes throughout our @community. @and they are so easily @avoidable. @right now we are looking to see @whether the wrong-way drive was @impaired or not. @that is still under @investigation. @>> reporter: larry, i know it @must be tough any time you come @across one of these accidents @or one of these crashes, but @especially when a deputy is @involved, i would imagine. @>> i have been doing this a @long time and it never gets any @easier. @i think what really drives it @home for all of us regardless @of who it is that these are @crashes that can be easily
6:35 am
@you know, the vast majority of @these days are drivers that are @impaired @impaired, and it just goes to @show that we are no more immune @to it than anybody else in the @public, and are are, of course, @we continuously operate of @these peak hours of the bar @closing and what not and we @worry about getting shot and @worry about all the other @things that go on in our @career, but here is an example @right now that i think it is @the second or third leading @cause of death for law @enforcement are these traffic @crashes. @and when it is one that could @have been avoided, it makes it @even worse. @>>reporter: absolutely. @100% avoidable crashes. @for now reporting live out in @tampa. @now i do want to actually @mention what is closed right @now. @so the westbound pouring @so the westbound portions of @the selmon expressway will be @opening back up soon, and we @are told for the next four to @five hours, the eastbound lanes @will be closed down, so just @plan accordingly if you were @traveling through this area @and, of course, our thoughts @and prayers are with the drives
6:36 am
@for now, reporting live, kelly @cowan, fox 13 news. @back to you, guys. @>> heartbreaking story. @>> walter: heartbreaking story @>> walter: heartbreaking @story. @a story i will probably share @throughout the morning, but @when i was in school bus, ohio. @a man was in the law @enforcement. @he is a police officer and his @dad was a police officer and @the biggest relief when his dad @came home and he took off his @vest. @when he heard the velcro it @meant dad was home safe. @it really illustrates the @danger they go through each and @every day not like larry said @getting shot at and car crashes @getting shot at and car @crashes, every day on the job @is a danger. @>> anjuli: our thoughts and @prayers are with his family @certainly. @>> walter: okay, we want to @get to the weather on this @saturday morning. @lindsay milbourne, 65 degrees. @>> lindsay: and humid. @the moisture value climb. @great weekend all in all and we @can't get the rain out of this
6:37 am
@not raining in feet. @grab the sunglasses. @68 across the bay. @looking east across the bay. @63 in lakeland with a light @wind. @winds are all over the place so @i have a range of 60s in @brooksville from patchy fog and @near 70 in some locations south @of the bay. @67 in sebring. @65 here in tampa. @one little area of showers @light in nature generally. @we have got a quick little band @of them south of sebring and @north of arcadia, but really @our rain chance today 10, maybe @20% tops. @especially inland. @now to the west, we have a lot @of rain. @some thunderstorms in the gulf. @overall, these will weaken as @they push east, and some will @make it our way tomorrow @afternoon. @today, slip rain chance. @plenty of heat up to 83 degrees @plenty of heat up to 83 @degrees. @if you were headed to the @strawberry festival looks good. @tomorrow while the rain chance @is 40%. @it is not widespread and the @bulk of the rain while it may @include isolated under thiser @will push inland as the day @progresses, guys. @>> lindsay, thank you.
6:38 am
@get you up to the minute on @today's top stories other than @the news alert out of @hillsborough county. @pinellas county deputy, believe @it or not, was taken to the @hospital after being involved @in a three-car crash in palm @harbor. @the deputy was sitting in @traffic when his car was rear @ended. @fortunately he was not @seriously injured. @the driver who hit him was @given a ticket for careless @driving. @ a man from tampa is facing @disturbing charges. @jafar smith picture here had @sex with a 16-year-old girl and @got her pregnant. @he admitted to the crime. @he was registered a sex @offender since 2009 and on @probation for attacking a @pregnant woman when he @reportedly had sex with the @teenager. @he is waking up this morning at @the orient road jail. @ 6:40 is the time. @torrential rain creates a mud @torrential rain creates a @mudslide in memphis, tennessee. @putting up barricades in hopes @of stopping mud from slide @of stopping mud from sliding @into the road. @large homes on the bluff should
6:39 am
@under the trail of the homes @that support them. @thankful three no injuries have @been reported. @ one of the two prisoners @that escaped from a @transportation van in new @mexico has been caught. @convicted murderer joseph cruz @was taken into custody after a @brief chase. @lionel claw remains at large. @he was convicted of armed @robbery. @the two inmates managed to slip @away from prison guards @transporting from roswell to @las cruces. @took officers until thursday @morning to even realize that @the pair were missing. @ hundreds of dolphins caught @on camera jumping in and out of @the water. @>> anjuli: wow. @>> walter: look at this. @>> anjuli: inspreadable. @>> walter: hundreds of them @jumping in and out of the @water. @whale watchers on board a @catamaran with captain dave @dolphin whale safari recorded @this video. @man did they have their money's @worth. @dolphins having fun there in @orange county. @the if he nonknowledge is known
6:40 am
@it happens without warning and @no apparent warning other than @just have fun. @>> anjuli: can you imagine @being out there and seeing @that. @>> walter: i probably wouldn't @have been able to breathe just @looking at it. @>> anjuli: just one is @exciting. @ ahead, looking for @something fun to do this @weekend, you can see a movie. @>> a look at what is new in @theatre @is new in theatres. @spring break. @and the spring breakers are @here. @and with the season comes more @beachgoers in this week's earth
6:41 am
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@ . @>> anjuli: spring break is @finally here and maybe you are @headed to the number one beach @in the country ranked recently. @milbourne. @if you were headed to the beach @we want you to be responsible @this spring break. @we have the city of clearwater @with us. @this year new for spring break, @we have sponsored the @clearwater ferry so you can @park in downtown. @a lot of free parking in @downtown clearwater. @you can take the ferry. @and that goes on the hour every @hour for the times that they @are open. @and it will be $2 each way to @take the ferry. @you can avoid all of the @traffic on the bridge, and you @can avoid the all-day parking. @love it. @because that is such a hassle @too. @you are waiting to find a spot @and going green because you are @already together. @yes @yes. @>> yes, you are all riding @together.
6:45 am
@parking or idle @parking or idling sitting in a @car on bridge. @this is the start of the eight @weeks of traffic getting to the @beach. @get here at noon, a traffic.jam @to get over. @>> lindsay: and once you get @here, be responsible. @we want to respect mother @nature. @what are some of the things you @can do? @>> some of the things that you @can do while you are here is @clean up after yourselves. @some of the most dangerous @things for our sea and bird @life are the plastic straws, @cigarette butts. @any of the plastic bags that @you would have. @a shopping bag that would you @leave. @we also realize that some of @the kids think that it is fun @to play on some of the sand @dunes where the sea oats are. @they are environmentally -- @they have a purpose. @for hurricanes and holding back @the @the dangerous waters of the @hurricanes. @also nesting shore birds. @if they get scooped away they @can sometime leave their nest @for good and we don't want them @to leave their nest. @>> lindsay: how about the
6:46 am
@put it on but make sure it is @environmentally safety. @>> spf 30. @biodegradable, and it is nontox @biodegradable, and it is @nontoxic for sea life, so @another way you can be @environmentally sensitive. @>> lindsay: what about @recycling? @>> you can recycle any of the @things that you bring. @we have recycle bins in the @city and the single stream @recycle @recycling and also not create @that trash to begin with or @that recycled materials to @begin with and use reusable @things. @put your stuff in tupperware @and recycled materials and @glass or aluminum bottles. @>> lindsay: any time you are @here for spring break or summer @vacation. @congrats on the big awards by @the way. @>> thank you. @number one beach in the country ( melodic, calm music ) we said goodbye to the day. and to the city. and drifted off into the twilight. and when we woke, we found that the whole world had reinvented itself. sail with princess cruises, the best cruise line in europe.
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uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside
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( soft, calm music ) hi, you've reached emma. i'm out of the office right now but will get back to you just as soon as i possibly can. join princess cruises for exclusive discovery at sea experiences. princess cruises. come back new. @ @ we are following a @developing story this morning @out of hillsborough county. @a sheriff deputy and another @driver are dead following a @wrong-way accident on the @selmon expressway. @the incident took place just @before 3 a.m. near an eastbound @entrance ramp to the elevated @level of the crosstown. @the wrong-way driver died at @the scene. @the deputy was taken to tampa @general hospital where he later @passed away. @ the sheriff's office isn't @ruling out alcohol as a factor @right now. @the elevated eastbound lanes @heading into the brandon area
6:50 am
@the next four hours. @>> announcer: now your sky @tower radar forecast with fox @13's lindsay milbourne. @>> lindsay: 6:51. @we were hoping of making it @four for four weekends with dry @conditions, perfect weather, i @am going to bring rain into the @weekend forecast, but all in @all, we will see many dry hours @and a great start to the day, @nice sunrise. @tomorrow we spring forward so @the sunrise comes an hour later @at 7:41 tomorrow. @we are in the mid-60s in tampa. @strawberry festival still @ongoing. @high clouds and 61 degrees with @light winds that will eventual @light winds that will @eventually pick up out of the @southeast and those are the one @southeast and those are the @ones that make it feel kind of @humid. @afternoon. @67 in sebring. @65 in tampa. @55 in brooksville with a light @northerly wind, and even some @fog around, not widespread and @will lift over the next hour or @two and you are seeing some of @it, eastern pasco county down @toward areas of lakeland and
6:51 am
@perhaps plant city a couple of @trouble spots so please drive @carefully. @not to mention a little rain @but not much. @a little band of showers north @of arcadia and near sebring. @this lifts north thanks to our @wind. @out of the southeast. @so if we do see any rain today @which i am going to keep the @rain chance about 10, 20%. @it is primary @it is primarily going to be @inland and lifting north @through the day. @what happens today is we get a @sea breeze at the beach. @so it will be warm for you if @you are headed to the beach. @winds will be south late in the @day and clouds will be bubble @up inland. @a lot of clouds and rain out to @the west, but that bulk of that @steady flooding rain continues @to weaken a bit as this low @weakens up and starts to lift @north and east and a lot of the @energy from it lifts away from @the area. @look at all these greens. @those are river flooding issues @those are river flooding @issues. @lots of flooding issues for the @deep south. @that rain will hold to the west @until tomorrow afternoon. @future cast into the day today, @isolated showers @isolated showers lifting north @and east.
6:52 am
@we spring forward late tonight. @sunday morning starts out dry @but we will see more clouds. @while this looks a little @ominous to the west, the rain @starts to shift inland through @the afternoon and some of this @moves in late in the day into @the evening hours. @so if you are headed to the @strawberry festival to valspar @or the grand prix, check sky @tower radar. @i am not expecting something @widespread. @stray shower. @sun and high 83 degrees. @tonight we spring forward. @67 for the overnight low. @during the day tomorrow check @out the change. @sunrise 7:41. @we gain an hour of day light. @the boating looks good. @light winds out of the south 10 @to maybe 15 miles per hour. @rain continues monday early, @but by tuesday, wednesday, if @you are on spring break this
6:54 am
@next weekend does include more (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security,
6:55 am
lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. @ @ welcome back, everybody on @this saturday morning. @walter allen in for alcides @segui. @the big news, a wrong-way crash @on the selmon. @wrong-way driver was killed @instantly. @the sheriff's office told us at @the beginning of the hour that @the deputy has been killed as @well. @>> anjuli: the eastbound lanes @of the crosstown near the @brandon town center have been @closed down.
6:56 am
@a live report from
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(bear growls) r seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum @. @ developing this morning in @tampa, one deputy and a wrong @wrong-way driver have been @killed in a crash on the selmon @expressway. @ florida will be a prized @possession on tuesday and marco @rubio is in the bay area this
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