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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  March 14, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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me on it. >> we were in love together. i didn't think she would take advantage of this. >> pretty much never accept another gift from a man. -- captions by vitac -- 3 3 ((walter a stolen car - filled with teens - slams into two undercover officers.. there are multiple injuries.. we're live in st. petersburg. 3 trump takes on tampa. he is making a stop at the tampa convention center today. what to expect if you're headed out. repeat win. "juan pablo montoya" wins the firestone grand prix for the second straight year. a look at his amazing win. 3 3 and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen.((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa ruffes... in for stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your forecast... with dave. 3 3 3
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3 we start with a news alert out of st. petersburg. police are on the scene of a bad crash involving an undercover officer and *six young people. fox13's "ken suarez" is live at the scene. ken, what do we know?
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3 3 3 3 thanks ken ,we'll check back in with you at 4:30. ,we'll check back in
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3 thanks ken ,we'll check back in with you at 4:30. 3 3 developing this morning: hillsborough county sheriff's office is asking for your help finding a wanted man.. "isaac w. nguyen" has an outstanding warrant for aggravated battery. anyone with any information on his whereabouts is asked to call the hillsborough county sheriff's office. you may
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3 police in largo have identified a woman whose body was discovered sunday morning... but they're not releasing her name yet. detectives say, someone walking in the area near 145th street north and starboard lane.. found the woman's body in the brush. she's described as a white woman between 20 and 50 years old.. with reddish blond hair.. she has two tattoos.. a butterfly on her right shoulder and a "t" tattoo.. on her left bicep. police say her death is suspicious - and they will be releasing more information later this morning. 3 3 deputy "john kotfila is the sixth hillsborough county sheriff's be killed in a car crash while on duty.. outside the hillsborough sheriff's office - the memorial for him is growing. 3 kotfila was hit head-on by a wrong-way driver early saturday morning on the selmon expressway... the other driver is "erik mcbeth".. from hudson. they believe mcbeth drove around warning signs and enter
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the wrong direction kotfila was a six-year veteran. funeral plans have not yet been announced.. but the sheriff's office says a memorial could take place later today. 3 3 just one more day until the political spotlight shines on florida. the campaigns are heating up...with the primaries quickly approaching. and republican frontrunner donald trump will be in tampa today. 3 police are preparing for supporters and protestors to gather around the convention center...where trump will be speaking. and sarah palin will be there too.. as fox13's 'aaron mesmer" tells us, she's trying to help trump pick up some more steam...and more votes. 3 "sarah!!! sarah palin's 30- minute stop at the strawberry festival was almost all about stumping for trump."he is, in all the good ways, the outsider who hasn't been a part of the problems that we're facing today." the former vice presidential candidate endorsed donald trump several weeks ago. his supporters love it."i think that she's going to help trump out tremendously." he may not need much help in florida. polls show him with a commanding lead in the primary. still...the republican frontrunner is planning a town hall meeting monday afternoon at the tampa convention center. some say they wish they could be there. others are happy to
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miss it."i'm very worried about my grandchildren. i want believe that donald trump is 13:41:05-13:42:11 (dennis not my type of person but he's doing whatever he can to get rally comes days after he canceled an event in chicago... between supporters and worry about the same kind of unrest."i'm afraid for him and think he's causing that and tampa police say the 2,000 people. officers are urging both sides to stay peaceful."if you're asked to leave and you leave and is fine. but if there is a scuffle and it gets into the get involved." and while "i think he is a wonderful individual.""i find it disrespectful and i'm white." some undecided voters say they just want to hear what he has to say."i'm republican and
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3 2:00 this afternoon. if you're heading street -- in front of the convention center -- to be closed. the road will probably shut down between eight and nine a-m...and open back up after trump leaves. 3 early voting has wrapped up in florida.. and the state saw a record number of voters. as of friday, more than one point six million floridians voted early or by absentee ballot.. and more republicans than democrats. about 940- thousand voted republican and about 700-thousand voted democratic. if you didn't
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3 and the moment we've been telling you about for weeks is almost upon us. the florida primary is tomorrow. it is a closed primary... meaning you have to be registered as a democrat or republican in order to vote. also, all vote-by-mail ballots must be at the election office by 7 p-m tuesday. they can't be dropped off at polling sites. 3 ahead of the florida primary, we have the results of the most recent fox-13 opinion savvy poll for the g-o-p... 3 it shows "donald trump" with nearly a 20 point lead over his closest opponent, senator "marco rubio". the poll also has senator "ted cruz" within striking distance of rubio for second place. a new poll is in the works right now.. in the aftermath of the g-o-p debate in miami and donald trump's decision to postpone his chicago rally.. because of clashes between supporters and protesters. we'll have that for you tonight .. at 5 p-m. 3 3 the florida legislature approved the biggest budget in state history... ending its session on time. it's a sharp contrast to last year's session... which forced 3
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special sessions. 3 the 82-point-3- billoin-dollar budget is not only historic in size... it's also the first time democrats in both houses voted for a republican drafted spending plan. the new budget increased spending on schools... prisons... and restoration in the everglades. they also trimmed back property taxes... and held tuition rates steady. lawmakers rejected governor scott's plan to draw new businesses to the state. but so far... scott has given any signs that he plans to veto the budget. 3 the budget includes more than 58-million-dollars in projects for the tampa bay area. the big winners... u-s-f's downtown medical building received 22-point-5-million. veterans memorial park was given one-point-5- million-dollars. meanwhile... tampa theatre received a million-dollars for renovations. and the tampa heights youth center was given one-point-2-million-dollars to relocate. 3 the legislature also passed a "school choice" education package. it changes how charter schools
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can get funding... which are can get funding... which are publicly funding but privately managed. it also allows parents to send students to any public school in the state... as long as it's not at capacity. in addition... high school athletes would be elibigble to transfer... and colleges who met certain criteria would receive more funding. 3 3 in just a few hours the tampa branch of the american red cross will be sending a volunteer to the gulf coast. thousands of people have been forced from their homes because of rising flood waters. "brenda gatcomb" is leaving for alexandria, louisiana at 7:30 this morning. she will help serve in the health services function over there. the red cross has opened more shelters in louisiana this weekend, than in the past decade. 3 we're following a developing story out of maryland this morning where a police officer has been shot and killed. coming up, we'll tell you why officials are calling it an unpovoked attack. 3 plus, tragedy on the iditarod course. a man on a snowmobile plows into two mushers, killing a handful of dogs. his excuse - next. 3 3 3
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3 3 3 we have a developing story out of kansas. an amtrack train heading from los angeles to chicago derailed. local highway patrol is saying that five train cars are on their side and there are injuries. this happened just after midnight 20 miles west of dodge city, kansas. amtrak said there were about 128 passengers and 14 crew members on board at the time. 3 it's 4:xx, looking across america now... a police officer has been shot and killed in maryland. it
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happened outside the prince george's county police department headquarters.. 3 police immediately went to social media telling people to stay indoors, saying there was an active shooter. two people are in custody. the police officer died at the hospital. police are calling it an unprovoked attack and say the shooter opened fire on the first officer he saw outside the station. 3 the man who crashed a snowmobile into mushers during the iditarod race, reportedly told a new station he was quote "blacked out drunk". "arnold demoski" crashed into two dog teams going about 80-miles-per-hour saturday morning. one dog was killed, two others badly injured. mushers say demoski then tried to plow into the teams several more times before taking off. the iditarod racers say despite the loss, they will finish the race. 3 gunmen killed twelve people during attacks on three hotels in the ivory coast. a french citizen was among the victims of the violence in the
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forces killed six attackers. they're still searching for more. an al-qaeda affiliate group has claimed responsibility. there are no indications that any americans were hurt or killed in the attack. 3 in turkey, authorities say 37 people are dead following an explosion in the country's capital. it's believed to have been caused by a car bomb.. that went off close to bus stops. this explosion comes three weeks after a suicide-car-bombing in the capital..targeted buses carrying military personnel. a kurdish militant group claimed responsibility for the attack. 3 in california, el-nino powered storms drench the san francsico bay area. the national weather service estimated the area could have gotten up to three inches of rain this weekend. the bad weather even caused the golden gate national park service to close the point bonita lighthouse and a missle site. the rain also triggered a mandatory evacuation at the thousand trails campground. 3
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3 still ahead: play wraps up at the valspar championship. and it was not good news for defending champ and number one golfer in the world "jordan spieth". 3
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plus: indy cars take over downtown st. petersburg. a look at his year's firestone grand prix and who took home the top prize. 3
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3 time to talk some sports this morning. indy cars took over downtown st. petersburg for the firestone
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3 bucs defensive tackle "gerald mccoy" with the grand marshall honors..... "simon pagenaud" dominated early and lead for the most laps.... only two cautions came out which tied the race record.. this was the big one... but just past the halfway point... a traffic jam is triggered by "scott dixon" and "helio castroneves".... they got through it but behind them... a nine car pile up... "carlos munoz" ran into "graham rahal" and everything stops.... "juan pablo montoya"... took over from there and stayed ahead of his teammate "pagenaud"..... he wins by just over 2 seconds... "ryan hunter-reay" takes third.... it's back to back wins in st. pete for "montoya"... 3
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3 and you can catch "juan pablo montoya" right here on good day later this morning. he will be on live during our 7 o'clock hour. 3 not a good day at innisbrooke for defending valspar champ "jordan spieth". he started the day 6-shots behind bill haas and he quickly fell out of the hunt. he couldn't stay in the fairway and finished even par for the tournament tied for 18th. then on the 16th, "bill haas" is all over the place until he falls into a tie with "charl schwartzel", who's only pga win was the masters in 2011. for the 2nd straight year it takes a playoff to decide it... haas bogies after a bad tee shot.. .leaving schwartzel with
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the chance to win... he sinks the par putt...schwartzel comes from 5 shots back to win in a playoff...largest deficit overcome in tournament's history. 3 3 just one surprise on this selection sunday with top 4 seeds... oregon gets the top stop in the west over michigan state. the rest is what was expected except for the locations... virginia goes to the midwest. norht carolina to the east and kansas is in the south. miami and florida gulf coast are the only teams from florida that made it. 3 it is selection monday for the top women's basketball teams in the country.. and the university of south florida is waiting excitedly to find out what they'll be seeded.. and whether they'll
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u-s-f's team is solid.. despite losing to u-conn for the championship last week.. walter will be with the team later this morning - as they await the big announcement! 3 3 when we come back, i'll have another check on your monday morning forecast. 3 plus, we know girls can kick butt. now marvel is hoping to help inspire them to get into the stem fields. a look at their newest contest
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3 3 with the resurgence of comic book movies, marvel showed us that women can kick butt. now, they're looking to show women can do so much more. 3 marvel has launched what it's calling, the "girls reforming the future challenge". it's aimed to get teenage girls into the stem fields.
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it's in association *with the run-up to "captain america: civil war". marvel is encouraging any girl who's been building a cool project, for school or for fun, in the realm of science, technology, engineering or math, to apply. all you have to do is submit a short video demonstrating and explaining the benefits of your project, how stem helped you develop it, and why you would want an internship at marvel studio... by the way *that's the grand prize! 3 five finalists will be selected and each will get a 500-dollar *high yield savings account. a trip to hollywood to present their project at marvel studios. participation in a **live webinar. the chance to walk the red carpet at the "captain america: *civil war" premiere. a tour of the walt disney studios. and one winner, yes, will get the chance to intern at marvel studios! 3 if you want to enter, you have to submit your application by midnight on march 26th. finalists will be notified by march 30th and will travel to l-a on sunday april 10. 3 still ahead in our next
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half hour: could we see a ban on selling cats and dogs in st. petersburg stores? it could be reality if one city council member gets his way. plus, fox 13's "ken suarez" is *live in st. petersburg this morning on a developing story. good morning ken.


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