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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> and a seal's desperate >> people have the right to protest. that's what america is about. >> right now at 11:00, bernie sanders and hillary clinton duel again, hear about sander's plan to take out trump. >> and a deputy was killed in a wrong-way crash. why officials say it is becoming too common. >> approximate and do you have tattoos, why reachers why researchers say the more you have the better. >> good evening, thanks for being with us. the political campaign are picking up steam and trying to
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pick up last-minute votes in florida. we are just two days away from the state's primaries. polls show tump with trump with a commanding lead but that is not stopping him from trying to widen that margin even more. police expect the tampa appearance to be open to fewer than 2,000 people. this coming just days after violence erupted as a trump rally in chicago that he ended up cancels. police are urging people to be peaceful and respectful, tomorrow. and sarah palin was out stumping for trump at the strawberry festival, some said they wished they could be there but others say they were happy to miss it. >> i think he is a wonderful businessman and that he is a good leader. he may be rough and tough on
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>> and from canada, i find him disrespectful and i'm white. >> if you are heading downtown you can expect south franklin in front of the convention center to be closed. the road will probably shut down between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. and open back up after trump leaves. and today florida senator marco rubio was com paning was campaigning on his home turf and taking full aim at front runner donald trump whom he blames for the violence at his rallies particularly in chicago which it was canceled due to security fears but miewb rubio got a taste of disruption himself when a man stood up and accused of of trying to steal his girlfriend. >> enough is enough, you tried to steal my girlfriend, and she
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doesn't look at me the same way anymore. >> that's okay, we don't beat up our heckles at our events. >> senator rubio looks more amused than anything, after a few moments that heckler was escorted out of the building. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders answered questions from attendees in the buckeye state. one voter asking how sanders could stop trump from becoming president. >> the way you beat trump is to expose him and he can be exposed at many, many levels not the least of which this is a guy who is a billionaire but doesn't believe in a minimum wage above $7.25 an hour. >> a number of delegates with up for grapts grabs including in florida
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and ohio. and our latest poll shows trump with a 20-point lead over his closest oa opponent in florida, marco rubio, with cruz in a second third. >> and john deputy john kotfila was hit head on on the lee roy selmon expressway. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. >> the flags have been lowered to half staff. rows rows roses placed before a statute. 15 plaques remember deputies killed in the line of duty and
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16th will be added for deputy john kotfila. nation-wide he is also the sixth law enforcement officers to die in a crash this year. >> you know we worry about getting shot and all of these other things that go on in our careers because here is an example right now where i think it's the second or third leading cause of death for law enforcement are these traffic crashes. >> in the last two days crashes have been t leading cause of death for law enforcements across the country, according to the national law enforcement officer's memorial fun, in 2015, 52 officers were killed a 6% increase over 2014. deputy john kotfila died early saturday after his cruiser was struck head on by a wrong-way driver.
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suv that hit him likely drove around warning signs and bar yens to barriers to enter the selmon express way in the wrong direction. there were 280 whereon-way wrong-way crashing between 2013 and -- one in 20 proves fatal. >> and funeral arrangements have not yet been released. >> police are asking for help to identify a woman's body discovered this morning in the area of 145th street north and starbucks lane. she has two tattoos a butterfly on her right shoulder and a "t"
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bicep. anyone with information is asking to call police. >> and two suspects are in custody and an officer has died shooting. is stable. the officer was rushed to the hospital where he later died. detectives say the attack was unprovoked but they were not released details. >> and new tonight, think before you ink. tattoos can help to fight off sickness and having more of them works even better. researchers say having multiple pa toos can ta tattoos can fight off colds and inflections. researchers found a specific antibody in people who get tattoos frequently than those
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>> and a dog left for dead overseas finds a new home in the u.s. >> look at this, she now has new life and new limbs. this survival story is coming up.
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and i will have details >> well, tonight we have one-on-one interviews with marco rubio and bernie sanders and we'll drill into flood and hurricane insurance and the future of nasa and our space program and that is just the stort. >> start. >> there's a lot of moving parts. >> we'll also take you behind the kurt ton curtain to show you how an election comes together and what it takes and how they pull it off, and the hot hand this year has predictions for florida. we'll break it down and show you which way they are moving and why. >> dude, that is a trip. >> and charley leduff is in the house, he spent a lot of time driving across the i-4 florida and he will show us the side of
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florida that the national candidates and pundits don't always see and don't get, and we'll cap it off with this. charley belchers belcher has the pulse of the people, and it all kicks off right here at 11:30. >> she was abused and left for dead, but now a 2-year-old gold p retrieve is getting a new lease on life. >> fox's danny danielle miller shares her story. >> meeting her new family members for the first time today, better times are ahead for chi-chi, a two-year-old golden retriever, she wases ared
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from a south korean meat market by a global rescue group. >> because of infection her meat was deemed no good and she was thrown in the trash and left for dead. >> because of her infection all `four of her limbs had to be amputated. >> she is going to sleep in my room and i'm going to get to play with her because other other dogs pretty much sleep all day. >> when they heard of her story they knew they had to help her. >> it's another way to serve and give back to the world. we are also looking for opportunities to make the world a new place. >> she will be fitted for process fetics prosthetics and she is being trained to be a therapy job. >> i just think her story is really special and once she is certified as a therapy dog i think she can improve people's lives greatly.
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>> that was danielle miller reports. the army group is working to end the illegal slaughter of dogs and cats and they are also working to reduce the slaughter of animals in other countries. >> and our people are pretty excited about st. patrick's day, hopefully we are going to get some good weather. >> it's been crazy the number of events, this weekend was packed, grand prix, valspar, and the strawberry festival and a string spring training game and then next weekend it's airfest and st. patrick's day, it's a lot of pressure for meteorologists. >> you better pull through for us. >> and we will blame you if the weather is bad. >> i am swrus
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i am just going to toss it straight to you for sports but i feel like we held off the rain a little bit until the evening hours. you saw some showers earlier in a day. now. you see the showers still working into the area, mainly right up against the coast from wick ci ci with a wiki weeki wachee, and we'll see showers popping up again and maybe we will see a few heavy downpours. the high 69, the low, the current temperature at 70, and relative humidity 97% and that means the potential for fog as we head for the overnight hours. still in the low to mid 70 eerks and upper 60's off to the north
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as well, upper 60's to near 70. and so a pretty sticky night, and not expecting a whole lot of relief in the dewpoint department over the next few days. you see this line of showers settling over the area? the one key here is that showers continue to move into the same direction but they are not dropping really south at all. and that is a good sign that the frontal boundary is stalled out over us. this is why we are going to keep the threat of showers going into the day on monday. a lot of dry air off to the west once we finally tap into it and this is why we see sunshine in the forecast, if not for monday, certainly later on tuesday. and you see a couple of showers and maybe a few downpours out there to start the day. everything moving to the east. i think as we head into the morning hours and throughout the afternoon, those showers become isolated and so the best chance for a heavy downpour or more
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organized shower activity would be in the morning. the seven-day looks like this. temperatures in the low 80's for the next couple of days. mid 80's heading inland, and st. patrick's day looks nice, but as we head towards next weekend, the potential is there for heavy rain, and by the way, the first day of spring on sunday, and look at that, we have temperatures dropping down to 73, and so kind of a reversal of winter and 80 with spring back into the low 70's. >> thanks, mike. it's a new revolution in roller coasters and how six flags is changing up a regular old r (cell phone rings) where are you? in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom?
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>> sometimes a roller coaster ride isn't enough. six flags over georgia is taking things virtual. this is a virtual reality roller coaster ride, and you wear headsets to see the 360-degree visual reality world while feeling the loops and turns of the coaler coaster. this daredevil right just opened up, the concept is also going to be used for other rides at other six-flags parks all across the country. >> that is so cool! >> yeah, i am not the biggest
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virtual reality or ride person. this would make me sick. >> yeah, roller coasters are fun but i get sick on these rides -- >> you just know that you are moving -- >> i'm watching this and... no, no thank you. >> they would never have to build another roller coaster, just change the theme. >> and why did the seal cross the road? so beg for fish of course. >> of course. >> this is sammy the seal in ireland and he comes every day and as the store owner tries to coax him back into the bay with a chair, but sammy won't go, until he gets something. >> he tries really hard.
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>> this has been going on for three years. and eventually he does give in. >> it's adorable but you can see this lock of look of frustration on this manager's face, like again with the seal? >> and eventually he takes a big piece of fish and tosses it into the water. >> he better start locking his doors because that will be empty when he comes into work the next day. >> well, two athletes looking to defend their titles from a year ago, at the valspar and at the grand prix. and one pull it is off.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>> this had to be one of the biggest sports week for a long time in tampa bay, from golf and our other professional sports
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with the final round of in innisbrook. fall noose s into a tie with charl schwartzel. and now for a second straight year, it's going to take a play-off to decide this. teeing off, he go noose goes into the woods and he boogies after that, and that gives gives schwartzel a chance to win, the largest deficit to overcome in the tournament history. and only two cautions came out of the grand pris, grand prix, tieing a record.
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running and montoya one of the oldest guys on the circuit. and then stamkos and they rip the shot here, the lightning up 1-0. in the third period, it was all bolts and they had some fun in this period, pratt turns it over, and just minutes later, on the power play, pelatt steals the puck, over to stamkos for his second goal of the day, and the lightning have a 4-0 shut-off snapping their three-game losing streak. they remain tied with panthers in the division. >> and keep it here, a special edition of craig patrick's money, power, and politics is
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p march 2016. pthe republican party pestablishment unfamiliar with pthe ways of twitter, punbelievable are stunned by at prise of trump. pdeeply regretful p>> george's boy mitt tried to a pstop the trump machine. pa business genius he is not. pin the democratic race oliticking reach a moment of pdecision. p>> and there they go. phillary clinton cruises towards pmichigan wait that's not finish pline.


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